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#enormous #pizza for #dinner #seafood #pepperoni #olives #ham #capsicum #cheese and #noonions because I just won't eat them ehehe #stillakid #pickyeater
cheese - enormous - ham - capsicum - seafood - olives - noonions - dinner - pepperoni - stillakid - pickyeater - pizza -
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Must cut an #apple into slices before #eating it! #truth #honeycrisp #bestkind #expensive #delish #food #pickyeater #approve
eating - apple - food - approve - delish - truth - bestkind - honeycrisp - expensive - pickyeater -
jtrudeau1855 - iandavidjackson -
Hello my huge spoiled brat. You've obviously been getting too much yummy frozen food to be interested in your protein packed pellets. -__- you butt head. #lovehim #pickyeater #beautiful #gorgeous #bettafish #bettatank #bettasplendens
beautiful - bettatank - pickyeater - gorgeous - lovehim - bettasplendens - bettafish -
order_anarchy85 - allyschelske - russian_neuman - toriannaviktory -
Chicken, ham, and cheese. Everything you wish rolled into one happy dish! #eatshappy #lovebirds #bento #kids #food #yummy #pickyeater #instagood #igers
kids - yummy - pickyeater - food - bento - instagood - lovebirds - igers - eatshappy -
violinlove4ever -
I turned around for a minute and she had them all over the floor. Now she's picking out the perfect ones and throwing the ones that don't quite make it back into the mix only to be rejected again. #pickyeater #happycreamies #happyfamilybrand #cheekybaby #probiotic
pickyeater - happycreamies - happyfamilybrand - probiotic - cheekybaby -
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#pickyeater #fitkids #healthykids #greenpouch #fruit #yogurt
greenpouch - fruit - pickyeater - healthykids - yogurt - fitkids -
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Do I have the only kid that doesnt like spaghetti? ? #beforeandafter #spaghettiandmeatballs #avalillian #pickyeater #atleastiwonthavetogiveherabath
spaghettiandmeatballs - atleastiwonthavetogiveherabath - beforeandafter - pickyeater - avalillian -
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#picstitch My child is FINALLY trying more foods! Mac'n'cheese for the win! #mychildnevereatscheese #pickyeater
picstitch - mychildnevereatscheese - pickyeater -
lyarger - jpotter1990 -
*not my picture* but I tried a MANGO today for the first time! (The reason I couldn't post my own picture is because I didn't know how to cut it and I kinda squished and destroyed it 😁😄) but what I managed to eat was very good! I liked it #healthy #healthyeating #fruit #mango #pretty #yummy #trynewfoods #pickyeater #getfit #gethealthy #eatright
eatright - trynewfoods - yummy - pickyeater - healthy - gethealthy - mango - fruit - pretty - getfit - healthyeating -
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Nathaniel #justlikedaddy #dorritos #chiplover #pickyeater
chiplover - justlikedaddy - dorritos - pickyeater -
_5dub_love_ -
Smh he dnt want the corn #icookedandhewantchefboyardee #buthewannaeatthegroundbeefoutmyfood #icantdeal #pickyeater
icantdeal - buthewannaeatthegroundbeefoutmyfood - icookedandhewantchefboyardee - pickyeater -
locsofwraps : Awwwww too cute lol
dreaded_queen91 : 😊 @locsofwraps
dreaded_queen91 - sayboy_ - jay_gotass4yrs - defcon_reloaded -
I gotta trick my picky eater somehow. #pickyeater #yummysmoothie #eatinghealthyisfun #getthemgreensin
yummysmoothie - eatinghealthyisfun - getthemgreensin - pickyeater -
deboraheileene : Aw! So cute!
_a_a_ron___ : Can't believe she went for it
ellie_valle : She didn't see me put in the spinach or she wouldn't have. Haha. @_a_a_ron___
diana_mata21 - veezzy - cbu_banana - max221tm -
Picky eaters? Try our Greens! Tastes so good and is a good way to get those fruits and veggies into yourself and your kids. They come in orange and berry and we also have to go pouches like the water flavor packets. Contact me if you'd like to learn more. Kik crunchymom817,, text 813-285-2465 #greens #pickyeater #allnatural #healthy #alkalize #fruitsandveggies #mom #dad #paleo #keto #crossfit #nongmo
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ok Silken here's your cereal. ! *fingers crossed. lol xD #Strawberries #Raspberries #Grapes #Cheese #Carrots #BabyCarrot #Plate #Snack #PickyEater #NapTime
cheese - snack - pickyeater - plate - naptime - carrots - raspberries - strawberries - grapes - babycarrot -
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Chicken Caesar salad & French fries :) #pickyeater #lovewhatilove @iamlukemacdonald this will make you smile :)
lovewhatilove - pickyeater -
iamlukemacdonald : Never saw this coming
clarabella22 : Seems like a great combo to me 😊
wzymama - eboniraee - breanna_jg - kootie77 -
Right now Beau likes to wear my headbands, Christmas jammies, and will eat Chobani yogurt with honey in it only if I am chanting "Go Beau! Go Beau! Go Beau!" #pickyeater #thisisreallife #20months
thisisreallife - pickyeater - 20months -
ashleywood : Ha ha ha!! Awesome!
