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This summer is going to SUCK!!! #worstsummerever
worstsummerever -
reddirtgirlphotography : Poor Purdy! I heard you got hurt. I'm so sorry!
imtheonlyhowie : 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
gardnerbc : Ouch
vtmitch : ACL?
pamin3773 : MCL and LCL damage for sure. ACL seems to be intact, but won't know for sure until the MRI on Thursday.
kimsenesac : How!?
lovegolf73 : Such a bummer! I know it will suck for you to miss your Volleyball. @pamin3773
My all time favorite picture. #thomaskidsrock
worstsummerever - thomaskidsrock - thomaskidsstillrock -
jultoms : You just look so done with everything
thomasgirl17 : @jultoms you know I probably was. You know what we didn't get candy that day...that's why
jultoms : We stood in line for a good 20 to catch candy and we got none
thomasgirl17 : Ya and it wasn't even a candy drop. It was a trie candy in the field and let the kids get one each five minutes
thomasgirl17 : @jultoms
jultoms : It was just awful. We got no candy and the helicopter was really loud and all I wanted was some gosh darn candy
jultoms : Worst day ever
thomasgirl17 : @jultoms #worstsummerever but still #thomaskidsstillrock
_katiewrightt - inside90 - leah_eberly - timmorris6 -
am running out of things to do on a holiday #bedtimeallthetime #worstsummerever
worstsummerever - bedtimeallthetime -
malou_n_gay : time to meditate...
memyselflen : kaso ang innniiitttt @malou_n_gay
krystelyvette -
These are my feelings right now. w/ @zswilkinson @theethanyears #worstsummerever #onlygodzillawillbeawesome
worstsummerever - onlygodzillawillbeawesome -
caleb706 : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
lacie__lou : Woah. How do you and @theethanyears know each other?!
theethanyears : @lacie__lou we're besties
lacie__lou : Small world. That's awesome! @theethanyears
watkinswill : Yes. Godzilla will be awesome.
watkinswill : @caleb706 I agree about Guardians, but everything is not based off of everything else. Some people create stories and I lavv me summa those. 😘
brandonblackburn : I hate movies
seanmccane : Ha ha the funny thing is when I posted this the one person who i figured would comment was @caleb706 .
soggybottomsteve - ychamma - zswilkinson - klaw2471 -
diary ng paa na namamaga pa #worstsummerever
worstsummerever -
princey_lei : @memyselflen , dahil pa ba yan sa surfing or bago injury?
memyselflen : un pa din @princey_lei πŸ˜”
jacob_garcia_24 -
Throwback #castonbotharms #worstsummerever πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜ͺ
worstsummerever - castonbotharms -
__madddiiee__ : Where's the other cast?
nyanalice : They diddint know my other one was broken yet @__madddiiee__
him_doe12322 : What happend
nyanalice : At camp I was playing kickball and one of the counclers tried to get me out but I fell
nyanalice : I got a road rash on my face lol!
nyanalice : @him_doe12322
him_doe12322 : What councilor
nyanalice : Conor Dantonio
krecchia7 - charity_katelyn_ - taylor520 - abbylarson03 -
i dont want to build moments with these #worstsummerever
worstsummerever -
ketikets : Kamusta ka? Hope everything went ok :)
memyselflen : thanks @ketikets procedure was ok nmn,but i didnt expect na mahirap pla tlga un after procedure
ketikets -
Its's over 100 degrees and i'm stuck at home aka prison. #pissed #annoyed #hot #summer #WorstSummerEver
summer - hot - annoyed - pissed - worstsummerever -
ilyrajivvv : Cant be havin the worst summer ever!
issuhbeluhhh : While my boyfriend is having the time of his life, i'm stuck at home. I wanted to go swimming but he went without me. My dad won't take me anywhere cuz he's always "tired". I have no one to talk to since i'm home alone 90% of the time. So yeah my summer stinks
ilyrajivvv : Find a secret hobby and get really good at it~ @issuhbeluhhh
issuhbeluhhh : @ilyrajivvv It's way too hot here. At around 9AM it's already 90Β°+.
