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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Your best mates are the ones who give up their Sunday to help install an integrated fridge and freezer unit at #TDFopenhouse πŸ‘ thanks @jonagunn ! This epic fridge and all appliances in our kitchen are by @siemens , floorboards by @royaloakfloors πŸ‘Œ
tdfopenhouse -
thedesignfiles : @beneaththesun oh the imagery inside the cupboards is actually existing from the previous tenant! Re: the mammoth undertaking, well yes, but in actuality it's kind of equal to packing up someone's whole house, moving them out of their house for 2 weeks and putting their house together afterwards! At least this year we have had 6 months to do it all! When our lease ends on Dec 31 we will move out and take most of this stuff with us, the kitchen cabinets can be re-installed somewhere else (maybe at my new studio!?) and most other events such as the steel work , countertops, floorboards are not permanently fixed so we will be able to recycle them for future projects or return them to our sponsors. πŸ‘ we love a challenge! X
thedesignfiles : @anh2d2 correct! The kitchen has much more natural light than the bedroom, both are painted @duluxaus Mirage Blue. It looks completely different in different lighting! Sometimes looks dark grey, sometimes dusty blue... It's a beautiful colour! Good reminder to always do a test patch in the room you are planning to paint before committing to a colour! X
lev04art : Look at the kitchen colours!! @marnier0se @manny6170 @rubyfaundez
beneaththesun : Genius @thedesignfiles love how it's all looking x
anh2d2 : Thanks @thedesignfiles yes I've been through about 10 sample pots! But I think mirage blue (the last pot i have bought after seeing your bedroom post) is the one! It looks gorgeous but more toward the lighter side as we are basked in natural light. Still bold and beautiful :)
bbiitter : @blllle πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
thedesignfiles : @anh2d2 great to hear! Pop along to our event if you're in Melbourne to see this colour in person! it's on Dec 4th - 7th x
projectstirling : @stirlingfamily
craftconsortium - jane_cbj - biancamartin99 - caitcob -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Each year we are overwhelmed with so much lovely support in the media for #TDFopenhouse ! one of our biggest supporters each year has been @leetranlam and the team at @insideoutmag - Thankyou guys for including us in your December issue, so grateful for your wonderful support once again! (This beautiful shot is my absolute fave from all our publicity pics! - our beautiful moody master bedroom featuring @duluxaus 'Mirage Blue' walls, @royaloakfloors French Grey herringbone floorboards, furniture by @jardanaustralia and circle shelf from @brideandwolf πŸ‘Œ) photo by @evegwilson x
tdfopenhouse -
tribalmodern : Gorgeous, love those moody blue/grey hues
victoria_lw : Love that wall colour
buntingbydesign : @brideandwolfe yay for you! xx
thedesignfiles : Oh sorry @brideandwolfe !
leetranlam : Whoa, thank you for the incredibly lovely shout-out! It's such a huge pleasure to get behind your great projects, Lucy! The way you always set higher limits for yourself - and then totally smash through them is a total inspiration! Can't believe you're basically building a place from scratch this year; wish I could teleport to Melbourne to see it in person, but will have to live vicariously through all the amazing Instagrams. Lots of luck and can't wait to see all the great results as they appear on my feed (filtered or not)!
leetranlam : Thank you, @theprojectagency - always amazing to work with and always too kind!
sanaholt : @thuthutran
luceoconnor : @unearthedgarden your shelves?
marcosgouveacamargo - chookleaf - alilibrary - _aimanda_ -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
40 mins til Friday night beers arrive for our construction team at #TDFopenhouse ... Come on boys , nearly there! Here is @severnsmith teaching @patrick.dunn a thing or two about paving πŸ‘ Thankyou @ecooutdoor for the beautiful Arbon stone pavers, and @theplanthunter for advice and ideas for the landscaping in our internal courtyard 🌿
tdfopenhouse -
identity_with_held : Yeah it would be an undertaking wouldn't it. So last years place did you re tile there house etc or leave as is. I never thought you actually did build work - go you!
twinkleintheeye : He looks like he's about to karate kick his arse.
hannahlouisasheil : A couple of sexy gentleman @patrick.dunn and @severnsmith
heathsoldwares : Nice bit of eye candy for the ladies!!! Thanks @thedesignfiles hahaha!!!
christian_lucy : @severnsmith #airguitar
belindam : Thanks for the sneak peek, Lucy! πŸ‘€πŸ‘Œ
torienimm : On ya Huw
hellorainbows : So exciting! @thedesignfiles πŸŒŸπŸ™ŒπŸ’š
mcmando - hellorainbows - firecrackerevent - winneth_s -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
The exquisite work of Melbourne jeweller and sculptor Anna @varendorff is on TDF today. We are thrilled to be including Anna's beautiful brass objects at #TDFopenhouse in 2 weeks time! This pic by @evegwilson , full interview up on TDF today πŸ‘
tdfopenhouse -
thedesignfiles : Thanks Clare! @clarecousins hope to see you at Open House if you can making it x
monamadeit : @thedesignfiles beautiful work @varendorff
mkkau : @kirsbu
clarecousins : Looking forward to it x
justindividual : @lilapix123 - your style
emgee_on_insty : Thanks @theadventuresofoakes xxx
stephanie_somebody : I've got my name on one of these πŸ‘Œ
skiimoicer : @kometjuice
___________________z_ - iikylienessii - val1277 - rebecca.maddock -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Our #TDFopenhouse NEWSPAPERS just ARRIVED!!! Cannot contain my EXCITEMENT! Designed by @jess_lillico πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ these babies will be available at the event Dec 4th - 7th, and we'll also be delivering a few sneaky advance copies to @bankofmelb Smith st Fitzroy branch later today. !!! πŸ‘
tdfopenhouse -
tashchokljat : Yes let's lock it in @biancachatfield
petalpetunia : Please can I buy one?
emmalipscombe_ : Thanks @thedesignfiles for your support!! πŸ˜‡
susanna_speranza : @tinacusa how funny I totally forgot I follow this already!
thedesignfiles : @petalpetunia oh it's our free newspaper just pop along to our event in early December to get your hands on one! X
hellorainbows : Cute! πŸ’—πŸ™ŒπŸŒŸ
theragecontage : Looks like it's time for another married couple date! We'll pick up some Mark Tuckehhhh on the way through😜 @twebblies
twebblies : Oh @theragecontage it's on. Prepare to get tuckehhhhhed, wife.
