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Comission #scrappytripalong quilt. #scrappytrip love it so far.
scrappytrip - scrappytripalong -
kreatives_von_mir : SchΓΆne Farben!
crafteegirl : Your corners are so precise! I wish I had 1/2 your patience and skill! I'm a rusher :-/
piecefulkwilter : Pretty! Love the color
nilsi25 - madeleineroberg - poodleblues - greatbritten66 -
Nearly all the cutting done for comission scrappy trip. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
elkesagthallo - sewjustinesew - heartofcharnwood - metroquilter -
Journalling and cider, unwinding after a long day at Wet 'n' Wild world. #hardlifesomeonesgottadoit #lovinit #camping #campTallebudgeraqld #journalpages #writing #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - journalpages - hardlifesomeonesgottadoit - lovinit - camping - camptallebudgeraqld - writing -
readthisline : Looks fantastic
kraftykkitten : @readthisline thank you!! My journal is too fat to close right now. Haha!
whiskeytrance - bearzbyrozzie - paula__brezavscek - cromladz060 -
Finishing out the weekend with a few more #scrappytripalong blocks. Back to work tomorrow.
scrappytripalong -
breepickles - rayssewcrafty - sewcharmed - ajs_star -
April bee block. #stashbee #hive8 #scrappytripalong
stashbee - scrappytripalong - hive8 -
erin_jensen : This is adorable!
brenfram66 : cool, pretty!!!!
cindym_2 - joybird_ - cswcook - erin_jensen -
Sunday night quilting, eating chocolate and watching 'Pretty Little Liars' with the teen. #addicted #scrappytripalong
addicted - scrappytripalong -
farahlin_ : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
patchandi : What? It's still not finished? 😝
patchandi : And what kind of chocolate? These are the important questions!!!
lululollylegs : Haha @patchandi - only 2 corners to go I'll have you know! I'll be binding this sucker by the weekend 😜And I was eating Lindt eggs - mmmm!
lululollylegs : Thanks @juliepea and @farahlin_ And yes @clairsquilts it's super snuggly which is why I haven't worked on it for a few months. Nearly done!
sugarpluma1 : Looking great!! Perfect combination- chocolate quilting!!!πŸ˜†
lululollylegs : Yes it is @sugarpluma1 :)
patchandi : Yay! Nearly done!! And yay Lindt!! 😊
lesliefriend - monkeymai26 - jenschultzphoto - patchandi -
Izzy the Border chilling on the back of the sofa #btposse #borderterrier #scrappytripalong
borderterrier - scrappytripalong - btposse -
westwalkies - kwiltykimknits2 - sandraerocks - crystalfrills -
First up for sew-all-the-things weekend: some #scrappytripalong blocks.
scrappytripalong -
antstosugar : Hey, Julie! I need to find your email. I see a lot of interesting things popping up that make me think of you - which sounds creepy but I'm purposely trying to be vague since I have no idea how to message someone on instagram.
juliehoch5 : Hahaha! My email is I can't wait to see what you have to send me!
juliehoch5 : @antstosugarπŸ‘†
eeable - sewcharmed - evildemondevildog - ajs_star -
#scrappytripalong top is done :), now for the hard part! #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
quiltstorymeg : Wow! Beautiful!
urbanpolyester : Stunning! Is it all Happy Go Lucky?
sariyou : thank you @quiltstorymeg ! @urbanpolyester I used a Happy Go Lucky fat quarter bundle and a Marmalade jelly roll plus maybe 9 or 10 miscellaneous fabrics for added aquas!
urbanpolyester : It's just lovely!
sariyou : @urbanpolyester thank you!
karenyoundt - quiltstory - lovebigbakeoften - bloominginchintz -
I finally started #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
elainagearhart - bamsniko22407 - aimeeturd - yespositively -
A photo of me and my finished #scrappytripalong top! (hijacked from @creativegert) #kcmqg #kcmqgretreat #msqcsewingcenter
scrappytripalong - kcmqgretreat - kcmqg - msqcsewingcenter -
kristastitched : @fun_with_fibers now I'm wondering just how many exactly! Let me do some math...
