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Khan u not 😡 - #sorrynotsorry 😏 - I have rediscovered my hate for two things. Projects and stomach aches 😑 - #startrek #startrekintothedarkness #khan #benedictcumberbatch #blue #somuchhmwk #iwish #stomachaches #and #projects #woulddie Creds: @thescienceofboredom
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Do you think we went overboard? @elreichert @jereichert @ncarx #desserts #stomachaches
desserts - stomachaches -
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Traditional Icelandic Easter breakfast. #chocolate #stomachaches
stomachaches - chocolate -
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β˜•οΈ it was a bad idea to fill this whole cup with coffee 😣 #stomachaches
stomachaches -
jamjam1120 : Been there cousin trust me haha
jessziebart : @jamjam1120 but it's just so good! Haha
jamjam1120 : @jessziebart lol you are correct
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Happy Easter!! #stomachaches #thetruemeaning :)
thetruemeaning - stomachaches -
monique_emily : Hope that's chocolate! @timcampbelltwit
shirlsdemo : Happy Easter to u & Anth & hope u get a basket full of Easter eggs. I have plenty of spares if u need any. But only Cadbury Bunnies.🐰🐰🐰
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Face painting, balloons, popcorn, funnel cakes, cotton candy... Oh yeah, think there was some ice hockey too! @wave_church @wavenorfva @wavecitycare supporting Norfolk Admirals! 5-3 Win #funtimes #sugarrush #stomachaches #ourteamwon
sugarrush - funtimes - stomachaches - ourteamwon -
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HOMEMADE VANILLA ICE CREEEEEEEEAMAAAA!!!! With her with cream and a waffle cone cup thing!!!! 😝😝😝😝🍨 can't wait to get a stomach ache #homemadeicecream#homemade#icecream#wafflecone#cones#stomachaches#cantwait#lmfao#lifeoftheskiiprincess#aghhhhh
lifeoftheskiiprincess - homemadeicecream - cones - lmfao - icecream - aghhhhh - stomachaches - homemade - wafflecone - cantwait -
bxggiesmalls : soooo ninna... you sharing?
ninnaskii : Lmfao sorry just finished it πŸ˜‰
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What is love? Love is pain, love is butterflies and stomach aches!~ MGK! πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ #MGK#love#butterflies#stomachaches#followme#followforfollow#sfs#spam#likeforlike#camo#woods
love - spam - mgk - sfs - followforfollow - butterflies - woods - likeforlike - stomachaches - camo - followme -
jarrettneese : Shit? Lol
natassja31 : Shut! It's called auto correct you stupid fuck!
jarrettneese : Yea bull shit it doesn't auto correct that
natassja31 : Just leave me alone fuck face!
jarrettneese : Okay fake country girl
natassja31 : You don't know shit about me!!! Go fuck off!
eyy_its_alexx : Tbh: I absoluty love this picture of you. Your beautiful. & don't like that Jarrett kid get to you. Hmu sometime.
natassja31 : Thank you Alexx. I miss you a lot. Jarrett is a totally asshole that doesn't know shit. Yeah. Thanks.
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I need plenty of this today to reciprocate the acid inside my stomach. #stomachaches #2daysncounting #thankukuyamario
thankukuyamario - stomachaches - 2daysncounting -
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Cousin visits and asian faces ^.^ #goodday #stomachaches #asianfaces
goodday - asianfaces - stomachaches -
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Ugh I feel so Goddamn sick ;-; like wtf man even a shower didn't help. #Sick #Depression #Depressed #Dep #Sue #Bel #Ana #Anorexia #Anorexic #Worthless #Bleh #KillMe #Stomachaches #Fat #Ugly #IHateMe #Bulimia #Bulimic #Suicidal #Suicide #FuckedUpHair
suicidal - ana - bulimic - bulimia - worthless - fat - stomachaches - anorexic - depression - anorexia - sue - suicide - bel - ugly - dep - fuckeduphair - bleh - depressed - killme - sick - ihateme -
societykilledtheteenagerr_ : That has to suck :c
i_hate_my_broken_world : beautiful *-*
psychofreak : Baaaabe
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Holy fucking shit. I swear I can't stop puking...Oh God. #Pain #Depression #Depression #Dep #Anorexia #Anorexic #Ana #Anxiety #Schizophrenia #Headaches #Stomachaches #HolyShit
anxiety - pain - ana - dep - schizophrenia - stomachaches - holyshit - headaches - anorexic - depression - anorexia -
ngjuvenia : So true.. Was suffering this for a year it sucked so badly.. Would actually thought of it would be great if it was exchanged with a physical sickness
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My candy wall, I am doin the Jelly Belly challenge with ma mom. Have to do it on a Sunday night ya know?
