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They say when you get a tattoo, you should always get something that means something to you. Since Spring 2011, I've had the distinct pleasure of working with so many great men of Sigma, more specifically, my Pi Alpha chapter. I've learned so many life lessons from prophytes & even neos. Why shouldn't I be proud to wear these letters on my arm? 1914 was the year it all started, but in 1985, the greatest chapter graced the lives of thousands. #PhiBetaSigma #pbs100 #PiAlpha #NaliaThatWontComeOff #YesPiAlphaHasAShield #DPALCAF #ItsStillNotFinished
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brenthomiequan : @ohogan1914 πŸ’― you should've been Pi alpha anyway πŸ‘€
thetimmyj : πŸ‘€ Learned from the prophytes and neos... That's what's up man.
brenthomiequan : @thetimmyj *pats chest* still 6GOG right man? πŸ‘Š
jay_exploradora : Lmaoooooo @thetimmyj said you acting like you a solo... or nah? *lurks away*
divinety60s : I'm a professional tattoo artist. .. checc out my work...
coolass_dom : πŸ’™
thetimmyj : Still 6GOG lmaooo! πŸ‘Š
ohogan1914 : πŸ’―πŸ’―
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Happy Sigmaversary to my line The 6 Avengers of a blue emipre. These men have had my back from day 1 of knowing them, as I have theirs. I love my LBs my TRUE brothers. The road has just begun. #pbs #pialpha #GOMAB
pialpha - pbs - gomab -
obey_kay : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
yellowbonebooty : I was there !!! & i remember the look on my face when i came there just for Timmy & saw you ! I was soo proud of y'all !
mister_dickie : @yellowbonebooty aww thanks love
yellowbonebooty : Awww no problema pookie
minananami : Happy Sigmaversary Sir !
mister_dickie : @minananami why thank you!
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Happy Easter #pialpha #SAE #perfectday
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derekchait : Pi alpha? Take a lap
alexjparkkk : It was a national holiday gimme a break @derekchait
sangeuning - sunny_with_a_chans - aaronthenewman - thasosathens -
Happy Sigmaversary to my Sons 10 K.O.T.B.R.! 5 years and a lifetime to go!!! Changed the game, changed me, and they continue to change lives! Couldn't be a more proud DP! Man, these KINGS wear CROWNS over hear and everything is alright!!! 😎#KingDay #Knights #Brothers #PhiBetaSigma #GOMAB #PiAlpha #Family #KINGS
brothers - family - pialpha - phibetasigma - kings - knights - kingday - gomab -
eeskridge1 : Thanks Dean!
say_encore : @jayreally love u bro
mzautopilot_blu : They look sooooo young lol
jayreally : Thanks Dean
jayreally : @say_encore love you too Big Sis!
jayreally - thereal_tiffany - nphcnetwork - blackgirlonplanes -
#tbt Remember that time we were all bald and locked Nick Breaux in a phone booth? #PiAlpha #PMPSucks
pialpha - pmpsucks - tbt -
_andreseduardo_ : Lmao!
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Last one goes to my lovely Pageant Sisters!!! #TBT #MissBlackAndGoldPageant
missblackandgoldpageant - myplatformgetrichordietrying - pialpha - tbt - rememberthetime - imeverywoman -
deuceliving : Hahahahaha
brothakuf : πŸ˜’
lovely_porcha : #MyPlatformGetRichOrDieTrying #RememberTheTime #ImEveryWoman #PiAlpha
icenmyveins : Lol Get Rich or Die Trying
twerkmasterflx : Ugh! Disappointment!! I was trying too hard not to laugh 😞
kinq_cee : Omgggg I forgot about this picture! LMAO
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Better late than never @kodiwilliams_ showing support for the ace at his #PhiBetaSigma probate #hishairgrewbackalready #PiAlpha
hishairgrewbackalready - pialpha - phibetasigma -
atlester - therealtahjmahal - obey_kay - devdaze -
Lake Havasu, Arizona. Journey of Hope. #Superman & #Batman now #PiAlpha's.
