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#PowerOfVeto In this competition, I will be posting 4 Face Mashed photos. It is your job to tell me who they are! First to do so wins! Ika @bigbrotherinstagramgame Adel @kodybear5 Jillian @thebookprince Jon @reality_tv Andrew M. @survivorphoto Topaz @hotmesslexx
powerofveto -
thebookprince : When?...
thebookprince - everythingreality - hotmesslexx - gazing_upon_stars -
#PowerOfVeto 🚫 For this veto, I have a number selected from between 1 and 100. Whoever comes closest to the actual number (you CAN go over) wins the POV! Talla @survivorsix Danielle @big_brotherinstagram Kenny @eveldickdonatoiggames Aneal @_bbgames_ Sabrina @bbiggames Heather @everythingreality
powerofveto -
eveldickdonatoiggames : 67
bbiggames : 1⃣6⃣
everythingreality : 53
bigbrocanada : You have 15 minutes to submit a number! @big_brotherinstagram @survivorsix @_bbgames_
bigbrocanada : Danielle (@big_brotherinstagram) chose 50 in PM
big_brotherinstagram : 50
bbiggames - big_brotherinstagram - _brian_betancur - everythingreality -
At the Veto competition houseguest weren't only playing for the power, they were also playing for a trip provided by Ramada Worldwide! It was a very exhausting / frustrating competition as it came down to Arlie & Jon! Jon was successful and walked away with his 2nd Power of Veto this season! After Neda got the fact that Arlie is a HUGE threat in the house this was the beginning of the end for the goof troupe as Jon used his Power of Veto on Rachelle and named Arlie the replacement.. BUT.. It wasn't over yet!! Allison shocked the house and decided to use her secret power of veto on Sabrina forcing Jon to name ANOTHER replacement nominee as he chose Adel. Either Arlie or Adel will be leaving the Big Brother house next, who do you want it to be? #BigBrother #BBCan #PowerOfVeto #BigBrotherCanada #BBCan2
bigbrother - powerofveto - bbcan2 - bigbrothercanada - bbcan -
samantha_fugnitto - canadiancupcakes - callythewonk - amharriss -
#PowerOfVeto This competition will be KNOCKOUT. I will ask a question in the comments. The first to answer knocks an opponent out and so on and so forth until 1 remains. Good luck! Jon @reality_tv Sabrina @bbiggames Aneal @_bbgames_ Emmett @bigbroig15 Paul @ikaganine Sarah @sbcm13 Allison @survivorfanomania Danielle @big_brotherinstagram
powerofveto -
bigbrothergames102 : Well then
bigbroig15 : LJ
bigbrocanada : Correct @bigbroig15 knock someone
bigbroig15 : Allison
bigbrocanada : @survivorfanomania out
bigbrocanada : Next question: Who voted lane to win bb12
bigbroig15 : Rachel Britney Brendon
bigbrocanada : Correct! There's no reason to continue Aneal @_bbgames_ and Emmett @bigbroig15 have won the power of veto!
everythingreality - bbigallstars - bbiggames - sbcm13 -
#PowerOfVeto Come out into the backyard everyone! For this competition, you will need to comment every time I say the challenge restarts! Each time there will be a smaller amount of time! If you are the last to comment, you will be eliminated! The last person standing will win the Power Of Veto! POV Players: Dan @lindsey_powers Nakomis @survivingbigbrother Lisa @bbsurvivor_fan14 Hardy @bigbroig15 Gary @ikaganine Kenny @bbgames12 Jeff @bbrothergames Janelle @hotmesslexx
powerofveto -
reality_gamesss : Janelle and Kenny are the finalists! First one to comment wins! Go!
