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tawny - tawny alipoon
Wishing this was a scratch 'n sniff-gram because who knew such a small bunch could smell so good. Happy Friday, friends!
oohannah : So simple and so beautiful. I love that smell, too.
lh_espresso : This is right up our alley @tawny! πŸ˜€
tawny : @oohannah 😊
tawny : @lh_espresso so true! I've been meaning to stop by!! I'll have to make time to see you guys soon 😊
lh_espresso : @tawny it would be great to see you! Let us know when you have time to swing by!
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tawny - tawny alipoon
Was sent home with some home grown, hand picked, delicious gifts! Those peaches & plums were gobbled up right after this picture was taken and the rest will be part of tonight's dinner...ok, maybe except for the air plant + lavender πŸ˜‰ Thank you @iartu_jennifer & @jtosorey! You guys are too kind!
tawny : @pr3tz thanks, Ed :)
mmmflo : Sprinkle them in your panty drawer πŸ™Š
tawny : @jus10_paul ha! uhm, no. hope the contents of your pockets made it home safely haha
tawny : @mmmflo haha! good idea!
alliemtaylor : YUM!!!
iartu_jennifer : What a beautiful snap! We heart you! What did you make for dinner?!
tawny : @iartu_jennifer we grilled them up along with some eggplant and tofu, made a sauce & ate it over rice :)
iartu_jennifer : Mmm. 😊
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tawny - tawny alipoon
This place. It has it's own little magic about it. I can't get over the color of the ocean here! Come and see it for yourself, your eyes will see it so much better than my iPhone did!
mytinyatlas -
kymventola : Miss you!!
bgreenwood86 : A perk to living here!
tawny : @kymventola ahhh I miss you too! but feeling so blessed & happy to have seen you 😊
tawny : @bgreenwood86 one of the many, many perks, I'm sure! hope you're well!!
tawny : #mytinyatlas
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tawny - tawny alipoon
Loving the space @scoutcoffee, especially that green wall in the window!
squirrelandtiffin : Looks amazing @tawny x
oohannah : Beautiful!
paperandtype : i love that spot!
tawny : @squirrelandtiffin thanks! their space is amazing!!
tawny : @oohannah so beautiful! I love their space :)
tawny : @paperandtype me too! was our first visit, but has quickly become one of my favorites :)
squirrelandtiffin : I would LOVE to visit here @tawny maybe every morning hah x
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tawny - tawny alipoon
πŸ‘‹ Dex! Got to spend quality time with this pup and some incredible friends today
mykophace : πŸ‘
iartu_jennifer : sweet baby boy! thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit. loved showing you around...come again soon?! ❀️
aktto : Ah dang I missed you!
ifioridisofia : che bello! beautiful!πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·followdoefollow?
tawny : @iartu_jennifer yes! we'll come back as soon as we can & stay longer! thanks so much for showing us around!! also, you're so sneaky! I loved opening the package expecting fruit and finding a hidden air plant, you're too kind 😊
tawny : @aktto I know! πŸ˜” we're hoping to head back up again soon and stay longer, so I'll let you know and we'll have to see you guys for sure!!
gregsrogers : good lookin dog!
iartu_jennifer : :))
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tawny - tawny alipoon
My heart is bursting with the amount of love it felt today. I love these two, I love all the amazing new friends I made and I absolutely loved today! #onmcleodnine
onmcleodnine -
josselynpeterson : Simply amazing! Great shot, @tawny and a huge congrats to @jpmcleod and Mary :)
helloitssimone : Whoa my friend Meghan was at that wedding too. Such a small world. Beautiful venue though :)
tawny : @josselynpeterson thanks, Joss! hope you're well! :)
tawny : @helloitssimone how crazy, such a small world!
meghanklein : @tawny @helloitssimone how do you guys know each other?! Such a small world!!
helloitssimone : @meghanklein we actually don't know each other personally. I stumbled upon her ig somehow a while back and liked her feed 😁 how funny that you guys ended up knowing each other! What a beautiful wedding you ladies attended! It really is such a small world, I started following your friend Mary a while ago cuz one of my friends from work told me about her ig and the beautiful work she does! This Instagram community is pretty amazing sometimes πŸ’œ
meghanklein : It truly is! @helloitssimone
tawny : @helloitssimone @meghanklein completely agree! Love this community :)
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tawny - tawny alipoon
I hope to never forget the amazing feeling of sitting in the woods with the best of friends and singing this song #onmcleodnine
onmcleodnine -
meghanklein : I completely agree.
jacksonboren : Amen.
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tawny - tawny alipoon
Over the river and through the woods to #onmcleodnine
onmcleodnine -
lorely_meza : this. #genius
tawny : @lorely_meza right?! I thought so too :)
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tawny - tawny alipoon
These two amazing friends are saying their I dos and becoming Mr & Mrs tomorrow and I can hardly wait! Here's to hoping I can actually get some sleep through all the excitement #onmcleodnine
onmcleodnine -
jellybelly_ : At the library? How exciting!!
jaelamador : Hashtag πŸ‘Œ
vanjasince1984 : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
rooted.growth : The most beautiful!
kymventola : Beautiful!
meganeguerrero : So beautiful!!!!
wanderingwithmary : We still can't sleep and it's all over. Let's go back.
tawny : @wanderingwithmary we're down! tell us when and where and we'll be there! :)
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tawny - tawny alipoon
Looking forward to unplugging, taking in the amazing views and spending quality time with the dearest of friends this weekend
alliemtaylor : Gorgeous!
jus10_paul : #obligatorycliffshot can't wait to post my own!
rudymonsalve : πŸ‘ wow
dailyphotofix : I'm so glad we got to meet you two this weekend. I hope we will see you guys soon!
tawny : @dailyphotofix yes! we feel the same! definitely will look into when we can head up to Portland next :)
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