Ben Templesmith

Artist, writer, slacker & professional chump. Makes career out of poop jokes & squid. Australian, often in America.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Nehur. Taker of dreams & slayer of hope. #monstermondays from @44flood #art #monster #horror #dragons #dreams
art - monster - horror - monstermondays - dreams - dragons -
b1naryg0d : Awesome!
magni629 : Pretty sure I dated her in 2004.
enricobotta : Very nice design and colors, I dig it!
pandahoneybee : Amazing !! Love it!
enricobotta : Is this Oil paint on art board or canvas?
templesmith : Oil on paper meant for oil actually @enricobotta by Arches, comes in pads.
enricobotta : Very cool. You get a beautiful look with it. I love the idea of painting on paper instead of a bulky canvas. Inspires me to try Oils one day.
amasa_harward : Mmmmmmm.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
@44FLOOD Mordor Mondays has now morphed into #MONSTERMONDAYS on a relatively regular basis with a slew of artists like the amazing @chetzar, including perennials @Menton3 & me of course! See @44flood's Instagram bio link for the store. #art #monster #sdcc2014 #butnotsdcc14 #painting #horror
art - monster - butnotsdcc14 - horror - monstermondays - painting - sdcc2014 -
creationoceanic : @templesmith GOSH DANGIT yours always sells so fast! Awesome piece though.
thorodin64 - chaiidragneel - weendyyyaazmiin - darknightglow -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
My thanks to @moto_restaurant of Chicago for last nights amazing anniversary dinner & tour of the kitchen afterwards. Even the coffee was done in a way that blew my fragile little mind. @jerhaun this is a place you need to try one day! #food #sdcc2014 #lovenstuff
food - lovenstuff - sdcc2014 -
jerhaun : Also, happy anniversary, my friend.
atheistpunk : Happy anniversary from WA mate. 👍
it_grrl : Siphon brew coffee is magical. Happy Anniversary!
enricobotta : Very nice! You do such cool stuff! Lucky.
boobookittifukk : Happy anniversary! You in San Diego for #SDCC?
laurituulik : Cheers!
templesmith : @boobookittifukk sadly SDCC isn't a con I'll be doing anymore unless someone drags me there for specific reasons. Just not worth the effort. But there's so many other better cons now!
boobookittifukk : I thought so! You've told me that before, but I wondered cos you used the SDCC hash tag. Meh. I'm at NerdHQ nearby and I feel as if I'm having a better time than those at SDCC cos I don't have to camp overnight or spend hours in a queue. Sadly, no comics here though.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
One year today with this magnificent lady. ❤️
elzombo : Congrats man!!
sdacv : Happy 1 year ❌⭕❌⭕
actorclown : Congrats you crazy kids!!
mikd33 : Cheers!
nerdstackular : Amazing! Congratulations!!
rickiep00h : Grats!
justcallmesnake : Grats
matt_philllllips : Already!?
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
#chicago in the summer. Not my favourite season but definitely my favourite US city. & home.
chicago -
sdacv : Ben that looks Spoooky....
jock4twenty : Wow
scottspeegle : @jock4twenty right? Looks something you'd whip up and call a sketch.
saltwatertony : @endoremily I thought the same thing! It's very Templesmithy!
mad_as_a_teafaerie : <3
jcmink : Chicago is awful
ocrecs : Amazing photo
rickiep00h : Summer is when you get the Beyoncé shows at Soldier Field, though! (And NIN out in the sticks, where we get shunted so as not to mingle with Beyoncé fans.)
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
TOME sketch. Every one you bring to me at a con gets one. What's TOME? See @44flood's bigcartel to find out what you're missing. Volume 2 is nearly upon us! #art #horror #gandalfheroinaddict #artmeth #painting
gandalfheroinaddict - painting - horror - art - artmeth -
enricobotta : That is fantastic. My copy awaits thy mighty pen.
44flood : You can order TOME and all things 44FLOOD from http://44flood.bigcartel.com
combatcow : @44flood will vol 2 be available by nycc?
kasraghanbari : @combatcow That's very much the hope and goal.
combatcow : @kasraghanbari as a ks backer I hope I have mine by then to get it signed. Can't wait!
shelbykpeterson : Can't wait for #2!!
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
A little bit of Death. #art #death #endless #comics #sdcc2014 #yupnotthere #sandman
death - art - comics - yupnotthere - sandman - sdcc2014 - endless -
wearecareful : Killer
amazing_syd : Haha I won't be at SDCC either. I'll see you at Boston though!
templesmith : @amazing_syd awesome! Your work is rather amazing!
amazing_syd : Thank you, sir! I'm a fan of your work as well and am looking forward to seeing it in person!
brao2 : Gorgeous!
btolea : Wow, so nice to find you here! Love your art, man! Keep rocking
wyattdenton : @templesmith are you going to go to sdcc
yo_yonatan : Awesome
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Was much honor to do a triple sketch cover series of @menton3's memory collectors. Finished just as #heroescon ended. #art #comics #menton3 #horror #girls #ootd #gals
art - gals - comics - horror - girls - ootd - menton3 - heroescon -
vaderbat : I'd love to see your version of the characters from Penny Dreadful. Oh and next time you're in Dallas my wife and I still owe you a damn dinner.
menton3 : Outstanding !!!!
enricobotta : Excellent stuff!
mrsmenton3 : Awesome!!!
seph2371 : Great work!!!!
joecatlett99 - amallardsham - velzorn - joshua.d.clark.10 -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Original art for the 2nd printing of THE SQUIDDER issue one. Cheers all for digging it so far. #art #comics #squid #squidder #selfie #ootd #geekgirl #sdcc2014 #nope
art - comics - selfie - squid - sdcc2014 - ootd - squidder - nope - geekgirl -
o__d__b : @templesmith Great first issue. Bravo
rxsheepxr : Biggest compliment I can give you is that Squidder doesn't really remind me of anything else. Great, original work; I was only consistently buying three titles after paring back a little, but I'm glad to be adding Squidder to that rotation.
nspangler_art : Looking forward to issue no.2
warrenellis : Kill it, mate.
enricobotta : Wow. Love it. Wish I could afford to own that piece, one day maybe.
yo_yonatan : amazing
zevon_667 : Just read the finished reading issue 1, fucking awesome
aaaarrrrrgggg : Fucking amazing first issue
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Some of the art that got me into comics. Early @ashleywood3a ( Ashley Wood ) art. One of the most talented buggers out there & also from my home town. It's an honor to own a little something that helped get me to where I am today. Well, we never own art, we're just custodians who get to pass it on. Or something wanky like that. Check out Ash. He's even more amazing now. #art #horor #comics
comics - horor - art -
justcallmesnake : I'm certain fans of your amazing art will be lead to his amazing art regardless. ;)
enricobotta : If you had to recommend an Ash Wood graphic novel or TPB to kick off the start of a bigger collection which would it be?
templesmith : @enricobotta popbot. It's a mindfuck.
enricobotta : Thanks! I'll definitely check that out.
bobafetus : You can't fire a gun properly unless your pinky is out.
hudibauc : hoozah for perth! have a lady and zombie from ash. zombie from ben checked. still need a lady from you ben. :)
timmcewen : Brill! A Dark Nebula page?
laurituulik : Amen to that, or something wanky like that :D!
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