Ed Templeton

See a sneak-peek of my upcoming photography book Wayward Cognitions on the NY Times blog
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
There's this place where mostly underage girls walk around in skimpy bikinis and have painted hand prints on their cleavage and butts or messages written in marker that say "grab this" or "slap me." Boys of similar age rove around in groups slapping girls asses, groping and squeezing them. Even girls with no painted or messages. (We saw only one of dozens turn and slap a kid in the face) Some boys ask for selfies with girls asses and most oblige. In this photo, a boy asked this girl to twerk (πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨) and she asked her friend, "Should I?" And then the boys chanted, "come on!" So she stepped out into the circle and 'twerked' for the boys. Most of the girls don't seem to mind much who is grabbing them. One of the popular body messages is "Free Hugs" or "Free Kisses" and there's lots of hugging and some kissing going down between strangers. (Like herpes doesn't exist) This only happens during this one time of year - during the #USopenofsurfing. At no other time of the year will you see free and open consentual (or not) molestation out in public between middle and high school children. This anomaly happens alongside the surfing contest. It has nothing to do with the contest, the gropers/gropees are not watching the surfing, and the competitors are not taking part in the groping. The police are everywhere watching this, along with hired security. This place is #huntingtonbeach - just a description of some things I have been seeing. #dailyhbpierphoto
usopenofsurfing - dailyhbpierphoto - huntingtonbeach -
whiskeyberry : Future McDonald workers
drunkensailormoon : well put Ed.
guylucero : #notloyalpawns πŸ˜‚
the25thour : Dude, they're my little sisters age! Crazy!
hebrewhammer666 : Next fuddruckers becomes buttfuckers
artimis_clyde : @nurture_nature @nativexnature Huntington Beach at its finest!
skatinfosatan : Kids these days have no chill.
sk8eraunt : It's to bad that these kids don't see what kind of fools they are being made of and what must their parents think!! Times have sure changed!!!@tempster_returns
austinckaufman - tracethings - edacrossthestreet - danedane -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#dailyhbpierphoto #vansusopen #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
surfcityusa - dailyhbpierphoto - vansusopen - huntingtonbeach -
deadeyeblue : @proud_mom56 so chill
vital_visions : ^ NICE LIL PHAT BUTT BUTT
scamrb : @csholland
bonesbearings : Good seeing you today!
chrismansor : @lifeoftroll
kidcricket : @dogswithsunglasses
the_custodial_engineer : Ed I don't hate your job one bit
6o66 : @jules_because
louiccinel - isaiahwires - dappa_dmenyon - theclassicjen -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#LadiesofShred @amycaron and @wormtown were shredding the bowl today at #vansusopen --- #dailyhbpierphoto #huntingtonbeach
ladiesofshred - dailyhbpierphoto - vansusopen - huntingtonbeach -
soulgrindskateshop : Hot @amycaron @wormtown
monstersoutside : hi Bridget's sister
josh52996 : Damn! It does look like a girl version of me @native_kook
amandapowellskate : πŸ™Œ
__drewbacca__ : @tempster_returns beauties!
built4death : @wormtown can make a damn mean gelato as well.
thealexwhite : @amycaron @wormtown dr. Peppers and beers and bowls
hannah__winters : Mmmbop! β˜€
insta_bummed - edson.nbd - americaa_10 - zinniaalejandra -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ #dailyhbpierphoto #usopenofsurfing #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
surfcityusa - usopenofsurfing - dailyhbpierphoto - huntingtonbeach -
see_turner : @thaophoto Timing is everything. #toomuch #lemonade
willheadley_ : @_just_screw_it_
itsyourfuneral : @insta_caro
osnorn : @dannyocho9
dirty_bill_az : @tmyrick03 LOL!! I found a picture of Austin from the beach while you were in California.
tmyrick03 : @dirty_bill_az lol that is funny!
sarkusya : @nobodycanbesomazafackermadasme
daverade_ : That just great!
