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#TriviaThursday: Creme Brulee in French translates to "creamed butter" in English. True or False?
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au79teahouse : #au79 #au79teahouse #cremebrulee #dessert #food #delicious #trivia
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@brittycorm #greenbeer #trivia
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#tbt to my bitchin #trivia #walrus #quizzedinmypants #champions #toogreat
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Amazing cosplay *drools* #zelda #link #hyrule #twilight #princess #tp #twilightprincess #trivia #loz #legendofzelda #thelegendofzelda
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#trivia #foxtrivia #tryagaindave #freeparty #partystarter
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dananh8539 : @foxedison a library.
dananh8539 : @foxedison books.
miss_driguez : Works in a coal mine and found mad gold ?
miss_driguez : Taking gold **
foxedison : @dananh8539 winner!! Email Alicia at
foxedison : Make sure you e mail or call Alicia at 732 452 9100 or email at to claim your prize!
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What movie does this remind you of? #tbt #trivia
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colinignacio : #neverendingstory
cmann785cc : Damn that's a good lookin little boy. Thank goodness he looks like his mom! 😜😂😂😂😂
ryanmerrill : Amen @cmann785cc #ilovemywife
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I live for Wednesdays. #trivia #beer #nachos #messy #friends #welost
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Screenwriter Beverley Cross said he had the idea for Clash of the Titans in 1969 while he was living in Greece, on an island called Skiathos which is very close to Seriphos, the island where legend has it that Perseus, the son of Zeus, was washed ashore in a trunk. Cross was a student of mythology. He developed a storyline centering on Perseus and Andromeda which linked together a number of myths. He took the idea to producers Charles H. Schneer and Ray Harryhausen. The story was modified to add more creatures. Many of the cast were stage and screen actors notable for performing in William Shakespeare plays. Actress Maggie Smith (who plays Thetis) was married to Beverley Cross in real life. It was Maggie's friendship with Laurence Olivier that made her able to convince Laurence to join the cast. Olivier was so sick during the making of the film, he would often go and lean on his tall, burly co-star Pat Roach, saying "Let me draw some of your strength, dear boy"◆ Initially, Calibos had no dialogue and was a purely stop motion character. After a rewrite to the script, dialogue was added and the role was given to Neil McCarthy. McCarthy only played Calibos in head shots and half-body shots. All full body shots of Calibos were played by a stop-motion model. ◆Despite the film being notable for its stop-motion special effects, the picture was not Oscar nominated for either Make-up or Visual Effects◆Bubo, the mechanical owl of Athena makes a cameo appearance in the 2010 remake. Despite the mechanical owl Bubo's similarities to the droid R2-D2 from the 1977 film Star Wars, Harryhausen claimed that Bubo was created before Star Wars was released. Actress Vida Taylor (who plays Perseus' mother Danae in the beginning) only has 3 credits as an actress. The other 2 are {God Told Me To in} and {Space:1999 in 1975}
clashofthetitans - movietrivia - zeus - andromeda - harryhamlin - thekraken - desmonddavis - harryhausen - greekmythology - maggiesmith - filmtrivia - medusa - perseus - rayharryhausen - clairebloom - aphrodite - poseidon - releasethekraken - mountolympus - thetis - burgessmeredith - laurenceolivier - judibowker - ursulaandress - trivia - calibos - hera - athena -
movietrivia99 : The film features the final work of stop motion visual effects artist, Ray Harryhausenm. He retired from filmmaking shortly after the movie was released. Best known for movies like (Jason and the Argonauts) and (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad) Ray died on May 7, 2013 at the age of 92◆ The original script called for Perseus to cut off Medusa's head simply by throwing his shield at her, in an attempt to appease UK Standards and Practices censors (as the producers felt that the hero decapitating someone wouldn't be appropriate for children in the audience). Harry Hamlin was resistant to the idea from the beginning, as it wasn't in keeping with the actual Greek Mythology. When the day came to film the scene and it still hadn't been changed, he threatened to quit the film and fly home, and remained in his trailer, much to the producer, director, and Ray Harryhausen's annoyance. Harry got some of the other crew members on his side, which resulted in the scene being rewritten accordingly to Greek Mythology◆ Prior to choosing to do the film, Harry Hamlin was considering doing a film adaptation of Tristan & Isolde with actor Richard Burton. But he gravitated towards what became Clash Of The Titans despite not knowing anything about it so he could work with Laurence Olivier, the one actor he considered greater than Richard Burton. Tristan & Isolde ultimately wouldn't be brought to the screen until 2006 with James Franco Playing Tristan◆ Harry Hamlin and Ursula Andress (Aphrodite) were romantically involved at the time of production. Their son, Dimitri, was born in 1980 after filming was completed, and their relationship ended in 1982, one year after the film came out. Despite being listed on posters and having main title billing, Ursula Andress has only one line to say.
