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Painting titanium with electricity part 2. Check out part one over at @highlyeducatedti #highlyeducated #titaniumart #anodized #anodizedart #philmaggio
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folfols : :)
heady_helper : πŸ‘πŸ”₯
ltterngand : That's hot!
beanjuiceart : @logancollingwood
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I've added some more custom anodized titanium art caps to Don't be a snake and check it out! The link is in the bio! 🚫🐍 #highlyeducated #custom #titanium #anodized #art #nooneanodizeslikemyboyjetpack
titanium - art - highlyeducated - nooneanodizeslikemyboyjetpack - anodized - custom -
ogmastachen : @skootsmagoots @kruzel_24 @daddy_slime
lungsfullofdank : @nodnarb504
gabereally : How awesome would that video be taking a snake dab then carbing
grizzlyadam710 : @brotherswolfe
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For 5 years Highly Educated has served mainly as a Business to Business company with the exception of our appearances at trade shows and events. After several months of working hard on our website, today I am excited to announce that we are now offering our products for direct retail sales through our newly redesigned website at This transition will allow us to make new releases available immediately for purchase, while simultaneously allowing us to help better service all of our customers. Whether you are looking for a replacement part for an old nail, a shorter threaded tube for your InfiniTi nail, a custom carb cap, or any of our new releases you should now be able to locate them easily at Use the drop down menus to configure different product variants. I spent like the last 5 months working on this, taught myself photography and photo editing, so even if you dont want to buy anything Id still appreciate you just checking it out. Thanks. Please let me know privately if you encounter any issues with the site, and any feedback to make it better is always welcomed. Thanks again. Link in my bio.
thebacons : Yesssssssss
thebacons : No more middle manning and hoping yall in stock 😎✊
lynchabitch : @bigteezy13 I was just talkin about dude..
ozonic : Please check the DMs I sent you when you have a chance. Thanks!
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Edit: Contest is over. Winner announced in comments. OG Post: V1FQ nail on the left. New V2FQ nail on the right. The V1's air flow provides no restriction to the the piece. The V2 in comparison has a tighter inner diameter but what you sacrifice in air flow you gain in increased dish volume. The V2 also has a radius added to the inner corners of the dish to conform to the shape of a qtip. The nail was designed with a qtip in mind. They'll be available for retail very soon. They're available for wholesale and distribution tomorrow. But like always you can enter to win one now by complimenting a friend on this post. The nicer the better! However, the winner will still be selected randomly. #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
ccchase420 : rough ETA on hybrid cup v2? before summer hopefully?
canadianbudcartel : Amazing!
710globster : @trueuroado
710globster : @young_nariii
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It's really beautiful out here.
lauren.michelle_ : Love ❀️
nextdjkhaled : @untuchd_reno it's amalfi : Sending you so much love ❀️ so beautiful. x
cigburna : That's an understatement if there ever was one
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This is one of those art forms that you appreciate much more after trying to do it yourself.
dabbaranks_710 : @taskrok every time someone takes a dab, you deserve 100% of the credix does one obtain ome of qala
dabbaranks_710 : *obtain such gangsterish accouterments?
secondcitygenetics_ : @urbangreenbirmingham πŸ‘€
ray_4200 : Let me buy that 710 dabber/cap you just posted on snap πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ lol 710 is my bday
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This commercial always stuck with me when I was a kid. It's now how I try to run my customer service. If you are ever unsatisfied with a @highlyeducatedti product I want you to contact us and give us the opportunity to make it right. Our customer service email is Thanks.
kostaticbluee : shiitt your nails are the shitt!!
kostaticbluee : im waiting on that new one coming out
pullensmoke_ : @akgreenteam710 @alaskanna_gardens
alaskanna_gardens : @pullensmoke_ πŸ‘Šthanks brotha
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I think at some point you have to stop using research and development as an excuse and just admit to yourself that you have a problem.
weston_ledoux : I would love to R & D a cap! Just saw those Quartz caps on snap chyyyyyyeeeeea
vanilllarice : @whatwouldjesusdab
dabdemonvory : @taskrok please release these caps!! The parti cap slays but I'd love this melts.
johnnysnipes : @nycarob @bk_burns @nycderbs now that's a terp spinner
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The homie killed this one #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
koda_bu : Awesome
e.photosx : Dope work, love the flow
notorious_duvo_ : @golddusted
jrg_993 : @25til710
greenpartyatx - original_gentlemen - crinay_710 - _livelongandprosper_ -
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The opaque quartz cleans up nicely #highlyeducated
highlyeducated -
tybo727 : Where do I get one @taskrok
kevinthenivek : @fireog420
arnoldpalmeralert : @slough44
fauzyl_ : 😍 I want to try that Quartz so bad!
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