Lindsay Wilkes

Author of 'Sew Classic Clothes for Girls'. Mama of 3 with baby #4 on the way. I love sewing, cooking, crafting and all things domestic. I blog here:
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I'm sewing for baby tonight and it feels really good. I've got more to add to this outfit for my little miss but it's coming along. @barij @artgalleryfabrics #isew #creativemamas #expecting #babynumberfour
expecting - isew - babynumberfour - creativemamas -
thecottagemama : @lisamcgriff13 Thanks so much, Lisa!
thecottagemama : @nataliebg @carriepfeiffer Awwww, thanks!
thecottagemama : @risaanndesigns Isn't it just beautiful? Love this line!
thecottagemama : @aestheticnest Thanks Anneliese.....can't wait to have another baby girl to dress :)
lorchick : I love cross back pinafores for baby girls! The ric rack is like icing on this one. :)
debintex : Love it. Lindsay we are FINALLY expecting our first grandchild. Secretly hoping it's a girl but don't tell the boys. She will live in Cottage Mama designs!
thecottagemama : @lorchick The rick-rack takes extra time but it's worth it!
aliciafarrant : This is so adorable!!! Love the colors and the rick-rack is great!
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Decorating for fall today! It's my favorite time of year!! #ilovefall #falldecor #creativemamas
falldecor - ilovefall - creativemamas -
becka151 : Ah- beautiful. I really want to get in the Fall mood- but with expected temperature for this afternoon at 100 degrees, it's hard to do. So I'll enjoy your instead :)
thecottagemama : @becka151 Thanks! Yikes!!! That's a hot one. It's pretty overcast here today so it's a great day to stay in and decorate :)
debintex : Me too! Love the mantle.
descraps07 - caedkatnbee - ashleyjeangh - dcarlson1983 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I wanted some flowers for the table for Caspian's birthday party so my husband ran to the store to get some. He didn't like anything they had so he went around our yard and made his own arrangement. I think he did a good job! #ilovemyhusband
ilovemyhusband -
babyfishdesigns : I love your canvas!
thecottagemama : @babyfishdesigns Thanks!! Thinking we will need a new one when baby girl arrives :)
meganabelardsanders : (^^I can help with that)
bmvoight : The best kind of arrangement!
thecottagemama : @meganabelardsanders Yes!! I need to email you back, Megan!
dcarlson1983 - laccab - saneyafairy - janemichel05 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Happy Birthday boy loving his new Rescue Bots. I love this boy!
meganabelardsanders : Is he into those? I have a bunch he can have!
chickadeechickadee : Was thinking about you all and mr. C today as we celebrated too!! Hope our birthday boys can meet and play someday soon!! Hope he had a wonderful day!!
thecottagemama : @meganabelardsanders He loooooves them!
thecottagemama : @chickadeechickadee Awwww, hope you guys had a great day! It's a great day for being 3!!
sewinginbetween - francessuzanne - schneido2 - stace_gibbs -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Orange cabbage and kohlrabi slaw ready for Caspian's birthday party tonight! #icook #csa #organic
icook - organic - csa -
iftheywouldnap : Ooh that looks so yummy!
nataliebg : Oh my!!! That looks sooooo good!!
thecottagemama : @iftheywouldnap Thanks! I kind of made it up, but I tasted it and it's pretty delish!
thecottagemama : @nataliebg Thanks.....I hope everyone likes it :)
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
My sweet boy, Caspian Finn, is three years old today. Special birthday post on the blog. #caspianfinn #birthday
caspianfinn - birthday -
janemichel05 : Hugs to the birthday boy!!! XXOO
sara_coutinhosoares : Congratulations!! My little girl is also three today! How fun is that we were both delivering a baby three years ago on opposite sides of the big pond? :)
lisamcgriff13 : Happy Birthday Caspian!
seekatesew : So sweet!
thecottagemama : @janemichel05 Thanks Mom!!
thecottagemama : @sara_coutinhosoares Happy Birthday to your little girl!!
thecottagemama : @lisamcgriff13 Thank you, Lisa!
thecottagemama : @seekatesew Thanks so much, Kate!
roadtocalvary - emmalrogers21 - stace_gibbs - evysews -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Finishing up new pattern instructions so testing can begin next week. I'm pretty excited about these three new pieces. #thecottagemamasewingpatterns #isew #sewingpatterns
thecottagemamasewingpatterns - sewingpatterns - isew -
lisamcgriff13 : If you ever need to test a pattern with someone who has never sewn kids clothes, I'm your girl!
caitlingweaver : How do you choose testers?
thecottagemama : @caitlingweaver I have about 65 approved testers in my testing group. If I'm ever in need of more in certain sizes, I usually put the call out in The Cottage Mama Patterns Group on Facebook. If you are interested, make sure you are a member of that group!
caitlingweaver : Awesome, I will join, thanks!
stace_gibbs : Yay! Can't wait! ☺️😊😃
vickimarietoria - trippsmama - deedee25wiegand - stephaniev71 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Planning my project for National Sewing Month in September with @joann_stores #sewyourstyle campaign. I've been dying to use Jenny Eliza fabric by Jennifer Paganelli and now I have an excuse. #isew #creativemamas
isew - sewyourstyle - creativemamas -
aestheticnest : Such a great line!
thecottagemama : @aestheticnest Loved the top you made, Anneliese!
sweetmama_2 : I managed to get a few yards of ONE print a few weeks ago. With an opportunity to make only one dress, I'm having a tough time picking the pattern. 😜 I just love EVERYTHING @jenniferpaganelli designs! Very excited to see what you create @thecottagemama . 😃
crazylittleprojects : I was just there and saw that same fabric!
kctex : I love her fabrics.
flamingotoes : I love that line so much!
joannadoesitall : I just picked some of these up today using my 60% off coupon at Joann.
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I might have a slight obsession with mirrors but I couldn't pass this one up. (And there's a little peek of my 32/33 week baby bump). #ilovemirrors #babynumberfour
babynumberfour - ilovemirrors -
handmadekathy : Great photo!
peekaboopatternshop : Love your baby bump!
meganabelardsanders : SO CUTE! Where are you? Why am I not with you?!
kimdesselle : Are you stealing a basketball?!
thecottagemama : @handmadekathy Thanks Kathy!
thecottagemama : @peekaboopatternshop Thanks so much, Amy!!
thecottagemama : @meganabelardsanders Lol! We need to get together now that school has started :)
thecottagemama : @kimdesselle hehe.....maybe :)
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Looking forward to cracking open this book today. #mollymakes #embroidery #fwmedia
mollymakes - fwmedia - embroidery -
evysews : Oh! Sweet! Got to find that too, my favorite crafty magazine!💞 So jealous @thecottagemama as I am sitting in an airport with nothing sewing related to read!!!
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