hotmesslexx : B
bbgames12 : I hate you @hotmesslexx
bbgames12 : Jk love you bae πŸ’•πŸ’
hotmesslexx : Love you too 😘 @bbgames12
reality_gamesss : Congratulations Janelle @hotmesslexx you have won the Power Of Veto!πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸš«
hotmesslexx : YAYYY (:
reality_gamesss - bbsurvivor_fan14 - survivingbigbrother - kingl772 -
#PowerOfVeto For the POV, there will be 5 true or false questions below. First to answer all correctly wins. 1. Ika shredded everyone's letters in bbcan2. 2. Janelle got third place every time she was on BB. 3. Ian attended Harvard University. 4. Kenny is a model. 5. Sarah is a stay at home mom. Neda @survivorlovers Tom @bbgames12 Andrew M. @survivorphoto Kat @survivorbb1 Aneal @_bbgames_ Emmett @bigbroig15 Peter @lindsey_powers Rachelle @survivor_tv
powerofveto -
bigbrocanada : Incorrect @bbgames12
survivorphoto : T F F T T
bigbroig15 : T F F T F
bigbrocanada : Emmett @bigbroig15 has won POV
bigbroig15 : YAY
survivorfanomania - survivorsix - bbgames12 - __bbmickey -
#PowerOfVeto ✨🚫🌟🚫✨🚫🌟🚫✨ 1⃣who said "I'm taking my time on this one" 2⃣name the HOH order of bb13! 3⃣who was evicted first in bb3-6
powerofveto -
bigbrothergames102 : @lindsey_powers @bigbrotherinstagramgame @bigbroig15 @survivorfanomania @bbiggames
bigbrothergames102 : @hotmesslexx
lindsey_powers : 1. Kathy 2. Rachel Jordan Rachel Daniele kalia Daniele Jeff kalia Porsche Rachel Adam Rachel 3. Bb3- Lori bb4- Amanda bb5- Mike bb6- Ashlea
bbiggames : kathy- rachel jordan rachel daniele kalia daniele jeff kalia porsche rachel adam rachel 3. lori, amanda, mike, ashlea
bigbrothergames102 : @lindsey_powers Jesus Christ you answer fast. But you have won the golden power of veto✨🚫🌟🚫✨
hotmesslexx : Kathy. Rachel Jordan Rachel Daniele Kalia Daniele Jeff Kalia Porsche Rachel Adam Rachel .
hotmesslexx : LLOL I have no idea congrats Lindsey πŸ’– πŸ‘ @lindsey_powers
lindsey_powers : Haha thanksπŸ˜‹ @hotmesslexx
hotmesslexx - bbiggames - survivingbigbrother - thedisney_nerd -
#PowerofVeto For this challenge, 6 events in BBCan will be listed below. You goal is to put them in order. First pair to correctly put then in order wins the Power of Veto! 1- Gary returns to game 2- Topaz casts incorrect jury vote 3- Suzette tells Aneal to "shut his fucking mouth" 4- Tom reveals Alec in the shower 5- Talla gets drink and give lap dances 6- Houseguests are handcuffed to one another Allison @survivorfanomania Danielle @big_brotherinstagram Anick @bigbrothergamez Gary @haydenhenslee Adel @kodybear5 Talla @survivorsix Andrew G. @bigbrothergames102 Jillian @thebookprince
powerofveto -
bigbrothergames102 : 6 3 5 4 1 2
bigbrothergames102 : @lindsey_powers -_-
kodybear5 : 6 3 5 4 1 2
big_brotherinstagram : 3, 5, 4, 6, 1, 2
bigbrocanada : Andrew G. @bigbrothergames102 and Jillian @thebookprince have won veto!
bigbrothergames102 : Yayy
survivorfanomania : @bigbrothergames102 yay Dm.
bigbrocanada : I'll post tomorrow my Instagram is overused rn
survivorbb1 - matthewchow2010 -
#PowerOfVeto Head on into the backyard everyone! This POV competition is called #TheQueens What you will have to do is name what you think my favorite song is by these queens! Nicki Minaj P!nk Kesha Lady Gaga Jessie J Iggy Azalea You must tell me them either on KIK or DM! If you do it here you will be out of the competition! The person who gets the most correct will win the Power Of Veto! Remember that not all of the songs are singles! If more then one person gets the most correct, the winner will be the person who enters their answers first! You have 2 hours to complete this competition! POV Players: Rachel @bigbrother97 Lisa @bbsurvivor_fan14 Kevin @survivorsanity Kenny @bbgames12 Jeff @bbrothergames Porsche @bigbrothergames102
powerofveto - thequeens -
reality_gamesss : Jeff has completed the competition! 1/6
reality_gamesss : Rachel and Lisa have completed the competition! 3/6
bigbrothergames102 : Wtf is iggy azalea
reality_gamesss : @bigbrothergames102 look at her songs and pick one
reality_gamesss : Porsche has completed the competition! 4/6
reality_gamesss : @bbgames12 @survivorsanity
reality_gamesss : Kenny has completed the competition! 5/6
reality_gamesss : Time is up!
