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New makeup! #revlonphotoreadyfoundation in medium beige and #maclipstick in twig. #makeup #nofilter
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natalijaaa8 : There's a really similar lippy that i picked up from NYX! In love! @hellyhatz
hellyhatz : Oh really?! That's awesome πŸ˜ŠπŸ’„ @natalijaaa8
natalijaaa8 : Yup! But yours looks abit on the plum side, whereas the one that I have is like a browny pink πŸ’œ @hellyhatz
hellyhatz : Haha yes I'm a sucker for plum! Yours sounds lovely too. You should post a pic! @natalijaaa8
natalijaaa8 : Haha nice. Go to my YouTube channel, it's the last video. @hellyhatz
hellyhatz : Will do! 😊 @natalijaaa8
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A BEAUTY/COSMETICS EMPTY: MY REVLON: 'PHOTOREADY COMPACT POWDER!' AN END 2 A GREAT LOVE AFFAIR... FOR NOW ATLEAST Hey DoLLZ! Here's My 1'st 'Beauty/Cosmetics' Empty Of The Month Of April! My FAV POWDER! My Revlon: 'Photoready Compact Powder!' I've Been Through 2 Of These Already In The Past 6-7 Months! I LOVE The Revlon: Photoready Line! The Foundation, Concealer, The Cream Foundation, Powder & Blush! It's All FABULOUS! It's My Go-2 Foundation & Concealer Choice! It's A GREAT Drugstore Line! Deff Comparable 2 Higher-End Brands! Like I've Said Before, I Have VERY Sensitive Skin! & A Lotta Higher-End Brands Tend 2 Irritate & Break My Skin Out! Including My Beloved MAC! But 4 Some Reason Or Another The Revlon: Photoready Line Has Never Failed Me! The Foundation, Concealer & Powder All Have AMAZING Full-Medium Coverage W/Out Feeling Or Looking 2 Heavy! & Give Me A Beautiful Airbrushed-Dewy Like Finish! I HIGHLY Recommend The Revlon: Photoready Line! Especially The Foundation, Concealer & The Powder! I'm Actually ALL-OYT Of My Photoready Foundation & (Setting) Powder! I Gotta Grab More! Today I'm Gonna Try My Rimmel: Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation Again! I'm Also Outta My Monistat: Chafing Relief-Gel Powder Primer As Well! AGHH! I'm In NEED Of A Major Cosmetics/Beauty Products Shopping Trip! Perhaps 2-Morrow! SO I'm Gonna Either Use My Sonia Kashuk Primer (It Reminds Me Of The Monistat Primer) Or My Pixi: 'Flawless And Poreless' Primer! I'm Not Sure Yet! Maybe I'll Post A Pic Later Of Today's 'Easter Makeup-Look!' I'm Getting Ready 2 Go Get Ready Now! Just Taking A Break From Cooking & Cleaning! HAPPY EASTER AGAIN DoLLZ!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ #Makeup #Makeupartist #MUA #Drugstoremakeup #Highendmakeup #Makeupjunkie #Revlon #Revloncosmetics #Revlonmakeup #Revlonphotoready #Revlonphotoreadypowder #Revlonphotoreadyfoundation #Cosmetics #Revlonphotoreadyconcealer #Settingpowder #Compactpowder #Beautyempty #Cosmeticsempty #Makeupdupes #Beauty #Emptypowder
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lunawolf09 : @barbieglam1219 Happy Easter to you too sweety!!! :)
mandycon : Ooh,I heard about using the monistat for primer, it's really good huh?? @barbieglam1219
barbieglam1219 : @mandycon Yes!!!! It's Honestly The Best Primer I've Ever Used!!! I don't know what I'd do without it! πŸ˜‰ XOXO πŸ’•
mandycon : Really? I wonder who figured that out!I must try this :-) :-) :-) thank you @barbieglam1219 ;-)
mandycon : P.s.found this awesome douchromey gloss, super pretty, I'll send a pic when I get home,jeez,I hope I can find, now that I think of it, not sure what bag it's in, lol, you must know what I'm talking'bout, lol :-D
barbieglam1219 : @mandycon You'll Love It! It's A Best Kept Secret Of Makeup Artists! A Lotta MUA'S Actually use The Monistat, But Put It In A Diff Bottle. It Has The Same Ingredients As Most High End Silicone Based Primers πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
mmeril27 : rimmel's Stay matte or elf's hd studio powder. A pressed alternative and a loose one (i have oily acne prone skin)
barbieglam1219 : @mmeril27 Awesome Sweets! I've been using the Rimmel: Stay Matte & So far I'm really liking it a lot! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
