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Words for our YOUNGER GENERATION!!! #timetogrowup #dosomethingwithyourlife #goodstuff #stopthedrama #besomebody #imdone #rp #teenagersneedtoreadthis
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deannakato : @ashley967 @sam_pegues
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And whaaaaat theeese bitches gotta saaaayyyyyy? Not a G Damn thinq. Hidinq behind a computer and a broke ass phone' theeese broke as bitches gotta take shyt slow. Yu need to go to yo mama and have hee remind you a slutt. Neva compare yolsef to me cuz yure way low down to my knees. Stfu talkinq awll that guala guala and dont do shyt. #wuzgood #doyou #dowatchugottado #stopthedrama #pussyhoe <<< ahora dile a los gogos que te traduzcan analfabeta newyodican wanna be. Lol
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laidback_cesar : Pero no te jakiaron el@otro?
beeboo2323 : Asi ehhhh ofrecome!!!
dakin01 : Y esa chapa es de la que vibran hahaha
ovojesus21 : Damn
eliezer1728 : Te pasaste 😉
elyoyo1980 : Damn you baddddd bitch
lblest718 : Dayuuuum
cyrix13 : @lalahefa abusadora. That ain't fair
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c; #stopthedrama #startthemusic
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#ladygaga #littlemonsters #qoute #funny #true #gaga #2014 #bornthisway #artpop #thefame #thefamemonster #nevergiveup #stopthedrama #startthemusic
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sarahkatehillx : @itsdaiisyy
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Yeah, @fandomhater is a bitch, but guess what! She W A N T S us to think she's a bitch. She WANTS us to freak out and make a big deal. So let's all N O T antagonize her and let her do what she wants. • You are all beautiful inside and out. And if you are gonna let one missable human being think otherwise, you need to take a step back and look at all the people that love you and KNOW you're beautiful. • #StopTheDrama
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goddessofmischiefxx : She has no life lmfao I'm just laughing at her
benaddicted_to_hiddleston : I reported and blocked her :) much better
therewillonlybe1tomhiddleston : Right well there must be something wring in this person's head, why the fudge would she tell people that she likes people freaking out over her hate. Wonder how many friends she has, lol that was mean! But still, who likes criticism?!
therewillonlybe1tomhiddleston : *wrong
hiddlessmileforme : I'm not even going to comment about this because if I start I can keep going for hours!😑😂👏👍 (sarcastically clapping over her stupidity)
loki_fanpagee : Can't just everyone report her? And the account will be gone soon
jcheartsu2 : That's sad. :/ she just probably wants friends but doesn't know how to get any. :( I know she or he said bad things but maybe she gets bullying and the only way she thinks that can make her feel better is if she inflicts it on others. The pics that that persons posted on that account is not even that person. The pics are from another account. I feel bad for him or her and for the people that get bullied by that account your talking about. :/
benedict_concombrebatch : What I find is the worst thing is that the 'selfies' she has up aren't even her so people are saying stuff like 'OMG UR SO UGLY!' But they are only saying it b/c the hate her even if she was the prettiest person alive people would still call her ugly and it must be terrible to be the person everyone is call in ugly :(
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See this? I think this should stop. They shouldnt barge into people's buisness. They dont even know these people! So yah. It should stop. #stopthedrama
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I recently saw a post @ronnieinreverse had posted and I honestly wanted to cry because people cant just let things go hate won't leave! yeah he was a drug addict but the key word is WAS! can't you just applaud him for recovering! and yeah he had done some bad thins and he's been to prison but he's not anymore because he ranged but people can't they hide behind computers and phones and hate on him, yeah I he it he's a grown man but even if you push down an adult it still hurts them and bullying is the same way! sticks and stones may break peoples bones but words KILL them! so I wanna try and start something I doubt it will work but doesn't mean we can't try! if you think this is wrong or just any bullying at all if your sick of the haters comment #StopTheDrama #DontBeTheBully #StopTheh8ters
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"Respeite a escolha das pessoas. Se sentir responsável pela vida dos outros é uma grande vaidade: quem é você para julgar as motivações e os desejos do outro? Você traz um peso desnecessário para sua vida em um estresse para suas relações. Você muda somente a si mesmo, e nunca vai conseguir mudar a essência do outro. Tudo é uma questão do livre-arbítrio de cada um" A vida é muito curta pra perder tempo com ti ti ti e besteira e ainda criar problema onde não existe. Afaste-se de quem te faz mal e não deixe quem te quer bem se afastar de você. Feliz Páscoa !! ❤️✌️🐰😊 #amizade#kindness#cadaumcadaum #stopthedrama #easter #felizpascoa #tolerancia#descomplica
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michelemotta : #ficaadica pra quem faz tempestade em copo d'água !!! Cada bobagem que eu vejo por aí...
