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Let's enjoy the sweet side of life! Psalm 34:8 believer•wifey•mama•dessert eater • California-to-Nashville
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Multiple cars to drop us off, 9 bins of supplies, 4 carry on luggages, 4 back packs, two excited kids, one crazy couple and a partridge in a pear tree! And we are off✈️🙌🎉 Very special thanks to @frakfraco @ensoroceros & @mrsensor for helping our morning run smoothly and sending us off with lots of love💛
ohdawna : Praying!!!! Love you guys 😘
patty_bolton : Praying!!!!
sue_purbb : Sending 💗🙏
ahappygirl : Hugs my dear!!! 💛
mollyjunegrams : vernon😂😂 love youuuuuuu guuuuuuuys!!!!!!!
ashercollie : Above and beyond excited!!!! Yayyy!!! The time you arrive can't come soon enough!
denaijones : safe travels!
sofiasdream12 : Hugs!! Safe travels ❤️❤️ @takethecannoli1
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
34 hours of travel time with these two starts now!!! We are coming for you friends @solehope 🙌✈️💛🙀 #ugandabound #solehope
ugandabound - solehope -
jendanae16 : My friends just left there! Have an amazing time!
kara_sue2 : They are so sweet! Safe travels!!!
ashwag_1211 : 😍😍
lesleyzellers : Cuties
stephalvarez : 😍😍
mollyjunegrams : good golly i miss them
gretchface85 : Oh my goodness, they are so adorable!
sofiasdream12 : 💚💚
denaijones - canniep - sofiasdream12 - anelvernacreamcoralcollection -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Her new bangs tho😍
justanocgirl : Cutie!!!
finnymomma : Pretty girl✂️😍✂️😍
bettina2630 : Wow, she is so sweet!! Looks good
reneeluves : little Zooey Deschanel goin on. she's a doll ❤️
mollyjunegrams : elsie pearl, yer killin meeeee❤️
pen_and_paint : Hey girl! I emailed you 😘
takethecannoli1 : @pen_and_paint 😲 I'm so behind will check after bed time!! So sorry sweet friend💛
sofiasdream12 : Love it! She's a doll!
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Much needed girls date with my little lady started with getting our hair did by the sweetest @erinmelissayoung at @theyellowhouseeast 💛💇👭
jodimockabee : You girls are SO adorable!!
gretchface85 : My sister is friends with Erin. I love the small world that is Nashville!
hayley_ryan1 : That's where we go! :)
takethecannoli1 : @hayley_ryan1 what?! Really? Ok we seriously need a hang sesh when we get back from Uganda please!
sue_purbb : Twins!
crystalknox : Miss your blog but excited to find you on Instagram! I'm from Nashville (living in MT currently)...for some reason, I just thought of the best little cafe in Nashville as I was scrolling thru your recent pics. Saturday/Sunday brunch at Marche in east Nash is THE BEST thing ever!! Hope your loving it down there!:)
takethecannoli1 : @crystalknox awww thanks so much!! So many have suggested that so we may try it! And thanks for such kind words 💛
sofiasdream12 : You two are just beautiful! @takethecannoli1 love your style! 💜
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
There are no words for the outpour of love over at the @cannolistitches auction which is helping raise funds for our trip to Uganda this weekend! God has shown how big He is with this small auction! My friend just texted me that we are at the halfway mark of our goal and there is still Three Hours Left! I'm left humbled thinking we would hopefully raise just a small portion to put towards our goal!!
1brittneyrose : She is so pretty! Congrats on the fundraising!
_mrs_schneider_ : Too precious!
haverlee : Praise The Lord. So grateful to Him for you.
courtneysnowden : God is soooo good. And you and your family are going to do such good things. ❤
pinksuedeshoe : Holy smokes! I just checked it out and that makes me so so happy. Good for you and your family!!
davirebecca : Weeeeee! Brings tears to my eyes.
takethecannoli1 - dorcy9 - laura_airhart - jgpreece -
takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Well if I couldn't already feel more loved and supported by everyone I get texts from friends who want to donate towards the auction to help raise funds! There will be a few extra items in the auction aside from stitcheries tonight! You don't want to miss it! 8:00 pm CST tonight over at @cannolistitches 🎉💛😘 (Yes I'm a ball of tears from all the love😭)
takethecannoli1 : @richelleparis love you!
