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Beautiful @Hollyxxmichals #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #repost ❀️
hair - photos - nofilter - makeup - xmelissamakeupx - repost -
semtyx : @bkphan
5tiev : @damnov848
iconchaleale : Da fuq !
mummylion : I REALLY want a makeover by you
mdivadoll : Magician! 🎩
harris8510 : Good
zoe_eloise : This is insane...I want you to make me this beautiful!
lasfinestxo : You are very talented. I would love to assist if you're ever interested. 😊
ericaangelicaxo - bellakamin - goukiwu - wf_max -
#bts from a horror movie I worked on here in #India called #RaganiMMS2 released today #SunnyLeone #hair #makeup #specialfx by #xmelissamakeupx
sunnyleone - bts - raganimms2 - makeup - india - hair - specialfx - xmelissamakeupx -
ijustsad : ε“ˆε“ˆε“ˆ
iamchin2 : just too good work by @xmelissamakeupx #hatsOff
sangi : Scaryyyyy!!
vip325 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kashyworld : Love it...
horroromantic : Nice Work..:-*
mtu9955 - chibimoon2 - ludedickhead - tahka_milahka -
Another one of the cowboys from the #picohotsauce commercial. #India The before pic was one of his casting photos:) #specialfx #charactermakeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx All of the aging around the eyes is makeup. Also, the bruising, scarring and teeth all makeup 😁
picohotsauce - xmelissamakeupx - specialfx - charactermakeup - india - photos -
vxdedxv : Woah! So good!!
missanabelle : Nice!
arte_de_gustavo : Dope !!
jaitch : Cool!!! 😘😘😘
cristobat : You are so talented.
mdivadoll : Amazing!
supalindi : That dude is hot
horroromantic : That's called a bad man can look don't only love cool looking qll
natymierz - midgot - je55man5 - seti33 -
Actor #AdamBedi #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx for a film I worked on here in India.
hair - photos - adambedi - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
kiwi_glitter : OMG πŸ’™
bellezee : Those eyes! How mesmerizing.
mistiedawns_world : Wow he's gorgeous! And man those eyes!!!
deanaelenad : Wow. Umm. Wow. Gorgeous. Love his hair too. πŸ’œπŸ’œ
starniccole : Redic! 😻 I'm so obsessed with this look!
flotisserie : @nichols32
zeecloud9 : I want those hair waves, so beautiful!<3
anika5 : So good!!
ella1863 - anika5 - nastikinka - lacedinink_ -
Another look at the FX I did for #picohotsauce #devilscutproductions commercial. All of the scarring and aging is makeupπŸ˜‰ #makeup #specialfx #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
devilscutproductions - nofilter - specialfx - photos - picohotsauce - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
ianaberle : Nicely done @xmelissamakeupx.
realgrouper : Impressive
abbie_fabulous : fantastic!!
lpalacios0983 : Nice job!
skooter : Your work is incredible!
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ xo
brejhonbeauty : 😘😘😘😘😍😍
anika5 : So good!
twinkiesarecool - sophiaelise_ - thatgirl_karah - seti33 -
#picohotsauce #commercial #makeup #specialFX #scars #bruising #aging #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
aging - nofilter - makeup - photos - scars - commercial - picohotsauce - devilscutproductions - specialfx - bruising - xmelissamakeupx -
xmelissamakeupx : #devilscutproductions
elekchok - kikieatsveggies - mikemaginot - seti33 -
On a commercial for Pico hot sauce here in India. #devilscutproductions #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #picohotsauce πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
photos - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - picohotsauce - devilscutproductions - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
avery_pictures : Wow!! That's amazing! He looks so different from the before shot...
ianaberle : Almost doesn't look like the same guy.
xmelissamakeupx : Proof makeup can transform anyoneπŸ˜‰
gambledcat : It's great to see the before/after on a guy. Incredibly subtle and still transformative.
