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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Okkkk another shot from our MAN WEEK giveaway today because we love this shoot sooooo much πŸ˜‰ actually This one is @seanfennessy 's fave pic πŸ‘Œ featuring a proper vintage 35mm Contax G1 film camera + 35mm F/2 lens and processing from our friends at @hillvalephoto , 'Vide Poche' manly trinket tray from @henrywilsonstudio , Gentlemen's utility knife from @nation_state and Punkt alarm clock πŸ‘ what a line up! Leave your comment at before 10 pm today to be in the running to win one of these awesome gifts for your main man x
glennhuntphoto : Vintage?
darylorillaza : @eliza_beth_phan pls pls pls enter! Want that contax
amber__maxwell : My favourite one too πŸ‘Œ
is_____rich : Oh my, I really am a dad this time! I hope little Ezra has his eyes on a prize, but I'd be happy if they were focused on the back of his eyelids πŸ˜΄πŸ’€
luke_hawthorn : Ah, that camera and alarm clock! They are all divine! I can picture them in my home already 😍 @thedesignfiles
rockandgold : Mine! @thedesignfiles 😊
mitchy_b_ : @thedesignfiles πŸ’­πŸ”ͺβ°πŸ“·πŸ“₯ πŸ‘Œ
leightonben : All black everything.
kudre7 - instsoph - kylelindsey - kristin_deanne -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Could resist sharing another shot from our MAN WEEK gift guide and giveaway today! Featuring a stunning lineup of gifts for men including @Sonos Play:1 speaker and bridge, Plus a range of accessories , homewares and body products from @thestandardstore @incu_clothing @safariliving and so many more...! Head over to the blog today to enter. Shot by @seanfennessy styled by me with assistance from @natturnbull πŸ‘Œ
darrenrowse : One of each please!
cypressfoss : Yum.
maker_interiors : Love this vignette, great colour & texture :)
jaalamills : @gentlemansbrandco
damo04 : @lorenkeir
micaelalouw : @gsud
roomforart : Yay!
wdsheridan : @alyshadarcy
roundround_hippo - andistaker - _divvyvan_ - torilouise_ -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
It only happens once a year.... Today MAN WEEK is back! In keeping with our annual tradition, we're kicking off the week with an epic GIFT GUIDE and GIVEAWAY, featuring the COOLEST line up of gifts for the special man in your life - pictured here, beautiful black on black handcrafted faceted Klein stool by @tuckboxdesign , vis-a-vis cabin luggage by @crumpler_hq and beautiful locally designed lights by Dowel Jones / @labdestu ! (And so much more on the blog!) Shot by @seanfennessy and styled by me with stellar assistance from @natturnbull ;)
zoe_hick : @thisisharvest
labdestu : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_miked : πŸ‘
stephenormandy : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘
tuckboxdesign : πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
crumpler_hq : Stoked! πŸ™
sandy_cocks : At Tastes Lifestyle Lorne
smujoo - kaiispretty - torilouise_ - mags61052 -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Highlight of my time at #pbevent Problogger event - meeting this amazing lady! @carlyfindlay is an inspiring writer, blogger, prolific social media junkie and appearance activist - committed to educating others about disabilities, diversity and acceptance. Check out her blog. So much respect πŸ‘Š
pbevent -
ambermelody : Loving this photo!! Lucy @thedesignfiles I didn't introduce myself today but I LOVED your talk - crazy inspiring. And so so so much food for thought. And @carlyfindlay... you are one amazing woman. So glad we got to connect. xxx
gwag87 : @captainmossdawg
baskinginthemoonlight : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
thedesignfiles : @ambermelody oh Thankyou Amber!! Xx
winnieandco : This is fabulous
lgcurrell : I have this beautiful inspiring lady come into my work @sussanfashion Bourke St regularly!! I'm ASM there, I'll be sure to say I saw you @carlyfindlay on @thedesignfiles next time you're in 😊❀
carlyfindlay : Hey @lgcurrell thank you so much for your lovely words! Am currently wearing @sussanfashion pants that I bought in Bourke St! See you when I shop next x
carlyfindlay : Thanks @winnieandco @baskinginthemoonlight
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Hello Queensland! Just arrived for the Problogger conference where I am speaking tomorrow! #nervous #pbevent
nervous - pbevent -
susansimonini : Yah for visiting sunshine state!!
fjcelebrant : You'll wow them - no question. xo
annieyeah : You'll totally nail it πŸ’₯
belindahall : You will be fabulous Lucy
wfeagins : You most certainly will!
martinegallery : Good luck. I have a new product that I would live to show off on your blog. If it is successful it will help raise funds for Mitochondrial Disease.