movietrivia99 : Rex Harrison was asked to play Posedion but rejected the role because he thought it didnt have Poseidon in it enough. Jack Gwillim, who appeared as Poseidon, had earlier played the role of King Aeëtes in the original Jason and the Argonauts in 1963◆ In mythology, after Medusa's head was severed from her neck, two offspring sprang forth: the winged horse Pegasus and his brother Chrysaor◆Although Cerberus, the 3 headed dog, existed in mythology, there never was a two-headed named Dioskilos like there is in the movie. Ray Harryhausen said it would have taken too much time to animate the extra head◆The character Calibos, Lord of the Marsh and son of Thetis, does not appear in Greek mythology, and is based on Caliban, an antagonist created by William Shakespeare in 1611 for his play "The Tempest". In Greek mythology the son of Thetis was Achilles (portrayed by Brad Pitt in the 2004 film Troy)◆ The Titans were the gods who preceded the Olympians in power. Kronos (also spelled Cronus) and Atlas were the most famous Titans. Ironically, none of the Titans from Greek mythology appear in this film. In the movie the Titans are the Norse Kraken (who never appeared in Greek mythology at all) and Medusa (who was never considered a Titan by the Greeks). The Kraken that destroys the city of Argos in the beginning was derived from Norwegian mythology. In Greek mythology , the sea monster that threatened Andromeda's people was called Cetus (whale). The Norwegian/Swedish name Kraken is now used as a synonym for the giant squid◆A sequel to this movie titled (Force of the Trojans) detailing Aeneas' mythological journey after the fall of Troy was pitched to MGM in 1984 but further development never moved foward.
movietrivia99 : #ClashOfTheTitans  Directed by #DesmondDavis Starring #HarryHamlin #LaurenceOlivier #JudiBowker #MaggieSmith #BurgessMeredith #RayHarryhausen #UrsulaAndress #ClaireBloom #Harryhausen #GreekMythology #Perseus #Medusa #ReleaseTheKraken #Andromeda #Calibos #Zeus #Hera #Thetis #Aphrodite #Poseidon #Athena #MountOlympus #TheKraken #Trivia #FilmTrivia #MovieTrivia
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#foxtrivia #trivia #freeparty #partystarter
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foxedison : The men wear gloves and leave no fingerprints #hint
foxedison : The homeowners are prepared for the men's visit #hint
deave86 : Jahovice witnesses
d_structionsturch : YOURE WRONG!! @foxedison
foxedison : You win @whathehecc email Alicia at to claim your #partystarter
foxedison : @d_structionsturch #loser #sorrynotsorry #itsmygame
whathehecc : Lol nice !
foxedison : Make sure you e mail or call Alicia at 732 452 9100 or email at to claim your prize!
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Suggested by @regulatshow20 #disney #facts #fact #lionking #hercules #scar #secret #funfact #hidden #trivia #rug #easteregg
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#tbt to our best ever SECOND Place finish. Best part? Our team name: First Place #rookies #trivia
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katiekull1 : The most thrilling almost-victory of my life.
