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Movie night tonight! Come check out "Elf" after the 7pm service at Rock Church East County. #ecyoungadults #rock1825 #makeitadatenight
makeitadatenight - ecyoungadults - rock1825 -
v_gibson : So excited!
a_macias5 - jazgallsd - gonzalezzoar1092 - haleykrem -
Thanksgiving outreach at #ecrockchurch where we served 549 meals, gave away truck loads of clothes, sleeping bags and many gift cards to those who are in need this holiday season. #ecyoungadults #rock1825 #pervasivehope
ecrockchurch - rock1825 - ecyoungadults - pervasivehope -
therocksandiego : So awesome!!
v_gibson - mattcarreonmusic - molleeann - jazgallsd -
Thanksgiving outreach at #ecrockchurch where we served 549 meals, gave away truck loads of clothes, sleeping bags, and many gift cards to those who are in need during this holiday season. #ecyoungadults #rock1825 #pervasivehope
ecrockchurch - rock1825 - ecyoungadults - pervasivehope -
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Essentials. #ootd #todaysfit #rock1825 #tomseyeware #makingmoves #essentials #cantstopwontstop
makingmoves - tomseyeware - todaysfit - ootd - rock1825 - cantstopwontstop - essentials -
mingo2 : Love that shirt.
eddietastic : @mingo2 it's one of my favorites tee's man!
collinanderson11 : My question is what are you wearing when you take these pictures...
eddietastic : @collinanderson11 hahaha your the first I ask this and usually just boxers and some BBall shorts
luke_skywalker17 : What about the key necklaces?
eddietastic : @luke_skywalker17 dude forgot to take those off and put them down :/ good call next time!
amandajoylimon : I want that shirt!
eddietastic : @amandajoylimon ill see what I can do
amandajoylimon - katharina_15 - leaveittojessie - brandonzedaker -
When graphics are due the next day, you steal like an artist. #humblehustle #googlehelped #rock1825
humblehustle - googlehelped - rock1825 -
erichandley : Dude next time I can help make some graphics!!
stevengrimaldo : This is one of the best steals I've seen in a while dude! Nice work
alexnotonfire : Oh #ptl I was wondering if you remembered this.
teighlorbrown - erikcastillo - wanderingrebel - biancaquinteroo -
Last but not least @prophiphop straight killing it! #rock1825 #redbullsd #humblebeast #spontaneousshow
redbullsd - rock1825 - spontaneousshow - humblebeast -
thebjberry : Where is this!?!?!?
eddietastic : @bjgregor this is in downtown at the warehouse were I do my young adult ministry
thebjberry : Freak! I love propaganda! I wish I had know
thebjberry : Known
stellarsaldana : Such a good shot!
eddietastic : Thanks @stellarsaldana
jessicadawnparker - edgybetty - kgeary_photography - _tupa_ -
Not only great Hip-Hop but they got some of theRedBull BBoys in building! #redbullsd #rock1825 #humblebeast
redbullsd - rock1825 - humblebeast -
dreajaclyn : @eddietastic is that you?? Lol
eddietastic : @dreajaclyn no lol I almost wanted to jump in those were like legit guys from #redbullsd
jennjenn0424 : Wish I had rode home wit u! What was happening there tonight??
eddietastic : @jennjenn0424 yeah it would have been sick lol it was a huge humble beast concert with propaganda and stuff good times
mingo2 - jennjenn0424 - stevimoultrie - marksbell -
@mingo2 texts me on the way back from an assembly and I show to the share house to see that it's a Humble Beast event! Excited to see some people get down and to see @prophiphop #rock1825 #redbullsd #humblebeast
redbullsd - rock1825 - humblebeast -
brookelynnparis - bethanyduhaime - nvinm - hannah_ashlee_hughes -
Happy Easter/Resurrection Day!!! #churchinitup #churchflow #Rock1825 #HeIsRisen 🙌🙏
heisrisen - rock1825 - churchinitup - churchflow -
paigecrumm - msqueenjovi - emilygarrido - nunlikemyche -
5p & 7p | Alumni Center Don't miss this service. Worship with @jruuuu, art interactions, and free coffee. Repost and spread the word! for more info
rock1825 -
mingo2 : (Sun night only)
water4souls : @mingo2 so there's no service at Rock Point Loma tonight?