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THE RIMMEL: 'STAY MATTE' LIQUID MOUSSE FOUNDATION!' Hey DoLLZ! I Grabbed The Rimmel: 'Stay Matte' Liquid Mousse Foundation Today! & I Have 2 Say, Though I've Only Used It Once & I'm Just Starting 2 Use It, So Far I'm Loving It! I Bought 2 Shades: '103 True Ivory' & '200 Soft Beige!' They Were Only $5 Each! Talk About A Bargain! I Was Surprised Just How Well '200 Soft Beige' Matches My Complexion. But 4 Now, I'm Mixing A Tad Of True Ivory In W/Soft Beige (2 Balance Out The Color A Smidgen.) Its Pretty Much A Perfect Match. I Did Notice Right Away That This Foundation Is A Medium-Full Coverage W/A Thicker Creamy/Mousse Consistency. A Lil' Goes A Long Way! Trust Me On That! I Cleansed My Face, Moisturized Well, Primed My Face & Let That All Set Before Applying The Foundation. It Seems 2 Work Well W/This Formula. But I'll Have 2 Play Around W/It 2 See What Works Best 4 Me. I Could Tell Right Away 2 Start Off W/A Small Amount Of Product & Blend It Well & Add As U Go, So 2 Be Careful Not 2 Over-Due It & Be Left W/A "Cake-Face!' Also When Ur Working With This Foundation, Because Of It's 'Matte' Formula, It's Better 2 Blend & Mix It In Rather Quick, It Starts 2 Dry Fast! It Worked Very Well W/Both My Expert Face Brush & My Blending Sponge! It Left Me W/A Beautiful Matte & Flawless Finish! The Coverage Is Amazing! I'm Really Liking It So Far! If U Have A Dry Skin-Type! This Foundation Probably Isn't The Best Choice 4-U! But If U Have An Oily Skin-Type Or "Normal Skin-Type", Than I Think U'll Like This Foundation! I'll Do A More In-Depth Review In A Cpl. Weeks 2 A Month! STAY-TUNED 4 MORE PICS! REVIEWS! DUPES/ALTERNATIVES & EVERYTHING & ANYTHING BEAUTY & MAKEUP! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO 🌻🌻🌻 #Makeup #Makeupartist #MUA #Drugstoremakeup #Highendmakeup #Makeupjunkie #Rimmelcosmetics #Rimmelmakeup #Rimmelstaymattefoundation #Rimmelstaymatte #Revlonphotoreadyfoundation #Foundation #Concealer #Facemakeup #Hippieswag #Musthave #Facepowder #Katvond #Tartefoundation #Drugstoregoodies #Rimmellondon #Lipstickjunkie #Ilovemakeup #Drugstore
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barbieglam1219 : @cindy_mylove Really?!?! That's Awesome! What A Great Deal! They were all outta the Stay Matte Primer. So Imma have 2 Go back & grab it! Thnx! I'm glad you like it DoLL! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO ❀️
barbieglam1219 : @liz1725 Really?!?! Well That Sucks! I'd Deff Wait 4 A Sale! I can't believe they charge $7 there! But isn't everything over priced in NY?!?! My Dream Was To Move 2 Manhattan! Pshh! I could never afford it! Lol! Thnx Sweets! I'm so glad You like It!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO πŸ’•
barbieglam1219 : @katerina_beauty_blog Oh No! Well that's Disappointing! I know how ya feel! I have sensitive skin & I can't wear my beloved MAC! 😩
barbieglam1219 : @mo_moni__ Awesome! Thnx! I'm Glad You Did 2 DoLL! I used to have a YouTube. But it's been a cpl. Yrs. Now since I've uploaded. I just stopped having the time 4 it. That's why I started my Instagram & I Deff prefer Instagram. There's a link in my bio if u wanna watch my older videos. But they're mainly just haul videos, dupe videos & they're not the greatest quality... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO ❀️
barbieglam1219 : @drea__delgato Really?!?! I thought that this would be A Great foundation 4 oily proned skin. But Ur not the 1'st I've heard say that. I'm sorry DoLL! 😞
mandycon : I like it,I think everyone is different,I have an oily, very oily t zone, especially in the warm weather, but this works for me, then a little powder and I'm good, all skins, all people are different, it's hard to recommend liquid stuff unless it's just flat out awful, powders and lippies, and mascara, well just about all the rest, that pretty universal,,,,well,I thought I had a point??lmao you know me hun,I babble :-D @barbieglam1219
barbieglam1219 : @mandycon I Used The Rimmel: Stay matte yesterday & I did notice after a Couple Hours Of wear that little dry spots around my nose were showing A Tad more than I'd like. But the way I look at it, Is there's really not a perfect foundation out there, unless you have PERFECT Skin & most Ppl don't. So we work with what we have. My Skins only dry in the winter. So I'm hoping now that summers practically here, that I won't have that problem anymore. The coverage is fabulous though w/The stay matte! But Ur absolutely right! Everyone's skin tone is very diff! So it's hard to recommend Something "Fully" Because What might work for one, might not work for the next! I get what you're saying! I still have not managed to find a Foundation that I absolutely LOVE After all these years! & I've tried A lotta brands! & I babble too! Lmao! So it's all good! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
