Christina Dennis

Mommy of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of Edmonton. Cookies and naps.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Gooood morning! What's your wake up routine? My children literally pry my eyes open. It's Canadian Bloggers Home Tour day 3, and there are four new homes linked up on today! Here's a look at my sweet Little A's room in #ourdiyhouse . She's one of the eye pry-ers. πŸ™€ #cbhometour #HomeDecor #interiordesign #nursery
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kalynnelise : What color is that paint? We attempted to have a similar color.. But once on the wall it looks more like mint. 😩 I'm so disappointed!
trev_clairebell : This is amazing, I love the teepee x x
janinnned : Is that corkboard or burlap in the ikea frame? Either way genius... I bought the black one because I couldn't think of anything to put in the white one & the black has a mirror! I'm going to spray paint it turquoise anyways πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
shawnadovetail : Yes, I'd love to know the paint colour too!
thediymommy : @kalynnelise @shawnadovetail It's Mystic Sea by @valsparpaint . I think it's just the right shade of aqua for a kid's room! We have it in A's room and our kid's bath.
thediymommy : @janinnned I covered the actual glass in burlap with a glue gun. Worked like a charm! I love the black mirror one too. Would look awesome in turquoise!
thediymommy : @trev_clairebell Thanks,_Claire! The teepee is my favourite part. :)
shawnadovetail : Thanks Christina
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
So begins the infatuation with yanking on mom's hair. And earrings.
thediymommy : @virtualme2011 Thanks! Yes, I'm very tempted to cut mine again.
thediymommy : @jgolom It's serious work, this hair pulling.
thediymommy : @dwellinginhappiness LOL! Mine does that too when she nurses!
thediymommy : @bestbdays Sure is. She's on a mission!
thediymommy : @sarahdawnw Might be a very smart thing to do!
hollie37 : Oh shame... Don't I know that! #jmac also loves to claw up my face. What moms put up with out of love. :) #lifewithbaby
hollie37 : PS - She has the best look ever on her face! A girl on a mission!
thediymommy : @hollie37 I know, hey? We endure so much abuse. ;)
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
It's a rare, clean living room moment from Sunday! #latergram Did you catch the 4 new home tours on the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour day 2 today? Visit for links! #cbhometour #HomeDecor #interiordesign #yegblogger #canadianblogger #ourdiyhouse
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jmwilson725 : Beautiful living room! If only our living rooms can stay clean for more than 5 minutes!!! πŸ˜‰
lilmisslyss22 : @thediymommy where did you purchase your curtain hardware?
ahulagirlatheart : Beautiful room!
thediymommy : @ahulagirlatheart Thank you!
thediymommy : @lilmisslyss22 I found them at Home Depot.
thediymommy : @jmwilson725 Thanks! No kidding, hey? It was trashed by Sunday night!
thediymommy : @freshcrush Thank you!
thediymommy : @justbellablog Me too! Us Canadians are pretty stylin!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
In case you missed it this morning, my home tour is on today along with 3 other beautiful homes on the first day of Canadian Bloggers Home Tour week! So excited to be a part of this fun tour of homes up north! #cbhometour #kitchen #interiordesign #HomeDecor #turquoise #IKEA #diy #vintageindustrial #blackandwhite #canadianblogger #yegblogger
turquoise - homedecor - blackandwhite - interiordesign - cbhometour - canadianblogger - vintageindustrial - ourdiyhouse - diy - ikea - yegblogger - kitchen -
thediymommy : @funfiestas_byili Thank you! 😘
thediymommy : @angieeichler Thank you so, so much!
thediymommy : @bloomdollstudio Thank you! It's kinda eclectic, but I like it that way. πŸ‘
nicolepylatiuk : Beautiful home!!
howaboutcookie : Gorgeous!!
fetchpad : @thediymommy looking fabulous!!! πŸ’• I'm sure you get this all the time but if you love home decor you'll LOVE - a visual search engine of furniture & home decor products from local shops in #toronto #montreal #ottawa #vancouver #calgary & #edmonton it's like yelp for home furnishings 🍁#hopeyoucheckitout #sorryfortheshamelessplug if there's anything we can do for you in return pls let is know
thediymommy : @howaboutcookie Thanks, Selena!
