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Nots sure why I like this thing so much. #lsxinside #dragtruckstance #texastruckscene
dragtruckstance - texastruckscene - lsxinside -
bedawn : Holton wants to know when he can go for a ride @janke2
arasco85 : @janke2 dew bern owts!
janke2 : She ready fer driveway launches! @ariannapavlock
ariannapavlock : Should have left her at my house when you left! Driveway launches sound fun, it's been too long! @janke2
janke2 : @ariannapavlock no covered parking
ariannapavlock : Could park it between the house and garage, right in the walkway :) @janke2
hotrodkev - bedawn - arasco85 - badams646 -
Raced my boys truck at HMP 😁🚦🏁 #2013#GMC #Sierra#HPT#Houstonperformancetrucks#HMP#Track#KHP#kikeshighperformance#Texastruckscene#Houston#trucks@alberto2 @houstonperformancetrucks
houston - houstonperformancetrucks - trucks - khp - kikeshighperformance - hmp - hpt - gmc - texastruckscene - track - sierra - 2013 -
_alberto_02 : @habramm that's a sexy truck!
hamonnn : @alberto2 😉👍
7mne_satrucks - rmr1713 -
#MickeyThompson #BajaClaws #NewTires #TexasTruckScene
mickeythompson - bajaclaws - texastruckscene - newtires -
daniel254co -
#tts #texastruckscene #reppin
tts - reppin - texastruckscene -
5tarbursts : Where can I get something like this man? @alberto2
_alberto_02 : @5tarbursts I ordered this on the web. Google Texas truck scene decal
5tarbursts : Oh, okay. Thanks brotha, I saw this other big one that goes across the top of your windshield and it was in this badass cursive text. I want one like that. Lol
5tarbursts : @alberto2
_alberto_02 : @5tarbursts hell yeah. I was thinking about getting it also
carissa_ann_xoxo - zalmanza - escobar_01 - jdelagarza_93 -
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