Ben Templesmith

Artist, writer, slacker & professional chump. Makes career out of poop jokes & squid. Australian, often in America.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Some new things lurk on the DAGON kickstarter. Link in my bio to check out some art. Some more things on the way soon too! #dagon #kardashian #horror #kanye #squid #hailsquid #cats #cute #comics #hacksawscrotumpower #bignaturals
cute - bignaturals - dagon - kardashian - hailsquid - horror - squid - comics - cats - kanye - hacksawscrotumpower -
amazing_syd : Beast!
screwbiter : @templesmith I want to turn this into a mask
templesmith : Hah! Go right ahead @screwbiter
screwbiter : @templesmith hell yeah!
ztrawhcsa : Awesome
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
DAGON is still available for preorder for a couple more weeks! http://kck.st/1zsIKRV you guys have been utterly amazing. Link is in my Instagram bio if you've not seen it yet. Go forth & squid, etc wtc #art #horror #lovecraft #bignaturals #freedom #kardashian #kanye #liberty #americanskyper #hacksawscrotumpower
bignaturals - art - kardashian - freedom - horror - liberty - kanye - hacksawscrotumpower - americanskyper - lovecraft -
gschwenger209 : Hey man, totally unrelated, but is Wormwood on hiatus? That was my entry comic to your work. Loved those stories and raw humor!
raymmartin : This ^
ishotthemaid : @templesmith Looking forward to meeting you at C2E2.
stvnrndll : Wormwood my entry into comics!!
templesmith : @gschwenger209 It was never a monthly or regular thing. It's a part owned property now, with the publisher and I don't get paid to do it, so need to find the time to figure out what I want to do with him next. More is on the cards, just got other things to do as well! It's always been a sporadic series of miniseries though.
gschwenger209 : Awesome! I really appreciate the response. Love your work with every direction you've taken and are pursuing. Was always curious about the Worm, but the Squidder and Dagon projects are equally unique and amazing. Cheers man!
templesmith : @gschwenger209 Yeah, I've come a long way & learned a lot since I started Wormwood. He's by no means forgotten, I'm just enjoying also creating new things I own 100% of and have complete control of how & when I put out. Squiddamn it's an amazing feeling to be empowered by you kind folks who ever buy my stuff in stores, online or on kickstarter. It's all your fault and I thank you!
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Vaguely how my head & body feels, with 11 pages to finish. I both love & hate the work intensity when I really get going on comic pages. When I finish & issue I figure I feel like I've just done a ton of drugs. So happy. Nearly there you bastards! #wolverine #art #comics #blood #kanye #kardashian #bignaturals #horror #drawing #freedom #obama #frostygenitals #hacksawscrotumpower
bignaturals - art - comics - freedom - horror - wolverine - kardashian - blood - kanye - hacksawscrotumpower - frostygenitals - drawing - obama -
norsemgr : @templesmith done ;)
maruch_a_ : Ainnnnsssssss! Guepardo sieeeempre me recordara a ti @rawdiaz !
jasonwilson233 : Carnage
templesmith : @norsemgr You are a legend. Thankyou sir.
thefogcreature : You are an artistic beast.
bad.big.wolf : lovely art man .. I would like ur follow back as well
footstabingbackshooter : Fucking templesmith! You beautiful bastard! Keep on keeping on!
chunk_kelly : Fapfapfapfap...
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Quick delirious warmup painting. The deadlines, they burn, they do. #blackwidow #art #kanye #kardashian #cute #cats #freedom #avengers #guns #liberty #drawing #comics #falafelofdoom #americanskyper
cute - falafelofdoom - art - kardashian - freedom - liberty - avengers - comics - guns - cats - blackwidow - kanye - americanskyper - drawing -
bloodandteeth : So inspiring as always. Feel free to check out our page pls.
coldsummerpics : Love it.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Part time Sith Lord @groovieghoul & cat-daughter AKA "my little shit biscuit" help keep me sane during the long deadline stints with little sleep.
