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elizabeth antonia

the light in me bows to the light in you –-------------------------------------------------------http://thelittlestblog@gmail.com
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
time to wrap these babies...πŸ‘Ά
yippie_universe : Aghhhh Waldorf Püppchen.
florahue : These are gorgeous! Where are they from?
missjora : I added that book to our winter/holiday collection this year. ☺️
thelovelynzie : Love love love Sybille von Olfers. And that book, though I'm partial to the Root Children. πŸ’œπŸŒ±βœ¨
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
before the sky turned electric. a new moon on the shortest day of the year. time to slow down and reflect. and love. and be together. enjoy all that you have created. and all that has been created for you. it's perfect. stop worrying about forgotten gifts or forgotten cards or that you didn't do enough. stop worrying. write a letter in your heart. they'll receive it. #happysolstice
happysolstice -
sddullanty : Amen to that! πŸŒπŸ’«
talesfromabungalow : πŸ™Œ
moodbluecrew : So touching!! Merry Christmas!!
jaimehubert : ✨✨✨
lovetayway : Nice....
mjcaliforniamj : Thank you...
adrienneloth : Love you @thelittlest
thelittlest : @adrienneloth I just wrote on yours at same time!! βœ¨πŸ’“βœˆοΈhave the best time in Paris!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
blue mocs & green juice #akid
akid -
jenifer.rod : πŸ’›
charmit_ : L😍VE
ensoie : πŸ’•
oldjoy : beauty!
rebeccabooholden : @thelittlest what are they? Thx
thelittlest : @rebeccabooholden they are @akidbrand!
binkymagazine : So sweet!
nativewilds : Perfection ❀️
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
such a treat to work with this sweet family today at one of my favorite beaches #ergobaby @houseinhabit #schoolsoutforchristmas
schoolsoutforchristmas - ergobaby -
socialcommon : Making the ergo glamorous ! @houseinhabit @thelittlest
jessiejonz : hey from a few exits awayπŸ‘‹β˜ΊοΈ
here_now_sometimesthen : Gorge!
navajomama : Pretty
naurnie : I love those people! @houseinhabit
xxtherogxx : "Whatcha doin in ma waters?"
thelittlest : @xxtherogxx locals only πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Š
houseinhabit : I love this. So much. ❀️
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
little things on my dresser: a Polaroid that was taken six years ago on Christmas Day. it was our first outing into the real world with our baby girl. everything so new and fragile perfectly captured here + a double birthstone ring from @chincharmaloney to celebrate my winter girls. ✨#tbt
tbt -
theflashdance : my heart is swelling.
elauinc : Love this! πŸ’–
xxtherogxx : Babies making babies
celialacoquetakids : Beautiful @thelittlest
joscelynnefeinstein : @thelittlest I thought that was a belly button ring you took out when you were pregnant with Elodie!!
cleomurnane : Like. Like. Love!!
happymariee : Aaaww
yanpalmer : You two. Wow. ❀️
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
Looking horrible (yet happy!) in this photo with the legendary Bill Cunningham during a quite cold NY fashion week (when I used to attend such things). I think I also met Iris Apfel that same day. thank you Bianca & Caroline for unearthing thisπŸ’“ #advancedstyle before #advancedstyle was a thing
advancedstyle -
aliceqfoodie : β€οΈπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘β€οΈ
lassenariaphoenix : Horribly lovely, my beautiful sister, if their ever was such a thing!❀️
unscriptedphotos : What?!rad!!!!!
motherofgeminigirls : Are you crazy?! This photo is fucking amazing. I went back and looked at it like three times on Bianca's FB yesterday. I love the coat, the smile, the boobs. Give me a break sister. When you've got it, you've got it. πŸ’‹
yusefina : Cutie!
catherineabegg : gah! i love you!
yeahrentals : 😘😍
yanpalmer : Bill Cunningham !!!!!#
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
una, elodie, clara, a wistful rat, and a jolly boy. her first nutcracker was so great! #nowwearesix
nowwearesix -
busybuzzy : So festiveπŸ’šβ€οΈ
margauxelliott : yay! happy birthday, sweet girl! πŸ’›
lanadaviesland : I saw it too! How did you meet them? So lovely
weelicious : So sweet!!
soniaboyajian : πŸ‘Œ
courtneybabyccino : Lucky girl!! Happy happy! xx
mamaklevi : A fab tradition! (That rats hands on her kinda creepy eek haha) My girls over the moon about Clara too.
thelittlest : @mamaklevi ha! yes, the mice were a little too realistic.
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
"when i have said my evening prayer, and my clothes are folded on my chair, mama switches off the light, i'll still be five years old tonight. but from the very break of day, before the children rise and play, before the darkness turns to gold, tomorrow i'll be six years old… six kisses when i wake, six candles on my cake. a goodnight kiss for the five year old to send her to sleep and to dreaming. and blessings to the six year old who'll climb out of bed in the morning.” #tradition #inthekingdomofchildhood
inthekingdomofchildhood - tradition -
madebylon : Happy birthday!! x
aminarazaq : Happy birthday E x
kellyharris : Happy birthday Elodie!!
missdarlingclementine : happy birthday beautiful girl! and you too mama!
stephanieminkoff : Adorable!!
fulltime1it : Beautiful ❀️❀️😍
abjane17 : I love this! I hope Elodie had a wonderful birthday! ❀️
martina_smiles : @chris_dwelle OMG, Mom!
bunnybunnykids - taitgee - lassenariaphoenix - abjane17 -
thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
unforgettable last day of five. thank you for such a beautiful holiday experience with so many of our favorite angelenos. @ccommunity #ccholiday
ccholiday -
onur.dnzz : just sweet
danihampton : So so great to see you. Adore you, lady! Hope you survived the doll store. ;)
stacyharper : That one day away from six year old smile took my breathe away. So glad you guys got to be there @thelittlest
totpawleys : Look at that smile! So beautiful.
thelittlest : @danihampton she got one! i barely survived! πŸ˜‚
thelittlest : @weelicious the odds!! πŸ’“
thelittlest : @stacyharper you, and @kkimmel, and @taiters are magic. seriously in awe of you. thank you for all that you do.✨
missdarlingclementine : aw what a special day indeed!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
today was gray and I wanted time to get caught in the clouds. we pulled up to her school and then slowly passed it. i needed to watch the last days of five. #truant
truant -
billiejane : The sweetest.
4evr20one : @thelittlest for realz! Me too!πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
morrismonk : I love you
emilyjanelynch : Love this! It's good to break rules and LIVE life! Woohoo.
deakinhandmade : πŸ™Œ
joolsoliver : Love doing that xxx
islandfairy : You're lucky you can do that. We used to when Maia was smaller but now missing a day of school was land us in trouble and increase her workload. πŸ˜’
missmariloustudio : It's nice to do that once in a while, or go to the boulangerie to eat chocolatines and croissants on a school morning to break the routine...unfortunately, I'm like @islandfairy...my eldest son (10) got in trouble for being late last week πŸ˜”
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