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#bootyclub #wednesdaynight #whodoesthat #ciroc #liquor #bottles #chugchugchug #faces #wasted #clubscene #drunkies #alcoholic #justher
drunkies - bottles - alcoholic - liquor - whodoesthat - ciroc - clubscene - wasted - wednesdaynight - chugchugchug - faces - bootyclub - justher -
bribomaye : @xoxo_alicee we still on.for.cupcakes on saturday
still_a_brat : Lol smh alcoholics
xoxo_alicee : Yes ma'am @bribomaye
xoxo_alicee : @still_a_brat miss @jessie_jay88 is a bad influence
bribomaye : @xoxo_alicee jus makin sure
still_a_brat : Lol yesssssss she is @xoxo_alicee
jessie_jay88 : Great night I needed this 😌
xoxo_alicee : Anytime @jessie_jay88
_babyognica - mvrtinezs - ashmtz08 - anaa_gonzalezz -
A bike in the trunk tho. Lp from our drive back home the other night. #onlyincali#wtf#latepost#lp#lmao#whodoesthat
onlyincali - lmao - wtf - whodoesthat - latepost - lp -
krookedkay - kailarenee91 - littlemarik - malindaltem -
So here we go with some IG trade drama... And I'm blasting @littlemisscoupon827 as a #badigtrader ... So 5 days ago I posted an ISO for 1/1 RONZONI pasta qs for a friend and offered up target mobile coupons in return... @littlemisscoupon827 replied that she had the qs and wanted to trade for them... We negotiated our trade and she Assured me she was sending 50 Of the qs I needed to my friend... She messaged me a day after the trade to verify what pasta q my friend needed... Because she had two.... It took me two days to respond and that's my bad... But I replied and we squared the trade away again I made sure to ask if everything at that point was taken care of and she assured me yes... Now today 5 days after the initial trade she tells me that she can't find the damn pasta qs and that she wants to pp me for the "one" mobile q that she used... Well looking on her page it is clear to me that she used all three of the codes I sent... And idk how it takes 5 days and 3 separate correspondences to know u don't have the flipping qs... And I'm so upset for my friend who has been waiting on these and undoubtedly not trading for them anymore anticipating the qs I negotiated... It's just soo frustrating to me that someone would initiate a trade for a coupon that they know for a fact they don't have... Or if they are sketchy on whether or not they actually have it... It's hit sad pathetic and annoying... That ppl would be so shady... So I highly suggest not to fade with @littlemisscoupon827 she is a #badtrader #badigtrade #badigtrader #basigtrader #badigtraders #whodoesthat #wtfman #pplnowadays #getyiurshittogether #badigtrader
badigtrader - whodoesthat - getyiurshittogether - wtfman - badigtraders - basigtrader - pplnowadays - badtrader - badigtrade -
lildiaz1221 : @crazyqchick let me check if I have some as well give me a few min to check
allsmiles4mybabygirl : Thats fucked up ill check and see if I have some and you can just have mine if I do...
lildiaz1221 : How do u dm?
couponer213 : I only have Anthony s pasta. 😩
mibelleza021 : go home and click the top right side of ur cellphone @lildiaz1221
lildiaz1221 : Sorry no pasta πŸ˜”
saving4mya : I have a few of barilla blue box pasta Save 55cents on 2boxes @crazyqchick you can have them. Im not iso anything and i dnt need to trade. Lmk if you want them. I can send the envie today
couponingmommy14 : Dm me your address and I will send you all that I have when I get home later!!!
lillyssavings - my5sssss - alyssacollin - jacobs_closet8 -
I am embarrassed to say I live anywhere near someone this stupid. #whodoesthat #vaginasarentforrealguns #stupidcriminals #hotdogdownahallway #smdh #wow
smdh - hotdogdownahallway - whodoesthat - stupidcriminals - vaginasarentforrealguns - wow -
lorenzowash : Crazy!
gr8twood : Wtf... Really?
