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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
#repost from @lowcard mag. Thank you @christophermgleason for the amazing πŸ“· and @chazzledazzle720 for ripping at life! #lowcardmag #skateeverywhere #lowcard
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christophermgleason : Thanks @thefellers !!!!
thinkskater : Awesome ! @christophermgleason
thinkskater : Abs @chazzledazzle720
joshstoops : πŸ‘
natenate4life : Siiiick
lowcardmag : Thanks for the repost @thefellers
lowcardmag : @seaboard
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Ninja Turtles, skating a spot near you. Check out the full edit on @havoctv! Haha. So good! #iliketurtles #skatelife #pizza
skatelife - iliketurtles - pizza -
tyraines92 : Haha @krauashl
mannyymannyy : This is what they were filming at chino hahahaha @sickamor_style @kevinnjkim @must_maintain
devious_925 : @muh_ree326 Landon
feebags : @skulzy87
skulzy87 : Yeeeeeeeee @feebags
jordanjfindlay : Still more realistic than the new movie.
raymundo_559 : @california_pete πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
idealuzair : @hakimanuar
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Fun times, fun lines at the Santa Monica courthouse today! @ericlongden with the πŸŽ₯ goods. #skatelife #bestledges
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ed_zepplin_ : @elmermartinuz @oomarmartinez
gregwilson711 : @kanga_russo fellers in janoskis.....
guillexsk8 : Now you on nike... That sucks loved your @circa shoesπŸ˜” #bummed
alexishsb : @_argenisu
dip_riff : Why are you skating nikes ??? Stop
kanga_russo : @gregwilson711 idk how I feel
aceventurapetd : Yeeee @thefellers πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ that was bossy doggy! Any news on board and shoes yet?
chrisbronnson7 : @thefellers your part in "It's Time" for Circa was crazy! The opener was sick.
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Check out @saschadaley ripping this park on the @transworldskate site! #skatelife @boneswheels
skatelife -
gregadeth : @saschadaley true love can't be held back by mace!
petirrojawindrunner : *-*
tannerchrupalo : @braydenslezak
thefellers : @gregadeth haha. Nah. I don't carry mace. I have been maced before tho. It's the worst!!
gregadeth : @thefellers perfect. I haven't been maced... Well, not directly anyways. I've been following you since way before the Manna days. Not like Instagram following, more like in bushes and through windows. Nothing creepy.
patchetvous : @jeremy_journot_90380 πŸ˜‰
rodwashere_ : So much heat in 15 seconds
aceventurapetd : @milwaukeemophead
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@shaunhover and @cdootamazing #killingit on this faught five block! #skatelife
skatelife - killingit -
ryan_lovell : #professionalskaterturnedprofessionalphotographer @asmithphotos
codywheelis : @loumob @ericalexanderwillis ha
ericalexanderwillis : Hahahah @codywheelis
loumob : Yes! MUAhaha @codywheelis
hunter907ak : @tropicalratchet
heshybeerman : Top of rail too
naif.obaid : @max_mayes
colinthekangaroo : @bigvagina @yungcheetoh
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
#LE killed it in #theatrix! Here's @jamietancowny grinding down a mountain! #skatelife
skatelife - le - theatrix -
damienalzidan : So weird, I have a poster on my wall of Jamie and I was thinking to myself, I wonder what happend to him? And then bam ! He put out the sickest part ever πŸ™Œ killer part @jamietancowny keep it up man
wrongboarder420 : Heavy
diamond_mind_ : Huge
gnarleysk8manuvers : @braydon904
popbanditpro : That was huge!
randybenko : @logansommer watch this part too
mickeydonson : @sevenohthree you'll be able to do this soon πŸ˜‰
movingshadow : @cgarxtrawavy @crazycarlos105 @cameron_x @anyf_one damn..
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
It's so awesome to see the person that invented pretty much every trick we do today still having fun and continuing to be innovative! Thank you so much @rodneymullen for all your inspiration. πŸŽ₯ repost from @tonyhawk.
ajm609 : @brodyGardner
dhops430 : @dvu923 @domstclair @sc_the_g @brianabraham96
john_kunk : @jordan_prall @kreepyg @kiva_graffiti this guy was my idol man. Rodney Mullen is the man skating at like 50
kiva_graffiti : Fuck yeah @john_kunk
jordan_prall : @john_kunk haha what do you mean was? That was so cool
kreepyg : Dude fuck yeah Rodney Mullins is sick as shit! @john_kunk
dylanbrining : @clouv @corey_twk @justpicochihuahua
xbrownkidx_khc : @corfieldty
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
So hyped on my new @boneswheels #simpsons doughnut graphic! They're available in 50mm and 52mm. I can't wait to skate em! #skatelife #boneswheels
simpsons - skatelife - boneswheels -
sarlurob : I so wish these were in 55s!!
isaiahreyes : Imma have to get me some of those when do they come out @thefellers
cam_043 : @dwbinda31
therussellwilliams : Cleanest wheels everrrr! @boneswheels
gonzagarciasanabria : Likes my photos @gonzagarciasanabria
gregadeth : @thefellers you're the best skateboarder of all time and space. I also like your hair.
jorge_vii : Go to my profile and email me come back to c1rca
jobo_the_skater : Me like
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@choadped, @codylockwood and @waywardnephew ripping the Orcas Island park! @boneswheels #olloclip #skateparty
olloclip - skateparty -
sgsjoholm : @hardniplezz69 mites toi vika
j4tobar : @jgt_95
hardniplezz69 : @sgsjoholm πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
evandabear : Did you hit the Corning park at all?
thefellers : @evandabear yups. But was like skating on the sun😲
evandabear : Yeah it's fucking scorching up here! Next time you're up north let me know, Redding has a few fun mini ramps in town.
hardflipsk8clth : nice
rossmace : @tyler_gregory1
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@waywardnephew pole dances while I'm under pressure. @waywardslittlelady not amused. #skateparty
skateparty - hellaclips -
lurkreport : Making the best of the worst
pinedafelipe : @drops19
jaycubisrad : That pressure flip!!! Hahah yesssss!!!
justindkelley1 : @ryanmortonnn @kudibently #canby
agitated_allen : Hell yeah! @rageslice
5uperbfitz : @ttfoley13 pole jam? Lol
skateboardingshoutouts : You on nike now? @thefellers
dennisgphoto : Anyone else think he was dping a one hand darkslide handstand?
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