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Natalie Ensor

Let's enjoy the sweet side of life! Psalm 34:8 wifeyβ€’mamaβ€’dessert eater πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› California-to-Nashville natalie.ensor@gmail.com
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Tonight was magical ✨ #NashvillesNutcracker
nashvillesnutcracker -
takethecannoli1 : @modernmaven seriously I forgot how wonderful it is! You guys will love it!
alissasaylor : Hehe thanks love! 😚
takethecannoli1 : @busybuzzy πŸ™Œ
1nstamom : I took Tia for the first time last year. It will remain a moment I will treasure forever. She sat on the edge of her seat and didn't move other than to gasp at the beauty and dancers! Merry Christmas Ensor Fam!
dan_saylor : I just had a GREAT idea for a holiday date night... @alissasaylor
sue_purbb : Look at the butt on that...
takethecannoli1 : @sue_purbb I mean even his shadow looks perfect😳
sue_purbb : @takethecannoli1 he must work out.
corinnebrockway - chucknantroup - emma_harold11 - stephanieharding -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
You've never seen a girl more excited to go to the ballet #elsiepearlgram
elsiepearlgram - nashvillesnutcracker -
takethecannoli1 : @superherohq πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
takethecannoli1 : @justcallme_tay @jmswakefield @kbnsmith @erinmelissayoung you girls are too kind 😘
takethecannoli1 : @ohdawna ❀️❀️❀️😘
takethecannoli1 : @qsdaydream I kinda love you for this comment 😘😘
takethecannoli1 : @nathaliehope_sings thanks pretty! Yes it was so much fun!
takethecannoli1 : @mefpanther they both will love it!!!
takethecannoli1 : @sarahfzimm thanks so much! It's been hanging for a year waiting for the perfect occasion ❀️
thecraftybirdie : I so agree you have the Priscilla vibe going... You both look stunning
missyannkane - corinnebrockway - chucknantroup - ktbuggg -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Date me forever❀️
liveauthentic - vsco - nashvillesnutcracker -
liiizibee : Beautiful
takethecannoli1 : @seeklovewalk @kpmorecraft @oohhyyeah thanks girls it's one of my faves from @sentimentalheart Had been saving it for a special occasion πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒ
takethecannoli1 : @liiizibee @anakarenuriostegui @labellemadeleine @mindymharris 😘😘
takethecannoli1 : @deedeemotique πŸ’›πŸ˜˜
takethecannoli1 : @modernmaven you're too kind sweet friend 😘
takethecannoli1 : @amycornwell 😚
takethecannoli1 : @sotherebyamy 😳 sweetest comment ever 😘
redmomma5 : Y'all look amazing!!!! Like your about to perform on stage or something! 😍😍😍
headyj - coffeedez - fabulousincalifornia - michelle__pena -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Yup, they wear winter better than me❄️#nashville
nashville -
joyfuljordans : The ankle boots are seriously adorable.
jillylyn : Adorable!!!!
glitterglosshg : Her purse! πŸ’•
tarajill : 😍
tanyanantroup : They are so cute however they need coats on. At least here where it's in the 20's-and 30's
brandydawson : They are so adorable! 😍
calikatrina : cuties!! bring on the snow! β˜ΊοΈβ„οΈ
candicerwilliams : Oh my. They are so cute it melts my heart
candicerwilliams - aspectacledowl - michelle__pena - calikatrina -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Snuggling with my little lady while flipping through our newest photo book from @chatbooks Some of our favorite memories of 2014 now in book form for us to enjoy! If you haven't ordered a chat book you need to! Only $6 a book and if you use my discount code { taket528 } your first book is FREE πŸŽ‰ These make the best gifts or perfect memory books for yourself! #loveChatbooks
lovechatbooks -
takethecannoli1 : @mrs_lindsayhopkins really?? I have no idea why not,it's worked for others let me check with @chatbooks about that?
takethecannoli1 : @highfiveforlove I have no idea what artifact uprising is😳 so j guess I can't compareπŸ˜• sorry friend! These are cheap and with code you get a free one so I say try it because there's no harm and then you'll know!
highfiveforlove : @takethecannoli1 haha ok! Good point! Are they easy to design? AU is pretty much the same thing, gorgeous branding but much pricier!
mrs_lindsayhopkins : I think it's bc I got a custom book with more than 60 pages. No biggie! I ordered. So sorry the referral won't go to you this time! Also, I promise a package is headed your way! Didn't want to send it while y'all were traveling. 😘
sotherebyamy : Matching nails β™‘ :)
gidgit81 : Love this!
beebeevol : I just heard about these!!!!
