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Hey Earth, happy Earth day. ♥, Catalina. #catalina #eastend #earthday #everyday #radiosilencefishing
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letyq143 : #Beautiful
tpantel : The ocean don't look like that today , it's shitbox
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In recognition of Earth Day, we bring you this image of Catalina Island taken by an anchovy riding on the back of a flying fish, on a solar powered phone made of chiton exoskeleton that was sent via snail mail and uploaded by a mantis shrimp. Earth, you've been a wonderful Mother to us and everybody here at #radiosilencefishing loves you and respects you! Everyday is #earthday for us, keep our oceans and rivers as clean as possible, pick up your trash, don't claim to be green just do your best to be thoughtful of this Savage Planet and always butt hook your fin bait. Party On, fellow Earthlings! #earthday #strandedhereonearth #itsallwegotyakooks
strandedhereonearth - earthday - itsallwegotyakooks - radiosilencefishing -
reyesswimbaits : Well said!
teambkinc : 👍👍
josh_henkenius - teamdattbass - vince1064 - brettposladek -
Spent Thursday//Friday over at San Clemente Island aboard @bongos_sportfishing - We soaked some gland for pretty young thangs in the gray with no success but had some early AM laughs. Capt. Ben Knight set up a few bold drifts up the line to target these wonderful creatures and we lit em' up for an hour or so. Once we finished our final drift we set out to gather a gamut of edible species in the deeper hard bottom zone, which we did successfully. A 38' Tiara is a fishing machine and #bongossportfishing treats their anglers like Kings & Queens! If you're looking for a great offshore option for this summer, make a trip with these folks. Thanks for the adventure and for the laughs guys, can't wait to do it again. The reds were delicious for Easter lunch. OUT #radiosilencefishing #sanclementeisland #fishycaptainfishyboat
sanclementeisland - fishycaptainfishyboat - bongossportfishing - radiosilencefishing -
bunzbnoble : Good stuff !!
eggszackly : Fun trip! Love having my fridge/freezer loaded with good eats.
mckashmeir_luxury - woodro89 - fuckinggnar - coopalooop -
Regram from @radiosilencefishing - My Other Life #radiosilencefishing #adventure #lifeonthewater #whenimskatingiwearmyskateshoes
whenimskatingiwearmyskateshoes - adventure - lifeonthewater - radiosilencefishing -
fraserandersons : @tristantristantristan
zeegisbreathing : So good justin!
andycarter22 : Nice cut jay
tacticalfishingcrew - skram3rr - andycarter22 - midnightcowboy3 -
@eggszackly is always there when it counts. #radiosilencefishing #bongossportfishing #california #adventure
california - bongossportfishing - adventure - radiosilencefishing -
coffeeeeyes : Always looking so handsome. @eggszackly @radiosilencefishing
sonsinijw : @yamelthecamel @vinvalentino this is Vince when he buys a filet O fish sandwich at a greasy joint....or at-east how he feels
jacobjahn : Ragnar @eggszackly
eggszackly : Bag lady @jacobjahn
lorettian : :)
jonnyboyy619 - eggszackly - salhernandez13 - slayerdw -
Hidden Treasure In The Desert // @jacobjahn & @lbceez from days gone by. #radiosilencefishing #lifenotlifestyle #underwaterunderground
lifenotlifestyle - underwaterunderground - radiosilencefishing -
briang037 : Cool is not the word for you cats . More like super cool👍
imantisocial : #devilcod @jacobjahn @lbceez
jakobgonterman : @nickhillas
lbceez : #longhairidontcare @jacobjahn @imantisocial
nickhillas : DVL? @jakobgonterman
ocrodsandreels : Great Video!
michaelnazerian : Awsome man you're on the popular page
imantisocial : @michaelnazerian - did you see it on there or something?
mrsidebottom - captnjake - ocrodsandreels - drewbacca -
Get In Where You Fit In & Get Bitten #radiosilencefishing #lifenotlifestyle #underwaterunderground
lifenotlifestyle - underwaterunderground - radiosilencefishing -
islandplastic : Best clips around
infinity_structure - koalaboybrad - ronsannes - jms3fam -
Checkered One - pure predator. #radiosilencefishing #verticalattack #breachofcontract
verticalattack - breachofcontract - radiosilencefishing -
_cabsav : Dateline nbc #toocatchapredator
perpetual_thirst : Sweet shot!
bait_and_destroy : Thar she blows
tacticalfishingcrew - tonstruk - rennich16 - fred2mac -
Let Us Out. #radiosilencefishing #freeatsea #voyage
voyage - freeatsea - radiosilencefishing -
man_brew : Still waiting guy.
radiosilencefishing : @man_brew - busy til May, then you will see my coon tan
man_brew : I hope so.