mandycon : @barbieglam1219 ;-)
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I NEEDA NEW FOUNDATION!!! YAYASS... I DO!!! Hey DoLLZ!!!mHas Anyone Tried The New Rimmel: 'Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation' Yet?!?! I Think Imma Go Grab It 2-Day! I Need Something New! My Fav Foundation Is Revlon: Photoready Foundation In 006 'Medium Beige!' So I Think I'm Gonna Try The Rimmel: 'Stay Matte' In 103 'True Ivory' & In 200 'Soft Beige!' I Think The Mixture Of The 2 Shades Will Be A Pretty Good Match (I Hope!) I Might Grab The Rimmel: 'Stay Matte' Primer As Well! I'm Not Sure Yet! Or Maybe The Maybelline 'Baby Skin Pore Eraser?' Has Anyone Tried Either Of Those? & Any New Drugstore Product Suggestions??? Lemme Know! Thanks DoLLZ!!! STAY-TUNED 4 MORE PICS! REVIEWS! DUPES/ALTERNATIVES & EVERYTHING & ANYTHING BEAUTY & MAKEUP! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO 🌻🌻🌻 #Makeup #Makeupartist #MUA #Drugstoremakeup #Highendmakeup #Makeupjunkie #Rimmelcosmetics #Rimmelmakeup #Rimmelstaymattefoundation #Rimmelstaymatte #Revlonphotoreadyfoundation #Foundation #Concealer #Facemakeup #Hippieswag #Musthave #Facepowder #Katvond #Tartefoundation #Drugstoregoodies #Rimmellondon #Lipstickjunkie #Ilovemakeup #Drugstore
tartefoundation - foundation - concealer - rimmelstaymatte - rimmelcosmetics - lipstickjunkie - facemakeup - katvond - musthave - makeup - rimmellondon - makeupartist - facepowder - rimmelmakeup - highendmakeup - drugstoregoodies - rimmelstaymattefoundation - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - makeupjunkie - ilovemakeup - hippieswag - mua - drugstoremakeup - drugstore -
barbieglam1219 : @bengaligoddess17 Sure DoLL! I'll Deff Do Some Research & Letchya know ASAP! I'll post it & tag ya! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
barbieglam1219 : @mmeril27 Awesome!!!! Thnx -4- The Info DoLL! I'm looking forward 2 trying both products!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO 🌻🌻🌻
barbieglam1219 : @lunawolf09 Great Minds Think Alike DoLL!!! Awesome!!! I'm Deff Excited 2 Try Both! I really need A Foundation "Change-Up" In My Life!!! Hopefully this'll Be The One!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO 🌻🌻🌻
barbieglam1219 : @prettyj79 Really?!?! Aww! Well that sucks! Sorry 2 hear it! Yea... I think Imma Deff try it! Well see! I figure if it doesn't work, it's only $5-$6. So it won't be A Huge-Loss! Thnx 4 The info Sweets! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
barbieglam1219 : @emsimpsonxx Awesome!!!! Thnx DoLL! I'll Deff check them out! I've been meaning to try the Rimmel: Wake me up foundation 4-Some Time now! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ XOXO πŸ’•
_fatandpretty : You're right a little does go a long way and I love the matte finish I will be buying this until they discontinue it
meggie_doodle : I'm not crazy about the 24 hour.. So I'm looking for one I really like. I don't like how I can feel it on my face. I am oily and have some acne scars and a few dark spots. I hope to find something I love one day!! I do like the stay matte pressed powder. I will try it with a moisturizer.
mandycon : I have and like the rimmel foundation,I have the baby pore primer too,I like my other primers better,too faced and benefit , also some Deluxe one i got, but I'm going to try the monistat, but I'd say get the rimmel for sure,I think you'll like, and the baby pore to review, you prob won't like it :-) :-) :-) @barbieglam1219
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Revlon PhotoReady foundationπŸ’• β€’ β€’ Own photoπŸŽ€ {#revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlon #foundation #makeup #realtechniques #makeupbrushes #foundationbrush #buffingbrush #style #look #love #fashion #inspiration #fashionaccount #follow #followme}
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A couple days ago I've created this some kind of engagement-makeup-look. Something sweet, and minimal. No blusher applied but only golden-highlighters on some parts of my face. Nak tempah untuk makeup pengantin sila PM saya. Haha #makeup #motd #minimalmakeup #engagementmakeup #sweetmakeup #simplemakeup
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syfqhsani : Cehh igt nk sponsor ke ap sbb kwn kan... kikikikiki..
