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Sunlight on the sacred tree
okctreecult - sunset - treecult - oklahoma - tree - okc - treecultokc -
erikg33 : #okctreecult #treecult #tree #sunset #okc #oklahoma
erikg33 : #treecultokc
mattyakel : Where is this at?
padenokc - bitty2311 - golfnma - monclaire79 -
It was a lone tree burning on the desert. A heraldic tree that the passing storm had left afire.
socalityokc - socality - vscocam - oklahomacity - igersokc - oklahoma - vscophile - liveauthentic - myoklahoma - igersok - okc - keepexploring - vsco - livefolk - treecultokc -
winnlosedraw : #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #myoklahoma #okc #oklahoma #oklahomacity #igersok #igersokc #liveauthentic #livefolk #socality #socalityokc #keepexploring #treecultokc
seemoris : 😍😍😍
numerovarjo : Beautiful !
twharms : That's a good one!
jonbeegs : Awesome shot!
angeledebuire - huydiniro - joannalemasters - raaawrisnteasy -
#ic_24hr_lonelytree #insta_crew #lonelytree #treecultokc #igersokc #mzphotographyokc this is for a competition, sorry for the repost
mzphotographyokc - igersokc - ic_24hr_lonelytree - lonelytree - insta_crew - treecultokc -
winnlosedraw : Alright I gotta know where this tree is at already...
mzphotography405 : @winnlosedraw up on 150th and Council north of the quail area. Unlikeliest place on earth, but it comes out looking perfect in photos!
winnlosedraw : @mzphotography405 Thank you for the location... I realize it's a bit of a secret. Found so much good stuff driving those backroads out there. I went WAY northwest of town til there weren't any roads left. Beautiful area up there. Just posted one of the shots I got. :)
mzphotography405 : @winnlosedraw no problem man, it took me way too long to finally find it so happy to share. Glad you got some nice shots!
kimberleyjean - tamie4875 - verissimo_mota - amberrrjones -
Tomorrow has always been better than today, and it always will be. #treecultokc
mextures - igersok - vscocam - myoklahoma - vscoklahoma - oklahoma - vsco - treecultokc -
darrenisreal : #mextures
emilysuenetz : Cute little tree!!
t_nyvessels : Yes, yes it will.
darrenisreal : @emilysuenetz always worth the journey
darrenisreal : @t_nyvessels indeed
_momjeans_ : Oh this photo! So great, as always.
darrenisreal : Well thank you, ready for the weekend? @_momjeans_
_momjeans_ : Yes! Always ready for the weekend. Any big plans for Easter?
winnlosedraw - wilfamy - phil_woodall - poppyinthesun -
Forever only takes its toll on some
lyricstopictures - tree - myoklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #tree #treecultokc #myoklahoma #lyricstopictures
shondajudy : 💙
elmssy - agandnature - sarahead95 - alexh86 -
Get with the program.
lightleak - mextures - solo_tree - spring - igersokc - specialbranch - myoklahoma - tinyhorizon - igersok - cattle - treecult - treecultokc -
wilfamy : Nice!
bnbehrens : #igersokc #igersok #myoklahoma #treecultokc #treecult #tinyhorizon #cattle #solo_tree #specialbranch #lightleak #spring
bnbehrens : @wilfamy danke!
macxy_green : Wow!
bnbehrens : #mextures
carolanne22 : Holy cow! Looks scary
cophoneyeah : folo please
wahyupratomo - ellapropeller - surat99_2011 - richoxford -
Slow shutter moon for my mom. She deserves this picture today. She's strong and gets dealt hard cards, but she always perseveres. She's where I get my will and drive from.
tree - treecultokc - myoklahoma - moon -
estet : Love to you mom and kudos for raising super children!
