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on this path with my family...
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
One of the best things about living in NYC was meeting this beauty. I've learned a lot about motherhood from you Latham. Thank you for all the beauty that you share. @glowmaven (and πŸ’“ that we matched today!)
glowmaven : @thelittlest I love you angel πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
samanthajhahn : Gorgeous women
rebekah.mama : What's that coat ??
latonyayvette : I love this!
weelicious : Was sitting right across from you beauties!
aykinn : @thelittlest what is that coat? πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
ostaraclothing : Ohh my mum will be soo jealous! She adore Cafe Gratitude!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
less than 3 weeks until this one is mine alllll summer. #radiantbeing
radiantbeing -
sosharono : She's gorgeous! We should get our girls together!!😊
ballaibea : It is so exciting!!!! I get mine tomorrow ...
missingfillmore : You lucky things, we have a week off next week and then 8 whole weeks until summer holiday.
sometimesandforever : So sweet! We've for one more day then a whole summer free before kindergarten begins! Bittersweet.
3_joyfulhearts : 😁 so excited for summer too!
stylishhipkids : adorable!
joscelynnefeinstein : @thelittlest we better find one day this summer to get together!!
formmaker : Hi Elizabeth, this is Kira. I have just sent you a direct message about working together, can you please check? Thank you so much! @thelittlest
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
grind, measure, pour, drip, wipe the counter clean. our work is their play.
ashleychimes : My 3 year old grinds coffee at her Montessori preschool. It's the best
sosharono : πŸ’›
ekulmer : I hear the Casbah's hiring...
bonnietsang : Amazing!
edieandy : Our little guy loves to grind the coffee!
kalonstudios : Their play is their work :)
joannalynn_olson : Hello. I need to be teaching my little lady this "game" πŸ™ŒπŸ»
vernazza : @jonryle
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
the perfect pair. thank you #beatricevalenzuela, you beautiful mermaid! your sandalias are so goodπŸ’“
beatricevalenzuela -
adevaul75 : Me wants!!
ohhjessica : Lovely
beatricevalenzuela : β˜€οΈ
missdarlingclementine : @beatricevalenzuela they're fantastic! and E, that ruuuuuug!
songbirdjules : πŸ’›
thelittlest : @missdarlingclementine i got it from @shopmille!! πŸ’“
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
whales, snails, and crocodile tails (ok, i made that last one up) so glad i finally made it to #vincentlugopark!
vincentlugopark -
thetipi : This looks fun!
mrszakinhk : @gillyruthers @kruther10 near you?
kruther10 : Sadly not. Up in eastern LA. Looks awesome though @mrszakinhk
angela_c_t.o : @call_me_carla you guys should make the trek here
hellohomeroom : I grew up coming here! This just made me so happy.
intrepidmomma : This is ten minutes from my house, yet I had never heard of it. Thank you so so much!
houseinhabit : I wanna go!!
thelittlest : @houseinhabit let's!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
in less than two weeks I'm tagging along with Michael to @sonjarasula's creative conference in the woods #theuniquecamp. for three days we will be checking our cell phones and, to some extent, our old identities at the door. i've felt a shift coming for a while...needing to throw off some of the many hats i've worn in my adult life (creative director/art director/writer/producer/etc) and focus with an open heart and mind on what i will create next. i'm excited to learn from the amazing speakers, take a polar bear swim, watch @theflashdance play under the stars, and commune with some big dreamers, thinkers, and doers. more and more I see that we only have one shot at this life. it is my personal responsibility to make it as expansive as possible. I want my daughters to see me trade in ideas, not things. i'm ready to receive (and to also participate in a big way!) i can't wait to share a recap. @theuniquecamp #dontsettle #createaspark #getyourmindoutside πŸ“· @sonjarasula πŸ’₯
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modernqueenkids : Love and beyond! πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ’•
ashley_neese : Sounds so amazing!! ✨
theuniquecamp : Can't wait for you to experience it, see you soon!!!
yeahrentals : can't wait!
theflashdance : going to be great!
mdwphoto : Wow. Love this idea. Dream as wild and free as can be.
sddullanty : ✨ Sounds amazing
hassanmirza : @thelittlest so nicely put. Seems like such a great group at #theuniquecamp
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
@soor_ploom is giving away the prettiest summer dress this week. head over to her IG for more details! 🌸#primdressgiveaway
primdressgiveaway -
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
a quiet moment with my girl captured by @morganpansing at #CCAce2015. i'm in awe of the magic and imagination of @ccommunity and can't wait until their next event. some highlights of our wonderful weekend in Palm Springs on the blog. #linkinprofile
linkinprofile - ccace2015 -
joscelynnefeinstein : ❀️❀️❀️
soor_ploom : So beautiful
ccommunity : This photo... πŸ’”
leehocampo : Quero minha filha assim @_diegovargas 😍
houseinhabit : So pretty with all the sun around them @morganpansing
courtneyadamo : Gorgeous you two! xx
songbirdjules : Omg πŸ’›πŸ’₯
jessechamberlin : pretty!
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
who wears the stripes in the family?!! (and the cutest spanish sandals by @avarcastore #castellavarcas
castellavarcas -
cmllre : Her sandals!!
mozzymrs : Very chic!
jessechamberlin : miss you guys!
mabokids : That smile!!
avarcastore : @thelittlest Thanks for sharing πŸ˜πŸ™
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thelittlest - elizabeth antonia
The Wanderer What is she like? I was told— she is a melancholy soul. She is like the sun to the night; a momentary gold. A star when dimmed by dawning light; the flicker of a candle blown. A lonely kite lost in flight— someone once had flown. #happytobehome #langleav
happytobehome - langleav -
coffeeandbookss : Such a beautiful photo with the loveliest poem
byboyandgirl : love it all
kategetzschman : Melancholy. Hugs, friend.
mommasgonecity : ❀️
hedleyandbennett : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
sulphurcrested : Those words are something else. Sad but beautiful.
twineandvines : I love this
jessechamberlin : pretty, pretty. ❀️
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