axilahixhar : Hahaha.. Business is business, nothing personal @syfqhsani.. Hehe
nourabby : Shading wajib dlm mekap pengantin.. bole kasi polish lg. G la kursus khas dear @axilahixhar byr beribu pn dpt set mekap sebekas besor.. bessstttt hehhehe
axilahixhar : Student macam saye xde duit lagi nak g kursus makeup.. Tapi memang nak sgt g! Tahun depan ila da kerja ila g.. Hehe @nourabby
axilahixhar : #muacosmetics #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #eliantomattelipstick #maybellineangelfitconcealer #revlonplumpingmascara
ismihmd : Tudiaaa baq hg mekap
axilahixhar : Nanti ko kawen nak aku makeup ke @ismihmd?
norhasidahbasri : Nak booking la @axilahixhar . Hehe
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Inspired by the beautiful sunset Golden purple smokey eye makeup The golden sunset #smokeyeyes #inspiredbysunset #goldenpurple #muacosmetics #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #nyx #softmattelipcream #stockholm #nudelips #bareminerals
nyx - motd - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - muacosmetics - makeup - smokeyeyes - softmattelipcream - stockholm - goldenpurple - nudelips - inspiredbysunset - bareminerals -
zatulas : Bakal suami kena bawa tuk make up gak ke? Haha
axilahixhar : Bawak kad jemputan je udah le.. Dekat je jak g kenduri.. Hewhewhew @zatulas
zatulas : Kenduri lmbt lg.. Tggu kenduri asilah dl lerr 😁
axilahixhar : Aku belum ade calon. Ahaks @zatulas
zatulas : Elehh.. Yela 2.. Haha
menanggis : Giler
axilahixhar : Lawa kan? @menanggis
axilahixhar : #motd #makeup
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New #Foundation & #Powder from @revlon #revlon #revlonphotoready #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #makeup
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cmass24 : Do you like this product Jess?
jescajean : I do actually. Its beautiful on. Very matte and soft. @cmass24
cmass24 : Gonna have to try it
jescajean : I have the concealer too. Def should try it out. @cmass24
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Hi babies! #revlonphotoready #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlonphotoreadyprimer #revlon #drugstoremakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuptalk #makeupjunkie #hobby #girlthings #girlfave #girls #littlethingsheneed
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Mylove4makeuptho #MacHeroine #Macrubywoo #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #NyxJumbopencil #laProHdConcealer #25piecelashes hehehehehe... OK so I must say I'm a lil bit disappointed with the lashes has I didn't get d ones I wanted reasons we can't share ere Lol... And Cuz its synthetic ughhhh.... But Getty let's try it and see how it goes #selftaughtmua... #happySunday #happyCustomer
25piecelashes - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - nyxjumbopencil - happysunday - laprohdconcealer - selftaughtmua - macrubywoo - macheroine - happycustomer -
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February 1st #celebinspired #khloekardashian #beautiful #makeupchallenge #revlon27 #violetfrenzy #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #coolbeige007 #dbgatsby #makeuplook #terribleeyeday
beautiful - terribleeyeday - khloekardashian - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - coolbeige007 - makeuplook - dbgatsby - violetfrenzy - celebinspired - makeupchallenge - revlon27 -
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Today's Client... Student from #manilacentraluniversity @gandaara J.S.Prom 2014 πŸ’ƒ Hair & MakeUp by Your's Truly #hairandmakeupbyjovic #hairdrph #hairdrbyjovicpangan #promnight #pretty #juliamontes #Skybluesilver #cinderella #hairstylist #makeupartist #maybelline #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #airbrushfinish #contouring #nyxlipstick #mac #naked3 #sofitel #manila #philippines #mcu #vs #vidalsasoon #covergirl #loreal #freshmakeup #ilovemyjob
