Ben Templesmith

Artist, writer, slacker & professional chump. Makes career out of poop jokes & squid. Australo-American. Dislikes salad.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Saturday Baturday with a few minutes to go! #art #comics #varukabazooka #batman #battle #feelglade #fashion #cosplay #kanye
varukabazooka - fashion - art - feelglade - comics - batman - kanye - battle - cosplay -
charlestait : I cant get enough of your stuff. Every time Im just blown away by how striking your work can be.
slagathorn : Love your work! Still reread Wormwood once in a while 😜
iamatriium : ⭐⭐⭐
franktheflyingfox : Awesome
popgunchaos : #bignaturals
jessicavox : I like this frail ass batman creeper 👍
matthew_scholl : The hastags are on fleek like always and great work!
daywalker3377 : This was on the back of my Scarecrow commission! Thank you so much for the art and an amazing con, sir! #ECCC
thoughtpr0cess - slvrhwks - bunnythecreator - tonissamonster -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Bloody typos... Guess what I have at #eccc2015 today & tomorrow! SQUIDGIRLS! While stocks last #art #horror #kanye #kardashian #fashion #feelglade #ebolarocknrolla #cosplay #blood #bignaturals
art - fashion - cosplay - feelglade - kardashian - horror - eccc2015 - bignaturals - blood - kanye - ebolarocknrolla -
templesmith : @pixievoo then I probably have one for him shortly! 78squid.com! Stay tuned.
matthew_scholl : @templesmith were you selling these at Toronto comic con last weekend
endoremily : Yaaaaaay!
pixievoo : @templesmith Good to know, thank you. Been coveting it for a looong time. And trying to fill the emptiness with other tentacular offerings of yours.
davidgrizzly : Damn I wish I would of had a Saturday pass I would of picked one of them up.
wordisvirus : This has been a perennial addition to my coffee table for years now. Go see @templesmith and sell your soul to The Squid for one.
ghostofneb : @squidgame seams appropriate lol
endoremily : I will be stalking your store beginning Monday awaiting possible SQUID GIRLS!!
sdacv - vladislavbarsov - garrisonstrange - al1isbetter -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Man-spider! From Toronto. Today starts @emeraldcitycon! I'll be at W12 all 3 days. Right by a giant pylon!
matthew_scholl : @templesmith you always seem to impress
chicharon31 : @danidark0
zombiesvrobots : Almost looks like a vandal from Destiny.
renerdbishop : Lucky pylon
fromabovecomic - manuel00artist - jpdelarama - cjcypher -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Batman & night owl commission. 2 guys who play dress ups, go out at night & beat up lower socio-economic types! #batman #horror #comics #bignaturals #belieber #kanye #cosplay #varukabazooka #feelglade #fossilsareatrickofthedevil #tedcruz2016
varukabazooka - bignaturals - cosplay - fossilsareatrickofthedevil - feelglade - comics - batman - horror - tedcruz2016 - kanye - belieber -
matthew_scholl : SWEET
kevinjohnsrude : #hashtagenvy
mad.and.moonly : @makeshift_humanoid
mikedwjr : @slick_d_nick my favorites
becjo99 : @jasonguysmiley
litterremoval : @kidsyracuse
sdacv : My son n law is the best...
franktheflyingfox : Mate this is awesome, your art is crazy awesome as
uncouthrooth - manuel00artist - deesastergram - artassos -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Some goodies to come to #eccc THIS weekend. Finally got some phone cases in. IPhone 5 models only at this point though. #horror #art #kanye #belieber #blood #bignaturals #fashion #ootd #cosplay #comics
art - bignaturals - cosplay - comics - belieber - eccc - fashion - blood - ootd - kanye - horror -
headblunt : Shut up and take my money!! I rly need that wormwood case!
templesmith : @kamunyakshepard Sadly I don't even know what it is, will have to look it up. But so many cons this year... will be exhausted already!
kamunyakshepard : @templesmith Ah, Gonzofest is a celebration of Hunter S. Thompson and all that is weird, here in his hometown of Louisville, Ky. It's a pretty good time, should you ever find yourself in the area!
mikeycarswell : I need Spider. NEED HIM.
templesmith : @mikeycarswell spider? Sorry man that's Hunter!
mikeycarswell : Yeah.....I realized the error in my ways once I posted. But dammit.........I still want a Spider one to go along with HST. But Thankthee for correcting my incorrect self. Also, amazing job on these, amazing.
