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thedesignfiles - Lucy
#somuchnerve πŸ‘Š
somuchnerve -
thestylepressco : @clairemaws xx
lulukingart : Truth πŸ™Œ
pugspacenine : @vputneyt
annieeveringham : πŸ‰
hannah_harwood : @gracey_h
vonschlapp : @bokee101
erinkeary : @jessiekeary
tina_pirnat : @_kumomi maruska tole je za naju, za stanovanja! Haha πŸ’ž
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
We just installed this cute little in store display at Bank of Melbourne's Smith at (Fitzroy branch) to celebrate their partnership with us for #TDFopenhouse ! (On in Melbourne NEXT WEEK!). Pop in to the branch this week to grab an advance copy of our event newspaper...! ALSO, from now until December 10th, you have the chance to WIN the items included here - the gorgeous Camper armchair and Kiyo side-table from @JardanFurniture, an original framed artwork by @EmmaLipscombe_ and Holiday Cushion by @BonnieandNeil - total value almost $5k!! All you have to do is FOLLOW @BankofMelb on Instagram to be in the running... Too easy!! Competition terms at
tdfopenhouse -
allsaintsestate : Looks fab Lucy!
belyndahenryart : That is brilliant .. Get it .. open house..
wfeagins : Smith Street - that's my branch! Only problem it takes me 26 hours to get there..
treishka : @amygoeswest
saurabhdakshini : @chanakyakaran
carleybrady : That armchair @shayeford 😍
fleaingfrance : 😍
jojomawhinney : It really is a shame that Jardan receive as much press as they do on this chair when it is a copy of the Easy chair by Established and Sons.
sydneyrotthaus - dizzydiver - absentvividmind - itsellx_ -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today we introduce a particularly special home - this beautiful 1960's suburban gem belongs to our Sydney contributor @amber_creswell_bell and her family. Surrounded by amazing trees in the leafiest street in Sydney's Turrumurra, it's not exactly a 'tree change' but close enough ! Amber and Andy were both previously very 'inner city' folk, but say moving here with their two young kids was the best decision they've made! Full story on TDF today, with pics by @evegwilson 🌿
theadventuresofoakes : Me too! @mcontraire
meredithgaston : What a beautiful home and story @amber_creswell_bell @thedesignfiles πŸ’—
bless.the.mess : The chairs... 😍😍😍
amber_creswell_bell : Thank you!! @meredithgaston πŸ˜‰
lavanden : @dawnvndnhk
mykeherman : @reneehodson this is good.
warriorheart : @amyargentoembick me too
mariliabeniciodesigner : Beautiful
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Thankyou Lucy McCabe and Tanya Buchanan at @bellemagazineau for supporting #TDFopenhouse , and to @theprojectagency for getting the word out! So grateful for this mention in the December issue of Belle (out now!). 😘
tdfopenhouse -
patriceango : @miggshenn
tamsinstable : Wonderful, hoping I can get down to see it! xx
susanedwards2 : Are you holding a TDF open house in Sydney again ??
wfeagins : Belle - wow!
quraine : @suerrealis pls check it out and send pics πŸ˜†
patriceango : @ludlow6
hijenbooth : BEST PORTRAIT!!
barbarakitallides : β€οΈπŸ‘
barbarakitallides - rosemarysarr_stylist - hijenbooth - -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Flashback to the start of our partnership with @robertgordonaustralia - this plate, made by @kateygordon over 6 months ago (!!) was the starting point for our #thesereneseries tableware collaboration for #TDFopenhouse ! After many subsequent meetings, emails , phonecalls and endless experimentation, the full range of plates and vases was developed. Exquisite !!! πŸ‘Œ
tdfopenhouse - thesereneseries -
whitepepper : Love this
thedesignfiles : @lachycooper @mirandaskoczek Thankyou guys!! X
nina_provan : Ummm ON the Christmas list @thedesignfiles !! #dearsanta
katia_ksr : β™‘ @darcystef ;)
robertgordonaustralia : Thanks so much @mirandaskoczek so pleased you like them
darcystef : 😍 @katia_ksr
robertgordonaustralia : @mandy.newsome
topazturtle : Love the blues
barbarakitallides - little_weavings - victoriaward91 - candicepsilver -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
So so excited to announce a very special collab I've been keeping under my hat !! This beautiful range of vases and plates is The Serene Series, an exclusive collaboration with @robertgordonaustralia , especially for #TDFopenhouse !! I worked closely with amazing @kateygordon and her team to come up with the look and feel of this range (although they did all the hard work - mould making, endlessly experimenting with various glazing methods and producing the finished designs!). I am THRILLED with the results, and hope you all love them as much as we do! many more beautiful pics of the collaboration process by @seanfennessy up on TDF today. πŸ‘Œ#thesereneseries
tdfopenhouse - thesereneseries -
edithleigh : @savagesofkatie
mettasetiandi : @rebeccabillina lets just take a course! 😱
pennynewcombe : Very gorgeous indeed! @michellensteve
rubypilven_ceramics : Stunning πŸ™Œ
savagesofkatie : @edithleigh beauts
oliviacatterall : Hahaha, I thought you got a job with Robert Gorden @millydent ! Will look forward to your story on TDF 😘😘😘
robertgordonaustralia : @mandy.newsome
supremebonton : 😍
mandy.newsome - lizad - yanarisoff - veronicaatn -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Announcing an EXTRA special collab tomorrow...!!! ☺️ @kateygordon @theplateman @robertgordonaustralia πŸ™Œ
wholeheartedstudio : So excited!!!!!