hhtdolley : Have fun! You will be awesome :)
minionrockers1d : Lol
sweetiepiecharlotte - danrossdesign_ - minionrockers1d - pinkloveone -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today on TDF we interview the incredible @leilajeffreys - bird lover , wildlife photographer and artist. Her mesmerising and highly detailed portraits of Australian native birds must be seen to be believed! Leila's next show features a spectacular series of birds of prey - it opens in Sydney next month. We love this interview so much! Such a rare insight into Leila's world and her bird-whispering ways! Leila is photographed here by friend and fellow photographer Cameron Bloom, whilst shooting @penguinthemagpie ! (A very special bird and the only magpie we know with her own Instagram account!)
jojohoban : Love this interview - and the image of Penguin playing dead is hilarious!
zotheysay : @thedesignfiles @leilajeffreys One million hand claps for this interview! (Single hand claps are worth more.)
_byaimee : @sophie_warden I think you'd like this x
okologi : ❀❀❀❀❀
thedesignfiles : @zotheysay πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thankyou gorgeous one!! Xxx
lizzieadler : @mrjhamilton
katiepie11 : Yes so great @kaspiacalypso xxxxx
sophie_warden : @_byaimee love it! I want her job so bad!
sweetiepiecharlotte - dunjamonde - laura_explorer - srijanichowdhury -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Better late than never! Today we finished up our month-long spotlight on Small Business supported by Bank of Melbourne, with a very candid chat with someone I am constantly inspired by - Jeremy Wortsman @jwortsman of @jackywinter ! Jeremy masterfully balances right and left brain thinking - he's a strategic business head but also a highly creative ideas man. His agency, The Jacky Winter Group has grown from a small illustration agency to a full service creative agency representing over 100 talented Australian image makers, photographers and animators. A business that started out in JW's bedroom now employs 8 staff and a host of contractors and collaborators, with Fingers in so many pies! Thankyou JW for sharing your insights with us today! I knew you would have, like, 28 different online task management systems to recommend πŸ‘ x
treasureseekingames : @industrialreform
bondikitchens : Cool desks
katiesuedowney : @nissynoobar ha! I did last year (small volunteer gig) x
mrs_sarahdickson : @ashleighdevine @rdevine111 he has an IG! Must be a good man.
deweykeithlyphoto : Hayden got a new job. @mikealand
yonderlindafahey : All that and an IG ! Good man !
nissynoobar : No way!@katiesuedowney πŸ‘
sr_house_of_design : Nice photo
hannahrose_thomas - studioninocka - sarahkaisser - _atouchofmodern -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Accidental styling by @natturnbull on set today! Crazy crystals + @dinosaur_designs = πŸ‘Œ
raqueltheking : @jngu12 ohh I love them.. #gimme
jazakastranger : @pookiemamapower
liquorice_moon_studios : 😍
stephaniegabron : πŸ‘βšͺ️⚫️😁 @teganheywood xx
allybones : @dariacali I had to tag you because there was a sentence that involved crystals and dinosaurs. πŸ’œ
dariacali : @allybones you don't know how many times I've said "crystals and dinosaurs" this month
the_citizenry : Our favorite colors! 😍
pagoda_red : Amazing! Unbelievable!
reeeneeec - alexandrialombardi - nathaliejolyd - yayuyouko -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Did you spot the most treasured handcrafted bed in today's home, made by @dionantonyartisan for his partner Anna after the birth of their baby Banjo. Incredible twisted tea tree branches form a magical four poster bed... like sleeping under the trees! πŸ‘Œ
liquorice_moon_studios : Amazing bed head πŸ™Œ
hellobigdreams : @bibip99 do you like this wallpaper ?
jukuandgem : @lisarhiannonj how gorgeous is this!!
lisarhiannonj : YES @jukuandgem - lovely!
mattpaulybrooks : @alxkrleski
elizabethtangerine : Stunning design πŸ’›
daphneiliaki : @alisalex
eliconium : @clarilulis
eye_spy_life - nightfallcamp - wompy - avalonislandclothing -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today's amazing family apartment in Sydney is filled with love and amazing creative energy. It belongs to model @annafeller and designer / maker @dionantony1 and their gorgeous bub Banjo! Shots by @evegwilson πŸ‘Œ
justmeandmylittlefamily : @nikkitakasia how cosy does this room look?!!
spamagram : big ups DA !!
angelelsje : Beautiful family! ♥
nikkitakasia : So cosy!Love the shelf @justmeandmylittlefamily
karalee79 : @nickyp33
pennyisle : @inkstermaken fun times :)
inkstermaken : They need a bear @pennyisle
spaceisaplace : @kristinavujovic cute house alert πŸ”­
allanamadonna - __chloew - khairunnisa_raihanah - ell_sec -
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