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ANY THING TO GET YOUR MONEY I love to watch people view art. It can be better than the art itself. On a recent visit to the 2014 Biennial at the Whitney Museum my favorite moment of the day came when a half naked female performance artist on the main floor began to scream bloody murder during her performance. Concerned rubberneckers immediately jammed the ticket line while an unphased and unimpressed elderly female ticket taker with frizzy grey hair admitted them one at a time. The screaming continued and a hurried patron implored the ticket taker to tell her what the performance artist was doing? Without batting an eye, the ticket taker replied, “ANY THING TO GET YOUR MONEY." I enjoyed and recommend a visit to the Whitney Biennial. #whitneybiennial #whitney #whitneymuseum #tickets #performanceart #money #dollarbills #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #113
tickets - biggersmallerfunnier - money - dollarbills - whitney - 113 - whitneymuseum - scottpatt - whitneybiennial - performanceart -
susanbschwake : On the list!
timothyliles : That is amazing.
timothyliles : Scott Patt: telling stories to get your money since back in the day.
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GOOD GUYS, BAD GUYS. I love the colors of old plastic figurines. #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #112 #figurines #goodguys #badguys
biggersmallerfunnier - badguys - figurines - 112 - scottpatt - goodguys -
jgspdx : 👏👏👏👏
susanbschwake : Love
dwcock : KICK ASS
scottpatt : thx @heycoolbro prints are available at my store. click on my profile link. thx!
scottpatt : thx @hum_and_bee ❤️u guys
scottpatt : thx @jgspdx !
scottpatt : xo @susanbschwake
scottpatt : yeah @dwcock thanks!
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RISE AND SHINE Easter has been celebrated as a time of rebirth since early Greek Mythology. Here’s to the reawakening of Spring and our ability to renew, restore and reinvent. #rise #shine #easter #happyeaster #rebirth #renew #reinvent #reawaken #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #110 prints at just click the profile link.
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JOSEF ALL BEERS abstract drinking #coldone #color #theory #homagetotheale #drinkitin #ale #beer #colorfield #wheatfield #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #109 prints of "homage to the ale" available at just click the profile link.
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REASONABLY GOOD FRIDAY #reasonably #goodfriday #good #friday #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #108 prints available at reasonably priced. just click the profile link.
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kayko : @scottpatt makes me think of an ok white shark vs a great white shark
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LOST GREY CAT FOUND Late one night this cat knocked against my front door until I answered. When I opened the door It ran past me into my apartment. Upon seeing the feline I immediately recognized it from one of the Lost Cat signs I had collected earlier in the month. Amazed, I called the owner who lived about 10 minutes away. When he arrived, he asked me how I had found the cat? I reluctantly told him I collect Lost Cat signs and that his cat just showed up at my doorstep. He was understandably dubious and exited quickly. This is not the only cat that has found me. #lostcat #grey #found #knockknock #safehouse #pandora #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #107 #portland #biggersmallerfunnieritsasign
biggersmallerfunnier - safehouse - knockknock - grey - biggersmallerfunnieritsasign - scottpatt - pandora - found - lostcat - portland - 107 -
kskedsvold : I love your stories!!! This one in particular!!!
scottpatt : thx @kskedsvold !
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SUCKERS Meanwhile above ground a smile inducing debate rages about what to call a mess of octopus. #suckers #suckaemseas #octopee #octopi #octopodes #octopuses #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #106 if your in Southern California make sure you take a visit to your local tide pool, where the ocean meets the land; a miniature universe unto itself. laguna beach has several and the volunteer docents are full of amazing the plural for octopus.
biggersmallerfunnier - octopi - octopuses - suckaemseas - octopodes - scottpatt - suckers - octopee - 106 -
dreshapiro : Love all your cleverness
scottpatt : thx @dreshapiro ! I like the funny.
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Happy Easter from WWFA! #NewYork #ScottPatt "Rabbit with foot (gold)"
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TIED UP IN NOTS #donot #shouldnot #couldnot #wouldnot #havenot #willnot #whynot #absolutelynot #ofcoursenot #whynot #fearnot #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #105 all bigger smaller funnier prints are not not available for purchase at just click the profile link.
biggersmallerfunnier - havenot - fearnot - whynot - shouldnot - couldnot - wouldnot - ofcoursenot - willnot - scottpatt - 105 - absolutelynot - donot -
sideorderly : Should nots are the worst!
