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"What does #Newark have to do with #Harlem? Anything #Black and #Puerto Rican my business because if it happens out there it will happen here" #FelipeLuciano #YoungLordsParty #RasBarakaforMayor
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iqway : Great capture hermana! @rasjbaraka 2014!
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The amazing Felipe Luciano friend of Celia Cruz keeping it real about Celia The Queen Documentary and dropping knowledge about how problematic some of the angles around how Cuba & revolution was portrayed in the documentary . He also gives us an insight of a very complicated & interesting relationship he had with her as both having different political views. #poet #younglordsparty #artist #writer #activist #CeliaCruz #Salsa
salsa - activist - celiacruz - artist - poet - younglordsparty - writer -
celiacruzig : Felipe Luciano did not keep anything real, it was inappropriate and distasteful for that individual to praise the "Cuban revolution" immediately following a Celia Cruz documentary. He is entitled to his views but there is a time and a place and tonight was not about politics it was about Celia and for him to say "she was completely wrong on Cuban affairs" frankly demeans her and tonight's whole purpose. He is an idiot.
thesoniag : @celiacruzworldwidefans I don't think he was there praising the Cuban revolution in the manner you are staging it . I think he reacted in an honest critical way necessary when we are having an honest conversation on the structure of the documentary . I find it very interesting how you think he was demeaning her , first of they were friends so he comes in from a very important part of her life and experience ; and I also think your reaction might come from having juxtaposing point of view regarding Cuba . I think if we minimize Celia in one dimensional character without really having a dialogue on her amazing impact on music , gender , race politics , and Cuban politics than it really serves no purpose to talk about Celia . Celia was a complex musician and that is what many adore her and so we should have a rich conversation to explore and that is what Felipe brought up and also his critic again was on the structure of the documentary.
celiacruzig : He is entitled to his views but to express a praise for the Cuban revolution following a documentary of a woman who's records are banned in that prison until this day, a woman who was denied entry into cuba to bury her own mother, a woman who in life always expressed distaste in Castro and all he stands for, a woman who never again got to see her beloved CUBA LIBRE for that man to also say "CELIA CRUZ WAS COMPLETELY WRONG ON POLITICS" how dare he, completely distasteful, I even spoke to the moderator of the panel and she was blown away by his outrages comments. The fact that they were friends makes this even more insulting. Celia will forever be the voice of cuba and the highest expression of Cuban freedom, how classy to express those views of "his friend" in front of a live audience when celia is no longer here to defend herself.
taker910 : What a sad poor excuse for a human being, if he would have simply just said "I completely disagree with Celia on politics" and just left it at that then fine , but to go ahead and say "I'm all for the Cuban revolution" following the presentation of a movie which documents the life of the highest symbol of freedom for cubans is such a slap in the face. If he wants to be in favor of a system that for decades has enslaved a nation, persecuted homosexuals, executed countless political prisoners, and oppressed freedom of expression and religion that's his prerogative but you know what there is a time and a place and tonight was not that time nor that place. Way out of line on that one. I wanted to just get up and leave once he began running his stupid ignorant mouth. celia we love you and were sorry that happened
congajams : Smh I was so insulted and furious what a total jackass and waste is that Luciano guy. When he said the documentary was "run by the CIA" I don't know what's more disturbing the fact that he's was a panelist or the face that there are People who praise his garbage
thesoniag : @taker910 @celiacruzworldwidefans @congajams well i think we can all agree that a much needed discussion is needed in a setting that allows more time and discussion on complex issues when it comes to Celia .
latinaroots : The documentary expressed Celia's views on Cuban life in and outside the island, who in the hell is he to demean her? I also wanted to leave once he began speaking, his 5 minute bigotry undermined the whole night. I'm going to write a letter to the cultural center for the arts expressing my distaste in his stupidity
thesoniag : @taker910 @celiacruzworldwidefans @congajams thank you for starting a dialogue and sharing different point of views . I enjoyed seeing a personal side to her and some of the touching family aspect of her life in the documentary . Let's continue the conversation within our selves and I hope more documentaries and more scholarship is done on her life. Goodnight.
