Christina Dennis

Mom of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. 🌾 Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of #YEG. πŸ“§
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Current full time job: keeping this darling off of the stairs. 😨 #wherestheadvil #sendcoffee
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farmwife.inprogress : This picture is perfect!
designhill : Oh that face! ☺️
jackiewoodlee : @thediymommy - so so precious!!! Your family and home is just A blessing to get to see and follow!
audrajenn : Awwww too much!!😍😍
dmbideas : Yup! I know that feeling. I currently have a piece of cardboard blocking the stairs lol
ourwhitecouch : Haha I love this! And very clever!
mintygreendream : We're working the same gig @thediymommy. Glad my mister isn't the only one having a hard time with the no stairs rules ;)
discoveringparenthood : Best photo ever! Don't miss the battle.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
I'm Fall pillow-scheming. I think if I bring one more throw cushion into our house, the Hubs will scream and run away. πŸ˜‚ #ourdiyhouse #homedecor #myhomesense #homeforthefallidays
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clearlysmitten : πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ love this!
stoniel : Haha! I just got an old chair for free, and hid it in the van because I knew my hubby would roll his eyes and think I'm crazy! I have a thing for chairs. Especially free or cheap chairs!
freshcrush : Story of my life πŸ˜‚... these are lovely!
kristywicks : Looks great!!
marigold_mansion : I am such a pillow hoarder I almost scare myself! These are darling!
greenwithdecor : Love the pillows! I just bought a green one that looks like your blue one! πŸ’š
rhouse : Haha! Yep.,,I try to casually sneak them in..once they're on the chairs he can't tell what's new or not!πŸ˜‚
farm_living_mommie : @thediymommy How do keep your pictures from not curling up?
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Finally, @akadesigndotca and I are also thrilled to have @nalleshouse join us on our #cbhometour hop this September! Stay tuned for some beautiful Canadian home tours starting on September 27. I can't wait to see everyone's take on Fall #homedecor! πŸ‚πŸƒπŸŒΎ
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rubythursday : Is there still time to enter? @thediymommy
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : So excited for this tour!!!
thediymommy : @finishingtouchdecorbyjenny Me too!!
thediymommy : @rubythursday We're all full for Fall, but I'll let you know if we do this again for Christmas!
rubythursday : Thanks @thediymommy !!!
nalleshouse : Excited to join in this time!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
We're also excited to have @rhouse join us on our #cbhometour hop this September! Stay tuned for some beautiful Canadian home tours starting on September 27!
cbhometour -
adoptionisforstacey : So peaceful πŸ™πŸ‘Άβ€οΈ
naturalmommie : @bitchinhousewife ah they don't know what they like/don't like until you do it. Add some color with pillows and throw blankets πŸ˜‰
rusticmapleelizabeth : Great!
rhouse : Thanks Christina, so excited to participate!πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸ½
thediymommy : @rhouse Excited to have you!
thediymommy : @naturalmommie @bitchinhousewife Ha! Yeah, I love white + bits of colour and hubby has our rustic dark stone fireplace and his dark grey man cave downstairs. πŸ‘
thediymommy : @makingitinthemountains Me neither!
brightyellowdoor : Oh I love her style! @rhouse !!!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
We're so excited to have @citrineliving join us on our #cbhometour hop this September! Stay tuned for some beautiful Canadian home tours starting on September 27!
cbhometour -
makingitinthemountains : Gorgeous!!!
thequaintsanctuary : Gorgeous! ! !
citrineliving : @makingitinthemountains @thequaintsanctuary Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful day! πŸ’™
thediymommy : @citrineliving Our pleasure! So happy to have you!
thediymommy : @kelleynan She's amazing!!
thediymommy : @mariakeating Her style is gorgeous. Me too!
