Lindsay Wilkes

Author of 'Sew Classic Clothes for Girls'. Mama of four: 3 girls and 1 boy. I love sewing, cooking, crafting and all things domestic. I blog here:
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Tonight I'm going to start stitching on one of my original Cottage Mama hand embroidery designs. I've had these for ages and just haven't released them since I never get them stitched out. Lots more where these came from! #cottagemama #embroidery #creativemamas
cottagemama - embroidery - creativemamas -
borntomakestuff : @thecottagemama I swear this is way tooooo ironic. I was literally just scrolling through these today. So thrilled and excited to see them in action!!! <3 <3
meganabelardsanders : Did you draw those?!?! My hats fantastic!!
meganabelardsanders : Hm not my hats. That's. That's fantastic!! πŸ˜‚
smallfriendly : Great designs!
thecottagemama : @meganabelardsanders No, these are my ideas but I worked with Natalie @borntomakestuff from Moon Cookie Gallery to come up with these for The Cottage Mama. She also did my pattern cover artwork.
meganabelardsanders : So pretty! Can't wait to see it finished. I would like to learn how to do this!
thecottagemama : @meganabelardsanders Hmmm....I know someone who can teach you ;). It's a great, relaxing you can take it anywhere.
borntomakestuff : @thecottagemama thank you so much for the shoutout. I appreciate it!!!
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
This little lady has been working so hard on her smiling this week. I have yet to snap a shot of her full grin but this is close. #babynumber4 #sweetjosephinemae #babysmilesarethebest
sweetjosephinemae - babynumber4 - babysmilesarethebest -
jojoandeloise : So PRECIOUS!!!
emilyryanlikes : Gorgeous. How many weeks is she now? Bear is starting to smile more and more. So exciting.
thecottagemama : @jojoandeloise Aww, thank you! She's a keeper :)
thecottagemama : @emilyryanlikes Emily, she is just about 6 weeks. I think she and Bear are 4 days apart.
emilyryanlikes : @thecottagemama that's right!! Amazing. It will be so fun to follow along! Bear and Josephine should play someday soon!
elouise_bates : Little sweetheart!
amerenha7 : Ψ¬Ω…ΩŠΩ„ 😘😘😘😘😘😘
boutiquebythecreek : Awwww !! So sweet!
handmadekathy - boutiquebythecreek - myownaria - kari_me_away_ -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Thank you so much @babylocksewing for this adorable blanket for Josephine and the sweet card. You all are the best!! #babylock #babylocksewing
babylock - babylocksewing -
rudyroo2 - kel_hornberger - mellierc - stephaniev71 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
My sweet cuddly Josephine today. How is she already over 1 month old? #sweetjosephinemae #babynumber4
sweetjosephinemae - babynumber4 -
thecottagemama : @theroyalbeehivedotcom You're sure does!
mellysews : Sweet pea!
finnmama13 : For some reason I thought you'd have some adorable burp cloths:) She's getting chubby!
thecottagemama : @finnmama13 hehe.....I do have some really cute ones. But I love these super soft cloth diapers too!
thediymommy : Awwwwwww!
sewinginnomansland : She is unreal!
barbara.dougherty126 : Sweet girl
amerenha7 : 😍
sewvery - becnichols1 - dontaskmimi - barbara.dougherty126 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
This little sweetie had some tummy troubles today and didn't want to be put down. Poor baby. She is sleeping like a log right my arms......but I don't mind one single bit. #sweetjosephinemae #babynumber4
sweetjosephinemae - babynumber4 -
craftymamajen : We used the Happi Tummi when my guy had tummy issues - you warm it up & wrap around their belly. It smells delicious too :-) Enjoy that sweet girl. She's gorgeous.
thecottagemama : @craftymamajen Oh I've never heard of that! Sounds great....thanks for the advice!!
sumossweetstuff : I need to try that happi tummi too - poor Jabes is always having tummy troubles!
craftymamajen : You are welcome!! A friend told me so I always pass it along - we got ours at Buy Buy Baby.
thecottagemama : @sumossweetstuff I was just checking out the reviews on Amazon. Looks like a good product and is all natural too!
