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This is how I feel when I'm on that cool refreshing xyience. Lol... Thank you @xyiencexenergy. For fueling our athletes and helping make our event such a success. #powertowinteam #phoenixevolution #xyience #xyiencexenergy #OCR #obstacleracer
phoenixevolution - ocr - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - powertowinteam -
warriorfit45 - blkmagic420 - champ82mp - battlefrogseries -
Xyience Swag! Gym Towel and Xyience Tee #xyiencexenergy #powertowin #itsallgoodep #elpaso #texas @s_montes25
powertowin - itsallgoodep - texas - elpaso - xyiencexenergy -
saucesofit : Oh my gosh I need that neon tee!!
timtedesco : im not sa
xyiencexenergy : @saucesofit your old residence inhabitant now has one, lol
saucesofit : @xyiencexenergy I call it forced sharing. Hahaha
timtedesco : Meant to say I'm not scared to wear pink
timtedesco - the_joelholston - julieboolietran - northstar16 -
At Tempe Roadrunnersports spreading the word about obstacle racing. #traininsane #xyiencexenergy #Roadrunnersports #OCR #ocrtraining
ocrtraining - roadrunnersports - traininsane - ocr - xyiencexenergy -
dreambig_raz : Awesome brotha
eestrick - gavinkawasaki - cefostr - timothy_anchor -
lookin good #xyience #xenergy #xyiencexenergy #teamxyience #ufc #ufcfn
ufcfn - xenergy - teamxyience - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ufc -
cageofbones - toyrobot88 - mmaworld - rosecherrie -
Come visit us today! 4036 sunset rd! #xyiencegirls #lasvegasgirls #freegiveaways #freesamples #itshotoutcomegetrefreshed #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @jamieviolet @sameyastar
xyiencegirls - lasvegasgirls - xyiencexenergy - freesamples - itshotoutcomegetrefreshed - freegiveaways -
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Repost from @xyiencegirls "The pineapple lemonade is almost too good to share... ALMOST! Good thing each can has two servings! ☺️ #xyiencegirls #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @jamieviolet @sameyastar" πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹go catch up with the #Vegas Xyience girls today! They will be @mrTerribleLV from 11am-1pm on 4036 E. Sunset blvd and at 10590 Southern Highlands Pkwy from 3-6pm #Terribles #TerribleHerbst #Swag #energydrinks
swag - vegas - xyiencegirls - terribles - xyiencexenergy - energydrinks - terribleherbst -
timtedesco : Sorry I done share my xyience LOL
xyiencegirls : @timtedesco haha πŸ‘
apesandmonkeys : @xyiencexenergy what email can I contact you at to inquire about where xyience is sold in my area? 😎
timtedesco : Ok I will share
xyiencexenergy : @apesandmonkeys we have a retail locator on or you can email me at and I'll help you
thesteeleproject22 : @xyiencexenergy oh wow... Pineapple lemonade!!! Sounds amazing.. I need a drink to replace red bull!!
rdzjerks - terribleherbst - jessicarowellfitness - circusman94 -
The pineapple lemonade is almost too good to share... ALMOST! Good thing each can has two servings! ☺️ #xyiencegirls #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @jamieviolet @sameyastar
xyiencegirls - xyiencexenergy -
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Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is dedicated to promoting the sport of obstacle racing and helping its athletes reach their full potential, come joins us this weekend and @xyiencexenergy as we bring you a real world race day experience. @xracewear will be on hand with their awesome OCR gear. #xyience #xyiencexenergy #xracewear Failure to prepare is preparing to fail~ John Wooden
xyience - xracewear - xyiencexenergy -
annybukhanovskaya - muddy_camping - theman_msajr - sjboggan -
new favorite. Sorry Monster.. #xyiencexenergy #mangoguava
mangoguava - xyiencexenergy -
joshuameyerson - geyo89 - fitlifehouston - letor_420 -
Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is dedicated to bringing you fitness and nutrition at a high level. Come join us this weekend as @xyiencexenergy will be on hand to provide you with clean sustainable energy for our 3-5 mile course with 15plus obstacles. #xyiencexenergy #powertowinteam #phoenixevolution #ocrtraining #fit4life
phoenixevolution - ocrtraining - fit4life - powertowinteam - xyiencexenergy -
vchapthevegan : @samlopez3 Come on out if you can bro!