scottpatt : @acehotel
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SAME DIFFERENCE #roundpeg #squarehole #squarepeg #roundhole #dontforceit #findyourhole #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #104 prints available at
biggersmallerfunnier - squarepeg - roundpeg - squarehole - dontforceit - roundhole - scottpatt - findyourhole - 104 -
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EGG ON TOAST Since 2001 my co-pilot @lisadejohn has eaten a farm fresh egg on toast almost every morning. 1- start with a small vintage French enamel pan on low heat. 2- melt irish salted butter until it begins to bubble. 3- crack the egg into pan and cover. Begin toast. 4- using a fish spatula fold the edges of the egg onto itself so they don’t get too crispy. 5- flip the egg. Cover and turn off heat. 6- check the firmness of the yolk so it’s hard but still soft. 7- Lightly butter the toast. 8- Place the egg perfectly in the center of the toast. 9- Finish with fresh ground sea salt and pepper. An egg on toast is the only tattoo Lisa has said she’d ever consider getting. “I like my eggs and I don’t care what anyone says!” #eggontoast #farmfresh #local #toastofthetown #eggficionado #eggcellent #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #103 prints of all Bigger. Smaller. Funnier. pieces available at
biggersmallerfunnier - farmfresh - eggcellent - eggficionado - toastofthetown - eggontoast - scottpatt - 103 - local -
spironagnew : I love @lisadejohn so much!!!
tortatortatorta : ⚡️⚡️👍👍👍
lisadejohn : @spironagnew 💗🐣
susanbschwake : I agree -with the toast and the love
arog8 : Favorite yet. @scottpatt @lisadejohn
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MOPS TROPS FLOPS POPS #summertime #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #102 wanna purchase this awesome esoteric rhyme about summer? go to click the profile link. #hotstuff
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BLANK The backsides of billboards are special because it's unintentional art coupled with the experience of usually traveling on a new adventure somewhere. But mostly I like them because they are devoid of any messages. They’re like gigantic mental pauses on a horizon. #blank #billboard #mental #pause #gigantic #horizon #art #gofindsome #biggersmallerfunnier #paintingsofsigns #scottpatt #biggersmallerfunnieritsasign #101 prints available for all 101 days of Bigger. Smaller. Funnier. at just click on the profile link.
biggersmallerfunnier - paintingsofsigns - pause - art - mental - biggersmallerfunnieritsasign - gofindsome - horizon - blank - billboard - scottpatt - gigantic - 101 -
tortatortatorta : I always love a good grid...endless possibilities. Keep up the good work and happy Friday.
scottpatt : thx @tortatortatorta 👍😎🌴🏄
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NOT TOO MOTIVATED so I got my haircut yesterday. I go to an old school barber shop and the guy cutting my hair asks me, “what da ya want?” I tell him, "buzz it, with a fade; zero at the bottom, four on the sides and longer on the top. He replies, “not too motivated?" Offended and defensive, I laugh out loud because I thought he was criticizing my undaring request...I quickly learn a "motivated haircut" is a military term for a high and tight. Turns out, I’m not too motivated. #nottoomotivated #motivated #haircut #buzzcut #highanduptight #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #100 get motivated at prints of all 100 works available.
biggersmallerfunnier - buzzcut - motivated - haircut - highanduptight - scottpatt - 100 - nottoomotivated -
lisacongdon : Might be my favorite yet!
dreshapiro : Great story!
skatemamas : ♥️👊😘👍
suedehead_chris : That's rad! The story and the painting!
mrsmcginley : Well done!!
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GUDD SIGN this is a painting of a sign I found it in Portland, Oregon. It is highly plausible that it's a legit hooked-on-phonics spelling error. Or, during the time I found it Portland was going through a dry spell and someone was feeling wistful for precipitation. regardless, it’s a gudd sign. #black #puddle #poodle #rain #gudd #biggersmallerfunnier #biggersmallerfunnieritsasign #scottpatt #99 #paintingsofsigns #lost
biggersmallerfunnier - paintingsofsigns - lost - puddle - gudd - poodle - rain - biggersmallerfunnieritsasign - 99 - black - scottpatt -
lisacongdon : Love this one!!
cuteisimportant : #letsallcallthenumber
scottpatt : thx @lisacongdon ☔️
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IMPRACTICAL JOKE #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #98 more impractical jokes at just click the profile link.
biggersmallerfunnier - 98 - scottpatt -
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LINEN LINES From a photo during a 2005 inspiration trip to Oaxaca when I worked with Converse. we spent 3 amazing days visiting and working with local artists, painters, woodworkers, weavers and craftspeople. one of the most memorable trips of my life that still inspires to this day. forever grateful to our hosts from Converse Mexico and the artists who shared. #oaxacan #textiles #color #paintingsofthings #sharingiscaring #inspiration #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #97
biggersmallerfunnier - color - sharingiscaring - 97 - paintingsofthings - oaxacan - scottpatt - textiles - inspiration -
jgspdx : 👏👏👏👏
timothyliles : Something about that place...
scottpatt : thx @jgspdx !