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Honored that Pablo Yoruba Guzman shared my #YoungLordsParty tribute of their August 1969 garbage offensive! #Palante
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guerillagarden : YLO
isabelriverapics : Love Pablo
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La mystérieuse "Lords Young Party " poussiéreuse, sortie de la cave. 60/80cm print on canvas #exemplaireunique entre 2008 et 2010 A céder, faire offre 😁✌️ #lordsyoungparty #chicano #portorican #usa #afro #cubain #dominican #lutte #revolutionar #paraadelante #posters #blackpanters #struggles #ak47 #kalachnikov #art #printoncanvas #popart #60s #70s #propaganda #corsica #oneedition
paraadelante - art - 60s - cubain - portorican - popart - younglordsparty - chicano - 70s - revolutionar - kalachnikov - posters - printoncanvas - afro - corsica - lutte - dominican - usa - propaganda - blackpanters - struggles - lordsyoungparty - ak47 - oneedition - exemplaireunique -
lepidi_corsica : #younglordsparty
jcdl06 : @lepidi_corsica c une de tes créations???
lepidi_corsica : @jcdl06 oui ce sont toutes mes créas 😌✌️😝
lepidi_corsica : @jcdl06 enfin ! Une partie ...
raffallimilia : Combien tu la vends ?
lepidi_corsica : Je n'en ai aucune idée, je me souviens même pas l'avoir déjà mis en vente ... Fait moi une offre 😝 @raffallimilia
raffallimilia : Attends un peu pour une offre correcte je viens de produire une série de 30 comment dire so à a l'adisperu ! Lol
lepidi_corsica : Pas de soucis 😉 je sais ce que c'est 😁😝✌️ @raffallimilia
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Here's another look at the custom cuff I made for a client. I love making these! #pedroalbizucampos #younglordsparty #younglords #fabriccuff #nelesc #nelescdesigns
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I made this cuff for a congero in NJ. He sent me this pic saying that he loved it. Happy client, happy designer. 😄
puertorican - puertoricanpower - nelesc - nelescdesigns - pedroalbizucampos - younglords - younglordsparty - fabriccuff -
nelescdesigns : #younglords #younglordsparty #pedroalbizucampos #puertorican #puertoricanpower #nelescdesigns #nelesc #fabriccuff
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I will be a busy girl today making these Young Lords cuffs for the Puerto Rican Artisan fair this Saturday st Hostos College. Hope to see you there!
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nelescdesigns : #younglordsparty
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I'm also making these Young Lords tote bags for my P. Rican fair this Sat. FYI: The Young Lords were a Puerto Rican Nationalist group founded in Chicago in the 1960s. In 1969, a New York chapter formed. They protested against deplorable conditions of PRicans at that time and mounted many community based programs in the process.
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nelescdesigns : Deplorable conditions *faced by PRicans at that time.
nelescdesigns : #younglordsparty
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From the Bullet to the Ballot by @JakobiWill Jacobi Williams
blackpantherpartyforselfdefense - younglords - chicago - blackpantherparty - youngpatriots - younglordsparty - rainbowcoalition -
y2shae : #Chicago #BlackPantherPartyForSelfDefense #BlackPantherParty #YoungLordsParty #YoungLords #YoungPatriots #RainbowCoalition
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It's Small Business Saturday. I'm offering free shipping today. I have other items in the shop, check them out: God bless! Have a wonderful day!
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nelescdesigns : #lolitalebron #juliadeburgos #younglordsparty
nelescdesigns : #nelescdesigns
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#whateverwithrarerecords #rarebooks #younglordsparty #bronx
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nelescdesigns : Love this book too @nydiaines ! I sell young lords items if ur interested.
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When people actually stood up for what they believed in..