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
#TDFopenhouse deliveries are coming in fast this week.., it's coming together.. I think!! Aghh! Can't wait to receive this new piece from the amazing @belyndahenryart to grace our living room wall... 'Float' 87cm x 87cm. Such a beauty! πŸ‘Œ
tdfopenhouse -
wfeagins : @belyndahenryart my favourite artworks to date on TDF Collect.
belyndahenryart : Thanks @michaelandcarlene xxx
belyndahenryart : @wfeagins Thank you !!! I'm guessing you are Lucy's dad ?
kpryer : Love this one. ? the $$ & details on how to purchase?
belyndahenryart : @kpryer hi Kirsty . You can email Lisa @lisamariecorso The size for FLOAT is 87 x 87 cm . Price is $2500 Thanks !
pilarwoloszyn : @viviplaton
gingerfinchhome : Exquisite colour combinations. Just gorgeous. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
piphoyart : Gorgeous. Px
nicolahard - hannahdee2625 - efrasqui - jorgeviotahairdressing -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today on TDF, a sweet new range of greetings cards (including Xmas cards!) by Melbourne illustrator @emi_ueoka ! Inspired by Emi's distinctive delicate pencil drawings , the cards are cut, hand folded and screen printed by Emi in her studio. And They're only $5.50! Top effort! She's officially launching them tonight at @thegoodcopy in Collingwood, Melbourne from 6pm πŸ‘ more pics on the blog x
danmakepicture : Love this. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘ˆ
paperempire_australia : Oh I saw this invite- beautiful & delicate @emi_ueoka
janereiseger : So lovely @emi_ueoka I cant come tonight...hope you have a great time xo
joadymacas : They are gorgeous
zaynab.hassan246 - gwen_robson - anmjaja - mishmallow_ -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Every year over 5000 people visit #TDFopenhouse , which is why THIS YEAR we've decided it's time to harness your support for a good cause. We're asking each visitor to Open House for a gold coin donation for the @asrc1 ! The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne do the most incredible work supporting asylum seekers and refugees in our community, providing housing, food, legal aid and vital services to those desperately in need, right here in Melbourne. They receive no government funding at all. If every visitor to Open House pops $2.00 in one of these collection buckets , we will raise $10,000 for the ASRC Christmas appeal! Let's do it! πŸ‘Š thanks to @natturnbull and @anothergemma for making our collection buckets. X
tdfopenhouse -
thedesignfiles : @phoebe_kw my skirt is new from @kloke (bought at @monkhousedesign πŸ‘ )
phoebe_kw : @thedesignfiles Verra nice.
carly65000 : Awesome
jackal39 : Great idea, great cause
bindybbass : @brinnk it is indeed & @phoebe_kw yes please x
barbarakitallides : Fantastic πŸ‘ great organisation!
the_digital_age_blog : Great idea!!!
carlygriffo : That's brilliant! Love you even more now TDF!
opvic01 - diaryofagirlnamedjamila - tina_100400 - carlygriffo -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Don't ask me why but receiving THIS gorgeous little guy just got me all excited! It's happening....! Our new sandwich board for #TDFopenhouse , designed by @jess_lillico πŸ‘Œ and printed by @prologicamelb Thankyou @garthfader - best and speediest service! If you need SIGNS we highly recommend Prologica! πŸ‘
tdfopenhouse -
ting_shop_berlin : wish australia wasn´t that far away!
ting_shop_berlin : how about a pop up in Europe?
annieyeah : 100% Lucy xx D&P included 😊 @thedesignfiles
lady_bugwan : @reneefitzpatrick eeeek!
clarespillane : @lissjeffery
thedesignfiles : @annieyeah omgggg without sounding like a creepy toddler stalker I would LOVE to meet D&P !! Can't wait! ❀️️
carlimilburn : Yes!!! Definitely need to go again - I still look at photos of last years house!! @alannahsantomartino
lissjeffery : @clarespillane yes!!!
awdiaa - diaryofagirlnamedjamila - carlygriffo - niaindiraa -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Do you know and love @outregallery !? Today's Australian Homes feature belongs to Martin and Louise who own Outre, Its a mid century marvel in Melbourne's North Eastern suburbs , renovated thoughtfully and filled with incredible mid century furniture, artwork and kooky collectibles. Check out the DEN complete with epic Tiki collection.... So good! Pics by @evegwilson πŸ‘
brian_at_the_barefoot_cottage : In love with those chairs!
amber_creswell_bell : βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
spinkles : @al._.pal @shosh_gellert 😍
themodernistgardener : @sandrewmelbs 🌡
pilarwoloszyn : @viviplaton
umasstreet : @lastsongoftheevening
lastsongoftheevening : @umasstreet what. I am struggling to pay bills. I cant buy you a house now 😑. Buy me a car πŸ’
umasstreet : @lastsongoftheevening look at the art 😑
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