Lindsay Wilkes

Author of 'Sew Classic Clothes for Girls'. Mama of 3 with baby #4 on the way. I love sewing, cooking, crafting and all things domestic. I blog here:
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
And now to add in the trim. #thecottagemama #thecottagemamapatterns #isew
isew - thecottagemama - thecottagemamapatterns -
thediymommy : Love those fabrics!
mollyi1982 : Yum! Can I say that about fabric and trims? ๐Ÿ˜Š
thecottagemama : @thediymommy Thanks! It's always so hard to choose :)
thecottagemama : @mollyi1982 Absolutely!!
mollyi1982 : @thecottagemama ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
simplesimonandco : @thecottagemama I am in town this you want to have dinner some night? Elizabeth
thecottagemama : @simplesimonandco Yay! I'm here tomorrow (Monday) and then Brett and I head to Charleston for our 10th anniversary. How is tomorrow?
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
New fall patterns coming and they involve knit! Now to decide what fabrics to use. I'm feeling fall. #thecottagemama #isew #thecottagemamapatterns
isew - thecottagemama - thecottagemamapatterns -
ambercwillis : Ah the green floral. Is that Jennifer Paganelli?
thecottagemama : @ambercwillis No, it's @annamariahorner .......I love it!!
ambercwillis : Oh yes how could I forget. Can't wait to see what you make out if it!
sumorgan : Beach envy
thecottagemama : @ambercwillis It's being use as the main print for a new pattern. I hope you'll be pattern testing again for me this next round :)
ambercwillis : I would love to!!!! Can't wait to see more ๐Ÿ˜‰
barij : Can't wait to see what you do!
homemadebyjill : Thanks! :) off to hunt down some new fabrics ...
descraps07 - keldal - bow_crazy123 - katehybner -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
A throwback of Matilda wearing a Care Bears Tutu dress I made for her 4.5 years ago. Picture by @msanders109 #tbt
tbt -
mellysews : What a cutie!
sugartownquilts - mahqltr - meganabelardsanders - stephaniev71 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
All the kids completed their 45 books that they needed to read or have read to them for the summer reading program. Matilda is hard at work building her letter palm tree. I love the library. #summerreading
summerreading -
kackdesign : Chicka chicka boom boom ๐Ÿ˜‰
knitnlit : Beautiful library!
thecottagemama : @kackdesign You got it :)
thecottagemama : @knitnlit Yes, it is......great areas for kids!
stephaniev71 - mjb3209 - mvillar3 - danahenry -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Oh my gosh......this turkey salad sandwich tonight was phenomenal! #iatethewholething #dontjudge #itwasworthit #expecting #babynumber4
itwasworthit - iatethewholething - dontjudge - expecting - babynumber4 -
skirtastop : No judgment here. I'm a nursing mama that would devour that sandwich plus sides! NOM.
goodnessgathering : Want.
bonnielollar : Oh my... That just looks too good!!! @thecottagemama
craftinessisnotoptional : No judging here. I love food.
kari_me_away_ : Yummy!
aquiltersoasis - shinkim23 - katiee592 - stace_gibbs -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Made some "Frozen" t-shirt dresses for the girls today. #isew #creativemamas #frozen
frozen - isew - creativemamas -
cheesyhill : Will you share a tutorial on your blog for this? My granddaughter would love this!
handmadekathy : Oh love! Great #charliemackadoodledress
thecottagemama : @cheesyhill I used the Charlie Mack-a-doodle pattern by Burlap Button. It's a super fun pattern for knits.....just use a tshirt for the main dress :)
thecottagemama : @handmadekathy love that pattern!!
cweetheart : So cuteeee
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
My sweet husband brought me home some pretty sweet birthday desserts. Which one to eat first? #birthday #33yearsoldtoday
birthday - 33yearsoldtoday -
thecottagemama : @nobigdillkaty Thanks Katy!! Happy early birthday to you!
thecottagemama : @girlinspired1 Thanks Stef!!
thecottagemama : @kari_me_away_ Thanks Kari! I appreciate all your birthday wishes today and the pretty flower on Facebook :)
thecottagemama : @joannadoesitall @mollyi1982 Thank you both so much!!
handmadekathy : Oh my! What a guy! I hope you enjoyed them!
thecottagemama : @handmadekathy I was so full from Chinese food for dinner but I managed to eat half of the dark chocolate one. But that means there are still some left for today!! Yum!
tturchin : You are the second person in my IG feed with a birthday yesterday which I love because it was mine, too! :)
thecottagemama : @tturchin Happy Birthday! July 15 is a great day for a birthday!!
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Check out this beautiful bag my mom sewed for me for my birthday. It's hard to see but there is hand stitching all over the large @annamariahorner fabric too. The back and inside are awesome as well with lots of pockets. Handmade gifts are the best!! #birthday #33yearsoldtoday #ilovemymom
ilovemymom - birthday - 33yearsoldtoday -
debintex : Gosh Lindsay my oldest son is older than you. Yikes! Feeling extremely old tonight.
evysews : I see Sashiko stitching! ๐Ÿ˜Š
thecottagemama : @evysews She did it ALL by hand!!
thecottagemama : @tori_m_thompson @countrygurl99 @ambercwillis @seekatesew @aestheticnest Thank you all SO much!
thecottagemama : @mariemadelinestudio Thank you!!
thecottagemama : @debintex Don't feel old :)
handmadekathy : That is beautiful
andiejohnsonsews : Love love love!!
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
In honor of my birthday today, I'm releasing a new pattern that has been in the works for months! The Claire Pajamas Pattern - nightgown, pants, top and 18" doll pattern. Size 6 month - 10 years. Available on my website. More info on the blog. #thecottagemama #thecottagemamasewingpatterns #clairepajamas
thecottagemamasewingpatterns - clairepajamas - thecottagemama -
busyquiltmom : Happy birthday! Have a great day!
mrsfreeborn : So adorable!!
rudyroo2 : Hope you have the most awesome day!
mamabplus3 : Happy Birthday!
thepalmettobaby : Happy birthday
thecottagemama : @janjones7370 @sewinginnomansland @the_fabric_stash_boss @rsbooth @evysews Thank you ladies!!
thecottagemama : @flamingotoes @stace_gibbs @detrishious @jessrabbott @sewmuchado @lmrainh2o @craftinessisnotoptional Thank you are so sweet!!
thecottagemama : @jenjschumann @radmamadesigns @busyquiltmom @mrsfreeborn @rudyroo2 @mamabplus3 @thepalmettobaby I really appreciate the birthday wishes! Thanks so much!!
floradanica1 - jodyandjoy - emmalrogers21 - hgleim -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
New Pattern Releasing Tomorrow!! The Claire Pajamas Pattern comes in size 6 month - 10 years and 18" doll size. So many options! #thecottagemama #clairepajamas #thecottagemamasewingpatterns #isew
thecottagemamasewingpatterns - clairepajamas - isew - thecottagemama -
quiltstorymeg : Love!
thecottagemama : @quiltstorymeg Thanks so much!
debintex : Congrats!
modernyardage : So pretty!
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