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heavily influenced by the sun, the moon & the ocean. -----------------–
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
the cinnamon roll belongs to someone else. the view is my food.
jennymcintosh : @thelittlest beautiful! Thanks for the email - sorry I haven't replied yet. Will do so shortly x
mylissafitz : "Well if this isn't nice then I don't know what is".
thelittlest : @mylissafitz perfect. now why isn't that my caption because it's often on my mind? 😊
thelittlest : @jennymcintosh no rush, i'm on island time still!
kateoliver15 : I have never commented on your feed before but I recognized that view and wanted to say enjoy! One of my family's favorite places.
shannsun : We have the same whidbey itinerary, just a different schedule. We'll be there tomorrow.
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
a fort the girls play in every summer. i have no words to describe how much I love this island, washed and worn by the elements. and when i buy the one way ferry crossing to begin my journey home, my heart holds on to the sounds and the smells until i have to let go. pine trees, tidal pulls, agates, driftwood, and eagle nests. i thank my parents, especially my sweet mama, for giving me the gift of this beautiful place.
kelcipotter : Mmm... Sounds like orcas?
brimfulshop : πŸ‘Œ
mara_wanna : A beautiful place to grow up and now share with the kiddos!
mamaklevi : Our home & heart now. Exactly. Enjoying mama time.
thelittlest : @mamaklevi i am going to come find you on fox island this summer 😊
shannsun : It's only been a part of our life for 3 years, but I'm with you 100%.
mamaklevi : Oh lovely :)
courtneybabyccino : πŸ’—
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
teaching my little ones that #RealFoodisFun means tending garden, farmer's market trips, and this special book @annieshomegrown #BerniesFarm (link in profile)
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withlovekacie : Love. I need that one.
missdarlingclementine : hi sweet frankie!
babaaknitwear : Beautiful
spoon.joon : How darling :)
rajovilla : Love
abbanart : Oh so sweet ☺️
annieshomegrown : Perfection! #RealFoodisFun
the_beebo : Great pic
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
this is an accurate representation of life with small children. constant motion, a bit of chaos, juggling priorities, and a whole lotta love. these years go so fast, sand pouring through my fingers, and having moments like these distilled and burned in my heart are what it's about. nothing staged. no filter. truth. thank you nate for these priceless photos of our family. we will treasure them forever. @imageisfound @jaclynkaiser πŸ’› see more on his blog 😊
sarahshermansamuel : Love love this πŸ’—
theflashdance : @kellykellykelly1111 hugs.
sddullanty : Great photo!
joolsoliver : Lovely fab picture πŸ’•
whatthetwinswore : Greatest family pic! You are beautiful inside and out 🐰
gwenniejaustin : @lyden117 love this family pic : )
mamookids : Great capture!!
tammylvh : @mrsjvh truth
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
waiting for β˜€οΈ
picklejames : Where is this @thelittlest
ruffledsnob : Ah this makes me crave summer!
brimfulshop : That's a little slice of heaven right there!
courtneybabyccino : πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ
missdarlingclementine : lovely
decemberandjune : You just missed the sun!
thelittlest : @decemberandjune i soaked up the sun yesterday (and really appreciate a bit of weather!β˜”οΈ)
karalynnbird : oh but the colors! 😍
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
your moment of zen πŸ˜‚
passivejuicemotel : Looks like Moonrise Kingdom.
mestevade : Beautiful ✨
circarentals : Thank you, so tranquil.
lucianagoias : Love this nature music
nellyandthehudsons : So nice!
preservegoods : Felt like I really needed this today. Thanks.
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
island (and mama) bound
shannsun : Oh, I'll be there on Thursday! (Random follower here, but we have a mutual friend - @aliceqfoodie).
aliceqfoodie : Such a great spot - we got married on Whidbey Island! @shannsun ☺️
shannsun : @aliceqfoodie I remember you saying that before. My sister lives there, so we're thrilled to get to visit all the time now.
sometimesandforever : Sending wishes for safe travel and a full heart!
mara_wanna : ❀️. Looks like a beautiful NW day
connichiwah : I just got back Wednesday. Perfect weather they're having.
catherineabegg : i wanna see you up here sometime, in the cool air of the northwest... but do i get to see you next week?!
thelittlest : @catherineabegg next week for sure!😍
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
a good morning thought on this beautiful day✨ ………………………………………………………………this being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. a joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. welcome and entertain them all! even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. he may be clearing you out for some new delight. meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. be grateful for whatever comes. because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. -- jelaluddin rumi πŸ“· from a cenote in tulum @jessechamberlin πŸ’›
missjora : Thank you, Elizabeth!!
purlbird : πŸ’› Rumi
conchabelle : Beautiful..made me stop and think!!
thelittlest : @angelahardison @joiebutter @ashley_newhouse @missjora thank YOU wonderful womenπŸ’“
cag2cag : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
hrhtks : Love this!
jessechamberlin : let's go back
stephubertdesign : This is wonderful ✨✨
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
museum going #lacma #pierrehuyge β˜”οΈ
pierrehuyge - lacma -
allieshorin : @marcobruzzese
jenaneumann : Awwwwww!
letitiaivins : Did the girls like the show? Need to see!
thelittlest : @letitiaivins it closed today! ;(
virginiay : It was so good! Many many questions followed that exhibition.... @thelittlest
bashplease : mind blowing right?
thelittlest : Some of us were more impressed than others @bashplease πŸ˜‚ some beautiful moments for certain!
thelittlest : @virginiay haha. yup.
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
take it easy #reallifeisoutside
reallifeisoutside -
kirdhillon : Such a good shot πŸ’• : ❀
annaleighskein : Beautiful πŸ‘Œ
helenbartlettphotography : Love this
littleleonreads : Beautiful ❀️
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