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Guess who's the best boyfriend helping me teach daisy to ride & learning himself
riding - horse - appaloosa - daisy - spring - southlouisiana - boyfriend -
btheriot25 : #horse #appaloosa #daisy #southlouisiana #spring #riding #boyfriend
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Day 1 of #tanning: ☑️😄☀️ #springbreak#day1#spring#noschool#yay#tan#gettingthere#sunglasses#topknot#bun#sun#gettingsomerays#southlouisiana#southernsun#lovingit#happy#happiness
noschool - gettingthere - sunglasses - spring - southlouisiana - tanning - tan - happiness - yay - sun - topknot - day1 - gettingsomerays - bun - lovingit - springbreak - southernsun - happy -
schang008 : Woot woot! Lets go!!! 💪💦 @kayrich123
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At the Tabasco Factory #tabasco #louisiana #hotsauce #averyisland Pause To Watch and Read #NewIberia
worldwide - pepper - redstick - cajun - southlouisiana - explore - newiberia - averyisland - lepetitbatonrouge - thesouth - batonrouge - sauce - tabasco - getout - island - travel - hotsauce - red - fun - louisiana - south -
jaredluent : @louisianatravel
jaredluent : MADE IN LOUISIANA Avery Island, in the heart of Louisiana’s “Cajun Country,” is a mysteriously beautiful place where handcrafting pepper sauce is a way of life. Here the pepper fields grow, the factory hums, and the McIlhenny family makes pepper sauce in essentially the same way that their ancestor, Edmund McIlhenny, made it in 1868. Today, TABASCO® Original Red is bottled and labeled in 22 languages and dialects and shipped from Avery Island to more than 165 countries and territories worldwide!
jaredluent : AGED UP TO 3 YEARS The flavor of our all-natural TABASCO® Original Red is unmatched because the way we make it is so unique. The deep-red, juicy peppers are carefully hand-picked. Then they’re mashed, mixed with a small amount of Avery Island salt, and aged in special white-oak barrels – for up to 3 years! The aging process creates subtle flavor notes that are unique to our signature Original Red Sauce flavor. (Occasionally we also produce an exclusive TABASCO® Family Reserve Sauce that’s aged for up to 8 years.) The aged mash is tasted and inspected for quality and flavor by the McIlhenny family. Then it’s blended with high-quality, distilled vinegar and strained to create the finished sauce.
jaredluent : “BEAUCOUP” PEPPER SAUCE That’s Cajun for a lot of pepper sauce. When all 4 production lines at our Avery Island factory are in operation, more than 700,000 2-oz. bottles of our Original Red Sauce can be made in a single day. We label bottles in 22 languages and dialects and ship them from Avery Island to more than 165 countries and territories around the globe. Where do all the peppers come from? Our very own pepper seed stock. Each year during harvest, McIlhenny family members personally select the best pepper plants in the field to use for seed. The seeds from those select plants are treated and dried for use the following year; they are stored both on Avery Island and in a separate bank vault as an added precaution.
jaredluent : WHY WE’RE EVERYWHERE A crowded cafe in Paris. A bustling market in Rio de Janeiro. A food stall on the streets of Dubai. Travel to the most exotic corners of the world and there’s likely to be one familiar sight that will make you feel right at home: the little bottle with the red cap and diamond label! Why is it so popular worldwide? Because it enhances the flavors in all cuisines, rather than overpowering them. We ship TABASCO® Original Red Sauce from Avery Island, Louisiana, to more than 165 countries and territories worldwide, with the bottles labeled in more than 22 different languages and dialects.
jaredluent : WHY WE USE “THE LITTLE RED STICK” The unique flavor of our Original Red Sauce is highly dependent on our peppers being picked at a certain stage of ripeness – when they turn a deep red color. That’s why, during the pepper harvest, we depend on le petit bâton rouge (the little red stick). It’s painted the same shade as a perfectly ripe pepper, and before we pick each pepper, we make sure it matches the stick’s color. It’s part of what makes our sauce “handcrafted”; we’ve used this method for generations and it continues to ensure an incredible consistency in heat and flavor.
jaredluent : #travel #explore #fun #sauce #south #thesouth #southlouisiana #getout #island #pepper #batonrouge #lepetitbatonrouge #redstick #red #worldwide #cajun
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Bass on. #fishing#fish#southlouisiana#bass#fish#fishon
fish - fishon - bass - southlouisiana - fishing -
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Beautiful view through my tearful eyes. Good Friday. West I-90.
