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#christian #God #powerofprayer. Yep I thank God every day for everything good in my life. He will continue to good for me. And I will continue to do good for him.
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Don't forget to pray! #bedtime #goodnight #nightcap #powerofprayer
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(M)otivated (O)n (P)urpose #PowerOfPrayer
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On this day 6 years ago I found the one my heart loves . We are blessed and very thankful to have cross each other path. Together We are going through life with our EYES open and with GOD as our leader. To be able to connect and share ALL thoughts and etc is a form of communication like no other. We have a strong connection and bond that's dedicated to handle any trail or tribulation. On April 24 2008 we met..April 25 was on first date .. Blessed to be married and become one on June 18, 2011. We are now expecting our first child together any day now. We give all the glory and praise to GOD whom is carrying us and guiding us. In life people will try to sling all types of curve balls in your direction, but it's all about how you react to them.. It's sad that some don't know that if GOD is with us whom can be against us... #Favor #thankful #powerofprayer
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myeishaaa_ : 😭😭😭😭
raejmom : Love it!
shortjones : @areacode28yosweetness I'm so happy he smiled .. Beautiful
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I like to joke and tell people, "My name better not be on your lips unless you're praying for me..."πŸ˜† Howeverrrrr, there is a lot of truth in that statement. There truly is strength and power in prayer. Y'all can shake the heavens on my behalf and I will love you all the more for it. 😍 I promise there is no greater help you can offer me, and no more valuable gift you can give me, than to lift me up in prayer. It warms my heart more than anybody knows. And anybody who knows me well can stand in the confidence that I will gladly call down fire from heaven on your behalf as well πŸ˜‰ James 5:16 ❀#repost #powerofprayer #keepthefaith
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Nightly devotion I received really hit me hard in a good way! Love the feeling that I'm continually growing closer to God each and every day! #blessed #GodisGreat #iamsecond #devotion #faith #powerofprayer
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#tbt to Baccalaureate mass at St. Matthew after graduation with one of my best friends. I can't believe it has almost been 2 years since this moment. Your surgery is soon and I know you are strong enough to get through it! I'll be praying for you! #Graduation #PowerOfPrayer #Surviver #MiraclesDoHappen #BlessesBeyondBelief
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New lock screen! Prayer is like petrol for your car, nothing goes without it! #powerofprayer #fastingfriday #prayerchangesthings #futuredecisions #welcometotherealworld
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God is with me on this beautiful afternoon #hesmightytosave #powerofprayer #learning2lovemyself
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#powerofprayer #prayingwoman #meditation #peace #tranquility
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Have a Blessed awesome Thursday my friends! #blessedeveryday #grateful #love #selfdiscipline #powerofprayer
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pnpplepncess : Yes! Love this. Amen!!πŸ‘Š
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The #PowerOfPrayer
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I took this pic in the shade , no flash, no be the judge....this was after I prayed and left all my problems at the altar! Give me a word, give me a sign Show me where to look, tell me what will I find (What will I find?) Lay me on the ground, fly me in the sky Show me where to look, tell me what will I find Oh, heaven let your light shine down. #love #powerofprayer #aboutthatGodlife
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πŸ™Œ #PrayForMe #powerofprayer #muchNeeded #Thanx in #AdvanceπŸ™
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hairby_shrae : Praying for you!!
mizzbowlegz86 : Sending up prayers
sincityfilmz : @hairby_shrae @mizzbowlegz86 πŸ’―πŸ™Œthank you and also everyone that liked
ladee_ava : whatever it is its already done
curli_sista : Exes tho!! .. lol but I got you.. Sending one up for ya now
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-St.Catherine of Siena #Catholic #PowerofPrayer
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mabee1943 : Pray for us
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Thanks for all your prayers! πŸ’—#powerofprayer #Godsgotthis
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bevnurse16 : πŸ™
edzelo : What is your moms name??
cristiatchley : @edzelo Her name is Carmen. (her cute lil Doc's call her Carmelita) πŸ˜‰
rvheim : Praying for you and Jeff, praying for Mom and the Hand of God to be upon the Dr's.
cristiatchley : @bevnurse16 😘
cristiatchley : @rvheim Thank you so much for praying!!! She did amazingly well!
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OMGosh ! Haven't been this anxious in forever, Plz Pray it all comes through for me ! #praiseJesus #Prayinghard #powerofPrayer #itsanawesomeday #allgoodthings #Positivethough #theGlorytoGodalways
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Im feelin sexy:-) hope I get this IE mechanic job!!!! #powerofprayer #godisGREAT #ambitious
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amber_dawn_p : Good luck!
