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tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
Dave and Jim singing all your favorites. @mymorningjacket @removador #savenyes
savenyes -
garlicandonion : That's my two singers from my two favorite bands 😘😘
clairekleese : Love that bar & that sweet lady in the photo was there the last time I was in MN, she's awesome @tbtduluth #lovenyes
ackstay : That would have made my whole year. Missed it😒
mohaynes_ : @recycling_ben @slam_dunc_
brat_simps0n : @hally_marie is that you??
hally_marie : @brat_simps0n Yes Ma'am!
jaynasteffens : @zachbellasmusic dude.
rober917 : @rachelacoleman
fluffheadian - bentantanella_animalfella - trinamarie8773 - inspiredbywood -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
mjsawyer309 : #Northrop
kelsey_carolyn - 4649james - philomenaandruth - jmietzel -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
Dave Simonett and Dave Carroll will be hitting the road for a small duo tour in select #Colorado cities following TBT's performance at #RedRocks. Check out the dates below and find tickets and more info on our website. 8/30 Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO 8/31 Steve's Guitars in Carbondale, CO 9/1 Schmiggity's in Steamboat Springs, CO 9/2 Hodi's Half Note in Fort Collin's, CO
colorado - redrocks -
meggsovereasyy : @jryan9298, go see these guys!
abbeybentley : Yay! @primdolly thanks for the heads up! We're going to catch bonedale show!
jryan9298 : @meggsovereasyy I'm definitely going, come visit and go with!
analogmoonrise : @alexseger8 go see these dudes in steamboat!
dsyfan : @jkb4
alyindy8 : @poetsrow @smallemily check em out!!
chitsyp : Come to Newport folk!
alexseger8 : Ok!
lauren.mabe - elevatedbyespresso - pinksusan.jackson - moellerm0013 -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
Good work USA
allijfreeman : β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™
ellipsisduluth : 'Bout time #LoveWins β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ #LoveIsLove
vasquefootwear : πŸŽ‰
hasbrophysicist : β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβœ¨πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ™‹πŸΏβœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
lnh1123 : @bailiheller13
fluffheadian - jason_by_god_smalls - redstar_lounge_mn - figdoeshaveinstgm -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
best twitter thing ever
mkerugbyprop3 : Great things happen in #Milwaukee
caseybritten : Love this.
elevatedbyespresso : Epic
flipper_1133 - burdman83 - hillarykellar - oh.honey.sing.it.out -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
Quiet Milwaukee bars with 80s music and bartenders that know everything or at least they think they do
tlschmear : @_schmearski we have to see them too
bethdille : @davidmoscrip
erinpmcgehee : @lisafaceyay Can we go back?
diamondnaz : Which one? Love Milwaukee bars. I used to live on Brady street few years ago. Wish I still lived in mke!
brrrizzzle : Only if it's 80s country would that be ok
beth_brousil : Sounds really fun 😐
exnihilo1029 : @chadaoliver ??
chadaoliver : @exnihilo1029 Nope.
seanbeazi - eaglewolfsnakefans - peeptar - moellerm0013 -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
We just added a new TBT tank to the online store. Check it out at www.trampledbyturtles.com/store
afrrr : @jkett68
misscaitiequinn : @meowntana WANT
spsubby : Must get!
nowittyhashtag : 😍
mzetlan : @blueskybear
musicrockin : I need this.
erinpop4327 : Heeey do you guys have a fan website or email address?? I have a request!!
nikkibergdale : Narwhals?! Yaaassss!
bart_patrick - ella_luvs_nutella - naughtybearbrueckman - kelsey_carolyn -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
benjaminkap : @ariella_kaplan
tbtduluth : @cpace00 first, explain how an onion article is 'political advice'. also i guess then you should just shut up and sell insurance or whatever it is you do.
roftedahl : @tbtduluth quit having an opinion... (unless meaningless). Right @cpace00 ?
josiahjohnson : @cpace00 Your "just shut up and play the music" makes it sound like you have zero respect for the people in this band. Like you want them to be robot monkeys who do what you want rather than what they want. If so, they'd probably appreciate you just leaving and not coming back.
tbtduluth : @cpace00 got it. So if i stop playing music than i can have social concerns. Seems reasonable. There's no political slant in aknowledging that there's a freakish amount of people losing their shit and taking innocent people with them on their way out. Don't assume I'm trying to take your guns away. There's plenty of jackasses on fox news telling people that already. I'm worried about mental health.
lnh1123 : Applause ^^ @tbtduluth
thelifemnemonic : @tbtduluth POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER.
thelifemnemonic : πŸ””πŸ””πŸ‘πŸ‘
kt__mont - adart0413 - thecraftpirate - willjgage -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
Seems to be a lot of cool old rides in good old Telluride
ohw3 : Telluride IS a cool old ride.
haley8624 : Oh Telluride! Beautiful place. Wish I was there listening to y'all play.
leebatsonarmstrong : @armstrong0072
michebread : @doodles762
doodles762 : @michebread
lookiecookiego : LC 40 Series...the patriarch of an unstoppable line of automobiles.
moonitelady3 : I thought my CD of you all was scratched. But cleaned it and it got me and my Car to Vail pass and then it pooped on me. But thanks for being there you all! πŸ˜‹
marku_99 : Love your music. Its awsome😊
btpekkala - jason_by_god_smalls - kingcapybara - johnrikard123 -
tbtduluth - Trampled by Turtles
Made it to Telluride no matter how many flight delays and van breakdowns the universe threw our way. Also we can't breathe up here.
claire_r_doyle : Lookin good!
betsyjean11 : You should definitely go on the Jud Wiebe trail if you haven't yet! Beautiful views of Telluride! (It's a little strenuous at first but definitely worth it!)
kellyk0121 : Counting down the days to Festival Palomino!
hollyhursley : so excited! get it @saraaaah555 @lefilmfille
bamajack37 : @kyramccool
starfly45 : Looking good!
defjes : See ya at Pisgah-2nd time-Comm-on Fall!
minneappleseed : @tomodie someone likes our Sheridan porch stoop table😎
billy_jack_sinkovic - johnrikard123 - inspiredbywood - larabeepaul -
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