Emilee Sutherland

The gal behind Tasteful Tatters-Event Design & Coordination Co based out of Los Angeles- and her pup, Olive
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
#tbt to this adorable coffee shop inspired wedding we designed a few years back photographed by the epic @johnrobertwoods - this coffee mugs were filled with gourmet coffee beans and tea lights making to whole space smell like coffee... which paired perfectly with the crepes we served! β˜•οΈ mmmm #tastefultatterswedding
tastefultatterswedding - tbt -
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
I am up to my eyeballs in work and kinda wishing I was right back in this moment... And then I remember how lucky I am to have the life that I do, and do a job that I love. So many exciting things happening for my little biz this week and so much to be grateful for #choosethankfulness
choosethankfulness - earthday -
tastefultatters : PLUS, it's #earthday and how incredibly beautiful & immense is the ocean?! I just love it!
meg__christine : Great caption!
lynnearuiz : That looks like PURE heaven!!!
tastefultatters : @lynnearuiz it really was!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
I'm so in love with our new brand+website that we designed a phone case for it! Next week is the launch 😝😝😝 I can't contain my excitement, obvi #tastefulrebrand
tastefulrebrand -
mollynicolereynolds : Yay!!!
meg__christine : 😍 Your brand has always been and just continues to be legit.
poppyandblush : So cute!!
tastefultatters : @meg__christine aww thanks love!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Emily from our #tastefulteam added a ton of new cases to the #society6 shop today, so many fun designs for the bride, her bridesmaids, and every gal in between! And there is free shipping all this week πŸ˜‰ link is in the profile #tastefultattersshop
society6 - tastefulteam - tastefultattersshop -
mrsjlo628 : So cute! @sjoasheim27
aprilinh : That flower one in the center! 😍
tastefultatters : @aprilinh right?!
devinekatelyn : im obsessed✨ does the glitter mrs come in iPhone 6 size? love.
tastefultatters : @devinekatelyn yup! Just follow the link and you can see all the cases and all the sizes they come in πŸ˜‰
meg__christine : L😍VE!
9_helena_9 : Pineapple 🍍😍
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Meet Emily, one of our associates! Emily is a rockstar associate coordinator as well as our blog manager... Which will be re-launching with our new site next week!! You'll be able to read all about Emily on the site as well as all of our incredible #tastefulteam! here's a little snippet for now- "Born in Michigan, raised in Southern California, Emily graduated from F.I.D.M with a degree in Visual Communications. She has her family to thank for introducing her into the arts and has loved to style, design and explore since a young age. Emily is a bit of a hopeless romantic who thrives on helping people make their special day perfect and full of joy. She loves to think outside the box and finds inspiration in nature and unexpected places. In her free time Emily likes to bake, curl up with a good book and spend time with friends and family. " #tminusoneweek #tastefulrebrand
tminusoneweek - tastefulteam - tastefulrebrand -
makerandmeadow : Beaut πŸ”Ή so much excitement coming!!
tastefultatters : Thanks @makerandmeadow for all your support!!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Adios Cancun! Until next time πŸ˜‰#heggsdocancun
heggsdocancun -
kesomadesign : I love this picture!! I need a pedicure now πŸ˜‚
tastefultatters : @kesomadesign haha thanks! And after a week in the sand, I need another one!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
So sorry for all the posts! Just trying to remember everything about this trip. So important to see the world and spend quality time with the one you love to relax and talk about your plans and the future, and laugh. Laugh a lot #heggsdocancun
heggsdocancun -
mollynicolereynolds : πŸ‘†πŸΌI agree!!!
cait_holliday : Ow ow! πŸŒ…πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
tastefultatters : @rawulbueno @mollynicolereynolds haha okay πŸ˜‰
auggie21 : Are you wearing sunscreen??!! You look much too tan 😏
tastefultatters : @auggie21 we are putting on SO much sunscreen and still getting fried! 😬
ang_baldwin : Love you guys!!! 😘😘
kathrinadiane : Who's tanner though? ;)
desireerusso95 : If you compare Andys picture you posted a few days ago and this one he's quite darker... Lol... Love cancun though... Hope you enjoyed your vacation
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
There is something so glamorous about a huge hotel bed, giant pillows, and crisp white sheets... This has been a beyond fabulous place to lay my sleepy head each night. Might need to try and re-create this at home - turn down service doesn't hurt either πŸ˜‰#heggsdocancun
heggsdocancun -
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
This view just does not get old #heggsdocancun
heggsdocancun -
danagrantphoto : 😍
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Fun in the β˜€οΈ with my boo #heggsdocancun
heggsdocancun -
tastefultatters : @kathrinadiane haha nope!! He prob won't see until we get home lol
stacealitag2 : Where's my firemen calendar hahaha. @tastefultatters
auggie21 : #gratuitousabsshot
meganstubbs : #hottestcoupleaward
rawulbueno : Sweet!
hazelcp15 : #and #fit #fitfam #crossfit #soccer #futbol #everything #mancandy #candyman
robinhearts : I just gained a pound...of muscle looking at him.
tastefultatters : @robinhearts hahahaha
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