coadg : Exciting!!!
theboroughs3057 : @tashleporis - this is the brand
wfeagins : And of course @thedesignfiles ceramic is the longest surviving evidence of Civilisation
planettoorak : Congrats!
theplateman : Thank you @thedesignfiles ! Just had a look at the photos, they are amazing! Hope we can keep up in production! x
thedesignfiles : @theplateman yeah I'm thinking the same thing now... Might have to discuss taking back orders !!! Xxxxx
pjmattan : Nice! @thedesignfiles
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Your best mates are the ones who give up their Sunday to help install an integrated fridge and freezer unit at #TDFopenhouse πŸ‘ thanks @jonagunn ! This epic fridge and all appliances in our kitchen are by @siemens , floorboards by @royaloakfloors πŸ‘Œ
tdfopenhouse -
anh2d2 : Thanks @thedesignfiles yes I've been through about 10 sample pots! But I think mirage blue (the last pot i have bought after seeing your bedroom post) is the one! It looks gorgeous but more toward the lighter side as we are basked in natural light. Still bold and beautiful :)
bbiitter : @blllle πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
thedesignfiles : @anh2d2 great to hear! Pop along to our event if you're in Melbourne to see this colour in person! it's on Dec 4th - 7th x
projectstirling : @stirlingfamily
beachmatt : @rana_kfoury
rana_kfoury : You little beauty, thanks @beachmatt πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
beachmatt : πŸ‘ @rana_kfoury anything I see like this il tag you in x
rana_kfoury : Sounds good πŸ‘ @beachmatt x
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Each year we are overwhelmed with so much lovely support in the media for #TDFopenhouse ! one of our biggest supporters each year has been @leetranlam and the team at @insideoutmag - Thankyou guys for including us in your December issue, so grateful for your wonderful support once again! (This beautiful shot is my absolute fave from all our publicity pics! - our beautiful moody master bedroom featuring @duluxaus 'Mirage Blue' walls, @royaloakfloors French Grey herringbone floorboards, furniture by @jardanaustralia and circle shelf from @brideandwolf πŸ‘Œ) photo by @evegwilson x
tdfopenhouse -
tribalmodern : Gorgeous, love those moody blue/grey hues
victoria_lw : Love that wall colour
buntingbydesign : @brideandwolfe yay for you! xx
thedesignfiles : Oh sorry @brideandwolfe !
leetranlam : Whoa, thank you for the incredibly lovely shout-out! It's such a huge pleasure to get behind your great projects, Lucy! The way you always set higher limits for yourself - and then totally smash through them is a total inspiration! Can't believe you're basically building a place from scratch this year; wish I could teleport to Melbourne to see it in person, but will have to live vicariously through all the amazing Instagrams. Lots of luck and can't wait to see all the great results as they appear on my feed (filtered or not)!
leetranlam : Thank you, @theprojectagency - always amazing to work with and always too kind!
sanaholt : @thuthutran
luceoconnor : @unearthedgarden your shelves?
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
40 mins til Friday night beers arrive for our construction team at #TDFopenhouse ... Come on boys , nearly there! Here is @severnsmith teaching @patrick.dunn a thing or two about paving πŸ‘ Thankyou @ecooutdoor for the beautiful Arbon stone pavers, and @theplanthunter for advice and ideas for the landscaping in our internal courtyard 🌿
tdfopenhouse -
identity_with_held : Yeah it would be an undertaking wouldn't it. So last years place did you re tile there house etc or leave as is. I never thought you actually did build work - go you!
twinkleintheeye : He looks like he's about to karate kick his arse.
hannahlouisasheil : A couple of sexy gentleman @patrick.dunn and @severnsmith
heathsoldwares : Nice bit of eye candy for the ladies!!! Thanks @thedesignfiles hahaha!!!
christian_lucy : @severnsmith #airguitar
belindam : Thanks for the sneak peek, Lucy! πŸ‘€πŸ‘Œ
torienimm : On ya Huw
hellorainbows : So exciting! @thedesignfiles πŸŒŸπŸ™ŒπŸ’š
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