The Design Files is Australia's most popular design blog - TODAY - MONTHLY MUSING - Megan Morton on finding your digital vs. Real life equilibrium.
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thedesignfiles - Lucy
Our little gallery is open today until 4.00 and tomorrow 11.00 til 3.00 at 14 Little Oxford Collingwood, come check out the lush leafy paintings by @elizabethbarnett and say hello to @lisamariecorso and @natturnbull who are in the gallery today ❤️️
wendy_jagger : Lovely display and lighting of the paintings. Congratulations to all @thedesignfiles
lambieandco : Want to go to this tomorrow after breakfast? @jessejack
shopplaidfox : Love the black painted wall as a backdrop.
ottoandspike : 👌🏽
esandral : @teresaa66
lukifolder : @camillaburke
therobebarracks : @wilkosean
sundaythelabel : 😻
strange_terrain_ - phyllisandmary - glacierjewellerydesign - bleecker_street_design -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
We has gallery!!!! Here's a daylight look our brand spanking new TDF Collect gallery space in Collingwood.... Thanks Gordy for making our amazing steel windows!! 👌and another special huge thanks to @looseleaf__ for the beautiful lush jungle, it is so gorgeous! 🌿 we had the most awesome turnout for @elizabethbarnett opening last night, thanks to all who came to see the show and celebrate with us!!! We're at 14 Little Oxford st, Collingwood , open until 4 today, 10.00 - 4.00 tomorrow, 11.00 - 3.00 Sunday... Come day hi and see Lizzie's exquisite show, 'In a Temperate Climate' 🍃 this exhibition is generously supported by @duluxaus @allsaintsestate and @capisparkling ❤️️
gypsyinhersoul_ : @tommyistheshook
barbarakitallides : Huge congratulations @thedesignfiles looks amazing, very exciting times ahead ❤️ I'll pop in over the weekend xxxx
ebecassidy : @j.symon windowz
juzzi5 : Let's head down Monday xx 👍🏼 @nalvarezz
ausdezign : Congrats @thedesignfiles
thedesignfiles : @juzzi5 oh just letting you know we're closed Monday! But open tues and wed 👍
juzzi5 : Thanks for the heads up Lucy xxx 👍🏼👍🏼
stagnistudio : 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
farzinkarimi94 - hey_homies_ - guildofobjects - winterchild2 -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today's monthly musing comes from none other than @megan_morton , stylist, writer, house whisperer and principal of @theschoolinstagram 🎓 MM shares her wisdom on finding your digital vs real life equilibrium! 'The internet can be to design what drive thru is to food. Fast, always available, but prone to leave you even hungrier than before' She says! Ace illustrations by @jeff_the_peff 👏👏👏 link in profile 👆
terraceloves : Too true ! @thedesignfiles & @megan_morton 💚
samanthadennisonartist : Er...maybe not always available 😊xx
parinity_studio : Great read @megan_morton @thedesignfiles ⚡️
ohheynay : Killing it @jeff_the_peff! 👊
marykate2588 : @jmiller1890
la_la_lavunya : Profound, loved it! @susandriverdesigns @carosparrow74
cloboutrolle : Et forcément je pense à toi @melanievoituriez 😉
urban_decor_homewares : Love it! This is gorgeous @thedesignfiles 😍👌
the_artyhen - winterchild2 - kazziedc - farzinkarimi94 -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Wona of @looseleaf__ weaving her magic ahead of our exhibition opening for @elizabethbarnett tonight!!!! Check out that dried banana flower! 🍌 🌿 pop down from 6pm - 8pm to celebrate this beautiful show and check out our brand new gallery space! 14 Little Oxford street, Collingwood. This show is generously supported by @duluxaus @allsaintsestate @capisparkling ❤️️
aprillev : @___katiew I love this wall paint with the greenery
archier_ : I popped by briefly tonight and it was such beautiful work and such a lovely installation! @thedesignfiles
elizabethbarnett : Only just saw this photo! It's awesome!! X
jandicks : @lubaz4art so beautiful
jtaylortreesville : Red Dacca bananas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
nonnamolly : What are your opening hours please?
thedesignfiles : @nonnamolly today and tomorrow 10 - 4, Sunday 11 - 3, Monday closed, Tuesday and Wed next week 10 - 4 👍
meaghan_coles_artist : Wow this is great!
senorita_jazminita - girlandballoon - imomura777 - projectpobble -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Excited today to share another MELBOURNE MORNINGS film! Today we spend the most beautiful morning with artist / florist and multidisciplinary creative @joostbakker ! A spectacularly photogenic crisp Autumn morning spent in Monbulk, where Joost lives, about an hour from Melbourne. Film by @_sirap_ link in profile 🍁🍁🍁
chenmengkelly : @katherine.620
ethan_jenkins : A hero of mine @northsouthgracewest
miss.eff : Please don't ever stop making these 🙏🏻😊
katefinnley : @lindsaygag
allsaintsestate : Beautiful film! Well done @thedesignfiles @joostbakker
ofkin : Lucy, it's my birthday today and this film was a gift. Goosebumps head to toe. Thank you for making these films and bringing stories to the world. And thank you @joostbakker for being authentic in everything you do. ✖️✖️
kirrajamison : This is so beautiful x
larajdavies : @raycharlann they key to life is keeping busy!