covergirl - promnight - hairandmakeupbyjovic - hairstylist - manilacentraluniversity - mac - vs - loreal - nyxlipstick - mcu - makeupartist - airbrushfinish - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - maybelline - naked3 - cinderella - skybluesilver - ilovemyjob - hairdrbyjovicpangan - juliamontes - philippines - manila - sofitel - vidalsasoon - hairdrph - pretty - contouring - freshmakeup -
kevinstorm9 : @thejovic20 Great photo! :P
thejovic20 : 😘 Thank You @kevinstorm9
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Today's Client.. Student from #ManilaCentralUniversity @piggymichyy J.S.Prom 2014 πŸ’ƒ Hair & MakeUp by Your's Truly #hairandmakeupbyjovic #hairdrbyjovicpangan #hairdrph #makeupartist #hairstylist #airbrushfinish #Maybelline #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #elf #mally #nyxlipstick #mac #vidalsasoon #VS #client #sweetsixteen #ladyinred #solennheussaff #sofitel #manila #philippines #promnight #jsprom
solennheussaff - promnight - hairandmakeupbyjovic - hairstylist - manilacentraluniversity - mac - vs - nyxlipstick - makeupartist - mally - airbrushfinish - ladyinred - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - maybelline - philippines - elf - hairdrbyjovicpangan - client - jsprom - manila - sofitel - vidalsasoon - hairdrph - sweetsixteen -
anthony_gambala : ❀️❀️
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My client yesterday. I have to wake up 6 in the morning on a first day of the weekend to do this. #urbandecay #naked1 #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #maybelline brown gel eyeliner for the eyebrows #revlonphotoready 3D volume mascara and eyeliner, UD bronzer, #faceshop blush Though it looks light for me, I so love this shot! ❀️
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nini_o8 : #mac NW20 concealer
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Today's beat.... Im not really one for such a bold lip on a daily basis but this #wetnwild #cherrybomb #lipstick gives me life #mua #makeup #makeuplover #makeupartist #igmua #boldlips #wingedliner #eyebrows #mac #nyx #urbandecay #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #anastasiabeverlyhills #bbw
eyebrows - urbandecay - cherrybomb - makeup - wingedliner - mac - makeupartist - nyx - lipstick - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - makeuplover - boldlips - mua - anastasiabeverlyhills - bbw - wetnwild - igmua -
be_you_tiful_beats : Ty love @avgonzalessr
pretty_brown1976 : @be_you_tiful_beats. U need to go to school for this. :)
be_you_tiful_beats : I start school for esthetics in March but I do makeup now :) @pretty_brown1976
sweetbabeamany : So pretty!!!
be_you_tiful_beats : Ty honey @sweetbabeamany
oodlay : You look gorg
be_you_tiful_beats : Ty honey @oodlay
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2 #new#post on my #blog #revlonphotoreadyfoundation review is one of them in bio #foundation#loveit#ilovemakeup#makeupaddict#bblogger
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Make sure you subscribe to my channel to see this look! It will be posted tonight! My link is in the bio and my channel name is "Pavilleis" #youtube #tutorials #drugstoremakeup #heroine #mac #mua
mac - mua - drugstoremakeup - tutorials - youtube - heroine -
pavilleis : @ipeola ^^
eccentricchocolate : Love u on yt😻😻
queen_relley : @pavilleis FLAWLESS!
pavilleis : Thank you! @queen_relley
dearrsummerr_ : What song is that?
pavilleis : All that matters by justin beiber
pavilleis : @dearrsummerr_
dearrsummerr_ : K thanks 😘
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#fotd #motd revlon photo ready foundation in nude - really liking this right now πŸ˜€πŸ‘ #revlonphotoready #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #makeupjunkie #nofilter #mondayselfie
mondayselfie - motd - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - revlonphotoready - fotd - nofilter - makeupjunkie -
htay716 : @i_am_brooklynnnnn aww thank you. A confidence booster like that is always super nice to hear. You are too gorgeous and sweet too!
