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maxon9812 : f4f or l4l ?! ;)
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A year can make a lot of changes. #ThankYouMoyes #GGMU #Sadtimes
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Leaving Turkey today... :( Got use to all the places, people, busstops.. Etc. Turkey feels like a second home although i was only here for 2 weeks, &I dont wanna leave, nor return to the shitty UK.✖️ elveda türkiye👋(bye Turkey in Turkishh) #followforfollow #f4f #sadtimes
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musicsaveslives19 : Hey there
kiav__ : ikno how your feeling!! Its the most amazing country ever. So beautiful xx
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kate_karwacinski : What have you doneee?! @eclipseentldn :(
ber_lyn87 : Defo not for you lol
sy1mia : Get better soon x
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yaz_says_hi : :(
4d4msinst4gram : That's fucked up
xxmisssayubxx : oh my god, :(
kam7866 : Wel said @kamcsg
s11anu : 😡😡
brandondasilva786 : May Allah swt safe guard the Muslims around the world! Ameen
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ddomingoz : Go geev um big guy!!
mikedee808 : Lol! @ddomingoz u the big guy that's y I going back gym💪💪
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magsdimapilis : Nyare sayo? 😧
xpreciiosax : @magsdimapilis duno if allergy cyaa. But kahapon pa cya ih... If di mawala mmya mag paospital na ko
_kenzo14 : Ateh, nawala po ba kagabi while tulog ka? Then nagitchy nnmn po kanina pagkagising? If yeah, baka may urticAria ka, kasi may ganyan dn ako pero i take medicine for it now its controlled na..
xpreciiosax : @_kenzo14 yeaaaa pero mas lalong lumalala lang knina as in pantal buong katawan and mukha. sabi kase nila eczema daw
_kenzo14 : Yeahh ganyan na ganyan ako dati.. Like sobrang dami.. Ahhh yun ba? Baka iba pero ganyn na gayn saaken dati.. I take 2 pills everyday para hndi na mag appear..
xinjei : punta ka na hospital joanne .. mas lalong lumalala :( hope gumaling la na soon ..
emceexxi : Hala ateeeee get well soon
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drehoblcig : How do you define art? What was modernism? @kial__
drehoblcig : Why did you block me @weprintforyou you pussy
kial__ : @drehoblcig I'm not really qualified to answer this. However. I think. Modernism is a philosophical movement that along with cultural trends and changes arose from wide scale and far reaching transformations in western society in the 19th and 20th century
kial__ : @dandanielpeter
drehoblcig : @babygonzz wag school and film Kial and I soon
babygonzz : Come skate on weekend
drehoblcig : Or we'll do to you what we did to @weprintforyou
drehoblcig : No @babygonzz
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hakeemaffandy : Yes you can! Fish cake!
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hannah_laird12 : #obvsnotmanyopeoplewent
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It's after midnight and I've finally passed the wheel to Timm to get us through these steep-grades and sharp curves. I had Timm take this photo today as I drove 80 through route 12 back into Missoula; I loved these charred trees so much. He then proceed to read me messages from @danielle11w and @mzemski about @jeffaustin10 and @yondermountain parting ways. I don't usually use IG to share such emotion but have to share with you all that I felt my stomach drop, my heart crumble a little and eyes feel with tears as I drove on and searched my brain for Why!?This is such a big deal, and to get word from a Facebook post feels a little like a punch in the face. THIS IS A BIG DEAL, it would be if any band member left. Why so sudden and drastic? Why not wait till the end of summer tour? Why not share this change with your Kinfolk family present or at Strummit? Is there something so much more to this that is not being shared? This sort of announcement should be a bit more dramatic don't you think? I mean one more show with word at least, right? Although I did not experience any of the winter shows without Jeff, I have seen shows without Dave and without Ben, and yes the show does go on and yes it rocks still, but to go on for forever to not have this dynamic will change so many great things that make Yonder stand from the rest; from family to festival love. Words can't say enough about how truly grateful I am for all the inspiration, memories and people I have connected with because of this band. I will look forward to the future of both Jeff and #yondermountainstringband. Thanks to all for the countless shows and constant creative drive that always helps me finally see the light. #yonder #ymsb #yondermountain #jeffaustin #sadtimes #family #changehappens #fasttimes @cndaub @mikeinblacklick @mstamolis @rxqueen83 @lochkness @tonyakness @publeague @carlyngeo @bluegrasshole @angie_talk
coley4peace : I don't usually share that kind of emotion on here either but when I heard it I shared right away. I was sat on my couch and shed a few tears as this is my favorite band. It was coming for sometime but you are right finish up the tour at least. But they just did this back in winter tour too. Announced dates later came out n said Jeff wouldn't b there. Caught some solo stuff this winter. Good but not the same. This is the longest post I've ever written on someone else's page! This is just a total bummer.
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theangelwiththescabbedwings : #goldengodawards2014 #goldengodawards #sadtimes #blegh
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