mingo2 : @water4souls there are 5 services at the rock. has all the info
jrodbass - justn_sd - tita2001 - eroc22 -
1. Cut a stencil. 2. Find a dirty surface. 3. Power wash thoroughly. #reversegraffiti #hope #goodfriday #petco
cleangraffiti - hope - reversegraffiti - revolversd - rock1825 - goodfriday - smartinteractions - petco -
mingo2 : @jfact7 🚴 tomorrow night!
mingo2 : #revolversd #rock1825 #smartinteractions
antmiller33 : You never cease to amaze! I love this!
mingo2 : @atmiller33 just keepin it street brotha!! I miss u!
jfact7 : @mingo2 ill be there fer sure my man
mingo2 : #cleangraffiti
emersonnowotny : I remember doing this years back in South America. Dope idea.
mingo2 : @emersonnowotny it came out SO CLEAN!
linzojaye - jessicasmede - tamilu - antmiller33 -
Tonight is the 3rd night in a row we've put street teams into action in downtown. 250 meal vouchers. 500 personal invites. Hundreds of prayers. #hope is coming. #goodfriday 10a-2p Petco Park
revolversd - rock1825 - goodfriday - twelvesd - hope -
jfact7 : @mingo2 invite only?
mingo2 : @jfact7 open to the public. We are doing a ride tomorrow night. Gonna hit the last few untouched blocks... Wanna join?
mingo2 : Props to #rock1825 & #revolverSD #twelveSD @therocksandiego @ithinkschoolassemblies for making this happen!
cloope : Can't wait to see this all come together tomorrow! Come find rest #sandiego
jennjenn0424 - applebeezy - realbrandonhall - jgonzrn -
Blessed to worship with the fam @marcmillan @jrodbass @matthieurouffet #rock1825 @dquimlat
rock1825 -
jrodbass : Thank you and Bren!!!
jay4jesus87 : Thank you for an amazing night! You're team is a blessing, been playing "Cornerstone" all morning! :)
_philiptran - twintreats - erichandley - jruuuu -
1825 Worship Night at SDSU led by @willnbren @marcmillan and the Word thru #westonstutz #rock1825 #sdrock
rock1825 - sdrock - westonstutz -
marksbell : That's SIICK bro!!
dquimlat : @jrodbass
ryansisson - _philiptran - jrodbass - daniellielucille -
Work hard play hard! W/ @mingo2 #rock1825 #SDSU #sandiego #moversandshakers #buildersandmakers
rock1825 - moversandshakers - sdsu - sandiego - buildersandmakers -
_emmuhhlee : Stop it. This car is my dream come true
eddietastic : I know twins remember lol but yeah I get to work with this guy everyday lol
eddietastic : I need to borrow it lol
fallon2 - reannajoy7 - jacijak - erichandley -
All the hard work going into making a super sick interactive art piece for SDSU, so happy! #rock1825 #sandiego #sdsu #makingmoves
rock1825 - makingmoves - sdsu - sandiego -
kayonuh : Hipsters
reannajoy7 - priscajarf - jacijak - erichandley -
"This Poison Prevails" art installation at SDSU. Asking the question: When things go wrong, what are the things (usually poisonous in nature) that we turn to that make it WORSE. #rock1825 #twelvesd
rock1825 - twelvesd -
cstoicu : Honestly incredible engagement piece! Love this @mingo2 Love this! #collegeministry #kingdomimpact
emarieturner : This is really wonderful.
alex_erlenbush - teighlorbrown - wallerflower - jdav87 -
Playing with Poison: New art installation going up at SDSU tomorrow. Don't miss it. #rock1825 #twelvesd
rock1825 - twelvesd -
mingo2 : "Make it make..." Caught that typo
ronniemaestas : What's going on Thursday night? PJ and I were planning on making our way down there.