mimari_design - polariscommunitygarden - mrs_fineart_by_nature - the_artyhen -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today's amazing family home in Beaumaris is like stepping back in time! This colourful 1960's home has been carefully restored by Annie Price and Jamie Paterson, who live here with their daughter Dottie, aged 5. It's a beauty! Pics by @evegwilson link in profile 👆
clarice1 : @millikenrobert
buena_pieza : Gorgeous!!!
palacetrader : Thats timeless.
lovethyhunter : @newschoolgroove Yep... Those chairs are the same as mine. You're lucky I love your a$$ that broke it! 😘
lucioushandmade : @louisepannell those stools though! 🙌
bonnafide : @stacmack I was going to tag you in this too!! Haha. Great minds!
reutofirmurad : @noaraybenbach @weissliron אוהבות?
landonmiles2give : @bekomlite
salt_himalaya_sydney - elements_collection - soulia_interior - ghazali.m79 -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
SO sad to say goodbye to @cle_ann Stampolidis today, the month has flown by too quickly! Today she leaves us with another classic Greek favourite – homemade moussaka! This version is made in individual terracotta dishes, which means it’s super easy to prepare and serve straight from the oven. Shots by @evegwilson styling assistance from @natturnbull link to recipe in profile 👆
lazybonesaustralia : Yumo! And looks fab dished up on the #lazybonesaustralia Atomic plate! 😏
prahranesntl : Love the #terracotta @thedesignfiles & @cle_ann!
cottageindustrystore : borrowed from us @lazybonesaustralia !!
dancingthroughsunday : Oh amazing @cle_ann
cle_ann : Thank you for having me @thedesignfiles (no goodbyes!) bunch of legends all of you @lisamariecorso @evegwilson @natturnbull baklava for everyone!!! ✌️xx
cle_ann : Cheers @prahranesntl @dancingthroughsunday ✌️
lazybonesaustralia : Thank you @cottageindustrystore xx
rigbyshomewares : Looks amazing! And rocking those @lazybonesaustralia plates
fly_isabella - mbelle__ - thesocietyinc_sophie - scandiflossandthyme -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Charles Blackman is one of Australia’s greatest living artists. Now 86, Blackman’s most prolific days are behind him, but two of his children have joined forces with a vision to produce new artifact collections that celebrate his legacy. Under the direction of Bertie and Felix Blackman, @blackmanstudio offers a contemporary re-imagining of the iconic work of Charles Blackman. The resulting collection includes limited edition prints, sculptures, ceramic, embroidered and paper cut works , currently available at @bromleyandco in Melbourne and Daylesford. Full story on TDF today, link in bio 👆
tashking : @captainjimi 👐🏼
katejerryy : You might like my artwork 🌸🌿
bromleyandco : ✌🏻️👍🏻😘 @thedesignfiles thank you and @theprojectagency for all your continued support xxx
mariekakk : 👍
theworkspacestylist : @duggantierney G has a Blackman in his home...will take a pic next time Im there!😉
anna_hewlett : @julie_barber
thethirdrow : My first real art purchase 4 years ago was a Charles Blackman lithograph (OK, it's pretty much my only real art purchase and actually, my Mum bought it after I told her that's what I wanted for our wedding present!) - Orpheus The Mirror. I love it more today than I did then, and I was so thrilled to see Charles Blackman on TDF today. xx
cribdesignhouse : Wow
carlypascoe - brinco_de_princesa - girlandballoon - styles_to_inspire -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Today we introduce @middle_road , a collaborative project for three Sydney sisters. From their Bondi studio, these industrious siblings have created their debut range of homewares, combining handcrafted concrete and ceramic vessels with crystals and gold leaf detailing. Shots by @nik_to , link in profile 👆
thearchitectsdaughter : @annikaturner that's the one
annikaturner : @thearchitectsdaughter they're amazing!
lisamariecorso : @lekker89 check them out
carliergrant : @c8ty
vvilly : @lou_lou_lou
frankieandrowena : Love the marbling
one_lovely_day : @globalfactory
samantha_jervis : Thanks so much @shahfrah xx
labzerocinque - auleda_jewelry_designer - woodpecker_woodpecker - prissagestudio -
thedesignfiles - Lucy
Another story in @sundaystyle this weekend - the bold and beautiful Daylesford home of Adrian Thia & Craig Mutton, and Adrian's yoga studio, @leyogadaylesford 💙 one of my favourite country homes revisited. shots by @seanfennessy.
leyogadaylesford : @thedesignfiles thank you Lucy for the feature again! Drop by anytime for bubbles and mum's homemade dumpling! We'll be running a fundraising #yogafornepal #yogafornepaldaylesford at our local town hall. Hope some of TDF and @sundaystyle readers would join us for 2 hours of #yoga and tibetan bowls sound relaxation! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
honeyatkinson : @karenlockestylist
mysewingtable : Babykaleyogi yoga studio Daylesford
strange_terrain_ - ambeeart - van_der_faun - bleecker_street_design -
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