Christina Dennis

Mommy of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of Edmonton. Cookies and naps.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Tagged by @peabodyandsassafras to share #widn : I'm scheming up a special first day of school gift for Little C (that involves #glitter!) and I'm nursing Baby B. What are you up to tonight, @whimsicalelements , @j_hobbs & @shelbytellier ?
widn - glitter -
peabodyandsassafras : Ooo looks fun!!
saveyourforktherespie : Those itty bitty bikes are so cute!!
j_hobbs : What is it!?!?
j_hobbs - lolabugs_momma - emrogersphoto - cwesthicks -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
I don't think they hit it off. #awkward #browncow #happyacres
browncow - happyacres - awkward -
concretecottage : Oh that face!!
jenmedos : Where is this?
ameerasumz : OMG she's too cute! Love her expression πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚
carolballata : What a cutie!
justinemadesign : πŸ˜‚!!
shedoescreate : That. Is. Hilarious.
thediymommy : @jenmedos This is Happy Acres U-pick west of Spruce Grove. It's a great place!
thediymommy : @jenmedos South of Spruce Grove, not west!
dbowden20 - megjorgy - emilypruett - thelittlesthobbit -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
There's this free printable art and some random melancholy musings on today! The fact that Little C is starting kindergarten in just over a months has hit me like a load of bricks. I'm going to miss that girlie! 😭 #freeprintable #artwork #watercolor #summer #printable
watercolor - summer - printable - freeprintable - artwork -
thediymommy : @saveyourforktherespie Thank you!
mreinmatt : I've always been meaning to ask if you would take an etsy order for a sewing project? Our little guy would love Daniel Tigers trolley pjs :)
bellasboudoirjewelry : Haha ;) @thediymommy We commented at the same time! Ok, I tried to download the link onto my phone but if it doesn't print when we get back from our trip could you send it to me? ! It's so so pretty!!
rarlauckas : @proudmama777 - this made me think of you - and dolphins!
proudmama777 : @rarlauckas thank you!!!!!!
joyinourhome : I know how you feel friend!!!
kerripopofprettyblog : Oh my. This is gorgeous. Heading over to your blog.
thediymommy : @kerripopofprettyblog Thanks, Kerri!
cmgeiger - tika_photo - captivatinglight - cydmarie_nunez -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Putting together a triangle quilt pattern that's random (but not TOO random) is tricky, tricky! #ishouldbedoinglaundry #isew #springcouture @michaelmillerfabrics #quilting
springcouture - isew - quilting - ishouldbedoinglaundry -
jmwilson725 : It is going to be adorable!!! 😍
thediymommy : @jmwilson725 Thanks, I think so! It will certainly be happy looking!
justbellablog : Nice work!! That is going to be awesome.
thediymommy : @justbellablog Thanks, Christine! I hope it turns out like my brain thinks it will. πŸ˜‰
lethargiclass : My random secret is if I feel ok with the layout, then adjust one thing until it feels off lol!
bogan_hunters1 : Hi um please can you make loom creations on instructions so I can read them @thediymommy
thediymommy : @bogan_hunters1 No idea how to make loom creations!
thediymommy : @lethargiclass Good technique!
qualityquiltsbytamara - amasimps - simplesimonandco - emomnowyeg -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Sometimes you gotta sacrifice design aesthetic for a bunch of washi taped #Frozen posters because it makes your daughter so incredibly happy. πŸ˜€
frozen -
blackvelvetstitches : Totally! Haha
coverboo : What if.... What if you scanned and reprinted the photos in black & white or sepia and put them in vintage frames ? #oldtimeyelsa !!!
nat_a_rat : Exactly! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
shellygushue : Been there and still here ! Now it's justin beiber and washi tape
camilletimmins : I saw frozen wall decals at costco yesterday!
thediymommy : @camilletimmins My girls would be thrilled!
thediymommy : @shellygushue Oh dear. That will be me in a few years!
thediymommy : @coverboo Awesome idea!
