Ben Templesmith

Artist, writer, slacker & professional chump. Makes career out of poop jokes & squid. Australian, often in America.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
The joker. Too much cocaine & a taste for blood. #jehovawitnessjesuspants #mileycyrus #belieber #jesus #kanye #kanyetoiletpersonalitydump #bignaturals #comics #batman #horror #nflplayerswhowanttopunchkittens
jehovawitnessjesuspants - comics - batman - belieber - mileycyrus - jesus - nflplayerswhowanttopunchkittens - bignaturals - kanye - kanyetoiletpersonalitydump - horror -
mindtrickdmedia : @rleggett
vava723 : @priskaastrid
dark666gothicpoet : <3
cuneytcansever : Amazing...
meletiche : Damn!
chriscontreras_93 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜† that last tag
plmahl : @nicsclafani
easyecassidy : @mylesmcilwain
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Gotham By Midnight #2. Go dark & tentacly or go home I say. Look for it in December at all good comic stores & I'm sure a few naughty ones too. #art #comics #gangrenekanye #yolo #justinbeiber #jehovawitnessjesuspants #beleiber
jehovawitnessjesuspants - art - comics - beleiber - yolo - 2 - justinbeiber - gangrenekanye -
coolkidxombie : Your hashtags are the best!
gotham_fanboy : The only book that I'm super hyped about this year!!!
blakeasfuck : I know it's old news, but why did you jump off Ten Grand? Once you split I split. It didn't have the same feel after that.
matt_philllllips : Yessss! This is SO good Ben!
bumbling_bea : Gorgeous lighting!
cthopper : That is amazing.
sarahbloood : December needs to hurry up!
blessthefall88 : Nice!πŸ‘
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Time is almost up for the iPhone cases. End of September they're all gone. 78squid.com #iphone no, no galaxy or android because no one has enough of those models to make it remotely feasible for me, sorry!
iphone -
draxsis_rocker : @thewoodswoman
dennis_hansbury : Have you thought about uploading your work to nuvango? The profit structure seems adequate but I haven't seen a finished product yet.
syddelise : @slim.reaper.deeds
eriksees : Any chance there will be an iPhone 6 Plus!? That would be amazing. :)
templesmith : @dennis_hansbury nah, don't like their profit structure, or their back end "one size fits all" website really. Would be useful for all the smaller less popular models than iPhone, but I prefer the case-mate product & fact I can choose my models exactly. Plus my stuff seems to print dark on nuvango. I investigates them but would rather do more than on demand online right now.
templesmith : @eriksees perhaps sometime. I did launch at exactly the wrong time. Once I've worked through the other batch I may start on some!
dennis_hansbury : Makes sense!
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
"Everything's turning up squid" my monster Monday. Over at www.44flood.bigcartel.com
indiependent_ : i f... love your style!!
philbuckenham : Inks or watercolour?
templesmith : I draw with ink, always paint in watercolour @philbuckenham
philbuckenham : Beautiful work. I'm a big fan
shanepierceart : πŸ‘
pseudodigm - xsummerrenex - crayonkiller - gj_sieck -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
A wormwood commission in a custom made wormwood HC collection. Truly wormy has some amazing fans. #art #comics #horror #leprechaun #wormwoodgentlemancorpse
comics - leprechaun - horror - art - wormwoodgentlemancorpse -
astro07 : @templesmith I love this commission! Would love to see more Wormwood in the future. Is that a possibility?
poopisalwaysfunny : ^^^^^^^^^^
enricobotta : So great!
norsemgr : @templesmith very nice sir. You may have a future in this whole drawing thing. πŸ˜œπŸ‘
needsmoresalt : ❀️❀️ @misterhartso_photographer
rick_strieck : Wormwood was my favorite!!!
isca54 : We want more stories btw ;)
reasonablenerd : I miss wormwood so much!
