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Its been 3years since you left only good know why he took you.Your in a better place now,will soon meet again😞😘😘 #RestInParadise Sonya Alexandra Castillo 04.23.10
restinparadise -
j_rodriguez___ : 4years*
mathew_rios - nelly_x33 - rayvidales09 -
my handsome angel ^-\ I miss you vava. wish you could be here. I love you. #mcw #handsome #bigbrother #restinparadise
mcw - bigbrother - restinparadise - handsome -
nategreenmusic - haille__elise - dakoters_11 - iamnativeamerican -
Can't get this beauty off my mind, still to this day doesn't seem real spen.. Miss you so much! #RestInParadise #beautifulangel πŸ’‹πŸ™πŸ’–
restinparadise - beautifulangel -
harveykeenan : πŸ‘Ό
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#touchΓ© #restinparadise #blah
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#LisaLopes #LeftEye #ANewStarIsBorn #SpiritsStillWalkTheLand #Manuel #Victor #Ricky #RestInParadise
spiritsstillwalktheland - anewstarisborn - lisalopes - lefteye - ricky - restinparadise - manuel - victor -
angel_silentdiva -
this photo means everything to me, my christening, only photo of us all together and all smiles, to think this time 10 months ago there was 6 of us& now theres only 4 left breaks my heart, tragically lost my brother 10 months ago& had to watch my beautiful inspiration of a mother battle cancer and loose, has been the hardest thing these last few months, im so glad dad was holding your hand when you went mum! your not suffereing now and your out of pain and with your son, Shane is gonna look after you now mum!! im so proud to call you my mother and im gonna make you so proud of me! it breaks my heart that my little boy isnt going to be running around saying nanny as he has lost both nannys now:-( but he will remember you both threw pictures and what me and jordan tell him,about how amazing and kind and loving you both were.. our time has been cut short mum but its better than no time at all! my heart goes out to all the people that have lost someone they have truly loved! your at rest now you beautiful angel! rest in peace mumma!! i love you always!πŸ’• #gone #broken #incomplete #loveyou #always #mother #cancer #strong #beautiful #lady #christening #17yearsago #mum #dad #brothers #me #happythen #inspiration #family #missingyou #soproud #6now4 #love #my #family #rip #restinparadise #restinpeace
beautiful - gone - love - brothers - family - missingyou - mother - christening - rip - broken - dad - strong - lady - inspiration - me - happythen - cancer - always - soproud - restinpeace - restinparadise - 6now4 - incomplete - 17yearsago - mum - my - loveyou -
tashstevens21 : That's so beautiful @kaylaponting she's with your brother now and not suffering anymore πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
kaylaponting : @tashstevens21 πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
daniellepoolexxxx : I love you,beautiful words missy @kaylaponting ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
hpoole75 : got tears in my eyes reading that love ya sweet xxxxβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
kaylaponting : Love you both millions @poolie1975 @daniellepoolexxxx πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›
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She was my everything..the day she passed I didnt know what I was going to do I was lost without her but I gotta hold my head up so she can have something to be proud may be gone but never forgotten #RestInParadise
restinparadise -
qvveen_sosa -
Today we laid to rest a very special person. Goodbyes are always hard. You were and are such a free spirited individual. We love you jess! Your in gods hand now. #restinparadise
restinparadise -
xo__ronessa - sabrina8820 - rockabillyronda - alcala_32 -
I know this is early. But 1 year has passed since of my best- no scratch that- sister committed suicide. 1-19-99/ 4-26-13. I miss her dearly, for one, she taught me to not care about how people look at me. How not to care about stupid shit that happens in life and more. I remember growing up on the same street as her when I was 6. We would ride our skateboards and throw rocks at different housesπŸ™ŠπŸ˜ I remember the time we blew up her step dads kitchen. That was the best. But sadly when I moved, she had to deal with depression and pressure from her parents and siblings. I lost contact with her for what seemed like forever. Two years back, I got back in touch with her. We hung out, but I knew something was wrong, she's wasn't the same. I was too scared to ask her about what was going on. Then on April 25th, she gave me a call saying her final good-byes. I didn't think of it as a final "I love you friend". I thought of it as a "hey, I'll see you soon". When her boyfriend called on the 26th telling me that he found her in her room poisoned, I was lost. I faked a smile through school that week. She was my best friend. The whole group of us, lost. Broken. I wish I would've done something. I wish I would've talked her out of it. Now I carry that on myself, and I always will. R.I.P Kristenna Mercedes Lopez We miss ya girl, πŸ˜’πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸ’• If you are ever thinking of killing yourself, talk to someone. No matter what, there will always be someone you can talk to. No matter friends or not. Ending your life is never an option. I wish Krissy would've known that.
rememberher - suicide - bestfriend - angel - mysister - restinpeace - restinparadise - imissyou -
tia_lunaa : #suicide #rememberher #imissyou #mysister #bestfriend #angel #restinpeace #restinparadise #
mmmbizzle_ : That was sooo sweet omg the tears πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ I'm sorry for you loosing her .