kristastitched : @fun_with_fibers 2304 2" squares.
fun_with_fibers : Wow..that's definately something to be proud of.
gretchenhayes : It's so gorgeous! Congratulations!!
peaceofmequilts : Wow!!! Awesome!!!!
bearzbyrozzie : Wow its gorgeous
dukesayssewwhat : I love it! Way to keep going and make the quilt top so big. That was some dedication!
purplepenguinsdesign : Wow, that's amazing!! Love it!!! 😍
love_soccer_53 - daintytime - karencrow66 - peaceofmequilts -
The girls, the beach, and the scrappy trip. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
fabricsharing : Are you going to M&L discount fabric in Anaheim while you're there? I recommend sneaking away and going πŸ˜‰
purplepoppydesigns : @fabricsharing we're in San Diego right now, but I might have to stop by on our way home.
fun_with_fibers : What could be more fun and comfy to lay on than a quilt??
traceyehogan - cswcook - meganshansen - fabricsharing -
I spent today cutting a strip off of every Denyse Schmidt print of which I have a half yard or more for a #scrappytripalong that I want to work on at #thestashbash - 127 unique prints! #denyseschmidt #dsquilts #bestjellyrollever #sotired #cantwaittotripout
scrappytripalong - notsharing - sotired - cantwaittotripout - bestjellyrollever - denyseschmidt - dsquilts - thestashbash -
stephaniefinol : That will be epic!
jcwow : Going to be great!
jaceynotjc : Yay!
safieh : @jennthurston @youngtexanmama @euphoria_jessica @jeaniehlm @cathmosely thanks ladies! 😘😘😘
safieh : @alisquiltsncakes @hotpinkstitches @stephaniefinol @jaceynotjc @jcwow πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† thanks!
safieh : @nishydoodle hell yes! #notsharing @prsd4tim2 thanks! Bring more projects and supplies so that if inspiration does (or doesn't) strike, you are covered! @mrsflyingblind ooh! Going to check yours out, I bet it's lovely!
houseofbadcats : 127? seriously?!?!?!?!
safieh : @houseofbadcats srsly.
ellajoon - rayssewcrafty - peaceloveandquilts - alexveronelli -
Last seam!! #scrappytripalong #kcmqgretreat #msqcsewingcenter
scrappytripalong - kcmqgretreat - msqcsewingcenter -
occasionalpiece : Hope you are having fun! You've certainly been productive with you TripALong! Yay!
kristastitched : @occasionalpiece I've been struggling to sew at home, so this has been so refreshing! I'm just trying to finish some things so I can get my mojo back 😊
occasionalpiece : No mojo now! Baby takes all!! πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά
kristastitched : @occasionalpiece seriously! It's like a parasite! Lol.
jesstoye - ladyofcardi - urun2bfit - cindyd1010 -
My new leaders and enders project is a low volume scrappy trip quilt. Block 1 is finished. #scrappytripalong #thismaytakeawhile
scrappytripalong - thismaytakeawhile -
petitselefants : Gorgeous block!
elainagearhart - aussieleo - usairdoll - redneedlethread -
Backing No 6. Last one for this weekend. #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - bonnieandcamille -
vintagerose57 : Boy you have done so well Lynda, you are such an inspiration , enjoy your Sunday,xx
lyndah2502 : Thankyou @elletaylor7 @vintagerose57 Outside shovelling dirt now Shez. Wish I was inside πŸ™‹
vintagerose57 : Oh Lynda I wish you were inside too, lol
farmgirlstitching : Great work Lynda it's been a huge backing weekend at your place.
robindahouse : So jealous of all you Americans backing your quilts with beautiful matching fabric. I live in Australia and pay $22to $24 a yard for material here so I buy most from overseas but your postage has skyrocketed and costs way too much to buy multiple yards for backing to send here. 😩😩😩😒😒
lyndah2502 : I'm AustralianπŸ™‹ I buy locally and from overseas.