ms_ikea - ilyrajivvv - luizplata - manielliefaye -
lookatthoseboobies - worstsummerever - maliksmommie - 2009 - tbt - preggo -
kingstonpluskyndal : Stayed on the phone I see
kingstonpluskyndal : And in short dresses lol
wink_bikelife2014 : Hi @fine_brown23
fine_brown23 : Probably cursing out Deonte, you see my faces lol @kingstonpluskyndal
kingstonpluskyndal : Lol I'm hip
bengilovingher20 - brickhouse_84 - crazythoughtslivinglegend - lauren_farrish_9112 -
I didn't want to spend my first day of summer like this My gosh I'm wasting too much trees @_@ #sick #worstsummerever. #firstdayofsummer. #summerbummer
worstsummerever - firstdayofsummer - sick - summerbummer -
richellecudz_20 : Get well soon @francinemsg
francinemsg : @richellecudz_20 I'll try to my head is pounding I don't even know why I got sick :(
richellecudz_20 : πŸ˜” @francinemsg
itsme_anna_duh : u actually saved every single used tissue that u blew ur sickly nose in...πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜·πŸ˜±πŸ˜²
francinemsg : @itsme_anna_duh there was no trash bin! It was too far away too lazy to stand up :P
francinemsg : Can't believe I posted this
itsme_anna_duh : u were too lazy to throw em away but u had enough strengh to unlock ur phone, take a picture and post it on instagram...πŸ’©
francinemsg : Yuppp
seannachan - sophia_chan13 - richellecudz_20 - arianaaldeguer -
Throwback to last summerβ˜€οΈ #tbt #worstsummerever
worstsummerever - tbt -
_maggiee17 - katlin_renee9 - savannah_twirls - xo_caitlinn_ -
#throwback to this summers dates to the hospitalπŸ©πŸ’£πŸ˜· #brokenfoot #castlife #worstsummerever
throwback - brokenfoot - worstsummerever - castlife -
jess_hull - angelamacg95 - meganmack20 - maritimedreamer -
When I had a broken leg and still in hospital after my operation haha #throwback #worstsummerever
throwback - worstsummerever -
jacob_garcia_24 - emmacurley - ajaujx -
When I was a kid my Barbies did adult things. My mother must've stopped her therapy sessions 'cause she randomly sent me to Shakespeare Camp without even telling me one summer. She just dropped my ass off one morning. I was the only kid that had oily french braids in her hair, the only kid that lived in a ratchet neighborhood.. and the only kid with leftovers from dinner as her lunch the following day. It never really bothered me until that summer though. I could go on but I get hella pissed still. I brought some of my Barbies there but ONLY ONE TIME. Barbie and her BFFs begged not to come back because they didn't like playing volleyball, or the girl scout uniforms and going to corny sleepovers. My Barbies worked for a living. They didn't have time for all that! The volleyball players all got picked up and taken to games in a dope ass van. Man those Barbies were rich snobs. I jus couldn't... On top of ALLLL that, my mother spoke like a White woman for 2 1/2 months.. until she got mad at us. The angry ratchet lady came out. #WorstSummerEver the only kid in the hood that read Hamlet (and liked it) *an awkward vulnerable silence* yep so good bye!
worstsummerever - mattelplay - momtakestheratchetoutthehood - myfictionrocks - barbie - mysummeratshakespearcamp - barbiethedarkedition - volleyballsboring - oopslongone - myschoolsoldstraightchocolate - mykenwasasissytho - barbieboutdatlife - thesagacontinues -
thurstonmfhowel : Lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I had to scroll back to see @mrskidcalhoun
msgoldmove : Lol at the camel toe
akswear2 : Goodmorning
kaliluxe : Lmaoo.
kaliluxe : Good morning kellz!
tbowlegs : Dat Barbie got on high waters
kenyetta5 : I love her hair!
krazykaraokemama : Dead!! I can't take you!! Hahahaha
miss__brigette - assstillintrouble - ajaygotjokz - jeweled_tiara -
Last day of summer... #worstsummerever #letsgoskiing
worstsummerever - skippedsummertoo - letsgoskiing - snow - summer -
nzmar : #snow #summer
ragdollnz : What the???? Have u gone straight to winter @nzmar #skippedautumn
nzmar : @ragdollnz crazy isnt it #skippedsummertoo
ragdollnz : I'll say!
caasssieeee_ - martiinagasoster - ragdollnz - talesfromfaraway -
Waaahhhhhh:'( #worstsummerever #mylifeisnolongeravacation #grindtime #5andahalfmonthstoacethisbitch #mcat I heard these were the best anyone else have any experience??
worstsummerever - grindtime - mcat - mylifeisnolongeravacation - mikesfault - 5andahalfmonthstoacethisbitch -
laurenleachman : @sclark08 haha I need to take it theres too much distractions in the summer!! Itll force me to focus. I have lots of questions to ask you in class! Hahaha ps hows shaniqua doing
sclark08 : Sounds gouda. She's dead. And she didn't thrive. Booooo.
laurenleachman : @sclark08 oh no! #mikesfault LOL we gotta start preparing for our presentation!!