stomachaches - candy -
distantloveaj : Crap forgot the hashtag, whatever #Candy #StomachAches
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The hardest thing I've ever had to read. Loving Jordan more than myself is the hardest thing to get over. I loved you more than anything. Really, it's been a month since we broke up and I'm glad you're doing okay more than me. I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for you. #breakups #heartaches #depressed #depression #ilovedyou #somuch #youweremybestfriend #breakup #brokenhearted #iloveyoustill #stomachaches #heartache #crying #tears
heartache - heartaches - iloveyoustill - ilovedyou - depressed - breakup - somuch - breakups - tears - stomachaches - crying - brokenhearted - youweremybestfriend - depression -
hockeylolo20 : I knew he started to smoke with Corey after we broke up. I kind of figured he'd been lying the whole time we were together. He was the whole world to me. He really was. I just felt bad it was a waste of 2 years for him and your family. I seriously loved your whole family. I really did, more than anything. I keep telling him I don't want to start over with anyone new. But when he broke up with me he said "I just need space to myself. We will get back together after time". Now he's saying "Lauren you need to move on. I don't love you anymore. You always telling me how much you care and love me isn't getting you anywhere. It's ridiculous". I've attempted suicide a couple times, your mom and Britnee know about it. Honestly, I hated Corey from the start. I knew he was trouble from the start. I thought Jordan was better than that. But I guess I was a joke to your family and to Jordan. Maybe one day he will realize the mistake he made, maybe not ever. But I still care and love Jordan more than anything in this world still. I wish he didn't have to tell me through text we should break up and Facebook message me saying he doesn't love me anymore. @no_name_3840
no_name_3840 : Wow yea Corey is really mean I guesse I heard he force Jordan to try a smoke and Jordan did then he love it. Ik u tried to compute suicide. When I heard that I started framing out be saw I don't want u to die because I love u so much and I miss u and wished u and Jordan never broke up @hockeylolo20
hockeylolo20 : I hate Corey. At times he was funny, but most of the time I hated his guts. And suicide felt like it was the only option for me honestly. My heart hurt so bad, like it literally hurt so bad from the depression and sadness. I still love Jordan and probably won't be able to get over him at all. He was my everything and probably always will be. Even though I keep getting told to move on, I simply can't for how much i loved him. I hope he realizes he made a mistake. But it's what makes him happy I guess... @no_name_3840
no_name_3840 : Corey can be mean at times and funny at times. I cried so much one day cause my friend didnt want to be friends anymore and we have been friends since day one if kindergarten and I just started crying but then she wanted to be friends again. When I was crying it just hurted to Breath because I have really bad asthma. But I hope he will notice his mistake and love u again. @hockeylolo20
hockeylolo20 : Friendships are hard Brooke. Trust me, you'll be with friends with someone in middle school and when high school comes around, you won't be friends with them anymore. Same thing happened to me. It just proves who your friends are and who they aren't. You're a tough girl and get through things :) me? Not so much haha :) but it's only a matter of time to see if he does or not. It's been over a month and I'm still not used to it.. But hopefully things get better.. @no_name_3840
no_name_3840 : Yea ik I just hope everything goes back to straight and things et better
hockeylolo20 : Honestly, I'm starting to doubt it πŸ˜” because he told me I should move on πŸ˜”
hockeylolo20 : @no_name_3840
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What is love? Love is pain, butterflies and stomach aches. #KellinQuinn #Mgk #MachineGunKelly #Swinglifeaway #love #is #paint #butterflies #and #stomachaches #perfect #song #beautiful #Richard <3
and - perfect - love - richard - kellinquinn - mgk - is - song - paint - butterflies - stomachaches - swinglifeaway - machinegunkelly - beautiful -
stone_wallace : Dope
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Day two test of no creamer just addin water to see if it stops the stomach aches I've been havin! So far so good no #stomachaches πŸ˜πŸ‘ #awesome #still #can #drink #coffee #excited #happy #sweet #black #light #dark #purple #coffee #delicious #hahayup
happy - coffee - purple - sweet - awesome - drink - dark - black - can - delicious - light - still - excited - stomachaches - hahayup -
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Small dinner! πŸ˜” I'm scared of my stomach hurting as it has been for the past week! 😫 🌟🌟🌟 this was black beans, red pepper, queso fresco, avocado with some vinegar and sea salt! I also ate a slice of nature Harvest's bread! 😊 GN! 😊😘
healthyfood - cheese - lovingfood - redpepper - loveblackbeans - supportus - gym - gettingstronger - blackbeans - quesofresco - stomachaches - healthyeating - coreday - definition - workhard - avocado - fitlife - dinner - aftercoreday - joinus -
dcfitnessjourney : #dinner #fitlife #lovingfood #stomachaches #coreday #aftercoreday #gym #healthyeating #healthyfood #loveblackbeans #blackbeans #redpepper #avocado #quesofresco #cheese #supportus #joinus #gettingstronger #definition #workhard
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I had a great day with my headache❀️ I'm so exhausted. This baby takes all of my energyπŸ‘ΆπŸšΌ #mommytired #mybackhurts #stomachaches #munchkin #gettingbig #goodnight
gettingbig - goodnight - teamnatural - mybackhurts - mommytired - munchkin - stomachaches -
dsimone_mua : Yes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ slayed omg you gonna make me wanna cut my hair off again. 😩😩
samanthaspice : U preg?
