The Design Files is Australia's most popular design blog. TODAY - our first TDF Collect exhibition for the year, with Melbourne artist Fred Fowler.
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Well it’s been far too long but FINALLY today we are pleased to announce we are hosting another TDF Collect exhibition very soon, with Melbourne artist @fredfowler ! ‘Another Day in Oceania’ is the name of Fred’s upcoming exhibition, which opens next Thursday March 12th at our little gallery space in Brunswick! More details on TDF today, with pics by @evegwilson . Link in profile! πŸ‘†
melaniebajakian : ❀️😍❀️
thefurniture : @themagaziners
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Sacre bleu!!!! It's #TDFINPARIS at @rooftopcinema !! Yay thanks to all the gorgeous friends and readers who are here in stripes!! And Thankyou @lescrepesdemarion for the crepes! And @nookvintage for the vintage French flags πŸ‡«πŸ‡· and @lisamariecorso and @natturnbull for organising everything! ❀️️Funtimes!! ❀️️
tdfinparis -
littlebirdbigchip : Too cute!
barbarakitallides : 😒 how did I miss this.
paperform : Quand même πŸŒπŸ‡«πŸ‡·
phamstapham : It's been a year since cake night? OMG!
virginiemanivet : πŸ™‹ I'm arriving in Sydney Soon. So happy!
mi_j_a : :)))
wildwooddesigns : Have fun
wfeagins : J'adore la France toute simplement
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
What not to do when furnishing a new home - witty words of wisdom from Zoe Foster Blake aka @zotheysay on TDF today!! BEWARE the floor stock clearance section, people. πŸ˜‚ link in profile x
jasmine_mansbridge : One of my fav chicks ever.. @thedesignfiles !
katherineromig : @ellybellyjelly oh my god, I had a dream last night she told me she was pregnant again and then we took a selfie and sent it to you and your were mad jeal, but also excited for Sonny 2.0 haha
blossomtreelove : She is so witty! And that quote totally rings true!
alexandragormly : Oh god @rozgormly hope this isnt us!
lizzympayne : @kaytep03 I see why you like this chick....
kaytep03 : @lizzympayne I knew you would appreciate her
meals84 : I totally will! @beckyj_11
michelleacramer : @ctholden
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
It's the last Friday in Feb which means it's 'Monthly Musing' time! Today we’re thrilled to welcome best selling author and columnist Zoe Foster Blake aka @zotheysay to TDF! Zoe shares with us a few hilarious lessons she has learned from experience, about being PATIENT when it comes to home decoration! The story is Accompanied by sweet illustration by the amazing Grace Lee @midnightgracie πŸ‘Œsuch clever ladies - Thankyou both for joining us! Link in profile πŸ‘†
neonpoodle : Love Zoe! πŸ‘
ajokovich : Go Gracie! @midnightgracie x
samdraws : Love it and esp the illos! πŸ’•πŸ‘
michelle_thegaleriefitzroy : Excellent combo @thedesignfiles x
midnightgracie : Loved this story and this project. Thank you so much Lucy and Lisa! And to your awesome readers @megeowyn @michelle_thegaleriefitzroy @samdraws @laurenloubate @ajokovich πŸŽ€πŸ’πŸ˜
zotheysay : @thedesignfiles Patience is a virtue guys. (I just made that up.)
petegoodlet : Fabulous article. I loved it @zotheysay !!
samdraws : Right back at atcha! πŸ’•
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Just prepping our props for the fantastique night we have planned at @rooftopcinema this Sunday!!! Special Thanks to @nookvintage for lending us their sweet frenchy bunting for our photo booth! And to @natturnbull for amazing beret sourcing / moustache making skillz. Our double pass winners have already been announced but you can buy tickets ($22) at to watch 'Midnight in Paris' with us under the stars and sample salted caramel crepes from @lescrepesdemarion and drink French Martinis from @rooftopbar etc etc etc ! πŸ‘Œβ€οΈοΈπŸ‡«πŸ‡· ooh la la! C'est magnifique! #TDFINPARIS
tdfinparis -
alexislouisewilson : @marinezinsta
hannahschambers : @katovegas I would so have loved this but we're on a jet plane coming home as it kicks off 😩 Next time!! xx
drea_peters : @karaleehall πŸ‡«πŸ‡·
marinezinsta : @alexislouisewilson #SacreBleu
marzigold : Rêvant de retourner á paris! @bbppdesigns πŸ’™♥️
bbppdesigns : Moi aussi @marzigold
misshayleybells : @closeyoureyesopenyourmind what you doing Sunday??
