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It's a lot of work to make something flow and look simple. Almost can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the hood conversion on #pilehouse #custom #kustom #fuckyourboltonmods #hamb
kustom - fuckyourboltonmods - hamb - pilehouse - custom -
tobitightpants : My motto = simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
_dan_gerous_ : ^^ @tobitightpants if this was FB, I'd "like" that, for sure
_dan_gerous_ : Well said
irontrap : @tobitightpants Most definitely. Restraint and knowing when to "stop" is an art in itself with building cars, still trying to learn myself!
addson - cole525 - chaddyallday - thebrianbuckley -
Cutting hood hinges for #pilehouse earlier today using the #eastwoodco #versacut60 and some 3/8 plate. Cuts like butter! #fabrication #diy #custom #hamb #fuckyourboltonmods
custom - versacut60 - hamb - pilehouse - fuckyourboltonmods - eastwoodco - fabrication - diy -
mhammsteak : Trial number 2 lol
irontrap : @mhammsteak Haha second time was a charm, coming along nicely now!
veganobrien - vwlowlife - vwdav_ - 2x4 -
From paper to 3/8" steel and some time with the @eastwoodco versa-cut 60 and a flap disc I have a set of hood hinges for #pilehouse I cut out today. Thanks to @mhammsteak for the metal hookup! #eastwoodco #custom #fabrication #plasma
pilehouse - plasma - eastwoodco - fabrication - custom -
cbarimani : You mock them up yet? Looking forward to see how this turns out @irontrap
irontrap : @cbarimani nah just got the second one smoothed out at the end of the day Monday. Hoping I can get them hung from the truck this week if possible!
germanblake - you_stay_classy_ - le_flamm - suedzville -
Having smart coworkers makes life much easier sometimes. Hood hinge pattern angles figures out. Just need to get some metal to cut the pattern out. #pilehouse #iknowitscheating
pilehouse - iknowitscheating -
p_marc_two : Solid works is awesome
chim_richolds : not cheating.
george_dee01 : @irontrap I prefer SW to so many other softwares out there!
metalmuckler : It's one thing to draw it, it's another to actually produce it and make it work... I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park ξ€Ž
flailings : #worksmarternotharder
irontrap : @metalmuckler Thanks man! We articulated the good in SW and made sure everything jived so It should work, the hard part is cutting and welding and making it all work in real life is all!
metalmuckler : Yup- that's what I was getting at ^
nopokenolove - bothellskatepark - mesoamericano - shtbx -
Public Service announcement from @deadendmagazine . #ifyoudidntbuilditdontceuiseit #deadend #eastwoodco #pilehouse
kustom - deadendmagazine - custom - ifyoudidntbuilditdontceuiseit - hamb - pilehouse - thehamb - eastwoodco - deadend -
irontrap : #hamb #thehamb #kustom #custom
john_vanek : Awesome shirt
jlow_real_low : @eggzitone
irontrap : #deadendmagazine
mk1caddy - kanetattooer - hondaman76 - marky_89 -
Need to fix the back gap of the hood, but the straps fixed the sagging in the center. Making new hood hinges is the next big step in the one-piece hood conversion. #pilehouse #cokertires #eastwoodco #bagged #custom #kustom
bagged - pilehouse - cokertires - kustom - eastwoodco - custom -
jackirwin94 - vlad_sheriff - caseykreher - slackerjr92 -
Making new hood braces for #pilehouse with the #eastwoodco bead roller and welding them in with the #MIG175 today.
hamb - pilehouse - kustom - eastwoodco - welding - mig175 - custom -
irontrap : #custom #kustom #hamb #welding
low_slowvw : @gmbodycraft same roller as you pretty much!
gmbodycraft : Yeah @low_slowvw but they work on cool shit lol πŸ‘
maxon93 - danlev93 - vwdav_ - makecoolshiteveryday -
Test fitting the dash with the new brake pedal setup and I'm really digging how the simplified shaved dash looks. #pilehouse #eastwoodco #kustom #custom #hamb #thehamb
hamb - pilehouse - kustom - thehamb - poorplanning - eastwoodco - custom -
thatguybry : @irontrap odd question bit will he center section on the seat be following thru all the way to the floor like a center council type thing ? Also I have wheel pics for you if you need them , where do I send them again ?