3rloves - sosa_stephh - nerinem - lou_retro -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
My friend @whimsicalelements and I are now accepting applications for our #YEG area baby show: WeeStock! Hope you can come!! #indiedesign #boutique #tradeshow #stonyplain #yegmommy #baby
baby - stonyplain - yegmommy - tradeshow - boutique - indiedesign - yeg -
thediymommy : @chelseafay11 Yes! We had one last year and they did well!
thediymommy : @whimsicalelements Heh Heh. *nervous laughter*
thediymommy : @daydreamsofquilts It sure is! You should definitely sign up for next year and come as a guest this year if you can. :)
daydreamsofquilts : Great for next year! I will try to make it this year to shop but may not be healed in time. (C-section)
saveyourforktherespie : My favourite time of year!!!
thediymommy : @saveyourforktherespie Yayyyyy!!!
thediymommy : @daydreamsofquilts Of course. I wish you all the best during the last bit of your pregnancy!
chelseafay11 : So yes you have you or yes you need one :)
isomaltart - qualityquiltsbytamara - liberty1110 - saveyourforktherespie -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Eeeeep! Look what I won on Facebook and just got in the mail! Thank you, @michaelmillerfabrics ! I'm envisioning a geometric rainbowy toddler quilt. What would you sew? #fabricaddict #fabric #springcouture #isew #sewing
fabricaddict - springcouture - sewing - isew - fabric -
allkindsoflovelyblog : Lucky ducky!!
stacythiot : 😍😍😍
daydreamsofquilts : Lucky you!
thediymommy : @dragonflydreamer1 Thanks!
thediymommy : @jmwilson725 It is!!
thediymommy : @printablecharms Me too!
thediymommy : @colouringmyworld Mine too! I can't get enough fabric!!
thediymommy : @allkindsoflovelyblog @daydreamsofquilts Yes! I was so happy and surprised! Can't wait to sew with this!
qualityquiltsbytamara - emilypruett - redzbak87 - kholland -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I pinned lace scraps to my antique window frame on my TV gallery wall. I kinda like it. 😊 #boho #countrylife #HomeDecor
boho - countrylife - homedecor -
thediymommy : @shedoescreate Totally! I have a jewelry holder on my bedroom wall that I made from a cutlery tray!
thediymommy : @j_hobbs @fairlightday Thanks, ladies!
tammyakay : @fairlightday yes, it does. It's lovely!
his_wife_steph : I love that a gallery wall can change and develop all the time. Its like a fun scrapbook collage to share with the world.
ayankeebelle : Lovely!
srg8s : Love it!!
thediymommy : @ayankeebelle @srg8s Thank you!
thediymommy : @his_wife_steph Yes!! So true!
askboyko - theshabbyhorseshoe - josianedickenson - vidalbaboon -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Here's the beginning of my TV #gallerywall . Thanks to the Barbie Diamond Castle movie for enabling me to get this much done. πŸ‘
gallerywall -
thediymommy : @his_wife_steph I love it too! I saw the idea on Pinterest, and have been scheming for several months. Let me know when you go ahead and do yours! I'd love to see. 😊
his_wife_steph : Haha I just pinned a million lovely tv gallery wall pictures. Haha! I can't wait to get started! Super budget friendly decorating idea too! I really didn't know where to start with our living room on a budget. My hubby made a gorgeous arrangement of mirrors on the opposite wall but that's all I love so far.
floozieshell : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘β€οΈ
renatepalmer : What a great idea! Ours is in a big cut out area and I've been wondering what to do with all that space. Love it!
shabbyhiggins : @thediymommy lookin good
thediymommy : Thanks @shabbyhiggins !
thediymommy : @renatepalmer Yes, it's such a fun way to dress up a TV! And so many options for art.
thediymommy : @floozieshell Thanks!! 😊
quiltingbee - thefivedevines - nevaajo - vidalbaboon -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
#DIY #restorationhardwareinspired vintage key art for you on this fine Sunday afternoon (these are for my TV gallery wall!): glue drop cloth fabric around the glass of a picture frame with a glue gun, put it into the frame, glue a vintage key on the front, & we are done! Whammo! These frames are from @walmart and the keys are from @winners / @homesensecanada . #artwork #craft #instadiy
restorationhardwareinspired - craft - instadiy - diy - artwork -
lifeofshauna : LOVE. THIS! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
charhere : Awesomeness!!!!!
plumintdesign : Looks amazing!
jeh3v : @bethers12 great idea for the iron keys you loved at the flea yesterday!
his_wife_steph : I LOVE THIS... considering doing this which each of our house keys as we go...
thediymommy : @his_wife_steph That is such a great idea!
thediymommy : @plumintdesign @charhere @lifeofshauna @sewingkaren Thanks, ladies! This super easy and I love the look! It's fun to have object art like this for a gallery wall to add some interest and texture! 😊
ktwwmeyer : @brittneyjeanne_
nmmolitor - madecnd2 - brittneyjeanne_ - suz_san -
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