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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@shaunhover and @cdootamazing #killingit on this faught five block! #skatelife
skatelife - killingit -
josveganoza : @nestorskates
josveganoza : @renzocabrera17
smelliotsuchman : @austin_schultz
joeeee_chz : @nieto_666
buzzzedlightyear : @play__play
deathisdead : @shaunhover I see you boo
jack_jeffcoat : @shane_w_
rowdysnowninja : @mitchc59
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
#LE killed it in #theatrix! Here's @jamietancowny grinding down a mountain! #skatelife
skatelife - le - theatrix -
ihatealexkim : holy shit those stairs are insanely steep
damienalzidan : So weird, I have a poster on my wall of Jamie and I was thinking to myself, I wonder what happend to him? And then bam ! He put out the sickest part ever πŸ™Œ killer part @jamietancowny keep it up man
andresmichna : Heavy
diamond_mind_ : Huge
gnarleysk8manuvers : @braydon904
popbanditpro : That was huge!
randybenko : @logansommer watch this part too
mickeydonson : @sevenohthree you'll be able to do this soon πŸ˜‰
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
It's so awesome to see the person that invented pretty much every trick we do today still having fun and continuing to be innovative! Thank you so much @rodneymullen for all your inspiration. πŸŽ₯ repost from @tonyhawk.
leeebueno : @ericfc28
a_day_in_the_life : @lisamarieanderson
ericfc28 : Eta porra @leeebueno olha ai @edubrz
harrykeiir2 : The fuck @benpatersonn
benpatersonn : Wtf
harrison_gordon : @patfenelon
leeebueno : @_piropo @hpires_ @kinho_castro @peegama
ajm609 : @brodyGardner
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
So hyped on my new @boneswheels #simpsons doughnut graphic! They're available in 50mm and 52mm. I can't wait to skate em! #skatelife #boneswheels
simpsons - skatelife - boneswheels -
ethanroemlein : Can I have have some
nikeguizar : @yazmincg
yazmincg : Get them they are awesome!!!!! 🍩🍩🍩 @nikeguizar
sarlurob : I so wish these were in 55s!!
isaiahreyes : Imma have to get me some of those when do they come out @thefellers
cam_043 : @dwbinda31
therussellwilliams : Cleanest wheels everrrr! @boneswheels
gonzagarciasanabria : Likes my photos @gonzagarciasanabria
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@choadped, @codylockwood and @waywardnephew ripping the Orcas Island park! @boneswheels #olloclip #skateparty
olloclip - skateparty -
sgsjoholm : @hardniplezz69 mites toi vika
j4tobar : @jgt_95
hardniplezz69 : @sgsjoholm πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
evandabear : Did you hit the Corning park at all?
thefellers : @evandabear yups. But was like skating on the sun😲
evandabear : Yeah it's fucking scorching up here! Next time you're up north let me know, Redding has a few fun mini ramps in town.
hardflipsk8clth : nice
rossmace : @tyler_gregory1
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@waywardnephew pole dances while I'm under pressure. @waywardslittlelady not amused. #skateparty
skateparty - hellaclips -
lurkreport : Making the best of the worst
pinedafelipe : @drops19
jaycubisrad : That pressure flip!!! Hahah yesssss!!!
justindkelley1 : @ryanmortonnn @kudibently #canby
agitated_allen : Hell yeah! @rageslice
5uperbfitz : @ttfoley13 pole jam? Lol
skateboardingshoutouts : You on nike now? @thefellers
dennisgphoto : Anyone else think he was dping a one hand darkslide handstand?
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Fun times flat ground sesh with @waywardnephew πŸ˜‹.
luccacastroskt : Nollie getto bird eh pesada hein @rafaeldrew_
jonathaniannuzzi : @koeberto wut
koeberto : @jonathaniannuzzi omg stop this is the 3rd time ive been tagged in this
jonathaniannuzzi : Haha my b @koeberto
jonathaniannuzzi : @koeberto in my defense I just went through all the comments and didn't see someone who tagged you so maybe it was someone else's video
koeberto : @jonathaniannuzzi im not lying i have
jonathaniannuzzi : @koeberto I believe you I'm just sayin there is no way I could have known that prior to tagging you
halljonathan : @heyhighimmike
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Seattle #lidskids. πŸŽ₯ @waywardnephew #boningthemidwest @boneswheels
lidskids - boningthemidwest -
_sk8rat : @illesstbee
ericlieffers : @lgslayerr_
collin_myles : @linndz
ericschillereff : Fun shit @brumskie
brumskie : @ericschillereff yeah mang I love this guy
ericschillereff : Sierra is from Kalispell. Super rad dude @brumskie
lacaze_photography : But that @rpm sticker tho. #RPMLifesyle
capture39 : @berchacho look at this
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
Sharpening my tranny skills with @waywardnephew and @bradmcclain. And a lil help from @patrick_ryan. @boneswheels #boningthenorthwest #skatelife
skatelife - boningthenorthwest -
trishamendez : @emirgaleana1724 you wish you could do this cuz your the seal hahahaha
kalibrera : @smiddy99 :D
luckyy_skunk : @__omarflores
franchado : @taylorduncan_ @uncle_giordano
ddsk8er : Ha YES!!! @rfoster3
psalm68kjv : @palmerr4
whyridespaghettianyways : @aaldan
ericschillereff : Perfect! @caseyschillereff @johnnyschillereff
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thefellers - Sierra Fellers
@bradmcclain "How much you wanna bet bet I could air over that mountain?!" @boneswheels #boningthenorthwest #skatelife #iphone #olloclip
olloclip - skatelife - iphone - boningthenorthwest -
ourvoyage : @mtsk8r97 @mayismynamee @shadely_nobley :O
johnbvb : He coulda taken state.
captainmegz : Ughhhhhhhhh
wanderingshinigami : Gnarly
jahstafford : Such a fun park! Yeah @bradmcclain ! Watch out for deer and bears ha
h0omi_d : πŸ‘πŸ‘
tay_bourke : @kinggeee @niam_lane @jaymorriss
kinggeee : Fuuaarkp
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