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#realjesus #therapture #christallmighty #lol
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the144000willunite2014 : @mrscollinsss true true
the144000willunite2014 : @jordan___allen not true not true
the144000willunite2014 : @jordan___allen he is son. Try something before you persecute it
jordan___allen : I did try Christianity, but then I realized it was all malarkey.
kiochodaine : He, Jesus Christ Himself, is our light. 😊
amygallagherxx : Praise the lord jesus xxxx
peppermintsushi : lol
illuminatihunt2014 : #therapture #rapture
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iiift7iii : @juliancru2 I'm gonna keep tagging you on these posts. Ur gonna have to block me. I used to think like that before, but there's a spiritual world around you that you must discover.
juliancru2 : @iiift7iii bring it on, I'm not gonna be bothered by it. I like seeing all the angles to this "world". But notice how all these "god loving people" love to judge...doesn't the bible say "let the first person without sin throw the first stone", yet all I ever hear from these people is stuff like "if you don't believe than keep on sinning", why is it that if someone doesn't believe they are immediately sinners? Why is it that if you don't listen to the words in the bible your a sinner? Why can't a man just in general be a good person, what if he's loyal, full of love, compassionate, but doesn't believe in god or follow the bible, why can't he be saved? Does he not meet god expectations? To qualify for the eternal life. All the stuff I ever hear or read about god, makes me wonder he's eitheir a sensitive girl, or a teen who needs everyone else's approval to feel good.
iiift7iii : You're right some Christians are wrong in that sense. But everybody is a sinner...and it's ok to judge someone that is not doing good or expose those that spread lies. But Until we understand the BLOOD sacrifice (I must emphasize blood) of Jesus Christ manifested as god on this world, we will comprehend our salvation thru Christ. It is a mystery that I can't even comprehend. But the answers are in the bible.
iiift7iii : @juliancru2
silentlurks : Psalms tho πŸ’–
wood1240 : Word of The Mighty High God says that if you get mad dont sin
illuminatihunt2014 : #therapture #rapture
love_me_boo_boo : Kik me @illuminatihunt2014
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Who is really behind the scenes. Ephesians 6:12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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rickyblanco44 : Roaches and ants??? What the?? @my_rep_procds_me
my_rep_procds_me : @rickyblanco44 just giving an example of even the smallest living creatures that function without a Bible
an_artsy : So true #sad
lostgypsy75 : Wow never saw this before thanks for the info @illuminatihunt2014
mrprezidential_ : I like that verse @bmiles1
thuggmottox : @_jamiaa_
dakurlzz_fan : β€’-β€’
illuminatihunt2014 : #therapture #rapture
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How deep is your love ?? β™₯ #THERAPTURE #djastro
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I edited this pic with PicLab @piclabapp #piclab #rainbow 🌈 #God #mountains #happy #promise #TheRapture #Rapture #dontbescared #Jesus
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g_lovin_it : The Rapture when will it happen?!?! I want it to happen soo bad!!! πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰
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Walking home. #abandonedinbk #therapture #somethingbad
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It's showtime @lowster7 #wethenorth @thetorontoraptors #gorapsgo #therapture
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And nephew too! #Surrealism #Dali #AvanteGarde #HumptyDumpty #OrMaybeThatsMe #Rainbow #Wormhole #Truth #MeaningOfLife #TheRapture
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Jesus is back 😊 #therapture #rapture #thesecondcomingofjesus
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Please Read Brothers and Sisters. This is the event called, "The Rapture." We need to understand that the rapture isn't an easy thing to get in to. We must pursue in Righteousness, being good stewards of Christ, and being just like Christ. Remember, everyday is closer to the rapture. Many Christians do not realize the signs that are here now. They rely on Biblical Teachers of today, and ask them questions on what THEY think is here. Know that the Bible is far more dfferent from their opinion when it comes to these things, because Christ gave us a list of signs in Scripture ! Many churches/Christian Schools don't really say that "We are at the end." Either because, they don't believe in what Scripture says about signs to come, or they just lean on their own interpretation. Do not do that, lean on what Scipture says, not what man says. How can we NOT be at the end when these signs are showing already in front of our own eyes? The New World Order is already here, and will be fully exposed as soon as possible. But know this, if you pursue and put God number 1 before anything else, and be holy, and humble before Christ, He will bless you, and will choose you to be with Him. Love, Deondre Waltenberger. #christ #christian #christianity #rapture #therapture #heaven #2014 #inspiring #message #sermon #presbyterian #lutheran #church #white #clothes #fabric #fashion #indie #jesus #book #life
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Happy #420 #thereasonfortheseason
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realgoddesslisa : #rapture #rapture2014
realgoddesslisa : #therapture
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#therapture #firstplateover #loses
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vulumious_30 : Greddy
messiahking : Lmfao :-)
_drea_10 -
@abilboa #therapture
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YAY I've outgrown my first box, from my very first vinyl to the latest two, nothing makes me happier then spinning these πŸŒžπŸŒ›#vinyl #vscocam #boniver #therapture #portugaltheman #recordstoreday
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cosmicfade : Just did this very same thing myself!
