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Manager of Rapper @TheGame. | Mgmt or Consulting inquiries contact taydoebiz@gmail.com. http://www.documentary10.com
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taydoevision - Taydoe TV
@losangelesconfidential called me out and said I don't got it like I used to and couldn't land it. Had to show him I still got it. Im not saying what happen when I did it backwards. #ForeverYoung #KidNPlay #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary #Compton #Bloodmoney #OrangeCounty #TheObservatory
theobservatory - thedocumentary10thanniversary - foreveryoung - orangecounty - bloodmoney - kidnplay - compton -
cizzle585 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
reallll_one : @taydoevision wassssup my boy I meet u in vegas just trying to see wats up with that show u were telling me bout
djsleek : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
joe_szacki : I once tried this... Never again.. πŸ˜‘
chinashang : I had a great time last night! Taydoe! It was nice kicking it with family! @ The game you did a great job Hommie! You showed a lot of love to yo fans! And they love you back for it!
wickedintention : I could have done it better hommie
gmack_nmyqueen : @taydoevision you photoshop this bruh I was right when u bust ur ass lol.. What up Fam.. :)
iamking_dl : @jwilliamsfhoto
714jesus - helenroberts_xx - clauals - bogard211 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Orange County went up last night!! Great energy!! Yall represented. #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary #Bloodmoney #Compton @losangelesconfidential Photo by: @iamkevinwong
thedocumentary10thanniversary - compton - bloodmoney -
tooplex : @locknesmonstah1
imfancyface : Where did they perform at?
michael_87_official : Dope shot
pacs8 : @taydoevision @losangelesconfidential thanks for coming out last night it was one of the dopest shows I ever been too! Cant wait for you guys to come out in the OC again!!!
_m.gotti_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
tammylea_3 : #observatory @bmatics723 did you opened up for them last night?
annaleebarlow : @ellajones98 you singing in class
djcalikid : Yo but why did security kick out the openers. Fuck the money I just wanted to meet the game 😭
djcalikid - imabosz - danielayleen - papniak -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
From Compton to Hollywood!! Taking over @revolttv for this evening. Had to give @therealdjdamage a quick break. #RevoltLive #RevoltTV #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary #Compton
revolttv - thedocumentary10thanniversary - compton - revoltlive -
raymeo : #salute
x21ped : Then take over the world #bloodmoney
robram6 : Is the show still on tonight @taydoevision @avanterosegold ?? Santa ana
doughboy403 : bring game to canada
misnicki : Come back to nz Game😍
thiagoegizi : Bring Game to Brazil @taydoevision
_jacobbarnes : Thanks for hooking me up with the tickets, really appreciate it!πŸ’―
immrmath : Taydoe πŸ“Ί
vowedvisions - dajamaraj - bea_trees_ - lazarotoledo2015 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Reflecting on my City! #Compton
compton -
big_c.187 : Looookin πŸ’― @taydoevision
bwsam : See you in UK soon bro πŸ‘Œ
bridgette_latrice : Watch out for my Blue Line Train! I love my job!
playmikehawk : Walk across the street to Luis burgers!
bay_bee_rose : When are you guys coming to Texas!! I came to you, you come to me now! Lol.
lilmartinhernandez23 : I was just there @taydoevision i seen the cameras
x21ped : πŸ’―
mzdollbabee : That used to be boys market and patrini shoes back back in the dayz #cpt
vowedvisions - bws_gibbonz - emburk4 - dajamaraj -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
NWA...We in the city! #Compton
compton -
sonreezy : @angelina_a_ Waaatt!!!
mgcman8888 : Dream team right there. The best of the west
patricksomo : Why?@alexsomo24
ceo_paypa : West! West!
