Ed Templeton

See a new slide show and some words about the Wayward Cognitions photo book on Nowness.com
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Take the lefts years and times it by two for the right. Both are tight, and in nice light. @erinjoellle and #deannatempleton at the #OCfair
deannatempleton - ocfair -
tempster_returns : @freewood +
disrose : So...did ya get a switch blade comb?
g___m : 24/44?
chrissenn : I need a board sponser hit me up time re unite
chrissenn : Really ed I miss u and Deanna we gota get bak together man
newlowskateco : ^^^πŸ‘
stuccimane : #deannaneverages
i_eat_concrete : Jump on that Ed. ^
dorkbert - honkymckringleberry - lydiatillman - madmax1442 -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Wasting money or buying entertainment? #OCfair
ocfair -
graverobbr : busted usin #algcon algcon.tumblr.com @newmoondoggie @strange_vibrations
half_man_half_horrible_beast : I believe there's only real small percentage of real psychics in the world and they usually don't charge and the fakes use psychology to fool people.
mattfrenchart : Your visual storytelling is tops
faceofthemap : Ha- ha!! @waxfigure πŸ‘Š
stackaxdolla : Zoltar Speaks.
pubwisdom : Great one
spookles : It's not a waste of money if you end up waking up as an adult version of yourself
_beer_oclock_ : No such things as a psychic, lovely pic tho.
chicojefferson - iphobia - supleaa - loller_skater -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
ocfair -
angiepantsss : @tumyeto let's go (again)!
crystalmetz666 : #DailydeepfrieddickdrizzledincumphIto
mwallin70 : Fried This Fried That Blaaaach
chill_villain1 : @afr__
seasick13 : What 80s icons are playing tonight?
frobonics : Lets go ride these @vixen2786
vixen2786 : Ass!! @frobonics
umm_steven : @anniestesia your mom and Craig!
ryno902 - jadineann - toaster_strudel714 - chixxsonboard -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Give us money for our clever ruse, our attempt to trick and deceive you. Every time I hear the word 'ruse' I think of Clerks, when Randall berates a customer for trying to trick him. These metal rod theatrics are real hot in Europe right now, and it's spreading to the US. "Hey honey, wanna go sit around for a few hours?" #dailyhbpierphoto
dailyhbpierphoto -
brefdoe : @chrisfedor there's no such thing as a wanna be skaters
viva_la_mort : Booby business is smart business.
djvoltra : @kimcakes_
djimwiththedj : #specialhead isn't so special anymore.
tempster_returns : @chrisfedor nice!
jonny_quest : They were all the rage in India during the late 1800s #fakirs
holes77 : @ish_bee
rzafrombrixton : Hmmm Ed your opening gambit about said ruse would appear hyper critical of people performing "tricks" for monetary gain. Whilst crude and lacking in the skill it takes to be a "performer" on a skateboard (please don't anyone say they are athletes) are they not simply selling an illusion much like competing companies convincing Tweens that hard rock maple decks with a different graphic and pro endorsement will help you become a better skater than another hard rock maple deck? As @chrisfedor says without the these threads the tapestry of life would be incomplete.
ryno902 - mosswoodland - scrodclambio - yoerivromans -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Today's visitor: Clinton Woodside of the @deadbeatclub @clintwoodside
leahbethhale : #landline
rileysmithphoto : #mamiya7ii πŸ‘ŒπŸ“·
clintwoodside : Hi everybody! @helka @theminorthread @ange_261 @dotgovgov @alieneyeball @ryanlowry @kineticskateboarding πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
clintwoodside : Also... @amigowildman I don't know if you remember... But we used to hang in NYC together back in the day... Old 2nd ave crew. ( @brian_maryansky back me on this.) so... Hi to you too... πŸ‘‹
brian_maryansky : @clintwoodside best times. Glad to see you rockin the 7. My fave along with.my M3..2nd ave. Crew. Michael and Zoe's
amigowildman : @clintwoodside indeed I do!!! stoked to see you met the sheik as well
16tons : Kinky Mamiya, @clintwoodside
grinchlord : @billeheyho
yattedigo - lukaswenn - ellie_59 - way__way -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
There's a preview of my upcoming book of photographs, #WaywardCognitions (@umyeaharts, October 2014) along with a short interview over at @Nowness .com (clickable link on my profile)
waywardcognitions -
amandapowellskate : Ed, I just absorbed your issue of Huck. It was given to me as a gift by Marcus of @wheelbasemag and it is so captivating! Your interview and Deanna's are especially inspirational to me. Thank you for always sharing your brilliant, thought-provoking art and perspective of the world with us.