jack_busick - jtdunnphf - teamdattbass - conorhouli -
Ritual Freedom #radiosilencefishing #california #soulsessions #lessthan1%
soulsessions - california - lessthan1 - radiosilencefishing -
christopher_serv : @adrian2thetop
lbceez : Less than. <
jonnyboyy619 : Damn that is beautiful @radiosilencefishing
fire_ball - joaquin_trevino7 - timrellis - jack_busick -
Better Weather Just Around The Bend #radiosilencefishing #california #adventure
california - adventure - radiosilencefishing -
islandplastic : I'd go!
imantisocial : @islandplastic - let's ride soon, the perch are going buck
calicoharris - rennich16 - bassthumbs - e_rackasaurus -
ROCKHOPPER #radiosilencefishing #listentojacksowell #island
island - listentojacksowell - radiosilencefishing -
churros714 : @slayerdw this could be our boat
anthony_nigro805 : #legend
williamrayclack : What kind of boat is that?
holtankyle : Hydro sport. I would buy that boat.
rochinaldeny - xbeefedgex - arooorooo - eugene1904 -
Life Tends To Come & Go - That's Okay As Long As You Know #radiosilencefishing #california #adventure
california - adventure - radiosilencefishing -
raqueldakota : 💙
vince1064 - bassthumbs - petedeeble - kid_cody13 -
Old California #strandedhereonearth #radiosilencefishing
strandedhereonearth - radiosilencefishing -
seanmichaelmccarthy : @nicsteuermann_55 😱😭😭😭
travisschmaltz - blakexcass - saltyfish18 - ride_away -
Take Me Away Mr. Whaler #radiosilencefishing #bostonwhaler #newportbeach
bostonwhaler - newportbeach - radiosilencefishing -
junyzz : New sled?
christopher_serv : @adrian2thetop
ogruckster : That's a nice boat.
austin_zimny : @kentnapp so soon yet so far
hug_life : She's a mister?
islandplastic : Dude looks like eh lady
marinemaxnortheast - timrellis - wuelement - boston_whaler -
@islandplastic - SLOB . #radiosilencefishing #islandplastic #onsomeothershit
islandplastic - onsomeothershit - radiosilencefishing -
jessedeeds : 🐷
ideal_baits : Legit
onedowner : Pic doesn't do it justice🐘
jake__120 - _summergold_ - wuelement -
10.8lbs of spotted bay bass - good for bragging rights and a couple buck$. Friendly competition at the #bigcockinvitational outta Mission Bay saw 7 teams pony up $20 for a winner take all day of fun on the water. Good job @warbaits - had a ton of fun and as inaugural event winners, we are stoked to host the next event in the pseudo series! #santacruzisland here we come... #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #youcantloseifyouhadagoodtime
santacruzisland - bigcockinvitational - youcantloseifyouhadagoodtime - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
man_brew : Will you show me your ways?
krisstencel : Bass to mouth
bigjsandyballs : Legit! Hit me up for the next one.
teamrizo : @lbceez makes me laugh. No need to Glenn 10 pounds of spots. Hollllarrr!
cameron_gallagher35 : This will be us next weekend if we float tube @rayw28 @graydconner
graydconner : Ya buday @cameron_gallagher35 @rayw28
imtracydecker : I guess we missed this memo..maybe cause it was only #bigcockinvitational...we know we've got that part covered...was this a sward fight or a fishing tournament? The sisters are feeling left out... Haaaa
imantisocial : @imtracydecker - didn't create it, but since we won we get to host the next one and invite whoever we want...
bassalliancefishingco - killswitch714 - trevor_halsema - skateriviera -
@warbaits - Mission Bay Moon Man #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #sandiego
warbaits - sandiego - radiosilencefishing -
sdfranksmith : That was you guys @isonnate_
sbcalicohunter : u guys get any big ones?
warbaits - eddiemunster86 - blakexcass - reyesswimbaits -
D.I.T.C #radiosilencefishing #noyoudont #seeyasunday
seeyasunday - noyoudont - radiosilencefishing -
brettmurray13 : Das it mane
imantisocial : @samgann93 - No. But these also no longer exist...except in particular boxes that come out when needed
fthhddvmkhvv : I have about 5 left only for special days
bigjsandyballs : Like whaaaaat? #schoolme
lowbudgetbrian : Those don't work. Give them to me and I'll dispose of them for you.
ryan_kyle : Rtv those bad boys
jacobjahn : Pincers....
islandplastic : Urple derple goat skrimps?
waldherr_fishing - artie_g23 - madtomyhifi - vince1064 -
Our guy @lbceez breaking it down at the @abugarcia_fishing booth. The dude has good words of wisdom for fishing and in life #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
deadhorsebaits : I'm a believer!!!!!
itzurboinini : @dimwitrj
ebombard : MiniMe
dimwitrj : Sweet @itzurboinini
shamlan1 - artie_g23 - kelpclothing - reelcrazy1 -
"Dad, I'm Captain tonight!" #radiosilencefishing #ojaioluxreynolds #nightbite
ojaioluxreynolds - nightbite - radiosilencefishing -
anthony_nigro805 : #raddad
snowmommy : I wanna see that hair!!!