irontrap : @thatguybry nah just on the seat. Ill be making a removable tunnel portion to cover around the trans and shifter at some point but that's all
irontrap : @thatguybry email is best:
hi_im_frankie : Hey man where do you get your sheet metal from?
irontrap : @hi_im_frankie Yarde Metal as they're local to us at work. They only sell in full 8x10 sheets thought.
hi_im_frankie : Cool man thanks
suedzville : Looking sharp Matt. Damn sharp!
irontrap : @suedzville Thanks dude!
danlev93 - e_roccc - wombat1970 - performance2ning -
#fuckyourboltonmods #nevereasy
fuckyourboltonmods - nevereasy - pilehouse -
casuallywreckless : What's the pedal for?
irontrap : @casuallywreckless For #pilehouse
mlddgil - planksta147 - bothellskatepark - deadland_nathan -
Stupid little things like this that no one will notice are my favorite on any car I build. Need to shave the knob hole, but the glovebox is pretty much done. #itsthelittlethings #boringvideoisboring #eastwoodco #pilehouse #kustom #custom #hamb #thehamb #fuckyourboltonmods
kustom - custom - hamb - pilehouse - itsthelittlethings - boringvideoisboring - thehamb - fuckyourboltonmods - eastwoodco -
thatguybry : That's what it's all about πŸ‘@irontrap
mtddesign : #lunchbox
brokestatusjayfay : Details are the key always...
nickslawesome : @johncrotch
kimboslice72 : That's pretty freaking sweet now make it refrigerated to keep picnic lunches in!
arsenicpants : Love it
chim_richolds : I tried doing the same, but needed something chrome on that side of my dash.. symmetry
barelyscrapinby - palecek98 - makecoolshiteveryday - tobitightpants -
Little shrink here, little shrink there, little bit of hammering and then weld it all together and to the dash and #pilehouse has a glovebox. #metalfab #eastwoodco #fabrication #fuckyourboltonmods #diy
pilehouse - metalfab - fuckyourboltonmods - eastwoodco - fabrication - diy -
missashley_e : Here a shrink, there a shrink, everywhere a shrink shrink.
we_are_all_dead : @missashley_e that's exactly what went through my head ha
missashley_e : @we_are_all_dead πŸ‘great minds think alike.
craigshaddick - dankcakke - deadland_nathan - scrotie_mcboogerballss -
Done for the day. Got the large openings I wanted to shave closed up. Just now to shave some of the small holes and to make a new glovebox. #progress #pilehouse #eastwoodco #hamb #thehamb #custom #kustom #tig #tig200
kustom - tig200 - custom - hamb - pilehouse - progress - thehamb - tig - eastwoodco -
crosseyed_harpua : Keep it up man looking good.
ilovesandiego : It looks like a 1980's boombox...
packardq8 - weldakota - planksta147 - nutrishopaliso -
Starting work on the dash today. First order of business is shaving the factory radio opening. File to fit, tig welded, hammer the weld and blended. Not perfect but slowly getting better at getting repairs close to "metal finished". #tig #tig200 #custom #kustom #welding #pilehouse #workonmydaysoff #eastwoodco
kustom - tig200 - workonmydaysoff - custom - pilehouse - tig - eastwoodco - welding -
irontrap : Don't mind the little spot weld marks on the right from spot welding a brace into the dash!
mhammsteak : @irontrap those little spots are the first thing I noticed.....
forgotmyid : Nice work bro. Truck looks Ace. Its funny i'm into hot rod's and mk1 golfs myself. @irontrap Your golf is beautiful
irontrap : @mhammsteak Yea from welding a bracket in on the backside, easily filled with a skim coat or with high build primer!
irontrap : @forgotmyid Thanks man!
