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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
a-frame life: 6 kids, five adults, and a lot of fondue on the way... @amaaaandita @michaelesimmering @kalonstudios @theflashdance
pixiesf : @dericw I was showing you the A Frame and those kids belong to several couples. Not one with 6. I think we are good with 4
denai_jones : πŸ‘Œ
mominzurich : That's so gorgeous and cozy @thelittlest! Have a wonderful weekend!
rimante : Windy day? :) Those chairs outside.
monkeyandsquirrel : And magnatiles. Always magnatiles!
littlelaurenb : @rebecca_nicole18 this is what I wanted for our future. Cabin nights in arrowhead when we were all thirty. Fuck victor.
kerrycrawford : Sounds perfect
annaheartstristan : Beautiful place!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
a mountain getaway #atowncalleddeliverance
atowncalleddeliverance -
ajalake : Those red kicks. ❀️
deakinhandmade : πŸ‘Œ
momangeles : Love this!! Ok we repost?
kellyfondots : We were just there last weekend :)
austinhendrix : look! a deer!
joscelynnefeinstein : @thelittlest nico is up at lake arrowhead with friends this weekend!! Have fun!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
Favorite new song: "When I set my eyes on you Gonna keep you outta town at night When I set my eyes on you Not gonna be outta my sight And now you know Everywhere on Earth you go You’re gonna have me as your man" When I get my hands on you Gonna make you carry me When I get my hands on you Gonna make you marry me And now you know Everywhere on Earth you go You’re gonna have me as your man When I come home to you Gonna take you down to the riverside When I come home to you Hold you in my arms all night" πŸ’“
abbanart : Lovely
tack_and_ward : Love this song so much!
kellyfondots : Yea!!
jessechamberlin : ❀️
austekuolas : Oh yes. This is a recent favorite of mine too. So good.
gabbyjohnson_ : who sings this
dejabarlow : Loving this song right now too!
dejabarlow : And the whole documentary.
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
LA winter
all_the_joie : @tinercmb
its_a_bondi_life : Wow stunning πŸ’›
ladevastator : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
stephsphotobooth : SOOO PRETTY!!
katiehanblergher : It was a good one tonight. β›…οΈπŸ‘
namip55 : Great :)
not_of_aleth : Love for the warmth in this capture
carla_manuel : Great capture!
ashleylwilsey - carla_manuel - amateurflaneur - katjaroje -
thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
tardy lean.
akidbrand -
joiebutter : that girl is so much sunshine
aliceyorkjewelry : Fun! #goodtimes
imageisfound : holy what shoes are those?!
oldjoy : Best smile
thelittlest : @imageisfound they are #akidbrand moccasins. she loves! 😍
audrina_julia : Oh so cute! Big girl already.πŸ’—πŸ’”πŸ˜˜
darcyhemleycasucci : You did it!!! You used "tardy lean"! C will be proud! @thelittlest
sierrawes : @peterdenham
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
such a gift to be able to slip away on a rainy evening to take an #artofattention workshop with @elenabrower. i'm so grateful for this lifelong yoga practice and how it continues to transform and humble me. tonight my heart overflows...#elenabrower #katonahyoga #sadhanaisseva ✨
sadhanaisseva - elenabrower - artofattention - katonahyoga -
reveriedaydream : beautiful in every way ...
here_now_sometimesthen : πŸ™Œ
indiasummerlove : Best message I ever had was there πŸ’œ
blacqueunicorn : Sad I missed this. Luvher and the Raven πŸ’–
heatherheron : πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
danielle.rosati : Yay @katonahyoga :)
pjewell : I had a pilates session with your friend Amalia the other day. While she kicked my tush, we discussed how annoyingly perfect you are :-)
thelittlest : @pjewell wow! i really wish that was true!! ✨ sigh.
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
heading to the racetrack πŸ‡
adrienneloth : I love you guys! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
missdarlingclementine : sweet girls
inhonorofdesign : 😍😍😍
houseinhabit : Cutest thing I've seen all day.
letitiaivins : Fun!!! Sweet hats! Look at those gappy gums. Petra told me the other day that her ONE wish is that one of her baby teeth fall out...petite Petra!
thehjyeon : so pretty girs~~
thelittlest : @letitiaivins very soon little Petra!
behappymum : This is gorgeous!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
early risers require townes van zandt (i'll be here in the morning on repeat)
naurnie : He's my fave since childhood. SG gets a Townes lullaby every night.
houseinhabit : YAH
camwebb33 : Ooh I'm such a fan
aliceyorkjewelry : Love ✌️
ohsiesta : πŸ‘Œβœ”οΈ
anicahudd : can we please arrange for me to see you and your young ones very soon πŸ˜πŸ’ž i'm having withdrawals 😩
darcyhemleycasucci : And chocolate roosters @thelittlest
thelittlest : @darcyhemleycasucci I thought it was made of wood but now I'm curious that I've been missing out this entire time 🍫
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
Oh by the way! I'll be hosting a party @madewell1937 Pasadena next Friday January 30 from 7-9 pm. Everyone is welcome to come out of hibernation for some bubbly & sweet treats (and discounts throughout the store) seriously, take your fancy sweats off and come out!! 126 West Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA I hope to see you there! πŸ’« #madewell1937 #madewelldenim
madewell1937 - madewelldenim - madewellpantsparty -
rage_step : @roxieromo lets go!
thelittlest : @wakako_baumkuchen @kurisulau please do!
thelittlest : @roxieromo c'mon girl!
wakako_baumkuchen : Oh I wish!!! @kurisulau just realized I made a plan for dinner that night!! Will let you know of anything changes!!
kurisulau : @wakako_baumkuchen yes!! Let me know!!!!! @thelittlest will sure try to make it!!
thelittlest : #madewellpantsparty
kalonstudios : Gorgeous
doteshopping : Lovely!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
the best part of my job is working with stunning mothers (and sweet babies!) such a great day onset with @simoneleblanc for #ergobaby ✨
ergobaby - watermelon -
simoneleblanc : You are amazing, lady! Xx #watermelon
socialcommon : Sounds amazing !
jleighwms : ❀️
morrismonk : That does look amazing.
darcyhemleycasucci : So sweet!
steadyhappy : so nice to be with all you sweet mamas today! love you @thelittlest @darcyhemleycasucci @simoneleblanc @weelittlebear <3
thelittlest : @rosepettles I'm a freelance creative director and helped produce Ergobaby's spring campaign featuring real families using Ergo products. so fun!
shannonroddy : @thelittlest love that Ergo is casting actual families!!!
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