born_winner_1 : 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 omg congrats cuz 😘😘😘
beautyflawless : Thanks boo @dsimone_mua #teamnatural
beautyflawless : Thanks cuz @born_winner_1 ☺️😘
iamcontroverse_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»
beautyflawless : 😊😘 @iamcontroverse_
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These were full before I got pregnant..these do such wonders!!!! #getthem #literallyworksinseconds #betterthanPB #Tums #Berries #stomachaches
getthem - betterthanpb - literallyworksinseconds - berries - stomachaches - tums -
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Oh for the love of #pastries! #yum #dessert #madlove #stomachaches
dessert - madlove - yum - stomachaches - pastries -
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Have the best nights with this girl! πŸ‘­πŸ’œ
stomachaches - crying - cousin - selfie - laughter - toomuch -
torabray : #selfie #cousin #toomuch #laughter #crying #stomachaches
zahaizuan : Nice to meet both of u
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Level: childhood ruined. #barneylovers #ouchrightinthechildhood #imhungry #foodsnasty #help #erhmahgerd #stomachaches #headaches #music #ifunny
barneylovers - help - headaches - foodsnasty - imhungry - ouchrightinthechildhood - music - erhmahgerd - ifunny - stomachaches -
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Picking mints at Dannie's house #mints #homeremedy #herbs #stomachaches #stomachflu #asthma #respiratory #thanksdanny πŸƒπŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ @bukkkkkk_danny
respiratory - asthma - thanksdanny - herbs - homeremedy - stomachaches - stomachflu - mints -
kitapoonsuk : I need some mints! @xo_emi_lee_ox
poppybrailsfordx : Does this actually work for stomach problems? I'm currently dying πŸ˜‚ x
xo_emi_lee_ox : I'll tell Danny to pick you some! @kitapoonsuk @poppybrailsfordx Yes, in hot water; helps relax stomach muscles and relieve pain. The brat diet helps too. Banana, white rice, applesauce, and white bread toast until you get better and then try adding yogurt to as you get better; helps strengthen your stomach lining since it's so weak now. Good day, hope you feel better! πŸ˜†
poppybrailsfordx : Oh wow! Thanks for the advice, I now know what I'm going to be spending my weekend doing πŸ˜‚ thankyou 😁 x
xo_emi_lee_ox : @poppybrailsfordx haha πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
leeannsmeed : You mentioned asthma, how would you use it? Mint tea?
xo_emi_lee_ox : Yes @leannsmeed you could simply make a mint tea with hot water and fresh mint leaves. Inhale the aroma under a blanket a blanket while the tea is still hot. It helps when I have a scratchy throat and when in coughing. I sometimes have asthma too.
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Last night I experienced a miracle! My whole life I've struggled with #nausea and random #stomachaches that sneak up on me. They are the worst right when I'm trying to settle down and go to sleep because of my dinner. I tried rubbing 4 drops of #doTERRA #DigestZen on my abdomen and within 5 minutes all my pain was gone and I was able to go to bed! Couldn't be happier!! Email me today and try it yourself if you have these symptoms. #holisticremedy #RN #nurse #oils #healthy #happy relief
rn - healthy - stomachaches - oils - nurse - happy - doterra - holisticremedy - digestzen - nausea -
blacireno : Where can these products be purchased. This sounds so like me. πŸ‘πŸ˜”
rnessentialoils : Email me at and I can help you! @blacireno
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#emotionallyeating #midnightsnacking #cantsleep #icecream #doritos #blueberrycoffee #heartaches #headaches #stomachaches #fml
heartaches - doritos - emotionallyeating - icecream - fml - stomachaches - midnightsnacking - headaches - cantsleep - blueberrycoffee -
amanduhrose : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
mua_monica : I couldn't find tiramisu flavor so I settled πŸ˜‘ @amanduhrose
ariela_k : My favorite ❀️
gorjesst : ❀️
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Stuck sick in bed 😒😷 #liquiddinner #bodyaches #stomachaches #boyfriend #spolingme #lovehim #tattoos #nofilter #everythinghurts #electrolytes #gatorade #fruitpunch #nosolidsforme #thissucks #hestheonlygoodthingabouttonight @gsxrfreakbrah 😘😘 thank you baby!
