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Because im on #SpringBreak.... lets go #SamsHofBrau turrn up!!!
samshofbrau - springbreak -
brittboss : Go to church
myigdope : Lol @brittboss yea take yo ass to church
fatboymanny : Take me @brittboss
qcangeles - _ramoncit0 - toro_90 - laurisperez -
Tonight is gonna be Bananas inside #SamsHofBrau get there Early. Your not gonna wanna miss this show tonight!!!! Seems like all my friends love them some ass titties and pizza. They all of a sudden got some time. Hahaha
samshofbrau -
bigchris40s : Nah girls just like to show they titties and dance on the tables just like every other club we go to hehehe @davidcastro90638
davidcastro90638 : @bigchris40s LOL I'm good bro maybe we can go out this weekend G
slammyslamla : @xavierdamier I sent you my number
xavierdamier : @slammyslamla fo Sho!!
superboyfriend : Crazy
thedrroyster : Call me.. I am here lol
sidrulzsm : Bout time that bitch found time
dantheman_la : @nicoleg_3
miss_endleslie - misskris_13 - silviofernando_ - shellybelly562 -
I'm only going for a slice of pizza that's it compa @slammyslamla @dresinatra πŸ•πŸ˜πŸ‘ #samshofbrau #pizzaonly #dtla
pizzaonly - samshofbrau - dtla -
slammyslamla : Hahahaha
ketelonechrissy : Asshole! I wanted to go 😀
sepis_pow : @ketelonechrissy relax C having left yet πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
ketelonechrissy : You owe me pizza for the chicken bake 😁😁😁
kaydeeze17 : I want a job
scumbagronnie - luvablevero - nervskyhigh - rangel_82 -
#samshofbrau #sams #mytypeofparty
sams - samshofbrau - mytypeofparty -
cterriquez : Ok ok tfti RUDENESS lmfao
lauranayaa : Come through!! Lol @cterriquez
cterriquez : Next weekend for sure
laceup90sbaby : You like looking at naked girls we me to lol
lauranayaa : Lol for sure just hmu @cterriquez
bubbab3ar - king_albe - incredibleiris - mitzi_2014 -
We had to do it #thehomies #samshofbrau #dtla
thehomies - samshofbrau - dtla -
gandhi206 - chris_g1988 - philharmonic1 - savannahmcalpin -
Don't play!! Come and quench your thirst with top notch baddest girls in LA #samshofbrau #thursdaythirst #baddestbitch #money #singles #dollabills
singles - samshofbrau - baddestbitch - thursdaythirst - money - dollabills -
winoduns : @krome_gun
68_n_i_o_u_one : @la_original213 @lylyyy_n they calling
_gotzzlamonster : @raymoan13 @eddieone11 @pcruz89 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_gotzzlamonster : @rxheven @jager53 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
roc5tar : @pelon90723
36ziips : Lmaoooo
gordito_007 - real_estate_guy - ydannia_ - mr_onederful -
From #YardHouse to #BloodMoon watching to #SamsHofBrau. Now, killin' these tacos with @iam_reza @estherrezvani @natashacastles @djwarrior @ag_couture at #TacosElGavilan!
passportplaya - tacoselgavilan - bloodmoon - samshofbrau - yardhouse -
atothe_ : Found a good taco spot huh.
criscokidd : @atothe_ yessir!
bigrickallday : #noInvite smh
criscokidd : @bigrickallday it's past your bedtime... plus, I never know what city you're in! #passportplaya
criscokidd : @estherrezvani lol
angelfiggz : @estherrezvani πŸ™‹ good meeting u @criscokidd
criscokidd : @angelfiggz likewise my dude
sarahfinamundo : Love her green hair
claytonwilliam - djabstrak - red_or_blue_pill - tntorreslv -
@scumbags takeover at Sam's Hofbrau! These Monday nights are wild! Like your butt! #AssNChiChis #Wild #SamsHofbrau #TippersOnly πŸ˜πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
wild - samshofbrau - assnchichis - tippersonly -
isitgiaoryana : I may work tonight :-)
scumbags : @isitgiaoryana hell yea
jvalentino_ : @isitgiaoryana Yes! Come! Ya'll not ready! @scumbags I'm a medium! πŸ™Š
scumbags : @jvalentino_ excuse me, do I know you?