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Where did food editor @amandafaison enjoy patio time while digging into this Portuguese-inspired soup? #5280eats #5280trivia #trivia #denver
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That moment when your attend the last lit class of the semester and this happens. #mixtape #cupcakes #trivia #heckyes
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#Batman On #Film #Trivia at Slattery's #Midtown #Pub on #Monday, #May 12 at 8pm. RSVP at #Movies #NYC #Events
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What will be the #next #song I'll be working with? #trivia #namethatsong #guitar #mashup #acoustic
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The more you know! #randomfacts #trivia #newjersey #entertainment #snapplefacts #snapple #random #movietheatre #funny #thursday
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Did you know? An unused model of the Wind Waker can be found within the codes of Twilight Princess. Since Twilight Princess was originally a straight up sequel to Wind Waker very early on in it's development, this could be a remnant of that time! #zelda #didyouknow #gaming #zeldafacts #legendofzelda #windwaker #twilightprincess #trivia #eastereggs #facts
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mayor_finleyr : It looks like links knees are embedded into the ground ._.
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Awwww adorable!!! ^.^ shoutout out to @between_worlds_ravio for winning two trivas in a row!! #zelda #link #makar #trivia #legendofzelda #thelegendofzelda #green #nintendo #shoutout
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between_worlds_ravio : AW YEAH.
linkruleshyrule : Going for 3? @between_worlds_ravio :p
between_worlds_ravio : Perhaps. Maybe I'll let someone else get it.
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Every time I go to #Dysart's I have to do the #coffeenews #trivia 😄
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My rad roomies! Thanks for coming out last night @cmwright22 and @jbkinney! 👯❤️ #mutts #trivia #4thplace #roomies #photobomber
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rogerwk : ....#3rdplace
shellbellspins : Oh haha!!! Did we @rogerwk? I felt like a C student compared to you guys! #smartypants
rogerwk : Oh yes, we got 3rd. If we would have doubled down, we would have won. First place next week. 🏆#sorrymypaperairplanesucked
macmiller86 : Love this of you three 😘
greenpears : @shellbellspins @rogerwk impressive showing last night. Hope you guys come back again to play and, yes, doubling down is key. Key!
shellbellspins : So good to see you @greenpears! I bet you got all of the music questions right! 🎶🏆❤️
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stayflycg : Brother you still at FAU?
carpioworld : Yeah I'm done in the fall @stayflycg
xtina0509 : I can't even believe you have starbucks in your hand 🎊🎉🎊🎉
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Mixer and Trivia @thechurchillla tonight! By @kcrw "We decided to do you a solid and save you from the "what should we do tonight?" conversation." #yourewelcome #themixer #Repost #trivia #mixer #events #losangeles #whattodo #funla #jointheparty #myeventla
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#tbt College Bowl, 1963. #FairfieldUniversity students win 3 consecutive challenges in this "Game of Wits." 📺 #fairfieldu #dnlarchives #trivia
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What was the greatest save @ #wembley#renehiguita#columbia#scorpionkick#william#lee#turley#rushden#diamonds#football#trivia#england#worldcup @billyelvis01 @asg2804 @jaggerquinn @covledgeuk Dug this out Billy lol...... #brilliant
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billyelvis01 : Brilliant from you....I got better hair anyways...😂😂🙈🙈 @ukleemiami
ukleemiami : @covledgeuk He did not know yer played @ #wembley both great saves.... Rene Higuita a friendly :)
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#Disney #Frozen #Trivia at Slattery's #Midtown #Pub this #Monday, #April 28 at 8pm. Must be 21 and over to attend. RSVP today at #DisneyMovies #Movies #Movie #Animation #Comedy #Drama #Winter #Olaf #Elsa #Anna #Snow #IceQueen #ThingsToDo #Quiz #Blockbuster #LetItGo #TriviaAD #Film #Cinema #Cartoons #Cartoon #NYC #Entertainment