nataliedroz : I was going to recommend Happi Tummi! My little guy had issues and it helped for sure
sumossweetstuff : I will have to check it out later. Poor guy wakes himself up so much during the nite, maybe this would help me and him get more sleep! πŸ˜„
elsewareco - countrygurl99 - emmalrogers21 - jnjness -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
It only took a month but I finally got a blog post up officially introducing Miss Josephine Mae. #ontheblog #sweetjosephinemae #creativemamas
sweetjosephinemae - ontheblog - creativemamas -
carinagardner : So sweet!
danamadeit : 😍😍😍
missmaryanndipity : She is so precious!
mellierc : So sweet
familyeverafter : Looove her name!
simplesimonandco : πŸ’›
lindsaysews : Love her
jmandee : Precious!
ilovsewing - ped5 - schneido2 - evysews -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I set Miss J down for a minute to grab something for Caspian and came back to a sleeping baby. I guess she was tired....... #sweetjosephinemae #fourweeksold #sleepybaby
sweetjosephinemae - fourweeksold - sleepybaby -
mommykati : 😍
kjjerome - sewmuchcrafting - stephaniev71 - claire_rosiered -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
One of my favorite family pictures from Josephine's newborn session. This picture was taken in front of our house. #sweetjosephinemae #cottageliving #babynumber4
sweetjosephinemae - babynumber4 - cottageliving -
stacyolsondesign : Adorable!
britmills18 : Your family is so cute!
finnmama13 : Gorgeous! I wish I lived in a cottage:)
sewingkaren : This is a great one!
lisamcgriff13 : Great family photo!
raegunramblings : Awww
crazyoldladies : Look at your adorable family. Great picture!
fromabox : just a beautiful family!
aezlap - elouise_bates - kayluhb - maryromance -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Josephine loooooves the Moby Wrap (well, all my kids did). She falls asleep right away once I put her on and I love having her on my chest. #babynumber4 #babywearing #mobywrap #sweetjosephinemae
babywearing - sweetjosephinemae - babynumber4 - mobywrap -
sewinginnomansland : With three other kiddos it's the only way to get anything done and keep everyone happy :)
peartreestitching : Loved using my Moby!
aestheticnest : That looks like heaven. I miss those days!
thecottagemama : @debintex No Deb :(. She went back to Texas yesterday. I'm on my own now.
thecottagemama : @sewinginnomansland Yes, definitely!!
thecottagemama : @aestheticnest I'm pretty sure this is what heaven feels like :)
monkeymooandmama : babywearing for the win!
ejbryant33 : I have that same moby!!! I love love it!!!
descraps07 - kjleedle - stace_gibbs - evysews -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
It's my first week on my own as a mama of 4. We all made it to the bus stop happy and fed by 7:30. Couldn't ask for a better start to the day. Wish me luck that the rest goes smoothly! #babynumber4 #momof4
momof4 - babynumber4 -
aestheticnest : You'll do great!
finnmama13 : You can do it!
thecottagemama : @mamabplus3 @sewinginnomansland @handmadekathy @aestheticnest @nadineelsa Thanks for all your support!! I really appreciate it!
thecottagemama : @littlelapsi @rileyblakedesigns @jennyrach @iftheywouldnap @shirleygirliemom @fishmuseum @sjksanders Thanks you guys! Those first few days are always a little tricky until I fall into a new routine. So far, so good.....we'll see if that stays the same when the girls get home from school :)
thecottagemama : @familyeverafter Congratulations to you! I'm so happy it's going well for you all. I love a routine so I'm just trying to adjust to transitioning into a new one :). How old is your baby now?
familyeverafter : I just tagged you in one of my pictures so you can see him :-) I don't have any words of wisdom, just to try and soak up the babiness! It is hard to juggle, but we are enjoying it :-) he has been my easiest baby, everyone says that baby number four is always the most relaxed.
vintagevesta7 : The baby is so cute peeking out lol
thecottagemama : @vintagevesta7 Thank you! She looks so tiny next to the other kids.
peilathorn - emmalrogers21 - malonsowsm - barbara.dougherty126 -
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