Christina Dennis

Mom of 3 girls, designer, crafter & country dweller. Blogging from a house we built on the prairie west of #YEG. Believer. @taylorlinens brand rep.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Which one do you like better? You can find both versions as one download in my Print & Design Shop tab on #prairiepix #graphicdesign #joytotheworld #map #artwork #vintageinspired #Christmas
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audrajenn : The one on the left. The colourful one.
misszenlove : Left
scrapmebaby : I like them both but the color version is going to be perfect in my living room! Thanks :)
magzd : Love the colour!! It will look lovely above my piano ;)
kerripopofprettyblog : Love them both!
therusticorange : I'm a fan of maps and gold sooooo I choose left!! But they are both beautiful!!!
jenniesewcrafty : Left
lifewithpie : The left. Because I love the blues of maps.
mrs_ott_ - therusticorange - jenniesewcrafty - liberty1110 -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
I couldn't resist this sweet outfit for Baby B. The poor darling wears mostly hand-me-downs and I'm discovering holes in all of the toes! Life as the third baby girl, hey? #dennisbaby3 #whatdoesthefoxsay
whatdoesthefoxsay - dennisbaby3 -
thediymommy : @hearthstonelogcabin Exactly!
thediymommy : @kristinbpics I love it too!
thediymommy : @leahmarieseidl Costco. Can you tell I was excited to go there?!
leahmarieseidl : @thediymommy - love it!!!!
thediymommy : @leahmarieseidl I couldn't say No for $9! πŸ‘
leahmarieseidl : They're practically paying you to get it! ;) @thediymommy
thediymommy : @leahmarieseidl Well, YEAH!
4chickys : So cute! Yes those #3 daughters need something new and pretty once in a while too~especially at such a great $!🐺
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Happy Friday! These crafty ladies are just so talented - I can't get enough. You should follow: @peabodyandsassafras, @twoshadesofpink, @justaddsunshineinc and @olivewooddesigns! #ff #FollowFriday #diy #crafts #HomeDecor
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olivewooddesigns : Thanks darling ❀️
brandy85lee : Woah! Bottom right! πŸ‘Œ Love it
twoshadesofpink : You are amazing and wonderful! Completely inspired by your style! Thanks girl!! xoxo
thediymommy : @peabodyandsassafras you're so welcome!
thediymommy : @dapperdarlingscanada yeayyyy!
thediymommy : @olivewooddesigns My pleasure!
thediymommy : @brandy85lee I know, hey?! So beautiful!
thediymommy : @twoshadesofpink Thank you sooooo much! πŸ’•
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
Sharing my quick coffee table makeover with Chalk Paint on today! I loved the paint, but I loved the wax and special brushes even more. #ascp #diy #thediymommydecorates #dslr #HomeDecor #frenchlinen
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halloween_creeps : I have to learn how to do this!!
cocktaildeeva : LUV it
bethanythislittleestate : Love it girl!
chachack2 : Gorgeous
thediymommy : @pamdoe I just did the baskets and the knobs - the rest was already ivory so I left it. Thank you!
thediymommy : @dragonflydreamer1 @cocktaildeeva @bethanythislittleestate @chachack2 Thank you so much! It feels so good to have the table match our room better now!
thediymommy : @toaprettylife The soft wax is sooooo nice. I would splurge on it!
bellasboudoirjewelry : Yay for gray! πŸ˜‰
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
PSA: Costco (#YEG west end) has these giant, fluffy real sheepie rugs for $35! Can't have too many of those draped everywhere in the Fall. 😊 #HomeDecor
homedecor - yeg -
toaprettylife : Ooh, I just might have to detour to Costco tomorrow! I want to buy half a dozen! For no particular reason of course.
orderly_design : Costco??!? I must check it out!
thediymommy : @orderly_design Yes! Our Canadian Costco has them.
thediymommy : @toaprettylife Do it!! There's brown and tan ones too, but I loved this one the best.
welshhillmarket : I got one just like that @ikeausa - they are $29 there
toaprettylife : I restrained myself and only got two white ones ;-) Thanks for the heads up!