lyndah2502 : @robindahouse I'm Australian πŸ™‹and buy locally and from overseas. Try to buy enough fabric to make postage worthwhile.
lyndah2502 : I'm inside now Shez πŸ˜„ @vintagerose57 Nicky, I now need to find the enthusiasm to tidy the garage and set up the quilting frame @farmgirlstitching
lovetosew4 - embroiderlee - idolinina - lovestopiece -
Scrappy Trip Around the World. #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - bonnieandcamille -
sunshinehillquilts : Beautiful!
elletaylor7 : I love the continuity of the centers!
lyndah2502 : Thankyou @sunshinehillquilts @elletaylor7 That's what I was after Gwen.
annedekoning319 : Gorgeous, gorgeous!!
lyndah2502 : Thankyou @annedekoning319
happyinquilting : Wow !!!!!!
lyndah2502 : Thanks Peg @happyinquilting I'm glad it's finished. 96" x 96". Nowhere inside,to photograph properly at the moment.
quilttante - yvettego - needleworknettiebee - teresacass -
This is the last pic promise but when a friend that runs a gallery says you can use the room you use the room! Gallery view #scrappytripalong #quilting
scrappytripalong - quilting -
madeleineroberg - scrappytoni - lishluvsewe - simplesimonandco -
Assembling top number 2! Remember this one? Probably time to put the blocks together 😝 #kcmqgretreat #msqcsewingcenter #scrappytripalong
msqcsewingcenter - kcmqgretreat - scrappytripalong -
kassi_hill26 : Curious about the glue!
slcquilter : Looks great!
occasionalpiece : Wow --go, Krista, go!
kristastitched : @gretchenhayes this oliso isn't mine, and while it's really nice, I don't think I'd spend the money on one. A favorite trick of mine is to let go of the iron and let it sit on a seam for a moment while I adjust the next spot (especially when glue basting) and this one hops up off the fabric immediately after I let go, and sometimes even when I've simply loosened my grip for a moment. I do like that it doesn't click off after a certain amount of time, though, it can tell I'm still using it (it senses your hand) so it stays hot as long as I'm holding it, which is nice.
kristastitched : @moorenicole @kassi_hill26 I use Elmer's washable school glue for glue basting. Google it and you'll find all sorts of tutorials! I especially love it when joining blocks into rows and rows into quilt tops. No pin pricks, no readjusting at the machine. It rinses out in the wash and easily pulls apart if you have to rip a seam. Though I rarely mix up things at machine anymore, I never used to pin much so this helps keep things together so much better.
lifesrichpattern : Gorgeous! β™₯
gretchenhayes : Krista, hope you're feeling well. It's so nice to hear from you again!😊
kristastitched : @gretchenhayes thanks so much, Gretchen! I'm feeling great except for headaches and fatigue! I've been sleeping more and sewing less, which means less to talk about on IG! But this weekend gave me so much time to do just that, which has been so nice. How are you doing? 😘
kdarli - thepatchworkpear - llatham0306 - jesstoye -
Working on my #scrappytripalong and meeting some new friends.
scrappytripalong -
graceandfavour : Nice!!
quiltswithpersonality : Yay Vickey looks amazing!! What hive are you in?
millieme : That looks amazing.
judy_white01 : Love this!
juliepea : Really pretty!
mamalovequilts : Love those colors!
gingersnapsquilts : Thank you all sooo much!! @graceandfavor @millieme @judy_white01 @juliepea @mamalovequilts
gingersnapsquilts : @quiltswithpersonality Thanks so much Marie!! I'm not in a hive though. I just made them ;)
fefa45 - rubyseppings - themodernbobbin - haylsknits -
#scrappytripalong #havendgs perfect day for it!
scrappytripalong - havendgs -
thepaperthumb - jenniferlgb - oldredbarnco - annaorduna -
Was able to catch a lecture on scraps with Bonnie Hunter at #villagequilters meeting. And see her gorgeous work! #scrappytripalong
bonniehunter - scrappytripalong - quiltville - villagequilters -
cyclingjanes : #quiltville #bonniehunter
thepaperthumb - mbmeadows - iveyexpressions - jenniferlgb -
6 rows, 2 more ready to add but it's bedtime. πŸ˜΄πŸ™‹ #scrappytripalong #thimbleblossoms #bonnieandcamille This quilt will be huge.