brookewatson : Haha sounds similar to my life :)
ni_kchiltron : I'm still in that phase
nard_dog434 : @ni_kchiltron you need to have someone take a pic of you next time you eat yogurt.
aubsrasmussen : Haha love this!
bpfashionsblogspot : Oh my goodness love this! So glad we got to catch up today :)
landonandbeth : Haha yes! So awesome!
babiepui : He's so adorable!
jessandtandresen - cdnjennyk88 - rachel_cassity - abiayres -
"Giving your body healthy nutrition and being balanced and alkaline is a great environment when it comes to conceiving" and what an easy way to achieve all that in one daily serving of Greens! I am not saying Greens will help you get pregnant, but it can help provide a healthy body to home a baby :) contact me 5035158775 #tryingtoconceive #wantababy #tryanything #healthy #fit #nutrition #mommytobe #singlemom #singleparent #fruits #veggies #pickyeater
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1blakeanthony : niceee
whitaker__christie - mderodesigns - shauns1212 - longdistancecouple01 -
Green tea mcflurry without oreo. On that easter Sunday. #tbt #pickyeater
icecream - morestresseatmore - pickyeater - sixweekscrashcoursecrashus - greentea - nicechin - tbt - dietnot - craving -
seemyselfandi : #icecream #greentea #craving #DietNot #nicechin
hopetjx : #selfie
seemyselfandi : XD @hopetjx
weishanno : #firstletmaggietakeaselfie
pegicornsarereal : Looking good Maggie 👍 @seemyselfandi
seemyselfandi : Lol >< @weishanno thanks gal!! @pegicornsarereal
seemyselfandi : #SixWeeksCrashCourseCrashUs #MoreStressEatMore
melvinleckyleckyboyboy : Pretty lah pretty lah!!!!!
benedict_thanatos_lee - melvinleckyleckyboyboy - seehwee_seaweed - ong_zheng_jie -
So. This is how my ROTTWEILER eats half a hamburger. Took the buns off first, then liked the ketchup. Now she's peeling off the cheese. Them eats the meat in one bite. XD #Rottweiler #pickyeater #adorablethough
rottweiler - adorablethough - pickyeater -
nolan_richard - kyle_g_4 - tiki_germanrott - lxc_12 -
Well that's enough of that. I hate orange jube jubes so they've been eliminated!! #orangejubejubes#pickyeater#gross#jubejubes#worstflavour
worstflavour - gross - jubejubes - pickyeater - orangejubejubes -
kaylasearl : Pretty sure the black ones are the worst! Not overly fond of purple either lol.