closeyoureyesopenyourmind : Surfing with you ;-) @misshayleybells
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
PUMPED to share the second instalment of our #melbournemornings video series today! This time we follow legendary local foodie Raph Rashid of @beatboxkitchen , @alldaydonuts and @tacotruckmelb on a typical morning. Thanks to Raph, @beciorpin and the kids for letting us in their house with cameras at 7.00am πŸŽ₯ !! and to local band @milwaukeebanks for the ace track 🎢 And of course the biggest high five πŸ™Œ to our girl Paris Thomson aka @_sirap_ for another fab collab! Please check it out on TDF today, link in profile! πŸ‘†
melbournemornings -
beciorpin : It turned out so great guys! @_sirap_ you are genius! @thedesignfiles you too of course x
brodiegeemitchell : Thanks @onefortherose I'll check it out and show trent @anejopopups
_sirap_ : Thanks legends! Big ups for letting us share your breakfast table for the morning! @beciorpin @raphboogie @thedesignfiles
nataliadowse : @mammamiamacleod @zuzanahajachova
veggie_mama : I watched this today and immediately took the kids for donuts ✌️
bonnafide : @stacmack
lb_private : Oh my gosh so cool! Going to check tonight.
lilli_pilli : @hayden_whitelaw taco truck!
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today on TDF, the Balaclava apartment of artists Meredith Turnbull @therealmrtu and Ross Coulter @countercoulter and their baby daughter Roma. This amazingly large 4 bedroom apartment has been updated with restraint, decorated with a respectful nod to its ’60s roots, and filled with artwork by Meredith, Ross and their creative friends, pics by @seanfennessy , link in profile πŸ‘†
jumbledupgibberish : @senorumbrella así!!
fuechsleinundco : Very beautifulπŸ’•πŸ’Ÿ
hannahmajtara : @laurajanewilliamss hehe xx
memeoceangirl : Gorgeous and simple, loving the picture shelf.
designhorde : Loved this home on TDF today!
thedesignfiles : @designhorde Thankyou!
designhorde : @thedesignfiles are you coming to Perth again soon?
demolitionwarehouse_au : What a lovely mix of beautiful things
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
I don't know about you but I'm hitting afternoon slump time... Lucky we have a brand new TASTY TUESDAY to share! Today is my final salad in this series - a super simple roast cauliflower and chickpea salad with tahini dressing and sumac. So filling and so tasty! Pics by @evegwilson , styling by me with assistance from @natturnbull , recipe is live on TDF now, link in profile πŸ‘†.
thedesignfiles : @fisher1960 wow quick off the mark!! So glad you enjoyed it! X
pruetreweeke : @tommy_mcqueen πŸ’
reneemaranta : @stephaniemaranta I am making this Thursday night ✌️
sa_ramics : Loving the plate. Where would one find such a lovely plate?
thedesignfiles : @sa_ramics oh it's by an Australian ceramicist who I can't recall but I bought it from @craftvictoria
krobertshaw : @kiahsunshine x
maria.stella13 : @_ghju_ ❀🍴
isobel_stuart : @ollierosa salad night?
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
On TDF today, The latest from Melbourne based design duo @bonnieandneil - ‘Winter Garden’, is their collection of homewares and soft furnishings, inspired by historical conservatory gardens, which brings together deep tones of emerald, indigo and blue, with mustard and of course pink! Bonnie and Neil have just returned from trade shows in New York where they secured even more amazing international stockists... We were so thrilled to learn they will now be stocked in Bloomingdales NY! Pics by @armellehabib and styling by @heathernetteking , link to full post in profile πŸ‘†
indiawitzand : @wholefoodee I've seen this before. Isn't stunning! So me
skyefranlew : @coote_am oh wow!!!!!
liesellavender : @joanne_cruickshank
anielarichards : @renata_elizabeth 😍
coote_am : @skyefranlew I saw it today I thought hmmm I think I need more new cushions hahahha xxx
fallyk : @renee__elise @ktamba also follow this
meganduplooy : @mynderd
itsme_imcathy : @charskigregburt πŸ’™
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Pretty excited to hang some works by just a few of our fave Australian artists in our new studio!!! These beautiful pieces have been collected over the past few years , and finally will have a proper permanent home at TDF HQ! (Alongside two more beauties by @kirrajamison and @belyndahenryart which are not pictured here!) we πŸ’™ original Australian Art ... ! Click the pic for tags to all artists.
leo.greenfield : @thedesignfiles so happy to have work included in the collection. Looks beautiful! Thank you Lucy!
crystelle_c : @_adrian_cordero_ that eagle pic is a beauty.
mrjhamilton : @leilajeffreys πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
leilajeffreys : 'Ash' is amongst such great company. Congratulations on your new HQ it's a wonderful achievement!
amandalantang : @dhydhamaryudha
dhydhamaryudha : 😊 @amandalantang
botanicalprint : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
miaoatley : Love @leilajeffreys work
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