samlopez3 : No doubt man @vchapthevegan this saturday?
vchapthevegan : Yes sir! I'll be running the course this time. We'd love to have you come out. You can register a See you there bro! @samlopez3
li3sld : Is that @kalynnlowry in that photo?? I think it is!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
samlopez3 - theman_msajr - naliedabella - trboggan -
#mmm #xyiencexenergy #gymtime
mmm - gymtime - xyiencexenergy -
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It's not how you start, it's how you finish! @xyiencexenergy helps me go the distance and makes it possible for me to finish strong. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #faithfocusfinish #faithwithoutlimits #phoenixevolution #ocrtraining #obstacleracer
phoenixevolution - faithfocusfinish - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ocrtraining - faithwithoutlimits -
xyiencexenergy : Love that!
naliedabella - toughtraining - spartan_brandonblondeau22 - johnjarbinkz -
The BEST "On the way to work" drink ever! #mango #guava #xenergy #xyience #xyiencexenergy #yum #yummy #simplyirresistible @xyiencexenergy #ut #utah #cottonwoodheights to #orem
orem - xenergy - yummy - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ut - utah - simplyirresistible - mango - yum - guava - cottonwoodheights -
taloose27 - melissasfarts - tbase33 - mattmears1980 -
Morning my ig family. If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area and want to hone your skills on the spear throw and get a great workout, come join us this weekend at our 3-5 mile course with 10 plus obstacles. Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is fueled by @xyiencexenergy, and we will have you race day ready. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #traininsane #phoenixevolution #ocrtraining #obstacleracer #fit4life
phoenixevolution - traininsane - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ocrtraining - fit4life -
stephensinek : Lol nice catch.
brittanypkirkwood - stephensinek - jaimez024 - __tempest_within__ -
Everytime I open a can of @xyiencexenergy this darn cat comes and true to lick the can. Cracks me up every time. Lol..... Nope none for you! Hahaha.. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #badkitty #funnymoments #notliketheothers #specialkitty
badkitty - xyiencexenergy - xyience - funnymoments - notliketheothers - specialkitty -
dblunt1 : Cocaine in a can baby! Lol
marajohnson_ : Awwww kitty !πŸ˜»πŸ’•β€οΈ
xyiencexenergy - dblunt1 - natylove1 - theman_msajr -
Stacked heat today at Reebok Spartan race! Finished 102 out of 336 males. Lots more training to do, back to the drawing board. Thank you @xyience for fueling me before and after my race. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #phoenixevolution #podiumordie #traininsane
xyience - phoenixevolution - traininsane - podiumordie - xyiencexenergy -
stephensinek : Great battle-encouragement with you today brother!
phoenixevolution : @bandit82 the hills are what make Spartan. Aroo..
phoenixevolution : @stephensinek yes indeed brother! see ya soon!
bandit82 : True @phoenixevolution , you @stephensinek @toughtraining decide yet to do the beast in nor cal yet?? There's ur hills there
stephensinek : @bandit82 I'll be at Monterey. Loved it last year.
bandit82 : @stephensinek awesome maybe I'll get to meet all you guys. @toughtraining @phoenixevolution
koreanbuttafly : @phoenixevolution lets connect soon to.prep for Monterey. I was disappointed in my end time.
phoenixevolution : @koreanbuttafly I have a training event this Sat at 830am if you care to join. And training on technical aspects of the obstacles Mon, Wed, Friday. www.phxevolution. com
dnnsldr - jaimez024 - asianadventuretime - brownsuga4yababy -
4 more cherry limes is better than no more cherry limes #xyience #xenergy #teamxyience #xyiencexenergy #cherrylime #myfavorite
myfavorite - xenergy - teamxyience - cherrylime - xyiencexenergy - xyience -
xyiencexenergy - kidicarus45 -
Got my supply of @xyiencexenergy for Reebok Spartan race this weekend on Vegas! But one of these is not like the other.. *note to self* Don't ask someone else to pick up your supplies while at the store. Nice gesture but epic fail! #notliketheothers #xyiencexenergy #xyience #powertowinteam #phoenixevolution #podium
phoenixevolution - notliketheothers - xyiencexenergy - xyience - powertowinteam - podium -
teampaperchase : Man i used to drink those...
phoenixevolution : @teampaperchase which one monster?
