Making my dreams come true. One dab nap at a time. Wholesale inquiries sales@highlyeducatedti.com
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zackoski : "We came here just to better the game... We're innovative and were never the same!" πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
d_i_zz_l_e : @hash_diddy
reliefluis : Glass bell triple og it's just missing the whip lol dam I still can't find hexane honey oil :c #hho
ll_boogz_ll : My first Vapes were off a ti spoon back on 03. When it wasn't mainstream as fuck
high_photos : @hemphogg you ever see this? So cool
viny741 : @beardedl10n OG type shit I want one
islanddabber : Hell yea I remember back like 7-8 years ago taking dabs off hookah coals with all the homies sitting around with straws waiting to catch the rest of the hit if you couldn't finish the dab lmao @mendroza
710cc : @dabaholic_702 the old school rig lol
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Dylan has a problem with Cannabis Now's Top 5 Dabbing essentials.
dabaholic1017 : I spit hot fire lmao that episode was hilarious
lynchabitch : @buddah_mane69
milligrahams : @aligilliams @soso90265 @taylorbeall
otis_dabs : #5GreatestDabbersofAllTimeDylanDylanDylanDylanDylan
peacefulprana : @lucid710arrow 😭
graceface_killa : @dylanvhs
nostickycontainer : I rip and I rhyme I rhyme and I rip
nostickycontainer : Go get me a cheese cake mothafucka and some Cambodian breast milk.
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3 nails 1 cap. The new UniTi Cap from #HighlyEducated
highlyeducated -
daddymac23 : Nice work @taskrok when do these roll out @boilmyoil peep these @hashmasterog also
dabbaderrbadoo : @connor_burnshash
green_lyfe : Ohhh hole on the side? How does that work
2dope4200 : @jones4200
j_hutton_ : @andyweezerr
heavyhitter559 : @studley_710
hash_diddy : Can't wait
papi_gords : @j_demonte @stevecainn
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UniTi Cap from Highly Educated. The UniTi Cap fits all the domeless nails from Highly Educated. The UniTi Cap differs from traditional carb caps by utilizing layered intake holes which, when operated without interruption, switch from one hole to two as the size of the nail head increases. The top hole can be finger regulated allowing for single hole intake on larger nails. The switch from a vortex hole to dual skimmer holes helps prevent the reclaim from building up as fast in the cap requiring you to clean it less frequently, though admittedly, the added layers make it slightly harder to clean. The cap sits shallower on the enails head and no longer crashes into an upside down coil exit bar. The added mass from the new layers make it stand sturdy when the dabber is attached to the side. The added mass also allows for the cap to heat up slower which prevents it from getting too hot when used properly (although this means it cools down slower when used improperly). The UniTi Cap is a more versatile carb cap than its predecessors and it will debut at the same price as our standard Carb Cap. It is available for wholesale/distribution orders starting tomorrow; but you can enter yourself for a chance to win one by liking this post. Thank you.
ti_taniacs710 : @greenbacksupply
papa_askam : @bobcatsheadygoods
phishglobs : @irishjared
daddymac23 : @taskrok are they gonna come with that handle on them like in the pic with the big HE I like the cap seperate from the dabber looking fresh and so clean homie
g0rskii : @supremesmoke
ceej_nast : I would love to have o e of these as a pendent
nyc710club : @hashtag_dab
dabstradamus : πŸ’™
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The ceremonial Changing of the Ti. πŸ“· @puffinglassstudios
taskrok : @_darthvapor_710 what city do you live in
taskrok : @treesaptechnologies try putting the body in a vise clamp and wack the top of the head with a rubber mallet a couple times.
_darthvapor_710 : @taskrok I'm in NJ
treesaptechnologies : Thanks
taskrok : @_darthvapor_710 try Primal in East Hanover, Pipe Kingz in Woodland Park, Mr. Nice Guy in Elizabeth, milky way glass in Glassboro, Hollywood Smokin in Northfield, Hoboken smoke shop in Hoboken, Garden State Sparkway in Bloomingdale, Frolic in Oaklin, Aladdin Smoke Shop in Paramus, or Aladdin Smoke Shop in Lodi.
_darthvapor_710 : @taskrok good looks thanks alot homie
spliifted420 : Pretttty 😍😻😍
j_hutton_ : @ahutton_
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Meep meep.
cigburna : @taskrok what did u think I meant son
taskrok : @cigburna πŸ‘Œ
cigburna : These ones are fucking dope buff said
taskrok : Just that. That's why I said about what cousin. @cigburna
terpologist : His work is so clean @jsmartglass
yoo_senorsweetbread : @gil_man_
elementiumlighter : Dope page! Would love to send you a new #puresparkelite lighter for free to try out and keep :) if interested email me at support@elementiumlighter.com thanks
tylerjameswagner2 : @damon0bub
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Tool change.
billyy__ : The tip of my flat head dabber broke off. Any type of warranty on ur titanium product?
taskrok : @billyy__ absolutely. Contact questions@highlyeducatedti.com
taskrok : @lizardking18 πŸ™Š@justchiefin πŸ‘Š
minutemademikes707 : Hey man my nail snapped when I pulled my dome off.. It's a flux HE
taskrok : @minutemademikes707 email questions@highlyeducatedti.com
minutemademikes707 : What's the email lol?
cheebasaurus : @minutemademikes707 questions@highlyeducatedti.com
weston_ledoux : @taskrok that's awesome excellent customer service
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Heard something hit my window. Looked outside and found Archimedes just chilling. Have to goto work. Hope he's good.
glass_spinner : Hope he's all good! Lil bad ass!
ayebriley : So cute :) @ricanvbs4life
daniicalifornia_ : Love that you named him after The Sword and the Stone character.
paulywalnuts710 : Cosmic white owl yo
paulywalnuts710 : Givin the stink eye
bambidangerdan : Ur a wizard, Taskrok.
stormydabqueen : Beautiful beast
miiisssharrrdabalina : 😍😍
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First ever 10mm @evolglass dabbucino, first ever 10mm @lurchglass rig, first ever 10mm @erikandersglass recycler. At least that's what they said. #glasshistory
glasshistory -
kaseofnugs : @jamesglif
buddyphatz : @erikandersglass deff awesome firsts
greg_7 : Omfg Starbucks I want it!
slaymelts : "My dream glass" says everyone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
mk4_mattattack : @r_alec
aguas.calmas : @brandoonon da Starbucks for the white females
brandoonon : @aguas.calmas it's actually pretty perfect domeless on top
aguas.calmas : @brandoonon aka you're new rig
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Happy TriniTi Day! The only one ever. Shout out to @instadabber710 for pointing this out.
gabereally : @shaggadelic710 lmao what's so special! Why did he put that day!
joshuaxogkush : @hypertears
stackbundlez024 : Dads birthday πŸ™
mnmlsavage : Muh birfday @taskrok
leafdale.702 : Lol those r the sizes
nugruns : Would be sweet to have that ha that's my b day
newvape710 : born on date I like it
cameronhintz : @sir_jamesk
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