alexsomo24 : Idk lol @patricksomo
crezzoconqueror : Hope this is big things to come. Seen a funny ass video of dre when he was a kid. lil player @felina510
angelina_a_ : This is life in one picπŸ™ŒπŸŽ€β€Lol @sonreezy
aileenparaguas : @kparaguas @jyoti_b20
vowedvisions - bws_gibbonz - bea_trees_ - kylos_init -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Historical night!! #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary @losangelesconfidential
thedocumentary10thanniversary -
jarvisy : πŸ‘
rj_da__boss : Wassup bro follow ya boy back @taydoevision
cynthiakovacs22 : Congrats to you all!!!
the_commission : You need to get at me brother......
dc_collective : @dc_collective
x21ped : πŸ’―
tony_uniq : It definitely was. Thanks for the opportunity to be there @taydoevision
t.savvy : Hey man Im looking for some advise. I work hard everyday on my music. Working on my mixtape. Putting it out soon. It's truly a great mixtape so far. I believe in my work but idk who I really need to give it to. I just want to be heard by that right person! I'm from SoCal and a lot of ppl come from SoCal. Is there anything you can tell me?
checkmanameout - screenshotz89 - izhan_ffmbang - yungjoc00 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Just do it for the passion...
beighkeraudio : πŸ’―
laetis_ferreira : It's exactely why I keep sending you concepts for business! Fashion:no/ fragrances: no/ Other idea: maybe one day!! @taydoevision
fava11_ : Bring game to New York! We still waiting
dedramcmillian : That's why I'm working on my rap lyrics. practice makes perfect
class_c1 : @andrew_smithhh
realtimcampbell : πŸ’―πŸ’°
bettyblue4 : Thanks for the reminder πŸ‘Œβ˜ΊοΈ
inglewood_monster : Big bro what's your number @taydoevision
e1ismusic - screenshotz89 - izhan_ffmbang - yungjoc00 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
In 5...4..3..2...1..
networkgod69 : #hardwork #congrats on the #documentary success. πŸ‘Œ
nategeeee : @taydoevision y'all gonna bring out a DVD for tha concert?
queensbrinx22 : πŸ’―πŸ’―
big_c.187 : @taydoevision got precision... #exactness #exactitude #accuracy #accurateness #correctness #preciseness #clarity #clearness #distinctness #YouraG..
geniuscolegetsitin : Thanks for da photo cred son ...πŸ˜‚
x21ped : I'm not a business man, I'm a business MAAN! πŸ’―
bwsam : Lights, Camera, Action βœŒοΈπŸ’―
taydoevision : Photo cred: @geniuscolegetsitin
aintbiggerthanme - nadzbws - tifftiffrosee - bickingbackbeingbool -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Where I'm from! #Compton #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary Kendrick Lamar X The Game @losangelesconfidential
thedocumentary10thanniversary - compton -
ttaliano : When his music was good . Bring it back !
therealantw0n : #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary
captainhowdy69 : @lopez24a hahaha he looks different!
ajmzpoetic : @dinero_de_sangre_0927 jealous????? Dang just for KL
comparan92 : Copped my tickets for when he comes to OC at the observatory.. no missing out. Hope he has guest appearances too
ryanflusk : @mike_jones321 imagine
mike_jones321 : Ino yeah 😩 @ryanflusk
thecoolestniggawha : @im_rich_son is that dreads
im_rich_son - ray_walker_88 - jayceonnika - ttmasukume -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Thank U Los Angeles! We worked very hard to make this a show to remember. I have been getting nothing but great feedback. To all that stood in line, we appreciate u!!! #TheDocumentary10thAnniversary
thedocumentary10thanniversary -
rmean : @taydoevision classic night. Congrats fam.
eric_sklar55 : @taydoevision it was worth the wait fam!!! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
taydoevision : @eric_sklar55 thanks homie
eric_sklar55 : @taydoevision always can't wait for the next concert once The Documentary 2 drops!
__lovely_lizz_ : Worth the 4 hrs I Waite d
farovandodeweerd : Do a show like that in Holland please 😩😩
hdtayfilms : You did your thing bro. I'm proud of your progress. I still remember being at yo crib and figuring out how the get depth of field. #theprocess
its_ruthiie : Ha you reposted my picture! All that hard work payed off! It was a long wait, but worth every minute of it!!
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