Deleted at 10. Not 10k. 10. wholesale contact sales@highlyeducatedti.com
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taskrok -
Work keeps on reminding me that I need a vacation.
ethburger : @jclvrke @yungclarke @domdeprume this page is dope
g_creez : Follow this account its creez @chaos_k1ng
jclvrke : @ethburger that is unreal
onlyshattermatters : To me , This is very Florida . I love it
g_oose_ : @so_baked @nickbogartis @richarzardd @robjohan10
marquesetheridge : @baileydianeeee we need one
grasshoppa_glass : Hay buddy I send u a dm. When u have time let me know what u think please
taskrok : @grasshoppa_glass absolutely. Give me just a couple hours.
nerdstigram - lexxyy_c - 5_lines_ - raauul_t -
taskrok -
The first run of V1 quartz dish attachments will be offered with our new H-Adapter (available in both 14/18mm & 10mm) titanium bodies as well as being InfiniTi nail compatible. The dish will also work with our V2 Carb Caps, UniTi Caps, and PartiCaps. The dish will have a retail price of $75 sold separately, or $145 for a complete nail kit (H-Adapter, Ti Fastener, Quartz Dish). Highly Educated quartz accessories are machined from GE semiconductor grade fused quartz. Much like our titanium, our quartz is machined right here in the United States and is 99.9% pure. The V1 Quartz dish will be both torch and flat coil e-nail compatible off the shelf, or it can be made 16mm & 20mm barrel coil e-nail compatible with an aftermarket adapter. #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
grasshoppa_glass : Hay buddy I just got one today from ziggys but want to run my 16mm coil on it do u have any adapters I can buy off you for it?
righteouscats : @ziggyssmokeshop PLEASE GOD L FOR THE LOVE OF GOD lol :)
emanturnsdownschwag : Wattap with then 10mm
710bhomber : @grasshoppa_glass I had seen a comment somewhere up there saying that the adapter for the 16mm coil is being redesigned to function more efficiently. Unless you just mean whatever he has currently just to have for your setup. πŸ‘πŸ»
waxheadog : @taskrok where can I buy this after market 16mm barrel adapter ?!
drinkmybongwater : @k_dot_dabs worthy investment?
theconnoisseur313 : @frankhassell
jp_bhomb : I needs a few homey! @taskrok
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taskrok -
The rumors I’ve been spreading are true. Highly Educated has been working behind the scenes to begin the journey of manufacturing machined quartz accessories. Our first release is the V1 quartz dish attachment which connects to our new titanium H-adapter body to create a DualiTi Ti/Qtz Hybrid accessory. Follow @highlyeducatedti for more information and a giveaway coming soon. #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
rob_lowe_temp_dabs : @brutalbrady
polarextracts : @bro_mero_
hustletrees_ : @highclassshit
_jaallday : @the_big_globowski_710
claymundo_ : @brand_damn
noahgizzi : @upinsmoke_lf
derbsfordays : @austin_sparker
brian_n_themilehigh713 : 10mm fitting?
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taskrok -
@highlyeducatedti now offers two new styles of extendable enails in two different sizes. 16mm and 20mm sizes available in both updated OG dish and trench style dish. Models extend to accommodate a wider variety of coil heights. Contact sales@highlyeducatedti.com for more information. Thanks. #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
ol_enaj : Siiiiiiiiiiick
friedl_castro : @colin_parish This and...
bubblinbongs : "My whole clique keeps blowin all the glass, growin all the grass and smoking all the hash it's a green rush, but we ain't in it just for cash" so dope hahahah
beamersmoke : Smoke/Vape? Checkout BeamerSmoke.com!
doodiedoobc : @3riclaw so much for the hinge cap but this is sweet. I'm going to have to cop a couple
thestonedgringo : @enduringterpines he's a beast
jayninetysix_ : @taskrok aye bro how long until we should by a new nail , I've had my HE nail for a bout a year now when is it time for a change?
friedl_castro : @dannykip27 this or...