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
He autocorrects to "estrogen" in my phone apparently. Commission from a con. #estrogenthedemon #comics #horror #stuff #bieber
comics - horror - estrogenthedemon - bieber - stuff -
existo_lives : Also, Dormammu autocorrects to "for mammy" in my racist ass iPhone.
tjavierb : Seems about right.
enricobotta : OMG. This is piece is definitely a new favorite! Awesome job and awesome character man!
grimmsean : gone gone form of man! or something like that.
sharkohshark : @gentlemancorpse !!
matteo_ceccotti : Ahahah! Love the hashtags...esp #bieber
blackotruck : You got yourself a new follower!
romekuntre : @sillyguydesigns
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Tomorrow. @longbeach_cc. All day. I will have THE SQUIDDER kraken editions! Table 2309. #art #squid #life
life - squid - art -
matalijown : That's super exciting! Thanx for responding. Side note, if I had a few comics of urs I'd love signed and I supplied return postage are you available for scribbling your name?
pattymcpancak3s : Hey any new GoT/BrBa prints?? @templesmith I might do some Christmas shopping haha
blakeasfuck : Is this hardcover collecting the first 3 issues? How long do you plan for the series to be? I've been meaning to pick these up, it looks amazing.
with_jetpacks : Will you have any copies for NYCC?
templesmith : @matalijown sadly no, life is complicated enough without trying to sign & return people's mail. My stress levels would be through the roof. I will sign as many things as people have at conventions though. I try to meet the people as much as possible at the shows, promise!
templesmith : @pattymcpancak3s sadly no new stuff of that nature! @blakeasfuck collects the entire story plus extra scenes, like a directors cut ( the IDW printing as single issues was a secondary thing ) 4 issues but 5.6 actual issues if you count the pages. Only @44flood & I will have the hardcover version. @with_jetpacks yes. For sure.
rick_strieck : I'll be working booth 2002, so pleased to buy Squidder! Hope there's a copy left for me by the time I get to wander around
mawsome711 : Hi Ben Templesmith! I did a marathon of your work today instead of the long beach con. From wormwood to ten grand to squidder! Your art is yours indeed. I am looking forward to finding the last two volumes of wormwood, lust, and squidder. Peachy titles, btw! ;) I imagined a BT version of any HR Giger artbook.
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templesmith - Ben Templesmith
A larger wormwood commission. Ms medusa & a squid girl, from a show. #wormwoodgentlemancorpse #horror #ladies #dragon #comics #art #geek #bieber #beyounce #whattheeffffffff
ladies - art - comics - horror - wormwoodgentlemancorpse - beyounce - dragon - geek - bieber - whattheeffffffff -
tomthyestean : #needmorewormwood
viktorgig : Nice!
jorge_cor : Ohh man. These look fantastic
seph2371 : Really cool!!!
ptprojects : Ms Medusa is one of my fave comic book characters. She rules!
joeyfr88 - srwsb - kevinvitug - tfarrugia92 -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
I'm totally knackered after pulling some all nighters but things like this make it all worthwhile. Huge thanks to a total gent, @wayshak, for the cover B to @44flood's the SQUIDDER #4... & for parting with the original art for it too! Totally blown away. If you get a chance to see some of his work up close you'll see the crazy detail & texture he puts in. Just love it. Will have an honoured place in my home/hobo cave. #art #painting #comics #horrror #batman #notbatman #squid #tentacle
squid - art - comics - batman - horrror - tentacle - 4 - notbatman - painting -
virginspider : Call the Spider, hehe
art_by_sia : Like this
uomomosca : @mauriziorosenzweig !!! Troppobello!!
maxxsterling : and he wears shell toes!!!
emanoelmx : Amazing!!
redgrimrune : Brutal!
sal_paradise_11 : @swoledor
blkbx - _device_ - tfarrugia92 - gj_sieck -
templesmith - Ben Templesmith
Ironman headsketch from a show. #stark #ironman #art #painting
ironman - art - painting - stark -
dreamingofawolf : That's bloody awesome!
jeremymegert : So good
nekoto : @zephiriel Beau <3
enricobotta : Killer!
pedrografico : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
kenansinav : this is why you are badass my good sir!
redgrimrune : Noice
kbvmnomore : Hey, @templesmith. Just wanted to let you know I got my Squidder package. Love the packaging! Kudos to you and the team.πŸ‘ can't wait to read it! Keep up the awesome work!
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