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thebump - The Bump
Moms and dads, this isn't your average bath toy. Tag 3 friends by midnight ET for a chance to win the Flow 'n' Fill Spout from @yookidoo_international (we have two!!). Read all about it here:
clarisell : @its_yves @caro_orama @mrs_decardenas
kgregory0521 : @julieannech @wh1087 @emmyloujohnston
iiiilove_uu : @niiinaaaaa @ezequielsmommy2012 @luv_my_1_n_only
luv_my_1_n_only : @loerlover @illian13 @alex_watermelon
illian13 : @tristaball @taylors_mami @gonzalezz10
christie.ryan : @mrs_cmarble @rochelleigh @fortheloveofskittles
wendeezo : @shellz705 @jessierye @datandangela
mar2no : @mar2no @emileebischof @missygrampp
jesshano - clarisell - luv_my_1_n_only - julietbostrom -
thebump - The Bump
Exciting news: @ohjoy teamed up with @sollybabywrap to design this colorful wrap for spring and we have THREE to give away! Tag three friends below by midnight ET (because good news should travel) you'll be entered to win an #OhJoyforSolly wrap! To read about the collaboration, copy & paste this link in your browser:
ohjoyforsolly -
mrs_cmarble : @rochelleigh @christie.ryan @mr_kmarble
blacquehawk : Wear all the babies @sethnmelissa @maelantz @fiercefitandfabulous
fiercefitandfabulous : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ #wearallthebabies!!! @blacquehawk @sethnmelissa @sherriedick_
p_lopez5 : @femily22 @bashful1 @johnnycalderon11
krissyhr : @infraren
krissyhr : @stephaniekraft
krissyhr : @kathyhughesringhofer
dedehen : @mrs_julianne
lauriai - krissyhr - bashful1 - elletensaust -
thebump - The Bump
Did you catch our own @carleyroney on the @todayshow this morning? We love that @mamasandpapas Armadillo Flip ๐Ÿ˜
wiggletot : That's great
steph_51709 : I missed it. They need a segment about cloth and carriers lol
dedehen : @mrs_julianne
missfee_marie5412 - ckoh12 - shaynaferm - storkvision_jenkintown -
thebump - The Bump
Join the #LeanInTogether movement and show us the partners in your lives that help you! Tag @thebump so we can see who inspires and encourages you! Here's @reesewitherspoon's: โ€จEvery day, I'm so thankful to have this amazing man as my partner. I would not be where I am in this life if I didn't have his constant encouragement and complete support. He changes diapers, makes carpool runs and always has time to give me a much needed pep talk...(He makes a really good latte too! ๐Ÿ˜) Starting today, the organization @LeanInOrg, which encourages women to #leanin and reach their goals at work and at home, is asking us to celebrate the men in our lives who love, help, and support us daily! Husband, dad, brother, grandpa -- do you have an example of a man who you are thankful for? Share a photo tagged with the hashtag #LeanInTogether. I want to see! ....(And don't they deserve it?!) โค๏ธ
leanintogether - leanin -
againstallgrain : @reesewitherspoon inspired me to post too. It's so important!!
christytharpe1 : @missandreav
aanewbornphotography : Love her! She's always been one of my favorites!
erin_bennett1 - wapikka - purdyj_1 - mummamomma -
thebump - The Bump
How cute is @birchbox + @gap's new collab? Your first look #babygapxbirchbox
babygapxbirchbox -
boozleford : @sun_buns yesssss
naydine_e : @gloria_georgy something for you and Ava!!
bianca.diamond : @smariex333 ! We're having a baby! ๐Ÿ‘ถ
dmehler88 : @chels__erickson @dinktobink
smariex333 : lmaoo๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜‚ @bianca.diamond
amanduhhpanda : @tracymac19 I found it! Lol
tracymac19 : Love it @amanduhhpanda โ™ก #gaplovesbirchbox
makingthatcake : @melissa._______
apostolosantoniou - effulgentlove - ceecee1404 - liz_vance -
thebump - The Bump
Don't forget to check out our Best of Baby 2015 winners! Trust us, you need them.
lizziedum : @cemackenzie ๐Ÿ‘ถ
vallen122 : ๐Ÿ˜
scobb4 : @smores_amor @nesswinnie
countrychanel : @mrsguciardo
aanewbornphotography : Can't wait!!! ๐Ÿ’•
stephrollins2 - woobys_diapercakes - mrandmrsgaffney - triderma_skincare -
thebump - The Bump
@bobbiethomas tells us all about her pregnancy journey so far. Read it here!
housewifejmb_56 - woobys_diapercakes - jesssica_erin - leelee522 -
thebump - The Bump
TELL US: What funny things did your toddler say or do when you brought home a new baby? (Photo by Lisa Diederich Photography)
babydoesnyc : Fun!
lulujanephotography : My three year old girl asked when we were taking her baby brother back to the hospital!!!!!
jenngator22 : Not really funny things. More like telling us we should throw her in the trash.
randijoblanton : While I was pregnant my then 3 year old told us if the baby was a boy we had to take it back to the store it came from. Luckily the baby was a girl and she had survived a year of her big sister torturing her now ๐Ÿ˜Š
jhimwich - lrbarkee - yeah_i_know - jaclynblake_ -
thebump - The Bump
Here it is! Our @mollybsims cover story answers all of your questions about pregnancy the second time around. Thanks to @jeffkkim, @jeffvespa and @joeymaalouf for their help with the shoot. Read it at
jane__raquel : @_kingsland
bethbmorris : Is this a magazine you can receive??
aanewbornphotography : Yeah!
kimberlykauffmanphotography : Love The Bump!!
erin711 : @ech0922 baby magazine๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ถ
ia_bon : Beautiful!!
charlottedarling : She is beautiful but with her head there, reads as The Blimp. Typography oversight.
mz_diane : @dfezzz
meghancorrigan - mmmmbach - annie_loves_disney - baobeimaternity -
thebump - The Bump
Trix tracks from @smartgeartoys in action. Keep your ๐Ÿ‘€ on the ball. #toyfair
toyfair -
fluffypinkcloud : @jorsnow @nvsandall marbles
bphinks : @ninjabot
howaboutcookie : So fun!!
jackandollie : Nice
just_keep_sw1mmin : @dan.dan.noodles
dan.dan.noodles : @just_keep_sw1mmin cool
wreathsbydesign1 : Love this๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’Ÿ
wreathsbydesign1 - nuala_and_bump - kerry_belle - knockedupfitness -
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