sdacv : 😘😘
sdacv : God I miss that ( Face) 😍
thewoodswoman : πŸ’œ
groovieghoul : ❀️
enricobotta : Love it. 😊😸
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Medusa 1 for @44flood's Monster Monday. A brilliant @georgepratt piece also over at 44flood.bigcartel.com #art #medusa #horror #snakes #kanye #kardashian #oscars #squid #sdcc #cosplay #beleiber #bignaturals #floggedwithwetlettuce
bignaturals - art - snakes - kardashian - horror - squid - cosplay - oscars - medusa - kanye - sdcc - beleiber - floggedwithwetlettuce -
rxsheepxr : Goddammit, Ben.
algodv8 : Love it @templesmith
_greeneyedsiren : 😱❀️
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
So so much to get done. No sleep the next few days it looks like. Here's my final hellboy sketch cover for the @heroinitiative #art #hellboy #horror #charity #kardashian #kanye
art - kardashian - kanye - horror - hellboy - charity -
parallelocam : Your hashtags are the best. Also, so is this cover. ✨
tallcan_frank : Very dope.
jacknthewild : @perlmutations
bishart : I appreciate your hard work! And you know I owe you.
steven.cress : Insanely #epic and for a great cause @heroinitiative
_zwalker_ : WoW!πŸ‘
scottythrowed : Looks amazing!
nicknafster79 : Good lord that's awesome.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
If it's viable, I'll be doing commissions & hanging out across the street, giving fans a much more real experience than the #SDCC con has sadly become.
sdcc -
boobookittifukk : Damn. Though, I'm not surprised. I remember you saying that you don't go to it anyway unless specifically invited and NYCC is much better. Still, wish I was in San Diego again this year. I would've requested a commission off you.
steven.cress : @templesmith that would be #rockstar sir.
templesmith : @boobookittifukk I'm sure I'll be at a con ( a real con ) near wherever you are at some point in the future! I try to do plenty of regional ones to make sue there's chances for folks.
grandpa_batman : Awesome plan. Hope you find yourself in a Dallas con someday. Love your work. @boobookittifukk I just want to say that I love your profile name.
pattymcpancak3s : @templesmith Ah I was hoping you'd have heard of it (I know zip about this private con but I'm really interested in checking it out) well regardless I'll stop by the bar and say hi!
derikpenny : I met you in person at Denver's first in a long time. You signed a very old TPB of gentlemen and the we just talked you were great. I can't imagine that scenario happening at SDCC. Thanks again.
justie_comics : @templesmith should totally do this At the same time as Dublin Comic Con. Be awesome! Squid World Tour
boobookittifukk : Haha! Thanks @grandpa_batman 😁 Ahh. I doubt I'll see you again @templesmith unless you come to Sydney Supanova or Sydney Oz-Comiccon. 😜
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Saturday is #Baturday! #art #comics #batman #horror #vampire #kanye #kardashian #snow #beleiber #chipwank #squid #falafelapocalypse
art - baturday - chipwank - comics - batman - horror - squid - vampire - snow - kardashian - kanye - beleiber - falafelapocalypse -
blonaldtrump : I love his work. @heyfixie
jwallet07 : @dog_art_forever
its_just_me_0423 : That is fucking awesome!
dragon_drones : ....cool
peresv79 : Fuckin' cute!
peresv79 : @made_in_ink
made_in_ink : Brutal...oscuro y siniestro
unholy_pizza : @jennifermariah__
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
I'm GIVING AWAY this art, all you have to do is check out my twitter or Facebook & share or RT a post about my buddy's kickstarter, to raise funds for his "is this heaven?" documentary ( or just search the kickstarter site with that name for his awesome project! ) #skull #art #horror #baseball #varukabazooka #bignaturals #kanye #kardashian #beleiber #cute #humanskull
varukabazooka - cute - bignaturals - art - skull - kardashian - horror - humanskull - baseball - kanye - beleiber -
secretpanel : πŸ’€
artsygeek : Amazing πŸ™
createdbyfortune : Like it!
gschwenger209 : I have your bio, "liked" on FB, but its not your account it seems. If I share his Kickstarter from the source, how would that notify you?
templesmith : @gschwenger209 there's only one me on FB ( besides my fan page which also will count ) and both of them have 2 posts on them, one about the art giveaway, the next & most recent post is about the kickstarter. That's what you'd need to share. Nothing else.
gschwenger209 : Awesome man, thanks for the clarification. I believe it is the fan page I had be following, and will give it another browse for the link. Cheers!
templesmith : If it's Templesmith & squid friends then that's also me for sure @gschwenger209
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