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#typical #peanutbutter #stressfracture #boot #spooningaway #tiuteam #fitfam #injuried #cantsomeonejustcarryme #wah
cantsomeonejustcarryme - wah - injuried - boot - peanutbutter - fitfam - tiuteam - spooningaway - stressfracture - typical -
amylynntiu : @ashee007 so far tonight I had pizza.. Ice cream and now peanut butter.. Emotional eating anyone?!?
manda_tiu : Tomorrow is a new day! Start it off with a positive statement! Xoxo
amylynntiu : @manda_tiu you're the best!! Xoxo <3
ashee007 : Feel better boo
amylynntiu : @sokyshipn by the time I recover I'll be lookin like honey boo boo
amylynntiu : @ashee007 thanks love. Thank you for not judging me for my million snap chat videos today :)
luckytiulady_7 : Oh no :( hugs!
amylynntiu : @luckytiulady_7 thanks gorgeous! Xo
jovanjanelle - killakate0516 - sokyshipn - tiujilly -
#legit #run #runner #stressfracture #cantstopme #goingblingmyboot #tiuteam #fitfam
run - fitfam - goingblingmyboot - runner - cantstopme - tiuteam - stressfracture - legit -
luckytiulady_7 : Love the "you know you're a runner when.." one
amylynntiu : @luckytiulady_7 hahha that's exactly how I feel!
heatherleigh507 - tiusara2014 - luckytiulady_7 - fittrainerinspo -
crutches - werecute - throwbackthursday - xc - tbt - throwback - crosscountry - stressfracture -
cassidyluv13 : Throwback to XC season with Michael😊 #xc #crosscountry #crutches #stressfracture #throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt #werecute
cassidyluv13 - osmanio - shanwhelan95_x - ledesmaa_baby -
Here I am with a stress fracture in my foot due to running, but I still will find time to eat right and do the workouts I can do πŸ’ͺ! No excuses! πŸ™…I got this under control πŸ˜‰ #eatclean #exercise #fit #fitfam #fitspo #igfitness #injury #stressfracture #sweat #gym #girlswhoworkout #workout #weightloss #healthy #healthylifestyle #lift #lowcalorie #motivation #determination #cardio #cleaneats #treadmill #igfitness
motivation - fitfam - gym - girlswhoworkout - lift - determination - healthylifestyle - cleaneats - cardio - fitspo - fit - healthy - stressfracture - igfitness - weightloss - lowcalorie - eatclean - treadmill - injury - workout - exercise - sweat -
missmonica82 : You go girl!
alizastanley : Great job!
lowcalorieeats : @alizastanley @missmonica82 thank you both so much! πŸ’•
amylynntiu : I just got one too.. I got booted :( I love this tho! So true! We got this!
lowcalorieeats : @amylynntiu i hope the boot helps! I only got a wrap. We got this! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ˜‰
amylynntiu : @lowcalorieeats we do! And thank you! I hope yours get better super soon! Xo
healthandnourishment - happypermutations - food_for_gainzz - francesca_carmela_bosco -
A bandaid fixes all injuries! #notreally #stressfracture
stressfracture - notreally -
makepizza_notwar_ : Get better babe! Are you home? @artemisvahue
makepizza_notwar_ -
So I guess this means I work on my left foot now... This is why I don't go to the doctor. #seniorseason #stressfracture #done #tears
done - tears - stressfracture - seniorseason -
_berf_14 : Will you be able to play soccer????
brittis_ole : ;(
lauren_ashley6 : Not for 4-6 weeks. :( @_berf_14
_berf_14 : Aww that stinks!!!