jj_louisiana - bayoucountry - restinpeacegrandpa - iwillmissyou - igerslouisiana - goodfriday - southlouisiana - stellar_shots - reallysad - louisianasky - jj_louisiana_038 - amazingsky -
letmecaptureit : That's a cool picture
4everluvlala : #iwillmissyou #restinpeacegrandpa #reallysad #goodfriday #bayoucountry #louisianasky #amazingsky #igerslouisiana #jj_louisiana #jj_louisiana_038 #southlouisiana #stellar_shots
helen1705 : Marvelous!!! :-)
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#reflexion #bammer at it again!!! @reflexionswimbaits #southlouisiana #speckledtrout
reflexion - bammer - speckledtrout - southlouisiana -
p_mccann78 : Where you located @I'm pulsefishing
impulsefishing : @p_mccann78 I'm in south Louisiana near Houma. Check me out bro!
p_mccann78 : Grand isle!
billyjoe_palmisano - denlyn15 - joshua1dh - faatboxxxer -
Couldn't think of a better way to return home from Key West @bbarnemann @rjboasso @feliciaganci #boil #crawfish #southlouisiana
crawfish - southlouisiana - boil -
nola_melo : @paularne504 awesome table!
48_monkey - malsfe1 - kreily45 - rafe_90 -
Sometimes... at work... we hunt snakes. #southlouisiana
southlouisiana -
sparklemagicanimal : @wixomallstars this is exactly how I've imagined Louisiana!
rikkilynne - khebert225 - tanley720 - sparklemagicanimal -
My back yard is in a state of utter destruction and chaos. But I have a pretty rose bush! #southlouisiana #roses #hoesbeforebros
roses - hoesbeforebros - southlouisiana -
judirosso - rikkilynne - rkb81 - thatcountygirllifeaya__ -
Us gals enjoyed a yummy South Louisiana dinner of boiled crawfish this evening! #seafood #crawfish #southlouisiana
crawfish - seafood - southlouisiana -
boilingcrab - tinyawee - kristyeallen - teddymihailova -
I love this porch. #southerngirl #aviators #southlouisiana #migraine
migraine - southlouisiana - aviators - southerngirl -
jmansmom93 - mstone56126 - backwoodsbrunette_ - tillymonstax3 -
#shyphotography #topseniormodel #2014senior #portbarrehigh #pbhs #classof2014 #southlouisiana #portraitphotography #modelmaterial #beauty
seniormodel - portbarrehigh - thoseeyes - portraitphotography - beauty - instasenior - pbhs - southlouisiana - modelmaterial - classof2014 - shyphotography - topseniormodel - 2014senior -
prila_shy : #instasenior
prila_shy : #seniormodel #thoseeyes
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Final prairie view. Hitting the road for the long drive back home. #southlouisiana #vermilionparish
southlouisiana - vermilionparish -
cutalka - suzdoran - mreemaz - 5orangepotatoes -
Springtime in the swamp #southlouisiana
southlouisiana -
mercyrock : Wow that looks really cool @jen_elise_parks!
_hannahparks_ - sarahmlpalmerrrr - mercyrock - kayla_romeiser -
Some days are made for holding alligators. #southlouisiana #swamp #airboatsbyarthur
swamp - airboatsbyarthur - southlouisiana -
tigermba : You are brave!!!
sarahmlpalmerrrr - toribulman - mercyrock - yvonnet09 -
Sunday on the water #southlouisiana #fishing #nofilter
nofilter - fishing - southlouisiana -
cjnichols08 : Jealous
tiffanymartin80 - lizbits89 - strevig - cjnichols08 -
Sunday on the water #southlouisiana #fishing #nofilter
nofilter - fishing - southlouisiana -
wins16brou : Did y'all catch anything?
whitemike985 : Nah. Did more riding than fishing. Was learning a new area.
bundlesofjoyy - cjnichols08 - tiffanymartin80 - wins16brou -
I'd much rather be here all day on such a beautiful day; instead, I'm stuck in a car driving away. See ya later Bayou Courtableau. #southlouisiana
southlouisiana -
sloanewho - tkelleyrn - hyland_adam - janiemechelle -
Just your typical Easter Sunday... The family jam band with Rockstar Woody getting down on the Harmonica 😉🐰🎼🎶🎸 #rockstarwoody #lookoutladies #perkinsfamilyeaster #southlouisiana #wagonwheel #harmonica #guitars #eastersunday #familyjamband @wilsons1228
harmonica - familyjamband - eastersunday - wagonwheel - southlouisiana - perkinsfamilyeaster - rockstarwoody - lookoutladies - guitars -
beebee1187 : 💔Missed y'all SO much!!
lindsay_hays : @beebee1187 WE MISSED YOU TOO!!!!! Cannot believe you couldn't come down! Hope you had a Happy Easter!!! 😘
annabmire : Dang @lindsay_hays you've got a full on band in the fam! They are good!
