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Hell yeah! Vogue italia!! My first ๐Ÿ˜ thank you @sirneave styling with my fav @jesozette w model @angelinabordeaux #photoshoot #vogue #italia #radbasket #happygirl
happygirl - photoshoot - italia - radbasket - vogue -
angelinabordeaux : #givemethatlook
robynhoodvintage : Congrats! What a feeling I bet
sarahnajafi_ : @stylistrobyn thank you!!!
spirson : Or this one is awesome. It makes me homesick.
sarahnajafi_ : @spirson sure please credit @sirneave photog and @jesozette and i for styling as well ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
sarahnajafi_ : @spirson also, please don't alter the pix! Thanks!!
spirson : No problem! Thanks! ๎€ข
davebrt7 - miasma_ - nazfilms - amzii26 -
We at it again @sirneave with beauty @angelinabordeaux styling w my fav @jesozette #hollywoodhills #photoshoot #editorial #radbasket #love
photoshoot - hollywoodhills - love - radbasket - editorial -
mychelle91 - almaluis - manc_hj - zulu_nation -
vegas - photoshoot - styling - radbasket - sick -
sarahnajafi_ : I meannnnn, she is heaven #photoshoot #styling #vegas #radbasket #sick @jesozette
elleheavin : @sarah_sophia stunning!!
sarahnajafi_ : Thx sweets! @elleheavin
larsen_sotelo - paddybushe - escimages - feeltheflo -
This wall is sick. #photoshoot #styling #vegas #wall #radbasket
wall - vegas - photoshoot - styling - radbasket -
sarahnajafi_ : @jesozette ๐Ÿ‘ฏ
chorduroy_livin - princessinthecastle - mickeys_girl -
4 photos in vogue, bad ass! @sirneave #vogue #italia #photography #major #talent #watchout #radbasket ...with help from rad stylists @jesozette and @mallorystarr
major - talent - radbasket - watchout - italia - photography - vogue -
enipramakeup : @sarah_sophia would love to work with you someday! Your incredibly talented!
sarahnajafi_ : @enipramakeup I didn't work on these hon, hit up @sirneave :)
enipramakeup : @sarah_sophia will do! I should have commented on a different pic ๎– your eye for style is dead on ๎€Ž
sarahnajafi_ : @enipramakeup so sweet thank you๐Ÿ’‹
sarahnajafi_ : @marcushyde if you ever need a stylist, lmk!
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