tempster_returns : @amandapowellskate thanks! I haven't even seen the @huckmagazine yet!!!
wheelbasemag : πŸ‘
yostazyo : ❀️ i want a print to hang in my new ny home you selling any in LA or NY soon?
softnugget : @alecshambles I'm tryna go with steez!
alecshambles : To the signing? @softnugget
tempster_returns : @yostazyo I'll hook you up.
softnugget : @alecshambles yezzir!
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
My little brother doesn't even need a leash, I'm a feral dog boy, you can't control me. "You can't kill me, I'm already dead." -Charles Manson / a man was walking on the pier today counting some money when the wind, that filthy thief, stole a dollar from his quiver and fluttered it over the edge of the pier and down to the sand. The entire family rushed to the rail and looked longingly at that dollar floating down to rest, then sitting there is the sun, just waiting for the passer by to run up and snatch it - it's my lucky day! - Decisive action needed to be taken and acted upon right away. Suddenly, the boy, chubby, started to run to the foot of the pier. Deanna and I watched him round the corner and bound down the steps, Froggering the bike path and trudging quickly over the sand navigating towards his family's wayward dollar bill. When he retrieved it the family was elated, nobody had attempted to steal it, the boy held it up over his head - the universal sign of "Look I got it!" And waved cutely at his mother who pulled out a camera and shot a picture of her son, beading with sweat and waving the paper in the air. We walked on, the only other people who were privy to this episode outside of the family.
tempster_returns : @ryangraves I like @arnold_daniel too. I reckon I'm older.
mynamesmike : Froggering is an excellent description.
ekawear : Hehe Froggering, brilliant
simonthomasneal : Such a cool story. Its strange that you may not ever see the family again. Yet you had a tiny insight into a moment in their lives. People watching can be fascinating....Ed templeton book? #pierlife
abductedallison : @zeppelinfever lol
alexkingrat : @monithegoatboy heheheh
fred_hjertstedt_3rd : The one she doesn't trust
cretesea : Child leashes should be a punishable offense.
eazy__steezy - jeanmarcj83 - rupertishere - yoyomamma321 -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#ScenesFromSuburbia #SuburbanScenes
scenesfromsuburbia - suburbanscenes -
jonnydeleon : #thatsamanbaby
casemagrace : Bullfrog status
_yeezus_christ_ : #milf
plankton_every_day : #nottooshabby
pubwisdom : Nice style
p3rm4nd : #pedestrianskills πŸ˜„
ladybirdlilly2 : She has an adams apple?
nolliekickflip80 : Haha direct hit @ladybirdlilly2
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
These kids bussed and skated from Orange, CA to check out the pier on a hot day. Reminded me of the times #JasonLee and I would skate down the bike path to Newport Beach to skate some random spots, then bum quarters for bus fare back to #HuntingtonBeach. Sometimes we would take the bus up Beach Blvd to La Mirada to skate something. Those halcyon days of youth. #dailyhbpierphoto
dailyhbpierphoto - jasonlee - huntingtonbeach -
_q : @sk8rat
danyelllow187 : @thanksatan @bryan_yamamoto @suregeeohh damn im so jelly rn
bryan_yamamoto : Haha dude @tempster_returns is chill
bryan_yamamoto : @danyelllow187
noeyy3030 : Those were the days
0o0hl0o0k : @Suregeeohh looks like a mini @grossosucks
_paulrosales : Damn, then you probably were pissed that there isn't too much to skate in la mirada
tempster_returns : @_paulrosales this was in the late 80's.
michelle.osthus - sheltoes_ - premium_dist - yoyomamma321 -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#SteveIrwin is swimming in it...
steveirwin -
nicktrubilla : RIP
nils_ryan : Aussie pride!
rjbrodeur : Your a weird mother fucker dude
descansojed : @sunniekt
amagicbear : @ealxart ! haha une vision gore!
malte_qui : burn, burn! xddddd
alubero : Ahaha
tannereckenrode10 : @whoaaitskatie #YourNotARedneckBarbie
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