nicolecohea - dm_lazarus - sherry_thib - amipenick -
Fun on the water! Easter 2014
igersoflouisiana - southernfun - spring - southlouisiana - water - louisianalivin - igersofbatonrouge - fun - easter - falseriver -
ashlynell : #falseriver #easter #louisianalivin #southlouisiana #southernfun #water #spring #fun #igersofbatonrouge #igersoflouisiana
lexiicolliins : Miss y'all 😘
sandymartin65 : You look great@ Ashlynell
delosturner - rhondastmartin - lp_pictures - lauramotam -
Picture 327 | St. Bernard Catholic Church | Breaux Bridge, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
cajun - catholic - southlouisiana - igersoflouisiana - followyournola - authenticla - onlylouisiana - igersoflafayette - acadiana - faith - jj_louisiana - cajuncountry - creolecountry - lafayette - breauxbridge - cajuncatholic - creole -
bayoulonestar : Happy Easter! #faith #catholic #cajuncatholic #southlouisiana #onlylouisiana #creole #acadiana #cajun #breauxbridge #cajuncountry #creolecountry #jj_louisiana #igersoflouisiana #igersoflafayette #lafayette #authenticla #followyournola to Breaux bridge
nolabeings - jonsimeral - itsnoladave - jdholdmyolives -
#southlouisiana #strawberries
strawberries - southlouisiana -
laurylanenadepapi - mommyhealthynfit -
#crawfish on the table more to come #southlouisiana
crawfish - southlouisiana -
oilfield_outdoors - vipertwofour - zombiegrly -
#Happyeaster #crawfish #louisiana #southlouisiana #deovindice
crawfish - louisiana - deovindice - southlouisiana - happyeaster -
sarahwoodley : Lucky son of a betch
rachaelred : did you get these at a restaurant by any chance, or boil them yourself?! @nicholasswoodley
dirtycheyennah - britney_mout - maryechapman - des_duh -
#crawfish how we roll in #southlouisiana
crawfish - southlouisiana -
bastionllc - _pitafajita_ - zombiegrly -
Day Two. #fishing #redfish #southlouisiana #paradise #SB14
redfish - sb14 - fishing - southlouisiana - paradise -
bethanyjones1 - sunshinestatebass - littlederrickk - adrenalinecrow -
Liberty? Perhaps. For sure a day's work done. #southlouisiana
southlouisiana -
judirosso : Good n dirty!!
judirosso - thatcountygirllifeaya__ -
I've been waiting forever for these lures to come out and I knew they would catch trout. Reflexion Bammer swimbaits are my newest favorite!!! @reflexionswimbaits #southlouisiana #speckledtrout #dularge #alewife
speckledtrout - alewife - dularge - southlouisiana -
cbbagwell - 225fishn - petevanlingen - faatboxxxer -
#bassfishing #bass #cajun #southlouisiana @lunkerchasers @fishin_maniacs @majorleaguebass @southernpondhoppers
southlouisiana - cajun - bass - bassfishing -
awc_16 - jtattoo26 - kristinahemingway - worldsgreatestfishing_ -
Everyone try's soooo hard to look cool when they are hunting.... We went another way with it on this one. Hahaha we were laughing so much there probably wasn't a a single deer for miles. Haha I was so hoping to run into anyone. Hahaha #HuntingLikeAPro #SouthLouisiana #SwampHunting #NeverGoFullRetard #OAF #louisiana @chinesefleurdelis
oaf - nevergofullretard - huntinglikeapro - swamphunting - louisiana - southlouisiana -
parajumperjosh : @joheg that's ridiculous... Hahaha
b_ike : Yeah, Uhm, it looks like a hipster goes hunting photo shoot, HAHA!!!
peglegheg : I did flip a pirogue in 40 degree weather and thought my chest waders were going to be the death of me... Like wearing anchors. But I'm wiser now. Pretty sure Josh has pulled people out I worse situations.
parajumperjosh : @b_ike hahaha totally, a camo hipster and Elmer Fud
b_ike : With a bit of bayou YMCA!?!?
parajumperjosh : @b_ike haha exactly.
shaun9660 : @parajumperjosh sounds like a plan. You guys should come up to Saskatchewan and come Elk and Moose hunting.
sritchie99 : @parajumperjosh I can't figure out which one of the Village People you're dressed as.
s3fsolutions - c_wilson08 - unk_raw - _theginger_ -
Nice one #bass #bassfishing #southlouisiana #cajun
southlouisiana - cajun - bass - bassfishing -
lilsaraaahh - joco_bassmasters - tacklewarehouse - bassdreams -
#bass #bassfishing #southlouisiana #cajun #alligator @jay_paul985 @majorleaguebass
alligator - southlouisiana - cajun - bass - bassfishing -
joco_bassmasters - bassdreams - olblue_77 - mr_j_horine1 -
My few for the rest of the day !#dacamp #cocodrie #downdabayou #southlouisiana #cajuncountry
dacamp - cocodrie - southlouisiana - downdabayou - cajuncountry -
bayoulonestar - jannellnalec - debbiectalbot -
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