takethecannoli1 : @ohdawna 😭😭😭💛😘 love you
takethecannoli1 : @davirebecca love you more
talyalybee : This is amazing!! I'm so excited for your auction. Every time I see auctions for amazing causes like yours I always heartily wish I had an etsy shop (or creative talent) just so I could donate something. I love this.
davirebecca : Love you most(from rapunzel)👸🍳🐸
vintagesprout : Awesome support! You are loved!❤️
wifeysinger : 🎉🎉🎉
babybirdscoffeecup : Sent you a dm to @cannolistitches,@takethecannoli1 :)
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
My heart is swelling from the love and support from all of you who are sharing our story and inviting your friends to be part of tomorrow's auction! I'll be posting only a few items to sell in efforts to raise funds. Due to limited time I had to create these hoops I reached out to my good friend @katykristin who so willingly gave me two designs to work with. Pictured here is one of her designs stitched by yours truly! Auction goes live over at @cannolistitches tomorrow Monday Sept.15th at 8:00pm CST. Thanks in advance for your support💛
stacijoygee : I love it!!!!! I walked down the aisle to that song ❤️
takethecannoli1 : @paperflora @tracilouwho you ladies blessed me with your comments. To be honest we thought with letters to family and friends would help get us to our goal but we are literally thousands of $$ from that so this was a last minute auction that I started stitching for two weeks ago and thought it too last minute to reach out! Thank you so much for offering😘😘
chantal_wiebe : ❤️beautiful story. And it's just the beginning.
joyefuljourney : Can't wait ❤️❤️❤️❤️
bennettsforchrist : One of my most favorite phrases. Probe to leave the God I love...my hearts desire is not to wander.
justfrostit : I want one of these @_klyjack_ my Christmas present? 😉😘
_klyjack_ : @justfrostit they are so pretty
love_tawni : This is amazing.
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
Our sweet friend who works at the farm store took this picture of us walking in this morn and it made me smile. It's cool enough to wear sweaters, pants and tights! I can't even contain my excitement! Fall is upon us y'all (I just said y'all, who am I😳) #nashville
nashville -
justanocgirl : Be lucky. It was 100 here today and it pisses me off.
talyalybee : Hooray for fall!! And your family is so darling. I just love all your posts.
onedaylighter : what a lovely fam! and y'all is contagious. prepare yourself. 😉
katykristin : Adorable.
sofiasdream12 : Such a great looking family! 💜 @takethecannoli1
takethecannoli1 : @sofiasdream12 thank you!!
ahappygirl : xoxoxo
madame_fa : 😍😱😍
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
All week long I look forward to picking up our CSA produce from the local farm store @greendoorgourmet It just makes my heart happy to plan our meals each week based off of all this goodness! And when we return from Uganda all the fall harvest should be in 🙌 #nashville
nashville -
khunsicker : Perfection!!
rubyandpeach : You are the cutest and those veggies look so delish!
fairlyfabulous1 : Also, thank you got wearing red and black in support of my Georgia bulldogs today. Just tell me it was on purpose. That's what I'm believing 😜👍❤️
haverlee : Just loving your recent pics, pretty lady!!
takethecannoli1 : @haverlee 😘
takethecannoli1 : @rubyandpeach you girls have to come up to the farm store one weekend and then brunch at my house afterward 🙌
rubyandpeach : @takethecannoli1 ooo we're there mama! Just let us know the best weekend for y'all after your trip! ♡
sticksandstripes : So lovely👏👏💕
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takethecannoli1 - Natalie Ensor
You guysssss! I can't get over the cutest 2015 calendars ever by the oh so talented @katykristin! The little wood block that came with it had me happy dancing all over the place! Also I'm sorry for all my friends because I basically just revealed your Christmas gift. You're welcome. She just added them to her shop! Get you one or two or three! Christmas is around the corner peeps!
kgdcalendar -
_xojanice : Adorable!
okiemama18 : @lesleyzellers that wood holder is exactly what I need for your calendar. May have to talk Brett into making one. So cute.
riverandbridge : I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your picture :)
takethecannoli1 : @riverandbridge never🙌👊
amadcow : I have been drooling over these calendars!!! #needone
alissasaylor : Oh how cute!!
takethecannoli1 : #kgdcalendar
vivc777 : @takethecannoli1 does it come with the wood block?? I was looking a few days ago but didn't see that!!!!
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