Christina Dennis

Mom of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of #YEG. Believer. @taylorlinens brand rep.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
It's party time!! Come link up your #DIY, #craft or #HomeDecor project on for #motivationalmonday. I love to see everyone's creations! // Direct link in profile. #linkparty #linkyparty #DIYblogger
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
It's the little things: I had to buy new jeans today because my other ones are too big. It takes me FOREVER (read: years) to lose baby weight, but thanks to #nowhitesugarnowhiteflour & a supportive Facebook group with @carriewaggott (and probably my bout of bronchitis, ha!), I'm starting to feel really great already! // Necklace from @bellasboudoirjewelry, jeans from @winners. #winnersfabfind
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thediymommy : @heidi_therrien Thanks, sis! Yes, I looooove it too!
thediymommy : @carriewaggott Thanks, Carrie! Yes, I'm hoping I can get 100% better right away here so I can do a good job at workouts for the rest of the !month!
thediymommy : @justbellablog Thanks! I'm going to try to keep this up. :)
thediymommy : @nicolepylatiuk It is exciting! Thank you!
thediymommy : @thisismamaandco Yeayyy! Awesome!
thediymommy : @mymomandme Thanks!!
thediymommy : @finishingtouchdecorbyjenny Thank you! Its hard - especially when you love to bake!
thediymommy : @mcguiremummy Yes, it !makes a big difference for me! I still do eat syrup, honey and brown sugar though so it's not so bad. I love cookies too, so I make oatmeal cookies with whole wheat flour and all brown sugar!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
A morning walk to the bus stop with my girl, the start of the sunrise, and the faintest sliver of a moon. 😊 #countrylife #Alberta
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thediymommy : @houseofturquoise Thanks, Erin!
freshcrush : Ha ha.. guess im not the only on taking pictures of the sky this morning! So gorgeous today!
j_hobbs : I was just going to post a pic of our walk to the bus. 😊
thediymommy : @freshcrush Haha, I've seen several beautiful #yeg sky photos on here this morning! Both yours and @j_hobbs are gorgeous.
nicolepylatiuk : Lovely start to the day!
christinemcnaughton : Beautiful!
bethanythislittleestate : Just stunning!!
joyinourhome_ : Beautiful!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
To refresh my faux fur pillows after washing them, I sneak one of my daughter's doll brushes and give the pillows a good brushing! It sounds kind of crazy, but it totally works. Now they're ready for this year's Holiday snuggling! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #DIY #fireplace #iamsocozyrightnow
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sarahdawnw : You can just wash the sheepskins?!
hearthstonelogcabin : Great idea!
thediymommy : @sarahdawnw I do! In cold, then hang to dry.
thediymommy : @hearthstonelogcabin Thanks!
sarahdawnw : Oh my goodness. My 2 year olds has NEVER been washed and it's sssoooo matted. I'm so doing this.
vickipyle : I shampoo and brush somewhat regularly....the washing process is unfun....i sometimes dry shampoo them though with baking soda and a light spritz of water then brush the grit out.
adoringnerd : Thanks for sharing I'll have to try this:)
blogpodium : Smart!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
THIS side of the kitchen is clean-ish. Let's crop out the other side and resume cleaning after everyone (hopefully!) naps. πŸ‘ #ourdiyhouse #kitchen #vintageindustrial #EAT
vintageindustrial - ourdiyhouse - cropinsteadofclean - eat - kitchen -
emilyejd1 : Love the #EAT sign! Love your kitchen!
robinw0424 : I love it @14fingers
sunshine_slp : Cupboards to the roof! #swoon 😍
thediymommy : @vintagehomeok Thank you!! I love my #EAT sign. 😊
thediymommy : @creativecarmella Thank you! It's my newest favourite hashtag.
thediymommy : @emilyejd1 Thank you!!