templesmith : Heh, no bother! Didn't want to get your hopes up! @mikeycarswell
garymwoodard : I have to have one
zkommando - ambaby06 - atlaspants - ginsan_tian -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Better red than dead. Red Sonja commission from Toronto Comic Con. #socialism #redsonja #art #comics #painting #blood #battle #kanye #kardashian #cosplay #ootd #fashion #bignaturals #feelglade #belieber #squidchips
fashion - art - feelglade - redsonja - blood - ootd - kanye - battle - squidchips - bignaturals - cosplay - comics - belieber - kardashian - socialism - painting -
matthew_scholl : Wow that's really good like always
norsemgr : @templesmith too early to set up my commission(s) for Cincy? 😜
savannahcolleen : Hashtag game strong ✨👌✨ Art game stronger
templesmith : A little, @norsemgr but just email me if you want! Info is the same as all the other US cons. Infographics are on my instagram already!
matthew_scholl : @templesmith will you be going to Toronto fan expo this year?
templesmith : @matthew_scholl really not sure yet. Depends if they invite me! So many cons to do already.
matthew_scholl : @templesmith well I hope they do!
redsonja_comics : 👌👍👍✌️✌️
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
I know I know, I usually do skulls & death & crap but it's meant to be spring, so here's a Rabbit commission, possibly the nicest, sweetest drawing I've done in years. My mum would even be happy. From Toronto comic con! Next week seattle. If you want a bunny or a skull etc, be sure to email me as my list is getting full & may not be ale to fit you in at the actual show otherwise! #eccc #art #comics #horror #cosplay #kanye #kardashian #batman #sausagecrotch
art - comics - batman - horror - sausagecrotch - kardashian - eccc - kanye - cosplay -
matthew_scholl : @templesmith thanks again I checked skeleton screw and they seem to be sold out so i might just wait to meet you at another con
natika005 : Oh beautiful <3
yellforlife : @erichber That's why @templesmith is the fucking Man.
coolkidxombie : This is so fucking adorable!!
patata_dislexica : @jim_melendez
evilmarty : Naww
drawing_jack409 : Hey I was wondering if you could please like some of the photos my friend took with you its be awesome if not I understand but he would really appreciate it.
mad.and.moonly : @makeshift_humanoid
pinks_crib - lovelittlebirdy - gr8blud - jennsm0104 -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Commission from Toronto Comic Con. Thanks so much to all who came out! Next week, SEATTLE! Emerald city comic con is one of the greats. More drawing & chatting to come. #batman #horror #art #painting #kanye #kardashian #cosplay #fashion #feelglade #bignaturals #boatofcatjuice #hailsquid
bignaturals - art - feelglade - kardashian - batman - horror - boatofcatjuice - fashion - hailsquid - cosplay - painting - kanye -
daywalker3377 : I have met him a couple times at previous cons, but he does tend to get busy (understandably). I just don't want to take up too much of his time.
matthew_scholl : Ah this year at comic con Toronto was my first time meeting him all you gotta do is be patient when he's speaking with people and sooner or later you'll have the chance
matthew_scholl : I also know eccc is a lot bigger than comic con Toronto so it might be a bit more busy
matthew_scholl : @templesmith is there anywhere you know of that I can but the squidder #3 and 4 I got one and two as a gift and ever since then I've been searching and can't find it do you have an online store or now of any stores in the Toronto region
templesmith : I should have some on my website soon @matthew_scholl just not sure when
templesmith : @daywalker3377 I'm there to have a chat & sign ( & draw for folks ) so it's never a bother @daywalker3377
daywalker3377 : Awesome!👍
matthew_scholl : @templesmith okay thanks!
samuelburbury - maxlamy - nosreme_longshot - artofse -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Saturday #baturday at 78squid.com & off to Toronto comic con day 2 I go. #batman #zombie #art #horror #feelglade #bignaturals #kanye #kardashian #freedom #cosplay #fashion #ootd #cute #baddreamsaremadeofcheese
cute - bignaturals - art - feelglade - baturday - kardashian - batman - horror - baddreamsaremadeofcheese - zombie - fashion - ootd - freedom - cosplay - kanye -
littleboybrew : You forgot #blessed
headblunt : Thats amazingly awsome.
aysegulozden : Yesss @nisarzli batman & supermanin fragmanı izle 😉
batwoman818 : i like it so much
velvettimemachine : @templesmith bring this to eccc!!
metal_gear_lucas : I need this ben....
redgrimrune : Sick!!
templesmith : @velvettimemachine it'll probably be with my original art if not sold on the site first yup.
tk_ink - nosreme_longshot - jessfholt - revenantstudios -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
West Virginia! I'm going to be in you next month. It's a ONE day show though, so any commissions will pretty much be purely via a pre-con list. So get in early as I probably can't do many at all at the show. #keith #comics #kanye #kardashian #bignaturals #cosplay #parishilton #fashion #horror
bignaturals - cosplay - comics - parishilton - horror - kardashian - fashion - kanye - keith -
_majinraven : Oh shit! Reppin the 304
monikah15 - fonzomartin - samwhys - zevon_667 -
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