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#goodmakeupday#selfies#boredom.. i used #revlonphotoreadyfoundation#maybellinegellinerinbrown. for my eyebrows #maybellineagerewindconcealerinneutralizer for highlight #nycbronzerinsunny for contour #rimmellondonsandstormstaymattepowder #nycliquideyeliner for lids #jordanapencileyelinerinblack for waterline and #maybellinefalsiesmascara
nycbronzerinsunny - jordanapencileyelinerinblack - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - maybellinegellinerinbrown - selfies - maybellinefalsiesmascara - goodmakeupday - nycliquideyeliner - maybellineagerewindconcealerinneutralizer - rimmellondonsandstormstaymattepowder - boredom -
makeup_by_ari : @i_am_brooklynnnnn. yes i think its good for dry skin..i have combination skin so i wear it not in the summer because i dont think it works to good on oily..but dry skin its good for and id. say it has a 12 hr lasting pd before touch ups
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Eye look of the day #maybellinecosmetics #maybellineeyestudiocaffinerush #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #maybellineshockingcoral
maybellineshockingcoral - maybellinecosmetics - maybellineeyestudiocaffinerush - revlonphotoreadyfoundation -
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This pic was an accident lol turned out interesting Makeup of the day #revlonphotoreadyfoundation shell #benefitcosmetics #porefessional #nycsunnybronzer #hardcandy honeymoon blush #elf pink passion blush #milanicosmetics luminoso #maybellinecosmetics eye studio caffeine rush #maccosmetics prolong wear concealer nc20 #lorealdreamlumiconcealer radiant #wetandwildreserveyourcabana #elfbrowkit #maclingeringbrowpencil #realtechniques #nyxlipliner pink sand #maybellinevividlipstick shocking coral #covergirlclumpcrusher #micabeautycosmetics #micagelliner #shocking coral
benefitcosmetics - nycsunnybronzer - maybellinecosmetics - elfbrowkit - micagelliner - realtechniques - maccosmetics - maclingeringbrowpencil - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - hardcandy - elf - micabeautycosmetics - wetandwildreserveyourcabana - maybellinevividlipstick - covergirlclumpcrusher - nyxlipliner - lorealdreamlumiconcealer - shocking - porefessional - milanicosmetics -
angelbabyjeb : Pretty
lovepics7 : Thank you.
webofconnections2u : Reminds me of the vintage glamour photography.....very pretty I like it :)
lovepics7 : Thank you!
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U know whenever I have money this is where it goes πŸ’΅πŸŽ¨ #fakelashes #loreal #gelliner #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #nyx #eyeshadowbase #covergirleyeconcealer #ultaeyeshadow #onclearence :) #makeupwipes
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#instacollage it's a #process #prosculptingcream #mac #makeup #naturalmakeup #highlighting #contouring #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #hair #hairporn #hairaddictsanonymous
hair - highlighting - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - prosculptingcream - process - hairaddictsanonymous - makeup - instacollage - mac - hairporn - contouring - naturalmakeup -
thebrittneyshacole : @i_am_brooklynnnnn its the mac pro sculpting cream. I use that with the match master foundation. My skin is fairly normal not dry at all. I'm not at all sure how the creams work with dry skin but the match master foundation is pretty good.
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#instahaul 
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lraivn : #niveacreme #nivea #doina #farmec #makeupremover #carrefourdiscount #carrefour #nailpolishremover #thefalsies #maybellinethefalsies #maybelline #mascara
lraivn : #hardasnails #xtremewear #sallyhansenhardasnails #sallyhansenxtremewear #sallyhansen #wetcement460 #nailpolish #nailpolishes #makeup #beauty #nofilter
lraivn : #photoreadyfoundation #photoready #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlonphotoready #revlon #compactmakeup
abyukina : Mascara ai luat-o din magazin aşa ambalata? În Buc am vΔƒzut-o fΔƒrΔƒ ambalaj :p
lraivn : Nu :* @abyukina
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Makeup haul :) #nars #expressyourcheeks set with #Laguna #copacabanahighlightingstick #orgasmblush #angelikablush duo #urbandecay #poreperfectingprimerpotion #benefits #porefessionalbalm #ririheartsmac #hibiscuskiss #lorealtruematch #mac #faceandbodyfoundation #revlonphotoreadyfoundation and free #sephora gift of pink tote bag and my sephora bday gift :) benefits mini #theyrerealmascara #wattsuphighlighter
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diyoo_xo : Oh and finally got my #temperaturerising #ripeforloveblush
simplest_beauty : Lets b best friends
diyoo_xo : I do makeup girl if u didn't know :)
diyoo_xo : @simplest_beauty
char_kabob : @xodiyooxo omg!!! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜± I want !
simplest_beauty : I had nooooo idea !!! U need to work on me lmao
chrys312 : Let me know how the drops are!
nadi_sweetheart25 : I'm coming to steal your makeup lol
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Love this hair color! #colorion #hair #smoochsalon #darkburgundybrown #revlonpinkpout #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #snoblipgloss #maccosmetics #macpressedpigments #beautyblender #benefitcosmetics #beauty #beabombshellcosmetics #loreal
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dawnspc : Love the hair!
