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theblotsays - The Blot
#StarWars Jello molds!?! Maybe I will start eating Jello.
starwars -
2bithack : @ang_13 shots shots shots shots!!!
taa3z - abelgiangirl - brianewing - tk10815 -
theblotsays - The Blot
#StarWars Jell-O
starwars -
h3rcules : I got one a few weeks ago, the tray has more designs than the packaging lets on. R2, 3P0, vader, yoda, chewbacca, amd a stormtrooper.
theblotsays : Ooh nice! It's hard to pass that up at this price.
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theblotsays - The Blot
Just picked up some sweet new bathing suits for our trip out west! #StarWars #Marvel #DCComics #Batman
batman - starwars - dccomics - marvel -
stevie_t_ : Where were these from?! I want some!
blairjcampbell : Those are awesome!
theblotsays : @stevie_t_ Target!
stevie_t_ : ๐Ÿ‘
deezeecd - mennaaihab - reverend1 - brandonwayne627 -
theblotsays - The Blot
Wow, Kodi Smit-McPheee as #Nightcrawler in #XMenApocalypse looks fantastic! Glad they are bringing Kurt back. #Marvel
nightcrawler - marvel - xmenapocalypse -
saminthecloud : @theblotsays going to be a tough week (until Friday) for ya?
theblotsays : @saminthecloud haha naw! I'll actually be traveling this weekend so I have no idea when I'll actually see Age of Ultron.
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theblotsays - The Blot
Huge thank you to @FurFaceBoy for the awesome gift package! I especially love their very 1st Zine. Check it out and lots of cool t-shirts at
furfaceboy : thx for the continued love and support! lobe the blog, keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ @theblotsays
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theblotsays - The Blot
My Joker wears a sharp purple suit & has an abnormally long white face. #SuicideSquad #DCComics #Batman
dccomics - suicidesquad - batman -
mrscotttolleson : DC fail
sekured : Just saw it wow, not for me
valleydweller : Well, at least they made him vegan.
tracytubera : The thing that makes me laugh about the Joker, is that in general he has always looked ridiculous. This classic joker look never looked scary or menacing to me. It wasn't until the KILLING JOKE Joker did he start to look creepy and psychotic to me. I like the Leto look but have to see his Joker in action to fully love it. I felt the same way with the LEDGER joker. I liked his look from the first pic but wasn't sold until I saw his performance. I'm a diehard DC fan but this Classic JOKER look would not work on screen unless he was a killer clown from Barney and Baileys Circus.
alliewally30 - la_shahs - toys_anonymous - jjoker1979 -
theblotsays - The Blot
See now this is a teaser movie poster I can get behind! #BatmanvSuperman
batmanvsupermandawnofjustice - comics - batman - dawnofjustice - dccomics - comicbooks - batmanvsuperman - superman -
theblotsays : #BatmanvSupermanDawnOfJustice #DawnOfJustice #Batman #Superman #DCComics #Comics #ComicBooks
gonzo247 : Dope!
comicspoint - alfie1376 - awesmosis - thatsuperheropage -
theblotsays - The Blot
If this poster didn't say #FantasticFour I seriously wouldn't recognize these people (maybe I'd be able to ID The Thing). Blockbuster or Bomb? #Marvel
fantasticfour - marvel -
h3rcules : I thought the black kid was supposed to be The Thing...because isn't Johnny, Sue's brother? I guess they could work in adoption.
abelincolnjr : It looks almost as bad as the logo #fantfourstic
joepekula : What?? The Thing is bigger than The Hulk is in the Avengers movie. That's ridiculous. I agree with not being able to decipher this group from some generic sci-fi group without it saying Fantastic 4.
louelxluna : @mnatti
theblotsays : @joepekula exactly! Nothing I've seen says super heroes at all. It is so odd that they're trying to distance themselves from the comic book genre since its a billion dollar industry right now. Just looking at this pic Id think there was a guy who shoots fire out of his hands on the right and a girl who shoots ice out of her hands on the left.
bertrandrustles : It's bizarre.
justinhiltz : let us not forget that marvel is trying to bury the entire FF license.
theblotsays : @justinhiltz and FOX just keeps trying to make it cheaper for Marvel to do so! Hahaha
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theblotsays - The Blot
I celebrated the day after Record Store Day at @Cactus_Music! Thankfully they still had my 1 RSD want in stock, the Citizen Dick single (from the movie Singles).
rsd15 - tenclub - singles - pearljam - recordstoreday - rsd2015 -
theblotsays : #RecordStoreDay #RSD2015 #RSD15 #Singles #PearlJam #TenClub
cactus_music : ๐Ÿ˜˜
theblotsays : @cactus_music thank you guys for putting on another awesome RSD! I stopped by yesterday during the boys nap but the place was crazy packed between RSD and the signing.
paranoidbernzoid : What a soundtrack
alfie1376 - orange_krunch - reverend1 - awesmosis -
theblotsays - The Blot
Other piece is this blue and white zip-up #Marvel hoodie. It's got a Captain America shield print on the inside and a plastic Avengers pin on the bottom. Also fit weird and is being exchanged.
marvel -
theblotsays : Separately I ordered the Iron Man blazer, which is the only reason I signed up. As soon as it arrived I'm canceling my membership. Only way I suggest doing this is by signing up for just one month and using a 50% off code.
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