flatblackbeale - deadland_nathan - getbakedcoatings - aces_and_eights_cc -
Happy Saturday ❀️ #pilehouse #shoptime #dodge #backfromthedead #pilothouse #trucks #midcentury
dodge - pilothouse - pilehouse - trucks - shoptime - backfromthedead - midcentury -
malvo785 - danlev93 - surrealatrocities - planrforrobert -
The parts makeup to fit a 40's #Packard column housing to a custom column using the column splines and wheel from a late 50's #ford #tbird to all fit in Project #pilehouse looks a lot simpler than the work it took! #safesteering #fuckyourboltonmods #eastwoodco #thehamb #hamb #junkyardtreasures #custom #kustom
tbird - custom - packard - kustom - safesteering - ford - hamb - pilehouse - junkyardtreasures - thehamb - fuckyourboltonmods - eastwoodco -
iamcrack - marcski - lowandscrap - fldubber -
Whoopsie-daisy #hastogetworsetogetbetter #eastwoodco #fuckyourboltonmods #thehamb #hamb #pilehouse
hamb - pilehouse - hastogetworsetogetbetter - fuckyourboltonmods - eastwoodco - thehamb -
baggedbasket : Are you going to make your own aluminum dash?
irontrap : @baggedbasket No this truck is staying fairly "traditional" so just shaving some stuff on the OG dash and building my brake pedal mounts and installing a hidden pedal cluster for under the dash. Wish it just unbolted like some cars but no such luck!
moustashko - e_roccc - eugenecalandro - 1vdublvr_vt -
Today we're working on shaving the #Packard steering column housing for Project #Pilehouse using the #tig200 mini torch and body hammers. Ready for some minor bodywork and then paint! #eastwoodco #custom #hotrod #hamb #kustom #tig #tigwelding #welding #diy
packard - hotrod - kustom - pilehouse - tig200 - custom - hamb - diy - tigwelding - tig - eastwoodco - welding -
baderd2004 : Got vids?
eastwoodco : @baderd2004 This one we only have pics up on our blog! Visit
tntcoupe - sharononer -
Finally got #pilehouse back into the shop after reoutfitting and reorganizing things. Ready to start kicking ass on it again tomorrow!
pilehouse -
mk1_will : 😍
shtbx : @chickencityhotrods
79brwnbunny : Those rear fenders. πŸ‘Œ
missashley_e : 😍
suedzville : Cool. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
ollygreencantbar : @lukeey_86c @alanedgie_86c
justin_conte - n8_blake - badco1952 - haydenawood -
Made up a little spring clip to hold the modified bullet onto the wheel. Just need to press a bearing into the bottom of the column housing and shave the extra holes on the column and the steering stuff is "done" on #pilehouse #hamb #kustom #custom #itsthelittlethings #eastwoodco
hamb - pilehouse - itsthelittlethings - kustom - eastwoodco - custom -
surlypirate : Dig it man. What's the wheel out of.
cbarimani : That came out badass @irontrap
willywalderbeast : πŸ‘Œ
irontrap : @surlypirate It came out of a 59 tbird at a junkyard I frequent but I haven't been able to figure out exactly what model it came out of originally.. I dig it whatever it is!
irontrap : @bandit455 @willywalderbeast thanks guys!
surlypirate : Whatever it is, it's money.
myjamz : @irontrap I spot a nice 5.0 foxbody. Always had a soft spot for those
paulharley : Can't wait to see this done. I'm gonna text my buddy and see if that dude still has that 49. I know he supposedly had plans for it but I'm sure he lost interest.
juniorsampaiojipeiro - vwdav_ - furyof4 - greypride -
Haven't touch Project #pilehouse in a while and I decided to modify this #chrome bullet I got from @gambino_kustoms at #gnrs with an @eastwoodco carbide bit to fit the #Ford wheel I have on the truck. Just gotta make a small little bracket so it clips onto the wheel and I can start restoring the wheel itself! #kustom #custom #hamb #eastwoodco #fuckyourboltonmods
fuckyourboltonmods - kustom - chrome - ford - hamb - pilehouse - custom - eastwoodco - gnrs -
irontrap : Touched ^
infulleffect610 : Damn now you are just showing off letting me know you hung out and got cool stuff from @gambino_kustoms πŸ‘πŸ˜ @irontrap
irontrap : @infulleffect610 haha I just happened to be walking by and saw he had one on his table at the show.
infulleffect610 : Sure and now modesty...😜 no worries just have to keeping living off your IG feed😊 @irontrap
chrisbmx68 : Whoneedsairbags
matt_the_hat - danlev93 - dawsss93 - low350 -
It's always refreshing to meet large company owners that are REAL enthusiasts and still down to earth. Thanks to Alex Borla for digging some of my projects and flowing me some #borla sportsman mufflers for #pilehouse and the #bluebaby ! #bestsoundingmufflers #supportcompaniesthatsupportus
bluebaby - borla - supportcompaniesthatsupportus - pilehouse - bestsoundingmufflers -
polished_vw : I only run borlas they have the best sound !