scumbags : @jvalentino_ lol I want to pass by my house before to get it or there?
jvalentino_ : @scumbags Awww come on! It's me! JV! Short guy. Big personality! Come on. Hook me up with some gear. Yeah?
scumbags : @jvalentino_ ohh short guy, big personality , shit my bad Danny Devito how are u. Almost didn't recognize u. Text me
1chinaman - _carmenina_ - lovestar218 - ramirezbarbie -
Flick from last night... #sundayfunday #samshofbrau #famoussmokeshop #boss #undergroundrailroad
famoussmokeshop - samshofbrau - sundayfunday - undergroundrailroad - boss -
__fyre : #bossassfuck
lauraleebaird14 - ro_k_lo - shawnadonahue4 - notjuansolo -
Tonight is the night!!!! TWERK CONTEST TONIGHT AT SAMS! Come help us decide who is the best twerker! #sinfulsaturday #boxing #twerk #samshofbrau
twerk - samshofbrau - boxing - sinfulsaturday -
kingster1vst : @shermberry . hell yee
kingster1vst : @k1xg_gr1m
k1xg_gr1m : FUK IT L3TS GO G3T A KOLD 1 KHARXAL U DAWX @kingster1vst
kingster1vst : @k1xg_gr1m ..IM GONNA BE OFF ALL WEEKEND MY BOY
sandraserrano917 : @fa5_bree
eddienyg1 : @hrndz_a We missed out lol
tarinitup1 : @champagnebenny
hrndz_a : @eddienyg1 @goat_23_45_12_9 @87chevyboy we sure did!!
eddienyg1 - mikeydraislv - shescurlyy - rickdelatorre -
Oh damn.. my spot!! #samshofbrau #DTLA
dtla - samshofbrau -
the_bigg_deal : πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅
_misstan_ : Did that just fall outta your car or something...? lol
brownchicparis : Hey @deontaedidit can u call me I need to talk to u about some tires
deontaedidit : @brownchicparis whats up miss
brownchicparis : Nothing much u still at the same job @deontaedidit
deontaedidit : Yup @brownchicparis
itslexo - the_bigg_deal - lillulu310 -
Haha 2 dolla game strong #johnny2dolla #jabbathehutt
samshofbrau - jabbathehutt - johnny2dolla -
steveweezy562 : Balling haha
johnnycash424 : #samshofbrau lol
laadyyluckk : #duces βœŒοΈπŸ’΅
hectorsandman : whens the sammys trip?
michimu : Make it rain
johnnycash424 : @michimu I'll make it rain all over that ass again haha
raqqquel : I like where this conversations going
michapalooza - orlando_lara - 1stwrldproblems - _nico_79 -
Lamb Shepherds Pie! Yum!! 🐏@billwillskates #samshofbrau
samshofbrau -
afrojack3d - 8711 - troyagler - mirandacyrese -
samshofbrau -
layjayc - montel_spinozza - brookepurkerson - frolka8101 -
Yeah mofos go to #stripbars with no feria drink up #samshofbrau ! Damesngames #tijuana #Nicolas lol u know who ha
nicolas - samshofbrau - stripbars - wow - si - tijuana -
speedallday420 : Lol
_silvia_torres : Ooooh @chinoe_70
speedallday420 : Lol #wow
speedallday420 : #si
americanborn_teamstersworn_896 : Yeah #diilover πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ’
louie_bissett : LOL
jsika05 : @nadia_hillside πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nadia_hillside : Lol @jsika05
heydiq - backtatt - erica_munoz55 - tono_s78 -
Ladies. Fellas! We've been doin this night for a cool minute. And you're still missin out on the action! 50-60 girls on a Monday night!!! @dresinatra on the tunes, myself on the mic! #MulaMondays #MakeItRainMondays #SamsHofbrau #LA #Tonight!!! πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’ƒπŸ’¦πŸ’¦β˜”οΈ
tonight - mulamondays - samshofbrau - makeitrainmondays - la -
shabizness : πŸ’ƒ
lalo_dirtydraws : I love daisy Marie
gs_dirtypaper : @jvalentino_ is she coming ^
jvalentino_ : @shabizness Come! πŸ˜€ @lalo_dirtydraws Come thru! Bring Jesse and Spencer! @gs_dirtypaper Oh @shabizness is coming! πŸ˜„
xtina1023 : Damn I need to bring my boo here lol we need a couple night :/ lol dating a DJ =no weekend date nights lol
jvalentino_ : @xtina1023 lol! I hear you on that. And yes! He'll love you for it!! :)
djtonyloc : Need sumbody to swoop me up.... Lol!
