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'Danny' -- Sooo many inconsistencies surrounding this story. #freejahar
tsarnaev - danny - freejahar - lies - carjacking - inconsistent - prayforjahar - dannytsarnaev -
dangercurves : #prayforjahar #dannytsarnaev #danny #tsarnaev #inconsistent #carjacking #lies
pjdtheiii : Like what
sweeneyboy10 : @pjdtheiii she's just repeating what everyone else is saying.
texassky_1 - kikimarie_xo -
Big ass note, and it took them a month to find it ???? They're trying so hard ! #fakeboatnote #prayforjahar #prayforjustice #jaharsfakenote
fakeboatnote - jaharsfakenote - prayforjustice - prayforjahar -
texassky_1 : It supposed to be "written on the walls of the boat " but yeah the blood is way to bright. @slovenanka
bekaind : F""" that Fakenote ❌❌❌ "We Are one so if you hurt one of us you'll be hurting all of us then I guess I should take revenge and kill some innocent souls to show that am doing something although islam says if you kill innocent people you will go to hell..." 👈👈👈👈 is this fakeNote make sense?! F""""
texassky_1 : No sense at all !!! @bekaind
slovenanka : Oh that isn't a paper? It's on the wall?
texassky_1 : Yeah @slovenanka
kikimarie_xo : The media is stupid. Lol
texassky_1 : Ikr ! @kikimarie_xo
kikimarie_xo : Fuck it #justiceforjahar
justiceforhim_ - slovenanka - patrick982016 - bekaind -
And now this, how convenient !?!?! #jaharsfakenote #prayforjustice #prayforjahar #fakeboatnote
fakeboatnote - jaharsfakenote - prayforjustice - prayforjahar -
kikimarie_xo : Took them a year to show it too
texassky_1 : Exactly !! @kikimarie_xo
justiceforhim_ - slovenanka - patrick982016 - bekaind -
Just a little update for the morning hearing. #justiceforjahar #prayforjahar #questioneverything #awake #openmind
openmind - prayforjahar - awake - questioneverything - justiceforjahar -
bekaind : Tnx! :-)
justiceforhim_ : Thanks 😊
texassky_1 : Np!! @justiceforhim_ @bekaind ;)
justiceforhim_ - patrick982016 - rodri_94 - bekaind -
Not the death penalty 😣 Keep praying for Jahar guys he really needs it 😓 #prayforjahar #jaharisinnocent #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan
jaharisinnocent - freethelion - prayforjahar - riptamerlan - freejahar -
meenamaekay : "When prosecutors will ask the jury to put him to death row." 😖 That comment gives me chills. Though I truly don't believe he will be sentenced to death at all. He's got an amazing defense team and is one lucky son of gun to be given them and they're going to take care of him. We just have to keep praying and hoping for him and stay positive. @justiceforhim_
justiceforhim_ : Amen @meenamaekay keep praying 😔 #freejahar
saggybottomboobs : You mean a bombing are government done did yes they did it i heard it over my police scanner a few states over
texassky_1 : True that !! @meenamaekay @justiceforhim_
justiceforhim_ - liondz - marissa_mariya - caged_world -
He's so happy :) #freejahar #jahar #dzhokhar #tsarnaev #justiceforjahar #prayforjahar
tsarnaev - dzhokhar - justiceforjahar - prayforjahar - jahar - freejahar -
andynieto19 : Whats going on whit jahar???
sweeneyboy10 : @andynieto19 he died
andynieto19 : -_- @sweeneyboy10
__freejahar : @andynieto19 he's doing good right now :)
wtuckerparker : Haha he'll be sentenced to death lol
christina_eva : @bobbysidi @gianna821
justice_for_jahar35 - poppamali - _5m1l3_ - jiangying9 -
It won't happen!! By the way Judy was awesome!!!! #lovejudy #tsarnaev #justice4jahar #prayforjahar #tosoon #trialdate
tsarnaev - trialdate - justice4jahar - tosoon - lovejudy - prayforjahar -
hallelujiah___ : She and frank are awesome human beings in this planet @texassky_1
meenamaekay : Did you see the comment Judy made to the judge?! @texassky_1 it was priceless!!