leo_granner : 😲
leo_granner : I want
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How I'm starting my Easter 4/20/14 this movie is pretty damn funny! #cinephile #filmnerd #comedy #easter #therapture #rapturepalooza #4/20/14 #
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@kai_dinero with @bluewaffle_goofy, @laoyoungwaffle and @kidthewiz on the Q train this afternoon, getting ready for #williamonyeabor's Atomic Bomb! at @bam_brooklyn with @redbullmusicacademy. Be there!
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ivoryplusebony : #ingenious
luakabop : @bam_brooklyn @redbullmusicacademy #rbma #rbmanyc #davidbyrne @moneymarkmusic #hotchip #patmahoney #lcdsoundsystem @devhynes #lukejenner #therapture #joshuaredman #lijadusisters #luakabop #williamonyeabor
bam_brooklyn : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
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@kidthewiz aka @Sinkane aka @jaytram aka @jonnypartys aka @montyish!
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queenleonv : sick!
l0wl0wlife : πŸ‘ so sick
luakabop : @bam_brooklyn @redbullmusicacademy #rbma #rbmanyc #davidbyrne @moneymarkmusic #hotchip #patmahoney #lcdsoundsystem @devhynes #lukejenner #therapture #joshuaredman #lijadusisters #luakabop #williamonyeabor
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It finally arrived! #therapture #areyouready #elevatechurch #itisnevertoolate #weareallsinners
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dat_black_jew_mixed_dude : How did you get the film? Is it good?
savagenolan : Yep, watched it last night. It was pretty good for folks that already have an understanding of the rapture and other biblical prophesy. Not much explanation though so I would imagine those that don't know much would have a harder time understanding what's going on.
savagenolan : Oh, and there was a link that popped up on Facebook. That's how I ordered it.
dat_black_jew_mixed_dude : Koo. I hear supposed to be the scariest Rapture movie
dat_black_jew_mixed_dude : And thanks for the info. I'll order it
dat_black_jew_mixed_dude - _maggieruss_ -
#RecordStoreDay2014 #DiaDelDisco #LaPizzaDeDeepImpact #ComingSoon
thesword - danielsantos - comingsoon - curlupanddie - diadeldisco - lapizzadedeepimpact - harryrag - recordstoreday2014 - atmosphere - thestills - somegirls - therapture - acopladitos - desaparecidos - latortugachina -
cristianguzmancardona : #HarryRag #LaTortugaChina #Acopladitos #DanielSantos #Atmosphere #CurlUpAndDie #Desaparecidos #TheRapture #SomeGirls #TheStills #TheSword
ivanunavez : Ah, yo ni mire los cds. Good haul. El de the Rapture y the Sword y Harry Rag especialmente.
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From #brookline to #Boston
godisgood - brookline - kingofkings - boston - jesusrises - therapture -
rawbofbba : #kingofkings #therapture #jesusrises #godisgood
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Obama said that we need an international order.
just_call_me_juan562 : Yes we can smh
angel_poloteam : @ya__bishhhhhhh @ttony23_
ori_gina_l___ : It's all about faith and god created us u need to wake up look around u look at the famous people how could you not believe that illuminati is real @havin_a_bal
mikemark91 : @tania_saavedra
tania_saavedra : I've seen this lol @mikemark91
mikemark91 : Lmao well shit nigga holla atcha boi haha im barely catching up to it lol @tania_saavedra
franpinito123 : I aint lettin Obama lead is to hell I'd rather escape all that shit and wait for Jesus to comeback
gatwaa22 : @seductress420
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PART 4 - Subliminal "New World Order" hidden messages in cartoons. Revelation 20:4 - ". . I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands.."
bri_ogden : @matt_santos006_
adriellovesrick : Omg how sad there even preparing our own kids for the new world order f*** them and there new world order I hope they go to hell before trying to make there new world order happen my the lord be with me and all of you as well
emdejesan : @jenniferx3_809
onlylonelygod : @_nick_bucci_
onlylonelygod : @scurfdandrea
tloveee_and_reyray : Have you seen Captain America 2 yet? There are sooo many obvious subliminal messages @illuminatihunt2014
angel_poloteam : @ttony23_ @ya__bishhhhhhh @tito_enriquez @love__roids
alondraisbisexual : Dang
ryansilver_1 - maz_rada - brucehayden1 - mebyromeo -
PART 3 - Subliminal "New World Order" hidden messages in cartoons. Many that knows the truth will try and fight back but will not win and will be taken into the fema camps. None of us can stop the New World Order, only Jesus can. It will all go according to the Bible whether you believe it or not.