elinagorelova : How did you make his hair? Looks so natural
xmelissamakeupx : It was actually his hair😊 @gambledcat It was just pulled back in the first pic. I just styled it xo
xmelissamakeupx : It was actually his hair @elinagorelova 😊 It was just pulled back in the first pic. I just styled it xo
xmelissamakeupx : Oops lol thank you so much for your comment😘 @gambledcat sorry haha mixed you guys up
oneilrodriguez - ibrahimuzun - littlecoconut - nastikinka -
Model: Priti Sahijwani Bhalla Indian #bridal #makeup #hair #makeup #photos #beforeandafter by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - bridal - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
mtu9955 : @xmelissamakeupx guess jst saw u at The Club... Was it u?
torgapersonal : @roseaneh2
williamavellan : @cutyycazavelasquez @clauavellanmakeup
xmelissamakeupx : Yep it was me @mtu9955
boo4you : @hertz4u wow look how good she made this homely girl look! This chick is really talented
hertz4u : @boo4you Yep... she got skills
nanookewilliams : Wow your good
lanika_ : @flaucoutinho olha esse Instagram
yannixxx - the_finesse_king - elinagorelova - dgtx -
Another look on actress #SunnyLeone for the movie "Jackpot" releasing today #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx
hair - photos - makeup - xmelissamakeupx - sunnyleone -
liesbetschreurs1989 : Love the work !!!
mtu9955 : @xmelissamakeupx - I did c #sunnyleone during da premier, tried to find u but u ver not der... Did u attend da premier?
xmelissamakeupx : No, @mtu9955 I did not attend. Sunny and I are no longer working together.
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @jaitch @corramary @rachaelclaremeyer @bellezee @avantgardesince1985 @morticiamaybe @liesbetschreurs1989 @betoguerreiro7 @louisiesouza xoxo
mtu9955 : @xmelissamakeupx - u serious? Dats kinda sad.... Ur Wrk is amazing so does nt make sense... May b its 4da better.... Best of luck
xmelissamakeupx : I think she changed as a person since I knew her in LA. It's sad to me too @mtu9955 xo
__vivalavee : Beautiful work Melissa!
mtu9955 : @xmelissamakeupx - the stardom one gets in Bollywood is very different from the one you get in LA... Here one becomes a celebrity nd overnight over a Billion people go crazy abt you... Dis affects people greatly... Mostly in the not so positive way.... May be she will appreciate your work and things will be fine again... You tc nd keep up the great work... Ur talent speaks for itself nd u should be proud of it.... Hope to see you back in Bollywood soon... Tc
sixelaloveyou - lpfer - imarlenj - loobuss -
A look I did on #SunnyLeone for the movie "Jackpot" releasing this month. #hair #makeup #photo by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - nofilter - sunnyleone - photo - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
xmelissamakeupx : Yes, @frostysnaps like crazy.
zoe_eloise : @xmelissamakeupx arrggghh your work is just insane! @richardhackett hire Melissa to do my make up for Christmas lol x
zoe_eloise : @richardhackett I'd love you forever :p x
cindmon : She always look so beautiful.
mtu9955 : @xmelissamakeupx watching da premier of ur movie Jackpot.... Jst saw u on screen πŸ‘Œ
xmelissamakeupx : That's dope @mtu9955 :) thanks for the support. Xoxo
ichbinlouisie : Perfect β™₯
shaievdaev : πŸ’˜
xrealgirlsx - codyrecker - _mtech - shelbee07 -
#Noor #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
photos - nofilter - noor - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
ramonika1212 : Make up is the photoshop of the reality
jtobar1 : @dayana_tobar
desireevel : I love your work!
napodraco : @minasrock checate anda de moda por ke es bien PRO
imiss954 : I saw your work on Huff Post with Porn stars without makeup. You're a magician!
alessio_mx : @roskye
pooyaghanbari : @navidnematzadeh
milenasanatina : Π£ Π΄Π΅Π²ΡƒΡˆΠΊΠΈ ΡƒΠ»Ρ‹Π±ΠΊΠ° ΠΈ Π³Π»Π°Π·Π° красивыС
msarielfire - dhamrashi - luckylazy - sophiaelise_ -
#Jessica #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - jessica - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
jediography : Crazy what some make up can do to a girls appearance
ivanslivin : ΠšΡ€ΡƒΡ‚ΠΎ
crazy_vamp : @linkabuu пиздос) чудСса макияТа!!!