patrickpanuco - kai_el - 13.walker - lorenzofanton -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
I have a new book of photographs coming out titled #WaywardCognitions published by @umyeaharts and the NYTimes @tmagazine blog offers a sneak peek! (See clickable link in my profile)
waywardcognitions -
color_noise : Congrats
tempster07 : Congratulations Ed I can't wait to see it.
georgetatephoto : Good one! Would like to chat with you about publishing a book of my father's photographs....
waylonkane : Incredible
nate_ulrich : amazing work. true inspiration for an aspiring street photographer
ionmyke : Damn dude, you are like a legit artist now.
tempster_returns : @rowandavidson October November.
tempster_returns : @godle55 it's a mixture of Leica M6 and Canon AE-1
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Small waves wiggled these dolphins to and fro coaxing squealing delight from the riders.
maraaleksandra : @uniformanderson i bet these catch good waves
mmart108 : Is that a haiku? If so, fantastic haiku.
xkbeezyx : @bum_william hey, dolphin friends for your dolphin
c__ruk : @mmart108 not a haiku, but still fantastic
mmart108 : @c__ruk absolutely
burntfoot : @amber_haze
bonelesswon : If riding one of these isn't asking for a shark attack I don't know what is!
kaylynbreannee : Fuck man those are way better than mine! Lol @dietrich_nate
richellebanana - jackhcrawford - nitesamtal - cmarinai -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
USPS, #Avalon
avalon -
fl400 : Feliz cumple carnal ;)
the_clockwork_angel : my kind of photo @joshdeadwords
mitchhh88 : Fuckin Catalina wine mixer
dueljet210 : I love huge walls of mechanical mailboxes
jessicacarr1 : 😸
dzgarrett : Love the look of these!
jack.pendleton : Happy birthday
arrogant_contender : Used to have nightmares about this place as a kid. No idea why.
john.flaherty - marmele - soberdash - barleyr -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
With #deannatempleton on #catalina for my birthday. Thanks for all the well wishers! You're all so kind.
deannatempleton - catalina -
jude_allen : HBD!
abarosiba : Feliz cumpleaños @tempster_returns
oodeetee : HBD!
newredlawyer : Happy belated birthday.
lagonk : @tempster_returns Happy birthday Ed from the Hexagon!!! Xoxo
ahmdeasen : Hllo
davyphilipsen : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘Š
jenny85ca : Pretty πŸ’—
thegirlofstuff - urtztagram - andysustillan - jenny85ca -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! There's no place I'd rather be than renting a boat from Joe's Rent-a-Boat in Avalon with my sweetie #deannatempleton!
deannatempleton -
palinegrin : Felicidades desde España @tempster_returns
serenanastasia : Happy Birthday, Ed. :)
brute91 : @tempster_returns I meant your mom's dude. Meaning your birth. Sorry for being weird :)
corey_bcn : Happy birthday Ed! Such a great inspiration for skateboarding
h.8bas_40 : πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ’™.
stacymichelson : Happy b day Ed! Glad she took u to Catalina β€πŸ‘«πŸŽ‚ @tempster_returns
sappypoopsongs : Happy birthday @tempster_returns
jenny85ca : Happy birthday Ed! Hope you had a great day! ⭐️❀️
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#dailyhbpierphoto #yoloing #usopenofsurfing #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
surfcityusa - usopenofsurfing - dailyhbpierphoto - huntingtonbeach - yoloing -
stealthxkitty : @_ashsea let's start learning these party tricks :-)
mmuusshh : Happy Birthday Ed! Just wanted to say when I saw Good & Evil as a kid, you instantly became my fav skater! Loce everything you do with Toy as well.
spaceboy1986 : Balance bros birthday surprise!
jazrondini : @huski_c try doing a push up like this
gp0tsz : happy bday ed! you rip at everything
blakeemarquis : Edster happy birthday from Venice
ianrhodez : Happy birthday Ed!!
jebronskybeat : Bon anniversaire!
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