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@backyardgallery getting it in. #tattattattedup
tattattattedup -
ralphieeracecar - graxcer - texasking210 - cobrafix_79 -
@zackg13 never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for the amazing piece! #girlswithtattoos #owl #freshink #potd #tattoo #whitegirl #forearm #meow #instagood #inkedgirls #tattattattedup
tattoo - inkedgirls - tattattattedup - freshink - girlswithtattoos - forearm - instagood - whitegirl - meow - potd - owl -
steph_hella_ : Lmfao I'm sure he can @danielle_uh lol πŸ‘† @zackg13
danielle_uh : With a baby goat standing on the L
danielle_uh : 🐐
zackg13 : Only if the "I" in life is spelled with a bullet @danielle_uh
jamaal_2fwea : You should def Follow me πŸ™ˆπŸ‘Œ
lilinbc : Omg! I LOVE it!!!!
marsh_mello07 : Hey steph, how far in advance do you have to book with him? His work is awesome I'm interested! @steph_hella_
alo510 : Love it!!
erikabriseidaramirez - jdmmom - lilinbc - dangeraaron_ -
Thank you for sharing your #piercedtattedbeauty @autumnelizabeth89 ! #pierced_tatted_beauties #piercedgirl #pierced #tattattattedup #tattooedandpierced #tattoedbeauty
tattattattedup - tattoedbeauty - pierced_tatted_beauties - pierced - tattooedandpierced - piercedgirl - piercedtattedbeauty -
louisvillepirate - trixie551 - autumnelizabeth89 - stilljustjess_xo -
Thank you for sharing your #piercedtattedbeauty @autumnelizabeth89 ! #pierced_tatted_beauties #piercedgirl #pierced #tattattattedup #tattooedandpierced #tattoedbeauty
tattattattedup - tattoedbeauty - pierced_tatted_beauties - pierced - tattooedandpierced - piercedgirl - piercedtattedbeauty -
autumnelizabeth89 - rikkalaniz - sara_carden - louisvillepirate -
Lol Thank you for sharing your silly #piercedtattedbeauty @autumnelizabeth89 ! #pierced_tatted_beauties #piercedgirl #pierced #tattattattedup #tattooedandpierced #tattoedbeauty
tattattattedup - tattoedbeauty - pierced_tatted_beauties - pierced - tattooedandpierced - piercedgirl - piercedtattedbeauty -
autumnelizabeth89 - rikkalaniz - trixie551 - louisvillepirate -
Thanks for sharing your #tattoedbeauty @westberry_model ! Love the animal print! #pierced_tatted_beauties #tattooed #tattoedbeauties #tattattattedup Share the page with your friends/followers and encourage them to submit their own pix!
tattoedbeauties - tattoedbeauty - pierced_tatted_beauties - tattooed - tattattattedup -
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Thanks for sharing your #tattoedbeauty @westberry_model ! #pierced_tatted_beauties #tattooed #tattoedbeauties #tattattattedup Share the page with your friends/followers and encourage them to submit their own pix!
tattoedbeauties - tattoedbeauty - pierced_tatted_beauties - tattooed - tattattattedup -
louisvillepirate - nathantadych - mrlasdregas - rikkalaniz -
NST is the place ta be. @northstreettattoo #tattattattedup #boatsandhoes
tattattattedup - boatsandhoes -
abc_kills : #HellaTatsBrah
jasonhoodrich : Selfies huh? Welp see ya later
mindyerbussy : Ha! It's for you @jasonhoodrich
bobbygt : Sirs
mindyerbussy : Ssons of Ssirs @bobbygt
bobbygt : Sirs of sons @mindyerbussy
mindyerbussy : Ssons of Jams @bobbygt
walterolivo - pvzzled_panther - kristykizzee - maksmeklin -
#BackAtiT #CurrentSituation #ByeByeBryan #CoverUp #ChapterCLOSED #PeacockFeathers #MovingOnWithMyLife #iDeserveBetter #TatTatTattedUp #ThisShitHurtsLikaBITCH #YouHosCanHAVEHiM #InkStation #MyHomieThoDoingWork
myhomiethodoingwork - tattattattedup - fuckhim - ideservebetter - movingonwithmylife - thisshithurtslikabitch - youhoscanhavehim - currentsituation - backatit - peacockfeathers - inkstation - chapterclosed - coverup - byebyebryan -
samthuggaaa : Im so excited! This was supposed to happen a loooong time ago!
foreverr_ale : I still cant believe this is happening @bentleybaby24
bentleybaby24 : believe it!! I'm REALLY done!! #FUCKHiM @foreverr_ale @samthuggaaa girl I'm excited too it's almost finished && yea ii know but I'm AWAKE NOW!!!!!!!