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ralphynoodlez : #younglordsparty
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#younglordsparty #revolutionary
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boogalou_rawlz : Man u don't be playin big bra .... #MILITANT
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My Hood look like this!!! #HumboldtPark #PaseoBoriqua #LaBandera #DivisionSt #AlmightyLatinKings #ManiacLatinDisciples #InsanelSpanishCobras #AlmightyImperialGangsters #InsaneOrchestraAlbany #F.L.A.N #YoungLordsParty #PuertoRico #MPR #Boriqua #Chiraq #ChiTown #Chicago #NorthWestSide #WestSide
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#YoungLords #PuertoRico #MPR #FreedomFighters #YoungLordsParty
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Ladies of the revolution. Top: Women of the #BlackPower Movement. Although Women played a major role in the #BlackPantherParty they still faced sexism. Bottom: Women of the #YoungLordsParty. The Young Lords had Puerto Rican and Black members. They were also fighting against oppression, and women played a major role and faced sexism also. #womenshistorymonth
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Quote from an old book my parents had about the Young Lords Party. #nuyorican #myparentswerehippies #puertoricanpride #younglordsparty
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#tbt #younglords my #people stand up #FelipeLuciano #latino #puertorican #pride in #NYC #70s
puertorican - felipeluciano - taino - 60s - people - nuyorican - palante - tbt - 70s - pride - younglords - younglordsparty - blackpantherparty - nyc - latino -
slowburnstudios : #blackpantherparty #60s #taino
slowburnstudios : #younglordsparty #palante
slowburnstudios : #nuyorican
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Love this photo. #women of the #YoungLordsParty
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#DeniseOliver #YoungLordsParty
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#YoungLordsParty #revolutionary #puertorican
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talbertthelma : #multiracial
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Young Lords Party Newspaper: issue from Friday, June 19, 1970. #Tbt #ThrowbackThursday #PR #PuertoRico #Boricua #Palante #PalanteSiempre #Freedom #Rbg #iphonephotoftheday #iphonephotography #picoftheday #bestoftheday #popular #popularpage #instadaily #instago #instagood #webstagram #iphonesiai #instagramhub #instamood
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selfmathematiks : #younglordsparty #younglords #theyounglordsparty #theyounglords
selfmathematiks : #revolution #revolutionary
bikesnbacon : Don't you get tired writing all these tags 😳
selfmathematiks : @verneb nope, cuz I have most of them saved in the notes app 😁😂😏😉😜😝
bikesnbacon : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
selfmathematiks : @verneb just copy n pastin' homie! 😜
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Throwback Thursday: I've been trying to find a copy of the Young Lords Palante Newspaper for over a decade and I finally got my hands on one last week and it is now a part of my private history/book library! By the way it is in excellent condition. The issue is from Friday, June 19, 1970. I couldn't wait to post this bad boy! Lol #YoungLordsParty #YoungLords #TheYoungLordsParty #YoungLordsParty #palante #palanteSiempre #palanteNewspaper #vintage #history #freedom #PuertoRico #PR #Boricua #RBG #CivilRights
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yeya411 : That is awesome!
alifeallah : I didn't even know they had a newsletter. I need to find my copy of that documentary. I'm sure you have it
selfmathematiks : Yea they did. They even had a 13 point program similar to the BPP. I learned about the YLP when I 1st started doing my soul searching on my own and I studied the BPP. The BPP was my introduction to truth politics. I do have that documentary Palante, if you need another copy let me know.
universe1 : #revolution #revolutionary
yeya411 : I'm not sure if they still have the Puerto rican studies collection at Hunter College but you can definitely find YLP articles. Can't take them out but worth a try to get copies.
selfmathematiks : Word! Thanks @yeya411 👍👊
selfmathematiks : @granddesign79 peace yo! Yo if you are still interested in that Palante book I think I can talk the seller on eBay to
selfmathematiks : Sell if from $350to $100-$125! Let me know! @granddesign79
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From my Private history/book library. The "PALANTE: Young Lords Party" rare 1st printing edition book. #tbt #throwbackthursday #theyounglords #theyounglordsparty #younglords #younglordsparty #revolution #revolutionary #rbg #civilrights #book #vintage #classic #history #iPhone #iphone4 #iphonephotooftheday #iphonephotoftheday #iphonephotography #picoftheday #bestoftheday #popular #popularpage #instadaily #instago #instagood #webstagram #iphonesia #instagramhub #instamood
theyounglordsparty - revolution - classic - popular - tbt - iphonesia - rbg - instago - instamood - instadaily - civilrights - instagramhub - theyounglords - iphonephotoftheday - throwbackthursday - vintage - iphone4 - iphonephotography - instagood - popularpage - book - bestoftheday - iphone - younglords - younglordsparty - iphonephotooftheday - webstagram - picoftheday - revolutionary - history -
enystar : That's such dude
enystar : Sick*
selfmathematiks : @enystar thanks bro! One of my prized possessions. ✊👊
yeya411 : Nice!
selfmathematiks : @yeya411 do you still have that Time Magazine from 1968 with Martin Luther King Jr. On the cover?