_leanna_k : Gorgeous shot and tribute to mom!!❤️
durhamstyle : Beautiful!
carolanne22 : Wonderful words and pic she's a light in your life
lillie_beth : Thoughtful words and pic. You posted pic No. 1700 in this treecultokc series!
anotherwomack : Ha! That's fabulous.
darrenisreal : I agree with @erinoldfieldart 👍
lillie_beth : Also, I DM'd you through Twitter. Would love your contact info to talk about a meetup idea.
liamcoppin - mkh84 - 3awasha93 - sallykait -
One more #treecultokc pic after a long, windy, sunburned day in Piedmont at a track meet.
treecultokc -
peacelovin : Great shot!!
malenalott : Good one!
lillie_beth : @peacelovin @malenalott Thanks!
hfwallace - newleach - bennett_lostkid - ditboy -
Hello, Tree. I have nothing new to add to the #treecultokc series today -- it is still a lonely and lovely tree, a field and here, a herd of cows in the distance -- but Google Maps brought me right by it en route to a track meet in Piedmont, so I had to stop and say "hi."
igersokc - tree - myoklahoma - ourtree - okc - iphone - lovely - treecultokc -
lillie_beth : #okc #igersokc #treecultokc #tree #ourtree #iphone #lovely
lillie_beth : #myoklahoma
momfrantz : Pretty!
lillie_beth : @momfrantz thanks!
sarabaird - mchuddyhud - themeaningofpie - pbreninger -
The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. -Pablo Picasso // #treecultokc
socality - igersokc - oklahoma - livefolk - liveauthentic - iamsocality - vscocam - treecultokc -
allysoninwonderland : Lovely
i_like_boring_things : Nice. Won't be long until we see some leaves.
pattyrankin : This made me smile and breath!
abbycoyle : #vscocam #igersokc
almostdark : Love this shot!
abbycoyle : @almostdark thank you!
katieoselvidge : Amen!
abbycoyle : #socality #iamsocality #liveauthentic #livefolk #oklahoma
austinconsigny - dmcriswell - seashellmichelle - battinglashes -
Last week was crazy busy and I missed a lot of everyone, have some catching up to do. Thought I'd start the week off right with a little bit of stillness. #treecultokc #vsco #vscocam
okc - vscocam - myoklahoma - oklahoma - vsco - treecultokc -
michael_gilliam : Stunning shot as always
darrenisreal : @rig_diver was a beautiful start to the week
darrenisreal : @joncourville never 👊👊
darrenisreal : @_momjeans_ it was a beautiful morning for sure
darrenisreal : @michael_gilliam thanks Michael!
i_like_boring_things : Nice. I wanted to go this morning but I couldn't wake up in time. Haha. Must be the end of the school year.
darrenisreal : @i_like_boring_things probably missed the goodness by a half an hour but the less traffic made it nice to enjoy. You almost get a sense of the impending march of development on the horizon. And yeah I slept in a little too, I'll blame mine on big trash day.
orbabgirl : Beautiful stillness! Love the simplicity 💛
jennch5 - _princess_deanna_ - ricman85 -
It's been a long time, my friend. I was in your neck of the woods, so I had to drop by. #treecultokc
1000gifts - oklahoma - myoklahoma - treecultokc -
fslmama : #myoklahoma #oklahoma #1000gifts
karendavisphotography : Beautiful
karendavisphotography : Is this that lone tree on council?
joolians - theamandanator007 - cocobear227 - kilo111 -
Had to stop to snag this shot. #igersokc #socalityokc #socality #treecult #treecultokc #color
socalityokc - socality - color - igersokc - treecult - treecultokc -
biancahernandez89 : Nice. #alone
fannylafjac - kseahess - samblarson - missmel918 -
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson #cloudonthehorizon #treecultokc #igersokc #roadtrippin #ic_skies #igworldclub #lookingup #myoklahoma #surreal42 #hot_shotz #momentsinthesun
igersokc - ic_skies - igworldclub - lookingup - cloudonthehorizon - myoklahoma - roadtrippin - surreal42 - hot_shotz - momentsinthesun - treecultokc -
news_ok : Nice photo @distantsoso! Can we run it in the paper/online?