_garcia_kim : Lol @ im awake now .your beautiful you will find a good catch in no time. .😘😘
amanda_brookee : Girl you were running out of time may is around the corner; ) @bentleybaby24
bentleybaby24 : Thanks love @_garcia_kim && lmao I'm not about to play w you hahahahaha @amanda_brookee
soon2bparks : You were always hard headed @bentleybaby24 lmao. Love you!!!
bentleybaby24 : Hahaha ii know huh I always have to learn the hard way smh, love you too Ashlime @soon2bparks
jazzypha21 - misscandy_26 - jahnra7 - amanda_brookee -
New ink by the bossiest pants of them all @jasonxyouth. || #tattattattedup
tattattattedup -
anitayung : #babealert
jillyink : @twigssfloral is my instagram off kilter, or is your profile pic that of flex pilates in chicago?
twigssfloral : @jillyink hahah nooo it's totally a bouquet. Your insta be trippin' 😁
jillyink : so weird! also your new ink looks gorgeous!!
cocorosedesign : Pretty!
adkluu : So hot right now!
modernsequins : Beautiful!
tatetulip : Nice!
somayehkhosh - hagu_ - dayahmccartney - laurenkawano -
It's been about 5 years since I've gotten a tattoo so I think it's about that time. #TattooTime #TatTatTattedUp #Excited #FacebookPost #AddMeOnFB #Lol
tattattattedup - facebookpost - tattootime - addmeonfb - excited - lol -
linztx811 : Southern Blues Tattoos on Jupiter in Garland; artist: Jimmi! He has pics on his Facebook page. πŸ˜€
honeypati : Don't misspell my name. Pati not patty ;)
kristamc86 : @generalzod41 hands down, an amazing artist and the only guy I trust to brand me for life. πŸ‘
gimmiethatbeckkyy - fin214 - sweet_deanne_ - honeypati -
#garterbelt #9mm #tattattattedup #tattooedchicks #inkedgirls
tattattattedup - inkedgirls - 9mm - garterbelt - tattooedchicks -
its_yagirl_hannah24 : bad ass
224ruru - kindheart_turnedcold - uniquelynishia - dathaitian244 -
Puttin in work w my home boy... #garterbelt #9mm #bow #girlswithtattoos #tattooed #tattooedmommys #tattattattedup #tattooedchicks #inkedgirlsdoitbetter #inklovers #inkedgirls #inkedandsexy #ouch #ilovethatshit
inklovers - tattattattedup - garterbelt - tattooedchicks - inkedgirlsdoitbetter - girlswithtattoos - ilovethatshit - ouch - bow - tattooedmommys - inkedgirls - tattooed - 9mm - inkedandsexy -
mrsphillips624 : Ouch!!!!
tatted_hunny : It just burns boo...don't hurt to bad yet but tomorrow is a different story! @mrsphillips624
mrsphillips624 : I can't wait to see the finished product! :)
sugar_shaft112 - its_yagirl_hannah24 - mrletsgetit2014 - kieshapayton -
My #mcm. No words or pics could describe how much I love this man of mine. Survived our own stubborn stupidity and came out of our storm stronger than ever. Love you baby! @tlo1123 #tattattattedup #hestolemyheartsoimstealinghislastname #baseballplayerallmine
tattattattedup - mcm - baseballplayerallmine - hestolemyheartsoimstealinghislastname -
tlo1123 : Awww shucks babe. I love u too
ericmichelleperez - naterodriquez - amanda_mauk - 7_dlo -
Then our night ended like this lol #tatted #tattoo #tattattattedup #lol #boyswillbeboys #crazy #inksession #quicktat @deseree_p @_r0cks @rebeccatineo
tattoo - crazy - quicktat - tattattattedup - boyswillbeboys - inksession - tatted - lol -
matthewalanart : @slables
matthewalanart - anthonybarron - mrs_sm1th11 - leathatwn -
Easter Sunday #workflow #stayingstr0ng #tattattattedup #smile #winnerwinner #pastelgreen #lunchladyhairnet #cateyes
tattattattedup - workflow - winnerwinner - cateyes - smile - lunchladyhairnet - stayingstr0ng - pastelgreen -
thesarcasticlife_xo - kidbenno - menchacaml - team_moneykingz -
Proud to call this goof ball my friend! Her first tat! @bribrimarie1
owlsfordays - tattattattedup - bestie -
joshualomas : Glad u guys are here! @jennaleaparker @mcrrob12
bribrimarie1 : Love you!!!!!! Thank you guys for being here! @jennaleaparker @mcrrob12
jennaleaparker : #tattattattedup #bestie #owlsfordays
konnerhand - ashleymberry_ - rileycatherine_ - jaydenandkylee -
Some days you just wake up and need a new tattoo. Faith in my Savior, Love of life, Hope in my darkest hours, my family to keep me from sinking, and my Idaho roots. #tattattattedup #Idahome #anchor #tattoos
tattattattedup - anchor - idahome - tattoos -
alexbrizzee : @jdrex17 jesssssss I LOVE this!
