Tuesday's Child Boutique

Luxury, style and refined taste with more than 40 years of experience to back it up. Nouveau riche need not apply. 888-Child-88
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
You can now see our #Appaman #spring15 collection in store as well as online. Yes, it's on the floor.
appaman - spring15 -
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
Ha... Don't complain! #badday #itsallgood #couldbeworse #aaple #aapl
aaple - badday - couldbeworse - aapl - itsallgood -
bettysitt : @danjsitt @daviddoodletv @jackjsitt @joshua_j_sitt
shirleycayre : @mikecayre crazy!
jacqben : @rzeitoune show Elliot! Lol
chanybrisksuingneighbor : Goos thought
mirilifshitz : What time do u open @tcboutique
tcboutique : @mirilifshitz every day at 10.
mirilifshitz : Thanks! I won the ohr nava gift certificate so want to come pick it up tomorrow
mirilifshitz : @tcboutique
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
A great #sale in store only in both our locations. online to follow later in the week. #KidsFashion #KidsLuxury #KidsClothing #discounts
discounts - kidsluxury - kidsclothing - sale - kidsfashion -
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
Mindi loves her #JuniorGaultier #Floral #Dress THIS much but loves her mommy much much more than that. Quite possibly the most #Adorable cutey to be in the store yesterday. And yes, that Is a #YoungVersace #diaper bag in the showcase behind her. #adorablekids #kidsfashion #onsalenow #onsale
onsale - dress - juniorgaultier - youngversace - diaper - floral - onsalenow - adorable - kidsfashion - adorablekids -
littlegarms : πŸ™
michalbeer : I know this model!! @chaniebasch
racheli__z : @chaniebasch ❀️❀️❀️
saraherblich : Hi mindels cutest niece
perelaschilit : Cutest model ever! @chaniebasch
penina_f - thegreatestdaughter - perelaschilit - faigysalamon -
tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
#DeepDiscounts Abound at the corner where enrollment is now open once again till tomorrow night 11:59PM With the sale store closing up shop soon to make way for #coffeeshop we are now gonna be moving the previous seasons here. So if you arent yet signed up, you might want to! Leading off is this slew of #SoniaRykial from the #SoniaRykielEnfant line from Last #Spring14. Now 66% Off!
spring14 - soniarykial - coffeeshop - soniarykielenfant - deepdiscounts -
cdarrison : When is the sale store closing?
blueribbonjewelry : ???-not clear on ur message?
ariellaalevin - trina28 - cutemissm - il_saviano_official -
tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
From the email that just went out... If you are waiting for the site to go on sale.... The wait is over. And... is now taking orders for #icedcoffee for the holidays (or whenever) #sale #KidsFashion #GirlsFashion #BoysFashion #BabyFashion #BabyLuxury #coffee #coffeelovers
coffee - icedcoffee - boysfashion - sale - coffeelovers - girlsfashion - babyfashion - babyluxury - kidsfashion -
susiescustom : cute!
geryes_ : nice!
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
A fun time being had by all with the magnificent #icedcoffee and cookies from
icedcoffee -
yowerther : @tcboutique I love coffee...what is that and where can you get it?
tcboutique : @yowerther you can come by the nostrand Avenue location for a freebie or you can order online at we are pretty confident that you will be hard pressed to find fresher more tasty coffee anywhere.
mick81ey : @tcboutique u started carrying coffee in ur location or it's by u?
tcboutique : @mick81ey well for now it's just these three days, today, tomorrow and Tuesday, but we are seriously considering opening a coffee shop in our old location. 1904 Avenue M.
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
On this stunning #spring day in #NYC we've got some super #sale racks available for you as well as storewide sale. Looking forward to greeting you!
spring - sale - nyc -
chayale89 : Is this sale on instagram ?
tcboutique : @chayale89 do you mean online? Not yet.
styling_smiths : @dinasee
chayale89 : Thanks. Are any of the sale items posted on Instagram?
yittyk : Where u loc? And till what time u open?
tcboutique : @yittyk 2771 Nostrand Avenue, and we are open to 6PM tonight.
hsutton2013 : Wht time u open tom?
tcboutique : @hsutton2013 10 am. See ya!
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tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
Well, I told you we would be back when we had something to say, and here we are to tell you that our #Spring15 is on, starting this Sunday at our Nostrand Avenue Location in #Brooklyn #NYC. #Fresh Hot or #Iced #Coffee will be served so make sure you are there! #KidsFashion (I was gonna ask our critics #IsThisRude but I am pretty sure that the mere fact that we exist is in their mind, rude. So solly cholly) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ find out more about whats happening with by going there and checking them out! If you truly like coffee you will ❀❀❀ them.
coffee - isthisrude - iced - spring15 - brooklyn - nyc - fresh - kidsfashion -
faigy_g : How much is off?
tcboutique : @faigy_g current merchandise is 20-25 off, past seasons is 50 to 70 off.
montale_rnd - ariellaalevin - wee_monster - zacharyrox123987 -
tcboutique - Tuesday's Child Boutique
You are busy enough not to need to hear from us, for no reason every day and every moment of the day. Especially now that the weather is actually going the correct way, Hey, get out and enjoy it and when you need to hear from us (which will be soon) you will. Promise. And if for some strange reason you need to see some random picture of a kid with big eyes or a cute cat or dog (or both)...just google it. So for now we'll be back when you need to hear from us. And yes, that's #coffee in the background. #wontwaistyourtime #youaretoobusy #enjoytheday #anyonecangoogleit
anyonecangoogleit - coffee - enjoytheday - wontwaistyourtime - youaretoobusy -
shopmezzo : Hahaha. Well said πŸ‘
tcboutique : @igazw a total waste of time explaining why I am not pressured to post and perhaps waste people's time with random posting? Hmmm... I am gonna mull that one over. As for my post being somewhat rude You come onto my Instagram "home", and tell me off about my post, that no one asked you to see/read and claim that I am being rude? Gotta mull that one over as well. But if I have posted over 3500 posts and this is the first time you felt It was pointless and or rude, I am glad to see that you otherwise enjoy my feed πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™. Regards!
blueribbonjewelry : Do u have ,from SUOAK-solid white peplum style top that crosses over in the back?
tcboutique : @blueribbonjewelry check our website for the suoak collection. Thanks.
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