fruitpunch - bodyaches - tattoos - thissucks - electrolytes - everythinghurts - spolingme - hestheonlygoodthingabouttonight - gatorade - liquiddinner - lovehim - nosolidsforme - nofilter - stomachaches - boyfriend -
saintsfreak9 : @sandraaaa46 you cnt hangout with us if you're sick ! Jajajajaja .
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My X-ray results just came in 😢 #stomachaches #fluttering #butterflies
butterflies - fluttering - stomachaches -
officialjadeagainstbullying : @paigecaniff we did a year ago March. We had an amazing time. I really love Branford. I am trying to come back soon
paigecaniff : I hope you do come back to branford!! ILYSM!!!!
officialjadeagainstbullying : @paigecaniff I hope so too
theojamestris : Thank u so much 4 following @officialkidagainstbullying
thejadearcherfanclub : OMG are the butterflies because of @dowork122.
officialjadeagainstbullying : @kristenisasluttywhore I would like to inform you that if you write DIE directly to someone it's considered a federal crime especially if they actually go through with it. I am sure everyone has looked at your account and has taken a screen shot of this. Jade has nothing against you just your page isn't necessary people can get hurt and people do kill themselves because of this. ~ J.A.B Organization
officialjadeagainstbullying : @_smmiilleey_
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Swing life away _mgk #swinglifeaway#laceup#est#machinegunkelly#rook419#Believe#hope#love#pain#stomachaches
est - love - machinegunkelly - rook419 - laceup - stomachaches - pain - believe - hope - swinglifeaway -
that_undead_girl : #thissong #sotrue #lovesucks
hansenfuentes : I'm in this music video
tatawashington : That's awesome I love his drummer @hansenfuentes
hansenfuentes : Yep I was playing guitar
tatawashington : Dude That's awesome @hansenfuentes
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I really do not feel good. #stomachaches #work #instagay #lesbian #lesbiansofinstagram #ilikegirls
ilikegirls - stomachaches - instagay - work - lesbian - lesbiansofinstagram -
so_like_ya_know_bmx : Hey, can u kik me?
_derpasaurus_rexx : Sure. What's your kik @dyke_love_bmx
so_like_ya_know_bmx : unicornsbarfedonme
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Trying water for a week.havent been able to finish this bottle since yesterday x.x ...#hatewater only has made me #thirstier and given me #stomachaches which is why i dont drink water -.- #notmakingthisup lol i deserve tacos da whole weekend for.this @levivel16 hahaha
notmakingthisup - thirstier - hatewater - stomachaches - notalie -
lina_lg2 : Haha ahh! So im not the only one! #notalie haha its our bodies way Of saying WHERES DA SUGAR!??! @stephaniesays88
lina_lg2 : Lol i know n i dont see how :/ ...once they taste juice thell be over water i tell ya! Lol @tequilaxsunrise
tequilaxsunrise : @lina_lg2 Haha seriously!
esparzakl : Now we just gotta getcha onto salads πŸ™ˆ Bahahaha 😘
ty_gross87 : Miss you boo!!!
lina_lg2 : Nevvveerr!! Lol @esparzakl
lina_lg2 : Awww i miss u too :'( @ty_gross87. It was nice seeing u dat day u went..believe me u look so refreshed
ty_gross87 : I am!!! Lol...
stephaniesays88 - xjoyce12x - santiagochile87 - dirtymynd -
soembarressing - overtired - backaches - greatexperience - artisamazing - neveragain - stomachaches - illa - seepy -
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Let's just Swing Life Away! #swinglifeaway #mgk #machinegunkelly #kells #blackflag #love #pain #butterflies #stomachaches #diamonds #death #dying #notafaid #laceup #lacethefuckup #ltfu #mgkstakeover
love - blackflag - mgk - notafaid - mgkstakeover - ltfu - laceup - stomachaches - pain - swinglifeaway - death - lacethefuckup - dying - butterflies - kells - diamonds - machinegunkelly -
summerrae___ - niccibruner - mickamill - perks_ofbeing_april -
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