The Design Files is Australia's most popular design blog - TODAY - a brand new furniture range from Melbourne brand Hunting for George.
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
I ❤️️ MELBOURNE! And here's just another reason why. Re-posted from @cottageindustrystore in Fitzroy, who has uncovered the mystery of Melbourne's enigmatic Carrot man! - "The carrot man story, from the carrot's mouth... It all started with a 50 cent giant turnip from an op shop in Brunswick, carrotman noticed how people smiled as he walked around with it so he started to experiment with other giant things, a squid, a fish, a carrot, it was the carrot that brought out the smiles. He said if the squid had worked as well as the carrot eventually did, he would be known as 'Squid Man' rather than 'Carrot Man'. The carrot makes people happy, from 3 year olds up to 80 year olds. He feels that everyone likes the carrot. He has a collection of carrots for different occasions, there is a slightly battered one that he takes to circuit gay bar, it's a bit tatty and tends to go home a bit worse for wear, they are regularly patched and repaired" !! 😂 Thankyou Pene! Instagram GOLD. And Thankyou Carrotman!!! We salute you!! 🙌 (nothing is more devastating to me right now than realising there is no carrot emoji)
almondbizz : @ick.terry
casualsakks : @amybarnacle @barniedidit mystery solved
henriettacook : Thank-you for solving one of life's great mysteries!
roguerouge : Best Instapost yet!
beulabelle : Please tell me there are green peas to go with
jiggaroo : @elikat
amybarnacle : @casualsakks this is so great!! We need him in denver!
anabelliola : @thingswotihavemade Or a carrot lady. Could this be your calling on your return?!
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today we introduce a brand new furniture range from Melbourne Bedlinen brand and online store @huntingforgeorge - the industrious sisters behind this local business have designed a range including queen and single beds, bedsides and benches, all manufactured locally! 👍 Shots by @evegwilson styled by @simonehaag . Link to full story in profile 👆
liselaw27 : @simonehaag @evegwilson Do you know the paint colour? I'm in love!
ferroustek : Great stuff @huntingforgeorge love your work
huntingforgeorge : Hi @liselaw27 the wall colour is Juneau and Barely There from @haymespaint 👌
nathalieandree : Saw this & thought of you @tails_89
tails_89 : That's the one! @nathalieandree you nailed it!
liselaw27 : @huntingforgeorge thanks its amazing!
brismod : @nat__duncan I like it! xx
nathalieandree : Excellent 😉 When you're ready to go shopping for the home you know who to call! @tails_89
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Proud as punch to announce my new gig as fortnightly contributor to @sundaystyle magazine 🙊 !! A dream goal come true ! Every second week i'll contribute a double page spread, Reaching a staggering audience of nearly 1.2 million in Melb and Sydney! First up we revisit the beautiful Melbourne home of @madeleine_stamer , with stunning shots by @seanfennessy (including one that you didn't see online) and a brand new story written by me. It's so nice to see our work IN PRINT once in a while..! 📰👌thanks Sunday Style for having me!
kbradley272 : @sarahjstephenson
carbonemastertailorsmelbourne : Congratulations Lucy, how exciting! ♡
sjh_portraits : Read this today- love it - will done!
sjh_portraits : Oops well done!
bbppdesigns : Wow!!! That's GREAT!
alanaambados : @connie233313
sakarabranson : @dean__brown
lineshapecolour : just saw this - congrats! very, very exciting! x
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today we are PUMPED because local legendary writer and editorial director of @thegoodcopy Penny Modra (@pennymodra) is our 'Monthly Musing' contributor! Penny draws a parallel between everyday life in ancient Pompeii and the modern day fear of having your messy kitchen tagged in an unapproved Instagram photo. The anxiety is real! Illustration by @oslodavis and link to full story in profile ☝️
scarletjonesmelbourne : Haha! Great cartoon! @thatgirlcaroline07 and I were discussing this the other day and thinking of having a behind the scenes tag :) @thedesignfiles
wilstongardener : How wonderful!!
yorkelee_prints : Wow that's awesome! 👆🙌
saturdaysequalyouth : @alastairemmett
wyattart : Love this....👏👏👏
galleryscoop : Wow, and we used to worry about unexpected visitors dropping by. Love it #statusanxiety #instaangst
chloe_eloise : So cute, I love this!
elizahart : @pennyandreiby
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Special belated thanks to @fetepress for the incredible (14 page?!) feature in their latest beautiful issue! WOAH! Huge thanks to Annabelle and Jane for such generous coverage ! We chatted about the start of TDF, blog mentors I look up to, my awesome team, a typical day at TDF HQ, work / life balance (or lack thereof!) and other business-boss-lady type ramblings. You can pick up a copy of this ace indie mag at good newsagents in Melb, Sydney, Adelaide now! (It's also available online go to ) 👌
carbonemastertailorsmelbourne : Awesome♡♡
teresaa66 : @esandral xxx
grazia_materia : Well @thedesignfiles you are a wonderful example of what can happen when you work hard and believe in what you do and surround yourself with people that you always mention and clearly appreciate . Nice Lucy .
theprojectagency : So proud of this piece. #tpaclientproject #tpaclientpress
joysparkes : I decided to do 4 hours of music production instead of the socialising because of this Lucy. Thanks for the inspo. J
fetepress : We loved having you involved @thedesignfiles If anyone needs help locating copy at their local newsagent please email us at info we would be more than happy to hook you up with a list of local stockists. X
thedesignfiles : @theprojectagency doh sorry lady should have tagged you, apologies! X
jacqui_stewart_designs : Fantastic!