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My four precious :'3 ♥ #TheFame #TheFameMonster #BornThisWay #ARTPOP #LadyGaga #StopTheDrama #StartTheMusic #Yolo
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genesis_mora_ : FollowMe @alanvargas22
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Masyado akong sentimental na tao HAHAHA! kaya pati itong pag-iisang taon namin na ojt last year sa City Tourism and Information Office ng Trece Martires City ay dapat i-#Throwback or i- #Flashback sa araw na ito mismo! Same date last year :) April 19! :) Dahil Marami kaming taong nakilala, nakasalamuha at naging ka-close. Simula ng araw na 'yon. ^^ #StopTheDrama na ^^ #FirstDayPictureAsAnOJT #CTIO #OJT #Interns #TreceMartiresCity #Friends #MissThisMoment
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Masyado akong maganda para maging malungkot. Hahahaha! 'di ko bagay. #stopthedrama #happy :)))))
stopthedrama - happy -
officialjeybi_ : @micahmalagu7 Osge. Pagbigyan danaka 😘
micahmalagu7 : @officialjeybi_ Yan makanyan. Salamat ❤ HAHA
officialjeybi_ : @micahmalagu7 Balu mu naman 😼
micahmalagu7 : @officialjeybi_ Wa balu ku. Haha
officialjeybi_ : @micahmalagu7 Ing nanu? Sge pen. Hahahaha
micahmalagu7 : Balu mu na kanta. Hihi @officialjeybi_
officialjeybi_ : @micahmalagu7 Haha. Ali kepa :p
micahmalagu7 : @officialjeybi_ Haha.
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Sorry Magcon fans, but CALM THE FUCK DOWN. This is probably the stupidest thing that ever happened on social media. They may have helped you through a lot, but you don't cut and hurt yourself for teenage boys. That's sad. Cutting isn't funny at all. People have serious problems like depression that ruins their lives and controls their lives. And your joking about it? And cutting for a group of guys? That's pathetic so stop it. Unfollow me if you disagree 👏 #magcon #cutformagcon #stopthedrama #stopcutting
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__o2l4nier : @haliesebastian33 LOOK! Get off the page if you don't like it! YOUR TROLLING IS NOT NEEDED HERE! Just leave this page PLEASE! These people have no right to use a couple of boys to cut them selves! These 6 boys that saved 1 life are talking about how when all these people were cutting themselves over REAL problems like idk bullies, abuse, etc. These 6 boys helped them STOP CUTTING,STOP WITH THE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS! So if you still think think cutting because a couple of boys aren't gonna be In a group anymore is OK. You are seriously messed up in the head oh and another thing stop hating on @_6guys1lifesaved_ They are Perfect and brighten up my day ALL THE TIME!! So as you keep trolling think about this your trolling is CAUSING SELF HARM!!!
_6guys1lifesaved_ : Ilysm 😘 @__o2l4nier
_6guys1lifesaved_ : Wow 😂😂😂 so offended @haliesebastian33
_nikki0901_ : @haliesebastian33 calm down bitch , magcon didn't even end ! That's what gets us pissed : the group didn't break - up , they just changed their name . All these girls are being fucking retarded by
_nikki0901_ : ^^^ cutting for some retarded potheads 😒
_6guys1lifesaved_ : THANK YOU! @_nikki0901_ they didn't disappear people are fucking freaking out
avaslade__27 : Preach🙌
tacobell_and_o2l_2 : Amen
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Kinda like an old edit I did but yeah. 😂 So people need to calm down about Magcon. I know it's sad but did people expect them to stay together forever? Their friendship isn't going away so if people really supported them, they would understand. Shawn is gonna go onto more singing, and probably Nash and Cam are going to go into something bigger because they are more popular. It's funny how fans try to control peoples lives! They can choose their own decisions on their own
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caylensbbyx : I guess some people are just really devastated but I totally get what you mean.
