Emilee Sutherland

The gal behind Tasteful Tatters-Event Design & Coordination Co based out of Los Angeles- and her pup, Olive
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
My favorite new way to start a crisp fall morning β˜•οΈ I'm officially addicted to @oakglencoffee #happymonday #fallismyfavorite
happymonday - fallismyfavorite -
carasays : Where can we get it? @oakglencoffee @tastefultatters
tastefultatters : @carasays Andy can pick you up a jar on his next shift! $12 for a lg jar. Hopefully soon you can order online!
stacealitag2 : I want to try too! Remind me when it's available online. Cause I will forget to check due to mama brain. Lol.
tastefultatters : @stacealitag2 will do!! It's amazing!!
carasays : @tastefultatters ok!!!! Thank @andyhegg
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
If I could tell high school me what my life is like now, she would have laughed at me and said I was crazy. You see, tomboy-greesy haired-soccer player-me didn't think past getting a soccer scholarship. My life goals stopped there. As I embrace the first Sat off in a month, and finish cutting hundreds of triangles for a brides epic bunting, I could get bored/discouraged that I'm cutting fabric on a day off. But instead I am so incredibly thankful for this life & career I lead. I am so grateful that my life took some unexpected twists and landed me where I am today. Everyday I get to make brides wedding dreams come true. I get to create everyday. And I love every minute of it #mystory #eventdesign #tastefultatterswedding #blessed
eventdesign - mystory - blessed - tastefultatterswedding -
shannonlabare : #kc4ck
tastefultatters : @shannonlabare haha YES!! We were such entrepreneurs πŸ˜‰
meg__christine : Miss you!
beckaapplegate : Girl, I do NOT remember you as a greasy haired tomboy in high school! You were super cute and adorable!
tastefultatters : @beckaapplegate haha my mom used to tease me tirelessly about wearing sweats to school and never washing my hair!
upperclassboutique : Nice!
juliana.myers : I always thought you looked so cute at school!
tastefultatters : @juliana.myers haha why thank you 😊
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Me+My Boo+The Stache #stachetober #breastcancerawareness
stachetober - breastcancerawareness -
__curren__ : It's not even #Movember yet! But I still love it!
hazelcp15 : RESPECT @andyhegg
tastefultatters : @_curren_ the fire dept is doing mustache October for breast cancer
tastefultatters : Oops __curren__ πŸ‘†
scottlabare : @andyhegg proud of you #COYS
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Seeing my lil brother escort my mom and gma to the field for the half-time breast cancer survivors celebration means everything to me πŸ’• #backofthecamera #pinkout
backofthecamera - pinkout -
agcorrigan : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
bballstaedt : He is huge! Wasn't he just like 5!?!
tastefultatters : @bballstaedt right?!?? I can hardly believe he is a junior! Weren't WE just juniors? Haha
bballstaedt : Seriously!!!
lisa_specht : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
whitneyblucas - dianelfrank - whitney_who - ericachristinemcnicol -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
WooHoo! Congrats @cristalporter on winning the @toms+tastefultatters giveaway!! Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to stay tuned for more bridal + wedding giveaways in the coming months. I am so homored to be apart of this amazing cause with TOMS and a special thanks to @andrewgoreod for bringing me on board with your anniversary event! #oneforone #styleyoucansee #givingback
givingback - oneforone - styleyoucansee -
kelseyleep : Yay @cristalporter !!! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘―πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒ
tastefultatters : Haha @kelseyleep I love your enthusiasm 😍
cristalporter : Shut up. I'm too lucky 😳
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Only a few more hours to win this adorable pair of @toms sunnies!! They are white and have a lace inlay-perfect for a wedding πŸ˜‰ check out the blog for all the details (link in profile) photo by @joekathrina
oneforone - pasadena - wedding - styleyoucansee - toms -
tastefultatters : #styleyoucansee #oneforone #pasadena #toms #wedding
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Miss #olivehegg loves sweater weather! #fallismyfavorite (and, no, @andyhegg was not involved or in support of the taking of this photo)
olivehegg - fallismyfavorite -
kaylabrookebrown : That's not a sweater! It a hoodie...totally different, way cooler ;)
cristalporter : Stop. So cute!
andyhegg : You know I love that pup. But thanks, that disclaimer was definitely for @hazelcp15
elpeneke : #fallivehegg πŸ‚ #folivehegg
hazelcp15 : Love it @andyhegg . At first glance it did look like your knitting work
tastefultatters : Omg @elpeneke!! Best hashtags ever!!
mollynicolereynolds : Olive!!!!!! So hip.
rebeccalynnrand : Olive getting ready for fall!
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Sorry mom, but playing with food is totally fun #tastefultattersshop #sneakpeek
sneakpeek - tastefultattersshop -
andyhegg - lindaladybug - __lauramg - healthy_heavenly_joy -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
You know it's going to be an epic shoot when it starts with @savourthiskitchen in your kitchen! πŸ“πŸ†πŸ… #tastefultattersshop
tastefultattersshop -
evangeline_shoots : You two are a power team! πŸ‘―πŸ‘
baiapasta : Yum!!
cristalporter : πŸ˜›
frrrenchieee : So fun!!! I wish I was the assistant today πŸ˜‹
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Want to win these white+lace @toms sunnies for your wedding day?? And yes, real lace is under the acrylic! Head on over to the blog (link in profile) to find out all the juicy details on how to win! #styleyoucansee #oneforone
oneforone - styleyoucansee -
thompsonswn : Quiero. @haseco_
sokie684 : #newsunnies #giftsforGOOD #TOMS #TomsEyewear #freesunnies #giveaway #drawing #oneforone #givesight #lace #bridal #wedding #pasadena #pasadenacityhall #playhousedistrict #married #engagement #eyewear #eyecare #styleyoucansee #blog #tastefultatterslovesTOMS #Tastefultattersweddings πŸ’—πŸ‘“
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