brutalcupcakee : @gr8twood Yup, it really happened. Check out the link in the photo. It's cray cray.
boss_mackin77 : This is #bananas
biggcj : I know right I live very close to there too
brutalcupcakee : @biggcj oh yeah? I heard about it yesterday & thought.... "are you serious? What if it had went off? How would you clean it afterward? Wonder if she had a brain before she fell off the roof of the building she must have tumbled off of to think that would work out. Did she think about the metal detector she'd have to walk through?"
biggcj : I know I thought the same thing if it went off in her or while she was trying to put it in her that would have been a messy to clean up...smh
boss_mackin77 - mr_swoll - mr_gear_jammer - thedoc951 -
Fever and all, but she's acting like this. . #Sick #Happy #WhoDoesThat
whodoesthat - sick - happy -
naetuecool - mslexii95 - missjayydoee_ - smooth1331 -
Apparently I started my attitude with other people going after my food at the early stages of life πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ #contestprep #protein #tbt #throwback #whodoesthat #instamood #datface #gettinitin #gymaholic #healthspo #igfit #instafitness #fitandhealthy #followme #tagsforlikes #nomnom
gymaholic - whodoesthat - fitandhealthy - igfit - tbt - contestprep - throwback - protein - gettinitin - followme - datface - nomnom - instafitness - tagsforlikes - healthspo - instamood -
kimchartrand21 - alsilva10 - teamrice86 - agp1021 -
Randomly came across this pic so #tbt to that time @susan_ngugi and I physically fought in a store because we both wanted the same shoes and they only had one pair left. Do you see how she's literally attacking me? #dudeitwasmybirthdaytoo #worstfriend? #whodoesthat? #enemyofprosperity #isawtheshoesfirst 😩😩
dudeitwasmybirthdaytoo - worstfriend - whodoesthat - isawtheshoesfirst - tbt - enemyofprosperity -
nmthuo - emilybombela - shelbynelson_ - druskiee -
#tbt of le momster #yupitshanginginthelivingroom #whodoesthat lol #shessuchadiva #divachildofthecorn
yupitshanginginthelivingroom - divachildofthecorn - tbt - shessuchadiva - whodoesthat -
clau_luv : Oooooo I'm gonna tell her!! 😠
mintshell09 : Bahhhahahahbbahhahhhahhhh duuude
clau_luv - sergyuuup - peter_la_fleur - raygun777 -
#hiking #8monthspregnant #inadress #barefoot #whodoesthat #tbt #whitecliffs I was so #huge #bigmomma #mountains #scenery
scenery - whitecliffs - barefoot - hiking - whodoesthat - 8monthspregnant - tbt - huge - bigmomma - inadress - mountains -
chastityharris08 - dilemma1991 - christy_rk - sammiemaria -
You're also a stalker, creepy, weird looking and a loser. #unoriginal
unoriginal - mydickinyourmouth - tattoomynameonyourforehead - whodoesthat - sorrynotsorry - unapologetic - meangirl -
mashadiduk : @andrewmax89 yeah she's special alright.. The kind of girl that a guy should show off. For show and tell. In a psychology class. Delusional bird.