thediymommy : @pmqfortwo We've picked for Fall tours, but I'll let you know if we do this again for Christmas! 😊
thediymommy : @makingitinthemountains @thequaintsanctuary Yes, so gorgeous!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Lady at the grocery store: "THREE?! GIRLS?!" Me: "Ummmm, yep! Three girls!" Lady: "I pity you when they're all teenagers." *walks away* Thanks for the encouraging words, grocery store lady! *end sarcasm* I'm relying solely on love, strong coffee, and the grace of God right now and I doubt that will change. I have no idea what's in store for our future, but I'm armed with those three things as I face the precious and often overwhelming job of raising these girls. It's one day at a time, one phase at a time & savoring each moment as it passes (most days... some days I can't wait to go to sleep). This is my most sacred task, and I know I'm going to have struggles. I know I HAVE struggles. Big ones. Thank God for His grace, His love, these beautiful girls, a fantastic hubby, and the gift of vanilla lattes. πŸ‘
sweetgirlstudio : I have three grown girls and let me tell you I enjoyed every single minute of it was a blast and it still is
hannahsabananas : Rude lady, but having 3 children at all is surprising now, avg Canadian family has 1 now.
gratefulruralmama : People say stupid things all the time! Sorry you had to endure such ignorance! I was told by a cashier (when I was pregnant with twins) that she'd kill herself if she were to become pregnant with twins. I walked out of the store without my purchases...I was so mad!
greenmunch : We are proud parents to 3 boys. The grocery bill comments get old very quickly.
brodeurs_maine : Love and good parenting will get you through all the years of raising your girls!
gillij : You totally have the right attitude!!
askboyko : You got this mama!
hokeypokeysm : I am one of four, and one of two girls and I know my sister and I didn't cause my parents any particular grief during our teenager years. I'm sure it came down to a caring environment, parents who loved us, and parents who prayed for us! Three girls would be lots of fun! Xx
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Last call! Post a photo of your Canadian home tonight for a chance to join our Canadian Bloggers Home Tour this September!! Tag #cbhometour, follow @thediymommy & @akadesigndotca and we'll choose the winners on August 31. We can't wait to see your Canadian home decor! πŸ‘ // Please post a new photo or newly repost an older one so we can find you. Thanks!
cbhometour -
marigold_mansion : Gorgeous whites
vintagehomecolleen : @markovadesign are you doing this?!!!
aprettylife : Eeeeeek! How did I miss this?! My home is too dark tonite! 😬
markovadesign : No I am not @vintagehomecolleen
ashleakoo : Shoot! I'll have to enter next time ☺️ somehow I missed this. Looking forward to the tours. πŸ‚πŸƒπŸ
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Which would you choose to be the centerpiece for your Fall mantel? I'm pretty sure my hubby and I have agreed on our favourite, but I'm curious to know your choice! These are all from @urbanbarn. ❀
lacey.o.s : Either the deer or the clock under it.
houseon77th : Mirror! would transition great for winter as well. But love the deer too! 😍
hiyapapayamom : The buck! Second choice is the mirror. Third choice is clock on bottom right. πŸ˜‰
marigold_mansion : Buck, then mirror
linemans_lady79 : Rustic clock for fall, deer for winter😊
angiesingleton : Where is the buck print from!? I ❀️it!
lauragracec : Top left, then bottom right.
deborah_thebault_ : Bottom right
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Happy Monday! Today on, I'm sharing what we did this summer to add some curb appeal to #ourdiyhouse. πŸ‘ #foursquare #construction #homedesign
foursquare - construction - homedesign - ourdiyhouse -
mintygreendream : Beautiful transformation @thediymommy!!
sissyscreations : Thanks so much! @thediymommy
justineau : 😍!!
remingtonavenue : Looks fantastic
kris_grantmyre : @thediymommy LOVE the colour of your front door!
ammcgarvey : LOVE your door! It is my dream colour.
chris_kauffman : So cohesive looks great
leanneland : Wow, it looks gorgeous! I love all the decorating you do - very beautiful!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Savouring the last days of summer on the porch. ❀ #ourdiyhouse #thehappynow #pursuepretty #abmathome #home
home - ourdiyhouse - thehappynow - abmathome - pursuepretty -
magnoliasandmocktails : This is gorgeous, I want my house to look like this 😍!!
marigold_mansion : What a lovely porch!
mirjlo : And one beautiful porch you've got!!! πŸŒ»πŸƒπŸ‚πŸ
passion4homedecor : Beautiful porch!❀️
citrineliving : Beautiful!!!
jbarbourphoto : So lovely!
brookedieda : Nice!
rmichaelcreations : Stunning!!!
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