mingo2 : @ronniemaestas we are on break! We ain't doing anything... We start back up at the end of feb... Ill totally kick it if you do come down though...!
miketheaquabat - trammelorr - chrisinnirivera - marksbell -
Outfit part Dos'!!!! #essentials #fitoftheday #sandiego #rock1825 #supremesunday
fitoftheday - rock1825 - supremesunday - essentials - sandiego -
desirerenee - ashrreee13 - jacijak - kayonuh -
Not just a block of cement #rock1825
rock1825 -
bethanyduhaime - nvinm - lil_mrs_cato - aliyah_sarai -
God is good & His plans for SD are awesome! #rock1825
rock1825 -
jennjenn0424 - missabbyx3 - god_engineers_souls - crossroadmovie -
@rickypage always kills it when at #rock1825.
rock1825 -
novapage : Love my man @rickypage
ryansisson - trevordavis - manders314 - ashelias -
Whatcha lookin at!! @priscajarf @mingo2 #rock1825 #masbam
rock1825 - masbam -
fallon2 : Nectar!
priscajarf : Bahahaha! Ain't nobody got time fo'dat!!
jennjenn0424 : Blacklight!
kr_is_ta - bethanyduhaime - mingo2 - chrisinnirivera -
There's nothing more beautiful than welcoming in your neighbors for a sitdown lunch & dinner. Proud of the #rock1825 community.
rock1825 -
drbdrums : Awesome!
smithbydesign : Legit!
leaveittojessie : So awesome
tita2001 : A blessing to see 1825 community in a act of service to so many people @mingo2! I was glad to be part of it!
suzyinman : That's amazing Mingo! What a great idea!
stevengrimaldo : How'd the clean up go?
marksbell : LOVE IT!!
mingo2 : @suzyinman no credit taken, it's the brainchild of our 1825 community. So proud of them.
utmostcreative - juuliaa12 - stevengrimaldo - alikaun -
#rock1825 serving those in need in our community. Thankful for a space to serve in.
rock1825 -
ryansisson : @mingo2 @dquimlat
dquimlat : Soooooo awesome
_anniecrandall : Love this!
dquimlat : Great shots!!!
victorsaad : *high five*
stevengrimaldo : Looks like a beer can on that table...
ksnapplesays - hannah_song - chumdinger - mandyarioto -
Big feet trolley system... #rock1825
rock1825 -
priscajarf : We all know the ripped chucks r mine, bahahhaahahahaaa
bethanyduhaime - kr_is_ta - mirmir2000 - nvinm -
The Death Defeater Red Letter Crew W/Revolver @mingo2 @jonnieallen @orfntony @andrewb_7 @christopherstearns @vincethebeliever @invisiblegod @revolvergram awesome night fellas #art #artshow #1825 #rock1825 #therocksd
1825 - rock1825 - art - artshow - therocksd -
xodawn - fr3sco_ - vesseldrumco - fernwhosoever -
Save the date! Sept 20 Artshow @revolvergram #rock1825 #artshow #sandiego #september #SupportArt #repost
1825 - artshow - sandiego - september - rock1825 - supportart - repost -
drbdrums : #1825
drbdrums : @mrimd @dirtydrums @saviorbrand @thewhosoevers @arise37
fr3sco_ : I gotta peep that Fam
drbdrums : @frescoxtone yea man, help us get the word out! It's gonna be fresh! Giveaways, live jazz/neo Dj spinnin, live art, food, coffee shop, the spot is mad dope, it's a warehouse in downtown... Tell all the homies
fr3sco_ : Fasho......send me the pic/flyer....u still got my #? @drbdrums
drbdrums : @electric_vic @electric_vic @clis@ @cloope @jgalv
drbdrums : @frescoxtone text me I thought I had your number, 619 791 9373 thanks homie
drbdrums : @lyledetwiler @gabekieffer
drummerboi777 - eclectic_vic - kingdaveone - stiivo -
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