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taskrok - taskrok
Custom anodized caps for the homie Austin. An iBake UniTi cap and an AG v2 cap. We're now taking orders for custom designs. Hit us up for quotes. Customs@highlyeducatedti.com
taskrok : @taylorjbedwell not me anymore either. I hired an in house artist a couple weeks back.
taylorjbedwell : Mad props! Can't wait to see more designs @taskrok
nevadaprivada : Sacred geo design possible @taskrok
thundervalleyfarms : Do these only work with HE nails? I have a silika.. @taskrok
s3brdshp85 : @rouxquain. 😱😱😱
vwr32420 : How much for a customer
vwr32420 : Costom*
kushmasterkush : @about1
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taskrok - taskrok
I am extremely proud of my team right now. Thank you to everyone who supported us this past year. #highlyeducated #fouryearsstrong
fouryearsstrong - highlyeducated -
cheesefork : You are the original gangster of titanium
chidabber : Fuck yeah love my carb cap wouldn't use anything else I just need a nail from u now
aqualabtechnologies : @taskrok Congratulations Buddy!!!
wiseguys_smokeshop : πŸ‘Œ
donglifee : Congrats
tongaroaster : Congrats task.
indigo_ian : Yo how much would you charge for a custom kingdom hearts key blade dabber???? Im pretty interested
trazetek : @highlyeducatedti boss
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taskrok - taskrok
Sorry for blowing up your feed. This is my last post promise. Come check us out at AGE tomorrow! Rooms 1757 and 1551 ✌
liftedontheregular : @justawrx
wiseguys_smokeshop : πŸ‘Œ
justsmokeit215 : That's cool untill your having a sesh and the cap gets hot
globgod : @justsmokeit215 you're not supposed to touch it with your hand....
justsmokeit215 : Pretty pointless when you can just flip your dabber instead on having to use your dabber to open and close it lol @globgod
1988bird : That's supper dope. Where do I order??
nectarprincesa : How much extra weight do they add compared to just the domeless nail ? @taskrok I feel like all my 10mils would tip easier.. They're such a classy mod though . Hmm.
dankstop : @taskrokπŸ‘Œ
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taskrok - taskrok
Did I mention we made hinged enail attachments??? No? Oh... We made hinged enail attachments. @hitmanglassdougie #highlyeducated x #hitman 2015
hitman - highlyeducated -
jmess401 : @kindconnectionri you think you'll order any of these?
kindconnectionri : @jmess401 yes
ripcitykid503 : @rosecityresin503 this is what i was talkin abiut
joshfaust87 : How much and where can I get one
shoot3rmcdabbin : @taskrok do they fit the infiniti nail?
daileyjets : How soon can I buy one !?!
oil_head710 : @that_nigga_hanzel710
1988bird : The top hat one is supper sick where can I order??
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taskrok - taskrok
Attach your dabber up top, attach your dabber on the bottom. Throw a key ring on it if you're feeling brave. #highlyeducated x #hitman 2015
hitman - highlyeducated -
daddydankee : @its_mr.arbuckle
k.l.s11 : Where can I scoop the top hatish one??
hilusnajin : Where Are these ???
hilusnajin : @702_gto
kushmasterkush : @ericsutton
backwood_brett710 : This is for a classy samurai as ourselves @indiigosoul
dtoast57 : When are these up for sale to the public?
indiigosoul : @backwood_brett710 indeed that's sick
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taskrok - taskrok
These stand alone ones are off the hinges. Hitman x Highly Educated 2015 @hitmanglassdougie #highlyeducated #hitmanglass
hitmanglass - highlyeducated -
gabereally : What the fuck where can I get a sword dabber
johnnydropbhombs : @aqualabtechnologies
auburnsmokeshop : are these available yet for wholesale? we are about to make another order, id love to grab some for the shop.
auburnsmokeshop : @taskrok @highlyeducatedti
taskrok : @auburnsmokeshop not yet.
natural_exotics : How can I buy the hinge nail and sword dabbers?
oil_head710 : @that_nigga_hanzel710
beng710 : @zhongfly
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taskrok - taskrok
These Highly Educated X Hitman collabs are on the hinges! These are top hat and ball cap carb caps that attach to an InfiniTi compatible nail head. I know you're wondering if they get hot, of course they get hot you're hitting it with a torch genius, but not too hot for a quick flip to open / close. If you have any other questions, ask them; I'll do my best to answer them in the comments. Just finished these prototypes last night but since we're showing them at AGE I may as well spill the beans on line. Come check us out at AGE tomorrow to give the hat a tip. Good day sir... I said good day sir!!! @hitmanglassdougie #highlyeducated #hitman
hitman - highlyeducated -
fiendstakedrugs : @buddha_dza nice hitmanxHE
buddha_dza : Killer collaboration!! @fiendstakedrugs
notorious_d.a.b710 : Will you have these for sale as dish alone? I have an Infiniti already would upgrade it with the dish!! @taskrok
flantonio710 : @textracts710
afro_ninja420 : @jessies_posted_ass_fuk
maxjahcat : @ej8ofthesand
oil_head710 : @that_nigga_hanzel710
robalexander12 : @ferreirakid12
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taskrok - taskrok
My boy Dave stayed up all night getting some of these @hitmanglassdougie @highlyeducatedti collaborations prototyped so that I could bring some to AGE! FYI, Dave is a gangster. See you all in Vegas ✌#highlyeducated #hitman
hitman - highlyeducated -
greenthumbdanny : πŸ˜ƒ
gabereally : @wicked_terps_extracts @shaggadelic710 ?
highlogicjohnyy : Hmu mane
hitfam_mitch : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
danksorgtfo : Man I wish I could make it to age I'm so hyped about this and I don't even know what it's gonna be!
trazetek : #trazetek
ie710 : @taskrok I see the competition getting jealous. No worries I've tried their products HE Stands above all.
headscapegallery : Highly hitman ftw!
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taskrok - taskrok
RIP to the god @ek_lifestyle
lordtobin : Damn. Always tough facing a loss. Rest easy brotha
phenoking_ : One minute they are here the next second they are gone! This dab is for all the young beautiful people who left us too early! One day we will be one again.
jdm92eg : πŸ™
left4toria : I'm so sorry. Rest in peace. This dab is for him πŸ’•
herbal_genius_ : RIP... how did he pass?
aceterp : No my ninja @ek_lifestyle !! I'm talkin,to insta like u can,hear us bless bro
fastdabmike : Fuck life man. At least it went to
fastdabmike : A good guy. @taskrok
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taskrok - taskrok
Check out these custom caps we made for Smells Like OG Extracts. Interested in obtaining customs? Contact us! customs@highlyeducatedti.com
rootsin710 : @benny_batson
savanna_peterson23 : So dope!!!!! @massachiefa7
xalinkx : @taskrok how much more is it for anodizing?
taskrok : @xalinkx anywhere from 15 extra to 60 extra depending on the time it takes
xalinkx : @taskrok word. Awesome dude! Appreciate the response!
dabbsteadi : I will be contacting you tomorrow
dab_gods : Could I get 1 custom or does it have to be bulk?
smellslikeogextracts : Thanks for the Post and for all the hard work.. they came out amazing...
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