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My baby after his teams Scrimmage Victory against Alhambra - HP 2 👍Alhambra 1 👎 I'm very proud of him so far, his coaches also said some really nice things about his performance after the game!!! #DefensiveLinebacker #SackingQB #CrucialPlays #StoppingTouchDowns #CrackingFoos #NextClayMatthews lol #HitOrBeHit #Spartans #gremlins #Hp #TeamWork #Improving
stoppingtouchdowns - hitorbehit - crackingfoos - defensivelinebacker - gremlins - hp - sackingqb - nextclaymatthews - improving - teamwork - crucialplays - sorrynotsorry - noninerlove - spartans -
skitci : Clay who? He should be like Patrick Willis lol
beezy426 : @skitci uh NO! Lol #NoNinerLove
skitci : Haha I know you saw how the Niners shook him last season
beezy426 : Lol,yeah ...but I also saw how the Niners made it all the way to the Super Bowl & lost!! Hahaha ooooooh BUUUUUURN LOL #SorryNotSorry
beezy426 : @skitci
skitci : Haha you got jokes but hey we made it tho! SF and Green Bay first game of the season.
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#freshmanfootball #footballforyou #sackingqb #fumble
sackingqb - footballforyou - freshmanfootball - fumble -
They call this holding stupid replacement refs #weshouldofwon #lovemyteam #sackingqb #fridaynightlights #imamissit
imamissit - sackingqb - lovemyteam - fridaynightlights - weshouldofwon -
96_till_infinity__ : I mean facemask
mikaelacarol : There is no hugging in football! @krey_staples
96_till_infinity__ : says the person who didn't know a single thing about football ahah ;)
96_till_infinity__ : @mikaelacarol
richi_rich32 : That's their rb krey!! Lmao
96_till_infinity__ : Oh ahahah thank you
mikaelacarol : Hahahah know I do! Thanks to you! ❤ I'm getting really good! Ask my dad! :p @krey_staples
96_till_infinity__ : In the thing it said qb
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6 years old, 70 pounds, 4'7. Watch out for this stud muffin. 😉❤🏈 #sackingQB #cousin #football #proud
cousin - sackingqb - football - proud -
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