angelaschmitt1 : Feel better πŸ’— @lauren_ashley6
lauren_ashley6 : Thanks! I'll continue to be at practice and every game :) @angelaschmitt1
graziela1202 : Get well soon Lauren! πŸ’ž
ccidance - graziela1202 - nataliemadson5678 - chantelschulze -
Booo for e-boots. #stressfracture. #pegleg
pegleg - stressfracture -
patricia_247 : What da... Hope you feel better:(
miss__aileen : wtf, happened?! see, that's it...just move back home....please? ;)
sunkist1963 : I have those flip flops they are my FAVORITE!!!! I even have that e boot from awhile ago for the same leg we can be twins ;p
giobasgo : Haha I'm with it! Gimme a couple years. As far as my foot, I've been ignoring pain and adjusting my gait for the last few weeks but finally went to the dr. Stress fracture so now I get to sport this sexy piece for the best few weeks. @miss__aileen @patricia_247 thanks, I'm just sad I can't go on the treadmill now
giobasgo : @sunkist1963 lmao this boot sucks!
jonezin0 - _pete_the_painter - 7kainoa9 - lifeuntamed -
"Treehead," 2012. Ink and acrylic on canvas paper. You never know what might happen when you plant a seed. You just might crack your fucking head open. #tree # head #art #growingpains #cranial #stressfracture #change #crack #unyielding #equals #unliving #peaceout
growingpains - cranial - art - peaceout - tree - equals - unliving - unyielding - crack - stressfracture - change -
frednoland - mark0fox - pearlyk8 - mattiafagnonionlus -
When he helps me #wrap my foot>> 😘❀️😍 #boothang #love #injury #stressfracture #booboo
boothang - love - booboo - wrap - injury - stressfracture -
emmapoodle : Aaaw what a good man you have!
minniememine : Aww super sweet! He is a keeper!
jellyjells - black__white_bw - kuinimary - mariekenney -
Foot causing more issues. Going to be a long night #stressfracture #footproblems #hospitalfun
footproblems - hospitalfun - stressfracture -
rachaeljane90 : I think you forgot your other shoe πŸ™Š @runeatsleep_repeat
runeatsleep_repeat : I was only wearing one @rachaeljane90 πŸ™Š
rachaeljane90 : Who only wears one shoe? @runeatsleep_repeat
hannahmorey : Hope everything's okay Michelle!
caitlinmfleming - rachaeljane90 -
I can't take enough #pictures of #beautiful #sunsets πŸŒ…πŸ’–πŸŒ„ I'm trying so hard to stay #positive and let the good vibes heal this #stressfracture πŸ™πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŸπŸš· I've never had a serious #injury in my #running career before, so I'm finding it so tough to be stuck in this #boot, unable to #run! Send me some positive and healing thoughts, #instarunners and #igrunners ❀️ I want to get back on the road asap! #photooftheday #instagood #seenonmyrun #runchat #inspiration #motivation #runtoinspire #runspiration #fitness #marathon #nikerunning #nikeplus #runhappy #brooksrunning #instarun #instagood
beautiful - brooksrunning - motivation - runhappy - run - seenonmyrun - runtoinspire - nofilter - runchat - running - rwseenonmyrun - instarun - stressfracture - marathon - inspiration - sunsets - nikeplus - nofilterneeded - positive - pictures - boot - instagood - igrunners - instarunners - fitness - injury - nikerunning - runspiration - photooftheday -
abigaildrost : #nofilter #nofilterneeded
elizabeth26point2 : Oh no!!! I'm so sorry! I hate to hear that!
simply_erikaj : Sorry to hear that!! You'll be out of it before you know it! Stronger than ever! For now you can mentally train ☺️☺️
abigaildrost : @simply_erikaj thanks for the support girl! I'm going to be getting mentally ready to train for the next race and also trying to enjoy keeping busy with other things while I have to stay off of my foot. I'll be all healed up in no time 😎
abigaildrost : #rwseenonmyrun
jasmine2wet - marceloazevedo - iwannarunfast - christina_joy -
PerfectπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜’ #Boot #thisblows #athlete #crutches #sacrificeyourbody #tendinitis #stressfracture ?
