Emilee Sutherland

The gal behind Tasteful Tatters-Event Design & Coordination Co based out of Los Angeles- and her pup, Olive
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Three weddings in two weekends means that on Wednesdays... we eat pink donuts! #weddingfuel #tastefultatterswedding
tastefultatterswedding - weddingfuel -
cristalporter : I want this so bad it hurts πŸ˜”
elpeneke : This makes me weak in the knees. Sprinkles are my kryptonite πŸ’₯πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΊπŸ”Ή
cleoalexandrabritton - elpeneke - ibeck09 - sweeterwyn -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Oh, just me doin' my thang at a venue walkthrough with @caralena today. Obsessed with this venue and cannot wait for this killer wedding with @flipbooth & @dart_djs in a couple weeks! #modernindustrial #tastefultatterswedding
modernindustrial - tastefultatterswedding -
snehastyles : Love that Venue! Went to a wedding there last summer and it was amazing!!
hiamerika : I've spent a lot of time in that building. Love that place 😍
tastefultatters : @hiamerika really?? For weddings
hiamerika : Nah, my friend used to live there. :)
poppyhill_flowers : Love that venue!
tastefultatters : @hiamerika oh no way! I thought it was just businesses!
dart_djs : 🎯
flipbooth : Will be so much fun!
natalie_cherie21 - missesdover - heirloomdesignhouse - chuckmagnet -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
See ya next time #ojai! Thanks for the best road trip ever @merrilljoe & @kathrinadiane... You guys have no idea how you've touched my life with your kindness & creativity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's gonna be a good year! And to my boo, thanks for posing in all these photos with me and holding flowers by the side of the road... you know you loved it πŸ˜‰ #ojaiemistwentyeight #shopsummercamp
ojai - shopsummercamp - ojaiemistwentyeight -
emblemflowers : Adorbs
mollynicolereynolds : And the cutest couple award goes to ....
auggie21 - lizzie.metcalf - asutherland21 - caralena -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Oh, hi @shopsummercamp! So nice to finally meet/visit you guys! #ojaiemistwentyeight
ojaiemistwentyeight -
kathrinadiane : I literally took the same photo. Twinsies!
shopsummercamp : Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by!
rebeccalynnrand : That rug πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
vanessa_weber - marie_grace99 - missliz - honkyheather -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
What puppy dreams are made of #ojaiemistwentyeight #thoseearsthough @kathrinadiane @merrilljoe @andyhegg @shannonlabare
dachshundsofinstagram - thoseearsthough - ojaiemistwentyeight -
tastefultatters : @kimberlyjoyroth I wanted to take them all home!!
kimberlyjoyroth : @tastefultatters I believe it! I've watched the video like 8 times! Haha so. stinkin. adorable.
rawulbueno : Omg I need!
shannonlabare : Ready to go back!
cait_holliday : Stop it 😍
auggie21 : Omg omg omg! And in slow motion?! You're a genius.
meg__christine : Lol oh my gosh
tastefultatters : @dachshundsofinstagram #dachshundsofinstagram
katiemcchally - lindseytotaro - lil_lib - meganmcpattey -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Road trips with @joekathrina mean impromptu photos on the side of the road the min we spot purple flowers πŸ’œ #ojaiemistwentyeight
ojaiemistwentyeight -
merrilljoe : ah mems…
tastefultatters : @merrilljoe our telepathy was key for this
elpeneke : Yep, perfect 🌷
racheldermody - piesandgents - jilliansutherlandd - caralena -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
The most amazing way to spend my bday... Covered in puppy kisses and surrounded with my favorite friends @merrilljoe @kathrinadiane @andyhegg @shannonlabare #ojaiemistwentyeight
dachshundsofinstagram - ojaiemistwentyeight -
shannonlabare : "What if there are only a couple puppies?" ... Famous last words 🐢😍
elpeneke : You are a vision 😻
savourthiskitchen : So cute!
tastefultatters : @savourthiskitchen and don't worry... There are many more!
tastefultatters : @dachshundsofinstagram #dachshundsofinstagram
rawulbueno - sweetmariedesigns - savourthiskitchen - teaganmercer -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
So unbelievably proud of this guy and so honored to be able to celebrate his promotion tonight ❀️ #thankfulthursdays
thankfulthursdays -
hannahleik87 : Cute!
jennydilbeck : Congrats to you both...I know a lot of hard work goes into those!
emilyyy_danielle : yay congrats @andyhegg!! and your hair looks amazing!
ahren231 : Awwww CONGRATS to you Andy!!! What a successful beautiful couple you guys are!! I can't sing your praises enough 😊 Love you two!! Karaoke and etc SOON to celebrate Andy's promotion and your birthday @tastefultatters!!! πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ
jen.vdc : Congrats to Andy and congrats to your hair being on point. Love it, friendπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
tastefultatters : Haha why thank you @jen.vdc πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
makerandmeadow : CONGRATS @andyhegg! You are a rockstar. This is so great!!
cait_holliday : Yayyy @andyhegg ! πŸ‘
allikellogg - malikahshop - paipaimoney - kaykayjoy21 -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who made me feel so special last weekend for my birthday. Despite having shingles and working a wedding... I felt so much love from all the texts, calls, packages that showed up on my doorstep, and the insane amounts of gifts I was given that day! It all made me feel so loved (and less bummed about getting older lol) so THANK YOU! I love my little wedding community + my dear sweet friends 😘 @lynnearuiz I am going to try my darnedest to keep these cuties alive! #thankfulthursdays
thankfulthursdays -
roberts_and_co : Oh no shingles are THE worst!!! I'm so sorry, prayers for a quick recovery πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
tastefultatters : @roberts_and_co thanks girl!!
mollynicolereynolds : Love you friend!
caralena : Aw! You are so sweet! Wedding and sangria with you was the best! I'm glad you're b-day wasn't toooo bad..
lynnearuiz : Haha well hopefully you will be better than me! Those things would be dead in two weeks if I had them lol
juliana.myers : So cute!!
kathrinadiane : Can't wait to celebrate you this weekend friend!
heirloomdesignhouse : πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Another dreamy shot from Wendy & Adrian's Homespun Wedding featured on @greenweddingshoes today! To see all the glorious photos be sure to click the link in my profile! Every single detail was handmade by the bride and/or myself (including the 200 ft of fabric bunting!) #diywedding #tastefultatterswedding #eventdesign
tastefultatterswedding - diywedding - eventdesign -
johnrobertwoods : Looks so awesome !!
tastefultatters : Thanks @johnrobertwoods! We must work together again this year!
johnrobertwoods : Yes please!!!
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