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - bonnieandcamille -
yardgrl60 : Wow!!! Love it!!
yvettego : I love it!
quilting1943 : Fun to see how you add on row after row. It is so pretty
rubyseppings : Absolutely fab!
patchworksplus : Gorgeous ❀️❀️
vintagerose57 : Oh my Lynda this is stunning , well done
lilabellelane : Beautiful 😍
lyndah2502 : Thankyou everyone. I was already in bed when I posted the photo, Maree 😊 Hope to have the last two rows on later today. @ollieandmay @kathleenbaker @yardgrl60 @yvettego @quilting1943 @rubyseppings @patchworksplus @vintagerose57 @lilabellelane
vintagerose57 - lilabellelane - patchalot - three_owls -
3 rows. #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - bonnieandcamille -
lizziethequilter : Looking beautiful Lynda
ollieandmay : You make my Head Spin LOL your a Machine @lyndah2502
lyndah2502 : Thanks @lizziethequilter and @ollieandmay. A few more rows to sew together. Wish I could settle at night to stitch but not at the moment Maree.
katheleenbaker - catherinepurdon - happyinquilting - ullabe -
#scrappytripalong low volume block! Hope my bee partner likes my interpretation of low volume!
scrappytripalong -
gingersnapsquilts : Nice!
lululollylegs : Delicious!
missluella1 : Very cool!!
seelifemarvels : I do
quiltswithpersonality : Thank you lovely ladies 😘😘😘😘 @gingersnapsquilts @lululollylegs @missluella1 @seelifemarvels
farahlin_ : Love this!
chambsvacc : Beautiful!
quiltswithpersonality : Thank you Farahlin + Lisa 😘😘 @farahlin_ @chambsvacc
quilting1943 - nixbits66 - heartofcharnwood - mmboss2014 -
@jmzblond is this how they go? The center rows make diamonds correct? It's funny I really have to concentrate on how to place these. Too many pieces lol. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
girlofmanycolors : Some really yummy fabrics!
gingersnapsquilts : Thank you!!! @girlofmanycolors
traeflesher : Looking good!
jmzblond : I have 10 blocks so far in my solid scrappy trip. I think I'm going to go for 25 so it will be square. We'll see :)
gingersnapsquilts : Thanks so much!! @traeflesher
gingersnapsquilts : Yea. I want to make another one but with different fabrics. I'm afraid I'm not going to love this one but we will see ;) @jmzblond
judy_white01 : Love these
gingersnapsquilts : Thanks mom! @judy_white01
jessiberry09 - themodernbobbin - heartofcharnwood - ays_quilt34 -
I'm starting to plan #thestashbash projects. I will definitely be bringing my #scrappytripalong. Only two blocks done, but all strips are sewn into groups.
thestashbash - scrappytripalong -
jaceynotjc : @thecraftjunky yeah!!
applecydermill : Looks beautiful!
thegreenapricot : Love it! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with myself over the next few days since it was only a few hours ago that I figured out that #thestashbash is NOT this weekend! Nice, huh?
jaceynotjc : @applecydermill it will be very scrappy, of course! @thegreenapricot well, I guess that was a disappointment! It's not far off, though!
thegreenapricot : Disappointing in some ways and not in others- the correct weekend is WAY better timing. Grateful I only live about 10 minutes from the venue and didn't have major travel plans!
craftnursequilt : I'm bringing mine to work on too. Although none of the strips are sewn together! Lol
xxnicke : Mmmmm scrappy trip!
safieh : I'm bringing strips for a scrappy trip, it seems like the perfect #thestashbash project to me!
shad83 - darcystar - katesquilts - robblackard -
31 blocks for a friend #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong
scrappytriparoundtheworld - scrappytripalong -
sewnwithgrace : Such happy blocks!
seelifemarvels : How big are the unfinished blocks supposed to be? 12.5 if I do my math correctly, right?
