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plntivi : Hasilnya? :)
yantiolive : Aman...
Before...and here we go. He was so scared. #skintest #allergytest #sosad #poorkid
poorkid - skintest - allergytest - sosad -
katekeesee : 💗💗💗
vintagemarketp : @klutzygurl he has very sensitive skin so the pricks really got to him. It was very hard for him to sit. Thank goodness for iphones. Lol
vintagemarketp : @sarahedmondston thank you 😘
vintagemarketp : @kellykellykellygreen yes we have waited too long. This boy has suffered for years.
mamaamo : Sending you both love!! Hope he doesn't have a bad reaction!! I really don't like skin test! Had them a lot as a child!! Having Sensitive skin is ruff! (He needs more Muppets!!)💚
vintagemarketp : @mamaamo all is good. He had some major hives come up but no reaction otherwise.
vintagemarketp : @mamaamo oh and he held kermit the whole time 😃
mamaamo : 💚Kermit is the best!!💚
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They ripped me off. :| #skintest #allergies
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Feel itchy :( #Skintest #allergic
skintest - allergic -
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#Allergy #test #skintest I want to #scratch so bad poor baby he is miserable too #ughh #hatethis shit
hatethis - skintest - test - scratch - allergy - ughh -
ciprinarey : Poor kiddo! :(
sylviarockt : O im so sorry!
ciprinarey - navarroesq -
Yayy ..Shots for myself xD #work #shots #skintest #noscare #nofilter
noscare - nofilter - work - shots - skintest -
eric_spa12 : the thing i hate most in the universe •.•
shweeesin : @eric_spa12 lmaoo opposite with me lol
eric_spa12 : how could you love that evilest thing on earth o.O
shweeesin : @eric_spa12 idk xD
winnaing75 : Injections!!!! Eeeee
shweeesin : @winnaing75 :D
lyoshii : Woopwoop shots :D
dailoh_dev : Pass them roids.
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#skintest #hepatitisB
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Jgh from medication :) #Erig #Skintest
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aloygalman15 : @cupcakeairah Why? Get well :)
cupcakeairah : Bashta thanks moi :)
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Shitt kasakit >< #skintest
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#skintest #antibiotic
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#BasicNursingSkill #SkinTest
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Anti tetanus injected .. natapos din sawakas .. kapagod! Ouch ouch! :| buti na lang na vaccine na si Jake di na kailangan ng anti rabies .. :'( sakit haays #AntiTetanus #skintest #ouch
antitetanus - skintest - ouch -
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Skin test 4-4-14
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shamaikyle : pagaling love love ❤️💙❤️
kim_kimmii : @fayahnissimo @shamaikyle - miss u girls haha love💜love💛love💗 exciiited to see u soon
fayahnissimo : See yah ❤️karubbing elbows mo na si kwizzy lol
shamaikyle : miss you too @kim_kimmii
jenny_frmdblock : Atleast ngayon you know na what not to eat.
kim_kimmii : Yeah .. Not to eat almost everything @jenny_frmdblock
jenny_frmdblock : You can still eat them... Ready mo lang yung gamot. 😈
kim_kimmii : Haha @jenny_frmdblock eat now, worry later
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#admitted due to #fever #vomiting #cough #colds ....#IVinsertion done #labs done.. #skintest done... #Selfservice upon patient request... #hospital #iamamedicaltechnologist
selfservice - fever - hospital - ivinsertion - colds - admitted - vomiting - labs - skintest - iamamedicaltechnologist - cough -
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If you're a nurse and you got bored during duty, do this! Haha joke! The procedure itself ain't fun. Haha #skintest @hersheiii
skintest -
hersheiii : awwww! haha naalala ko nnman yan buds! dko mapigilan tumawa, haha @laydzdizon
laydzdizon : @hersheiii gusto mo post ko ung video sa fb? Haha
hersheiii : hahaha! skintest scandal? haha
hersheiii : bka masira reputasyon ntin! hahaha
laydzdizon : @hersheiii oo ung scandal natin, haha paulit ulit ko nga pinapanood eh
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Aftermath of yesterday's allergy tests. Perfect rows of ugly spots! #skintest #allergys #28dots #funtimes
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Allergy Skin Test...seriously not cool😳😞 #soitchy #allergy #skintest #reaction
reaction - soitchy - allergy - skintest -
hailsfog : Poor tesh 😢
nicolelem : How much?!
cherry_bomb66 : Fuk I'd cry 😩
miss_chxo : I need to get that too 😭
teshakk : @hailsfog @cherry_bomb66 yea so itchy lol but at least i kind of know what to avoid and stuff. @miss_chxo it's not fun haha.. @nicolelem I was referred from my doctor and then it was $50 for the skin test.
miss_chxo : I'm nervous, I almost don't want to go. Is that a naturopath dr test?
teshakk : Umm I dunno haha.. It's not that bad they just prickly you with each thing and you wait for the reactions, it's interesting haha @miss_chxo
miss_chxo : Ya I think I'm just gonna suck it up and get it done!
miss_chxo - julie_ius - sarahxoxs - laurajdesroches -
After how many yrs naranasan q ulit ang sakit n dulot ng #skintest #pain #preop #inpatient #photoftheday
inpatient - skintest - photoftheday - pain - preop -
cachups : Haha hapdi
iamjapupu : Anyare par?
jeksy_24 - recoveringproud - cachups - kbartle -
Gotta love Tuberculosis skin tests... wooooo.... #TB #skintest #dentalassistant
dentalassistant - tb - skintest -
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Killing two birds with one stone! #LunchBreak #rockthetan #skintest #tantones #jimmyjimmycoco
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yankeeentertainment : How have u been hope everything is going well how is your aunt doing tell her I say hi!