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STAY ON IT it's one thing to follow it but another to stay on it. #leonardknight #inspired #salvationmountain #yellowbrickroad #werenotinkansasanymore #focus #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #96 follow the yellow brick road to prints available for all Bigger. Smaller. Funnier pieces.
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GOD IS LOVE This week I had the great fortune of making the pilgrimage to Leonard Knight’s, Salvation Mountain. South of the Coachella Valley in the desert of Southern California, this massive devotional is made from adobe, straw and thousands of gallons of brilliantly colored paint covering the side of a giant hill over three stories high and the size of an American football field. For over 30 years Leonard Knight had the singular focus of bringing Love to the world through art and the simple message of “God is Love”. Visiting the mountain, his dedication was awe inspiring. But more than that I could physically feel his desire for hope and love that he wanted for everyone. The mountain radiates joy! If you find yourself in the desert for Coachella in the coming weeks, find a ride, bring some friends and make a visit. You won’t be disappointed! In the mean time, as Leonard Knight said, “Let’s keep it simple and not get complicated with Love!” Two thumbs up! #godislove #leonardknight #salvationmountain #waterfalls #slabcity #joy #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #95
biggersmallerfunnier - godislove - joy - leonardknight - scottpatt - slabcity - waterfalls - salvationmountain - 95 -
atchleykrew : @girlyfaith
jaymay_chicity : @scottpatt are you making prints of this piece?
scottpatt : thx @iamnamedanna
scottpatt : thx @alfredpens ❤️
cuteisimportant : @grandmabullock
scottpatt : yes @jaymay_chicity click on my profile link. xo! 💥
jaymay_chicity : 👍👏 thank you sir!
mytwinbrothers : #thisisgod
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SOME THING MEANING FULL #makeit #some #thing #meaning #full #everyday #meaningoflife #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #94 some meaning full things at
biggersmallerfunnier - full - meaningoflife - some - 94 - thing - meaning - scottpatt - makeit - everyday -
scottdentoncardew : @scottpatt I love these series. Are you selling. ?
bradelacey : Been searching for that....
scottpatt : @scottdentoncardew selling prints in my store. originals in the spring at a show TBD!
josearome : Amazing!
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YOU WIN #makeawish #you #win #wishbone #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #93 make your wishes come true at This and 93 other Bigger. Smaller. Funnier art works available.
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rockrockplanetrock : Awesome
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DESERTS DESSERT #deserts #dessert #deserted #desert #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #92 visual desserts at just click the profile link.
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jgspdx : Double S delicious.
scottpatt : thx @jgspdx !
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FREE IDEA This is a free idea. It’s available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors. It’s a big idea and best of all, it’s free. #freeidea #free #idea #april #fools #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #91 get your FREE IDEA at just click the profile link.
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camadesign : Nice idea
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VISUAL PAUSE. #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #90 #visual #pause #stopscrolling take a visual pause at click on the profile link.
stopscrolling - biggersmallerfunnier - visual - pause - 90 - scottpatt -
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LOST BLIND CAT For a long time I've collected posted signs from around my neighborhood and neighborhoods past. I've always been drawn to the love and adoration expressed for the thing or loved one that was missing, found, etc... When I discover a sign I make note and wait a month until I remove it giving ample time for the community to reach a positive resolution. More often than not the signs would reference the disappearance or walkabout of a cat from the neighborhood. Lots of cats. This is a painting of a sign I found on the shoulder of a major highway in the Pacific Northwest. It was a particularly large sign given the location and subject matter. #paintingsofsigns #lost #blind #cat #thecatwhisperer #animallover #biggersmallerfunnier #biggersmallerfunnieritsasign #89 #scottpatt Prints available at click on my profile link.
blind - biggersmallerfunnier - paintingsofsigns - lost - animallover - biggersmallerfunnieritsasign - cat - 89 - scottpatt - thecatwhisperer -
mutzenpapa : Ace
jojoramage : @scottpatt that story brings back very fond memories of living in Portland!