djtonyloc : @jvalentino_ @gs_dirtypaper .. anybody!! Lol
imkingluis - gyterriquez - djtonyloc - _bigj -
A Bak birthday bash #samshofbrau to #funkysole @pandazpix
samshofbrau - funkysole -
pandazpix : Empty can of Modelo in my pocket
saywhatfoo - frenchmobster - miguel_1angel_2perez - ohdawnanderson -
#Vegas, #Compton, and the #IE linked up and fucked shit up as usual. #Kingin #LAnights #Bentley #FlyingSpur #2014 #BeforeShitWentDown #FunniestNightOfMyLife #NoMoreLightskinnedVsDarksinnedBeef #UNLVsFinest #DoItForTheGram #iLoveJesusDoYou? #Boomin #SamsHofbrau
flyingspur - funniestnightofmylife - doitforthegram - bentley - vegas - nomorelightskinnedvsdarksinnedbeef - ie - ilovejesusdoyou - samshofbrau - boomin - compton - lanights - beforeshitwentdown - unlvsfinest - 2014 - kingin -
_b0sniang0ddess : I be out there Monday night
ashdfergus0n : You done corrupted Your cuzzo lol
daddymacsboss : @sirr_iq @king_waun
smvllz : Is that club any good still?
genovese_traphouse : @daddymacsboss MONDAY NIGJT THRN UP SON!!
mishilarybanks - treborders - brittneetheboss - halimavida -
Last night was sooo TURNT! Had too much fun! Great start to my bday weekend!!! #Aries #AprilBaby #OffThatDark #SamsHofbrau #Wasted #Part1 #NoFilter #TurnDownForWhat lol
samshofbrau - turndownforwhat - aprilbaby - nofilter - part1 - aries - wasted - offthatdark -
jaymac_ : Damn momma u got that!!! 😍😘
a_kelly2 : OMGAAAWD!!! I love this pic! :D #wooo lol
smokenliz : Sexy!
smokenliz : Happy birthday beautiful !!! Xoxo
hermajestyl : Thank u! @kyd__
hermajestyl : Lol u r soo silly! @jaymac_
hermajestyl : Aww thank u! Lol it was a crazy night! @a_kelly2
hermajestyl : Thank u soo much! @smokenliz
smokin8ce - beautiful_black_royalty - _mrjohnbogan -
Go support my wifey @bay_bay818 #dubafterparty #samshofbrau
dubafterparty - samshofbrau -
rudeboyyjr : @shesuredid818 I'll go support. Lol
shesuredid818 : πŸ™Œ @rudeboyyjr
stiicky_sweet : Look like she's taking a pink dildo up her ass. Wat a horrible photographer. Ruined a pretty girl probably
rudeboyyjr - moodyloc - rosemary_rey - shmatty_ -
⚾️TODAY⚾️ πŸ”΅ βšͺ️ ⚫️ "LOS TEARDROPS" SNAP BACK HAT πŸ”΅ βšͺ️ ⚫️ Available online today at 1:10PM PST @lonelyteardropshop @lonelyteardrop #LonelyTeardrop #LosTeardrops #LosAngeles #BlueCrew #HomeTeam #Doyers #OpeningDay #ChavezRavine #StadiumWay #AcademyWay #SunsetBlvd #Dinos #ElTepeyac #TheManuel #SamsHofbrau #5Freeway #Westside #Dodgers #Tommys
losangeles - lonelyteardrop - tommys - academyway - dinos - dodgers - openingday - bluecrew - themanuel - westside - sunsetblvd - samshofbrau - 5freeway - hometeam - doyers - eltepeyac - stadiumway - chavezravine - losteardrops -
huferone : Sick
emad_5k : πŸ’§
sunnyphono : @toksuno I like how you put that G! I like your style. @rozco22 Good looking out! Sending that to you asap! B-Town Boys gotta rep that tuff! @justice__67 You on with us family, all day! @samir_evol I can see you in this fasho! Come through! @kbsosweet @firstperezidente got that on locc! I got you playboy! @huferone trying to rep the city like you Champ! πŸ‘Š @emad_5k πŸ’§Loyal 'Til Death
mike_commons : When LTD gonna get brother mike some gear?! @kaboe627 @sunnyphono hit me up - save me 1 of errrrrrthing!