teampaperchase : A ton of monster, i have had xyience too. Luckily found a healthier alternative though! @phoenixevolution
pnchzzl : What's the spartan race? I saw other post on it this weekend...
phoenixevolution : @pnchzzl @spartanrace is an insanely great time. It's obstacle racing. Go check out once you do one you will hooked!
xyiencexenergy - blessedraider - marajohnson_ - supermike2012 -
Always starting my day with the things that are important to me and help me accomplish my goals and stay humble. #faithwithoutlimits #faithfocusfinish #bible #xyiencexenergy #xyience
xyience - faithfocusfinish - faithwithoutlimits - bible - xyiencexenergy -
penguin0581 - highexistencetraining - supermike2012 - theman_msajr -
#EnergyDrinks contain a #ingredients #extracted from #bull #urine and #semen. #RedBull #ItGivesYouWings #Monster #NOS #AMP #FullThrottle #VPXRedline #4biddenknowledge
semen - fullthrottle - monster - ingredients - energydrinks - urine - extracted - itgivesyouwings - bull - amp - vpxredline - redbull - 4biddenknowledge - nos -
blackwoodsoutdoors : @briandryden
briandryden : Lol @blackwoodsoutdoors stuff works good I guess. Who da thought? I don't wash fruits and veggies before I eat them either. I'm sort of a rebel. Lol.
briandryden : @misscajun87 lol.
blackwoodsoutdoors : I know it's all fun and games until you realize that Monsanto (the worlds largest pesticide manufacturer) handles the majority of US food. All this stuff is extremely toxic. Short term effects are not the problem, long term cancer and other health related issues are. I quit drinking energy drinks about 2 years ago and also quit buying meat and produce from major retail grocery markets. Try buying from local markets πŸ‘ Stay healthy my friend. @briandryden
briandryden : Thanks for looking out @blackwoodsoutdoors.
rosiemoonfather : @rosiemoonmom
rosiemoonmom : @rosiemoonfather I told you!! 😝 energy drinks are gross! They make you feel gross too! I stay away even when they are free!
kre8ionthehopelessopiate : @rubber_toe_moya
princes0222 - chynanoewell - angelllorellanaa - dimi_trippyking -
#teamxyience #xyience #xenergy #xyiencexenergy #zericalories #sugarfree #happiness
zericalories - xenergy - teamxyience - xyiencexenergy - xyience - sugarfree - happiness -
xyiencexenergy - teampaperchase -
Gotta Love Xyience!! #Xenergy #XyienceXenergy
xenergy - xyiencexenergy -
89em98 : Try the cherry 1 its bomb!!!
el_nastie : @89em98 I know I already Have
t_e_r_e_s_a_t_r_e_v_i_n_o - marquise_urijah04 - cynthiastrawberry - july_760 -
Refueling with my #xyience after finishing 17th overall today at Hardcharge Thanks for being a great host this weekend #xracewear .Top notch gear and top notch company. See you guys in a few weeks for terrain mud runs. #traininsane #phoenixevolution #xracewear #xyience #xyiencexenergy
xyience - phoenixevolution - traininsane - xracewear - xyiencexenergy -
kthunk : Good job! Love the green!
vchapthevegan : Congrats my friend! @phoenixevolution
warriorfit45 : 17th that's awesome bro..congrats! How many people were there?
phoenixevolution : @sawitcapturedit 81 on men's elite
stephensinek : Great race Lashay. You are getting faster!
phoenixevolution : @stephensinek it's the red hair bro! Lol..
stephensinek : AND all that hard work. I see you over there!
brittanypkirkwood - stephensinek - warriorfit45 - marajohnson_ -
Up and ready to rumble this morning for hard charge race. #xyiencexenergy #xracewear #xracewear #hardcharge #phoenixevolution
phoenixevolution - hardcharge - xracewear - xyiencexenergy -
jcmac17 - __tempest_within__ - tukon - sandman0331 -
Headed to Tucson too conquer Hard Charge this weekend! Had to stop first and get my favorite drink. Xyience..... baby ...... #xyience #xyiencexenergy #hardcharge #phoenixevolution
xyience - hardcharge - phoenixevolution - xyiencexenergy -
muddy_camping - flaco_frankiee - blkbutterfly_77 - spartan_brandonblondeau22 -
Grape Xyience Xenergy+Hydration #grape #xyience #xyiencexenergy #xenergy #zen #energy #drink #energydrink #hydration #amazing #awesome #cool #can #good
xenergy - grape - xyiencexenergy - xyience - energy - drink - zen - good - amazing - hydration - can - energydrink - awesome - cool -
yungmoney_03 : Is that stuff actually good @deadcarpet ?
