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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
I've joined the darkslide 🌌 hahaπŸ˜‹. #skatelife #skateeverywhere
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nanda816 : @thefellers remember when you learned that?
ethan_alblinger : @leo3hunnafires when you landed it first
thefellers : @nanda816 about 12 years ago
gustavosr98 : @germanbri24
marttin96 : @suarezstreet
thps2002 : @brianpeacockcrap I see you
danjorous : @aussieroo_7
johnwilms : Nollie heel darkslide? Holy fuck @ayeflip
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
A freshie for the session at the @berricsπŸ‘. #skateeverywhere #skatelife @gramshakle
skatelife - skateeverywhere -
alex.the.great___ : Foundation lost a great pro. Join Kirchart, Nuge, Creager, Olson, Berra and the rest of the alumni in killing it #sweetrevenge
filthyrichmotherfucker : Rad ass board
hanneography : Mountain Boi
nathandillaha : Kinda bummed you didn't call it a seshie freshie. Cause... you know... I like annoying things.
theodore_thegood : Follow bacj
theodore_thegood : Back
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@filamentbrand the "Spector" is in stores and in the streets this week! #skatelife #skateeverywhere
skatelife - skateeverywhere -
killa__bee : Not to be a dick but it's spector @thefellers
higherthangiraffeneckss : What happened to circa and foundation bro?
_xavier_anthony_ : C1rca is way old news bro @higherthangiraffeneckss
hanneography : 😌
thefellers : @killa__bee thanks mayn! I'm gonna blame it on auto correct. Haha
higherthangiraffeneckss : @_xavier_anthony_ yeah :/ it's probably for the best tbh. He's wicked talented and deserves the best. My first pro board was a fellers foundation back in 09 that he signed for me at couch tour - I guess that's why I felt like asking. Sierra is that nigga one of my favorites for years cause of how cool he was to sign that shit for me mid contest when everyone was wagging shit in his face to sign.
nick_cook_ : @logan.noah.brooks @skatesmuch99
cm_flunk711 : @joeyrusso1 nooooooo lol
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Cutting corners at the courthouse with @waywardnephew todayπŸ˜‹. πŸ“Ή: @leftoverhardware #funtimeswithfriends #skatelife #skateeverywhere
skatelife - skateeverywhere - funtimeswithfriends -
thatbostonterp : bonk city
jhenriqueskt : Sabem de nada! @jeanfranchescolivi hahaha
clawedcircle : Cornice
mickeyokeefe : @hosta_mahogey while I'm at work...
hosta_mahogey : @mickeyokeefe really?? Daaaaam of course
kmoe : 5-0 varial flip @timlevang
timlevang : R.I.P 5-0 varialflip @kmoe 😒/πŸ˜„
mosejiguel : @shredtillyourdead42o
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
One of the best lines ever! @furrycalamari #modusoperandi
modusoperandi -
simonwood86 : @fkruger420 such a sick line
devyndaul : @mister_snurf
paownee : @sib3n
peterjam0 : I like his style
_tobias.13_ : @reidgemm
_guitarplayer : @philiparana
shoelacebandit : very raw
dahbetus : #bestlineever @steffypooz @saya4papaya
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@willnel988 gettin up Like a Bowse!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ“Ή:@Alexbaucomfilms. #thuglife #skatelife
skatelife - thuglife -
kev_holman : @robertchadwick
jennjesser14 : @kevin_oconnor1 FUCK
jimi_jamesss : @travis_poteet wait for it
jimi_jamesss : @tylerhendleysk8
jimi_jamesss : @spenceratzei
2stainz98 : @gibz_420
aye.chrys : Song
jakeb_ : @ihateandreww
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Went triple down at gap to ledge town with @trentmcclung and @paul_hart 😜. πŸ“Ή:@holdendrew #skatelife #skateeverywhere #boneswheels
skatelife - skateeverywhere - boneswheels -
swainsworldcreations : I got to learn the last trick @lumlife
shahzad__khan : @marlon.balraj
drewsmess : @austinalber @vanillaface145 @b.rad1 @tomatoefoot
steve_o_skates : I like that boneless son
bobcake_12 : That was sick
tomatoefoot : Yeah @drewsmess Fellers was one of my skaters when I was younger! I had this Circa dvd I got and would watch the shit out of it
austin.laurance : @quinn___johnson
__brandonclark__ : @chocolate_love_dr @dgka11day10
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Thanks to @havoctv and #conoco I got to go back home to Montana with @waywardnephew and @bradmcclain for a homecoming piece. Check out the full edit on the link in my bio. Was such a fun tripπŸ‘! #skatelife #MT #skateeverywhere
skatelife - skateeverywhere - mt - conoco -
thefellers : @the_diekman ya man. It's was super fun! Can't wait to go back fa shoπŸ˜‹πŸ‘.
jimi_jamesss : @thefellers you fucking rule dude!
joshbphotog : @daniel_areyoughetto
thefellers : @jimi_jamesss thanks mayn! U da man!
jimi_jamesss : πŸ’―πŸ†
anti__human : Remember Deep South? DFSFL?
thefellers : @anti__human for sure! Deep South was the best!
anti__human : Good.
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Fun times skating with @bradmcclain today! Fatty to tail smacky and a manny trick daddy. πŸ“Ή: #friendsfilmingfriends πŸ˜‹#LanarkPark #skatelife #skateeverywhere
skatelife - skateeverywhere - lanarkpark - friendsfilmingfriends -
zootedfilms : @thefellers some people sleep on you Homie Great style and all-around awesome skater love to see more of you. Keep killing it. #zootedfam #skatelife #skateeverywhere
hippy_skater : @bathsaltsaregood @_tylersorensen
willfullwolf : @thefellers how are you liking the 8.25?
m_cantello : @jaywearsprada @matttfritz @seaborneidentity @ryancooper93
ryancooper93 : @m_cantello how do you get that much Pop out of a manny
jaywearsprada : Sooooo buttery @m_cantello
highandlow_together : @shipleysk8
wilkinsskate : That flip out was sick!!!
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Posted up at #LanarkPark. #funtimes
lanarkpark - funtimes -
see_sawz : @sks_sagestewart
merkabakundalini : Too much product placement!!!
dougpierceretattoo : @gabriel_jungton
ashleecelenze : @hanneography I was going to comment on a video the other day and ask him if he washed that thing yet.... Lol! Looks like he did! πŸ˜‹
heres_to_the_slice : Gimme dat hat @thefellers! I'll trade ya for a slice πŸ•
judygodhartcoaching : most amazing!
stokes6a : @dankahontas heres your board
dankahontas : @stokes6a fuck yes! 😍😍
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