jdrex17 : @alexbrizzee thank you!! I do too
themrsmerk - lspangler5 - hrsegrl - muhokris -
gettin it in. gotta fill in those gaps. summers almost here. #tattoo #tatdaddy #tattattattedup #filler #supergenius @justin_boyle gettin liberal.
filler - tattoo - tatdaddy - supergenius - tattattattedup -
viktoria_vamp : Lucky you!
mickeysaint : I feel you, brother. I have one small spot to fill before the new AR 670-1 comes and finds my tattooed ass.
lemonlover83 : πŸ”₯
lift2grow - rotten_cadaver - creepvision - lemonlover83 -
Cause I stay inked upppp. #tattoos #tattattattedup #Inked
tattoos - inked - tattattattedup -
kacib24 : I got a new phone text me!
logan_mak - mchilders_ - portz_9 - dhannon12 -
Now seems like as good a time as any to get some new ink. @lmschiller #tattattattedup
denimvest - tattattattedup -
hales_yes : Also #denimvest
jessblair2 : Whatcha get?!
lmschiller : @jessblair2 #putabirdonit Also, HELLO old friend!
jessblair2 : @lmschiller Love it!!! And, HELLO to you too πŸ˜‰
angthompso - hales_photo - erinmom3 - sharperson27 -
Snag a sweet tat at the GROMFEST hosted by yours truly! If you're lucky, we might have a couple at the movie premiere.. #tattattattedup #represent #sorrymom
sorrymom - tattattattedup - represent -
sharon_ann_6923 - totally_crazy_dad - misoborealis - viki_t19 -
Gams #selfexpression #TatTatTattedUp #boredom #investedinmyself
tattattattedup - boredom - selfexpression - investedinmyself -
nursegigi72 : @aaroncabs40 I go to Jason McAfee at Temple in Oakland. Derrick Snodgrass did the robin. You too have exceptional work
jusmike : HOT!!
aaroncabs40 : @nursegigi72 That's a great place!!!Hopefully I'll get something from Freddy or Heath Preheim this summer....Jason Mcafee is great!Thanks for the compliment ,I've been fortunate
nursegigi72 : @aaroncabs40 And thank you as well. Heath is awesome! I'm a little nervous to change artists though.
aaroncabs40 : Why?
aaroncabs40 : Nothing wrong with collecting from other artists....they understand.Ones tattoos are ones own gallery
nursegigi72 : @aaroncabs40 Because Jason has been doing my work for like 5 years now and he knows what suits me. I usually just bring in an idea and he runs with it.
aaroncabs40 : Jason seems like a really cool person,you can't go wrong!!!
naynaylady - jjlupenui - momikala - mrque_ -
Tattooing herself #tattattattedup
tattattattedup -
cuejael - mskmedina - mendydiana04 - 0wnedd -
There are many different things "man up" can mean : 1) To work through barriers, restrictions, limitations and obstacles without whining 2) Take control, take control of a situation, be strong, rise to the moment 3) Man up can also mean for one to be a leader, to step up to the plate when no one else will, to give it your best shot, to TRY! There hasn't been a day since My friend Phillip passed away that I haven't heard him in my head saying this to me...( he made his own urn & put this simple but so very powerful saying on it) Life is tough sometimes but this saying helps me through many, many struggles. Phil the Thrill this is for you buddy! πŸ‘Ό This tattoo is actually closer to the band than it appears, I was raising my arm so you can't tell here ...
freshink - tattattattedup - girlswithtattoos - rip - tattoos -
ambi_bambi : #freshInk #tatTatTattedUp #tattoos #girlsWithTattoos #rip
tab_g_ : Love this @ambi_bambi
ambi_bambi : Thank you @tab_g_
aalladin04 : Dope! @ambi_bambi
ambi_bambi : Thank you @aalladin04
imeeb - mancobra - b_talley0903 - tiffyy12 -
Yes. This. Just. Happened. #aracuan #mydude #burstday #Aries #tattattattedup #ftwtattoo #oakland #vegas
tattattattedup - burstday - vegas - aracuan - aries - mydude - oakland - ftwtattoo -
creolenaglv : β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
shawnacenteno : So cute!!!
doogiesgirl_ : Happy late bday to my bday twin!!
