Christina Dennis

Mom of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of #YEG. Believer + deep feeler.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
I worked on sewing three pairs of little girl shorts today. πŸ’— My girls LOVE to match, so I'm going to milk that for all it's worth for as long as I can (which might not be very long). #sewing #DIY // #coachellashorts by @stripedswallowdesigns
coachellashorts - sewing - diy -
creativecolourfuldreams : My girls are 7 and 10 and still like to match, not all the time but they like to look the same
wicksnest : πŸ™ˆ why couldn't I have been a great mom like you! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ Wish I could sew!! 😘
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Dreary Saturdays are made for house puttering & baking cookies with the kids. πŸ’ž #ourdiyhouse
ourdiyhouse -
audrajenn : Sounds perfect!!!
carolynleanne : Sounds lovely :)
handcraftedbrunette : so dreamy!!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Happy Friday! Today on my blogging friends and I are sharing some fun #handmade Mother's Day gift ideas. My idea is this cute mini #fairygarden in a #vintage tin! Come see the others and my video tut. (Direct link in profile.)
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thediymommy : #mothersday #canadianbloggers #yegblogger #miniaturegarden #antique #DIY #diyblogger #gardening
salvagesista : It's adorable
autummsmom : @davek819 you & Autumm should make this for me! For my desk at work!
makingitinthemountains : Absolutely love this!!!
thediymommy : @makingitinthemountains @salvagesista Thank you! Have a great weekend!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
This pic is a reminder for me NOT TO GIVE UP on this flower bed in a couple of months from now when weeding will seem like torture! It's too much work to hand prep it for me to blow it later. This is the year I wanna make my gardening mom, grandma and great grandpa proud by starting to work our land! What are your favourite SUPER HARDY bushes and perennials? #garden #ourdiyhouse #canadiangardening
ourdiyhouse - garden - canadiangardening -
freshandvintageliving : Ah, I see we have totally opposite weather plant restrictions, lol..good luck, can't wait to see. I've found that blood meal is a great flower/plant fertilizer & keeps the wild animals from munching on my flowers :)
nikster1111 : We just started landscaping our acreage too and decided to go with a conifer and shrub garden with thick matting and mulch so I (hopefully) never have to weed!
thediymommy : @nikster1111 Sounds like my kind of landscaping! We will do something similar in this bed with a few perennial flowers thrown in. :)
thediymommy : @freshandvintageliving Thank you! I'll have to try that.
thediymommy : @erinheard Thanks, Erin! Is there a full sun version of a hosta?
thediymommy : @natthenaturalist Oh, thanks! I love alliums. I was even thinking of planting chives with the flowers!
thediymommy : @lauragracec Yummmm! Amazing! My mom has an Evans Cherry too.
thediymommy : @offig4ever Oooo! Just looked those up and they are pretty!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Took my new #handmade diaper bag for a spin out shopping with my girlies today, and realized the strap fits perfectly over my stroller handles! Whoop! #mommyvictory The tutorial for this #leather bag and a matching diaper clutch is on my blog today! (Direct link in profile.) #spon
creativemamas - leather - sewing - handmade - mommyvictory - diy - spon - sewingforbaby - sewingwithleather -
gillij : So cute & stylish
bananaramafofin : Gorgeous bag!!
sweets2him : @knitty34 cute handles
jkgiles : Love it!
thevintagehomestudio : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
nicole_tai : I πŸ’•it!! Beautiful!
kirstenbree07 : So what if I just want to order one?? Lol cause I'm a non DIY kinda gal. I end up with DIY bandaids 😲😲
makingitinthemountains : Just love it!!!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
One of my fave projects so far this year is on today! I'm sharing how to make a simple & slouchy #leather diaper bag and diaper clutch. (Direct link in profile.) Xoxo Thanks for encouraging me to sew with leather, @leatherhidestore! I'm so thrilled with my new #DIY bag!! #sewingwithleather #spon
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jennrossotti : I am all over this.
makingitinthemountains : Loooove it!
egypthippie : Cute bag
naturalpixelsphotography : Love! Might have to save this one for when I have a little more seeing experience
leatherhidestore : WOWZA! This is awesomeness!
singwithspirit : Great job! Wanna see a pic of the interior!!!
nicole.arrington : @jarrington00 - this!!! Love this! (Not as a diaper bag of course)
areallthegreatnamestaken : @thediymommy I think you are such a beautiful and creative lady! I'm very glad I found you on IG :)
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Babies + eye-squintingly sunny days make me so, so happy!! πŸ’ž #dennisbaby3
dennisbaby3 -
allkindsoflovelyblog : Sweetness! ❀️
audrajenn : That face!!!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
makingitinthemountains : Cuuuute! SUCH a gorgeous day today!
kastlescamponi : Hehe her little teeth
recoverywithjake : So cute! She looks a lot like our daughter @comingtogrips
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
My mom and I made this today while the girls were happy digging around in the dirt! πŸŒΈπŸžπŸ„ #fairygarden
fairygarden -
lkayfish : Seriously so cute
ashleyrosep : This is adorable.
mindy_deltoro : @baisey
melaniemarkiwsky : Completely adorable!
thesethreegirlsofmine : Super cute!! How did you cut the pot?
thediymommy : @thesethreegirlsofmine @mackomant Thanks! I got Hubby to cut it with his grinder + tile blade.
thediymommy : @melaniemarkiwsky @ashleyrosep @lkayfish @grayowlcottage @audrajenn @3leafwellness @makingitinthemountains @justinemadesign Thank you!! This was sooooooo fun. I could make miniature stuff all day!
thediymommy : @nelijn @elleceedesign @shabbyfufu @__justjen__ @nestingdollathome @coverboo @jennrossotti @kristacanary @Nicole_tai @dukesandduchesses Thanks so much! The girls can't wait to play with this, and they're so addictive to make!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Asked by @shabbyhiggins to share what I'm doing now: I just finished hemming the first pair of flares I've bought in 15ish years (it's officially The Summer of Hippie here now), and my 3 year old and I are watering our flowers. It's a gorgeous day!! #widn
widn -
shabbyhiggins : @thediymommy thanks for playing! It's great weather in #yeg!
audrajenn : So cute!! Love flared jeans!!
timewashed : I love flares!!!
thediymommy : @audrajenn @timewashed Me too!!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Come on over to my #kitchen for a virtual coffee! Today I'm sharing our first #video tour of our #DIY kitchen on! β˜• #ourdiyhouse
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beetlebug702 : Gorgeous! I need the stools and the curtains
beetlebug702 : @thediymommy do you remember what that fabric is called?
jgolom : I like the touch of green in there!
nelijn : Just beautiful!
offig4ever : @chrymon your thoughts?
chrymon : Love! @offig4ever
kkgrnwd : Moving into our new house in June and can't wait to incorporate some of that lovely turquoise colour!
suburble : I loooove your marble backsplash! Swoon!
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