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Manager of Rapper @TheGame. | Mgmt or Consulting inquiries contact taydoebiz@gmail.com.
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taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Trying to figure out which ones on this beautiful Sunday... #Retro6 #Jordans #BlueandRedmakesGreen
retro6 - jordans - blueandredmakesgreen -
mphaze93 : What r u wearing when game tours new york
yohoneydip : Red.
g_one_88 : BLUE HOMIE
withagecomeswisdom69 : Blue..factssss
fatimas_halal_market : Both! 1 blue and 1 red
laker23 : Blue! Dodgers!!
adstractlive : Dope
whoiseg : Big time!!!
kevinwong_photography - letsplay_one - adstractlive - bdonna9 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
#FBF Me telling @chrisbrownofficial that I can beat him in a dance off. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Photobomb @justinbieber. #Xalbum in stores next week.
xalbum - fbf -
shaniceebanks_ : Looks like he's eating a atm🐸
djfricktion : Yoo @taydoevision
isaac_d_gant : The arm behind him looks like his tongue haha
triciabrandonsmom : Look like something is in his mouth, but It's the lady's arm, lol
ggunndou : Lol, True @triciabrandonsmom
seahawkgirl4life : Looks like a tiny penis hanging out his mouth
lightskinneverwentouttastyle : Sup relative! @taydoevision
scott_la_rock87 : Is it me or does Justin b looks left out. @taydoevision
kendriaclark - _qxfk - frankgamart - bdonna9 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Back 2 Compton!! #Roots #Streets Documentary2 #HateitorLoveit @whenarichniggawantyou
streets - hateitorloveit - roots -
vansboy : and featuring with @50cent πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ one song
isaacbenjamin : Fuck yea!!
eddielee562 : ✨Dope pix
thisizbigb : Hell yeah!!! Can't wait!!!
fabulouz_fabz : Yo @taydoevision hit me back, lets get this oct thang popin out here, im ready.
year_ofthe_wolf : Is Dr Dre making the beats? Cause that would be fucking sick!!! @taydoevision
draftydna : DRAFTY!
mphaze93 : Hate it or love it should have been played at summer jam. PlAce woulda went nuts. When buck came out I thought for sure game was smh
blackwallstreet_bloodmoney - drastik13mxp - captaindelapaz - joevanni_ibarra98 -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
#FBF I told him to stay outta trouble before they send him back to Canada. I think it worked. @justinbieber πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fbf -
beardegidio : Hahahah
noelle_mahasin : Lol
williedonut : Good advice
feltuszacharie : Good evening Mr. Taydoe My name is Feltus Zacharie, I'm a behavioral specialist for non profit organization "A Brigher Day Family Services" We are asking for any welcoming contributions or donations to help our agency sustain; any support will greatly be appreciated. abrighterdayfamilyservices .org A Brighter Day Family Services (ABDFS) is a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) community based Behavioral Health Organization. We offer an array of services that include a Family Stabilization Program. This program was designed to assist youth between 0 and 18 years of age as well as adults. Over the pass three years, ABDFS has successfully used this added support system to identify and develop plans that help build a supportive family environment and improve self esteem, listening and communication skills of youth who struggle with behavioral and social challenges. The following programs are also offered: Independent Living Program serving 18-26 year old males and females Individualized Services All programs are managed by a professional team of mental health providers specializing in Individual, Family and Group Therapy, Substance Abuse Counseling and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The team also consists of a Program Manager who supervises and manages Rehabilitation Services developing and coordinating Case Plans and Community Activities. A Brighter Day Family Services Family Stabilization Program was developed with the belief that all youth and families who are struggling with behavioral and social deficits can benefit from an added support system. The Family Stabilization Program assists families who struggle with a child who exhibits behavioral concerns, low self esteem, poor boundaries and an inability to communicate with others. Program Goals Increase compliance in the home Allow youth to maximize their potential in the academic setting Reduce recidivism or the potential for youth to enter the Juvenile System Develop healthy boundaries surrounding self and peers Increase appropriate communication skills and self-advocacy Establish appropriate support system I will greatly appreciate if your able to consider our request. Feltus Zacharie 702 573 0929
insta.cam_ : He can hang? Or nahhh? LOL @issa_meech
contrabandcash : @taydoevision waddup big bro. When are you free?
