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When I was out recently scouting for wildflower locations, I found myself back at Lake Buchanan and decided to continue my series of the effects of the drought in central Texas. This is the southern area of the lake near Buchanan Dam. I have my shot set up here, many hundreds of yards from the shore and boat ramp near a granite outcropping that would normally be submerged. - @aaronbates #igtexas #hillcountry #drought #txdrought #lale
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brownidtxgirl : So sad πŸ‘Ž
cgarbaby : 😒
blakeleo_ : @whitcoch
tgarciafamilyof5 : #researchalittle #chemtrails #HAARP #controlledweather very sad
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#waterwednesday Saw this sprinkler around 7pm tonight at the #Mueller development. As the days get hotter, watering at NIGHT is best. #Austin & #LCRA are enforcing Stage 2 drought restrictions so everyone should water once a week between 10PM - 7AM!! Call 311 OR 512-974-2000 to report #waterwaste! #snitch #inagoodway #txdrought #txwater #conserve
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franki_unicorn : Mueller is so bad about their sprinklers! Where can I report them?
haggletheberg : Cool!
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#Springstorms #Txdrought #bringontherain
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#waterwednesday See that white pipe going into the water? Any water under, through, or on a homeowner's property is legally their's under the #texas #riparian law. They can take as much as they want without metering use! Look for these pipes coming from houses next time you're on a #lake or #river! #conserve #texaswaterlaw #txwater #txdrought #laketravis
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lanovi03 : My bestie is so knowledgable! πŸ‘πŸ‘
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messing around with my iPhone and some binoculars. hard to get a good shot. #laketravis #thereserve #txdrought #savelaketravis #lt #atx #austin
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jjcinc : Wow. Depressingly low.
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#waterwednesday I truly believe #education is the primary way we will change our water habits. #LCRA has a plan to secure an additional 100,000 acre-feet of water by 2017. With #Austin growing so quickly, we may need more, sooner. #txdrought #txwater #raindance #watersupply #coloradoriver #conserve #sustainability
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jackfrazee : At first glance I thought this was a metal show. Looks kind of rock & roll.
mcalderon_atx73 : That's awesome
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One year later and Parkdale Lake is lower than ever. Let nature reclaim this toxic power plant garbage shit. #dallastx #parkdalelake #tresspasstogetass #whiterockcreek The old white rock creek bed lies here with massive old tree stumps cut decades ago. #dyinglake #driedlake #txdrought #postsxsw
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#txdrought Alexander hogue erosion series #artdistrictblockparty #dmamadness
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BMA canal works - can't wait til this is full of water again. #txdrought Also, I just spooked a fat black hog in the woods back there.
txdrought -
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The BMA is purtying the canals. I guess they keep working even when there's no water. #txdrought #txwater
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We got some rain. #txdrought #txwater
txdrought - txwater -
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We had a wet winter, but many of our lakes are still dry thanks to the ongoing drought.
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chekochapa : #drought #drylake #txdrought #resaca #resacadelapalma #txstateparks #brownsville #texas #rgv #igtexas #texastoday #lonestarstate
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Jacksboro lake is low, that's the first time I think I've seen that road above water. #txdrought
txdrought -
cbitner82 : I remember when I was little that used to be the highway before they built that lake.
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Sooo I'm starting a weekly #waterwednesday post bc I love #txwater and you should too! For my inaugural post: This area is currently in its 7th #drought year. In 2011, the Texas Colorado River inflows were the LOWEST in HISTORY. Only 10 percent of the annual average. #nofilter #greenbelt #lcra #txdrought #conserve #waterislife
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I guess we should change the name to wise county puddle #txdrought #wisecountypark
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nbilby : Wow
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πŸ“#abp_river Standing in the middle of the Colorado River in the evening. Low water levels! Barely getting my shoes wet. #sunset #river #coloradoriver #lcra #texas #ig_sunsetshots #hillcountry #txdrought #drought
hillcountry - ig_sunsetshots - lcra - coloradoriver - txdrought - sunset - drought - river - abp_river - texas -
59nationalparks : So it's the Colorado River in #Texas right? I recall that it is pretty long.
aaronbates : @59nationalparks Yes, the Colorado River in TX starts in northwest Texas and empties into the Gulf near Houston. It's over half the length as the Colorado River through the southwest.
cgdoody : Where did you take this shot? I live in Killeen
aaronbates : @cgdoody this is a section of the Colorado River in Burnet County, outside Austin
ab_peture - c_aitly_n - nolansisk - critterseeker -
πŸ“#abp_river Another view of the sunset from a few steps away from the last photo. I captured an eddy swirling with water in the foreground. #sunset #river #coloradoriver #lcra #texas #ig_sunsetshots #hillcountry #txdrought #drought
hillcountry - ig_sunsetshots - lcra - coloradoriver - txdrought - sunset - drought - river - abp_river - texas -
elizagna : Amazing!
djsunshine23 : 😍
kotuha : beautiful 
aaronbates : @kotuha @djsunshine23 Thank you!
redrockingal : Wow beautiful!
blake_w_harrison : Love your work!
aaronbates : @blake_w_harrison thanks! Love your work as well.
alambright : Beautiful capture!!