surrealatrocities : @Polished_vw You'll run what ever @haggardfab puts on your car haha
polished_vw : Yeah I suppose but when I told him what to order that would be where it was my choice @surrealatrocities
paulharley : @polished_vw you need to put some growl into your truck. That exhaust leak needs to be put to rest 😘
polished_vw : My shits silent when it rots away I'll do Somethin with it @paulharley
al_pacino13 - gnarmk2 - mlkywaystarscape - wajeeh_mandourah -
Stand sardinia hot bikes at Villacidro #kustom #lowrider #japanlowrider #hotrod #lowlife #surf #tattoo #lifestyle #lucianomornigcruise #cars #japan #ink #ζΉ˜ε—life #bagged #skate #kustomkulture #music #ζΉ˜ε— #motorcycle #shoes #rock #flames #lucianogaragemarket #custom #hamb #slammed #pinstriping #sanchezpinstriping #livelife #pilehouse
surf - bagged - lowrider - shoes - hotrod - cars - kustomkulture - lucianomornigcruise - lowlife - skate - hamb - pilehouse - ink - japan - sanchezpinstriping - ζΉ˜ε— - lucianogaragemarket - livelife - tattoo - japanlowrider - lifestyle - flames - kustom - pinstriping - custom - music - rock - slammed - ζΉ˜ε—life - motorcycle -
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Latest build update is up live for Project #Pilehouse on the @eastwoodco blog. Read the full story here: #kustom #custom #eastwoodco #bagged #airride
bagged - pilehouse - kustom - eastwoodco - airride - custom -
dang_placido : @mittcatchman
hotrodsteve13 : Fucking sick @eastwoodco
slackerjr92 : Love the butterfly hood
edmartin29 - braedencoyle - mrgramata - pak_mas -
Latest build update is up live for Project #Pilehouse on the @eastwoodco blog. Read the full story here: #custom #kustom #bagged #youknowhowifeelaboutboltonmods #eastwoodco
bagged - hamb - pilehouse - kustom - eastwoodco - youknowhowifeelaboutboltonmods - custom -
_nickboudin : Less truck more Rocco! Haha kidding, this thing is rad man!
lowerthnyours : @chris_wilder
greypride : πŸ‘
a2jettafreak : love it
irontrap : #hamb
mickmasterflash : This thing done @irontrap
mickmasterflash : ?
irontrap : @mickmasterflash The entire truck? No. Lots to do yet to even be done the metal work and custom fab. But it's come a long way.
instaperkolator - mushroom_curry - mrgramata - ajd05 -
Cleaning up around the shop at @eastwoodco and realized I probably won't have time to work on #Pilehouse until 2014. I'm happy how far it's come this past year. Hopefully I can drive it next year! #hamb #custom
hamb - pilehouse - custom -
g0dsized : That bumper works so well with that grill
irontrap : @crowbar_ Thanks man wanted it to look like one of the slats of the grill. Shortened and re-radiused 60's Corvair Van Front bumper 😎
irontrap : @veedubman91 @suedzville Thanks guys!
trsolomon : @chickencityhotrods
kimboslice72 : I want to meet this truck
irontrap : @kimboslice72 Come by sometime my work is in Pottstown!
paulharley : You running the chromies that are on it?
irontrap : @paulharley Yep @cokertireco chrome wheels with spider caps and wide whitewall tires!
pak_mas - primuspet - 1vdublvr_vt - mrgramata -
#tbt to the annual #laestate summer Cruise In/Drive-in movie party. Soon time to start planning this again! Photo by Adam Strunk #vw #mk1 #bluebaby #pilehouse
pilehouse - mk1 - vw - bluebaby - laestate - tbt -
mrosadoiii : They are badass! That's a sick lookin car is it yours?
irontrap : Yep all of them in the picture but the red Stude in the background are mine!
irontrap : @mrosadoiii ^
mrosadoiii : Sickkk wat kind of mill do you have in the caged one?
rockymountnhigh : Wish I could attend this!