tbrenval : Is that Newport.
gabegorgas - xrnath - desp_fotin - elaineevonne -
This is our friend @coffeeeeyes from New Jersey - he fishes stripers. That's all, keep scrolling. #radiosilencefishing #stripedbass #itsmetyler
stripedbass - itsmetyler - radiosilencefishing -
jacobjahn : ......................................................Tyler
imantisocial : It's me - TYLER
gabegorgas - desp_fotin - ultimatum_outdoors - mjthegreat909 -
End Game - Time On The Water // @warbaits #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #gosmallgosimplegonow
gosmallgosimplegonow - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
artie_g23 - matt_florentino - alldayca_dotcom - desp_fotin -
Modern Tactic #radiosilencefishing #california #thebight
california - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
jakebray : You guys are honestly living the dream
jjgswb55 : #paradise
anthony_nigro805 : #followthefoam
filler_killer : @therealchrissantana
outofworkoutdoors : spot looks promising
port_lbc : Can I get your email again? Keep wanting to get in touch with you guys about an idea
ridgemont_outfitters - ohalexeger - geoffreytheking - skateriviera -
Take A Seat. Turn Around. That's The Future Over There. #radiosilencefishing #skifflife #gosmallgosimplegonow
gosmallgosimplegonow - skifflife - radiosilencefishing -
bassjak : Eyes fixed North.
fire_ball - firstclassdials - kielmb - erodge6 -
Up & In - currently trickling #radiosilencefishing #mildconditions #californiagold #thatgoodweed
mildconditions - thatgoodweed - californiagold - radiosilencefishing -
jjjohhnn : @liamguerry would you rather be here or solorzanos
liamguerry : @jjjohhnn bahaha
bait_and_destroy : The best Cali weed
cwb619 - fishingwithdecker - petedeeble - waterpopljy -
It's Striper Weather #radiosilencefishing #stripedbass #underwaterunderground
stripedbass - underwaterunderground - radiosilencefishing -
coffeeeeyes : I'm in.
_watermalone : I'd hit it
eugene1904 : Nice!!
blakexcass : Yes please
fknchristoph : Lets go pogs
lbceez : You're
frank_lucero : @_dustyyy
frank_lucero : Where at @radiosilencefishing
jefflomonaco - desp_fotin - alldayca_dotcom - wildmanschmitt -
Still Jack Sowell #radiosilencefishing #sowellsessions #islandpioneer
islandpioneer - sowellsessions - radiosilencefishing -
fknchristoph : Stud
ariasalex : El Hombre!
teamrizo : The legend. That Calico had no idea how lucky he was to be caught by Jack!! Jack has never Glenned it. EVER! #noneedtoglennit #herms
modern_patina : Dude I'm at Cerritos Toyota and the service guys were talking to me about surfing San Pedro and fishing. they were discussing how fair this long hair guy is because he posts his baits in his videos and photos (radio silence fishing and war bates) They were talking about you fool. Killing it.
kat_gemini : @heroman107
spottyquest - bryanmaiorca - jake_luhrss - scubasoo -
Imagine The Sea At Rest #radiosilencefishing #pacificoceancalm #classiccrossings
classiccrossings - pacificoceancalm - radiosilencefishing -
sdfranksmith : #shimano #only
socalsalty : I wish that was the case for this wknd
sbcalicohunter : haha ikr @socalsalty
philliptdavis : The calm before the storm!!
t_karsh_19 - blakexcass - ricer_roni -
From our friends at @radiosilencefishing, who are always venturing to far flung island coastlines... #ridgemontoutfitters #radiosilencefishing #explore #adventure #fishing
ridgemontoutfitters - explore - adventure - fishing - radiosilencefishing -
walkingincircles - kirstin_wade - wdupierobaki - miss_alaneus -
...because I seek adventure and still marvel at the beauty of it all... #radiosilencefishing #gosmallgosimplegonow #california
gosmallgosimplegonow - california - radiosilencefishing -
ridgemont_outfitters - fishingwithdecker - matheuscardinali - firstclassdials -
Yesterday #allmytroublesseemedsofaraway #california #radiosilencefishing #island #paradise
allmytroublesseemedsofaraway - radiosilencefishing - california - island - paradise -
ceremonyvisualarts : Yes 🙏
loserpete - stevefawley - imprintlab - snowmommy -
Folded #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #pearlswimbaits #warbaits
calicobass - pearlswimbaits - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
reelhookup : @b_22_wess @pleco_addict @g_mac721
pleco_addict : That's a cool shot!! @reelhookup
bengonzalezphf : @jtdunnphf
tyolson : @guy_thon
tdelnor - ogtone65 - code_green92 - rhmsuwaidi -
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