deadcarpet : @yungmoney_03 It isn't as good as the Rockstar Recovery Grape.
yungmoney_03 : I see. How would you compare it to grape NOS?
deadcarpet : @yungmoney_03 The Grape NOS is more sweet and has more sugar. It also has a better kick than this. :)
yungmoney_03 : I see
clo_deg - cophard - yungmoney_03 - stans2012 -
Felt good to finally be able to work on some light snatches after dealing with a patella tendon issue. #urbanwarfit602 #transplanttransformation #fromsicktofit #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @urbanwarfit602
fromsicktofit - crossfitcoach - crossfit - transplanttransformation - xyiencexenergy - realmenwearpink - urbanwarfit602 -
crossfit_jamison : #realmenwearpink #crossfitcoach #crossfit
kayakgary11 - sghobin - pickypbackstage - shell024 -
Yes I'm a big crazy but I try and be safe as well. Notice the two hops back to set up my finally. haha... Train Insane or Remain the Same! #xyience #xyiencexenergy #phoenixevolution #fit4life #Harley #crazyguy #bigkid
bigkid - phoenixevolution - xyiencexenergy - xyience - fit4life - crazyguy - harley -
xyiencexenergy : @phoenixevolution have you applied to be on the new #PowerToWinTeam?? Check it out on opportunity for free swag and products plus financial sponsorship!
phoenixevolution : @xyiencexenergy checking it out Now! Thanks!
kaozent : haha... you stoopid on this one fam. Booyah?!? haha
sandman0331 - marajohnson_ - tukon - insta_onabike -
What do you get when you mix me, my Harley, and xyience?? Stay tuned....... #Harley #xyiencexenergy #xyience
xyience - xyiencexenergy - harley -
luvdaisies2 : The suspense is killing!
xyiencexenergy - jp3_spartan - snwahs - theman_msajr -
Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is fuel by xyience! #traininsane #ocrtraining #xyiencexenergy #xyience
xyience - ocrtraining - traininsane - xyiencexenergy -
marajohnson_ : Dang nice!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
marajohnson_ - highexistencetraining - tukon - sandman0331 -
Nothing like a nice refreshing Xyience Xenergy drink after a nice hike up Devil's Bridge! #adventuretime #xyience #xyiencexenergy #phoenixevolution #devilsbridge
xyience - phoenixevolution - adventuretime - devilsbridge - xyiencexenergy -
marajohnson_ : MmmmmmπŸ‘…πŸ‘…
eight20four0824 - supermike2012 - melly0024 - sjboggan -
Ronda and this antelope are getting me jacked for leg day. @xyiencexenergy flavor addiction of the moment (because I have flavor ADD and can't pick an all time fav).
xyience - energydrink - montana - legday - xyiencexenergy -
saucesofit : #xyiencexenergy #xyience #energydrink #legday #montana
jaynel11 : That is my favorite flavor it's amazingggg πŸ’š
megcbailey : Oh man Rhonda is intense! I would not want to fight her.
saucesofit : @jaynel11 I really like them all. The only two that I don't care for much are the Melon Mayhem and the Orange. But I just enjoy those flavors in general.
k_donisthorpe_k : #monfuckintana hahahaha so awesome
alcvs - michellekhoudary - nashvillenen - chelsea_adeline -
Quick lunchtime workout! 1mile run 30 burpees 2 rounds of tire hops with rubberbands around ankle. #xyience #xyiencexenergy #phoenixevolution #traininsane #obstacleracer #ocrtraining
phoenixevolution - traininsane - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ocrtraining -
embearable : Hobbie hop
embearable : #hobbiecall
seemerun74 : Yup, I'd fail at least three times before I'd get that down
phoenixevolution : @seemerun74 so I expect to see your video in a few days. :)
tukon : Love it!..
1sassybrownsugar : Happy Feet, Phoenix!
warriorfit45 : Nice having that right outside your work back door!! πŸƒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
dnnsldr - nicknichols3 - melly0024 - txpea -
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