angelicusprime : Omg yes, youuuuu tooooo @doogiesgirl_
cant_hug_every_kat : Finally!! Yay you 😁
shawnacenteno - nichalous13 - jazeflores - casibenz -
Hell yea! #rp #iaintscared #tattattattedup
tattattattedup - iaintscared - rp -
kmatherly - jimmyjamjimjam - jadely_24 - h_tayl -
tattoosesh - tattattattedup - tattoartist - tattoos - lol - inkedup -
ambur_baybee : Alana gave me a tattoo @aaron_89p she said you should get one like this too lol #TatTatTattedUp #tattoos #TattoArtist #TattooSesh #inkedup #lol
therealpeteg : Dope. Good tattoo artist
frank_sandoval - aaron_89p - _m_ark_ - jess_x_marie -
#firstworldproblems #tattattattedup #inkedup #swag #yatted #taintedink #ratchet #chickenheads #thirtsty #sorrynotsorry #butitwasfunnydoe
tattattattedup - swag - chickenheads - thirtsty - firstworldproblems - yatted - ratchet - sorrynotsorry - taintedink - butitwasfunnydoe - inkedup -
juliantattooer : πŸ˜‚
tehracecar : #facepalm
big_jerm666 : I like that tattoo... alot
bigblue0608 - allisonlugo21609 - hvileyrose - _curious_george_ -
#selfie #selfienation #selfies #TagsForLikes.COM #TFLers @TagsForLikes #me #love #pretty #handsome #instagood #instaselfie #selfietime #face #shamelessselefie #life #hair #portrait #igers #fun #followme #instalove #smile #igdaily #eyes #follow #mouth #themlips #tattattattedup #tattoos #piercings
tattoos - instaselfie - love - themlips - selfienation - selfie - instalove - life - hair - fun - shamelessselefie - mouth - piercings - portrait - follow - face - eyes - selfietime - handsome - me - tattattattedup - tflers - selfies - instagood - tagsforlikes - pretty - igdaily - smile - followme - igers -
jevondenoch - againey29 - marlajane1 - lifeasjanedoe -
CanAm... Ignore my red boney ass feet. πŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #canadianamerican #waitedsolongtogetthese #symmetrical #dualcitizen #yatted #tattattattedup
tattattattedup - yatted - symmetrical - waitedsolongtogetthese - dualcitizen - canadianamerican -
maddy_dubois : Love this!!
_minecraft_tech_ : Did it hurt @ellykaya
jennyapplegate - kathjscott - jaydsilv - chuckmate -
#oohyeah #tattattattedup #backpiece #painful #lillies #firstsession #loveit #thanks @miguel_sulbaran #studio42
tattattattedup - loveit - firstsession - oohyeah - thanks - lillies - studio42 - painful - backpiece -
erixtrill : Nice!
shelbydquinn : Yay!! In glad you went to him! I love @miguel_sulbaran
strangejane13 : Oh yes doll..he's amazing n cool as shit!! @shelbydquinn thanks for the recommendation 😝
shelbydquinn : He really is! And you're welcome love!! Hope I see you soon!!
strangejane13 : Most def!! We all need to do dinner n catch up..maybe sometime next week love cakes @shelbydquinn @rachelistheshiz cuz I really do miss u two😘😊
shelbydquinn : That would be wonderful @strangejane13 I miss u too. I miss my @rachelistheshiz too! Since she's preggers I don't see her as much 😩 but totally understand that completely!!
silkypianoman : Wow!! @miguel_sulbaran is really on his game. Looks amazing @strangejane13
strangejane13 : Right!!! Thanks dude!!! only have two more sessions then it's done but can't lie it hurt like a bitch in some part lol @silkypianoman
jt_wiginton - memphis24_7 - laptitejulie - silkypianoman -
This happened today yes. #finally #tattattattedup #yatted #canam #picscomingsoon πŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
tattattattedup - finally - yatted - picscomingsoon - canam - s -
to_china1 : 5 in one day?
ellykaya : Lolll @to_china1 Nooo 2 small ones today. They are my 5th and 6th over a period of 5 years.
aimeeleigh1988 : Can't wait to see pics!!!
to_china1 : Oooo 😧 cuz I was about to say u are so brave,ur my hero. Lol haha
jsmith_8 : Think your tough now huh haha
ellykaya : @jsmith_8 nahh this was the tattoo that hurt the least!!! I have had much more painful ones
jsmith_8 : 😁😁😁 yea? Where at?? I got my ribs and stomach done.... That shit was thee worst for me!
ellykaya : @jsmith_8 my back was the most painful! Also the biggest tattoo I have, but the spine is killlller. My ribs didn't hurt that bad. These little calf ones were nothin πŸ˜‰
jessefrnndz - aabikarr - kelsey_girtell - ray_cardinale -
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