meghanak14 : I hope you can go
meghanak14 - mauri14_ - _xxsusyxx_ - sarinaa_m -
You were the flyyest mamacita/cousin/home gurl that anyone could've ever asked forπŸ’” #wcw #RestInParadise
restinparadise - wcw -
jackiefuetteee_ - byebreee - anarakocevic - aleksrakocevic -
It's only fitting that today you be my #WCW It was exactly 7yrs ago that God said me n the world maybe crushing on you, but you were all His...there's not a day that goes by that I'm not reminded of today I am not sad..for just like God I know you'll never leave me..Love you Always!!! #RestInParadise #missyou #mymama #beautyNgrace #NoOneLikeYou
beautyngrace - mymama - missyou - wcw - noonelikeyou - restinparadise -
nykei10 -
If love could have saved you, you would still be here... I love you Toto. Always praying with you! πŸ‘΅πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ‘­ #grandma #restinparadise #bestfriend #imissyou
restinparadise - bestfriend - imissyou - grandma -
elienaloverudy : R.I.P habibi toto .... God bless your soul ... I love u toto ❀
curlssss : πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
jordanian_princess - krissy238 - _katia_92 - tih_ago -
Self Explanatory! Dance Lessons By Alejandra Friday May, 2! $10 Donation Go To The Rugamas Family In Support Of The Loss Of Audrey πŸ’•! I've Got Many More Flyers If Interested! HMU! @madeforthecage__ #BeTheVoice #NeverForget #AudreyGenesis #LittleGenny #Donations #SouthLakeTahoe #RestInParadise ❀️
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bratty_kitten - c_ubias123 - _madetolovegiraffes - _xo_eli -
It's crazy to think that it's already been a year. We all miss you so much Timothy, there was never a dull moment with you & seeing pictures like this is what makes me miss your crazy self the most. I miss being able to go to the shop and see you when something was wrong, you always did give the best advice. I miss all the crazy times we had when we all got together. I miss a lot of things, but most of all I miss you & even though you're not here with us physically, I know you'll always be up there watching over us. <3 #GoneNotForgotten #RestInParadise
restinparadise - gonenotforgotten -
kaylalanaeann - tyeleenmarie - missmaddieee - savannahrose_24 -
Rest In Paradise My Angel , Esmine Elvira. This past Sunday me and grisel lost our lil baby :/ we were supposed to find out the gender today. Baby girl came early unfortunately. We love u mija watch over us. We'll be together again some day. #RestInParadise
restinparadise -
doryhiian__c : :.(
bren2012 : I'm so sorry for your lost! My condolence go to you guys.
marthaperezzzz : Love you Marcuse ❀️
bren2012 - lysettexoxo - martinez_jm263 - rosa_h3rr3ra -
RIP Grandpa Ernie we miss you πŸ™πŸ’™ #tb #rip #grandpa #hawaii #familyovereverything #restinparadise
restinparadise - grandpa - familyovereverything - tb - hawaii - rip -
pushing_since_97 - julesdoee - marcita_tho - angers_77 -
Got my organ donor card in today and also have the little heart on the DL also!! Give the gift that keeps on giving and sign up to be an organ donor! Go to and get started!
restinparadise - donatelife -
rebelbelledani : April is also #DonateLife month!! I do this for Tara also!! #RestInParadise Tara!!
priceless7 : This makes my heart smile
rebelbelledani : @priceless7 😊😊 I've always been an organ donor but now I'm trying to get more and more people signed up!!
662certion - cassymarshai - _quiondriyag - priceless7 -
#rip#gonebutneverforgotten all of#sanfrancisco miss you#rapartist#friscolegend#lakeview#cellski#200#fogtoen#415#friscoshardest#restinparadise#accident Dam growing up listening to your music and being your area made it almost seem like we was family..its been 10yrs now but it feels like yesterday. Your music thoughts and prayers will always be pointed in your direction..its not about rap cause alot of people probably like blah rap and thats fine to cause rap isnt everyones cup of tea but its about a lengendary frisco rapper who died in a car wreck a human being..but i already know people dnt who dnt like rap critize them thats coo fuck you too!