kaylangel : Do u have a bottled formula I can order?!
kareylarsen - catsnotkids - amber_in_love - thenu33 -
#allergytesting #skintest #ouch #instaouch #allergies #negative #painfornothing #boo #stillhavesymptoms
instaouch - skintest - allergytesting - allergies - negative - painfornothing - ouch - stillhavesymptoms - boo -
cbails115 : Omg I did that test too. It hurt and left scars! Big negative ghost rider too. Drs suck
lovelovelove1999 : @cbails115 scars!? Crap I was thinking that-the girl was doing them one at a time, digging them in- I scar easy too...UG
0_kitin_0 - cbails115 - beilkecarma - fitmama4lyfe -
Watda... haaayyy. Di mawawala ang aversion ko sa needles. Syet. °-° #skintest
skintest -
Done! ⊙﹏⊙ #skintest#demo
demo - skintest -
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Get it Beauty 2014 episode 4 - MC Inna and Jae-kyung getting their skin tested for moisture level! Inna's skin is so white!!! #skintest #skincare #yooinna #jaekyung #getitbeauty #getitbeauty2014 #skin #beauty #koreanbeauty #cosmeticlove
getitbeauty2014 - skintest - cosmeticlove - beauty - jaekyung - yooinna - getitbeauty - skincare - skin - koreanbeauty -
samxoxo90 : @meejmuse
misaraisu - reemaalam_ - seohyunnieshop - koeyyiyi -
Our skin check up monitor #skincare #skintest #skinCheckUp #skin #innovation #craftmanship #laboratory #firenze #florence #beauty #cosmetics #custommade #madeinitaly #monalys #visitflorence
skincheckup - skintest - beauty - custommade - skin - madeinitaly - firenze - skincare - craftmanship - visitflorence - cosmetics - monalys - innovation - laboratory - florence -
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#DarkAndLovely I recently picked up a box of Hair Color from you all: Brown Sugar, #386. I did a #StrandTest and was very pleasant with the results and am currently doing a #SkinTest and if everything goes good I should be coloring by Sunday, noon. I'm curious if the Moisture Rich Conditioner has any straightening chemicals in it? I only ask because I have #Locs/#Dreadlocks (for about 7 months) and I worry about some of them straightening due to a conditioner. I have not used a conditioner yet while locd, but I've heard some conditioners have straightening agents in them. Please help?
locs - skintest - strandtest - 386 - darkandlovely - dreadlocks -
lordkyleniustaurus : @official_darkandlovely
infinity_of_serenity : I would be careful if I were you. I wanted to dye my locs but my loctician advised me to wait a whole year before doing so. Chemical dyes can soften the texture of your hair, prolonging the locing process.
infinity_of_serenity : Not to say that you can't do it. Just be aware before you take the plunge.
lordkyleniustaurus : @infinity_of_serenity thanks!! I really appreciate that. Well take into consideration.
lordkyleniustaurus : *will
musical_scientist : I dyed my Locs around 10 months. I read that it could help the locing process. But to be careful and wash it all out because any residual dye will damage your Locs. As far as the conditioner, I have always used conditioner on my Locs and haven't had any problems. Most conditioners do have detangler in it so I would try to avoid those. I use to shampoo and condition every two weeks. Now, I shampoo twice a week and condition once a month. I don't think it will hurt your hair plus once you dye your Locs you will need to condition it to help retain moisture because the dye will dry your hair out. The conditioner with the dye product will help with the coloring and deactivate any residual chemicals from the dye. @taurus_g_u_y
lordkyleniustaurus : @musical_scientist omg! You have been such a massive help! Thanks! Btw, done people have told me that dying them helps their locking process as well. Hope it worlds for me. :-)
artyoupop - wookiewuv - dreadstop - musical_scientist -
เราจะได้รู้กันในวันนี้ เหลืออีก 30จุดเทส ฮึ๊บ ฮึ๊บ 💉 #ตรวจภูมิแพ้ #skintest #โครงการภูมิแพ้จุฬา
โครงการภ - skintest - ตรวจภ -
moogsuperstar - nw_lovebody -
Hmph. #StrandTest #SkinTest. Cannot WAIT to #color my #locs Sunday! You can barely see, but I'm digging the color.
color - locs - skintest - strandtest -
musical_scientist : What color are you dying them and are you dying them just at the tips or the whole head? @taurus_g_u_y
lordkyleniustaurus : The color is called brown sugar. Just like a lighter brown, not too bold, I want to take it slow. But I like it.. And while head. =O lol
lordkyleniustaurus : @musical_scientist ^
musical_scientist : I wanted my hair to be like a golden warm blond at the tips. It came out as a light brown but I like it.
poison0bsessionz - iamjustinkace - david_staylifted - musical_scientist -
Jonathan's heavily pigmented under eyes #skintest #scaryface at least there's no damage
skintest - scaryface -
jonmackltwins - melissxallen - whiteeyesofinstagram -
#skintest #demo #bsn1 #intradermal #intramuscular #shakingdude
shakingdude - skintest - intradermal - bsn1 - demo - intramuscular -
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A nurse who's afraid of needles/ injections got 15 pricks!!! Done skin prick allergy test; Result: allergic to dust mite. Hmmmm. #Skintest #ktph #allergy
ktph - allergy - skintest -
mylalaaland : Aiyo my poor girl!
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