pialpha - batman - superman -
zacksquatch : I think I took this pic! Dude such an amazing summer
davidbrownnn : Yes sir you did! The best of summers... even with the w
davidbrownnn : w
davidbrownnn : Few bumps in the road lol
benjamindalehaug - africa_9 - matt_kinchin133 - balloutglo300 -
Can't believe it's been two years since @jsantiago2 was crowned Miss Blue & White @pialpha! You looked beautiful tonight. Congrats to Raven, Miss Blue & White and Jamika, Miss Phi Beta Sigma 2014-16. Passing the torch. Time flies. #georgiastate #gsu #pialpha
pialpha - gsu - georgiastate -
oh_hey_its_ld - beauty_fashion9 - jandudy - azndaddy -
My beautiful residents at Georgia State University Phi Beta Sigma paegent. #phibetasigma #PiAlpha #georgiastateunversity #ProudRa
pialpha - phibetasigma - georgiastateunversity - proudra -
deucesgonewild - beautiful_darkqueen - azhiajanay - _itskg -
Everytime I go for a ride. I remember these days #joh2011 #pushamerica #pikappaphi #pialpha #ritpikapp
joh2011 - pialpha - pushamerica - pikappaphi - ritpikapp -
davidbrownnn : Awesome
condorise - mojo_102 - vsantiago49 - jasciandra -
Congratulations to the Spring 2014 initiates of the Powerful Pi Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. We are all very proud of your accomplishments, and look forward to the great things you will do in the future. GOMAB! #CentennialLine #PBS #PiAlpha #Spring14
pialpha - spring14 - centennialline - pbs -
pialpha : The 12 Mercenaries of a Powerful Revolution ska NWTS ska NWO
thegrayleo : GOMAB!!
aceboogie_gle : GOMAB!
miraremel - fonzmostb1u - jlamontmusic - pharaohfonzworth -
by @dr_diezel1914 "S/O to #PiAlpha (Georgia State University) on their Neophyte showcase lastnight. #GaState #PhiBetaSigma #pbs100 #pbscentennial #GOMAB"
pbs100 - pialpha - gastate - gomab - phibetasigma - pbscentennial -
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Kicking It With Chi O! β€οΈπŸ’› #ftk #pialpha #chio
pialpha - ftk - chio -
epcrosset : @traviscruse We are literally too much.
maraelder - quinniepoo91 - katie_connolly2 - sheileust -
#PiAlpha #probate #neos #GSU #StateNotSouthern #PhiBetaSigma #PBS #PBS100 #Sigma
gsu - pbs - pbs100 - sigma - phibetasigma - neos - pialpha - statenotsouthern - probate -
anthillery : Thanks for coming through bruh!
leveled_up_88 : Oh wow. How many is it. @brandonthesehoes ?
brandonthesehoes : @leveled_up_88 it was 12
brandonthesehoes : @PiAlpha
devaughnoraheem : Check your DM
the_shiny_suit - ariez_with_braidz - teseypoo_ - dq1914 -
Aww my kids are going up so fast!! I'm so proud of my son. He is constantly growing and now he is a man of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Realest in it's most powerful form! I love my kids!! #hestheTre #theappledoesntfallfarfromthetree #PiAlpha #ΦΒΣ
pialpha - φβσ - hesthetre - theappledoesntfallfarfromthetree -
mister_dickie - ladyb1920 - christiantheace - morrissuwanee -
The utmost love to the newest addition to the family @ I can't explain how proud I am to leave this fraternity in the hands to the 12 Mercenaries of a Powerful Revolution. These young men hold the needed principles to never let the flame of OUR Fraternity Phi Beta Sigma die. #PBS #PiAlpha #quadclub #quadaffair #shoutouttothenewneos
pialpha - shoutouttothenewneos - quadaffair - quadclub - pbs -
will_da_4 : Aye s/o to the best c4ub
meli_joe : I think my heart just melted! :)
europes__finest - teamblue1914 - kifletower - _metria -
"And the legacy continues..." Congratulations to the newest members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. #pialpha #therealgsu #gstate
pialpha - gstate - therealgsu -
gsu_gammas : @pialpha
christiantheace : Damn I need this video
justmekt_ : @christiantheace I can send it to you if you want. DM me your number.