rapartist - accident - sanfrancisco - 200 - friscoshardest - gonebutneverforgotten - friscolegend - rip - fogtoen - 415 - restinparadise - lakeview - cellski -
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R.I.P beautiful! #nephew #baby #restinparadise
baby - nephew - restinparadise -
meganshaw13 - missjxnes - kiyajs__ - beechyson -
Finally got it :) I love it πŸ’•πŸ’• #monteith #cory #obey #teespring #glee #ripcory #restinparadise #happytogetit #gleek thank you @finnandthings for making it :)
monteith - gleek - teespring - obey - glee - ripcory - restinparadise - happytogetit - cory -
_danceing_queen - pand_a214 - finchel_lover - ok_is_wonderful -
Beautiful service today for my second grandma<3 #ripgrandma #secondfamily #bestfriend #best #family #love #restinparadise
beautifulday - bestfriend - family - ripgrandma - blessed - secondfamily - restinparadise - igdaily - love - nofilter - best -
hollybolly75315 : #nofilter #igdaily #beautifulday #blessed
betharchuleta - smplsinner - mely_mob - oneshotentertainment -
Oh hell NO! #hellno #luckerstomp #MitchLucker #restinparadise #rip #ripMitchLucker #suicidesilence #legend
hellno - ripmitchlucker - luckerstomp - rip - restinparadise - mitchlucker - suicidesilence - legend -
simplyy_cindyyy : That's exactly what i said!!!!!! @nyctophiliac_metalhead
sad_emo_kitty - mars_thezombie - the_loner_kids_suicide - purdygurl666 -
my tribute to Nicole Denney . i'd bet those angel wings look amazing on you . πŸ’œ @_nicole_denney #ripnicoledenney #restinparadise
restinparadise - ripnicoledenney -
cass_johnson5 : U should put that on her poster
kenna_doe_ : i might just do that . 😊 @cass_johnson5
djtower24 : That is such a good drawing of Nicole you are amazing
merbear_niallerr : this is so amazing kenna !πŸ‘ΌπŸ’œ
kenna_doe_ : thank you ! 😊 @merbear_niallerr
kenna_doe_ : thanks !! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• @djtower24
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#RIP #Restinparadise daddy #imissyou #iloveyou
restinparadise - iloveyou - imissyou - rip -
epatt253 : Sorry for your loss but he is no longer in pain @xo_bcrazii_253
xo_bcrazii_253 : @epatt253 thanks Eric!! This is true. And that's what matters.
samanciki - ellidrey - freestylxxx - pailetshyla -
came to visit the woman who made the two of us possible my Grandmother, I know she is smiling at what I told her today.....I will always love this woman #restinparadise #love #Guyana
restinparadise - love - guyana -
viva_la_fashion - martyjohnson - mrsbreedslove - _kafigram_ -
Gone but never forgotten ! πŸ‘ΌπŸ™
restinparadise - thegoodtrulydodieyoung -
prada_dutchessx3 : One of the sweetest persons I've met in a while ! #restinparadise #thegoodtrulydodieyoung @anubisbay
dont5topkillem - man_of_business - henny__hardaway - roxannam18 -
RIP to the Bro #LongLiveLa #RestInParadise
restinparadise - longlivela -
young_hitta15 : Long live L'A #SQUADSHIT
i_am_tink_ : can u shout out my fanpage lacapone_fanpage
otg_ent : La gang
iamjeville : Long Live KING L'A
ricolilbossdasavage : Rip bro La #Team600
one_ten_synik : rip LA
lilerikk_otf : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Œ
8314_squad_420 : They took a savage out the game #longlivela
chief_dunn - lil_mann225 - supasavage704 - bryanm_11 -
A tad blurry, but happy admin daaay!!! 😊 #gaylordnational #conventionservices #luckystrike @skodstagram @annestagram28 @ebark007 @graysarahcelestine @meb214 @abbyleigh24 @ishonufluvmesummecymt @helena62983
gaylordnational - restinparadise - conventionservices - luckystrike -
teejaybelle : Tag me in this!
xoayemarie : @kina_aki
xoayemarie : #restinparadise @laceyknizner @teejaybelle 😘😘
xoayemarie : @i_shonuf_luvmesum_mecymt
i_shonuf_luvmesum_mecymt - xo_jermanii - teejaybelle - fabfit_freak -
*"STEF"* It's been 8yrs & you used to sit in the front row before the beginning of all this. Wish i was home to bring you flowers "Stef". πŸ’πŸ™ *Song & show i did in 2006 in her dedication* #RestInPARADISE #STEF #withLOVE #deeplyMISSED #NEVERforgotten
withlove - deeplymissed - restinparadise - stef - neverforgotten -
patch34 : Rest in Love stef
paidinfull : πŸ™
__ladyylovee : I love this song !! Still listen to it from 8 years ago ..
chapotters : I remember this! @iamjoanlee
luvkn : @iamjoanlee this is when i fell in love
gee_wyatt - _jackjaymzzz - laosthetics - jlyazzie3 -
tattoo for my girl is finally healed up! now I'll have you with me forever β€οΈπŸ’‹ I love you Ash ❀️RIP❀️ #foreveryoung #rip #restinparadise #love #bestfriendsforever #missyou #mygirl
bestfriendsforever - restinparadise - foreveryoung - love - missyou - mygirl - rip -
sweetapplepieee - velvetsnow709 - breannalajeunesse - maysael -
#tucker #myfriend #ilovemydogs #puppylove #pug #purelove #restinparadise #missingyou
pug - restinparadise - tucker - ilovemydogs - purelove - missingyou - myfriend - puppylove -
charlotterdoyle - smerkoes - erynn - outdoor_adict -
#myfriend #mylove #lovemydog #missingyou #heaven #godsangel #restinparadise #goodbye
heaven - godsangel - mylove - lovemydog - restinparadise - missingyou - goodbye - myfriend -
juniormariejr - janenka - krnmcferran - outdoor_adict -
#mybabe #bestbuddy #restinparadise #missingyou #goodbye #9years #heaven #angel
heaven - angel - mybabe - bestbuddy - restinparadise - missingyou - goodbye - 9years -
juniormariejr - outdoor_adict - wladex - jegerforlivet -
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