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πŸ“#abp_river This small series was from a while back, last year. I just wanted to revisit them again :) Here, the sun sets on the Colorado River as it flows through Burnet County, Texas. Due to the drought, the water levels are low, but it's still a nice part of the River to visit.
hillcountry - ig_sunsetshots - lcra - coloradoriver - txdrought - sunset - drought - river - abp_river - texas -
aaronbates : #sunset #river #coloradoriver #lcra #texas #ig_sunsetshots #hillcountry #txdrought #drought
abrasmith77 : Beautiful!βœ¨πŸ‘βœ¨
59nationalparks : Nice work Aaron.
bellatrix81 : Spectacular
aaronbates : @abrasmith77 @59nationalparks @bellatrix81 Thanks all!
gregoirelemire : 😍😍😍
anclgo : Superb
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The October floods wreaked some serious havoc at McKinney Falls State Park. Lots to clean up, but it's still beautiful there. #texas #betteroutside #txdrought
txdrought - betteroutside - texas -
nicholebeen : Every time in pass the fallen and sideways trees by our home it reminds me to have a deep reverence for the power of nature and water.
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Raindrops on rose leaves. Even this drizzle will help refill our reservoirs. #365grateful #txdrought #austin #inmygarden
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mvalys : Beautiful
l_u_c_y_s : iPhone or *real* camera?
lottapalooza : @l_u_c_y_s Except for a #tbt every now and then, this feed is all-iPhone, all the time. I love this camera!
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etxtraveler : Resilient and beautiful...
caryn_c : ✌️☺️😊 @ameliaasprey
caryn_c : Thanks @nabiltan ✌️
caryn_c : Thank you @mahi1961
caryn_c : βœŒοΈπŸ™ @alenpalander
caryn_c : Well said - thank you @etxtraveler
caryn_c : Yes πŸ˜” @chekochapa #txdrought
earthlywolf : Wow thank you for the likes! 😘
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We need to make sure this doesn't happen! Protect our rivers and a #TX treasure #flyfishing #kayakfishing #txdrought #devilsriver please share and let others know who cherish this river
txdrought - flyfishing - kayakfishing - tx - devilsriver -
flygaberiverturtle : Said it on FB I'll say it here this could be Texas' pebble mine
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There are some beautiful cypresses with fall color at #McKinneyFalls, but I was shocked and saddened to see all the destruction brought by our recent floods. Hundred of trees downed or uprooted. And still, we are in a severe drought. #fall4tx #localcolor #txdrought #texas
igtexas - localcolor - fall4tx - txdrought - mckinneyfalls - texas -
priyanoel : We went there a week after the floods and they closed the entire park down due to the destruction. Joe and I haven't made it back since- cant believe it!
lottapalooza : #igtexas
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The Texas Water Development Board released this infographic showing how five water planning regions around TX would manage in terms of lost income, taxes, and jobs by 2030 if a severe drought continues. Visit for more information. #txdrought #txwater #InTheFlow #texas #drought #waterconservation
texas - txdrought - drought - intheflow - txwater - waterconservation -
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Amped to have work in the new @hamburger_eyes hot off the press. Regram by @photojoebrook #bastropfires #TXdrought #hamburgereyes #zines #photobookjousting
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kstravs : I've got some Potes stories for you.
sandy_carson : We know too many of the same folks @kstravs
inparenth : Hey! If you like art / writing I think you might enjoy a free alt lit magazine- check us out and enter to win a free zine using the link in our description
kstravs : @sandy_carson we should throw a party.
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Poor lake, most of that used to be covered in water. #txdrought
txdrought -
cbitner82 : Thats crazy!
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#McKinney Falls in full force #aftertherain. #txdrought #fall4tx #betteroutside @texasparkswildlife #latergram
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lottapalooza : #igtexas
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Barton it should be. Full. #TXDrought #bikeatx #cycling #cx #grimpeur #specialtycoffee #rideyourbike #drinkgreatcoffee #atx #squaready
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Today the sun is out, and last nights rain is headed for low ground. #rightnow #waterfall
igtexas - txdrought - waterfall - rightnow -
kristirenee1 : @godofangels Thank you :)
nwjenkins : Wow!! So beautiful!!
etxtraveler : Where are you?
kristirenee1 : Kingsland @etxtraveler
kristirenee1 : Thank you :) @nwjenkins
etxtraveler : Wow! Beautiful!
kristirenee1 : Good morning Β€ Thank you :) @etxtraveler
etxtraveler : Good morning to you! :)
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"Well, it's floodin' down in Texas. All the telephone lines are down." - Stevie Ray Vaughan. Somehow, someway, da #ATX HQ's nabe got 12.5 inches of rain durning 4-6 hours Sat nite/Sun morn. Lady Bird Lake flooded & #SRV's boots & guitar got wet & muddy. More rain is expected tonight thru Weds. Annnnd the #TX water crisis is so bad were still in a severe drought. Pics taken today courtesy of Mrs. Grimpeur, one of the City's Art in Public Places Administrators. #TXDrought #ATX #TexasFlood #StevieRayVaughan #DoubleTrouble #art #publicart via @frametastic
art - tx - doubletrouble - stevierayvaughan - srv - texasflood - txdrought - publicart - atx -
jdgesus : damn
kinglefairy : #letitrain
seancpdx : Whoa!!
grimpeurbros : BTW - #SRV's statue is approximately 8-10 ft above Lady Bird Lake's normal lake level.
hbstache : Keep you guys in our thoughts we know what that's like !
grimpeurbros : @hbstache THX. We're ok so far. There were some big time car rescues Sun morning.
lesliethridge : Being from Houston makes me think this is nothing. It hasn't been bad at all!
snwbdrhoon : Oh man. Stay safe
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Thirst #txdrought #waterconservation #treeonwater
txdrought - treeonwater - waterconservation -
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Blessed rain. #txdrought
txdrought -
Bring. It. On. #rain#txdrought#texas#lakelife @texasdrought
txdrought - lakelife - texas - rain -
deanfitz : Was the water up to where the boat is?
cageycamper : Yes, the water should be up to about where the propeller is. :-/
cageycamper : @deanfitz ^^
deanfitz : Wow! That's a lot of missing water
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