magicmoody : Wait... when is this?
gsu_gammas : @magicmoody this was yesterday.
magicmoody : Damn it!!!! I hate I missed it! I want a personal invite next... Free Video recording by my company.
gsu_gammas : @magicmoody we'll keep you in mind. Thanks!
savagedesire6 - magicmoody - ladyb1920 - lola_unique43 -
The time has come! WHO WILL BE THE NEXT MISS PHI BETA SIGMA?! Come out and support these lady as they go on to display all of there beauty, brains and talent in hopes of winning the crown. Our court is honored to pass the torch and anxious to see who will live up to the legacy our queen @kendradavina leaves behind. Need tickets?! Let me know! $5 in adv $10 at door... YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS! #pialpha #missphibetasigma #pageant #gsu
pialpha - missphibetasigma - pageant - gsu -
abstractelite - steve_2much - naika_atruebeauty29 - briana_bananna -
Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! The Powerful Pi Alpha Chapter is hosting their next Miss Phi Beta Sigma pageant on April 6 at 6:14 p.m. I can't wait to pass down my chapter crown to one of these beautiful ladies! Need tickets? Let me know!! #WhoWillBeNext #CentennialQueen #MissPhiBetaSigma #GSU #PiAlpha
missphibetasigma - pialpha - centennialqueen - gsu - whowillbenext -
pearlhu : Double Like!!
belovedlilies - esa_belleza - hend6792 - pearlhu -
Everybody say happy sigmaversary to your favorite line, the 6 Titans of Armageddon. We turn 1 today! #PiAlpha #Spring13 #TheCoolBruhs
pialpha - thecoolbruhs - spring13 -
eeskridge1 : Happy Sigmaversary Neophyte!
anthillery : Thank you everyone!!
ajamu_ : Yo frat you at Georgia State?
anthillery : @ajamu_ yes sir
ajamu_ : Im on ur campus you lost as hell lol
ajamu_ : Tryna find parking
anthillery : @ajamu_ try the lot next to the shell across from the university commons
ajamu_ : Aitey can you hmu 9196388410
thegold3nchild - ladyb1920 - lashanishan -
My leetle babes. @ericabaldrick @captaiinmorggan #chio #pialpha
pialpha - chio -
captaiinmorggan : ❀️ luv u 2 😘
epcrosset - hauffcj - ericabaldrick - captaiinmorggan -
Pi Alpha Centennial Neophyte Showcase followed by #WeaponsOfMassSeduction3!!! Oh y'all know ya boy is making an appearance for this. #TurnUp #PiAlpha #PhiBetaSigma #PBS100 #MyNeos #CentennialLine
turnup - pialpha - pbs100 - myneos - weaponsofmassseduction3 - centennialline - phibetasigma -
copaceticmike : 😱😱😱😱
che_no : Yay!!!!
breezybella912 : Ooo fancy
unkle_ben : Damn that's my line name tho
kendradavina : Excited to see you!!
king_iam1 : Excited to see you as well Queen! @kendradavina
mr_4point0 - therealmegatron5 - jnewlove - done_in_the_dark -
Step show shenanigans w/ these wonderful Greeks!!! #DeltaOmega #oldschoolThetaPhi #newschoolThetaPhi #DrLee #PiAlpha #KAPsi #AllLove
alllove - kapsi - oldschoolthetaphi - pialpha - newschoolthetaphi - deltaomega - drlee -
amber9600 : I am now convinced @ithinkfirst knows every person I've ever met from VT. lol #famous
ivyonmyheart13 : @amber9600 Riiiight!!! Lol!