caylensbbyx : Also that^^ might make no sense but I honestly don't want to offend anybody, like you or other people but yea sorry.
jenn_scenes : to me it's not "magcon" it's the people in magcon who saved lives.
gilly_hanson : PREACH🙏🙏🙏
legendofeevee : ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ @gilly_hanson
legendofeevee : @_6guys1lifesaved_ well u speak the truth but that isn't gonna stop #cutformagcon 😭OMG those girls shouldn't self harm just no
legendofeevee : #stopcuttingformagcon
little_viviana_ortega : @payneispain @vanessaahere
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#Stopthedrama I hate drama and my school is full of it @jordan_dominator504 you can probably agree
stopthedrama -
jordan_dominator504 : #drama yeh tht is why people #fight
omgdance12 : Hey @jordan_dominator504 Ikr
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With every loud mouth saying "LETS FREE TILLY!!" Clearly you didint do proper research, he was already denied in 1992. The " Tilikum Transaction" clearly states the minister denied permission to release Tillikum. They made an exception for Keiko (im sure just to shut people up once that experiment was done). Condsidering his history, Im quite sure they will deny Tilikum any form of release/seapen rehabilitation and thinking out the box- Should he escape the seapen and hurt or kill someone. People may call for his demise. Want to know more about the transaction?? You can read it all here #Tilikum #Tillikum #shamu #truth #Blackfish #killerwhale #Shamu #Namu #orcas #orca #freetilly #savetilikum #research #getoverit #procaptvity #anticap #Seaworldcares #Tilikumtransaction
shamu - orcas - getoverit - savetilikum - growup - namu - blackfish - seaworldcares - research - stopthedrama - annoyingpeoplewillbeblocked - tilikumtransaction - tilikum - killerwhale - tillikum - getaclue - procaptvity - freetilly - truth - anticap - wildorcasareendangered - orca -
seaworldorlandowhales : Lol some people just are so ignorant.
seaworldstruthteam : @unofficialseaworldnews agreed- all they care about it the so called "truth" blackfish spews without doing any form of proper research.
seaworldorlandowhales : @seaworldstruthteam ya and you say they use Blackfish and they get all mad saying there are other facts then I ask them if their account was made after blackfish and every one has said yes
seaworldstruthteam : @unofficialseaworldnews oh goodness some people I tell you
riless12 : 🙌
seaworldstruthteam : Just because you believe what you see on movies or a book doesn't always ring true. It has been proven wild orcas due to PCBs have become susceptible to diseases, fungi and parasites, not to mention they are having decrease sperm count and disrupt many hormonal, developmental and reproductive processes. PCB levels in a developing calf, especially the firstborn, often lead to its premature death and as PCB concentration increases, it severely decreases the orca’s lifespan, further threatening the existing members of an already eendangered species. But yes captivity is oh so bad #getaclue #wildorcasareendangered #stopthedrama #annoyingpeoplewillbeblocked #growup
seaworldstruthteam : Im just annoyed with how many antis think the ocean Is so clean and safe when there are more hazards affecting the oceans in the past 35+ years which are caused due to the harmful things man has done. They neglect to look at the dead zones, the toxins which affect whales and their prey, and pollution (this includes noise pollution).