thediymommy : @sunshine_slp I love them too! I need a tall stool to reach them, though. πŸ˜‰
naturalmommie : Ah those lights over your island 😍
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
So, I'm totally adducted to making downloadable art with letters, numbers and #vintage/industrial elements. I'm starting to think about adding some #Christmas art to my Etsy shop! What would you like to see? I'm thinking chalkboard signs with carol excerpts, art with maps or rustic illustrations, maybe even some printable garlands! #prairiepix #artwork
vintage - artwork - prairiepix - christmas -
jgolom : Oh, this is really pretty!
danaohphoto : This is so pretty and unique!
thediymommy : @taylorlinens @jgolom @danaohphoto Thank you so much! I printed ours out and hung it at the top of our kitchen command centre. πŸ‘
jaimiecollette : ohh I want that! so pretty!
audrajenn : Yes!! All off the above!!!!
marimacdesigns : @artfullyminded
naomib4 : Love this!! I think you should do Christmas carols !! That would be so cute!
nicolepylatiuk : I just ordered my "letter" last night Christina! Can't wait. I'd love to see some Christmas art too!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Tastes like Fall: my mom's turkey #soup with homemade whole wheat noodles. Mmmmmmm. #gastropost #instafood #whatsforlunch #realfood @gastropostyeg
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gastropostyeg : Thanks for tagging! We'd love for you to become a full-fledged member of Gastropost and maybe even see your photos in the Edmonton Journal. Shoot a quick email to if that sounds okay with you. Thanks!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Finally, officially posted about my egg muffin #recipe + my #hypothyroidism on the blog today! Happy, happy Friday! #instafood #realfood // Direct link in profile.
instafood - hypothyroidism - dslr - realfood - recipe - nikond3100 -
thediymommy : #dslr #nikond3100
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : These look amazing. Definitely will be checking out your blog!
confessionsofamadmommy : Oooh must try! Looks like something my daughter might actually eat! #pickyeaterproblems
fooodlicious : Have to check it out !
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Tagged by the incredible @funfiestas_byili to share #widn: I'm trying to rest as much as a mom of 3 littles can to beat this bronchitis. I'm enjoying my afternoon latte as they nap, and I have a deep urge to take up #knitting again this Fall just so I can #DIY a big squishy blanket with this new @knit_picks yarn! #drool #succulentphotobomb #COFFEE Care to share what you're up to @therusticorange, @the36thavenue and @thebusybudgetingmama?
coffee - knitting - diy - succulentphotobomb - drool - widn -
thediymommy : @nicolepylatiuk It's so rare and so nice! I'm thinking maybe crochet would be a more realistic (quicker) craft to take up again. 😁
thediymommy : @thebusybudgetingmama Ha! It's impossible to stop analyzing when you're a graphic designer. πŸ˜†
tamschro : Love my cozy yarns in winter! My favourite post-kiddo bedtime activity is crocheting. Want to learn to knit though!
sophiefair1 : Winter knitting is awesome :) (Well, all knitting is awesome, but winter is particularly cosy!) When I finish the sweaters on my needles right now, I think a big blanket might be a necessity for our first Alberta winter. What colour are you thinking about?
brandy85lee : Man oh man! Can't wait to get to the city. Need to get some yarn so I can start crocheting again!
christywellsphotography : I want that yarn too! The minute j got that flyer I started planning something cozy!
funfiestas_byili : Ooh I've always wanted to learn how to knit. Maybe ill give it a shot this winter. I hope a little rest does you good and get well soon. Thanks for playing! Ps. Awesome shot! At a quick glance i thought the succulent and latte were in the magazine too!
toaprettylife : I've been knitting like a madwoman lately. I did a big squishy blanket in the spring (but that was crochet...either way, it's worth it!) Now I'm attempting my first sweater-like object. With miles of stockinette. I hope you're feeling better soon!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
My, how they grow. #TBT πŸ’•
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nicolepylatiuk : Beauties!!
kerripopofprettyblog : Adorbs
askboyko : Cheeks :)
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