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Very true...#powerofprayer#reflection
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β€œThe Golden Key" #PowerOfPrayer
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lifeis87 : Is this a book?
king_greenbaccs : Yeah @lifeis87 for the open minded. It's only six pages long.
lifeis87 : I might have to look into that
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GOD is good.. #roughweek #allicandoispray #powerofprayer #lovemyparents #lovemylove #lovemybestie #life #hastagmorning #lovingmylife
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living_and_lovinglife : @__mybeautyrunsdeep my phone didn't ring you should have texted me sorry cuzzo, I wasn't home tho, thifa told me you was out here. You had fun ?
__mybeautyrunsdeep : I had nice to time seeing everyone tht I haven't seen in a long time I wanted to see you to but I'm coming out there next week to spend some nights I gotta start coming around more and me and Des will love to see you and spend some nights wit you @living_and_lovinglife
living_and_lovinglife : @__mybeautyrunsdeep ok cool hit me up I'll be around. Yea you live so far
__mybeautyrunsdeep : Lol Ikr thts why ima stay a couple days wen I come cuz I do live far how have you been @living_and_lovinglife
living_and_lovinglife : @__mybeautyrunsdeep ive been good just working trying to be successful. How are you ?
__mybeautyrunsdeep : Going back to Skool in taking care of my brat @living_and_lovinglife lol
living_and_lovinglife : @__mybeautyrunsdeep well that's a hard job
__mybeautyrunsdeep : Lol yea he a hand full at times but I get him back under control @living_and_lovinglife
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#powerofprayer Update on my Gma she had another stroke && is in icu. She in need of more prayers now then ever. Tia
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savingmoneyeverywhere : :( Good thoughts coming your way! I hope everything works out <3
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This is #Heidi with her very #bestbuddy , #ava... if everyone could send an extra #prayer up for #ava and her #family it would be very much appreciated.. she has battled and won #cancer once by the tender age of 6 and they are in the process now of seeing if it has come back.. #pray #powerofprayer #effcancer #weloveava #nofamilyshouldbealoneinthis #godisgood #hehearsourcries
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Martha praying for our students who are taking the SATs today. Students be strong and courageous... Joshua 1:9 #parentsthatpray #powerofprayer #sat testing
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mceballosweisse : Beatiful prayer Martha!!! πŸ™I give thanks to God for having such a wonderful mother in my class!!! Thank you on behalf of my kindergarten class...πŸ’œ
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#WhenLifeIsRough #Pray #WhenLifeIsGreat #Pray #PicOfTheDay #AllahHuAkbar #AlhamdulillahForEverythink #LailahaillAllah #Islam #OneAndOnly #OneUmmah #OneNation #PowerOfPrayer
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No better feeling than your coworker telling you your #prayers for his daughter are working! #believe in the #powerofprayer
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Wow what a journey so far!!!! 1. Food down wrong pipe 2. Sick had to come to children's 3. Surgery&tubes 4. I'm awake and ready to eat 5. I can finally smile for a change. What a journey so far this is not a Q&A session this is a wake up call #reallife that our kids and our life can change at a moments notice. Please anyone with kids tell them to take they time eatin and that even when we think they big enough to eat cut they food up b/c it could be anybody . And the first pic is pneumonia in a left lung and that's how fast u get sick, but for anyone who prayed or wished him well keep doing it it's working #godgothim #powerofprayerπŸ™βœ…πŸ’ͺ☝️😘 and I won't answer questions on page so DONT ask
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04.24.2014 Thursday - " IN GOD'S HAND I WILL LEAVE EVERYTHING " #life #love #decision #relationship #hope #faith #trust #prayers #FaithInGod #PowerOfPrayer #InGodsHand #iamafaithfulwoman #ineverlie #mylifeisanopenbook #istillbelieveinlove #imjustanordinarywoman #ionlywanttobelove #loveisthemostpowerfulfeeling #thursday #thursdayquotes
powerofprayer - ingodshand - life - love - relationship - prayers - imjustanordinarywoman - iamafaithfulwoman - trust - ineverlie - faith - thursdayquotes - istillbelieveinlove - decision - faithingod - thursday - ionlywanttobelove - loveisthemostpowerfulfeeling - mylifeisanopenbook - hope -
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#life #lifehappens #acceptance #forgive #grace #powerofprayer #focusonthefuture #goodplace
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#Giveituptogod #powerofprayer #life #lifesdisappointments #acceptance #peace
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Just when the caterpillar thought life was over. She became a beautiful butterfly #Powerofprayer #prettygirlspray #Godisgood
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mronetwoooo : Awesome
name_not_important : 😍😍😍
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A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget ~ Here is to our awesome friendship ❀️ #friends #priceless #sillyness #funtimeseverytime #dtla #special #powerofprayer #love #gratitude #unicorns #glitta #loveyouguys #djtigerlily
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saradelic : Loveeeee it, you, us!!!
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