alvina_bu : И Π½Π΅ Π³ΠΎΠ²ΠΎΡ€ΠΈ))) ΠΊΠ°ΠΏΠ΅Ρ† @crazy_vamp
bo_7maidy : @salmanalamri
talmishan123 : Χ Χ€ΧœΧΧ•Χͺ Χ”ΧžΧ™Χ™Χ§ΧΧ€ @bar_hershkovich
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @marieechev 😘
raynedropss : @bluestreaks76
bar_hershkovich - elinagorelova - skillsthebarber - mrsavocado1 -
#SunnyLeone @SunnyLeone #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - sunnyleone - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
frostysnaps : What you up to these days mel? Are you in India still? Been ridin any bikes
xmelissamakeupx : Yes still in India @frostysnaps riding as much as possible:) a lot of Enfields out here. They are fun to ride
xmelissamakeupx : Hi @ninaroxanne 😘 xoxo
jchamp7 : Is that a before and after? She looks great either way
koalasoulfire : She looks pissed
betoguerreiro7 : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜βœŒοΈ
marieechev : @xmelissamakeupx love to work with you!!
ashimr01 : Sunny always looks very impressive in her on-screen appearances, but what do you make of her look without make-up?
alejandro_jdm - alexandriagarcia93 - mowhaq - shelbee07 -
On my drive from Goa to Mumbai. I love the faces the guy on the left makes:) #India #xmelissamakeupx
india - xmelissamakeupx -
ladiesoflv : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
brenda_vu : @beckyymostdope
montaukicedtea : @ree_ree10 I'm on the the left... Your other left, the look I give when you don't share your food with me.
laurenxbreedlove : @cherise_cornell RM πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
snowbaby323 : melissa could I please get your email address? Thanks so much doll..have a blessed day!
xmelissamakeupx : It's xmelissamakeupx@gmail @snowbaby323 xo
xmelissamakeupx : Love you forever @beauidealhob and I miss your friggin mug too❀️😘
asdfghjkl_3000 : The same thing happened to me when I was driving Bombay to goa
nastykim - noahs - mrsfranchi - mlok___20 -
Some #bruising I did recently. #makeup #fx #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
fx - nofilter - makeup - bruising - xmelissamakeupx -
mdivadoll : Amazing!
kittyvoncartier : Totally thought that was real!!!
zhen_one : Nice! I tough someone had a paintball match.
awesomejaymee : Here I am thinking what the hell happened hahaha
silverback1993 : I thought you were going to talk about falling down the stairs
vovka_sotona : Why?
eric_the_chap : Damn
monica_m1star : Looks real
saaabw - ibrahimuzun - littlecoconut - traffa -
#SunnyLeone @sunnyleone #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - sunnyleone - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
giovannabellingbeauty : So stunning! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— @xmelissamakeupx
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @giovannabellingbeauty xoxo
eye_on_tehran : @xmelissamakeupx Melissa may you please take a look at my pics? Please Please Please ... πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–
cha_zing : The things you do with a brush, pure magic :) love all your work.
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @cha_zing
ashish_m1992 : It doesn't look like before and after pic! Anyway love your work :)
rifat999 - sammyv1111 - seti33 - hlisa58yahoo -
A collection of #eotd 's this year so far... #brows #lashes #makeupbynikkinitemare
chrisspy - lashes - beautybymegannaik - iluvsarahii - brows - ointoxication - mac_daddyy - vegas_nay - queenofblending - xmelissamakeupx - anastasiabeverlyhills - makeupbynikkinitemare - eotd - shrinkle - dressyourface -
nikkinitemaremua : @shrinkle #shrinkle
nikkinitemaremua : @mac_daddyy #mac_daddyy
nikkinitemaremua : @beautybymegannaik #beautybymegannaik
nikkinitemaremua : @queenofblending #queenofblending
nikkinitemaremua : @ointoxication #ointoxication
nikkinitemaremua : @iluvsarahii #iluvsarahii
nikkinitemaremua : @xmelissamakeupx #xmelissamakeupx
nikkinitemaremua : @vegas_nay #vegas_nay
fabiii_babiii - baconlockstock - lifewithskye13 -
#xmelissamakeupx Photo by: Farid Amiri
xmelissamakeupx -
wilmunnyphotography : Very nice
nessatookthis : @xmelissamakeupx Great hair color!!