distantsoso : @news_ok yes yes please do
i_like_boring_things - surreal42 - reddchocolate - wilfamy -
Reminded of great friendships old and new last night. The language of friendship is not words but meanings. – Henry David Thoreau
oklahoma - tree - myoklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #treecultokc #tree #oklahoma #myoklahoma
photofitch : Just incredible. The colors, the tree, the distant perspective -- beautiful!
mmarinni : Wow
lillie_beth - whatfoxknows - isaac__thirteen - chibichibin -
In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. -Albert Camus #socality #socalityokc #igersokc #treecult #treecultokc #bw #vsco
socalityokc - socality - bw - igersokc - vsco - treecult - treecultokc -
twharms : Sweet!
i_like_boring_things - 007larry - maxthebarber405 - twharms -
You never know when you might need a friend. #tree #treecult #treecultokc #igersokc #socalityokc #socalityokc #color #vsco #vscocam
socalityokc - vscocam - color - igersokc - tree - vsco - treecult - treecultokc -
jus_izzy - shealeighs - brandonhavens - yaaboii76 -
Recognized this site while driving home. It's nice to meet you, tree. #treecult #treecultokc #igersokc #springbreak #color
color - igersokc - springbreak - treecult - treecultokc -
natewiewel - distantsoso - darrenisreal - cxl_okc -
Delighted to see an old friend today. #trees #treecult #treecultokc #igersokc #socality #socalityokc #color #vsco #vscocam
socalityokc - socality - vscocam - color - igersokc - trees - vsco - treecult - treecultokc -
dyyllllaaan : Where is this?
mia_c123 : Home sweet homeeee. 🏡❤️
pillow_tt - tabithabonanno - jennakmccoy - zacharyduggan -
riley's tree..
405 - rileystree - treecultokc - oklahoma - tree - myoklahoma -
cbuchanan15 : @jasonhudson73 @lovetheshutterbabe praying for you guys like crazy! you both are incredibly strong - lean on God and each other and know he is with you in this horrible time.. love you guys!
cbuchanan15 : #treecultokc #tree #rileystree #oklahoma #myoklahoma #405
staceys75 - katdamn - chadjaggers - twharms -
Last dinner with @eiwob41 and @embowie before they welcome baby girl into this world. Can't wait for the future ahead and to meet little one.
newhorizons - oklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #oklahoma #treecultokc #newhorizons
kylyons : Her feet will never touch the ground when I'm around, @embowie and @eiwob41!
bnbehrens : Good luck @eiwob41 @embowie! It's a wild ride, but the best one they make.
eiwob41 : Love you guys.
fennika : Awesome
filmmakertaylor - amelibre_ - izzykizzy98 - creatively_frustrated -
Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. Saint Augustine
oklahoma - tree - socality - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #tree #treecultokc #oklahoma
oksunshine : Ready for that adventure!
goldilocks9 : Love this 💛
shondajudy : 💚
michelle_crd : So quietly brilliant
mmmmikaaaa : (*^?^*)
oreo_skater : That is probably the best quote ever
i_like_boring_things : #socality
llangset - zepnn - __tjh__ - simplyayj -
Found this on my hipstamatic camera roll today. Reminds me how much I can't wait for warmer weather and longer days to get back to us.
oklahoma - tree - socality - treecultokc -
curious2119 : Agree!
i_like_boring_things : @curious2119 also need to make it to an adventure with you and the family.
i_like_boring_things : @littlecoal thanks man. The tree has lost it's luster around these parts, but I sure do still like it.
curious2119 : Agree with that as well! 👍
abbycoyle : I'm tired of the tree looking so brown! Ready for Spring🌿
thedreaminglibra : Adore! The series 💚
lalalalaura : Oh green! Miss it
i_like_boring_things : #socality
shelliealdie - cxl_okc - creatively_frustrated - nitesse -
igersok - tree - myoklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #tree #treecultokc #igersok #myoklahoma
ctan1985 : Perfect song for this Somewhere by Dakta. Absolutely beautiful shot 👍
cindy1962 : Never forget it!!