shiyangc : πŸ˜„
bee_gzo : @sunnyphono can I cop a couple of these from you in person I have a friend visiting who is leaving on Thursday night, I want to bless him with one before he leaves
sunnyphono : @bee_gzo whattup G! We already ran out! We should have them in stock again soon. I got you when I get them in!
bee_gzo : @sunnyphono I kind of figured that would be your answer but just thought it was worth a shot. Thanks big homie
chaingang_la - hnrcrew -
@taniamariamua @mel_bunnyyy πŸ‘― #SamsHofbrau #MakeItRainMondays πŸ‘Œ
samshofbrau - makeitrainmondays -
karmakarmen_ : Cute ass outfit 😎
fartboxq : #tfti
criistaltony : πŸ‘“πŸ˜
girlluver : Por favor :)
samanthapadilla : You need to keep your hands of my gf's... All of them! πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Š
jvalentino_ : @mel_bunnyyy your friends are cholas huh? πŸ’‚ @countrykurt oh there's chicks in this pic? πŸ˜• @karmakarmen_ Thanks Kar Kar! 😬 @fartboxq you better come next Monday. Cochino. @criistaltony 😁
jvalentino_ : @girlluver Por fa please! 😁 @samanthapadilla I'm gay tho! 😩 well I'm not gay. My man is πŸ˜πŸ‘¬πŸŒˆ
gyterriquez : Coqueto
xavierdamier - 1luvly_lily - hellokillah_ - yourstrulymamis -
Thank you, los angeles. #mylastnight #samshofbrau #iwillmissthiscity
samshofbrau - mylastnight - toomanystripperstocount - iwillmissthiscity -
codyrecker : #toomanystripperstocount
dredayalldayerrday : R u permanently moving back home?
codyrecker : @dredayalldayerrday No i'm going on a national tour for a couple months. How is everything for you?
dredayalldayerrday : Doing what exactly? Sounds awesome
codyrecker : @dredayalldayerrday Marketing and promotions for a company that is sponsoring a band! What have you been up to?
ibloomkat : Legendary. Safe travels!
codyrecker : @ibloomkat Thank you! See you in july! :)
jesicawesley : You're coming back! Sorry I didn't see you before you left, have so much fun!
snakeinthetrash - richardflannel - asboysen - kmmcint1 -
#faded #samshofbrau#losangeles
samshofbrau - losangeles - faded -
lenzo542 : That's My Spot . A Must Stop Everytime I'm in LA ; 0)
buhshaun - krayziebaby420 - lenzo542 - simonheit -
Make it pop! Outfit inspired by @eddie_de_leon & @randy_havablast #TheyTreatYouHowTheySeeYou #SamsHofbrau tonight! πŸ‘”
theytreatyouhowtheyseeyou - samshofbrau -
chedderone : Go Lakers???? Haha ....smooth fam
youngstarggb : What's your email??