juliepasqua1981 - sinards - lisanaccarato - jhallarn -
Day 23 - Food: This has been a big hassle in the last couple of months. Sophia loved Merrick, but I couldn't find it locally, so I switched her to Taste of the Wild, but then something happened with that formula and almost all dogs stopped eating it including Sophia. So after she didn't tolerate EVO, I went back to Merrick, then they messed up somewhere during the manufacturing and the food had a bunch of little sharp yellow pieces, which I noticed after Sophia tried to dump over her food dish, which she's never done. And she always loved to eat as soon as I got her food ready. Now I've switched her to Wellness Core Large Breed, and she eats it but she's now "grazing" instead of eating it twice a day on schedule like she did before the Merrick incident. She grew up free feeding, but since I've had her I've always kept her on a schedule, so I'm at a loss as to what's going on. I plan to stay with Wellness though because she does seem to like it okay and she does well on it. Any ideas on why her eating habits have all the sudden changed and how to correct it? #servicedogphotochallenge #aprilphotochallenge #servicedog #Wellness #dogfood #assistancedog #bouvier #bouvierdesflandres #bigdogs #dog #thelifeofadogowner #largebreeds #neveradullmoment #pickyeater #day23
aprilphotochallenge - servicedog - pickyeater - neveradullmoment - largebreeds - wellness - bouvierdesflandres - dog - day23 - bouvier - servicedogphotochallenge - assistancedog - dogfood - bigdogs - thelifeofadogowner -
julieebuii : Sometimes, it just takes the right food. Ellie Wu
julieebuii : Would graze or dump her dish with every food except Diamond naturals(lamb and rice) everything else, she would only eat when she was really hungry. Nothing was wrong with her medically, she is just a picky eater :p
the_jjw : @julieebuii Yeah, I can tell that there's no medical reason for her behavior. I just found it odd for her behavior to change so completely all the sudden. She's definitely had favorite foods in the past but even the ones she didn't like as much, she still ate all of it at one time. Now she takes several bites then walks away and continues that for several hours, then when it's about half eaten she'll eat all the rest at one time. I keep her on grain and soy free food because it cuts down on her natural Bouvier gassiness, which could quickly clear a room. 😜
julieebuii : Do you leave food out all day? We were told to not encourage picky eating by leaving food out for 10 minutes at a time. If she didn't eat it all, to take it away until the next feeding time so she knows that we mean business. Its definitely helped
sp268abey - julieebuii - iamjustmebree - rokinmyownsox -
Farofa??? Nããão. É couve-flor. Vamos ver se passa no teste dos meninos seletivos... Aguardem cenas do próximo capítulo.
comidaboamudatudo - meufilhonaocome - pickyeater - seletivos -
meufilhousou : eh a receita do meu filho come mal de ontem, Milene?
maribemm : Hummmm
crescersorrindo : Que truque ein?😉
diiirce : Ééééé do Brasil! Ngm percebeu. #pickyeater #seletivos #meufilhonaocome
diiirce : @meufilhousou é a própria! Peguei no site.
meufilhousou : hahaha, boa! aqui o Heitor come couve-flor e brócolis puro na mão como se fosse chocolate, rs
diiirce : #comidaboamudatudo
mayaranaiade - carolrafa20 - neimaby - crescersorrindo -
Apparently falling asleep was easier then eating dinner... :/ #pickyeater
pickyeater -
ilovemelodynharmony : Oh what did you make looks yummy :)
ilovemelodynharmony : @bgilmore57
ilovemelodynharmony - trumpetplayer17 -
2 different eaters in my house. The lobbyist on the left always has to explain why she doesn't like her food. The bottomless pit on the right just loves most of what @libbymatulis and i put on the table. #pickyeater #bottomlesspit #daughters #love #angels #mygirls #myworld #dinnertime #youarenotgettingdesert #eatwhatsonyourplate
eatwhatsonyourplate - love - pickyeater - bottomlesspit - mygirls - myworld - youarenotgettingdesert - angels - daughters - dinnertime -
cassandra_valentine - letsgobonkers - heneghm88 - tomwilkinsonn -
The most annoying thing about having a #ballpython as a pet... #pickyeater. Damn snake hasnt eaten in at least 2.5/3 months and still wont What animal goes on a fast!!! Hmph #petdrama #snake #thisratisdisrespectful #eatthedamnrat #borgioussnake
borgioussnake - petdrama - pickyeater - ballpython - eatthedamnrat - isyouanenglishteacher - thisratisdisrespectful - snake -
missmelodyfresh : Bourgeois
missmelodyfresh : Maybe the rat isn't his type lol lol lol
ricci_lebeau : That's what I meant lol #isyouanenglishteacher...ornaw
ricci_lebeau : @missmelodyfresh
detroit_kiddo - drightpythons - aytac666 - tayyamour -
My first ever grilled chicken Caesar spinach wrap. #outofmy #comfortzone #pickyeater #greenmachine #healthyeating
teddyfabz - pickyeater - outofmy - greenmachine - pimped - healthyeating - comfortzone -
tiffanybruch : It looks amazing!
sarbear1123 : @tiffanybruch it is so delicious!!! I totally judge food by its color but this will be happening again soon!
asa1gado : Did you make it or buy it? Do they deliver lol
sarbear1123 : @asa1gado I bought it from this place in deerfield- Teddy Fabz. Totally making my own in the near future! Address is 663 Lake Cook Road! Oh- they deliver alright! (847)498-5656
sarbear1123 : Yes- I just #pimped them out!! #TeddyFabz
tiffanybruch : Awesome! See can't always judge a book by the cover ;) you'll be surprised what you'd like if you just liked it but there are gonna be some stuff that looks good but tastes bad! Have fun on your new food adventure..keep us posted!