reality_gamesss - alex_kittle77 - bbrothergames - jphilbin6 -
Welcome to Today's Veto Competition! This Comp is Called Cinco de Mayo✨ #PowerofVeto #CincodeMayo For this Competition you will be given a Series of Letters and you must try to make the Biggest Word out of the Letters I give you! You have Til I say so lol. Good Luck! Letters: TRSDHQIGBEUXAGVKFAVNYIPPAFERTUSALK Regina- @bigbrotherinstagramgame Joey- @bigbrother_97 Miley- @ikaganine Robin- @bigbro19 Talla- @everythingreality Laura- @bbiggames DM ME YOUR WORD!!
cincodemayo - powerofveto -
bbigallstars : Your Time I Up in 10 minutes @bigbrotherinstagramgame @bigbro19 @bbiggames
bbiggames : i already submitted a word
bbigallstars : I never mind @bbiggames
bigbrotherinstagramgame : WAIT
bigbrotherinstagramgame : i had it but didnt sen it
bbigallstars : Nm @bigbro19
everythingreality : I win!
bbiggames : no laura wins 5ever
bigbrothergames102 - bbgames12 - bbigallstars - bbsurvivor_fan14 -
#PowerOfVeto Come on in to the backyard! Today's Veto will be a math veto! The first person to solve this problem will win the Power Of Veto! The number of days in Big Brother 15 times the number of Power Of Veto's Kenny won in Big Brother Canada 2. Then subtract the number of the day Heather won Head Of Household in Big Brother Canada 2. Then divide that by the number of votes Andy cast to evict in Big Brother 15. Then add the number of days Rachel spent in the Big Brother 12 house. Finally, subtract the number of times Renny was nominated in Big Brother 10 to find the answer! POV Players: Kenny @bbgames12 Nakomis @survivingbigbrother Alec @youdunnit Amanda @survivor_fanpage123 Porsche @bigbrothergames102 Gary @ikaganine
powerofveto -
ikaganine : 51
ikaganine : 50
hotmesslexx : Kyle check kik
reality_gamesss : Congratulations Gary @ikaganine with the correct answer of 51 you have won the Power Of Veto!πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸš«
youdunnit : 53!!
bbgames12 : That's so stupid nobody had a chance seeing as he fcking said about any number ! But congrats lol @ikaganine
bbgames12 : I'm not mad at you lol I'm being sarcastic!
bbgames12 : @ikaganine ^
reality_gamesss - survivorfanomania - nickstefano2000 - youdunnit -
#PowerOfVeto In this POV competition all you will need to do is name the eviction order/winner and runner-up of the following seasons! -Big Brother 13 -Big Brother 6 -Big Brother 10 The first person to complete it correctly will win the Power Of Veto Players: Dan @lindsey_powers Lisa @bbsurvivor_fan14 Alec @youdunnit Janelle @hotmesslexx Kara @reality_tv Neda @bigigbrother
powerofveto -
reality_gamesss : @lindsey_powers @bbsurvivor_fan14 @youdunnit
reality_gamesss : @hotmesslexx @reality_tv @bigigbrother
reality_gamesss : Go!