_gatita_ : I thought it WAS @eddie_de_leon hahahahaha #doubletake πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
brewskyonline : Lookin fly fam!
jvalentino_ : @_gatita_ Lol! Love the way my bro dresses! @brewskyonline you haven't looked in the mirror lately ha? You sir! Are fly!!! :D
brewskyonline : @jvalentino_ πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’ž I bet you say that to all the fellas! Lmfao
terikez : @jvalentino_ looking fly!
gyterriquez : Realy nice
abby_love__ - tobita_x - rowitme - dopeydapromoter -
My boy @hi_tone def sets the tone when he and his crew take over Sam's! #MakeItRainMondays #MulaMondays #Bandz #SamsHofbrau #LA πŸ’ƒπŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅
bandz - mulamondays - samshofbrau - makeitrainmondays - la -
chedderone : Like house of Eden, but better!!! Haha
jvalentino_ : @chopsinda626 Bro! It's that strip joint!!!! @nicki_oso come bro! Text me.
libratatted : @sir_william7300
sir_william7300 : Urs better lmfao @libratatted
libratatted : @sir_william7300 lmao this fool! noooo
sir_william7300 : U need to get on one of these photos @libratatted ull be one of the few asians
libratatted : @sir_william7300 oh no lol I'm ok buddy
sir_william7300 : Lol @libratatted
gyterriquez - chris_o629 - _graciee_edmheart - dopeydapromoter -
πŸ”Ή #meet #me at the #club - it's #goin' #down πŸ’³ #coolguys πŸ”Ή #SamsHofbrau πŸ”Ή the #novelty of #newbs πŸ’… #I #remember #my #first #school #dance πŸ”Ή
me - samshofbrau - remember - club - novelty - school - coolguys - down - i - newbs - dance - meet - first - my - goin -
micjocelyn : 😍😍😍I spent my 20th birthday at that Holy Hofbrau
ariel_rose_indigoorangutan : @micjocelyn come back to me
micjocelyn : @ariel_rose_indigoorangutan omw!
rosebeforehoez - iwannabewheretheb0ysare - designmax - iliadarlin -
#LetMeTakeASelfie tho. #SamsHofbrau #BigBootyTaylorSwift
bigbootytaylorswift - samshofbrau - letmetakeaselfie -
dikfooitsnelson - raysarabia - luciaa_1 - official_skoobylok1 -
Wonderful dinner with wonderful people!!! #samshofbrau #germanclub #bestteacher #fraumac
germanclub - fraumac - samshofbrau - bestteacher -
csivret808 : I love hof brau omg
dmcauliff0228 - rachelcooperman - ashleykainz - stayflvcko -
samshofbrau -
eskay413 : Yesss!!! Sams
mrcresrokah : Yes
mrcresrokah : I heard they charge 20 bux to get in now?
kozem_sh : πŸ‘Œ
es_uno : #rachettour2014.
babydoll_ily : Woop wooop!!!!!
reakt : @babydoll_ily good looking out prima!!
babydoll_ily : @reakt anytime primo πŸ˜‰
djmalue - j_jay83 - sk1_ - rens_1 -
Dressing room tales... We shoot movies at SAMs every night #TGIF #samshofbrau #moneybag ***free before 10 pm***
tgif - samshofbrau - moneybag -
cadberry : @kevsalazar26 @cdorantes_626
ox_ayala_xo : @keiteljr
chichalopez : @cadberry hahaha I was just about to send you this one πŸ˜‚
rissafizza : @chrisamonster you back in the day. β™‘$
chrisamonster : @rissafizza Fo real. When the DJ had to get the swifter out and help me clean up. #glorydays
rissafizza : @chrisamonster my favorite was when @djsleprock would blow his whistle to hurry your a$$ up off the stage! Lol
tarinitup1 : @elvisi2424 @mr_roryreyes11 better start dancing your tail off if you wanna get the diesel hehehe
pokergod1 : @foxybettie
mizzgameover - alabamoman53 - mikelveli - loveyou2jen -
If u don't know. Your fckn up! #samshofbrau
samshofbrau -
shan___marie : Yes!! Place is wild
marioinexile : I live like 5 minutes from there
leah_schmea : Oh I
vajyena : Haha lakers tradition
poosboy : Donkeys!
drabsinskee - wolfie3d - palkie_f77c - randallbarton -
#db8#integra #pitcrewmotorsports #downtown#losangeles#samshofbrau#getlikeme
downtown - db8 - samshofbrau - losangeles - pitcrewmotorsports - getlikeme - integra -
darlenerios : What app is that
db8robs : @darlenerios photo editor
rios__23 - strategist02 - cranium_23 - georgio_2 -
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