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Restless sleeper half in the crib half on the bed! #toohotforseattle #wecanthang #thesunistryingtokillus
wecanthang - toohotforseattle - thesunistryingtokillus - butiwillcomplainaboutraintoo - icantwait -
253starlings : #relaxitwillberainyforthenextninemonths. 😜
frozendoll : It's been really hot & gross the past 3 days too in NYC, so done with summer!!
little_rookies : @253starlings #icantwait #butiwillcomplainaboutraintoo
mmdurler - beautifulseahippy - kitwisdom - frozendoll -
Austin #swimming with his friends!!! And stealing kisses from chlo-chlo!!! #toohotforseattle
toohotforseattle - swimming -
kparedes1219 : Haha! They're so adorable!!!
abbery : @kparedes1219 sorry I stole your pics! Lol
kparedes1219 : LOL! I forgive u sista!😝 @abbery
ly12a004 - maliapeka - donnavie_kp - princessjam -
Ugh #toohotforseattle
toohotforseattle -
b3autfuldisast3r : Oh puh-leeze!! You have no idea! This humid heat out here is disgusting!
senorlili : I work in a warehouse, any heat is disgusting!
imso_kayk - hotsizzle213 -
#summer2013 #toohotforseattle #littlefishy #babyinbabypool
littlefishy - summer2013 - toohotforseattle - babyinbabypool -
janesusu : Awwww I love his long hair!! What a cutie!!
abbery : @janesusu lol! Thanks! Jeffrey's too attached to it so we haven't gotten his 1st haircut yet! It's a full mullet in the back! πŸ˜†
drick86 - ctongco1 - mizcheryl - randellicious_ -
#summer2013 #heatwave #toohotforseattle #littlefishy #babyinbabypool #mamasboy #splishsplash #ABeautifulMess
babyinbabypool - summer2013 - littlefishy - splishsplash - mamasboy - heatwave - abeautifulmess - toohotforseattle -
shopp6 : Love this! He's so cute! ☺
nelleeyo : Ahhh!! Love it!
mrs_madane : Eeee! Come over and swim in our pool. There's a kiddie pool there too :)
abbery : @mrs_madane hehe ok!!!
mizcheryl : Austin is SOO adorable!! Still wanna take zay swimming!! She loved it on Cali hehe
ajolie : Omg so cute!! And great shot Abby!!
jcurryrn - erickacelestino - mizcheryl - randellicious_ -
Austin cooling off in his pool #toohotforseattle @jvqz
toohotforseattle -
ena_row : Awwww so cute! I bet Austin misses the big pool of lolo and lola @abbery
nelleeyo : His face is soo cute!
nthingkoffee : He's sooo cute!!! @abbery
hanjiun : Omg so cute!! 😍😍
luigimae : Cutie pie! Look at his baby boobs lol
abbery : @luigimae lol πŸ˜‚I know! And his teeny tiny nipples!
monstamae - chemenzies - butt_cheeks - kjcastellano -
Much better than walking #toohotforSeattle
toohotforseattle -
foraluckygirl - blesstherains -
It's really hottttttt! β˜€β˜€β˜€ #toohotforseattle #washingtonian #sun
sun - washingtonian - toohotforseattle -
isabelle_elise5683 : Your makeuppp(:
kwokerz98 : IKR 😏😏 lol. @isabelledailidenas
iamjchen - nasir_j - theaustinmyhre - ellenalatariel -
#day6 #photoadayaugust #sun #beautiful #blueskies #thesun #sunnydays #hot #seattle #washington #hotinthecity #pugetsound
beautiful - hotinthecity - perfectday - tantime - day6 - photoadayaugust - pugetsound - washington - waytoohotforme - lovinit - tanningday - hot - warm - blueskies - sun - seattle - toohotforseattle - sunnydays - thesun -
mn16_xoxo : #perfectday #lovinit #warm #waytoohotforme #toohotforseattle #tanningday #tantime
maaagsxo : Hey, wanna give me a shout out ? (;
mn16_xoxo : @brit_by_blood I will tomorrow..but idk of that'll do anything for you I have less followers than youu..give me a shutout too? 😁
maaagsxo : Sure tomorrow tho :$
maaagsxo : :) **
maaagsxo : Wanna give me a kik pic ? :)
burkelife - kcmcgrady - vip_kp - bfenno -
Iced green tea with my name on it. Perfect for a hot day... It has to be at least 75F! #toohotforseattle πŸ˜‰
toohotforseattle -
kabibeshellz : Hahah wow, 75. #try111
sleepinginseattle : LOL! ⬆⬆ That is sooooo true! I'm actually loving Seattle's heat... It's supposed to get hotter too!
egaeus : @sleepinginseattle I know! Right on schedule, summer starts on the 5th of July!
egaeus : @kabibeshellz No thanks! 😊
dailyaviator : @egaeus Names on cups is pretty unusual over here. Only Starbucks and some wannabe-US-style cafes do it. I myself prefer to be served on a table and stay private ;)
egaeus : @dailyaviator I'll have to admit it... I was in a Starbucks.... πŸ˜”
dailyaviator : @egaeus I bet you had no choice 😜
egaeus : @dailyaviator Pretty close to not, they really are everywhere! 😊
xmlnovelist - jdguillot - cameronashley - jteos -
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