texassky_1 : They really are! @omgkks___ I love the way Judy shows that she really cares about jahar :)
texassky_1 : When she told the judge "you have a back robe and it took you that long to get an answer from govt on discovery"?? Yes I did!!! I was like damnnnn !!! @meenamaekay
meenamaekay : Hahaha same!! Judy has become one of my idols now from that! They're not taking any shit anymore, they mean business! @texassky_1
texassky_1 : Back robe !!! Lol I just noticed ! Autocorrection is fucking with me today... BLACK ROBE ! @meenamaekay and yes I agree with u !
meenamaekay : Lmao I didn't even realized it auto corrected you! I just read over it and read it as BLACK robe! Lol @texassky_1
cat799p : Miriam awesome too. Lol
hallelujiah___ - amroucci - sitihafizah23 - rodri_94 -
Hi guys sorry for lack of pics I have been so busy with gymnastics I'm training for the 2016 Rio Olympics. So that's kind of hectic. Does anyone know when Jahar's next trial is? Please let me know!
freejaharmovement - freejaharplease - prayforjahar - preyforjahar - jahar - freejahar -
pjdtheiii : I'm sure the US Olympic committee would not look kindly on a potential Olympian supporting cowardly terrorists that attacked our country
andynieto19 : Fuck of... how is jahar??? @freejaharplease
andynieto19 : Ohh the fuck off is not for t
andynieto19 : You @freejaharplease
sweeneyboy10 : Please don't represent our country. You blindly support a terrorist.
tompasquariello : "I've been training for the rio Olympics" Hahahahahahahaha ya ok you stupid lazy fuck
_wazma : @megan_jang
cmkeogh : Hope that coward rots in hell with his skid mark bother
_5m1l3_ - innocentdjohar_ - justthatgirlbella - p_sofia69 -
So sad, praying for him, stay strong ... #prayforjahar #prayforjustice #nodeathpenalty #ingodshands
ingodshands - nodeathpenalty - prayforjustice - prayforjahar -
bekaind : Smh
creating_doubt : all we can do is pray 🙏 it's all in Allah's hands
francesmilly : My mother was really upset by this, she began crying.
texassky_1 : Im so sorry :( @francesmilly I can't even cry I'm so frustrated and angry but we'll see what happens next , he has a great defense so everything can happen, lets expect the unexpected @__doesntmatter @cyahlin @bekaind
meenamaekay : Agreed! He has a great team defending him. All we can do is pray and hope for the best, prepare for the worst. But I have faith in his lawyers.
caged_world : I agree. I am very heartbroken, but I still have my faith.
victoriaandujar - duckydoesdallas - 2fly2staygrounded - meenamaekay -
No, to death penalty !! Credit goes to @caged_world #justiceforjahar #nodeathpenalty #prayforjahar #againsit
againsit - nodeathpenalty - prayforjahar - justiceforjahar -
nefotaibi - patrick982016 - meenamaekay - saencur -
You're barking at a lion◾️🐯◽️ #freejahar #freedzhokhar #freethelion #jaharisinnocent #riptamerlan #prayforjahar #justice4jahar #repost
riptamerlan - prayforjahar - jaharisinnocent - justice4jahar - getalife - freedzhokhar - freejahar - freethelion - repost -
tayzerbagans : It's actually weird that he went to my school, and my dad knew his dad 😱😱😱
free_the_lion : @taylaleparc Haha really?! That is the coolest thing. I wish he had gone to my school.
pjdtheiii : Omg like for real that's like sooooo cool! Pathetic
kingoffdiamonds : U fuckin maggot !!! U should get deported to Siberia !!!