saralrash : I am so sorry my code isn't working, try this one? @rsjeanine
ilse_jan - preslienmommy - beebeevol - fabulousincalifornia -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Our little man asked many questions about God & heaven on the way home from church today. Then he asked if Jesus could live in his heart and be his forever friend ❀️ So we celebrated with heavenly hosts today after he prayed with extra whipped cream + sprinkles πŸ™ πŸŽ‰#vernongram
vernongram -
breenaholt : LOVE the questions of heaven from the littles β€οΈβ€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
mollyjunegrams : vernon ribbleπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
mamaklare : So sweet!
raisingthemartins : My son tells me all that time that Jesus is his friend it melts my heart
shawnasheahen : Oh sweet Vernon!! I miss that boy!! ❀️
435pm : Hallelujah!
mistybell2 : πŸ™
calikatrina : vernonnnn! ❀️❀️❀️
blairita - madame_fa - elizabethostrikova - renandsparrow -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
This trip was such a blur and wish there was more time (and less traffic) to be able to sit and catch up with everyone. Loved your sunshine Cali but man I can't wait to get back to our Tennessee country home! #nashvhillebound Also this pic of Vernon giving Minnie Mouse nose kisses slays me❀️
nashvhillebound -
takethecannoli1 : @qsdaydream hope to see your pretty face at church tomorrow😘😘
calikatrina : 😍 missing you already today, say hi to nashville for me! 😘
shawnakate : @takethecannoli1 oh no! Booooo traffic.... And the people are way more friendly here too. I will probably notice that right away and get irritated. We are closer to disney world and we've never been. Can't wait for that adventure
shawnakate : P.s. I am glad you responded to me I was commenting in so many photos I was picturing myself super annoying lol...
ladyrobinlong : Welcome to California and Disneyland, we are huge fans of Mickey, have annual passes. I don't blame you one tiny bit for wanting to get back to Tennessee though, nicest people in this country come from Tennessee. Whoa...I just wrote all the above without reading your other posts. I am a native Californian and you are right on all accounts. People are not friendly at all here. I miss Southern Hospitality so much. Thank God for my Sister's in Christ here. Jesus makes all the difference! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
patricfransko : @takethecannoli1 Sorry we did not catch up with you guys while Yu were here. It's funny that we always like what we are not accustomed to. Cammie and I moved from the slower pace in Ohio to CA and we love it and the people here. Can't really imagine moving back to what we came from again. Different things for different seasons of life I suppose. God knows our needs better than we do. Glad you made it back safely.
takethecannoli1 : @patricfransko yes we were so bummed it didn't work out to see you and so many others. We too loved "our people" like friends and family when living there but I guess I just forgot how rude and unfriendly Californians are in general. I have a million examples but honestly it was good for me to visit so soon after moving to see it wasn't for us. Micah is not a native and from a slow paced life and never settled in Cali, I truly believe and meant God knows each of us individually and what we need. We both wish we could've caught up, next time for sureπŸ‘
raisingthemartins : I'm in TN too how awesome
blairita - ain.putri.7 - raisingthemartins - jenriley99 -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Took my princess for one last spin on Small World because why not, it's our last day here in Cali. πŸ’– #disneyland #caliensors
caliensors - disneyland -
tanyanantroup : So sweet
alyciamealy : How long are you home for?? I get back on the 21st and I would love to see you!
littlesquid : My bebe!!
takethecannoli1 : @alyciamealy this is my last day!😩
ohdawna : Aww man, this made me all teary πŸ’•
mcgradylady : Fun endingβœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨
jenniegebhard - smalltown.gypsy - laura_jesusfreak - ladyrobinlong -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Things just got a whole lot happier πŸ˜‚ #disneyland
disneyland -
lorieloo : Yessssddssssdd
stephie_leigh : @mrswhitneyhart photo were taking next time!!
ohdawna : Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh you guys are the funnest! πŸ‘­πŸŽ‰
talyalybee : Wahoooooooo!!!!!
sefox : Haha so cute!
mollyjunegrams : im still surprised i didnt snap you in half. that body works class, manπŸ˜‚
love_sarahjoy : Ahhhh so glad I got to see you last night!
jenniegebhard : πŸ˜‚ ya, that @takethecannoli1 is pretty strong! @mollyjunegrams
giginicole_xo - mama2a - ktthornton - heather_rome -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
It's hard for #disneyland to get more magical but somehow it always does❀️
disneyland -
livylovestorun : We tried waiting in that line! Forever! You guys got such a great photo!
davirebecca : So cute!
takethecannoli1 : @livylovestorun booo! We just walked in to eat lunch and watch the show and no one was in line and then Santa strolled out! 10 minutes! That stuff never happens, what Disney dreams are made of
shawnakate : No Disney Santa pic this year 😒. Great photo
takethecannoli1 : @livylovestorun also what a bummer I missed you while we flew back into town while you were visiting 😿
jillylyn : I agree!
deedeemotique : Framer!!! Beautiful fam Nat!
bethplyler : Y'all are the cutest
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