yana_hxo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mashadiduk : @yana_hxo 😊
ashleeyblairr : Hahahha at ur last hashtag
mashadiduk : @ashleeyblairr just thought id share with everyone lol
ashleeyblairr : Someone has to let em know😘
mashadiduk : @yana_hxo can we take a moment to lulz at the 30 likes vs the 600 likes #WhoDoesThat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
yana_hxo : @mashadiduk I can't wait to get all the likes you bought for me for my birthday
amandaline_hicks - andres_porteriyo - _princessmisfit - blueeyes_lover13 -
#tbt To the Page Rage days when @delucia7534 called his mom from the bar #WhoDoesThat #MommasBoy #StillFTB
worldsmostinterestingmanovahere - stillftb - mommasboy - tbt - whodoesthat -
delucia7534 : She called me I just answered lol
jackwilson_0 : @delucia7534 your the only one I know who would do that in the bar #WorldsMostInterestingManOvaHere
tconn914 - nickquaid - delucia7534 - carbone915 -
@flawlezzchic went from running her mouth to posing #whodoesthat her #tbt lol
tbt - whodoesthat -
vicious_i_am : What the hell tori doing praying lol
99_carolinagirl - flawlezzchic -
-blacked out, everything's faded on your love im already wasted. so close that i can taste it now🎢 work for twelve straight hours, then to karmas. but first #letmetakeaselfie #selfie #whodoesthat #tired #timeforbed #smirkin #uhoh #lindsayisBACK πŸ™ŒβœŒ
timeforbed - whodoesthat - selfie - tired - letmetakeaselfie - smirkin - uhoh - lindsayisback -
_cassssi - debilou_ - terri_808 - chelsonbaileyroxy -
#tbt to BRACES! The worst, one thing I do NOT miss about my childhood. I got braces put on in 2nd grade #whodoesthat #throwback #braces #metalmouth #colorful #funkycolors #rainbow #skittles #pearlywhites #worthit #straightteeth #painful #torture #nopainnogain #childhood #memories #instapic #instagood #thursday #picoftheday #saycheese #100happydays #day4 πŸ˜πŸ˜·πŸ™ŠπŸŒˆ
childhood - metalmouth - straightteeth - colorful - pearlywhites - instapic - tbt - 100happydays - saycheese - throwback - braces - funkycolors - rainbow - torture - skittles - day4 - whodoesthat - thursday - instagood - worthit - memories - picoftheday - painful - nopainnogain -
cberginn : Ohh my goddddddπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you just brought me so far back missy! Lmao @uhohitsmissy
uhohitsmissy : @cberginn I know right?! I saw this in a post "26 moments no 90's kid will ever get over" lol I remember it was such a big decision what color rubber bands to get! If only life were still that simple πŸ˜‰
cberginn : Haha yesss....and for holidays tooo! It was a life changing decision for the next couple of weeksπŸ˜‚ugh only IF it was that simple again πŸ˜” @uhohitsmissy
uhohitsmissy : @cberginn ^^ true story girl!
thatmoonyguy - thepop88 - sha_xo - cberginn -
Dedication- this is what's in the trunk of my car lol #fitlife #hydrate #doesthebodyright #healthy #healthyliving #motivation #dedication #fitgirls #yummy #lol #reallife πŸ’§#sixcasesofwater #whodoesthat?
motivation - yummy - whodoesthat - healthy - doesthebodyright - fitlife - sixcasesofwater - lol - fitgirls - dedication - reallife - hydrate - healthyliving -
_king_mo_ - lottasve - alexxmariaa - peacefor420 -
Those icky charms though xD #whodoesthat #breakfastfordays!
breakfastfordays - whodoesthat -
jdmlover93 : Lucky***
breathemariahh - captainbladvass - brianna_is_mine_11113 - rad_nd_sad -
Nakatulog sa Disney parade! #whodoesthat
whodoesthat -
mimilam1227 - fafafaranz - khriztelle55 - iamjenmagsombol -
Me and my peeps #10:00pmdinner? #whodoesthat? #rockstars, that's who
10 - rockstars - whodoesthat -
mrsr09113 -
Lmao #ratchet #ratchetness #hilarious #comedy #shoeporn #shoegame #highheels #heels #heelporn #shitratchetsdo #butwhy #whodoesthat
ratchetness - shoegame - shitratchetsdo - shoeporn - heelporn - highheels - butwhy - ratchet - hilarious - heels - comedy - whodoesthat -
itsmejopre : Wow
ahmad_fox_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yogriggs : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
miss_lokka - wape_rhistle - pink51star - nickf_moneymoney -
Not to brag or anything but I was the second person to like Justin Bieber's pictures. πŸ’πŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜­ #mymindisblown #icanteven #amicool #whodoesthat @justinbieber ❀️😘
mymindisblown - whodoesthat - icanteven - amicool -
rodclara - anne___00 - deezydiam0ndzz - carikayy -
Pulled a muscle, looking for some fast relief. #assmuscle #whodoesthat ?!!