rapture - therapture -
modadonnaguy : @almiighty_hvy im srry my god Jehovah/yahweh isnt the same as Allah so no they are not the same thank you.
vonte_lovesgod : There Is One God One Name One Glory Of Our Praise !
minervatineo : @ohyesitsroxanne @jaywestart
wennie_huttt : @weenie_hutt__jr
emdejesan : @jenniferx3_809
thedarknight13 : What are we going to do to stop them? @illuminatihunt2014
tiffanybeyoncee : Expose them @thedarknight13
janiely16 : This world is lost wth evil all around. How can we make those ppl listen.??? Is going to be late once the devil comes and does this massacre in the world.
vogueharrehs - radinelopes - thedarknight13 - jordanss1011 -
PART 1: Subliminal "New World Order" hidden messages in cartoons. They will take you with them if they see that you don't have the microchip implant (mark of the beast) like everyone else.
x_cattt : @jpeluche4
wennie_huttt : @weenie_hutt__jr
marieyayyyy : @viviisme007
emdejesan : @jenniferx3_809
lyndoxtendo : @_leakyleak_
tiffanybeyoncee : This is what I saw in my dream but in with me in the situation. And I bearly saw this video awhile ago @ahyssa_edith
tiffanybeyoncee : Its*
toofly2fail : CUTE
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#goodmorning #twins #therapture
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One of my favourite acoustic songs of all time. This song has got me through a lot recently! #forthope #therapture #acoustic
forthope - therapture - acoustic -
northernacoustic - vinnie_and_the_hooligans -
#Christians today #belike #StoryOfMyLife #RP #PleaseLord before #TheRapture #Praying
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vane_555 : Lmao for reals πŸ˜‚
nevaaluhhus - _cmora - dayum_babyyy - jessiejesshun -
Hoy, cumple aΓ±os el buen Maynard. QuΓ© mejor que escuchar a Puscifer? :). #puscifer #therapture #conditionsofmyparole #maynardjames
therapture - puscifer - maynardjames - conditionsofmyparole -
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Luke from the Rapture, shot by Bryan Adams, styled by me #tbt #therapture #bryanadams @tommyhilfiger #denim
therapture - tbt - bryanadams - denim -
frankclegg : Nice!
bloodworthandco - jeaneen27 - mateofa - johnybitchxxx -
I wonder if religious people get sick of waiting on their messiah? People are killing making post about all these signs & prophecy bullshit! Blood Moons have happened before, but the prophecy said the moon would turn into blood similar to what Moses did, I guess. "I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire and columns of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes" (Joel 2:30-31; Acts 2:19-21). Maannnnn...the world has always been a fucked up place, so these signs of war and famine have always been around! Imagine living during #WWI, #WWII, #Slavery, etc. Bet everyone was lookin towards the sky then too!!! #Religion #Fear #Control #EndOfDays #Signs #BloodMoons #Armageddon #Jesus #Ioesus #TheRapture #KeepWaiting #DontHoldYourBreath
control - theneverendingstory - ioesus - dontholdyourbreath - endofdays - slavery - jesus - wwii - bloodmoons - therapture - signs - religion - fear - wwi - armageddon - keepwaiting -
naturallygr0wn : Jesus will come to us riding on a calvary of unicorns with Santa, the easter bunny and democracy πŸ˜’
anonymous_kp : I was thinking he'd ride that dog dragon from #TheNeverEndingStory @naturallygr0wn πŸ‡πŸ°πŸ©πŸ‰πŸ”₯πŸ‘ΌπŸŽ…
naturallygr0wn : #FalcoLives
teasedbeauty : Deleting you!!!
anonymous_kp : Sorry to hear @teasedbeauty, but thanks for telling me. Not the first or the last. Sweet dreams
mrscoobert - innercirclemusic - lawofflizzy - sassymrsk_ -
Incredible chandelier #therapture #lastrites #lastritesgallery #adamwallacavage #darksurrealism #cephalopod
lastrites - darksurrealism - therapture - adamwallacavage - lastritesgallery - cephalopod -
snarkaphile : It really is gorgeous. In both shots.
canucksupergirl : That is stunning. I want one!!
gigerqueen : @canucksupergirl @snarkaphile it's brilliant
cdubbub : So cool!
mister_unfitz : Fantastic. Reminds me of Chihuly.
dekenstructionography : Awesome. Like lighting by Cthulu
tinartattoos : @gigerqueen are you going on Saturday?
gigerqueen : @tinartattoos yes ma'am!
mrsoboogie - tinartattoos - mr_g_thechippie - lawxnina -
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