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taskrok -
Been taking a social media tolerance break lately. Honestly, I just suck at posting with every thing that's going on in my life right now. Just want to let you know that Highly Educated has decided to finally start using the @highlyeducatedti instagram page. Going to start doing giveaways and product releases over there first now. So if you want to keep up with Highly Educated, or you want better chances at winning a give away, check it out. New stuff is coming very soon. Thanks. #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
highfromhelena : πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜Š
orale_king : Yeee
suspectseventen : yuup! :D HE for life
lifestylesmokeshop : Sick slaps
highsolo_stonedwars : Thanks for the update task, always sending my positive vibes your way @taskrok
cushkid710 : Just followed up keep up the hard work &stay positive
clctees : #killa
ellebeau.yoga : Big love. MISS ya. Hope all is so well your way always.
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Edit: @turdfurgeson710 has been randomly selected as the winner. Please email iwon@highlyeducatedti.com for info on how to redeem. ORIGINAL POST: Like the post for a chance to win one of these HE x HM hinge nails. New H adapter body allows you to cut the infiniti out of the equation. Check this post tomorrow for a selected winner. Thanks.
yoitscheefs : @taskrok awesome! You're very welcome man. My lifestyle wouldn't be the same without you
highsolo_stonedwars : @taskrok you're the man doing these simple but amazing giveaways, you don't make us jump through hoops to qualify MAY THE FROSTINESS BE WITH YOU
steadykushin : U still in daygo fam
thedabfiend : Any chance you can lmk where I can buy that h adaptor ?
sfvog10 : Look at dudes name who won @chucknorrisog @chemdogbillionaire
nmdabber : The kind of nail on that hit man piece @k_rak_
courney710nw : @caralynn.14 little hats
dumbbfounded_ : Do you have 20mm enail top hat attachments?!
highsolo_stonedwars - cashgrassorglass - concentrated.mind - __mmp710 -
taskrok -
Thinking about submitting this picture of my @lurchglass rig to national geographic.
lurchglass : Really?
translusense : Lurch kills it on the daily πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
taskrok : @lurchglass bro after taking that picture I'm quitting my day job and becoming a professional photographer. Now booking shoots.
pokestonertx : do it! glass world is blowing up. nat geo needs to be on that shit.
hsg_officeman : That's Awesome!
jonathancopeland_ : Lol "day job" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kelson8tor : Lov that peace good job😎
flicglass : @natgeo
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Here's a better photo πŸ“· @thepipeking @luckysglass
sourdieseldazed : The purple is gone πŸ˜’πŸ™ˆ
mts_wisco : @bhomberbabe
concentratedking : those are sick as fuck
alextrabek : @jon_bud @connrelliott baaaaam
jsr_69 : @vic_the_brick__
bethnocats : @derpy_dev
warioglass : @minnowfacets
warioglass : @taskrok are these tips available ?
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taskrok -
πŸ‘€ Check out these dabbers from @luckysglass with #highlyeducated titanium tips.
highlyeducated -
thrasher9 : nice!
juantwofourhoe : @sirshawnzy @its_that_nigg4
luckysglass : Big thanks for the shout out @taskrok!!! These dabbers are a game changer for many, especially with the titanium upgrade, thanks to you and your crew at @highlyeducatedti!!! I'm truly greatful #fueledbydreams
taskrok : @luckysglass much love buddy
lyfestyleclothing : Wow I didn't know they were highly educated ti tips!!! That's dope I'll buy one now!!!
chuntie420 : Nigga this is what you need @ernesto_47oz
slab_mob : @steadyslabb1n
eliraz420 : @dabadaddy
raauul_t - concentratedking - keepit_faded - ivanthegr8_1 -
taskrok -
mood -
daddymac23 : Epic @taskrok
j_mo710 : @brad_spring this is the anodizing I was talking about.
bearnescessities : @taskrok how can I get one of these
medicatemenc : He man I forgot to ask you earlier what the chemical that you use to achieve such beautiful anodization was, feel free to DM me
captainchronic710 : Mad respect
nerdstigram : ❀
tashaungibson747515836 : Go through this account @subluvr
_jaallday : @the_big_globowski_710 swaggin
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