yeya411 : @selfmathematiks yes I do Mister. Still in its protective sheet. :)
selfmathematiks : @yeya411 👍 I have to post mine for tbt soon
selfmathematiks : @private_diazx3 eBay
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From my private history/library collection: The 1971 First Edition Of the classic book by The Young Lords Party "PALANTE: The Young Lords". This book is now a rare hard to find book because the publishers alongside the Cointelpro regime destroyed the templates. This book was $3.95 when it came out and now goes for $350-$400. #tbt #throwbackthursday #Theyounglords #theYoungLordsParty #YoungLords #YoungLordsParty #PuertoRico #PR #PuertoRicoLibre #book #Books #History #Classic #vintage #revolution #Revolutionary #RBG #CivilRights
theyounglordsparty - revolution - instagramhub - classic - tbt - iphonephotography - popular - books - instago - instagood - instamood - instadaily - civilrights - revolutionary - puertoricolibre - theyounglords - throwbackthursday - puertorico - vintage - iphonesia - pr - popularpage - book - bestoftheday - younglords - younglordsparty - rbg - webstagram - picoftheday - history -
selfmathematiks : #iphonephotography #picoftheday #bestoftheday #popular #popularpage #instadaily #instago #instagood #webstagram #iphonesia #instagramhub #instamood
granddesign79 : I'm willing to spend that kind of $ for this
selfmathematiks : @granddesign79 I bought mine 2 yrs ago for a mistaken price of $197. The book dealer didn't know the value of it until I showed interest. S
selfmathematiks : @granddesign79 If I didn't buy it he was gonna up it to $450 lol. I got lucky. But G there is one on eBay right now for $350 in good condition. I just checked lastnight. Search "the young lords party"
rebelbx718 - slowburnstudios - lareinamunoz - justm_e -
#webstagram #statigram #ig #igers #igdaily #ignation #instago #instagood #instagram #instamood #instadaily #instagramers #instagramhub #photography #picoftheday #photooftheday #puertorican #propaganda #younglordsparty #politics #seventies #protest #independence #idependentistas #revolt #palante #flag
instagram - revolt - photography - seventies - protest - instago - igers - politics - instadaily - instamood - instagramhub - ig - picoftheday - puertorican - propaganda - statigram - palante - flag - instagood - instagramers - younglordsparty - igdaily - idependentistas - webstagram - ignation - independence - photooftheday -
spot_kms : Not many Puerto Ricans outside of the island know about these people and the #younglords!!!
makeupbyjlr - famerockone - bmaxb1 - grandtheft2012 -
One of my prized possessions. The hard to come by book "Palante Young Lords Party" 1971 First Edition for $3.95 back then. I finally found it 2 yrs ago in a website from British Colombia, Canada. On other sites it was priced $400-$500 but these people had it mispriced at $197.00, I jumped on it quick! #YoungLords #TheYoungLords #PR #PuertoRico #Revolution #revolutionary #revolutionaries #Palante #PalanteSiempre #PalanteSiemprePalante #FirstEdition #Book #Books #Libro #Libros #pabloGuzman #FelipeLuciano #IrisMorales #RichiePerez #PuertoRicanHistory
pr - revolution - theyounglordsparty - revolutionaries - puertoricanhistory - irismorales - books - palantesiemprepalante - libros - theyounglords - felipeluciano - palantesiempre - puertorico - palante - book - younglords - younglordsparty - firstedition - richieperez - libro - revolutionary - pabloguzman -
selfmathematiks : #younglordsparty #theyounglordsparty
akacocolopez : Ugh need this in my life :(
selfmathematiks : @akacocolopez I have seen them in eBay
akacocolopez : Thanks :x ill check it out! Hopefully ill get lucky
selfmathematiks : @akacocolopez I just checked sis. There is one for $250 or best offer and there is one for $350. Search Palante.
akacocolopez : Thanks! I will have to wait a lil longer for that investment *sigh* I've read it at the library already...but def a must have to look through often
selfmathematiks : @akacocolope yes definitely. I needed it for my private library lol! Plus I want to teach my sun as he grows about it all. It's insane how the publishing company and Government burned the templates to the book so it couldn't be printed anymore. Have you seen the documentary?
otero__ : @selfmathematiks @akacocolopez check out the last pic on my page!! If you're in the area, come! Felipe is gonna be there :)
missphoenixpayne - alifeallah -
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