yourholepuncher : There is Godzilla.. and then there is the two headed @xmelissamakeupx
cisconess : What a babe! @xmelissamakeupx
theshanaleigh : I love the red :)
melisa_akcam - kittykattilac - gorod095 - debbiscool -
#SunnyLeone @sunnyleone #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - sunnyleone - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
aimsenodx : She is gorgeous! X
sarikrissi : I like her☺
dulccee_ : Gorgeous
nodiapx : cute
_zantheman_ : Thank you for showing me my wifey as soon as I wake up made my heart jump
richiemontez : 😍
duchschutz123 : I love you lol stay cute playa..
erikrharris : @katkittymeowww
alishatmg - beautybyraeesa - mehjabin74 - tibi1107 -
#sunnyleone @sunnyleone #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - sunnyleone - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
delfionyc : Beautiful!
steveo66 : Great work, the make up doesn't help with the headset though.
conradicalsense : @sunnyleone has lost some weight. So chiseled.
le3vz : Eyesssss... 😍
danidalis : şpΔ™Δ™Γ§Ρ’lΔ™ΕŸΕŸ
paulina_fofa : Beatiful πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
evarandhawa : I love your work @xmelissamakeupx @sunnyleone looks beautiful.
michellemm33 : Flawless
whitejacketman - ibrahimuzun - rifat999 - nastikinka -
#SunnyLeone @sunnyleone #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - adambedi - sunnyleone - nasseruddinshah - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
kaylaguett : Yay! I love when your little gems brighten my newsfeed!
corianneelizabethmakeup : So awesome to see your work again! @xmelissamakeupx
thedoomdoll : Her hair!!! 😍
destiny7312 : @madihaqadri doesnt faryal look like her? the resemblance is crazy!! twinnies! 😍
deepak_minhas : Love her hair and make up!
angellsummers : @pauline_2613 je veux cette coiffure
pateremeesseme : This b is too pretty and soft for porn. I dont dig.
imnitin : @xmelissamakeupx hey r u coming up in a bollywood
rifat999 - traffa - mehjabin74 - nastikinka -
Photo by the Amazing @lorenzomarr ❀ of me #xmelissamakeupx #blackandwhite #BobMarley #tattoos #πŸ‘΄πŸ‘©
tattoos - bobmarley - blackandwhite - xmelissamakeupx -
nicofey : Fabulous!
rcsbeauty : Love it babe!! @xmelissamakeupx
lovenlife247 : WOW! Simply #breathtaking
insta_craig_ : Wow!
bellad87 : Gorgeous!!!!
sachiinjjoshi : Awesomeeer..!
jaitch : Hiya gorgeous!!! It's been a minute! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
miss_monica_art : Amazing
manpreetb55 - zeusy007 - sameelee93 - witchbaby777 -
Hi:) on location today in Goa. Getting ready to do a touch up. #india #bollywood #hair #makeup #mylife #xmelissamakeupx 😘✌πŸŽ₯
hair - mylife - bollywood - makeup - india - xmelissamakeupx -
fairystarlight : Gorge!
krissxkrosst : Haha I love the casual brush in hand. Totally speaks "yeah you know, Monday. My life > your life." πŸŽ¨πŸ‘€πŸ‘„
sophiedee : Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo big kisses
xmelissamakeupx : xoxoxoxoxoxo @clubsophiedee ❀
xmelissamakeupx : Miss you too @beauidealhob 😘 ill see you soon!
