Christina Dennis

Mommy of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of Edmonton. Believer in Amazing Grace.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
A #sister is the best kind of friend. I'm reeling from cuteness from today's Labour Day photoshoot with my girls. πŸ’• (I'll be sharing the #sewing tutorials for these #Frozen inspired dresses next week.) #letitgoooooooo @onlinefabricstore #thediymommy #DIY #creativemamas #costume
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thediymommy : @themuslimahmommy @allkindsoflovelyblog @jojobelove @flourishingpalms @mcarv11 @doxiesandturtlesandscottiesomy @stoniel @liannward Thank you so much! I made them on Saturday, and the girls have only taken them off to eat and sleep so far. πŸ‘ It makes a
thediymommy : @themuslimahmommy @allkindsoflovelyblog @jojobelove @flourishingpalms @mcarv11 @doxiesandturtlesandscottiesomy @stoniel @liannward Oops! ...It makes all the work SO worthwhile when I see their thrilled little faces. 😊
danielleb_c : OMG!!!
mrslattelover : Beautiful xx
thediymommy : @danielleb_c @mrslattelover Thank you!! Aren't they adorbs?!
adalinc3 : They are just way too adorable! So cute! And the dresses look awesome!
funfiestas_byili : How amazing are you?!! You did such a great job and the girls are so sweet! 😍
onlinefabricstore : Awww!!! Can't wait to see more! :) -Abbey
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Elsa's little sis got a #handmade dress too. πŸ’• I'll be posting the tutorials for both dresses on my blog within the next couple of weeks! #letitgoooooooo #Frozen #costume #diy #sewing #creativemamas
letitgoooooooo - costume - creativemamas - frozen - sewing - handmade - diy -
confessionsofamadmommy : Wow love! It's identical!
emilypruett : Can't wait!
thediymommy : @confessionsofamadmommy Thanks! I took a few creative liberties to make it easy to sew, but I think it looks pretty Anna-ish!
thediymommy : @emilypruett Thanks! They're nice and easy to sew - no buttons or zippers. Hooray!
southernmeg87 : So cute! Can I get one in my size? #frozenobsessed #noshame
sweetsocial_ailynn : Wow!!! So awesome!
justbellablog : You are so talented!!
mrslattelover : Amazing!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
.... And I think she likes it. I'll share the full dress with my good camera soon! (And when I find another day to make Anna's.) #letitgoooooooo #frozen #sewing
frozen - letitgoooooooo - sewing -
judinteriors : Wow!! #momaward πŸ‘
northstoryca : You are mom of the year!
nurselovesfarmr : Wow!!!!! πŸ’™
thediymommy : @judinteriors @northstoryca @nurselovesfarmr Thanks! She's been waiting for this dress for a loooooong time. She watched me sew the whole thing, and then danced with it for an hour after. 😊
megdecker : My daughter ha seen asking me to sew her an Elsa dress too... I'm a little intimidated to do it! How long did it take you @thediymommy ? It's gorgeous!
hiro_pabank : πŸ‘
thediymommy : @megdecker It took me about 5 hours, but I also made the pattern from scratch. I'll share it on my blog soon - no zippers or buttons so it's an easy sew!
jillnicolesmith : @thediymommy That's amazing!!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Today's almost finished sewing project inspired a lot of spontaneous bursting into song. #letitgoooooooo #sewing
letitgoooooooo - sewing -
tastefullyfrugalblog : Wow! That looks awesome!!
shedoescreate : That dress is clearly a priority over cleaning house!!
thediymommy : @urbanmomdesign @tastefullyfrugalblog Thank you!! It was an all day project. Now to clean up the mounds of mess everywhere! πŸ˜‰
thediymommy : @shedoescreate I agree! You should have seen how excited little C was as she saw it take shape. Priceless.
sweetsocial_ailynn : Wow! I wish I could sew! Lucky little lady.
thisismamaandco : Last Halloween my daughter was princess Anna but the movie hadn't come out, no one knew who she was! #ohhowtimeshavechanges
thediymommy : @thisismamaandco Haha! That's awesome. Yes, I'm sure Trick or Treater's will be 90% Elsas this year. Oh well.