reality_gamesss : Congratulations Alec @youdunnit you have won the Power Of Veto!πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸš«
youdunnit : YESSSSSS!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜
reality_gamesss - hotmesslexx - youdunnit - survivingbigbrother -
At the Power of Veto competition, Arlie had the best strategy to find all the doughnuts first, and then run back and forth to stack them in the correct eviction order. Arlie won the Power of Veto! He chose to use the veto on Rachelle which put the plan into attack to finally get rid and backdoor Kenny! Don't you find it funny that the two players that have been throwing competitions from day one both won competitions this week? I think it's pretty cool! #BigBrother #BBCan #BBCan2 #BigBrotherCanada #PowerOfVeto #POV
bigbrothercanada - pov - bigbrother - powerofveto - bbcan2 - bbcan -
survivorfanomania - mandy234 - bigbroinstag - mdp4500 -
powerofveto -
nichoel_22 - le_vache - iceycolamilkshake - jaimie_31912 -
Y'all ready? Double eviction! #bbc #bbc2 #bbcan2 #bigbrother #bigbrothercanada #slice #hoh #headofhousehold #pov #powerofveto #season2 #seasonofsecrets #doubleeviction #eviction #tonight
seasonofsecrets - slice - pov - bbcan2 - powerofveto - bbc - hoh - tonight - eviction - bigbrothercanada - season2 - bbc2 - bigbrother - doubleeviction - headofhousehold -
_bernel_ - raineeemarie - itsjourdanbass -
Tonight! Tonight! #bbc #bb #bbc2 #bbcan2 #bigbrother #bigbrothercanada #season2 #slice #hoh #headofhousehold #pov #powerofveto #eviction #doubleeviction #seasonofsecrets #tonight #arisacox
seasonofsecrets - bb - pov - bbcan2 - tonight - eviction - arisacox - bigbrothercanada - season2 - slice - bigbrother - powerofveto - bbc - hoh - bbc2 - doubleeviction - headofhousehold -
ash1eyd : Hate Jon
breerorschach - amndabtlr - 24fithappycouple -
Watching it over with the family.... #bigbrothercanada #bigbrother #powerofveto #family
bbc2 - bigbrothercanada - family - bigbrother - powerofveto - bbc - bb2 -
meaganie123 : #bbc2 #bbc #bb2
wanderinggsouls - cat_x0_ - mastromelissa - nadiapereira95 -
#WEEK5 #POV Welcome to this week's #POWEROFVETO And im telling you, it will get messy! This pov is very challenging. 1) 5 winners of Survivor 2) all winners of big brother 3) all runner ups of big brother 4) 4 the amazing race winners 5) say 1 person from every season that has not been in final 2 in big brother.
pov - powerofveto - week5 -
nicolesperling5 : Rob Tyson John sofie jud Eddie Will Lisa jun Drew Maggie mike dick Adam Dan Jordan Hayden Rachel Ian Andy josh Nicole Danielle Alison cowboy Ivette Erika Danielle Ryan Memphis Natalie lane porche Dan GM Jason and Amy Anthony and bates josh and Brent Rachel and Dave George bunks Marcellas Robert Diane janelle will Zach Sheila jerry Jeff Enzo Jordan willie nick
survivorbb1 : I need to go so just in case my replacement Nominee is Dan
disneylandfan221 - thedisney_nerd -
In this stumpy Power of Veto competition.. Jon was the only person to figure out all the riddles and find all three items.. Which awarded him the Power of veto.. In which he decided not to use it which will seal either Andrew or Sabrina's fate inside the Big Brother Canada house. #BigBrother #BBCan #BBCan2 #BigBrotherCanada #PowerOfVeto #POV #POVCompetition
povcompetition - bigbrothercanada - pov - bigbrother - powerofveto - bbcan2 - bbcan -
bigbrocan - d0llface_donna - missbosslee - __ocean_lover__ -
#PowerOfVeto #FinalPoV Welcome to your final Power of Veto competition of the seasonπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ For anyone but Lisa, this is the most important competition, if you win this, you are guaranteed a spot in the Final 3 and will have a one in three shot at the money! Alright, so for this competition, you will either kik or DM me an edit of this season of my BBIG (doesn't have to be good) and then I will ask you 10 questions on the season one at a time, so obviously, this will be a timed competition. The first person to get all ten questions correct and give me an edit that has more than 5 pictures will be rewarded with the Power of Veto! -- I can't really use my phone right now, I will send out a message to everyone when I can start the competition, but it'll probably be enough time to make a nice editπŸ˜‰ ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 ❗️ Kaitlin: @tv_time ❗️ Kevin: @realityfanpage_ Lisa: @bbgames12 πŸ‘‘πŸ 
finalpov - powerofveto -
bbigallstars : I am waiting for him to be Ready
bbigallstars : I am always Ready 😭
bbigallstars : πŸ’‹*
bbiggames : @bbigallstars ugh i dont have the timer with me.
bbigallstars : :(
bbiggames : @bbigallstars im sorry😭
realityfanpage_ : When can I do this?