thediymommy : @welshhillmarket Nice! The ones at our IKEA (Edmonton, Canada) are $39 and smaller.
thediymommy : @toaprettylife Yeayyy! I wish I would have bought two.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
#TBT to my Christmas #mantel from last year. Don't hate me, but I'm already scheming this year's decor! When do you decorate for #Christmas? I'm starting the day after Remembrance Day. πŸŽ„ πŸ™Œ #HomeDecor
homedecor - thediymommydecorates - mantel - tbt - christmas -
clhalldor : Another December 1st decorator here...#toosoonforchristmastalk
sweetmadys : The weekend after Thanksgiving for us!
thechippernest : One month before. So Nov 24.
ecaxox : Where is that mirror from?
findamanda : We aim for the first weekend of December
megan_splendiddesign : Thanksgiving weekend all the Christmas decorations come out!
thediymommy : @ecaxox I found it at @loweshomeimprovement !
thediymommy : #thediymommydecorates
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
There's a huge burden on my heart today to pray for our nation. Whispering prayers of peace for Canada & Ottawa as I go about my day - I believe in God's sovereignty and His Peace that passes all understanding.
prayersforottawa - prayersforcanada -
thediymommy : #prayersforcanada #prayersforottawa
mskay_t : Amen!!
hellolittlescout : β™‘ where is that crate from?!
confessionsofamadmommy : πŸ™
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : Love that, need to do the same for USA!
rachellyn21 : Yes!
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : Just saw news story on what's going on in Canada and the shooting. I'm so sorry and praying for peace as well!
babaallen - thisismamaandco - cmgeiger - southgatecentre -
thediymommy - Christina Dennis
"God, keep our land glorious and free. Oh, Canada - we stand on guard for Thee." #prayersforOttawa #prayersforCanada #ottawa
prayersforottawa - ottawa - prayersforcanada -
sueannallen75 : Praying for your country.
thediymommy : @rose_coloured_lense πŸ’•πŸ
thediymommy : @sarahdawnw Such a scary day.
thediymommy : @sueannallen75 Thank you!
dwellbeautiful : Praying!
mikag4 : Doesn't seem like it's real... Things like this don't happen in Canada! My husband is a member of the RCMP and his shakes me up.. Ugh 😞
audrajenn : Couldn't believe it when I heard. So sad.
grammajeannie : So so sorry for friends in Canada!
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
A very quick kidless antiqueing stop while C is in dance class and the others are at home with Hubby. I looooove this place! #onemanstreasure #stonyplain
stonyplain - onemanstreasure -
thediymommy : @orgjunkie It's amazing!!
thediymommy : @magzd And always so many new things all the time! Addicting.
sara_ashton85 : Stony isn't too far from me, might have to make a trip! 😍
jennilee383 : I looked back in your feed and saw a tag for "249.." And I hoped it was just angles and it actually read 24.95. 😜 wishful thinking... πŸ˜‚
pamdoe : @reubin you up for a road trip? They can be my Christmas present ;)
pamdoe : @jody31 fellow MBan here too!
reubin : Whats that now? Lol @pamdoe what am I going to buy?
toaprettylife : I plan to spend a day antiquing in SP one day. I've never been, but you seem to have some awesome shops out that way.
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thediymommy - Christina Dennis
She's not crawling yet, but she sure can kick and roll her way across the living room. Baby proofing time! #dennisbaby3 #7months
7months - dennisbaby3 -
selene_restorationbeauty : She's adorable!
the_mitchellsxo : I'm in the same boat! My son is 7 months as well! Busy time! She's adorable!
thediymommy : @selene_restorationbeauty Thank you! I happen to agree. :)
thediymommy : @the_mitchellsxo It IS busy!! Fun for sure though. :)
hearthstonelogcabin : Awww. So cute!
thediymommy : @hearthstonelogcabin Thank you. I agree! 😊
hearthstonelogcabin - cathleenann2 - corianninsc - cmgeiger -
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