crutches - thisblows - swaggin - sacrificeyourbody - stressfracture - athlete - tendinitis - boot -
shaynefried13 : You'll have to bling it up πŸŽ€πŸ’Ž πŸ˜‰
lizziejohnson5 : @shaynefried13 I just mightπŸ˜‰ or just not wear it😏 lol
shaynefried13 : I guess that would work too. ☺️ lol
lizziejohnson5 : @shaynefried13 and if I absolutely have to wear it I'm definitely making it to match my dressπŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
shaynefried13 : Get some colorful prewrap and wrap the entire thing. πŸ˜‚
lizziejohnson5 : @shaynefried13 I'll have to!πŸ˜‚ or spray paint itπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
shaynefried13 : Omg.. That would be awesome. Throw some sparkles on it too πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘
lizziejohnson5 : @shaynefried13 that'd be perfπŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ’•
haleyyygodbeyyy - bootscoot26 - its_riley_bruh - kingofhartz10 -
Today I got to run for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES after 8 weeks of self loathing and depression. It didn't feel amazing, but it didn't hurt, which is good progress. #stressfracture #recovery #letstrythisagain #brooks #slowandsteady #lovetherun
lovetherun - letstrythisagain - recovery - stressfracture - slowandsteady - brooks -
nicoleclaar : YAY! On Earth Day no less :)
jameshosfield : I'm very happy for you. :-)
niksixsix : 😘
mattyg151 : Congrats!!!!
nickparchinsky : Five minutes is way better than zero
nickparchinsky : Congrats and take it slow
sn_c - nickparchinsky - healthyfitjen - luvpits -
#jaybirds maiden jog #stressfracture road to recovery... Gadgets help
stressfracture - jaybirds -
Check out dem abs o steel #backbrace #stressfracture #sucks
sucks - backbrace - stressfracture -
nash1539 : Hahahahahahaha hahahahh @yates_swag
yates_swag : I'll kill u @nash1539
nash1539 : Haha u can try @yates_swag
lyssiesdeliveryservice : U still look fab tho β™‘ #workthatbackbrace
skylar_aha : Wtf did you do ?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yates_swag : @lyssiesdeliveryservice, thanks bae. @skylar_aha I have a stress fracture on my 4th lumbar
_brookeeelizabeth_ - ur_broskii - kaylinbrown14 - jellylovesu22 -
The one upside of a foot injury... #runner #stressfracture #crochet
runner - stressfracture - crochet -
antonianerja - snailbirdfish - lilithianona - mandolynmakes -
Stress fractures πŸ˜’ #injury#stressfracture#foot#goddamnit#ankle#soccer#outfortheseason
ankle - soccer - goddamnit - outfortheseason - foot - injury - stressfracture -
katherinerenner : My foot's in a boot too :(
bailandocondestino : Oh no! I'm sorry :( @katherinerenner
sultan_budairi : Same thing happen to me 2 month ago .. I hope U getting better soon πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
bailandocondestino : Oh I'm sorry! Thank you 😊 @sultan_budairi
reuben_barca : Follow for follow ? :) @bailandocondestino
chriscastillo10 - lafraicheur1162 - luisdrodriguezh - darwindee -
Cast #8 for me... #StressFracture #TrackNation #JustInTimeForGoodWeather #Darnit
8 - justintimeforgoodweather - tracknation - darnit - stressfracture -
j_rock9 : But but ;(
mattpond32 : ^
meggycoogy : TWINSIES @jonborek
jonborek : i know @j_rock9 and @mattpond32 :( it sucks. And really @meggycoogy ? is yours purple too?
wooddoggirl : Ugh hope it gets better! :)
meggycoogy : No mines green, but mines the left side too @jonborek
_mads5_ : Yep.. I run too. I think I have a stress fracture😣
mattpond32 - geigeverett - mitchcicero23 - tracknationshoutoutss -
Fist consistent run over one mile! Slowly but surely I will race again πŸ˜‰ #run #wewillrun #injuredrunner #fracturedfemur #stressfracture #saucony #trainhard #fitness #thumbsup #miles #caseofthemondays
trainhard - injuredrunner - thumbsup - caseofthemondays - fracturedfemur - miles - fitness - run - wewillrun - saucony - stressfracture -
asanafordays : How did you fracture your femur
badkukie : @asanafordays I ran 12 miles one day and rock climbed the next. 😬 They told me I had two stress fractures, one in my femur and one in my acetabulum. That was in January so I'm taking things slowly this time 😊
asanafordays : 😬
badkukie : @asanafordays haha tell me about it 😜 When do you get your cast off?
