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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Hit up my boy @ryandecenzo tomorrow for some good talk on the @boneswheels facebook! #skatelife #skatetalk #skateparty
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Your 2014 #SOTY #WesKremer is a #BOWSE!! I knew it was gonna be you Wes. You killed it this year! Not just cause of your parts. But everyone sees that every time you skate, you have so much fun. A true inspiration my friend. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘
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friede_73 : @luckykramer
yaboysamson : @caseyfollowedwith @randomlysteezy
randomlysteezy : i seen this on youtube i think haha @yaboysamson
david_123xd : @whalecollins
hannahmeacherry : @antdawg_
luckykramer : @timw_1994
idewskate : @richgara @nick_gara1
caseyfollowedwith : @_sk8chase
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@gx1000 and @yonniecruz are killing it in this #clipfix! #skatelife #skateparty #metrogrammed
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jake_mingo : @lucaskrekorian hesh
stephen_hosmer : @thescap
thescap : @stephen_hosmer @thefellers knows what's good!!
__word_is_bond__ : @yonniecruz congrats on the pro-deck released on Traffic Skateboards!!!! Awesome job brother
mind_of_staying_true : Wowwwww!!! @lusker420
obrains : Love this
max_edwin : @yonniecruz switch game is intense
lucaskrekorian : @jake_mingo Haha yes this is hesh
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
The sun is setting way too early now a days. But still looks good. πŸŒ‹. #bromace @rpm @christaurosa @ryan_losito #skatelife #rpmlifestyle #broparty
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ridetherockett : #whitelines
thefellers : @sly_fuck_art I was awake when I took this photo. If I took it in my sleep. I would really impressed in the morning.
sly_fuck_art : @thefellers to match that sarcasm I'd say your intelligence is impressive
thefellers : @sly_fuck_art haha. Thanks mayn!
sly_fuck_art : Sorry man, I'm not meaning to insult you but I do get a bit mad when I see things like that, while nobody els even notices it. And by wake up I mean be aware of what "they" are doing to us
ericcharlesearly : @thefellers Any new show deal in the works?
thefellers : @sly_fuck_art so exactly what are they doing to us? I haven't researched them. And I'd love to hear your opinion.
sly_fuck_art : @thefellers well aside from our food and water supply being manipulated, "Chemtrails" are something that began in 2006 but have been in the works for decades before. I know you've looked up in the sky and seen mile long white trails in the sky, they often cross each others path and form a grid pattern in the sky. Those trails aren't from the average passenger planes. They are from unmarked military planes and they purposely spray these trails. Within the trails they spray is Aluminum, Barium and many other metals and chemicals. For what? We don't know yet but study's have shown they are harmful to the human body as the trails don't evaporate like a normal contrail would, instead chemtrails fall to the ground and into the air we breathe. The main excuse the media or people within politics have is that they spray these thick blankets of metals and chemicals to reflect the suns heat to prevent global warming. But they spray these trails 24 hours a day. All night all day. But not all the time, sometimes they take breaks and won't spray for weeks, which should get people questioning it even more! But they never do and they never will my friend. Check out #chemtrails and learn some new and important stuff, they are above your head everyday you just have to look up
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Sw heel photo from the @arnette #Spain trip. #vinoinvigo was so fun! πŸ“·: @gerardrierapalau. check out the full edit on the link in my profile. #skatelife #skateparty
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waylonhendricks : @gramshakle 😍😍😍
thadoodabides : Infamous switch heels haha @thefellers
arnette : Good times bud! @thefellers
teufelgt : @omgbbqbro best sw heels in the game
thefellers : One of the funnest trips ever! @arnette
lokotessari : @lanavetc
jonny_chinaski_giger : Best sw heels in the game πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
adrianjulianarcin : @josegarate43
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Here's a fun party line #clipfix for ya. @ariel_alvarado @jonathan_alvarado @bj_blackwell88 @tyler_rapaport @floridafresh and @jessechittycha #skatelife #skateparty #metrogrammed #chall
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hooligana : @gnuytraplawd
jdiaz372 : @jair_veramendi @ruben__dc yeah, when Ruben's hand and my back get better!
eleazarfilms : WTF
tyler_rapaport : @metroskateboarding
hellboysoiii : Just like we were talking about @mikeyay
starchy_torchic : @minimasha1
minimasha1 : @starchy_torchic πŸ”₯
laflamme14 : @flip19877
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
The good homie Jared Huss (@zorloft ) up in this #clipfix with the best no comply I've ever seen. And @ryrey is the best hype man to have on any session! πŸŽ₯: @lancehakker. #skatelife #skateparty #metrogrammed #chall
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ant_calderaro : @bradpietrucha @mubano
_lotion : @skatesurfsun @bowls_ @trill_booty_bounce
skatersocksusa : Classic
gavbeale : @waddhuiy @ciaran_hughes @sheridanalex unreal
ciaran_hughes : @gavbeale @waddhuiy @sheridanalex foot on curb...
chethayes_008 : @murdaindamitten @pplselbw
victorxp : 😭😭😭 @bran_chez @ratchetassjaye @skateghostpurrp @messyjaggles @deandrextrill @luismtorres23
messyjaggles : @_kuriyama
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@floridafresh ripping a park in today's #clipfix. #skatelife #skateparty #fun #metrogrammed
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bruceleeswhitebrother : Thats fucked! @troydutch the seal though lmfao
troydutch : Seal is ridiculous @bruceleeswhitebrother
alfasam88 : @fuzzpearl
____cole____ : @rudydeanakers7
josegarate43 : @adrianjulianarcin fucking gnar
josegarate43 : @migram26
soflomojo305 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
bigfreshapple : @peachdaddy
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Great time skating today with the homies @goinghoff and @mattberger_. Hyped you rolled out and filmed @iikkabackstrom πŸ‘ #skateparty #skatelife #metrogrammed
skateparty - skatelife - metrogrammed -
_mikeshaw : @tyler_liberty
benjaminsletten : Can we get that last 270 in slo mo please! @thefellers
whatsinyourhead : Sickest insta skate edits @thefellers
thefellers : @benjaminsletten I'll try and get it tomorrow fa sho.
_djcash : Amazing
benjaminsletten : Ahhhh!! It's so clean! @thefellers
shaddy_2_dope : That last trick thou
gregreedkta : BLOAHHH
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Was super fun skating the Decenzos new TF today! @scottdecenzo with that buttery front crook pinch. πŸŽ₯: @ryandecenzo. @hellaclips @arnette @ocramps #livearnette #skatelife #skateparty πŸ‘.
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yung_booboo : Boo Johnson's back up account follow me
hellaclips : πŸ‘Š
brand0n_caldw3ll : Whats up with your circa pro shoe? @thefellers
thefellers : @brand0n_caldw3ll it is no more.
schwalmykilpatrick : That qp to fence looks fun
brand0n_caldw3ll : Bummer! Such a sick shoe. @thefellers
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