tv_time : #Cancelled
bigbrothergames102 - amandagundel__ - luke_gary - survivor_fanpage123 -
β˜…We vote to evict... #MOJOsandwich @arisaroo @imontyt #BBCAN2 #ThursdayNights #LiveEviction #BIGBROTHERCANADA #ArisaCox #WeFlawless #April2014 #PowerOfVeto
april2014 - thursdaynights - bbcan2 - powerofveto - mojosandwich - weflawless - arisacox - bigbrothercanada - liveeviction -
bello_bambino : Red hot @joeypurple
gtersig : I wanna go lol @joeypurple
andrewkurnew - leo_royalty_ - mchljrvs - apelrine -
I realize I'm a whole week behind, so be prepared for the spam! At this really cool veto competition Allison was awarded the POV; Heather an 80s workout uniform; Rachelle a Hotdog Costume; Kenny $18.35 ; And Sarah as the overall winner of the competition chose the Slop Pass. Since Allison was the Power of Veto holder and a nominee she obviously removed herself from the block which put the plan in action of backdooring Ika who was the replacement nominee. #BigBrother #BigBrotherCanada #BBCan #BBCan2 #PowerOfVeto #POV #POVCompetition
povcompetition - bigbrothercanada - pov - bigbrother - powerofveto - bbcan2 - bbcan -
iamjustinjackson : Did you get to watch Big Brother Canada yesterday?! IT WAS SOOOOO INTENSE! One of my favourite shows right now. @bigbrocan
survivorsix - _sweetneesss - kennedybarth17 - alexandralbarthe -
#POWEROFVETO #WEEK4 Welcome to the power of veto! To win the Goldon Power of Veto🚫, You have to say the eviction order of big brother 15, and who was the first hoh of big brother 3. #goodluck
goodluck - week3 - powerofveto - week4 -
bbgames2 : When i get a replacement -__- @themacedoinankid
themacedoinankid : @tay_destiny should just have the dimond pic
themacedoinankid : Pov
dalton_latham : Who won pov I'm at a track meet
bbgames2 : @dalton_latham @tay_destiny won pov and used it on ian. I need a replacement
dalton_latham : Umm danelle
bbgames2 : @tay_destiny is Daniele -___- @dalton_latham
nicolesperling5 : Janelle
survivorbb1 - bigbrother900 - survivingbigbrother - thedisney_nerd -
#PowerOfVeto Houseguests, come out to the backyard for this week's Power of Veto competition! This PoV is called "Neighbors Up North", and for this competition, you will have to correctly answer the following questions about Big Brother Canada 2! The first person to do so will win the glorious Power of Veto🚫🚫 --- 1. Name all the houseguests' names (just first names) 2. Name the eviction order so far and the vote to evict that person. 3. Who was/is the 5th HoH? 4. Name my favorite evicted houseguest and my favorite still in the house. 5. Who is my least favorite? 6. Who's nickname is: Caillou? Wilderbeast? Kim Fake-Dashian? 7. True or False: In the fourth Power of Veto competition, Heather chose money over the PoV. ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 Β© JoJo: @bigbrotherinstagramgame ❗️ Kaitlin: @tv_time πŸ‘‘πŸ  Kevin: @realityfanpage_ Β© Lisa: @bbgames12 ❗️
powerofveto -
bbgames12 : OMFG yaaaaay πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰πŸ’•
bigbrotherinstagramgame : Congrats! πŸ™ŒπŸ’• @bbgames12
realityfanpage_ : Yay @bbgames12 πŸ’• ugh but I wish I could actually win a comp in this game 😩