2thrumsup - yardgrl60 - jodinelsons - handmade_gio -
Aaand one more scrappy trip block. For me this time. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
gingersnapsquilts : Hey. I have made some if these. How do I piece them? I'm getting confused on their direction. :(
jmzblond : I cut 2.5" strips (minimum 16" long) sewed the strips together then pressed them (before sewing into a tube). Press them opposite for each row (then they'll nest when you put them together). So now you have a strip set of 6 fabrics sewn together, sew the last 2 sides together to form a tube. Cut the tube, perpendicular to your stitch lines, into 2.5" units. Each unit will have all 6 colors. Then you will rip one seam of each unit. Do this between a different set of colors each time so you end up with six strips, each with a different fabric at the top (I usually start between fabric 1-2 then rip between 2-3, 3-4 and so on). Decide on a layout then sew the strips back together, nesting seams as you go. Does that help? @gingersnapsquilts
gingersnapsquilts : Oops. I should have been more specific. I have the blocks that I have made but how to lay them out. I'll send you a pic when I get home. I make diamonds with the center colors correct? I'll send a pic in a course hours.
gingersnapsquilts : Couple
jmzblond : Haha! Yes, just lay them out with the center stripe going opposite ways. I can't wait to see it! @gingersnapsquilts
gingersnapsquilts - sewbeait - spetzie - evildemondevildog -
Starting a little #scrappytripalong with some #bonnieandcamille.
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
waldentrees : We must be on some same wavelength bc I too started a project today using April Showers 😊
laustinb - tomieb - erin_jensen - locodowo -
And one finished #scrappytripalong quilt :)
scrappytripalong -
frampuna : I want it!
vrrigney : @frampuna lol there is already a line. My daughter tried to claim it right after the binding was on.
nonisloves - thepaperthumb - alatimer - mommasquiltednest -
Section 5 greens laid out kind of using paper bag method. Not sewn up yet so I think I'll leave it to settle for a while! #scrappytripalong #thimbleblossoms
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - scrappyswoonalong -
sewgoclimbing : that should of course be #scrappyswoonalong
rubyseppings : Just lovely!
sewgoclimbing : thx @rubyseppings you can't really see but there are some really cute little things included, like hedgehogs, penguins, baby deer, Santa's clothes et al. I'll have to do a close up once I'm done.
jammietart : Lovely! How are you, friend?
sewgoclimbing : @jammietart thank you. it's looking great in real life. I'm really struggling back wise but SO delighted that you got away, had sun and saw all those amazing places. loved ALL your pics. you should try get hubby work in Ljubljana next, gorgeous. hope you got through the washing without it damping down the holiday joy. xxx
jammietart : Love hearing from you! I'll pray for that back of yours. Hubby got real sick from travels...been avoiding him😷. Came home Tues, flew to NY on Th. He's got more travels planned..Greece being one! There's more craziness in our future, but I need a few more details before sharing..stay tuned πŸ˜‰. Had to look up Ljubljana πŸ™Š..looks amazing. We're on Spring break this week, hoping for a blessed Easter for you, Lovely!
sewgoclimbing : @jammietart thanks so much for your prayers Jen, really need strength for the day!! sorry your Hubby got sick but I was just so pleased you escaped the snow at last and I hope it didn't spoil all your trip. not climbed in Greece, but fair bit in Slovenia (hence Ljubljana trip). I know you'd love all of Sardinia, nw coast gorgeous climbing but also culture for you! my friend sent me lindt choc bunnies as an Easter gift...they've hopped into our mouths already! hope you are enjoying the school hols. do please give us heads up if ever UK on the itinerary! x
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Better late than never? #scrappytripalong #stashonly
stashonly - scrappytripalong -
kaitlynofowlpeople : Somebody got a day off. Whoop!!
katelandb - melaniebailey816 - klrippe - adaharah -
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