Lindsay Wilkes

Author of 'Sew Classic Clothes for Girls'. Mama of 3 with baby #4 on the way. I love sewing, cooking, crafting and all things domestic. I blog here:
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Finishing up new pattern instructions so testing can begin next week. I'm pretty excited about these three new pieces. #thecottagemamasewingpatterns #isew #sewingpatterns
thecottagemamasewingpatterns - sewingpatterns - isew -
lisamcgriff13 : If you ever need to test a pattern with someone who has never sewn kids clothes, I'm your girl!
caitlingweaver : How do you choose testers?
thecottagemama : @caitlingweaver I have about 65 approved testers in my testing group. If I'm ever in need of more in certain sizes, I usually put the call out in The Cottage Mama Patterns Group on Facebook. If you are interested, make sure you are a member of that group!
caitlingweaver : Awesome, I will join, thanks!
stace_gibbs : Yay! Can't wait! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
bonnielollar - rudyroo2 - deedee25wiegand - sewlovele17 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Planning my project for National Sewing Month in September with @joann_stores #sewyourstyle campaign. I've been dying to use Jenny Eliza fabric by Jennifer Paganelli and now I have an excuse. #isew #creativemamas
isew - sewyourstyle - creativemamas -
aestheticnest : Such a great line!
thecottagemama : @aestheticnest Loved the top you made, Anneliese!
sweetmama_2 : I managed to get a few yards of ONE print a few weeks ago. With an opportunity to make only one dress, I'm having a tough time picking the pattern. 😜 I just love EVERYTHING @jenniferpaganelli designs! Very excited to see what you create @thecottagemama . πŸ˜ƒ
crazylittleprojects : I was just there and saw that same fabric!
kctex : I love her fabrics.
flamingotoes : I love that line so much!
joannadoesitall : I just picked some of these up today using my 60% off coupon at Joann.
jeni0821 - ajdmaceves - hkhouston6780 - hgleim -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I might have a slight obsession with mirrors but I couldn't pass this one up. (And there's a little peek of my 32/33 week baby bump). #ilovemirrors #babynumberfour
babynumberfour - ilovemirrors -
handmadekathy : Great photo!
peekaboopatternshop : Love your baby bump!
meganabelardsanders : SO CUTE! Where are you? Why am I not with you?!
kimdesselle : Are you stealing a basketball?!
thecottagemama : @handmadekathy Thanks Kathy!
thecottagemama : @peekaboopatternshop Thanks so much, Amy!!
thecottagemama : @meganabelardsanders Lol! We need to get together now that school has started :)
thecottagemama : @kimdesselle hehe.....maybe :)
raebyday - kmewingrn - dboswo1 - alflinn -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Looking forward to cracking open this book today. #mollymakes #embroidery #fwmedia
mollymakes - fwmedia - embroidery -
evysews : Oh! Sweet! Got to find that too, my favorite crafty magazine!πŸ’ž So jealous @thecottagemama as I am sitting in an airport with nothing sewing related to read!!!
hjetland123 - bonnielollar - emmalrogers21 - pinkcherryblossoms -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Grilled veggie feast tonight for dinner. #csa #organic
organic - csa -
petaquilts : me too! no pics :(
stephaniev71 : I love to find out what's in your #csa box and what you make with it ! Its exiting lol thank you for posting ..@thecottagemama
bluesusanmakes : Yum!
krisdavis8 - texascrazy5 - _measuretwice - hgleim -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
CSA this week! #organic #csa #gentlemanfarmer
csa - organic - gentlemanfarmer -
bonnielollar - carinagardner - ped5 - naptimecreations -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Pretty sure the girls are going to love their after school treat that I made for them. #sorryforallthefoodpics #icanthelpit #expecting #babynumber4 #afterschoolsnack
afterschoolsnack - icanthelpit - sorryforallthefoodpics - expecting - babynumber4 -
mommykati : What is this? Rice Crispies?
thecottagemama : @aliciafarrant I did 6 tablespoons of butter, melted, then melted a full bag of marshmallows in a large stock pot over medium heat. Remove from heat and stir in a full box of Rice Krispies and half a bag of mini marshmallows. Transfer to a buttered 9 by 13 baking dish and allow to cool. Cut and enjoy!!
thecottagemama : @mommykati yes :)
mandymama_3 : You should try browning your butter first and adding a bit of salt. Out of this world @thecottagemama
thecottagemama : @mandymama_3 yeah, I used salted butter rather than unsalted.....if I use unsalted, I add salt. These are SO good!
aliciafarrant : Wow that sounds simple enough!! Thanks so much @thecottagemama πŸ˜„πŸ‘ Can't wait to make some!!!
mommykati : Huiii! Thank you for the recipe! Definitely a must for the next rainy day!
aliciafarrant : @thecottagemama I just made a batch and they're so delicious!!! They don't look as pretty as yours but at least they taste great!! πŸ˜‰
handmademartini - mariemadelinestudio - becka151 - alidamakes -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
That's a serious sandwich. I ate half of it and that was a lot of work. Why I thought I could eat the whole thing is beyond me. #expecting #eyesbiggerthanstomach #pregnancycravings #babynumber4
babynumber4 - eyesbiggerthanstomach - expecting - pregnancycravings -
ayragon : Looks so good. .. let me go run 13 miles and I'll get back to you.
lizgossom : Do you have a Firehouse Subs nearby? It is my new favorite.
thecottagemama : @lizgossom We do.....I've never been there. Might have to give it a try! This is Bubs Subs which is an independent shop in town, but I'm obsessed.
thecottagemama : @ayragon Ha!! Yeah, it might take a full marathon to run off this puppy!
skirtastop : Yummmmmm. I'll eat the other half for you! #nursingmamaalwayshungrynomnom
thecottagemama : @skirtastop oh my gosh, my appetite is crazy when I'm nursing! You need the other half for sure!!
dboswo1 - mooseandthepeacock - kellieab - janemichel05 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
This ice cream is sooooo good. Definitely fixed my cinnamon pregnancy craving. #expecting #babynumber4 #31weekspregnant #benandjerrys
benandjerrys - babynumber4 - expecting - 31weekspregnant -
petaquilts : boom.dead
scotsdot : I lost count of the number of pints I ate with my second pregnancy! Cinnamon Bun & Chocolate Fudge Brownie were my faves.
damarisestrada : @sofialemenendez Do you crave THIS!!
lalabubaby : Having a baby is the best :)
sofialemenendez : @damarisestrada mmmmm sounds yum!
janemichel05 : I know someone who may steal that from you!! :)
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I'm kind of loving this piece for our cottage. What do you think? #decisionsdecisions #cottageliving
decisionsdecisions - cottageliving -
btelleen : I've always wanted one for a changing table!
meganabelardsanders : I think it absolutely fits your house, I love it!
meganabelardsanders : I kind of want that mug rack too!
heartmadecreations : Love!
missmaryanndipity : Nice!
stephaniev71 : Love it !
2littlehooligans : I'm in love!!!
becka151 : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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