nicofey : Seems you have a very good time in India
jackass265 : sexy very sexy
craw0874 : Beautiful
monochocla - billy_black_11 - mta1998 - sameelee93 -
@sunnyleone leg after she injured herself performing her own stunts on set. #beforeandafter #coverup #makeup #nowyouseeitnowyoudont #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
photos - nofilter - nowyouseeitnowyoudont - makeup - beforeandafter - coverup - xmelissamakeupx -
mut_ra : Amazing.
miss_monica_art : Amazing!!!!!#
oyespls : Dermablend?
raissaalmeida : Omg
missochikochi : Cool
mario420jr : It's the same make up 4 hide Tattoos? I'm Cabin Crew, and My tattoos can't be seen, so I need a cream or something else, which one do you recommend me?
lhippie : How the?!!
alishatmg : Sunny get well soon..
firebush - vicsaweirdo - ibrahimuzun - 1illie -
#SunnyLeone @sunnyleone #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #Bollywood πŸŽ₯
hair - photos - nofilter - sunnyleone - makeup - bollywood - xmelissamakeupx -
chrisherreraart : Lovely!
jamsbond88 : Beautiful
samanthaloomis : Omg @chaz_michaels12 😍
chaz_michaels12 : @samanthaloomis ❀😍❀
ericksanchezpt : πŸ˜πŸ˜§β˜ΊπŸ‘Œ
kerrijenna : @xmelissamakeupx looking into airbrush makeup for home use...which one would you recommend?
kiiing_ : Where's the before makeup picture?
frostysnaps : I love her in plaid so good
mantzavinsson - seti33 - steph_star24 - sindibad24 -
#mainstreamactress in LA I did for a Jaegermeister commercial. #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter Lights were just the vanity lights from the makeup station.
hair - mainstreamactress - nofilter - photos - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
miko_lee : @xmelissamakeupx HOW'S my Sunshine sprayer??? 😘😘
lilashley228 : @xmelissamakeupx what do you use under the eyes? I have some circles that need covering :)
xmelissamakeupx : Gooood @miko_lee 😘😘😘😘 miss you mammas
xmelissamakeupx : I'm doing a YouTube tutorial on it soon @lilashley228 πŸ˜πŸ‘ my channel is xmelissamakeupx xoxo
cjmishler : You have a YouTube?! I'm subscribing right meow.
no_to : @xmelissamakeupx you are one of the best follows on Instagram, keep up the great posts.
pateremeesseme : Somebody need sleep
o_her : @teemunyhoney
mantzavinsson - ohtrigger - nastikinka - sammyv1111 -
#Vada #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - vada - nofilter - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
danderbutt : *that
beachbirdwren : Pretty before and after.
genetheamazing : @quiv3r the power of make up
ph0xx : Haha ewww wtf @genetheamazing
ozcaesar : In this case she looks amazing either case. :)
malkavian1984 : great job :)
lilhellbunny : wish you could teach me how to do my makeup even half this amazing!
nici_is_fitness_rx : Beautiful before and after
sixelaloveyou - artsurveyor - klizmua - reforma18 -
#BreeOlson @breeolsonverified #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - photos - nofilter - breeolson - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
emily_woods88 : @patryksyhmins
patryksyhmins : 😍
patryksyhmins : @ @emily_woods88 lo
patryksyhmins : Lol
matttylerrr : Holy crap
bo_7maidy : @mayedalkitbi
quasarstar27 : @wayofthe_buffalo
redheart384 : You are bloody amazing!
reforma18 - fabolous4life - moahkneekayahlaa - claarrita -
Im in love with my arm☺ I feel very blessed. @stevesototattoo just added this beautiful Cali Lily to complete my sleeve. @goodfellastattoo @officialh2ocean #stevesototattoo #goodfellastattoo #bishoprotary #xmelissamakeupx #goodfellastattoomodel
stevesototattoo - goodfellastattoo - bishoprotary - xmelissamakeupx - goodfellastattoomodel -
xmelissamakeupx : Each piece was done individually over the coarse of 1 year @eg_foxhound many hours homie
stevesototattoo : Looking forward to doing more work.