jarvisy : Lol
issa_meech : @insta.cam_ he got his niigga card so he can hang now lol
_libe12 - yuriswagy - danianusa - miss_debonaire_ -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Repost from @billbellamy...Shout out to all the fellas!! @funnymanalexthomas X @chauncey_way X Ian #TheBrasieAlexwedding was incredible! !!!
thebrasiealexwedding -
withagecomeswisdom69 : πŸ’―πŸ’― enjoy life as much as you can guys
ardit_ua7 : @taydoevision boss
tashan_music : πŸ‘
withagecomeswisdom69 : Txt when u can @taydoevision
stan_da_man_bkny : @taydoevision im a producer and im trying to send u some Heat i just did a track on Kay Slay Mixtape called NYC SHINE what email i can send it to
lanahatchett : Taydo hey it's Lana your sister ! Follow me back
takeishathurman : Love
astafan_batrisya - solo_nos - nina_the_diva_sanchez_ - navaulises -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
"That boy clean up well!"
hjchong : πŸ‘Œ
hollywoodjustin : Swaggin on emπŸ‘Œ
jmmundanjara : You alright!
immrmath : The Boss!!!
ambaby67 : YAH HE DO!
takeishathurman : Handsome
thequeenmcfly : heyyy good looking! stay fly
eddielee562 : We got to hang out I live right down the street from you now
takeishathurman - yohoneydip - samonetaylorxxx - elite1protection -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
S/O to @funnymanalexthomas for the invite to his amazing wedding. Definitely one of the best I've been to. They get the best cake award for sure! Cake suspending from the ceiling! Dope! Congrats again Alex and Brasie. #alexandbrasiewedding #tatalaliscious #funnyasseeception #ididntknowwhototakeserious #oneguygotonthemicandwouldntgetoff #Alexhadtogograbthemic #ChrisSpencergoingtoHell
chrisspencergoingtohell - alexandbrasiewedding - funnyasseeception - tatalaliscious - ididntknowwhototakeserious - oneguygotonthemicandwouldntgetoff - alexhadtogograbthemic -
rogzilla_818909 : Come to How The West Was Won !
wakili01 - mariaxstar - citystars4life - takeishathurman -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
Let's go Dodgers! #Jordan #Retro6
retro6 - jordan -
contrabandcash : Need em
morganwayne : Got em @taydoevision
fatimas_halal_market : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
angelfunk : πŸ‘πŸ‘
draftydna : Nice!
ki_jewelry : @taydoevision Mr. Kidd, pls check your DM. Thanks
the_commission : Wht up TAYDOE?
takeishathurman : Nice
equez - angel_marquez408 - stevenlandrie - lil_paypah -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
S/O @easymoneysniper for lacing our @froggallstars with the KD 7's. Man of his word! #FroggAllStars #Nike #SCFA #WeReady
froggallstars - weready - scfa - nike -
brianamlani : πŸ‘πŸ‘
jaguilar_1 : @taydoevision I could really use the help from the Game. I'm a flag football coach at St. Albert the great school in Compton, ca. My kids love football and I just want to give them the best. I could really use the help or any donations. I would really appreciate it
withagecomeswisdom69 : @taydoevision give me a call when u have the time about@richriot we definitely would like to move forward on possibilities.. Hope all is well
gmack_nmyqueen : Hey Fam can FREDDY THE FROGG The Mascot get a pair of them KDs I'm a size 11 @taydoevision also are they practicing right now at Chick spot bro..?
the_commission : You need to be a man of your word and reach out to us over here in NC....
tjanea29 - cray_z_supa_badd - _im_always_ - 1richjrich -
taydoevision - Taydoe TV
#Yearofthewolf @whenarichniggawantyou Oct. 14th! #Bloodmoney #LaFamilia
yearofthewolf - bloodmoney - lafamilia -
ardit_ua7 : @taydoevision damn bro stop pushing the date back
naymclendon : 2Days b 4 my B-day..!!! love @whenarichniggawantyou /@thegame @taydoevision i will b copn that..!!!
naymclendon : I kno he gotta have dates for Philly rite..!!??? @taydoevision
the_commission : Wht up with the Charlotte and Raleigh situation Taydoe? We haven't heard anything from anyone?
_jaredalexander_ : @_wolfheart_ glad you guys were able to link up again πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ @taydoevision
00laurenreedy00 : Great pic ☺
_wolfheart_ : @_jaredalexander_ Me too! It was an awesome experience :D
dedramcmillian : Can't wait
scottwotherspoon5 - lil_paypah - spoondogg1990 - _.chinoo -
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