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NYx pigment mocha brown smokey #nyxcosmetics #beauty #benefitcosmetics #beauty #beautyblender #maccosmetics #revlonlipgloss #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #thebalmcosmetics #hotmamablush #revlonpinkpout #macsaddle #greeneyes
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Target haul! #rocskincare #elfcosmetics #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlonlipgloss #sallyhansennailpolish burtsbeeshydratingnightcream #burtsbees rocretinolcorrexion
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Yeah. I clean up nice. #selfie #self #instaself #girl #eyelashes #makeup #eyeliner #eyelashes #katyperry #ohhoney #maybelline #blush #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #photoready #revlon #bigteeth #urbandecay24/7 #urbandecay #curlyhair #longhair #longhairdontcare #pale
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seemay92 : I miss you pretty face!
stephanie_booone : I miss your pretty face too! @seemay92
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My make up/foundation/primer/moisturizer etc. shelf β˜… #benefit #porefessional #olaytotaleffects #etudehouse #volumer #Elf #Missha #ArganOil #BBcream #covergirloutlastfoundation #maybellinepuremineraleraserfoundation #RevlonColorstayfoundation #RevlonPhotoReadyFoundation #LorealTrueMatchFoundation #boing #RevlonAbsoluteC #RadianceMoistureCleansingOil #
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thedailyglow : πŸ’˜πŸ‘
y001x : Which of the foundations is your favorite?
buding77 : Hi! @y001x my favorite is the covergirl stay fabulous 3in1 foundation :)
debbielove26 : Os loreal true match better than neutragena healthy skin?
buding77 : @debbielove26 i havent tried neutrogena healthy skin so I cant compare it with the ones I've used
arummmanis : Is the Revlon Photoready any good? I heard it has glitter like particles ini it
buding77 : Hi @arummmanis I didnt notice any glitter particle while using the #RevlonPhotoReadyFoundation and yes it is photoready and its good.
nixgoodiess : Hi do u have preloved foundation? Open for swap? Check my items! Thanks 😊
sabrinuuhk - maryel_00 - lovemanila -
One Of My FAV Drugstore Foundation's Is: Revlon: PhotoReady Foundation ($10.00-$12.99) I've Used It 4-A Cpl. years NoW! & I Love It! It's Deff A FuLL-Coverage Foundation, but It Doesn't FeeL Like I'm Wearing A lot of Makeup! It Wears Very Lightweight! It Does Give A Slight Dewy Finish & An Airbrushed Look! & GUESS WHAT... The BEST PART ABOUT IT, Is That It's A Dupe/Alternative To: Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover foundation ($42.00)... WHAT??? :) Both Foundations Has A Pump (You Don't Have To Worry About Cross-Contamination! Awesome!) The Revlon: PhotoReady Foundation Has An SPF 20 In It (Deff A Pro!) The Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover foundation Does Not Have An SPF (Can Be A Con!) & LASTLY... The Revlon: PhotoReady Foundation Is: $10.00-$12.99 -COMPARED- To $42.00 (For The Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation!) & AFFORDABLE Is ALWAYZ A PLUS (ESPECIALLY If It's A GREAT Product!) & The Revlon: PhotoReady Foundation Is FABULOUSSS (In My Opinion!!!) & Deff Try Out The e.l.f. High Definition Powder ($6.00)... It's GREAT & Deff In-Expensive! & It's A GREAT Alternative To The Makeup Forever: HD Microfinish Powder ($34.00) (They're BOTH FABULOUS Setting Powders... But... If You're On A Budget... In my Opinion... You Cannot Tell the Difference Between The e.l.f. Powder & The Makeup Forever! I can... However Tell the Difference In My Checking Account! LoL!) ;) I Hope This Helped Out! If You Have Any Dupe/Alternative Requests Let Me KnoW DowN Below (Or Any Requests At All!) Mwuahzzz XOXO <3 Barbie <3 #Makeupforeverhdinvisiblecoverfoundation #Makeupforever #Sephora #Revlon #Revlonphotoreadyfoundation #Drugstoremakeup #Highendmakeup #Makeup #Cosmetics #Beauty #Glam #Foundationdupes #Foundationdupe #Makeupdupes #Dupes #Dupe #Revlonmakeup #Makeupforevercosmetics #Alternativemakeupproducts #Drugstore #Departmentstore
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barbieglam1219 : @priiceleszkissz Aww... Why Thnx DoLL! I LoVe Anything & Everything that has -2- Do W/Makeup & Beauty! & Your Welcome! I LoVe Posting ;) If You have Any requests, Feel Free -2- Ask! Thnx Again DoLL!!! XOXO <3 Barbie <3
barbieglam1219 : @pinkqueenb Aww... Thnx DoLL! That's SOO Sweet ;) XOXO <3 Barbie <3
barbieglam1219 : @ariannadunlop Thnx Sweetie :) XOXO <3 Barbie <3
karinakxo : @barbieglam1219 thank u doll πŸ’“
barbieglam1219 : @karina_smirnov Your Very Welcome ;) XOXO
_yayaxox : Love your posts! I'm currently using hd but I feel super oilyy after a couple hours hate it!