xmelissamakeupx : Me too @stevesototattoo β˜ΊπŸ‘Š
_ma_nny_ : Dope
abvjjv : Amazing artistic work. As the canvas, I know you have great patience and pain tolerance. Congrats!
coffincultcouture : One of the best sleeves I've seen!
instaflo96 : Love it toO <3
dreneewilson : Lovely work
pattycordoba - _batmaniac_ - aju_68 - 0_g_triple_0_g -
Photo by: @barrysphoto for bookings contact: #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx πŸ‘‹β˜Ί #goodfellastattoo #stevesototattoo #h2oceanproteam #bishoprotary @goodfellastattoo @stevesototattoo 2345 N. Tustin St. Orange, CA 92865 #OGOC For bookings: #goodfellastattoomodel #h2oceanmodel
goodfellastattoo - makeup - goodfellastattoomodel - hair - bishoprotary - stevesototattoo - ogoc - h2oceanproteam - xmelissamakeupx - h2oceanmodel -
bsmprod : @xmelissamakeupx your awesomeness is showing! :] Love your facial structure! Beautiful!
theshanaleigh : I need that top
garcialuixs : So Beautiful @xmelissamakeupx love u!
xmelissamakeupx : Thank youβ˜ΊπŸ’‹
xmelissamakeupx : It's @miko_lee top @shanaleigh13 I'm not sure where she got it. xo
theshanaleigh : Well, it is super cute!!
don_regis : OMFG!!! i LOVE that bra!!!
just4the3ll : πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯
dashingzulfadli - juddlyy - vosckrese - tasos81st -
Last look on #jynxmaze @jynxmazecutie #hair #makeup #beautytip #photos by#xmelissamakeupx #nofilter @limecrimemakeup #limecrime lipstick in #Geradium with @maccosmetics #lipglass on top πŸ’‹
beautytip - lipglass - limecrime - makeup - hair - photos - jynxmaze - geradium - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
bearisdriving : @mdivadoll the owner lied about it being vegan, she'll take other people's makeup and post it saying they used lime crime. Shady shit like that. It's all on Google.
laytonbullas : @bearisdriving if its on google it must be true @mdivadoll
mdivadoll : @bearisdriving oh wow that's crazy.
mdivadoll : @laytonbullas I did just google it. There are tons of makeup gurus speaking on their bad experiences with Doe Deere. If you know Lime Crime you know that's the owner. @bearisdriving thank you so much for the info! What a ratchet company!
terryfuller : Any idea where she got that top from?
badboycraven : @xmelissamakeupx whose this girls agent? Never seen her before
ox_whitney_xo : Are you hiring any assistants anytime soon?!?!?
redheart384 : Love that lipcolor..I think I need that in my life!
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Next look on #jynxmaze @jynxmazecutie #hair #makeup #beautytip #photos by #xmelissamakeupx My fav nude lipπŸ’‹ @Nars lipgloss in Chelsea Girl with @Victoriassecret Juiced berry over it.
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xmelissamakeupx : I wish I could too @kell629 😘
caseyelizabethdonner : Love Chelsea girl! Looks great on everyone!!!!
shaievdaev : Very nice
d00mslayer : Tits
davidfolender : Where's the BEFORE?
gabriel_lefty_cali : You make these stars look absolutely beautiful lol 😜
jetsetla : Pretty
_jooolieee : Nipple
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#JynxMaze @jynxmazecutie #hair #makeup #beautytip #photos by #xmelissamakeupx @limecrimemakeup in Red Velvet is my new fav matte red lip πŸ’‹
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fernandoandree : Una asΓ­ necesito el viernes despuΓ©s de las 6 pm @dfcastillo
never2hot : @lusy_skaya das schaut doch Hammer aus !
peta_ann : Your work is amazing @xmelissamakeupx πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜€
rojinab : Einfach geil
jiihadhamad : Sexyyy
seth_smarelli80 : Hot as fire 😍
hairhunter : Red velvetine is my absolute favorite!
chelsiejustyne_ : @donovanjnash
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