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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Had such a great time in Brazil for #worldcupskateboarding this last week! @davebachinsky @riotwithdyet @luanomatriz @kelvinhoefler @christian_sereika
worldcupskateboarding -
bb__blu : @good_ishh that tucked knee though at the beginning
good_ishh : Whole vid is fueg haha @bb__blu
bb__blu : @good_ishh for real. That rail was huge
jessefellers : Brazil is so much fun to skate!
myles.a.padilla : @angelicaannem
rileygreer : @theebutteriestledge
theebutteriestledge : @rileygreer
leehmaia : "ja tem nome e todos os" hahahahaha
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Skating thru the #ATL airport with @davebachinsky and @christian_sereika headed to São Paulo #Brazil for #WCsk8 this week. So hyped! #skateeverywhere #skatelife
brazil - skatelife - atl - skateeverywhere - wcsk8 -
a_triple6 : Fuk ye
qcyjo : ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
_lizzyhoward_ : Yeppp @george.c.howard 😘👌
blackrodney : If I ever go to airport this is all I wanna do now..
wavesandher : @hkipner will be there!
rafaelallan_skt4ever : Welcome buddy @thefellers second time in Brazil, the first time in rio de janeiro, I hope you like Fortaleza !!!
rdohmsp : @dliraesther Take a look. Haha
rodolforojas_ : @rogerrojas1 @regi_rojas
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
A super fun #sunset cruise with my love, @hanne_. #skatelife #iphone #LBC
skatelife - lbc - sunset - iphone -
thefellers : @mark_appleyard oh u know it. Haha
kimmymcatee : @lauragram
skater_life120 : Wish I was there boawe
skater_life120 : Boardin g
david_olson123 : @michael_skates666 this is a sick pic
monsteryandme : 👌📷
risk.king : Sierra mist
holdendrew : @hanne_ 🐍💦❤️💦🐍 @thefellers
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Here's a Noice Sunday Fun Day #clipfix from @tropicalrafi @matiasvasquezzz. #skatelife #skateparty @themomokitty #meow
skateparty - skatelife - clipfix - meow -
matiasvasquezzz : @benman445 yessir
benman445 : Dude dope skating man. @matiasvasquezzz
burzeez : @caleb_skate
knight_mayo_01 : @wyatt_d122
mreyes25 : @shack_st3r
adamskates69 : @saraughh
zak_wilcox : Why fish eye
easy_e7 : The seal always gets me lmao!
kevin_redolfi99 - kiraplett - ghostfear_1 - jeensy911 -
thefellers - Sierra Fellers
So hyped @ryan_lovell kicked it with me in the streets to get a few clips for @escapistskate's #redandyellowvideo! All the #KC homies kill it. #skateparty #VX1000 #redandyellowredandyellowredandyellow 👍
redandyellowvideo - kc - vx1000 - redandyellowredandyellowredandyellow - skateparty -
patrickodonnell97 : @coryperryzz take in that switch heel holy fuck
coryperryzz : @patrickodonnell97 jheeeeeeeez
coryperryzz : @patrickodonnell97 that kickflip noes grind tho
alex_garcia9 : I love your style dude!
stoneey_21 : @lileddieeeeee
brennix07 : I'm going to be as good as you guys one day.
phil__gillespie : @kafa_chino
shadygriptape : 💪🌴
kevin_redolfi99 - shadygriptape - omari_dippin - georg_w_b_ -
thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Check out @damienalzidan on his grind #fordays in this #clipfix!
clipfix - fordays -
asphalt_endigo : That's a cool looking pussy
efanod : @walkaboutmano
jono_photo : Watch the whole part on my youtube page the link is on my insta
babiwasabi : @chris_ether
asmithphotos : @skate_camera ?
skate_camera : My boy on the come up. He's moving to LA in January. @asmithphotos
natedowggg : @tribby94
tribby94 : Damn...@natedowggg
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
A #clipfix with @williamgomez here having so much fun skating. #skatelife. @themomokitty. If you wanna get up in the mix of a #clipfix, just tag @thefellers and #thefellersgivesback. Or email me clips at thefellersgivesback@gmail.com👍
skatelife - clipfix - thefellersgivesback -
brianjacobs__ : @_williamgomez 😭🙏😭
jessechittycha : @_williamgomez I Seeee uuuuuu haha
proeracoles : Ayyye west wind park @jdiaz372
jdiaz372 : @proeracoles gotta get that nollie pop back board :0
proeracoles : On the handrail ;) @jdiaz372 lol
maxwelliam : Lmfao, the seal gets me every time 👌👌👌
ryanhoey91 : @_mattfisher_
woodfolks : Wow
manny_zurita - djsink - datsunlove7 - davidrawbridge -
thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Here's One of my favorite skateboarders in this #clipfix. @theduncombe is #killingit! So hyped every time I see you skate homie! If you wanna get up in the mix of a #clipfix, just tag @thefellers and #thefellersgivesback. Or email me clips at thefellersgivesback@gmail.com👍
clipfix - thefellersgivesback - killingit -
lucky.peel : That shit was long! And that deal is awesome hahaha @apo818
witwicky6 : Ohhhhhhhh @moana_honu
hellaextra : I thought you meant the first one at first haha duncombe is crazy
the_snooka : @kk00l_
kk00l_ : @the_snooka cray
josiahnator : @amanduhlee_ the seal haha
liamcumming : @burst_bloom
burst_bloom : @liamcumming
vxoninsta - kk00l_ - _steezy_alex - ohgeericky -
thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Happy Labor Day #clipfix. @berkelator on his flip in flip out game, and a first try super #selfie with @floridafresh. 😋 @themomokitty 😺 If you wanna get up in the mix of a #clipfix, just tag @thefellers and #thefellersgivesback. Or email me clips at thefellersgivesback@gmail.com👍
skateparty - skatelife - clipfix - meow - selfie - thefellersgivesback -
fangirl_chronicles : @nfe84 😝
jamesnotw : @chriscannabistic the seal every time! Hahaha
seffry365 : @cameronhad8
_berkelator : Lol it's @_berkelator
_berkelator : Thanks at @thefellers
kevin_broomfield : Amazing @thefellers
rodolforojas_ : @_jim_galli_ @floridafresh 🙌🙌🙌
bummer_high : @floridafresh with that steeze
brownbear292 - judah_blayde - vxoninsta - rosmirv -
thefellers - Sierra Fellers
A fun lil line of @andrewelliott at @cherry__park from today 👍. @olloclip @camcaddie. #skatelife #longbeach
skatelife - longbeach -
sk8r_4_lyfe_ : Dope
the_l1l_bill : @left2shred the moment i relize we havnt skated in forever
dbacio : @rock___lobster
andrewelliott : Working on it @lurkville
gep24 : Damn @andrewelliott showin off them sexy muscles. Daddy liky
georgerlee60 : Damn good
alejandro_hernandez_31 : @_jake_robertson_
ax.s : @lost_my_wheels
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