davidmerritt99 : #solotree😍
estet : Always
blur85 - jofabi - young_ou - trryan -
#treecultokc this was taken in Newalla Oklahoma 2012
treecultokc -
winnlosedraw -
Monday funday.
igersokc - treecultokc -
mia_c123 : #treecultokc #igersokc
nbkspankynbk : Where is that
caroline_eliza_ : Artsyyy
zacharyduggan : #fencecult
newyorklahoman - i_like_boring_things - bridgetelise_ - shanabanana96 -
Hope is springing up from this old ground. Out of chaos, life is being found in You. - Gungor
blue - travelok - igersok - solotree - tree - myoklahoma - solo_tree - tinyplanet - igersokc - igersoklahoma - treecult - treecultokc - sky -
whatfoxknows : #treecult #treecultokc #solotree #solo_tree #tree #blue #sky #tinyplanet #igersokc #igersoklahoma #igersok #travelok #myoklahoma
butterfly109 : Love it! And the quote !
whatfoxknows : @butterfly109 Thank you so much!
mustangvii : Cool shot!
susanne_mc : Love this!!
jqyike - adelinedemonseignat - yundified - 360pan -
Give me that old time religion, it's good enough for me.
myoklahoma - oklahoma - parkermillsap - snow - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #parkermillsap #oklahoma #treecultokc #snow #myoklahoma
samsmadeleines : Amen!
estet : ❤
twharms : No one does this like you do. Often imitated, none compare. Excellent, sir! 😍👏
jofabi - ida_cs - olegkerzikov - trryan -
“And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
loveleeokc_lifethroughmylens - treecultokc -
loveleeokc : #treecultokc #loveleeokc_lifethroughmylens
darrenisreal : Lovely flip. Had to triple take.
loveleeokc : @darrenisreal I was wondering who would be the first to catch it 😉
azlatic - lunaticca - iamstephmull - brian_ferguson -
The day the ice took over
vsco - rabbithole - jj_forum_0795 - tree - myoklahoma - icegiants_okc - vscocam - treecultokc - ice -
eiwob41 : #tree #ice #treecultokc #icegiants_okc #myoklahoma #rabbithole #vsco #vscocam
eiwob41 : #jj_forum_0795
robbie_lefeldt - bvanaaron - israel_ashton - silvinak6 -
Mondays are pretty cool.. Love enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet before the busy week ahead.
igersokc - treecultokc -
mia_c123 : #treecultokc #igersokc
moma_of_3 : Where is this?
altheokie : My most favoritest of trees
llebpmac_eolhc : Is that by my house?
donettadalman : What a cool pic!!!
i_like_boring_things - nobar_sset - stephanieline - bigbossbrady -
The world is full of pieces begging to be put together. The trick lies in timing.
50scomplument -
whatfoxknows : This is freaking amazing man
carolanne22 : Really great!
wutwolf : Amazing shot
fslmama : This is great.
igersok : Congrats @bnbehrens! Your photo has been selected as Photo of the Day from yesterday! Also, because you were selected as yesterday’s winner, you get to choose today’s POD. The detailed instructions are in a Note on our Facebook page. Be sure to read ALL of the instructions carefully and let us know if you’re able to choose. If you are unable, that’s okay too; we’ll pick one ourselves if we don’t hear back from you by noon tomorrow. Either way, congratulations again on the feature!
bnbehrens : @igersok righteous! I'll read up!
joncour : What!!!! Rad edit man!
lauraringphoto : ♥♥♥
missmel918 - theleastofthese7 - lauraringphoto - lancensu -
The OKC Tree. #treecultokc
treecultokc -
joncour : Alright!!!
texasmikeholmes : Minimalist beauty
chilehead_photography : Cool minimal shot
robbie_lefeldt : Thanks, Craig! @chilehead_photography
gdiaz9927 - jdxzxz - marcos_kawae25 - jmkotler -
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