bigbrotherinstagramgame : IKR me too 😭 @realityfanpage_ I'm always so close
bbgames12 : I'm sorry babe! But the fate of this game was determined on the veto! @realityfanpage_
survivorfanomania : Congrats @bbgames12
mattgiarratana : I'm dying. everytime I hear "wilderbeast" or " Kim fake-dashian" I think of queen ika saying it.😰
bbiggames : @mattgiarratana i know 😭
bigbrotherislife_ - jphilbin6 - hashtagsurvivor - big__brotherr -
#PowerOfVeto Welcome to this week's Power of Veto competition! Below will be a set of letters, and you must use the letters below to make the longest real word! The person with the longest, correctly spelled word will win the Power of Veto! -- -- Letters: OANGLPWGKCLACTNIDEEOPMBTSRSYRLZIOA -- GOO!! ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 Β© JoJo: @bigbrotherinstagramgame Β© Kaitlin: @tv_time ❗️ Kevin: @realityfanpage_ Β© Lisa: @bbgames12 πŸ‘‘πŸ  Porsche: @bigbrothergames102 ❗️
powerofveto -
bbiggames : Jojo has locked in her word
bbiggames : Kevin has locked in his word
bbiggames : Porsche has locked in her word
bbiggames : @tv_time @survivorfanomania
bigbrothergames102 : Check dm
bigbrothergames102 : CHECK DM DM DM
survivorfanomania : Wait
survivorfanomania : Dm
bigbrothergames102 - bbgames12 - bb16fanpage - survivor_fanpage123 -
#PowerOfVeto Welcome to this week's Power of Veto competition! As I said before, this PoV is based on Porsche Briggs, since she's sitting out! To win this competition, you have to answer the following questions correctly about her! -- 1. What season was she on? 2. What was her place? 3. How many eviction votes did she get? 4. How many competitions did she win? 5. Who was in her Darkside Alliance with her? 6. How much money did she receive from Pandora's Box? 7. True or False: She was the first person to hold the Golden Key. 8. How many times was she nominated? --- Go!! ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 πŸ‘‘πŸ  Jeff: @lindsey_powers ❗️ JoJo: @bigbrotherinstagramgame ❗️ Kaitlin: @tv_time Β© Kevin: @realityfanpage_ Β© Lisa: @bbgames12 Β© Porsche: @bigbrothergames102
powerofveto -
bigbrothergames102 : When Keith and Kalia was evicted, and when Adam won hog
bigbrothergames102 : Hoh*
bbiggames : @bigbrothergames102 no, first week, then against kalia (jeff's hoh), then the last three weeks
bigbrothergames102 : Ohhhhh
bigbrothergames102 : Whoops
lindsey_powers : Wait are you counting like the final 3 as her being nominated? Cause if not it'd be 4 times
bbiggames : @lindsey_powers yeah i did
reality_gamesss : 1. 13 2. 2nd 3. 5 4. 4 5. Kalia Daniele😷 6. 5000 7. False 8. 4?
bbrothergames - realitytvguru - survivor_fanpage123 - bigbrother900 -
OMFG! I totally want this for #Halloween this year! #bbcan #bbcan2 #squirrelcostume #squirrel #lovethis #socute #costume #bigbrothercanada #pov #veto #powerofveto
socute - lovethis - squirrel - pov - bbcan2 - powerofveto - halloween - bbcan - veto - costume - bigbrothercanada - squirrelcostume -
survivorsix - c_mehrtens - anickdotes - carruda75 -
#PowerofVeto Dr. Will @bigbrotherislife_ Annie @big_brother_fans15 George @totaldrama_mike__ Elissa @bigbrotherinstagramgame Britney @bbrothergames Janelle @bbiggames Veto in 10 minutes !!