tiffanybruch - amorr84 - daniellevanburen - tm_shell -
Chicken and avocado salad w/ plum tomatoes, crushed walnuts, dried cranberries and mixed greens; w/ Italian dressing. (That's all I had on deck.) Probably one of the only other types of salad I will eat in addition to a Greek salad w/o olives and a super basic salad. #pickyeater #foodie #foodporn #summertime #healthy #beachbodyondeck #gethealthy #healthconscious
foodie - pickyeater - foodporn - healthy - gethealthy - healthconscious - beachbodyondeck - summertime -
_derri_ - mzshiaceeiz2loyal4u - jpat3k - happyhealthy_motivator -
Love this idea of soft deconstructed kids also prefer everything separately. Regram from @angeliqueib #kidlunch #kidsfood #pickyeater
kidlunch - kidsfood - pickyeater -
m_ellem : This is how most folks I know serve soft tacos at home. Different plates of items and everyone builds their own.
sel0805 : I really want one of these for myself... haha I like being organized.
mr_mrs_cat : @mrsmonica24 good idea for Gema!
dxb_artist : @bintali262 خذت من هالشنطة وايد افكار حلوة والاكل قليل و منوع
bintali262 : @dxb_artist مبروكه تستاهل فطامي
dxb_artist : @bintali262 حق السنة الياية 😅
dxb_artist : @bintali262 😘❤️
springjoye - nurisonelove - chris3loves - okay_krystal -
He eats peas now! Thank The Lord. 😌 he's also quite fond of these little ravioli thingies..hey if he eats it, I'm happy. #pickyeater #happymommy #favoritetoy #11monthsold
happymommy - pickyeater - 11monthsold - favoritetoy -
danih113 : @m0mmabearamy I'm happy to see that he is healthy. I also had a liver transplant
m0mmabearamy : @danih113 thank you! He was 7 weeks old when he had it done. Cause of failure is unknown. :( I hope you are doing well ❤️
danih113 : @m0mmabearamy I had mine 10 days before my first birthday. Which was 15 years ago. And I'm really healthy. And doing well!
domsmama412 - destinsmommy31 - vannah_myrick - shaunsmommy414 -
So my first attempt at #homemade #poptarts is a success- thankfully! Pleasing this picky eater is a challenge! #pickyeater #betterthanstorebought #homemade
betterthanstorebought - poptarts - homemade - pickyeater -
ecorchid : Where'd you find the recipe? My kids would probably love that!
jekkabee - haybreesee - zaleskilauren - ehutz -
Only a few spots left - registration closes tomorrow! Come join us for a workshop on all things toddler and nutrition - details {at} #woodbridge #vaughan #richmondhill #brampton #bolton #mississauga #caledon #mommy #mommies #toddlers #toddlerfood #pickyeater #babyfood #baby #toronto
babyfood - toronto - toddlerfood - pickyeater - brampton - woodbridge - mommies - caledon - mommy - richmondhill - baby - toddlers - bolton - mississauga - vaughan -
profitwithmateo : Great style! Im building a team of elite marketers to promote wakeupnow
yojstaffz - all_doberman - ruebee3 - salimahnasser -
#13Weeks #MyBabyIsTheSizeOfATangerine #IWantSouplantation #PickyEater
13weeks - iwantsouplantation - pickyeater - mybabyisthesizeofatangerine -
tarapiece_ofpaper : I want sushi!!!!!
ashjoycarrillo : Lol @tarapiece_ofpaper
aristacesar : Yay 3 more weeks to find out what you're having! -Christina
ashjoycarrillo : :-) can't wait! @aristacesar @chrisy_tinalove
boss_lady_koolaid - jesse_slays - gloriafigu - i_luv_lay_ana_rob -
He just keeps getting better with eating 😄😁 thank goodness. But he's so picky 😩😫 #hashbrowns #pickyeater #aydenjames
aydenjames - hashbrowns - pickyeater -
sothinator : Can't blame him if your cooking doesn't measure up to his taste buds...jk lol
foonanlooove : @sothinator jerk! Thanks! Haha.
sothinator : I joke I joke lol
rahhhchelle - liliavan - floriiiida - ashlaaybby -
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