asanafordays : THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
badkukie : @asanafordays that's AWESOME! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„ finally!!
kmyllymaki - tiurobs - scottprosser - rachelwwong -
Broke my foot two weeks ago doing silks... still trained and competed. But now I have to wear this ugly grandma shoe. What was your exuse for not working out again?? #stressfracture #happybirthday
happybirthday - stressfracture -
fern2love - kilen28 - cj_slugger - alexa_deemer -
Ice cream - doctor's orders :) #calcium #stressfracture #gelato
gelato - calcium - stressfracture -
midnightashe - leonavarroavila - lmenzler - jeffthelen -
My not so fun new accessory I'm rocking for the next few weeks 😒 #stressfracture #preggogirlproblems πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜œ
preggogirlproblems - stressfracture -
mriedling : Omg! I did the same thing this past pregnancy!!! I was in a boot for two weeks!!!
lcgraves33 : @mriedling that's how long I have to wear it before my next x-ray 😒 I am already having workout withdrawals and it's been a few days!! I rode the recumbent bike for 45 mins this morning and pretty sure I didn't even break a boring but was desperate to do something!!! 😳
jessicavaughn2 : Pal??
mriedling : I was the same way!!! Not working out sucked
cquillin : That stinks @lcgraves33 I have been there..hope you heal quickly!
lesliemelcher : Oh no! That doesn't look fun!! 😒That's why you don't work out while pregnant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹
debk123 - madelineleigh06 - alexa_deemer - karenmagical -
#tennis #missserving #stressfracture #ahhhhh
tennis - stressfracture - ahhhhh - missserving -
beatron_ - hassan0003 - naxenak - toctavio_torres -
My latest footwear. #nobueno #stressfracture #threeyearsinarow #runnerprobs #2fab
runnerprobs - threeyearsinarow - stressfracture - 2fab - nobueno -
lindailunga : No track trip???
m_a_d_i_s_0_n : Thanks Sara :) miss you:) @bunni_8
bunni_8 : Miss you too!
m_a_d_i_s_0_n : guuurrrllll I wouldn't miss that trip for anything @lindailunga
lindailunga : Good!!! I get to see you twice this week 😍 life made
flag8r15 : I feel your pain. πŸ˜”πŸ˜’
m_a_d_i_s_0_n : @flag8r15 what happened to you?? 😟
flag8r15 : No I just mean having it injured a lot haha 😊 @m_a_d_i_s_0_n
karlibrianne - tommythetaylor - hannz123 - suzi_bryan -
Good luck to this little doll in surgery today! β€οΈπŸš‘πŸ˜· #stressfracture #πŸ‘£
stressfracture -
tsievers74 : Hope he's ok!!!
elizabethwilson711 : @tsievers74 surgery went great :)
libzter13 : Why did he have surgery
asummerhays : Tell Grant we hope he has a speedy recovery and is in our prayers.
pfo465 - bryantjantsch - maxinemcdougall - teresas26 -
Made sure to work out during my travels. #marriott #stressfracture #icantrun
marriott - stressfracture - icantrun -
mlccarroll : Atta girl!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
brimaria_313 - mlccarroll - _assiram - roseinthedesert -
Damn bicycles. This shit sucks. #plantarfasciitis #myheelhurts #stressfracture #bruisedligament
bruisedligament - myheelhurts - plantarfasciitis - stressfracture -
xveaterx : I think I get the same shit. I'll hurt my heel then it hurts for a couple if weeks.
patchesmomee : @_phillll buy lemongrass oil and put rub it into your foot. My husband has had it for years and traditional treatment didn't help. We looked into alternative treatments a month ago. He's been pain free for 2 1/2 weeks he's off pain meds. Lemongrass oil is great for pain and also is known to heal ligaments tendons and cartridge. Be sure after you put it on you set your foot on a heating pad. It helps the oil sink in.