monday - cinema - elsa - letitgo - pub - movies - disneymovies - blockbuster - cartoon - film - comedy - olaf - winter - entertainment - frozen - movie - april - snow - triviaad - quiz - drama - midtown - animation - thingstodo - cartoons - icequeen - nyc - trivia - disney - anna -
disney_frozenlovers : Follow us if you ♡♥♡♥ F.R.O.Z.E.N
stilt_media : Good stuff! Check out our creative agency @stilt_media I'm sure you'll enjoy the content
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Dance moms trivia guess who the two girls are only people following me points are so far @kalanikalanixo - 5 @dmposts67 -5 {#dance #dancer #dancegirls #dancemoms #two #girls #trivia #goodluck }
dancemoms - dance - girls - two - goodluck - dancer - trivia - dancegirls -
kalanikalanixo : brooke and Paige
aldcswaggy_ : please follow me
maddieziegler478 : @kalanikalanixo got it right
maddieziegler478 : 10 point @kalanikalanixo
kalanikalanixo : yay🙈
clubdanceminis : 🌸following back today🌸
_7littledancers_ : Like my last pic?✌️💕🌸
kalanikalanixo - dancemomsmovie - dancemoms7girlz - aldcswaggy_ -
Dance mom trivia guess the dancer on people who are filling me points so far are @kalanikalanixo - 5 {#kalani #dance #dancemoms #dancegirls #trivia #comment #points #game}
dancemoms - comment - dance - kalani - game - points - trivia - dancegirls -
thebrunettetrio : Christi
our7girls : Chloe or Paige
aldcflower : like back?♡ ily daisy❁
maddieziegler478 : No @their unettetrio
kalanikalanixo : Christi
maddieziegler478 : @thebrunettetrio
dmposts67 : Chloe
maddieziegler478 : Yes @dmposts67
niaposts - our7girls - kalanikalanixo - aldcflower -
“Sainte” is a typical toast in which country? #wine #flatbread #trivia #ceilisnation Know your wine and un-wine-d with a night out on us for our Thursday May 1st Half Price Wine and Flatbread Launch Party! Answer the trivia by commenting below, winner to be announced by 4pm!
flatbread - trivia - ceilisnation - wine -
therealmoze : Ireland
aruksys : Toast to the Irish!!!
caitliny08 : Ireland and scotland!
mikejoseph68 - kimannebarker - emilyboruck - tannermitchell -
#tbt to me just casually dominating Massachusetts in Red Sox trivia #redsox #trivia #masshole #massachusetts #champion
champion - masshole - redsox - trivia - tbt - massachusetts -
j_alconada : That doesn't look like clan wars...
c_alis2 : @j_alconada ugh tbt duhhh
j_alconada : Totally didn't see that my bad I suck
j_alconada - bensaboss44 - gomzy7 - osmar_ -
Dance moms trivia guess who the dancer is I will keep track of scores only people following can play 5 points xx {#trivia #dancer #dancemoms #dancegirls #follow #play #scores #5points
dancemoms - play - 5points - dancer - scores - follow - trivia - dancegirls -
maddieziegler478 : Kk
kalanikalanixo : mackenzie
maddieziegler478 : You first
maddieziegler478 : No it's not Mackenzie @kalanikalanixo
kalanikalanixo : ok then um maddie??
maddieziegler478 : Correct 5 points to @kalanikalanixo
piourette_perfection : Maddie
clubdanceminis - juciy_girl26 - niaposts - aldcinfotime -
Question 12: what does Ravio's hat symbolize? #zelda #link #hyrule #lorule #navi #loz #legendofzelda #thelegendofzelda #trivia #question #legendofzeldatrivia
legendofzeldatrivia - trivia - navi - thelegendofzelda - question - zelda - link - legendofzelda - loz - hyrule - lorule -
ansontamlink : A greedy rabbit!
ansontamlink : @linkruleshyrule
linkruleshyrule : @ansontamlink incorrect:(
between_worlds_ravio : Link is transformed into a rabbit when he goes into the Dark World without the moon pearl in ALttP.
ansontamlink : oh
linkruleshyrule : @ansontamlink yeah rabbit wouldn't be an answer if bunny was in the question.
linkruleshyrule : @between_worlds_ravio correct again! ^.^
between_worlds_ravio : Woohoo!
linkruleshyrule - between_worlds_ravio - mikeybannay - montantan_297 -
No #monkey business! Evolutionary #biologist Danielle Whittaker from @NOVASecretLife asks about the relatives of humans. Tune in Saturday at 6pm on @wgbhboston for the answer! #science #trivia #biology #highschoolquizshow
biology - monkey - biologist - science - highschoolquizshow - trivia -
Cabanas Quizzo tonight at 8pm hosted by Mikey D. •50¢ Wings •$5 Flatbreads •Beer and Wine Specials #quizzo #trivia
quizzo - trivia -
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