powerofveto -
bbsurvivor123 : Jk I am positing it now
bigbrotherinstagramgame - bbiggames - survivorbb1 - survivingbigbrother -
#PowerOfVeto Welcome to this week's Power of Veto competition! As I said, this will be based on some of my favorites from seasons of reality TV shows. For this PoV, you will have to name my top three favorite houseguests/castaways/teams from the following shows: β€’ Big Brother 15 β€’ Survivor Cagayan β€’ Amazing Race 24 / All Stars -- The firsg person to do so and get them all correct will win the Power of Veto! -- GOO!!! ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 ❗️ Daniele: @bbrothergames ❗️ Dominic: @reality_tv Jeff: @lindsey_powers JoJo: @bigbrotherinstagramgame Kaitlin: @tv_time Β© Kevin: @realityfanpage_ Β© Lisa: @bbgames12 πŸ‘‘πŸ  Porsche: @bigbrothergames102 Β©
powerofveto -
bbiggames : Congratulations Kevin @realityfanpage_ ! You have won the Power of Veto! The correct answers: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Amanda-- Trish, Morgan, Brice-- Jen&Caroline, Luke&Margie, Natalie&Nadiya
realityfanpage_ : YYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’•πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
survivor_fanpage123 : Congrats! πŸ˜˜πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ @realityfanpage_
bbgames12 : Congrats babe :) @realityfanpage_
bbrothergames : Congrats πŸ™ŒπŸ’• @realityfanpage_
realityfanpage_ : YAY THANKS @survivor_fanpage123 @bbgames12 @bbrothergames πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
tv_time : Ugh @realityfanpage_
realityfanpage_ : @tv_time die
unfallenregal279 - tar_games_ - jphilbin6 -
#PowerOfVeto Welcome to the Power of Veto competition! For this PoV, you have to be the first person to unscramble the words below. After you unscramble them, you must tell me what all six Big Brother names have in common. Let's begin. -- 1. IKARE IDNLAN 2. LECIMLEH RDIAMAE 3. ITUNSJ IONCOGIV 4. BTOERR NOAMR 5. NAMDAA RCIGA 6. VIDAD NELA ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 Daniele: @bbrothergames Β© Dominic: @reality_tv George: @kingl772 ❗️ Jeff: @lindsey_powers JoJo: @bigbrotherinstagramgame Kaitlin: @tv_time Β© Kevin: @realityfanpage_ πŸ‘‘πŸ  Lisa: @bbgames12 Β© Porsche: @bigbrothergames102 ❗️
powerofveto -
bbiggames : @bbrothergames @bbgames12 @bigbrothergames102 @kingl772 @realityfanpage_
bbiggames : @tv_time
bbgames12 : Erika Landin - Michelle Maradie - Justin Giovinco - Robert Roman - Amanda Craig - David Lane - all apart of the ex factor twists or all exes
bbgames12 : They aren't all exes - so it would be all apart of the ex factor twist or all in the same season
kingl772 : Erika Landin Michelle Maradie Justin Giovinco Robert Roman Amanda Graig David Lane - were all on Season 4, Ex-Factor
bbiggames : Congratulations Lisa @bbgames12 ! You have won the Power of Veto!
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#PowerOfVeto Houseguests, welcome to the Power of Veto competition! Like I said, it is based on my favorite season, Big Brother 7. All you have to do to win this PoV is answer the following questions correctly. Remember, there will be two PoV winners, so if someone answers before you, you could still win! Alright, lets start! -- 1. Who won the most competitions? 2. Name the members of Operation Double Date. 3. Who never got their key to go into the Big Brother All Star house? (6 people) 4. Name everyone from this season of my BBIG who was on Big Brother 7. ~~ Chelsia: @survivor_fanpage123 Daniele: @bbrothergames Dominic: @reality_tv πŸ‘‘πŸ  Frank: @_bigbroletsgo_ ❗️ George: @kingl772 ❗️ Jeff: @lindsey_powers πŸ‘‘πŸ  JoJo: @bigbrotherinstagramgame ❗️ Kaitlin: @tv_time Keesha: @bb16fanpage ❗️ Kevin: @realityfanpage_ Lisa: @bbgames12 Porsche: @bigbrothergames102
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bb16fanpage : And Lisa if you count her
bbiggames : @reality_tv Congratulations Dominic you have won the Power of Veto!
bb16fanpage : @bbiggames dominic didnt win lisa got it before him
bbiggames : @bbgames12 Congratulations Lisa, you have also won the Power of Veto!
bbiggames : @bb16fanpage there are two winners
bb16fanpage : oh
bb16fanpage : i forgot
bbgames12 : Yay :)
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What a crazy episode on Wednesday with all the drama in the house and it's only week 2! There's also waaay more drama going on inside those walls then what production aired if you keep up with the live feeds. The Veto players and host got to see a special screening of the movie Divergent which comes into theaters March 21st and I'm so jealous cause I want to see it soo bad! Sure enough, the veto competition had to do with the movies and the houseguests had to face their fears. In the end, Kenny won the Power of Veto giving all the power to the 1st five alliance this week with Andrew as HoH! Kenny used the POV to save Neda from eviction, and Andrew named Kyle the replacement nominee. #BigBrotherCanada #BBCan #BBCan2 #PowerOfVeto #POV
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