thediymommy : @nicolepylatiuk Thank you so much!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Did you hear that #keurig2point0 is coming this fall?! I'm sipping out of the mug to prove it right now. Can't. Wait. #COFFEE #brewacup #keuriginnovation #succulentphotobomb #afternoonmuffin
keuriginnovation - coffee - succulentphotobomb - keurig2point0 - brewacup - afternoonmuffin -
melindakepper : Hmm interesting . As long as it's not the icky milk powder tasting lattes that'll be ok .
thediymommy : @melindakepper I make my own lattes with fresh milk and a whisky thing, and I'm still patiently waiting on the new 2.0 details... Apparently we'll be able to brew more coffee at a time.
flourishingpalms : @thediymommy πŸ˜‚ whisky I read as whiskey. Thought you were really enjoying your coffee!
thediymommy : @flourishingpalms hahaha! Some days it's tempting! πŸ˜‰
jmwilson725 : Ooohh, that's exciting! Love my Keurig and love your hashtag #succulentphotobomb! πŸ˜‚
northstoryca : I need to get one of these just so I can get the Costco blend cups.
thediymommy : @northstoryca Yes, totally! I need Hubs to pick me up a big box of Costco kcups. πŸ‘
thediymommy : @jmwilson725 Haha, thanks! Me too - total coffee addict here. 😊
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Our house build is still in progress, but our door is open to you on today as I share our #hometour with you. Grab a coffee, come on over, and let me know what you think of #ourdiyhouse . Link in profile & check out the three other tours on this first day of the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour! #cbhometour #HomeDecor #foursquare #vintageinspired
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pinteresthousewife : Going to check it out now!
thediymommy : @pinteresthousewife Thanks, Christina!
watterskylie : I love the color if your front door! :)
thediymommy : @watterskylie Thanks, Kylie! It's called Gypsy Teal by @valsparpaint .
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Tomorrow is the start of Canadian Bloggers Home Tour week 2014! Follow along on my blog,, or on @akadesigndotca and take a tour of 18 Canadian blogger's homes. Mine is tomorrow, so stay tuned! #cbhometour #canadianblogger #yegblogger #DIYblogger #blogger #hometour #HomeDecor #interiordesign #instaliving #ohcanada #canadian
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bethanythislittleestate : Yahhh! So exciting! Can't wait to see what everyone shows us!
thediymommy : @bethanythislittleestate Me too, me too! πŸ™Œ
colouringmyworld : Can't wait! 😊
thediymommy : @colouringmyworld Me neither! It's gonna be great. πŸ™Œ
jojobelove : I want to move in ;)
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
How's the weather where you are? Our fans have been on full blast all day. We sure aren't used to this hot mugginess! #stonyplain #Alberta #HomeDecor #ourdiyhouse
alberta - stonyplain - homedecor - ourdiyhouse -
thediymommy : @bellasboudoirjewelry Thanks, Cheryl! I'm so happy with it.
thediymommy : @downoxfordstreet Thanks, Diana!
thediymommy : @lemonsforlemonade Thanks so much, Emily!
thediymommy : @floozieshell Thanks, Shelley!
thediymommy : @tastefullyfrugalblog Thanks, Sydney!
thediymommy : @loraleer123 Thank you!
patinajewelry : Lovely lovely home! Where did you get that rug?
thediymommy : @patinajewelry Thank you! It's from @rugs_usa before they switched to crazy expensive shipping to Canada. :(
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Soooooo proud of Hubby's master shower tiling today! It will be wonderful to have a shower soon! πŸ‘ #ourdiyhouse
ourdiyhouse -
jmwilson725 : Oooohhhh, wow!!!
cleanandscentsible : Looks beautiful!
stoniel : Wow!
kaziz : @teekazeek
thediymommy : @lifeofshauna @jmwilson725 @cleanandscentsible @stoniel Thanks! He did such a good job. I hadn't poked my head in all day, and when I did I was blown away!!
204park : Yay @thediymommy!!! Looks great!
thediymommy : @204park Thanks! I'm not normally a fan of square mosaic tile, but hubby wanted some to make the shower floor installation easier. I'm happier than I thought with this time mix!
thediymommy : @204park *tile mix
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Stop and smell the rainbowy roses. #ourdiyhouse #ToMeFromMe
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