Emilee Sutherland

The gal behind Tasteful Tatters-Event Design & Coordination Co based out of Los Angeles- and her pup, Olive
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Sometimes photoshoots feel like we are working this fast... And then you look at the clock, and it's been 6 hours.... And I ❀️it. A little #tbt to yesterday's loft magic #timelapse @joekathrina @savourthiskitchen @heirloomdesignhouse @makerandmeadow @alyssadesignsthings
timelapse - tbt -
savourthiskitchen : This is so cool!!!
avestyles : Yes! It definitely looks and feels just like that! Best job ever right?!
tastefultatters : @avestyles right?! Oh, wouldn't trade it for the world!!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Not everyday this cutie tags along to work with me #sneakpeek #bts #selfie
selfie - sneakpeek - bts -
rwhite44 : What is that on his lip?!?
mollynicolereynolds : Love you two!
meg__christine : This makes me happy for you...
sokie684 : The mustache makes him look older... Cute glasses, btw 😍
aprilinh : Were you two the models?
auggie21 : That mustache is killing me. Do you still kiss him with that thing on???
elpeneke : YOU TWO.. 😍
quitedainty : How cute are the two of you!!!
laurenaatisidr - johnnegrilaphotography - becks1496 - lynnearuiz -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
On the set for today's shoot with some of my fav people in the world! @savourthiskitchen @joekathrina @heirloomdesignhouse @makerandmeadow @elpeneke @alyssadesignsthing #bts
bts -
aprilinh : Wow! Can't wait to see more!
sokie684 - lintang91 - clementinefoods - juliana.myers -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Well done, T Swizz, well done. #dontjudgeme
dontjudgeme -
stacealitag2 : Just got the album yesterday!
laurendholcombe : Listening to it on repeat!
matianamitchell : Hahah no judgement I have always loved her. & the new cd is rocking my world
toricarlstrom : when I listened to 'blank space' I literally screamed (in my car) 'YOU GO T SWIZZLE!' #sassy #1989 πŸ™Œ
sokie684 : I need it! #hurryuppayday!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
I have the cutest brides around, I tell ya! Love this sweet moment full of personality from Claudia & Diego's vintage inspired wedding-beautifully captured by @justcamarie - more details to come! #tastefultatterswedding
tastefultatterswedding -
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Sweet floral details from yesterday's soirée. Obsessed with @isaroseflowers and her incredible work! #tastefultatterswedding #moweddingmoproblem
tastefultatterswedding - moweddingmoproblem -
aldersphoto - brinamarie08 - ally_michele - vanessa_weber -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Rooftop goodness in Hollywood tonight! Obsessed with this couple and their impeccable style #tastefultatterswedding
tastefultatterswedding - moweddingmoproblem -
mollynicolereynolds : 😍 in love!
elpeneke : Gorgeous! Love the colors here
lindyegalloway : That's a gooood one! 😍
annadelores : Gorgeous, Em!!
tastefultatters : #moweddingmoproblem
danagrantphoto : Love it!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Giant chess boards & working a wedding with this gal = perfect way to spend a Sat! #tastefultatterswedding
tastefultatterswedding - moweddingmoproblem -
elpeneke : Beauties!
annadelores : Ahhhhh why not meeeee?! Hope you ladies had so much fun!!
annadelores : @savourthiskitchen
tastefultatters : #moweddingmoproblem
alyssadesignsthings - kayleigrace - angelvanhorn - olive131313 -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Today a guy asked me how "work was today and what do I do for a living" I told him I run my own business and he responded with "wow, what a chill life you must have!" The honest truth is I haven't worked harder, more hours, less money (at times) than at any other time in my life. Owning a business is one of the hardest things I've ever done. And probably the least "chill" lifestyle ever. My husband can attest to that! But let me tell you. I love it so much. It's the most rewarding life I can imagine. So thank you random dude who cared to ask and make me thankful after an incredibly long work week. And hello, I got new @Toms glasses today! 😎 #thankful
thankful -
rawulbueno : Duh! I'll rock p!nk
iamjustincox : You rock Emilee!
sokie684 : Uh... @rawulbueno call us at @andrewgoreod... we can get you a pair of thoseπŸ‘“ πŸ˜„
sokie684 : @tastefultatters they don't look very pink in the pic but I πŸ’—πŸ’— them! Waaayy better than the Aiden in that icky honey tortoise color πŸ‘Ž
haynowerica : Go you! πŸ‘Š
classicoryan : @tastefultatters I know you do. And we are so very grateful! Excited to have you here today!!
kayleekoenig : I love these glasses! Your work ethic is so inspiring Emilee! Keep kicking ass!!
annadelores : I would've punched that guy in the face. And also, you're amazing.
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
These sweeties and their adorable love story (can you say, met in kindergarten?!) is on the blog today along with all the romantic details from their dreamy Oak Glen wedding this past summer! Photo by @joekathrina #tastefultatterswedding
tastefultatterswedding -
9_helena_9 - s_happenings - nicosantos85 - broadwaydestined13 -
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