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I was writing an enormous text, trying to say my view about the photoshop on Gaga (as no one had ever used photoshop before), but I got just one thing to say: "WE DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, WE KNOW THE TRUTH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WITH THIS HORSE SH**" #LadyGaga #MotherMonster #BornThisWay #BadKids #GoddessOfLove #ARTPOP #FreeMyMind #StopTheDrama #YoungRebel #FuckYouPopMusic #THISISARTPOP
ladygaga - badkids - freemymind - bornthisway - youngrebel - goddessoflove - mothermonster - artpop - thisisartpop - stopthedrama - fuckyoupopmusic -
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Ridiculous Nonsense. #whydoyoucare #growup #basicbitches #thisiswhyididntgotohighschool #stopthedrama #omg #icanteven #peace #allyouneedislove ✌️💗
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Ash is so perfect 😍 Everyone needs to calm down on all the drama. He's so nice, why hate on him? I just don't understand.... || #keepsmilingashtonweloveyou#ashton#ashtonirwin#ashtonstrong#weloveyou#stopthedrama#lukehemmings#calumhood#michaelclifford#gashton#harrystyles#liampayne#zaynmalik#louistomlinson#niallhoran#onedirection#5sos#5secondsofsummer#1d
liampayne - louistomlinson - michaelclifford - niallhoran - keepsmilingashtonweloveyou - gashton - ashton - stopthedrama - ashtonirwin - onedirection - lukehemmings - ashtonstrong - weloveyou - harrystyles - 5secondsofsummer - zaynmalik - 5sos - calumhood - 1d -
5sosredskittles : exactly , he's amazing he doesn't deserve ANY hate EVER
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I don't have time for negativity. Too busy. Too focused. Negativity is draining anyway. Why people want that in their lives I will never understand. #teampositive #teambuilding #grow #stopthedrama #wheresthatgettingyou #useyourenergywisely #smallcircle #listentoeveryone #trustveryfew #iplaystupidtokeepthemoffguard #alwayswatchingforsnakes
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#nowplaying #BritneySpears #WorkBitch #instalike #instagay #popmusic #HighLife #StopTheDrama #StartTheMusic #Gay #Britney #BritneyJean #KillTheLights #SaveThePlanet
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leticioandrade : Diva..
bryanandres97 : 😍 😍Britney
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Unfollow or shut the fuck up! #unfollow#shutthefuckup#stfu#fuckoff#shutyourmouth#stopthedrama#growupnorthbay#stupiddramaticpeople#yourenolongerinhighschool
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Can this day just end already, I just want everything to be done and over with. If a single person even tries to pull me into some stupid drama tomorrow I swear I will punch someone. I'm done. #favoritism #hateeverything #stopthedrama #justdont #imdone #pissedoff #hatingtheworld
hatingtheworld - justdont - pissedoff - favoritism - imdone - hateeverything - stopthedrama -
_nicoledragon_ - redcherry00 -
#StopTheDrama #StartTheBapho
startthebapho - stopthedrama -
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Okay. I'm just really tired of all the hate and drama within the acnl community. If there's an account you don't like, IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO JUST GO AWAY? DO YOU REALLY NEED TO DROP HATE COMMENS? In case you didn't know: there are kids under 13 years old playing this game. How freaking stupid are you if you comment slut, whore etc ON A 10 YEAR OLD GIRLS PHOTOS? Gosh. Have ther dropoed a childish comment like "you're a poop"? Then you; 1. Ignore them Or 2. Block them If you get even worse comments; repeat step 1 or 2. If it's someone you hate; repeat step 1 or 2. Seriously, it's not that freaking hard. So just quit the hate, quite the drama and STFU. 💀🍰💀 #acnl #animalcrossing #newleaf #animalcrossingnewleaf #acnlfandom #acnlcommunity #rage #hate #stopthehate #stopthedrama #quitthehate #quitthedrama #stfu #pissedoff #mad #angry
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mayor_jennut : @endersnivy_crossing Sorry for the late reply! I had homework.. I can fix it now?
endersnivy_crossing : @mayor_jennut ok just tell me when 💕
mayor_jennut : @endersnivy_crossing It's really weird.... she was suppose to move on the 15th. I'm on the 17th and she is still here? Not in boxes? Could she have changed her mind without telling me? O.o
endersnivy_crossing : Maybe.. Sometimes they do that but it's rare, Melba did that to me,
mayor_jennut : @endersnivy_crossing It's really weird. Should I tt back to todays date and see what happens?