free_the_lion : @pjdtheiii Pathetic enough for you to read. You guys hate the fact that we support him yet you take so much time out of your day to read what we have to say. #GetALife
free_the_lion : @kingoffdiamonds Haha, wtf? Legit you make no sense. Hop off my page.☺️
lll160198 - roxy97rivera - mero_amar - marissa_mariya -
Link on my bio. #justice4jahar #prayforjahar #prayfortamerlan #justicefortamerlan #justiceforibrahim #innocentuntilprovenguilty
justice4jahar - justiceforibrahim - prayfortamerlan - innocentuntilprovenguilty - justicefortamerlan - prayforjahar -
victoriaandujar - rodri_94 - patrick982016 - meenamaekay -
Link on my bio #justice4jahar #prayforjahar #prayfortamerlan #justicefortamerlan #prayforIbrahim #freediaz #freeaza #freerobel
freerobel - justicefortamerlan - prayforjahar - freeaza - prayforibrahim - prayfortamerlan - freediaz - justice4jahar -
bekaind - chach1 - meenamaekay - vc1953 -
Thought this was very cool. #freejahar #freedzhokhar #freethelion #jaharisinnocent #riptamerlan #prayforjahar #justice4jahar
jaharisinnocent - justice4jahar - freethelion - jaharsworld - freedzhokhar - freejahar - riptamerlan - prayforjahar -
_theycallherrae : here's a comment from a NON CONSPIRACY THEORIST that may enlighten some of the freejahar haters:
_theycallherrae : Bill Hart says: April 21, 2013 at 5:37 pm Am I the only person deeply disturbed by the thought that an apparently normal, well-adjusted teenager can carry out an atrocity and keep acting like an apparently normal, well-adjusted teenager after said atrocity. I get that his brother was apparently into extremist stuff, despite the fact that his mother and father don’t want to believe it. He clearly wasn’t normal, well-adjusted or a teenager. But how does he just happen to also have a sociopathic brother? Coincidence? Has this sort of familial delinquency been studied? What I don’t get is that his brother was clearly motivated by extremism (it is said that he stopped smoking and drinking, etc), yet his younger brother just goes on smoking tokes and partying. Isn’t there a kind of dissonance here? There is for me, and I’m having trouble getting my brain around it. I simply don’t believe conspiracy theories, even with the father and mother and one crazed reporter screaming blue murder. But how does one make sense of this!?
badgalneddi : @_theycallherrae yea but after reading #jaharsworld on rolling stone it does make a bit more sense ... it's so sad / unfortunate but I think his family fucked up his life & he didn't know what do, so he gave in to his brother. poor kid, he had to deal with a sick brother all on his own.
free_the_lion : @girlneddi_x3 Honestly if you want to get information about #jaharsworld rolling stone, magazines, and many government controlled networks is the last place anyone should look. All they're going to do is try feeding you false information about him and his family, no one knows about #jaharsworld not even if we had the chance to talk to him we probably wouldn't even get the full story. All I'm saying is how is a magazine that I highly doubt even knows anything about the tsarnaev's supposed to tell you about their "world"? It's sad how they can get away with the disgusting things that they get away with daily, and that is exactly what is going to ruin our future. Us believing what ever they throw at us. I'm not telling you what to believe I'm just telling you to look at a different side of the story many people don't really care much about what us "supporters" half to say because they never really bother to listen we're not crazy we're just different, different is good😊
badgalneddi : I'm just saying it was a good article & made a lot of sense. I feel bad for him 😔
free_the_lion : @girlneddi_x3 I know it's sad what they've did and have done to two innocent men.
badgalneddi : how do u know he's innocent?
free_the_lion : @girlneddi_x3 Haha, sorry I've been gone for awhile honestly I'm too tired to write it all down I've explained it to sooo many people so I'll tag your name in a post where I've had to explain it to someone.
mero_amar - badgalneddi - _theycallherrae - buckyochoa86 -
You may regret it in the future. #freejahar #freedzhokhar #freethelion #jaharisinnocent #riptamerlan #prayforjahar #justice4jahar
jaharisinnocent - justice4jahar - freethelion - freedzhokhar - freejahar - riptamerlan - prayforjahar -
justice_for_jahar35 - _5m1l3_ - yasghalich - victoriabeckinsale -
Stop caring so much. #freejahar #freedzhokhar #freethelion #jaharisinnocent #riptamerlan #prayforjahar #justice4jahar #repost
riptamerlan - prayforjahar - jaharisinnocent - justice4jahar - freedzhokhar - freejahar - freethelion - repost -
justice_for_jahar35 - salsa_r_a_ - lerra1488 - deevalderrama -
Don't shoot him down!!! cause he won't fall!!! he is titanium!!!! #freejahar #freethelion #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #podstava #riptamerlan #wearethelion #jaharmy #justiceforjahar #justice4jahar #jahar #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev
tsarnaev - jahar - prayforjahar - podstava - freejahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
justice_for_jahar35 : @heyimcaseyyy no but very close
mattybotzzz : @heyimcaseyyy your literally retarded
justice_for_jahar35 : @heyimcaseyyy how do u not know? R u a supporter? An @mattybotzzz stfu u fucking asshole she's fucking confused so pipe the fuck down u selfish bastard son of a bitch mother fucking dickwad assy pussy sucking piece of shit
pjdtheiii : Dickwad assy pussy sucking piece of shit. Bahahhahaha
justice_for_jahar35 : @pjdtheiii pipe the fuck down ass gadget
oliden277 : Calm yourself
justice_for_jahar35 : @oliden277 lol
havs63 : @justice_for_jahar35 that "titanium" is behind bars where he'll be the rest of his life
_pali_chick_ - ssonnyblack - __aalsulkar__ - marthasykesfuentes -
lol innocent with a sense of humor #freejahar #freethelion #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #riptamerlan #wearethelion
tsarnaev - jaharmy - tamerlantsarnaev - jahar - riptamerlan - freejahar - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - freethelion - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar -
_pali_chick_ - ssonnyblack - a_lonely_pineapple - __aalsulkar__ -
wow look at the results when u look up images in innocent #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #pray4jahar #podstava #prayforjahar #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #wearethelion
tsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
kuntu_maitan_ - roxy97rivera - jollywood7 - _theycallherrae -
All I want for Christmas, is TRUTH! #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #wearethelion #tamerlan #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
jackmcguire6 : he's not he's a fucking murderer
justice_for_jahar35 : @jackmcguireee how I wish there was a middle finger emoticon
oskar_mundt : He is a murderer he is not a f'n innocent man why don't you tell that to the family's of the 4 that died or the some 200+ injuried people
justice_for_jahar35 : @oskar_mundt do your research kid
leylatcamaeva - lzrds -
Us supporters are family, the best family I will ever have! #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #pray4jahar #podstava #prayforjahar #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #riptamerlan #wearethelion
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
pjdtheiii : Justice is coming moron!!! He's either getting death or life in prison. You're lil jihadi terrorist is all done
justice_for_jahar35 : @pjdtheiii ur a fucking asshole, if ur not a supporter then MIND YOUR OWN MOTHER FUCKING BUISNESS!
nikki_da_ninjaa : If this is really a lie and he is innocent... god will protect him and justice will be served by those who killed so many innocent people. My prayers go out to him & his family!
snowify - mrzrotncasketz - nadsnadsnadss -
Thoughts? #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #riptamerlan #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #islam #innocentuntilprovenguilty #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #wearethelion
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - prayforjahar - freejahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - innocentuntilprovenguilty - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - islam - freethelion -
meenamaekay : I've always had this gut feeling that he was there @justice_for_jahar35
justice_for_jahar35 : @meenamaekay me as well
sweeneyboy10 : You guys are tying a different man to a different crime. Pretty sure that the black guy shown at the marathon is actually a Boston cop. So fail.
justice_for_jahar35 : @sweeneyboy10 get ur facts straight
sweeneyboy10 : Is that your final answer ?
sweeneyboy10 : At least you found the courage to unblock me
b0shea87 : My thoughts all black bald people look the same on a shitty camera. @meenamaekay
nikki_da_ninjaa - meosh_ - __aalsulkar__ -
Oh yeah he sure looks like a terrorist #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #riptamerlan #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #wearethelion
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - freejahar - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
havs63 : @justice_for_jahar35 well he is a ya, he does look like a terrorist
leylatcamaeva - oliden277 - _zuuu_05 - amanda_downey_jr -
Stay Strong! #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #wearethelion #islam #innocentuntilprovenguilty #muslim #mashallah
tsarnaev - jahar - dzhokhartsarnaev - mashallah - muslim - innocentuntilprovenguilty - prayforjahar - freejahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - islam - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
theislamdiaries : In Sha ALLAH! In Sha ALLAH! Aameen
justice_for_jahar35 : @theislamdiaries inshallah
pjdtheiii : Try not to raise terrorists and you won't have to stay strong
justice_for_jahar35 : @pjdtheiii where is the middle finger emoticon???