thediymommy : @sweetsocial_ailynn She looooooves it!! :)
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Everyone's life is a little messy; here's to love without judgment. Love this quote from @aedriel . πŸ’• Happy long weekend!
aedriel : Thank you so much for sharing!! πŸ’•
aimeejoanjackson : Love this!
thediymommy : @aedriel You're so welcome. Thanks for the encouraging words.
thediymommy : @aimeejoanjackson Me too!
confessionsofamadmommy : Love
nurselovesfarmr : I love this along with "everyone's fighting a battle you know nothing about" or something along those lines. Just be kind to everyone
danielleb_c : Oh, I love this!
themuslimahmommy : ❀️
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
On today, I shared ideas for preserving summer beach memories. This one is a sand dollar that my mom gave Little C. We tied some twine to it, and glued the twine onto a picture frame wrapped in fabric. Instant summer memories art! #diy #artwork #shell #DIYblogger
thediymommy - shell - diy - diyblogger - artwork -
nicolepylatiuk : Lovely!
bitchinhousewife : I was totally thinking of starting a shadow box or something to add all the knick knacks the kids pick up, like pine cones on today's walk!
thediymommy : @bitchinhousewife I love that idea! My girls do that too. :)
thediymommy : @mrslattelover @nicolepylatiuk Thank you! 😘
wicksnest : Such a great idea πŸ’™
thediymommy : @wicksnest Thanks Kristy!!
realturkeylady : Ooooooh @girlwithsometoes
girlwithsometoes : Love it!! @realturkeylady
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Just got word that my new #keurig2point0 is waiting for me at the Purolator office in town, and I can't pick it up until Tuesday! Country girl problems!! For now, I'll just stare at this carafe + coffee teaser @keurigcanada sent over and dream of #COFFEE . #cantwait #keuriginnovation #brewacup #brewacarafe
keuriginnovation - coffee - cantwait - keurig2point0 - brewacup - brewacarafe -
pinkchai : You are going to love it!
thediymommy : @pinkchai I can't wait!!
danielleb_c : Jealous!!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Quick, snap a pic! It's a rare clean kitchen moment and my #EAT letters are up. {Letters are from @bouncingoffthewalls and I stained and dry brushed them.} #kitchen #ourdiyhouse #HomeDecor #interiordesign #typography #turquoiseobsession #turquoise #ikea #blackandwhite #vintageindustrial
turquoise - homedecor - blackandwhite - interiordesign - typography - turquoiseobsession - vintageindustrial - ourdiyhouse - ikea - eat - kitchen -
thediymommy : @howaboutcookie Sure! In exchange for help with Little Cs school lunch ideas! πŸ˜‰
thediymommy : @nicolepylatiuk Thank you!
allisonbrinsky : I love @bouncingoffthewalls they made Nash's tree growth chart!
mrslattelover : Loveeeeee
thediymommy : @allisonbrinsky So awesome! She's so talented.
thediymommy : @mrslattelover Thank you!!
reneerichellodesign : 😍colors!!!
thediymommy : @reneerichellodesign Thanks,_Renee! I'm a huge turquoise addict!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Happy #FollowFriday! These #canadianbloggers are chock full of inspiration and all kinds of awesome! I love having them in my feed. Are you following @northern_style , @betterwithage1 , @akadesigndotca and @gemma_bonhamcarter ? #HomeDecor #interiordesign #DIY #fashion #YEG #canada #ff
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thediymommy : #cbhometour
betterwithage1 : Thanks girl!!
thediymommy : @betterwithage1 My pleasure!
peabodyandsassafras : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
swooninginyeg - evemaialeake - sorenbelling - amandafeste -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
#TBT to 5 years ago when Little C was just a baby and these leggings were one of the first tutorials I posted on my blog. She's starting kindergarten in 2 weeks. Waaahhhhh! 😦 😭
tbt -
emilyejd1 : So cute!
allkindsoflovelyblog : 😍
thediymommy : @justinemadesign It sure does!!
thediymommy : @dhfranck1 Yup! Felt like yesterday.
thediymommy : @mdeedy3 Awwwww!
thediymommy : @emilyejd1 Thanks, I think so too. :)
thediymommy : @allkindsoflovelyblog My little dolly! :)
wicksnest : I can't take it. I just can't take it! 😍
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