90s_h : LOL
aalpaall : Princeton review is WAY to in depth. Caplan is great.
laurenleachman : @aalpaall did you do the princeton prep course??
aalpaall : @laurenleachman no i used the princeton review to write the DAT and it was way more in depth than it ever needed to be. The kaplan book has everything you would ever need to know. I know its the same for the MCAT as well. Seeing as you have 5 months, either one will do fine.
_7swag : My smart gaaaal.
youngwealthydaddy - wordinaire - dmitrykorikov - deealto -
#throwbackthursday #TBT #brokenleg #pes2013 #worstsummerever
pes2013 - brokenleg - tbt - throwbackthursday - worstsummerever -
matijabalic - katarinaroso - devon_neal - karla_delic -
Goodnight, jerks. #bedselfie #sleepselfie #thatmakesnosense #whateven #butreally #sleepnow #itsreallyfuckinghotbtw #really #worstsummerever #blegh ##doublehashtag #whatever #iforgotpeopleactuallyusethesetofindpics #sexiestmanaliveeatsairfromaninvisiblespoonthroughnosewhilesleeping #youbunchofweirdos #addanotherhashtagcunt
sleepselfie - youbunchofweirdos - doublehashtag - whatever - whateven - sleepnow - butreally - really - worstsummerever - thatmakesnosense - itsreallyfuckinghotbtw - sexiestmanaliveeatsairfromaninvisiblespoonthroughnosewhilesleeping - blegh - addanotherhashtagcunt - iforgotpeopleactuallyusethesetofindpics - bedselfie -
caffeinemusiclove : #thosearesomegreathashtags #ilikethem #istoppedrealtagsagesago #inplaceofsillyones #itshalfthepointofinstagram #inmyopinion :)
caffeinemusiclove : But the 3rd-last hashtag you have there is weird :p and I'm not sure I'm reading it right.
lessermore : I was maybe pretty tired at the time...
caffeinemusiclove : Oh I see it now. Funny :)
shacklesandcandy - emilygronow - caffeinemusiclove -
was looking through some old pics and found these, this was me! like holy crap, where did that girl go?! #WorstSummerEver #Indiana #Skinny #EarlyThrowBack #SoFatNow
worstsummerever - skinny - earlythrowback - sofatnow - indiana -
abbydrewfuentes : You look sooo girly! lol
luzdzuniga - desiree_perez54 - _t3janita_ - reinawowow -
throw back to my summer in indiana, i was EXTRA dark. i do miss my hair like that tho, probably gonna cut it again soon. #TBT #ThrowBackThursday #TooDark #ShortHair #MissIt #Skinny #DoNotMissThoseDays #WorstSummerEver
worstsummerever - throwbackthursday - tbt - toodark - missit - donotmissthosedays - shorthair - skinny -
fabysanchez_23 - destinyymariee13 - _t3janita_ - samanthadady -
#selfiesunday here's some #patagonian weather for you #rain #wind #hike #worstsummerever
wind - worstsummerever - selfiesunday - patagonian - hike - rain -
tinarodfjell - vmarcjan - xoxo_desi97 - robinpuzzo -
#throwback #worstsummerever #brokenleg #crippled #motocross #kerwinmynigga
worstsummerever - motocross - kerwinmynigga - crippled - throwback - brokenleg -
liv_h23 - chasity_69 - hayrxuhls - carlosg93 -
Dirty hipster days #tbt #bran #summerdays #worstsummerever
worstsummerever - summerdays - tbt - bran -
demilogue - rmernst48 -
#throwback #igersnewengland #instadaily #igdaily #ignewengland #worstsummerever
worstsummerever - ignewengland - igdaily - throwback - igersnewengland - instadaily -
sonigvaradian : @nish_kabob ill come visit cuz! You free Sunday?!
nish_kabob : Yeah I think so. Text me later.