assmuscle - whodoesthat -
alexandermichael66 : Use the no mess sponge me
julesmm86 : @alexandermichael66 I did!! It's working!!
saltyjean - sacklunchofdoom - taramoreno23 - meg_2027 -
#BitchesBeLike #NiggasBeLike #HoesBeLike #GirlsBeLike #DudesBeLike #ParentsBeLike #BoysBeLike #KidsBeLike #ThisBitch #MathProblems #SquareRoot #RatchetHoes #RatchetAss #WhoDoesThat
girlsbelike - regram - ratchethoes - thisbitch - dudesbelike - whodoesthat - parentsbelike - mathproblems - kidsbelike - hoesbelike - bitchesbelike - ratchetass - squareroot - repost - niggasbelike - boysbelike -
chrissy_kid_ : F4f?
ggray_regal12 : #Repost #ReGram
m_hollister831 : Not my eyebrows!!!! @ecruz1993
itsmelissafbaby : I can't deal 😡😡😡😡 @ashatorii
ashatorii : This is why I just get my brows waxed/lightened and keep it movin....ain't nobody got time fa'dat @itsmelissafbaby 😭😭😭
jaybabiiluvv - datkloud7hvn - sexelo82 - psipics -
Toilet shoot?! Sometimes I wish I was a boy so I could say "girls are fucking weird" and not be referring to myself. #tannedgirltrashed #whodoesthat #girlythings #shame #girlsnight #photowithmymatetoilet
shame - girlsnight - whodoesthat - tannedgirltrashed - photowithmymatetoilet - girlythings -
claudfitz - priscillaashleigh - julzeeeee - halleylanauze -
This is what happens when hoes live in motels full time. #ratchet #moteldwellers #parentingfail #failedparenting #failedselfies #selfiefail #whodoesthat #whosbabymamaisthis #queenoftheratchets #bitchesbelike #sinkbooty #hoesgonnahoe
sinkbooty - whodoesthat - selfiefail - failedselfies - ratchet - moteldwellers - parentingfail - hoesgonnahoe - queenoftheratchets - whosbabymamaisthis - failedparenting - bitchesbelike -
kismetiscalling : Are those her kids taking the pic? Sad
ii_am_pomona_ : @kismetiscalling yes maam
dezeray1530 : Horrible
bigmommacompton - idreamincolors - inked_1 - fomoco58 -
WCW - #shesrude #rejectedahug #whodoesthat #asshole #haters don't follow her tho @monalise_ah She just thinks she's cute βœ‹πŸ™Š She hoopin and can blowwww πŸ‘€πŸ€πŸŽ€ (shouldn't be complimenting her) 🌡Overall she's my WCW for a reason & that's bc she's an amazing person & i know she'll never leave my side, love her even tho I hate her at the same time πŸ˜‚ But at the end of the day you only say I hate you to the ones you love. πŸ’žπŸ‘½ "Weirdo #1" @monalise_ah @monalise_ah @monalise_ah
1 - whodoesthat - rejectedahug - asshole - haters - shesrude -
that_cambodian : Lawd.πŸ˜‚
jeffreycardona16 - najera_0306 - yodiseliut - __angelica81 -
Really!? #glee #whodoesthat
glee - whodoesthat -
agronators - osnapitzglee -
Really #Glee a guy in a wheelchair throwing himself in the water? Lol #whodoesthat
glee - whodoesthat -
ladii_lauderdale : Really though!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #whodoesthat
ladii_lauderdale - osnapitzglee -
Remember that time I ordered a salad and I had to cut and toss it myself?! @geoffwaycik @dainjain #asif #whodoesthat #itsawedge #salad #Williamsburg #tbt
itsawedge - salad - whodoesthat - asif - williamsburg - tbt -
geoffwaycik : Lol. Um, it's a wedge. #bestserviceever
emilie_gauthier101 : The keg ?