ithinkfirst : @amber9600 πŸ˜‚ nah
jadore_marina - vtguy84 - p_britty -
#TBT to summer of 2009. Best summer of my life. Cycled across the USA for people with disabilities and raised 13K for them. Maybe one day I will get to do it again as an alumni. Been getting the itch for it lately. #journeyofhope #pikappaphi #pialpha #pushamerica #cyclist #transamerica
cyclist - pialpha - pikappaphi - journeyofhope - transamerica - pushamerica - tbt -
bparnell713 : 😍
bosheashea : Me too, brother. I'd looooove to cycle again.
ilove_gay_love : @knelsyyy looking hot xxxx
jdconcepcion - lfl0916 - k_ruppy - btreets -
Flipgram wouldn't let me slow down the pictures -_- but still obsessedddβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’›πŸ™…. #ΛΠΧ #Hermanas #family #lpc #psi #beta #theta #eta #pialpha #hermandad #ohsofly #love
psi - love - ohsofly - family - pialpha - hermanas - beta - eta - λπχ - hermandad - theta - lpc -
gabito_0 : Abt to b a week old lol
krystal_llynn : I kno, it was meant for posting tomorrow but I couldn't wait!
gabito_0 - robinag1124 - yesika_p - _sherr1_ -
Awesome to spend time with my most steady Pi Alpha brother, @chrisstubel and give him a tour this morning. #JOH2013 #PiAlpha
pialpha - joh2013 -
brooksie_253 : Steady!!
reeve1sk - instagranaghan - mandakaye12 - wetson1 -
#hermandad Rollin deep #lpc #flyest #neos #sp14 #psi #beta #pialpha #theta
psi - pialpha - hermandad - sp14 - neos - beta - flyest - theta - lpc -
janinad11 - lilsourpatchkidd - 20something_chick - raregem214 -
Spring 2014 Intake Class. We Did It!! Oh so Fly women of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’› #lpc #spring #2014 #psi #chapter #oh #so #fly #red #gold #black #and #white #unite #together #sisters #family #we #made #it #hermanas #love #beta #theta #eta #pialpha @krystal_llynn @domi_doms15 @gabito_0 @bb_mos29 @ox_vanessa_ox
and - fly - we - psi - love - family - spring - it - beta - together - 2014 - sisters - chapter - made - gold - oh - pialpha - hermanas - so - unite - eta - black - theta - white - lpc - red -
albatross1991 : Congratuations😘
minimeade92 : @albatross1991 thank you!!!! 😘😘
islesfan217 - maryeskie - liltraumachic92 - izcassieooo -
#chio #psi #pialpha #chiotilidio πŸ™ˆ#love #hashtag
chiotilidio - sisters - psi - love - chio - hashtag - pialpha -
eawilke : #sisters
jewelsgriff - melistatman - hunteroveracker - mnm091 -
It's always great to see a #PiAlpha brother! And I was so lucky to have this guy on my team! @kevinqjiang
pialpha -
mrfierce : Stfu
trevyounggg : Damn I miss you guys!
bensansing - artiie - kkedennis - _scotty_d -
"Got Along Without You Before I Met You But I Sure Couldn't Do It Now" #chiomega #pialpha #pref #sisterhood #nationalritualweek @chiomegapialpha
pialpha - nationalritualweek - pref - sisterhood - chiomega -
akstepaniak - laurelwaldron - julesstayfly - ksvenson44 -
my sister's shirt from Xi chapter bid day 1999. β€οΈπŸ’› #chiomega #sisters #family #nationalritualweek #xi #pialpha @chiomegapialpha
sisters - xi - family - chiomega - pialpha - nationalritualweek - nationalritualcelebrationweek -
berseaman : #nationalritualcelebrationweek
amycilensek - melissaquinlan2 - maggiercolville - alicia_nallene -
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