mayor_jennut : @endersnivy_crossing Erik just pinged.. so I guess Peaches isn't moving at the moment -.-
endersnivy_crossing : Ok :/ well tell me when she is 💕
mayor_jennut : @endersnivy_crossing I'll try to get her out tomorrow! Promise 💕
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My #wcw. I know its a repost but she means the world to me <3 hopefully I will be spending all my days with her. Love you baby ;) #ivegotjokes
stopthedrama - wcw - ivegotjokes -
zachwynn : Yeah, she and I have been on and off for a while.
bananabeast777 : Omg........
zachwynn : XD @bananabeast777
wildcard_904 : What? Can you guys just leave me and the bae alone. @zachwynn @bananabeast777 #stopthedrama
bananabeast777 : This is like farting on an elevator. It's nasty on so many levels
zachwynn : "Farting" @bananabeast777
zachwynn : "Elavator" @bananabeast777
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#nofilter I think more like ALL the time women/girls need to #stopthedrama
nofilter - stopthedrama -
mannandcoffee - d_kamm - i_love_gymnastics5248 -
Learnin... #littleloaf #chubbybaby #junemommies #stopthedrama #lookitsababy #junebugs
chubbybaby - lookitsababy - littleloaf - junebugs - junemommies - stopthedrama -
ohtuesday : She's too cute!
chrissy10030 : What a beauty
miss_gui - britneyrachelle703 - mrs_hudnall - joyhopper726 -
People hate on my idols. Like if you get over the controversy and take the time to get to know them, then you'd probably like them. :| #NotCool #StopTheDrama { #LadyGaga #ARTPOP #ARTPOPEra #Gaga #RoselandBallRoom #GetMoreGaga #Versace #Donatella #BornThisWay #TheFameMonster #TheFame #ImAStar}
ladygaga - gaga - notcool - getmoregaga - versace - artpopera - roselandballroom - artpop - bornthisway - imastar - thefamemonster - thefame - stopthedrama - donatella -
itsmearlyn_ : Right ? #stopthedramastartthemusic
flopgaga : @itsmearlyn_ preach little monster :D
gagatumblr : Follow back?
yasjose - smiler_queen - jerry_gaga1118 -
Please no hate for what I'm about to say... Y'all are so immature with this Alexa thing. She is a person too she has feelings too. And y'all are just assuming that her and Rocky are dating cause of ^^^^^^^ this picture. She goes on tour with a lot of people like Demi Lovato. Dudes the internet is a lot more fun when we all get along. This is not what the R5 Family is about were starting to act more like a fandom rather than a family. So just leave Alexa alone I know you have your own opinions but please try and keep the bad ones to yourself! And don't cut yourself over one person. -Angela
r5 - r5rocks - alexadowd - rockylynch - stopthedrama - r5family -
rrydellr5 : #rockylynch #alexadowd #R5Family #R5 #R5Rocks #stopthedrama
kaylalynch_r5 : Why is people cutting her off and Saying Mean stuff about her
rrydellr5 : She is apparently dating Rocky..... Idk . @kaylalynch_r5
kaylalynch_r5 : I know
dafuqr5 : Exactly!! I mean we all have our own opinions and I honestly don't like her but I mean everyone just need to calm down!
rrydellr5 : For real!!! @dafuqr5
verito_1112 - bonbonroser5 - maliboo05 - ilove30411 -
Don't matter if it a relationship or friendship, just treat others how you want to be treated #word #preach #respect #heartbreak #trust #nomorebull #nomorelies #stopthedrama #betrayal
word - betrayal - heartbreak - nomorelies - nomorebull - respect - trust - stopthedrama - preach -
elishevahmonrad : Ooooh thats harsh & so freaking true! People, can't live with them, not allowed to shoot them in the head! But we can run from drama
prachisharma19 - mattdjswat - elishevahmonrad - sammimcallister -
#stopthehate#stopthedrama#stopthelies #instaqoute#justsaying #tsk
stopthehate - stopthelies - tsk - justsaying - stopthedrama - instaqoute -
shingfox : True cuz
jamesrino25 : S
jamesrino25 : @shingfox :-) miss u cuz
shingfox : Wa jud ta nagkita cuz uy. @jamesrino25
jamesrino25 : @shingfox lage. Dali ra kaayu akoa vacay dihaa. Next time. Mang laag rta ping cuz
sausheilove - harrli_jazperado - corveranikki - rocasafa -
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