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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
It's papa more and more these days...can't say I blame her.
twinkandsis : πŸ’™
missdarlingclementine : that cactus! 😱
lu_lynch : For a moment I thought it was E. 😳
thelittlest : @lu_lynch what 4 years ago? πŸ˜‚ she's not THAT tall.
lu_lynch : @thelittlest I know! But somehow I still think of E as a toddler 😜
zupremelynanzy : Cactus 🌡😱
rufflebutts : Sweet photo
aminarazaq : Going through the same thing here 😏
roshanifonseka10 - k.vs.n - belenrr2 - karalar1907 -
thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
1. A favorite photos of us from the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome just shy of eight years ago. It was a warm day and we were gazing up at a stand of Aleppo pines, my favorite trees in the world. 2. If you know the song "As" by Stevie Wonder and listen to it in its entirety, you will know it takes you from sweetness to elation to hopeful to angry back to fantastical through to passionate before landing solidly on LOVE. It is a beautiful creation by a beautiful man. I encourage you to listen to it full blast often. To this day that is what this wonderful song does to me, to this day that's how I feel about @theflashdance. 3. I'll be loving you until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky, until the ocean covers every mountain high, until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea, until we dream of life and life becomes a dream, until the day is night and night becomes the day, until the trees and seas just up and fly away, until the day that 8x8x8x8 is 4, until the day that is the day that are no more #always #happynineyears P.S. Listen to that song. It will make your day. "Change your words into truth and then change that truth into love and maybe our children's grandchildren and their great-great grandchildren will tell that I'll be loving you always"
always - happynineyears -
joscelynnefeinstein : @thelittlest so beautiful. ❀️
misskatyt : Love that song @thelittlest - it was our first dance at our wedding πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
thelittlest : @ashleymuirbruhn just a big sapπŸ˜ŒπŸ’“
thelittlest : @mindfeel_llc and how lucky for that? to appreciate our tears of love and happiness😍
mindfeel_llc : @thelittlest yes, absolutely yes! Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family❀️
lovelyfrancesca : I have something in my eye... πŸ’”
yanpalmer : Geeze, you guys. You keep getting brighter. Definitely will listen ❀️
cleomurnane : Love you two πŸ’ž
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
out of office reply courtesy of @theflashdance. we loved this pool and we'll miss it dearly @vacationpalmsprings @wyndhamvacationrentals πŸ’¦
theflashdance : BABE! 😘
lassenariaphoenix : Love your suit. Do tell where it's from.
frau_glas : Love your definition of MILF πŸ’•@kusumlynn
hoangha : @damanhthu @bella.ntang photo like thiss😍
bella.ntang : @hoangha lets plan for it
damanhthu : @bella.ntang @hoangha come over babes
onesmallchild : Looks so comfortable!
_debsteer_ : @josh_kss haha chas au so mache wie sie ^^ weisch.. Fett shwimmtπŸ’πŸ™†πŸ˜‹ und muskle sind shweererπŸ’ͺπŸ˜…πŸ™Š drum hetsch gar kei change gege üs fraue^^
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
she's sad our post-swim nap is over. me too. @vacationpalmsprings @wyndhamvacationrentals
ibbyandpop : Looks heavenly!
julesiepie : I love that hammock!!!
mvcoite : Looks lovely!
anicahudd : so small i almost didn't see her πŸ’—
somewhereoverthisrainbow : Wow where did you get that hammock?
portablesera : So so good.
victorianiks : Ah so cute :)
mr_adams_2013 - mariam_azimi - mrskayt123 - christalintnersantos -
thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
10:45 am and 100 degrees in Palm Springs. Back to the pool STAT. @vacationpalmsprings @wyndhamvacationrentals #antoniastravelogue
antoniastravelogue -
jostober : How do you the area? We were there a few years ago and it was so quiet. Aside from pool do you love it? Need tips because it would be a simple break from our long winter in Canada. I love California but could not quite wrap my head around PS.
monkeykidsandme : Child melting temps☺️
imageisfound : That place has delish smoothies :)
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
she just squeezed all the sunscreen out of the tube then moved on to the other one. serge and i don't approve. πŸ˜’ #doyouknowwhosergeis? #pleasesayyes
pleasesayyes - doyouknowwhosergeis -
mamaklare : Yes.
lindaranzijn : Yes!! Or 'mais oui' πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
kirdhillon : I love her πŸ’•πŸ’•
uniqueboutiques : Bien sur
buryanddiscover : Yes!
phillipa_a : Couleur ... Cafe... Le le le le couleur cafe ✨
thelittlest : @phillipa_a πŸ™Œ
nabieditoui : Oh oui πŸ‘ŒπŸ»! - haidenbonner - mariam_azimi - shaadeemae -
thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
two hours of this and now she is sleeping in the giant fort we built in the living room. #antoniastravelogue @vacationpalmsprings @wyndhamvacationrentals
antoniastravelogue -
loriensgrotto : She's growing up too fast! I love you guys so much
jostober : Where are you staying? A house?
jostober : Never mind! I see tags!
portablesera : Haha πŸ‘πŸΌ
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
We had the best (stumptown) espresso in Palm Springs and they didn't even roll their eyes when we started blowing up these cute #seedlingstory balloons to keep the girls occupied
seedlingstory -
missdarlingclementine : it's the little things!
nothingbutstripes : Those shoes ... 😍
lizadiana7 : Absolutely adorable!!
catherinetaylortai : Elizabeth, Elodie looks so grown up (and beautiful) in this photo. I love watching your little family grow, thanks for sharing these moments with all the other mommas out there.
avarcastore : Adorable! 😍
desimckinnon : It's always nice to be able to enjoy yourself sans eye rolling. πŸ˜‰
thelittlest : @missdarlingclementine @desimckinnon there is a sign on the door that says "no one under 21 allowed" 😁
missdarlingclementine : @thelittlest at a cafe!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
My favorite time of day in Palm Springs finally arrived...the sun begins to set and the mountains light up. We roasted marshmallows under an almost full moon and the girls had s'mores with their feet in the pool (it's still 99 degrees out) #summervibes @wyndhamvacationrentals @vacationpalmsprings #antoniastravelogue
summervibes - antoniastravelogue -
emilyalder : How fun!
morganpansing : The best!
missingfillmore : DreamyπŸ’­
toastncandy : @rydeane
gilkenan : So glad you guys finally get a vacation
amaaaandita : Haha! @gilkenan
thelittlest : @gilkenan walking with you guys in the rain in little tokyo really took a lot out of us
thelittlest : @paigeappel I know😌 next week right?!!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
We've snuck away for a mid-week family road trip to Palm Springs. Normally we stay in hotels so we are extra excited to try out a rental through @vacationpalmsprings and @wyndhamvacationrentals. We were welcomed by this cute pinchy crab ball and a big, beautiful pool! πŸ’¦ #antoniastravelogue
antoniastravelogue -
morganpansing : Enjoy!!
pvega : First, we were both in Italy and now we're both dwelling the deserts. I do believe we're on the same wavelength πŸ’†
ladygolightly : Fun!
df_beauty : So cute
thelittlest : @pvega so good! γ€°γ€°γ€°
thelittlest : @billyfleetwood are you here?! Call!
billyfleetwood : @thelittlest Not yet! Trying to do a week later in August.
jasapromosi_olshop : Very best!
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