kutsovi : why would she tell him "don't say anything" ??? lol she's hiding something
b0shea87 : Criminals
b0shea87 : Both these cunts have been in & out of court
april__3rd : kill them both
roxy97rivera - princessx_ash - danifarney - coltondixonrocks -
He like really #freejahar #freethelion #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #jaharmy #wearethelion #riptamerlan
jaharmy - riptamerlan - freejahar - pray4jahar - freethelion - prayforjahar - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar -
_pali_chick_ - __aalsulkar__ - _zuuu_05 - iluvdeen -
Thoughts? #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #riptamerlan #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #wearethelion #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
hurdletomanchester : Those were both black, and if they were innocent why would they shoot at the police
justice_for_jahar35 : @captainjharkness there is no proof they shot at police, the vid shows darkness with gun shot noises, which were clearly done by cops
keeshawntaylor : The shot at the cops they aint innocent @justice_for_jahar35
justice_for_jahar35 : @keeshawntaylor well there is the evidence... Oh right there is none
keeshawntaylor : Yes there is look it up @justice_for_jahar35
littlesunflow3rs : @mattybotzzz
spooky_loko : Truly innocent. No true solid evidence.
sportspro56 : He is guilty go kill yourself you stupid idiot who doesn't belong on Instagram
_pali_chick_ - lzrds - yasghalich - __aalsulkar__ -
Ain't no love in the ❤️ or the 🌃 #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #riptamerlan #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #thelion #tsarnaev #tamerlan #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - prayforjahar - tamerlan - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
eelymn - sania__bubblez - babylips09 - roxy97rivera -
Stay Strong Anzor!!! #freejahar #freethelion #anzor #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #riptamerlan #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar
justiceforjahar - jaharmy - jahar - riptamerlan - prayforjahar - pray4jahar - justice4jahar - freejahar - freethelion - anzor -
ssonnyblack - __aalsulkar__ - _zuuu_05 - islammalsag -
Young #tsarnaev siblings #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #justice4jahar #jaharmy #jahar #justiceforjahar #wearethelion
tsarnaev - jaharmy - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - riptamerlan - freejahar - pray4jahar - justice4jahar - podstava - dzhokhar - prayforjahar - wearethelion - freethelion - justiceforjahar -
joharisinnocent : Both girls have grown into amazing women♥️ such an honor to be in contact with Ailina,Karima and Mama (Zubeidat)
__aalsulkar__ - justthatgirlbella - _zuuu_05 - cerabateman -
the face of a young lion! #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #pray #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #jaharmy #jahar #justiceforjahar #justice4jahar #wearethelion
jaharmy - dzhokhartsarnaev - pray - jahar - riptamerlan - freejahar - pray4jahar - justice4jahar - podstava - dzhokhar - prayforjahar - wearethelion - freethelion - justiceforjahar -
sweeneyboy10 : The face of a young terrorist
justice_for_jahar35 : @sweeneyboy10 u wanna c a young terrorist, look at Obama as a child
liondz - ssonnyblack - __aalsulkar__ -
They never will, thoughts? #freejahar #freethelion #thelion #tamerlantsarnaev #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #wearethelion #zubeidat
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - zubeidat - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
sania__bubblez : How could they? He's their son
justice_for_jahar35 : @omgitsbubblez what about his uncle who did
sania__bubblez : @justice_for_jahar35, honestly, my theory with their uncle is he wanted to keep out of it and keep a peaceful life. He did give some support though regarding tamerlans body.
justice_for_jahar35 : @omgitsbubblez eh true I guess
kutsovi : they don't fight for him. they ran and hid
freshtasteff - sania__bubblez - _zuuu_05 -
Imagine what is going through her head right now #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #jaharmy #justiceforjahar #justice4jahar #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar
tsarnaev - jaharmy - dzhokhartsarnaev - tamerlantsarnaev - pray4jahar - riptamerlan - freejahar - tsarnaeva - podstava - justice4jahar - dzhokhar - prayforjahar - tamerlan - freethelion - justiceforjahar -
_zuuu_05 : Алююю:'(
roxy97rivera - sania__bubblez - lucyhanka - jaelynnbutler12 -
Thoughts? #freejahar #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #dzhokhartsarnaev #dzhokhar #freethelion #tsarnaev #riptamerlan
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - riptamerlan - prayforjahar - pray4jahar - dzhokhar - freejahar - freethelion -
justice_for_jahar35 : @h_mika25 @tsarnaev_strong19 answer me!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very fucking important pls don't leave me hanging I need u right now please just answer me!!!
pelesdilly : Innocent
kazcut : Is that when they had Tamerlain naked in the police cruiser? I wonder how he ended up getting dragged beneath his brother's stolen car. How come the News never talked about the fact that he had been captured at one point? #GoFigure
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