_phillll : I'll give it a try! Thank you @patchesmomee !!!!
jza70 : Is that like syphilis?
patchesmomee : @_phillll no problem. You can get it at sprouts also spearmint oil for pain for days it really bothers you
hannikhol - xcivandrew - jocsamhim - caseymello152 -
Welp… this is fun πŸ˜’ 😭 #stressfracture #yay #nomoretrackforme #Trackandfield #byebye #nobueno
yay - byebye - nomoretrackforme - trackandfield - stressfracture - nobueno -
shant_araradian : Of course it is @little_chua. (Read this in a sarcastic voice.)
little_chua : @shant_araradian you are OBVIOUSLY jealous
shant_araradian : You should see my sock tan @little_chua. There's nothing I should be jealous about.
little_chua : @shant_araradian you wanna fight bro?
shant_araradian : Let's go @little_chua.
_gabebaker : lol I have the same thing
little_chua : @_gabebaker lol oh heey twinsies πŸ˜‚
_gabebaker : hahaha
adrienne_coronel - themayasymone - arunnerseye - awais_ibrahim -
#dasboot πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜žπŸ˜£πŸ˜«#stressfracture
dasboot - stressfracture -
mdunne300 -
#TBT to 2012 XC districts and me living the gimpy life! πŸ‘Ÿβ˜”οΈπŸš£ πŸ™ˆπŸ˜β˜ΊοΈ#LotsOfRain #StressFracture #GimpLife #MissThis
gimplife - lotsofrain - missthis - tbt - stressfracture -
baylee_roble_ - lilbigjeff36 - ejanyne - kyleammonjohnson -
After 5 weeks of not being able to, I can finally point my toes on this foot without pain! #stressfracture #backinaction
backinaction - stressfracture -
cinnamonfischer : Hooray! Also, please be careful with your little self!
rayn_phalls - nanscpa -
Before and after #poppedbloodvessel #sprainedjoint #stressfracture #acupuncture #colorguardproblems
acupuncture - sprainedjoint - colorguardproblems - poppedbloodvessel - stressfracture -
rachel___renee : Welcome to the club!!! πŸ’ that's awful to have before Boston though!!! Good luck!!! Show them what Midlothian is made of!! Love you!!! Take accurate notes on being a flight attendant tho.. ☺️😘😘
rboudreaux2016 : Aww chan I love you so much I'll definitely make sure to perfect notes and spin my heart out πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ’— @rachel___renee
rachel___renee : Yeah you better!!! And you get to rock that pretty tape too?!! Score!! 😊😘😘
theprettyideal : #mylife in 2007
_alexiscary - hannahmyarb - sarahawsumscott - nbtrahan -
#tbt April 16, 2011 at the Oshkosh Half Marathon. I was in training for the Cellcom Green Bay marathon in May. I was running on what I thought was a groin pull. Nope. At mile 11 that ache turned to real pain. I finished the race but could barely walk after I stopped running. After the ride home, I couldn't walk at all. It turned out i had stress fractures in my femoral neck radiating up into the pelvis itself. (Doc said I almost broke straight through). I watched Cellcom that year from crutches. I was told to expect a 3 year recovery, and he was right! I don't have pain now except for when it's cold. It pretty much locks up then! I was running on broken bones in the left picture and didn't know it. The right one was taken a little later on pain meds...that didn't work very well! :-D Very glad to be past this...
runningrecovery - recovery - throwbackthursday - tbt - pelvicfracture - running - runninginjury - injury - stressfracture - marathon -
kburie : #running #runningrecovery #recovery #stressfracture #pelvicfracture #injury #runninginjury #marathon #tbt #throwbackthursday
lmische08 : Pop a cork to recovering #strong!
badgerjen2002 : And the weather was miserable that year!
kburie : @badgerjen2002 Yes. Yes it was! Nothing about that race was enjoyable, at least for me!
ash_inyourface : Hey my foot hurts when I walk on my big toe and it's been hurting for 3 weeks and I have been running 5k's and I ran one today and it hurts worse and I wrapped it and I think it looks swollen now that I took off? Could it be a stress fracture? @kburie
orangerunner : You've done an amazing job recovering Kim! Your now Dopey!! Wear that UNBREAKABLE bracelet with pride!
mahlerfan - morganbrit016 - conradadam82 - _allisonpierce_ -
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