dainjain : Haha @miamissmiaa " it's a wedge of lettuce that's what a lettuce wedge is"
miamissmiaa : @emilie_gauthier101 nope! It was the restaurant at our hotel in Virginia, I couldn't believe it, I stared at it wondering how I was going to go about cutting and tossing without making a massive mess haha
emilie_gauthier101 : The keg does this haha but they give you a massive knife
miamissmiaa : @emilie_gauthier101 I wish! Mine came with crackers...
emilie_gauthier101 : Hahahah !!!!
gary00hightowerx57 - joooolzz18 - projetohealthycouple - abequigley -
drunky - husband - whodoesthat -
stephyeng : #demoted
stephyeng : @carecams you forgot the #
stephyeng : Duh
carecams : #drunky?
brittlrussell : You need a wedding dress tee @carecams !!
carecams : @brittlrussell or, ahem, a dress to hang out in? #whodoesthat?
brittlrussell : Hahaha @carecams only the coolest of brides!
stephyeng : @carecams put it on, you know you want to
brittlrussell - joyful_becks - corybeatty - alein33 -
Curry Coconut Gumbo w/Gulf Shrimp & Marinated Blue Crab Claws @iam_chefhenry Take A Bow... #whodoesthat #chefgang @chef_klass @chefcarlos1970 @lechefleprophete
chefgang - whodoesthat -
flyteclubgibbs : That sounds amazing. I need a cook book from you asap!!
msnurse_54 : @iamchefkimvankline πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
annedread - joeijeanette - missdionnenyc - brandi_shun -
Okay mom #marycaputoeveryone #iloveher #happybirthdaytome #whodoesthat
happybirthdaytome - marycaputoeveryone - iloveher - whodoesthat -
pennymq : Made my day. Love my second momma β™‘
stephanienoelle1223 : Happy Birthday!!πŸ˜ƒ
sarahmcaputo : Thanks @sophierubash @deedotmontos @stephanienoelle1223!!
j_star2132 : @sarahmcaputo I think she wants you to call her! Umm, not one of my finer moments but I did 21 shots on my 21st... She's right-not a good idea
j_star2132 : @sarahmcaputo and oh yeah HAPPY 21ST!!!!
sarahmcaputo : @j_star2132 hahaha how'd that work out for you? And thank you!! Can't wait to go out with the camp fam!
j_star2132 : @sarahmcaputo I guess ok, I lived to tell about it but not for the internet eyes to see! Lol! June 7th lily Flanagans be there !
hannahhuggable : Happy 21st, Buttercup!
jcmperrin - allyj128 - arielle13xx - ambrock1216 -
So today I was goin thru my things and realized one of my bags was missing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so petty .. It's nuthin to replace 😝 #newbags #sopetty #whodoesthat #backonmyoldshit #gucci #fendi #everythinghappensforareason #losesum #winall #nolovelost #xoxo πŸ’™πŸ’‹πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ’πŸ’ƒπŸ˜βœŒοΈ
fendi - sopetty - newbags - losesum - xoxo - everythinghappensforareason - gucci - backonmyoldshit - nolovelost - winall - whodoesthat -
smash_bak_at_itt : Stop the madness
rickyy_bangz : @smash_bak_at_itt I didn't start it 😩
cejay53 - iamnicoleparry - callmemissjones - 200t_200t -
She farts a lot around me, calls me a butthole when I don't give her gum, and tries to embarrass me. #friendssincefifthgrade #goodpersoninside #selfie #jordawnsfakesmile #whodoesthat @jordawnnnnnn
friendssincefifthgrade - selfie - goodpersoninside - jordawnsfakesmile - whodoesthat -
jordawnnnnnn : You're just an ass. Haha I love you Kelly. Even though you are so mean
samanthasolesbee - dakaflockaflame - alishadrews - jess_egli -
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