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YOU'RE IT #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #88
biggersmallerfunnier - 88 - scottpatt -
scottpatt : @lisadejohn you're it. forever ❤️
scottpatt : @magnus_wedhammar you're it!
scottpatt : @betseee 👍
scottpatt : @mahyp tag!
magnus_wedhammar : Do a couple of my quotes...... "Going left"
magnus_wedhammar : Call 911 i just sole a wave!!
magnus_wedhammar : @scottpatt
scottpatt : you're always on my mind @magnus_wedhammar I'm sure something will make it's way in.
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AVALON MOTEL I grew up going to the Jersey Shore on vacation. An always inspiring place to visit and photograph is the "Doo Wop" Motel District in Wildwood, NJ. A post WWII optimism created a huge travel boom in Wildwood that helped spawn over 100 Mid-Century Modern Motels in a two mile stretch. Today, over 50 motels remain. So much amazing signage, architecture and imagination! #springbreak #wildwood #nj #avalonmotel #doowop #midcentury #biggersmallerfunnier #biggersmallerfunnieritsasign #scottpatt #87 prints available at
biggersmallerfunnier - nj - wildwood - midcentury - biggersmallerfunnieritsasign - avalonmotel - doowop - scottpatt - springbreak - 87 -
cupde1 : Love it!
lynnhav1 : Best place vacation memories!! 16th st Avalon NJ, Dune Dr & Ocean Dr. Oh and the bakery!! @scottpatt
scottpatt : ❤️ @lynnhav1
jenniolsonsf : Nice #vintagesign #art
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CANNOT CONFIRM NOR DENY #youknowyouknow #confirm #deny #glomar #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #86 I confirm that prints are for sale at
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SHIT HAPPENS #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #85
biggersmallerfunnier - 85 - scottpatt -
damionsilver : @scottpatt one of each please
terriedwards312 : You forgot my favorite. :)
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YOUR BEST SHOT it's a game of chance and skill where "winners" get a prize. do your best, have a plan (sometimes) and most important, enjoy! #yourbestshot #winner #prize enjoy #joy #game #luck #chance #fixed #rigged #marked #shootingstar #biggersmallerfunnier #biggersmallerfunnieritsasign #scottpatt #84 prints available at click the link on my profile page.
biggersmallerfunnier - shootingstar - prize - joy - winner - biggersmallerfunnieritsasign - marked - chance - yourbestshot - game - rigged - scottpatt - fixed - 84 - luck -
tortatortatorta : Great one!
gpgalbraith : Epic. Gonna have to purchase.
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START AGAIN. and again. start... #start #again #startagain #againstart #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #83 prints for all BSF pieces available at again.
againstart - biggersmallerfunnier - again - 83 - scottpatt - startagain - start -
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OH BUOY! Lobster Buoys are painted to be easily differentiated from other fishermen’s buoys. The unintended beauty of function, individualism and community. #ohbuoy #buoy #somewhereinmaine #maine #lobster #wheresmybuoy #color #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #82
biggersmallerfunnier - wheresmybuoy - color - 82 - ohbuoy - scottpatt - somewhereinmaine - lobster - maine - buoy -
cferreira78 : @scottpatt best one
drxromanelli : 👌👌
nicnuss71 : LOVE this one!!!
rockrockplanetrock : Nice
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JUST DRIVE SLOWER I arrived in Pendleton, Oregon in my 84' Safety Orange Volvo Wagon looking for something different. Different found me as I was immediately approached by a wide eyed local woman who excitedly exclaimed, “you aren’t from here!” For the next two days she and her friends showed me their Pendleton; from it’s wonderful western watering holes to their favorite Red Lion Karaoke. On my last day, fuzzy yet fulfilled, I asked my new friend what the best alternative route to the main highway would be so I could see more on the return trip home? To this she quizzically replied, “Don’t bother, take the highway! Want to see more? Just drive slower." #justdriveslower #makessense #america #pendleton #leterbuck #oregon #volvo #orange #biggersmallerfunnier #scottpatt #81 slow down and get some prints at just click the link on my profile. safe travels!
biggersmallerfunnier - 81 - justdriveslower - pendleton - leterbuck - oregon - volvo - makessense - orange - scottpatt - america -
damionsilver : @scottpatt great story, great piece!
kayko : Red. Lion. Karaoke. @scottpatt did she sing something?
scottpatt : thx @damionsilver !
scottpatt : she was a regular @kayko ! can't remember which but was a couple for sure!
robbydeez : Great story - I see an illustrated book of "Told Tales" in your future.
scottpatt : 👍❤️ @robbydeez !
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