irontrap : @mrosadoiii little euro spec 1600 with loads if period correct race and Motorsport parts. Should be a cool little ride when done. More photos in my older pics on here πŸ‘
paulharley : I'm making it out to the next one. If I have work I'm still coming.
irontrap : @paulharley First weekend of August this year! Bill is coming so follow him up!
danlev93 - cossierick - thespoonz - dubturk -
#fabrication #rivets #beads #custom #hamb #eastwoodco #pilehouse
beads - hamb - pilehouse - rivets - eastwoodco - fabrication - custom -
vintagekars : You like vintage hotrods and customs, check this profile out.
desertwind16v - dubdaze68 - retrojunky76 - floppgh -
Boyfriends presents are a wrap! Literally πŸŽ„ #sometimesigetcrafty #pilehouse #cabby #bluecar #christmaspresent #allwrappedup #igetwaytoointothiscrap #bahhumbug
sometimesigetcrafty - igetwaytoointothiscrap - allwrappedup - christmaspresent - bahhumbug - bluecar - pilehouse - cabby -
irontrap : You got me my own cars for xmas?!!
missashley_e : @irontrap something like that. I told you I was gonna buy you allllll da carz
irontrap : @missashley_e 😁😁
tokyocityboyz : Perfectly shotβ™‘I was surprised at your photos
missashley_e : @tokyocityboyz thank you! Why were you surprised? Lol
tokyocityboyz : because your photo is nice.
irontrap - matt_the_hat - surrealatrocities - prettybonesjackson -
Crappy old metal and lacking the skills to make a new hood from scratch forced me to mig weld the two long seams up, but taking my time and hammer welding as I'm going has kept it all flat. #fuckyourboltonmods #slowandsteady #pilehouse #eastwoodco
hamb - pilehouse - kustom - fuckyourboltonmods - eastwoodco - slowandsteady - custom -
irontrap : #hamb #kustom #custom
humbleslc : Looks like you may have test fitted something else.
irontrap : @humbleslc πŸ™Š saving sharing that until I'm further along with it.
trainboy414 : That looks fantastic I can't wait to see this when its eventually completed!
thobeornotthobe - aboalqaqah14 - muhab87 - ez_dubbin -
Got the 3 hood pieces gapped and tack welded together. Checking gaps and such and it already fits MUCH better than before. Now the long process of weld, hammer, weld, hammer, weld, hammer. #pilehouse #hamb #custom #kustom #hammerweldforever #eastwoodco
hammerweldforever - hamb - pilehouse - kustom - eastwoodco - custom -
g0dsized : I'm not gonna lie I wasn't too into this when it was in its infancy but I am really digging how its coming out!
skippy_made : Loving all the pile house updates!
lifewithmikengo : 😍😍😍😍
maddragon_ : @andgrowing
dubaddict : Hands down my favorite build right now. I love the lines on this truck and the running boards just do it for me.
killercoconuts : Beautiful B1B! My dad has one he's restoring. Still trying to convince him to lower it but I don't think it'll happen.
irontrap : @killercoconuts Thanks! Seems most guys that have these pilothouse dodges stay the restoration route, but Im a custom guy and can't leave anything stock!
ashtronic : @tony_medellintattoo
johnston8v - eicats13 - gnarmk2 - krownrook -
A BIG care package came from my friends at #amd #autometaldirect today for the rear bed project on #pilehouse . Can't wait to dig in l! #eastwoodco
eastwoodco - amd - autometaldirect - pilehouse -
e_roccc - bothellskatepark - someguyphoto - natesmoyer -
Surgery time. #pilehouse
pilehouse -
joemair : This I like. A lot.
hondaman76 - duck_pin - dankcakke - dubaddict -
An hour, a 4.5" grinder and an #eastwoodco stripping disc, followed by fast etch and this rough hood is all clean metal and ready for repair. #pilehouse #hamb #patinakiller #rust #messyjobs
patinakiller - messyjobs - pilehouse - hamb - eastwoodco - rust -
surrealatrocities : Are we nosing or decking this hood?
eastwoodco : @surrealatrocities Has already been nosed before it was stripped. Getting converted to one piece and changing how it opens next. -Matt/EW
matt_rad : Finally 😘
leonardspeirs - kustomkulturehotrods - gonzalezkustomzfabshop - big_e_nunez -
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