Emilee Sutherland

The gal behind Tasteful Tatters-Event Design & Coordination Co based out of Los Angeles- and her pup, Olive
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
It may be the last day of summer, but @andyhegg and I are stretching summer out a bit with a little tropical getaway! #endlesssummer #heggsincostarica
endlesssummer - heggsincostarica -
katiequesada : Ya have a blast!
shardayrenee : PURA VIDA (say that and you'll be a local)
desireerussoweddings : @dellyou_526 is there right now too
rawulbueno : Have a super supper time!!
sokie684 : Have a fab time! See you when you come back!
megbreanne : You will love it!!! Have a blast.
laurendholcombe : Have fun!!!! πŸ‘™β˜€οΈ
merrilljoe : No top? Haha!! Bring me back a πŸ’
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tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
YOU GUYS. My @makerandmeadow coffee table just arrived... And I am in LOVE. This is by far the coolest piece in our home. Locally made in CA by the coolest couple around. You all should probably get one :) @barringtonblue -look how fab your pillows look with it!
kathrinadiane : Ummm in love!!! Doesn't even look like your guys' place! Get together soooon!
tastefultatters : @kathrinadiane right?! You guys should totally "register" for one of their pieces haha they make tables, headboards-everything!
tastefultatters : @katiequesada do you know @makerandmeadow?? They made all of your guys' desks at the church office!
katiequesada : @tastefultatters yes! That is such a lovely table!!! I'm giggling bc we have that couch, an etsy table and similar rug! Great minds think alike πŸ˜‰
tastefultatters : @katiequesada haha somehow I just knew our homes would be similar the second I saw your polka dot wall in your office!
shannonlabare : Too much goodness
jenvdh : @tastefultatters, I am crazy in love with all of it and have been lusting after @barringtonblue pillows for dayssss. So gorgeous. Well done, love.
barringtonblue : ❀️
vanessa_weber - jenvdh - bethanygilbertson - laurendholcombe -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Yesterday's tablescapes were some of my all time favs. Thank you @centiabpetal - you nailed it!!! #hjhappilyeverafter #serendipitygardenweddings
serendipitygardenweddings - hjhappilyeverafter -
deannasutherland : Beautiful!
centiabpetal : Thank you for the pix and applause! Love working w/you!
jocelyngirouard : Cute chairs!
tastefultatters : @deannasutherland mom, you would have loved this venue :) @centiabpetal and I LOVE working with you!! Can't wait to do it again in Nov!
kbierman_ : Is that serendipity ?!
kbierman_ : I got married there 😍
juliana.myers : So pretty!!
joekathrina : Great working and laughing together as always. Thanks for the cookies! πŸͺ
vanessa_weber - merrilljoe - gritandgoldfw - eddiary -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
I added a pop of color to my new garden tools on the blog today, it's sooo easy πŸ’œπŸŒ± thanks @meg__christine for the photos!! Blog link in profile #diygarden
diygarden -
giraffaroozle - jilliannsutherland - tmoromisato - legitlomi -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
If you loved the plexi glass moss tables I made earlier on the summer, wait till you see the sparkle in these babies for this weekends soirée! #sparkle #receptiontablenumbers #tastefultatters
receptiontablenumbers - sparkle - tastefultatters -
desireerussoweddings : Love these!! Are you doing a DIY on your site for these?
tastefultatters : @desireerussoweddings I'm actually thinking about selling both sets in my shop!
desireerussoweddings : Good idea! I'd buy lol
helena__baker - lindseytotaro - erinbassett - legitlomi -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Never have I played with a save the date more!! SO.EXCITED for @merrilljoe @kathrinadiane!!!! #gettingmerrilled πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #theyloveconfetti
gettingmerrilled - theyloveconfetti -
mollynicolereynolds : They are the best!!!!
makerandmeadow : So cute!
merrilljoe : Yes!! Thanks for the video! We've been recording a few we've hand delivered.
vanessa_weber : Rad
tastefultatters : @merrilljoe of course!! There was more but we could only post so many secs- can't wait for Dec!!
merrilljoe : Did Andy have a hunch and tell you to go outside?
tastefultatters : @merrilljoe haha no, I had the hunch and went outside before he freaked out over all the purple confetti haha... Now it's just all in our grass 😊
kathrinadiane : I love the fact you knew to get video!!! And only you would be that excited for confetti :)
by_jenina - hboden89 - lesalitag2 - broadwaydestined13 -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Spending a couple hours in the sunshine with my boo on a paddle boat... Because, why not? #ilovela
ilovela -
t_nguyen_t : OMG that's 5 min from my apartment! Enjoy LA love!
tastefultatters : @t_nguyen_t no way!! It's the BEST city!
t_nguyen_t : @tastefultatters yeah way! I'm in corona rn but I wish we could meet up! If you have some time check out the BARCADE-it's a bar with old arcade games. And PIEHOLE for yummy desserts. And WURSTKÜCHE for gourmet hot dogs and beer! All in the artist district nearby!
kaylabrookebrown : So pretty!
tastefultatters : @kaylabrookebrown we miss you guys!! 😒
lesalitag2 - broadwaydestined13 - kaylabrookebrown - dev603 -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
And my night is complete with glow stick cotton candy #cwdbestof2014
cwdbestof2014 -
carizzarose : I missed you?!? πŸ˜”
vintagetable : YOU complete me ;)
tastefultatters : @carizzarose I know!! How did this happen?!
_softy15_ - thereplicasmusic - juliana.myers - katiequesada -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
So thrilled to be here supporting @vintagetable at the #cwdbestof2014
cwdbestof2014 -
b_b_b_photo : So cool here huh?
primandpixie : I hope to see you tonight @tastefultatters !
tastefultatters : @primandpixie yes, please!!
beccarillo : So sad! I couldn't make it tonight but everyone is there! πŸ’• ahh!!
savourthiskitchen : Great shot!
annadelores : @tastefultatters @primandpixie it was so awesome to see you guys!!
primandpixie : You too @annadelores
djcrashusa - lilla_bello - fluffpops - lovecakesandkisses -
tastefultatters - Emilee Sutherland
Another sweet moment from yesterday's gorgeous outdoor wedding! These two are simply adorable ❀️
poppyandblush : Cute!!
meganhayes - itsjessrutledge - missymle - hannahleik87 -
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