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
SO EXCITED today to share the third instalment in our ‘Melbourne Mornings’ video series, featuring local artist @kirrajamison ! Kirra's morning routine is calm, but surprisingly disciplined, to prepare her for a day in the studio. Video by the amazing @_sirap_ with amazing track 'Ninja' by @banoffeemusic. This episode of Melbourne Mornings is presented by @bankofmelb. Link to full video in profile ☝️
thehelloworkshop : I agree! These vids are my favourite! Just when I thought The Design Files couldn't get any better! @thedesignfiles 👏
bill_ay : @bdesign.eventstyling
theloosestcannon : beautiful apartment, yoga every morning AND phone off for the whole day - sounds pretty perfect to me! thanks @thedesignfiles - what a bewdy
natashacordasic : Awwww thanks @pipkorn_kilpatrick this is like a breath of fresh air!!!! Feels like home @kirrajamison
wesfabb : @bronsk1 this is the approach I discussed today with Slade. Setting up my week and days so things can flow.
fahretaa : I really hope these little films will continue 😊👍
melissamladinlowgren : This is so good @thedesignfiles such clever ladies inspiring us with this. Thank you x
lizlpayne : This was crazy amounts of amazing!!! Loved it ❤️
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today on the blog we have the wonderful family home of Vanessa Holle (aka @vbean), her husband Christian and their three sons. Located in Bondi their home is wonderfully textured featuring many of @vbean's handcrafted pieces. Full story by @amber_creswell_bell with photos by @evegwilson - link in profile ☝️
theunfinishedartists : My day., what u think @ceals77 ???
bonnafide : Hahaha!! I was going to tag you @stacmack
minka_b : @nelsiedog
laurajanewilliamss : @katsheridan omg! You're new balcony
spenceandlyda : Loving the Missoni cushions in that setting.
ohsiesta : Love the design files! So much constant inspiration! 🙌 @thedesignfiles
thedesignfiles : Oh Thankyou so much @ohsiesta for your kind words! 😘
kirbzilla : @daniellaa21
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
It's nearly dinner time and we have you sorted with today's Tasty Tuesday recipe by Michael of @phamilykitchen - a delicious vegetarian pho packed with lots of spices and flavour. Could eat this right about now with Melbourne's rainy weather! 📷 by @seanfennessy with link to recipe in bio ☝️
alaalinjawi : @ahlphoto
lexispov : On it! Thanks @ridleyp
alexscave : @storkbot
shhh_chenoa : @ashleyhannah 😍
someone_called_kate : So good! Let's go @katerunciman. Tried the bang xeo last week. Yum!
anoula_le : @dougybaxter ohhh delish
alexcap : @penelopesoul
penelopesoul : @alexcap I miss tasty Tuesday's!
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
'Owning It‘ is a brand new book written by Melbourne lawyer Sharon Givoni, especially for local creatives. Sharon has advised many businesses and individuals on intellectual property, copyright, trade mark and designs law, contracts and more. Together with @creativemindshq 'Owning It' has been published, a dense 450-page book with the essential know-how to protect your business! Link to full story in bio ☝️
thetravels_ : pass on to jono @katyaheise
catherinegrace__ : Thanks @rebeccajansma - so lovely of you to mention the #createorcredit initiative. Tess has included some of my comments in the book which is very exciting! xxC
lucindaflorence : @kirillybelle 😉👍
xoxomatzi : @jackngenny we need to get this book
astevie : @miss_artsnoob 😘
alexlittlewing : @xxkaterina would be a good thing to own
annie_lovisa : @karina__wilson
jaivasicek : @pony_rider
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
'Yo! Yo! Yo!' Is not a catchphrase many can get away with but 24-year-old filmmaker Paris Thomson of @_sirap_ can! Today as part of her New Kids on the Blog column @lisamariecorso introduces us to Paris. We met Paris quite fortuitously last year and have been working with her to produce our recent TDF films since, energetic and hardworking - this girl speaks our language. 📷 by @evegwilson and link to story in profile ☝️
isobelcampbell : yeah lady love @_sirap_
belandkal : Great films 👍👏👏
amandafordycephoto : 🌹 @_sirap_
thejeanbag : Massive thank you @thedesignfiles for engaging @_sirap_ in the amazing work you do and bringing us this fab interview with Paris! ✨
ottoandspike : 💃
thehelloworkshop : I've been loving the TDF films. Congrats on your success Paris @_sirap_ 👏
mattiahunter : @_sirap_ such a talent x
amycarrick18 : @kateylou12 positions vacant?
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