Lindsay Wilkes

Author of 'Sew Classic Clothes for Girls'. Mama of four: 3 girls and 1 boy. I love sewing, cooking, crafting and all things domestic. I blog here:
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
One of my favorite dresses that I've sewn for my girls. @tulapink #babylocksewing #sewing #sewingforgirls #thecottagemama #isew #creativemamas
isew - babylocksewing - creativemamas - sewingforgirls - sewing - thecottagemama -
quiltnlabs : What is the name of the pattern?
bonnielollar : Adorable!!! @thecottagemama
thecottagemama : @quiltnlabs This is a mash up.....a-line dress with front box pleat, puff sleeve and Peter Pan collar. All can be found in my book: Sew Classic Clothes for Girls
quiltnlabs : Thank you! I'll order the book today :)
monkeymooandmama : Love it x
thecottagemama : @quiltnlabs Be sure to join the Cottage Mama patterns group on Facebook too. I had to alter some of the pieces to make this dress but there are lots of ways to combine the pieces to make your own looks!
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Made these tortilla roll-ups for lunch today! So yummy!! (recipe #ontheblog under appetizers). #recipe #kidfriendly #icook
icook - kidfriendly - recipe - ontheblog -
boninaboutique : My girls always ask for roll ups anything. I must try this. ^_^
thecottagemama : @boninaboutique They are sooooo good!
descraps07 - raspberrycreekfabrics - kel_hornberger - stephaniev71 -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
A round up of some darling, free dress patterns #ontheblog today. (Link in profile). #sewingforgirls #sewing #isew #freedresspattern
sewingforgirls - sewing - isew - ontheblog - freedresspattern -
dubbledecker03 : @jor_ka_lenas_mom
danniliz : @roadtocalvary - I thought you might like this! Super cute dresses :)
roadtocalvary : @danniliz thanks sweet lady! I always love finding patterns for my little girls! Gonna go check this out! πŸ˜‰πŸ’—
sewfierceboutique : @sharkritz
haleymoore310 : @traceabletakes :)
quiltstorymeg : Oooo... yes!!
stephaniev71 : @crzybrdswife
seamssewprecious : Thank you so much for sharing these!
kathryncrafts - rachelf_78 - traceabletakes - tildaandbirdie -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
I got my first set of @chatbooks about a month ago and I love them! So happy to have finally printed some Instagram photos and they were only $6 for 60 photos in each book! If you want to order, you can use my code to get one free: HXXCGUPJ #chatbooks #finallyprintedphotos
chatbooks - finallyprintedphotos -
jessmullins79 : These are the best!!! Looooove @chatbooks
thecottagemama : @bzibee That's awesome!
thecottagemama : @moyersminions That's a lot of books! I did these four with mostly just family photos.
thecottagemama : @maureencracknell What a great gift!!
moyersminions : @thecottagemama am I able to remove pics? So that I can just keep certain ones?
kcheriece : @moyersminions YES! You can exclude any pictures you don't want or even set up a system so you don't get all the books at once if you do want them all. Look in the FAQs for specifics. You can also edit your captions, or turn them completely off.
kmfranklin14 : I ordered with your code 😊😊
thecottagemama : @kmfranklin14 Your books are going to be so cute with that little doll of yours :)
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Free Crayon Art Tote Pattern up #ontheblog today (link in profile). #isew #creativemamas #sewing #thecottagemama #sewingforkids
isew - ontheblog - creativemamas - sewingforkids - sewing - thecottagemama -
9peas : πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
pennyrosefabrics : ❀️❀️❀️
jessmullins79 : Super cute!
emerycatjo - lorabelle71 - angelquilts - fantasiaismine -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
A summer shot of our cottage. Full home tour on the blog today (link in profile). #ontheblog #cottageliving #homeforsale #thecottagemama
homeforsale - ontheblog - thecottagemama - cottageliving -
laurenvandiver79 : @thecottagemama Such a beautiful home. I sent you an email requesting more info. Thanks!
pinkandnavystripes : So cute.
kmfranklin14 : You need to get someone to turn this photo into a water painting! Beautiful!!
fortlauderdalefl : We Love Fort Lauderdale!
maggy__r - sweetmama_2 - jenningsjed73 - saneyafairy -
thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Today I'm sharing a full home tour of the cottage home over on the blog. Come on over to check it out (link in profile). #ontheblog #cottageliving #hometour #thecottagemama
hometour - cottageliving - thecottagemama - ontheblog -
boutiquebythecreek : Beautiful! Looks like a picture in Better Homes and Gardens. 😍
momadvice : I want to live here!
thecottagemama : @momadvice Thanks! You should buy it :). J/k
thecottagemama : @boutiquebythecreek That is the nicest compliment ever! Thank you!!
pinkandnavystripes : cozy look.
kingsugarplums : You're home is unbelievably gorgeous!
kmewingrn : It's beautiful and ready for the next family to move in and make some memories @thecottagemama
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Our house is finally on the market so I thought I would share a picture of my sewing space, if you haven't seen it before. It's not huge, but I love it! #isew #creativemamas #sewingstudio #sewingforkids #thecottagemama
sewingforkids - sewingstudio - isew - thecottagemama - creativemamas -
thecottagemama : @petitdesignco @true2beeme @jojoandeloise @devindearing @9peas @judithmegalunostudio Thank you all so much! I just feel lucky to have a space of my own.....whether it be big or small!
thecottagemama : @sewinginbetween @peartreestitching @polkadotchair Yes, I looooove all the light......the windows are great!
thecottagemama : @dontaskmimi It's in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
thecottagemama : @jenniferoliva2 I hear ya......we use to live in CA.
thecottagemama : @lemonsqueezyhome Thank you! I have been lucky to have any space at all in this house so even though it's small, I'm very thankful!
thecottagemama : @kathryncrafts Thank you!!
thecottagemama : @finnmama13 We are in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
dontaskmimi : Ah... I spent some time in Deerfield MANY moons ago while in flight training.
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
A little tummy time action for JoJo! #sweetjosephinemae #3monthsold #babynumber4
sweetjosephinemae - babynumber4 - 3monthsold -
polkadotchair : Oh she's so adorable.
bmvoight : How adorable!!!
sumossweetstuff : She is just darling!
thecottagemama : @polkadotchair @bmvoight @sumossweetstuff Awwww, thank you so much. She is so fun!
sewinginnomansland : Oh my gosh! She is darling!
debintex : Which one do you think she looks like? They are all so gorgeous I can't decide!
djashw : I would like a actual real photo of this for my birthday!!!
thepalmettobaby : She is so cute.
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thecottagemama - Lindsay Wilkes
Our house will be on the market before the weekend and we had it photographed today (I just took this phone picture). I hope to share some additional interior shots of the cottage with you. #cottageliving #homestaging #homeselling
homeselling - cottageliving - homestaging -
sewingkaren : Good luck!
thecottagemama : @sewingkaren I can use all the luck I can get. Thank you!
bellbridgette : So pretty!
amymccarthy2003 : So pretty!
thecottagemama : @bellbridgette @amymccarthy2003 Awwww, thank you both!
dontaskmimi : Oh to be able to buy your home!!!! I would then die and go to heaven! I want out of CA so badly! Good luck!
laceandpine : It looks great and so clean! I know that can't be easy with 4 kiddos! Great work!
iliarene : Its beautiful.
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