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Struggled through today warrior session. Damn you alcohol lol. My hair felt like Big Boy right there so I had to get lined up at KJ's. Getting pretty for that rinse and face wash. Even thugs like to be pampered #thuglife #fitness #vacaystartstoday #spladau
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jaydahlly : @sergelife my birthday Saturday the 30th at the M I wanna see you there!!! Please 😁
sergelife : @jaydahlly ah shiiit I'm gonna be in Cali still :(
jaydahlly : Booooo :( everyone's going away's ok gives us an excuse to drink next time :p
sergelife : @jaydahlly sounds good!
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Mid day snack real quick. Kids Turkey Pita. It's pretty damn delicious. #snackattack #tryit #spladau
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paulthethird : @sergelife ohh naaahhh
mofknz : Poke bowls
sergelife : @mofknz Yuup. Pa'ina Bowl is a winner.
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I would always make fun of tourist Japanese for taking pics but look at me now lol. Acai Bowl action!!! #snack #delicious #spladau
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_mikaylax3 : I want one of those, it's so yummy!
sergelife : @_mikaylax3 I only started eating these like 5 months ago. I been missing out! How you been btw?
_mikaylax3 : I haven't had one in awhile!! but I've been good. just working like crazy, nothing new. lol how are you??
sergelife : @_mikaylax3 at least you keeping busy :). But I been good just working and going to EC Fitness. Pretty much my life right now haha.
_mikaylax3 : yeah I need to stay busy, if not I get bored and depressed. I got issues! haha jk but that's good least you staying fit! :)
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Day cap. Home made kava. First time making this #kava #chill #spladau #kamehamehaday
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hemodashirt : It doesn't taste like kava unless it tastes like dirt # allreep
sergelife : @hemodashirt God made dirt so dirt don't hurt.
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First workout session in 2 weeks. My body weary. Gotta get 25% Bruce Lee status. #ecfitness #allday #spladau #shikaka
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sergelife : #justdoit
paulthethird : #getit
sergelife : @paulthethird I heard it from the man himself. Eddie said I'm gonna die tomorrow. #ooohnooo
paulthethird : @sergelife I think we're all screwed #ooohnooo
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Adios muchachos! #Vegas #spladau #jagerboyz #keg #hangover
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tiare_g : LUCKY!!! Have fun!!
sergelife : Thanks @tiare_g !!
niztec : James???
sergelife : Jaimes.
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Upscale Ross shopping right now. #ballinonabudget #Vegas #spladau!
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doc_nes : i dig the #spladau
sergelife : @doc_nes I'm pretty sure that's how you spell it lol
aleksanda : Hahahaha
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