barbieglam1219 : @yayaabueno Thnx DoLL! I'm So Glad that U Like Them!!! & I Am NOT A Fan Of The MUFE HD At ALL!!! I Love The Revlon Though!!! ;) XOXO <3 Barbie <3
mrsvcrespin : @anna_karina22
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pinklippies - makeuplover - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - loveblueeyeshadow -
shamma96 : Love your blues
4real_makeup : @shamma96 thank you
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so someone tagged me ages ago to do the tag about 10 things i would repurchase but i cant remember what the tag is so we'll just forget about that haha. 1) #revlonphotoreadyfoundation 2) #realtechniques #stipplingbrush 3) #ecotools #buffingbrush 4) #benefit #theyrerealmascara 5) #mac #paintpot in #groundwork 6) mac #lipstick in #hue 7) benefits #porefessional primer 8) macs #eyeshadow in #starsnrockets 9) mac #studiofinishconcealer 10) of course, couldnt live without my #urbandecay naked 2.. i dunno what the tag is called but.please comment if you know! & i tag all of you even tho i dont.know it hahaha! #makeup #cute #love #girls #me #likeforlike #like4like #followme
cute - urbandecay - studiofinishconcealer - hue - groundwork - makeup - realtechniques - mac - buffingbrush - theyrerealmascara - love - me - eyeshadow - like4like - lipstick - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - ecotools - starsnrockets - girls - paintpot - benefit - likeforlike - stipplingbrush - porefessional - followme -
lucieealleenxo : hello @i_am_brooklynnnnn i have pretty dry skin & it worked really well for me didnt dry my skin out or anything & yeah i think its really nice if you only wanted a little bit of coverage hope that helped! & yeah it lasts all day on my face but the bottle didnt last me very long! even though they are abit more expensive urban decays naked foundation is amazing for dry skin i personally think & even with a thin layer it makes skin look beautiful! :)
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New revlon cosmetics. New Complexion powder in medium beige, the new whipped creme founation (heard a lot of good reviews about this), (photo ready foundation, powder blush and another conplexion powder. #cosmetics #revlon #new #tru #revlonpowder #newcomplexion #whippedcreme #24hours #revlonpowderblush #revlonphotoreadyfoundation
24hours - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - whippedcreme - revlon - revlonpowder - cosmetics - revlonpowderblush - new - tru - newcomplexion -
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#instahaul #haul #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlon #maybellinecolortattoo #paintedpurple #badtothebronze #makeup #yay
yay - badtothebronze - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - instahaul - makeup - revlon - paintedpurple - maybellinecolortattoo - haul -
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Revlon PhotoReady Foundation ΰΈšΰΈ²ΰΈ‡ΰΉ€ΰΈšΰΈ²ΰΉ€ΰΈΰΈ₯ΰΈ΅ΰΉˆΰΈ’ΰΈ‡ΰΉˆΰΈ²ΰΈ’ΰΈ‘ΰΈ΅ΰΈŠΰΈ΄ΰΈ‘ΰΉ€ΰΈ‘ΰΈ­ΰΈ£ΰΉŒ  add line. :: fern.bunnak #ugogurl #revlon #revlonphotoready #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlonfoundation #howto #beauty #thaishop #review #thailand #thai #girl #beaty #cosmetic
revlonphotoreadyfoundation - beauty - revlonphotoready - revlon - review - howto - cosmetic - girl - thailand - beaty - revlonfoundation - ugogurl - thaishop - thai -
rainierisaac_ : How much US dollars?
buckle_it_up : hiw much peso?
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I organized my everyday makeup! #lancome #chanellipstick #calvinkleincosmetics #MAC #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #clinique #macfactor #maybelline
lancome - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - maybelline - macfactor - mac - calvinkleincosmetics - clinique - chanellipstick -
madisonoostenbrink : Maxfactor *
belwilson : Easy mistake! The x and c are next to each other. @madoostenbrink
madisonoostenbrink : I know I know :)
belwilson : Hi @i_am_brooklynnnnn! I have naturally quite dry skin and I think this foundation is pretty good for it. I usually use a moisturiser or By cream beforehand to make sure I'm not dried out :) I think it's 30ml and it last a fair while if you set it with a powder.
belwilson : @i_am_brooklynnnnn I actually recommend the liquid version more than this one!
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Addition to my kikay kit! #ilovemakeup #revlonlipgloss #revlonphotoreadyfoundation #revlonwaterproofmascara
revlonwaterproofmascara - ilovemakeup - revlonphotoreadyfoundation - revlonlipgloss -
ebonicurls : What color is that lip gloss? Is it coral reef?
hellokessie - meghall90 - ebonicurls - noorb_ -
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