lexisarge : This is gorgeous where is it?
nish_kabob : It's at fort wetheral in RI I'm sure my spelling is wrong. Hah. @lexisarge
alainagonz - lexisarge - perchakkk - kodathepuggle -
Found my middle school year book. Nice joke, me. #FarBackAWhileAgoFriday?
worstsummerever - farbackawhileagofriday -
mollythedolly2868 : #flashbackfriday
kyleroolz : That's the one! @mollythedolly2868
nick__g__ : Did you actually have a great summer?
kyleroolz : #WorstSummerEver
eiikster : So choice πŸ‘Œ
jennamilkdudwhite - mollythedolly2868 - ribsfan - nick__g__ -
me in in a little water park last year #worstsummerever
worstsummerever -
lucas_garcia12 - jays_on_my_feet_15 - korrie_griggs83 -
#GirlCode: when a guy cheats on you & then lies about it, you get a free pass to drink all the beer he left at your house. 🍺😘 #summer #single #tan #girl #budlight #liveandlearn #bikini #love #karmasucks
summer - love - worstsummerever - bikini - single - budlight - girlcode - liveandlearn - girl - karmasucks - tan -
nataliejritzman : Awh John, you poor thing. You know you always have an invite. @johnnyb_44
johnnyb_44 : @nataliejritzman actually it woulda been nice if you showed up to work today with your little pool and your ice cold refreshments...
nataliejritzman : @johnnyb_44 you're getting alittle demanding don't you think?
jdaddi_00 : Looking great @nataliejritzman
tommy_dressler89 : Oooo lala @nataliejritzman ;)
murriahx3 : Hahahaha how I miss this day!
nataliejritzman : Lololol, you were creeping so hard πŸ˜‚ how I don't miss this day. #worstsummerever @murriahx3
murriahx3 : But it was sunny and warm & we had beer and a baby pool 🍻 #negativenancy #jk #thissummerwaslame @nataliejritzman
nipple454 - chrissakiadis - kennedybleister - erinalyce_xo -
My poor little arm #worstsummereverπŸ˜”
worstsummerever -
amyleighchaffin : Again! What have you done now?
tgharlan17 - polohoffman - grabber_gibson - farmboy49 -
Amazing summers day... #worstsummerever
worstsummerever -
scothiew : It'll get better mate
tjgrice : fuck this shit!! FML #fuckmelbourne
bradleyleary - breno_b - jacklea87 - nikee87 -
wtf summer??! why you hailing for? β„οΈβ˜”οΈβ›„οΈ #melbournesummer #worstsummerever #fuckthis #hail #letsmovenorth #NTsoundsgood
worstsummerever - letsmovenorth - fuckthis - melbournesummer - ntsoundsgood - hail -
laniwright : It was thundering so loud before 😩
joshower91 - evelynbaldie - srichards_ - andyshandy19 -
Wish I could be here right now.... But im stuck at home having the worst summer ever, and i cant even stay inside the whole time #awful #worstsummerever #dogdays #beach #help #torture
worstsummerever - help - torture - awful - beach - dogdays -
nev_the_flex_girl -
Back to when I couldn't keep my knees healthy #tbt #felloffatreadmill #worstsummerever
worstsummerever - felloffatreadmill - tbt -
ntorrente26 : Omg I remember that summer! Reconnected with youuu 😘
ntorrente26 : Slash you know I'm in the med field when that's the comment I wrote and not "gross"
#TBT yours truly πŸ‘‘ #WorstSummerEver #LearnedALot #CuffingThisSummerWasAnEpicFail #NowImLonelyInTheWinter #WhoCuffsInTheSummer #MyHashTagsFunnyTho #IStillLookGoodTho πŸ’πŸ˜
worstsummerever - cuffingthissummerwasanepicfail - myhashtagsfunnytho - tbt - learnedalot - whocuffsinthesummer - istilllookgoodtho - nowimlonelyinthewinter -
mrbaked : Lmfao. Tu no silve #CuffingThisSummerWasAnEpic Fail
_nonchalant_tash : @wylito_ facts
_nonchalant_tash : @mrbaked lmaoo tu sabe
juvedacreep927 : YOUNG RATCHET!!
_nonchalant_tash : πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ heyyy @juvedacreep927
swaggtherapper : oww
jontaetoofunny - tij_bugatti - muthafucka_jonez - freshboyraymond -
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